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As we know, there is no official definition of "global" or "world" language.

But it essentially refers to a language that is learned and spoken

internationally and is characterized not only by the number of its native
and second language speakers, but also by its geographical distribution
and its use in international organizations and in diplomatic relations.
English language is a global language acts as a lingua franca because
its a common language that enables people from diverse backgrounds
and ethnicities from around the world talked in English language to
communicate on a more or less equitable basis.
English is a language spoken and written by many people around the
world. It is considered as one of the most important languages of the
world. It is widely spoken across the globe, even on the internet. English
has a wider distribution compared to other spoken languages. It is an
official language in 52 countries. It is the most useful language to learn for
international travel and is now the de facto language of diplomacy.
Proficiency in English in the twentieth century is very important because a
lot of interest and importance cannot be denied. Importance of English
language is:
2.1 Job Opportunities Wide Open
As a lingua franca of the world, so English language is accepted and used
by all countries in the world. This proves that by mastering the English
language, open job opportunities not only in our country but also at
international level. Furthermore, the work is a necessity especially during











unemployment issues in our country, which reached 80,000 people. By

command of English language that is sustainable, of course we would not
be problematic to get a prestigious job, especially with the private sector.

At the same times, many professional fields such as accountants, doctors,

lawyers, and lecturers also used English language. In fact, the politicians,
as a leaders of country also emphasize English language because this
language that used when delivering a speech in order to convince the
leader of the world, in addition to gaining respect in the international.
2.2 More effective communication
English language is the main language in international communication.
This can be evidenced when the numbers of English speakers around the
world cope with the number of speakers of other major languages such as
French, Spanish, Arabic, and Russian. It is undeniable that the primary
language used when communicating with someone of another country is
English language. English proficiency not only helps us in communicated
with the outside world but this language to ensure smooth transactions
involving the other countries. According to statistics released by the
Ministry of Tourism, about 22.9 million people visited Malaysia as a tourist
destination in 2008. This is referring to the attitude of Malaysians who are
good at their communication with unique locations and interesting tour.
Besides that, majority of Malaysians is good in English language and
tourists can make good communication with Malaysians. For example, tour
guides who master in English language can described the best and
interesting locations in Malaysia to foreign tourists and make them
understand and acknowledge the uniqueness of Malaysia like Kota A
Famosa, Islamic Museum and tombs of Malaysian heroes.
2.3 Better business prospects globally
English is also the main language of business. Nowadays, the world of
economy and business more emphasis to used English as a lingua franca
in their business. Although the Malaysia's official language is Malay but in
business language that is often used is English language. Interaction
among investors from around the world is using English language. For
example, most of the meetings were held in a company of international
business using English language. As a developing country, international

business activity is absolutely vital to ensure that progress continues

developing countries. Mastery of English language is not only important to
ensure opportunities for career success but also critical to ensuring a
strong relationship in the business field. If English language is not
controlled, the individual businesses, companies and countries will be
limited. When business opportunities are limited, it not only affects the
national economy but also affect diplomatic relations and the good name
of the country. With English being widely used by the business community
both in Malaysia and internationally, it is important for Malaysian workers
to master the English language.
2.4 English is an internet language
Not only that, English language is important because this language is a
language of telecommunication or internet language. Along with advances








technology English is very important to master because many of the

technologies that exist at the moment is a product of the Western
countries. As all know, the language of instruction in Western countries is
English. Therefore, their technology also used English language. It is said
that because the public can obtain the latest information. In fact, they are
also able to understand the contents of the letter that appears in the
international information delivered via satellite or the mass media such as
radio, television and newspapers. Even more so in this era of information
technology, more sophisticated technology tools have been created to
facilitate communication with the outside world as the internet, Skype,
email and more. Furthermore, revealed in the English language web site.
Thus, the English language must be taken seriously because this language
is the language of telecommunication or internet language.

2.0 Reasons for the need to master English language