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Silva 1

Wilmer Silva
Mr. Furman
AICE Media Studies
2 November 2016
Typography / Font Analysis

Nerve Font

Pros: This font is meant to have an intense neon glow, representing city life,
and is meant to pop out and be remembered by the audience. This title,
although not seen here, morphs colors, and foreshadows that something will
continuously change throughout the movie.
Cons: The title is all too simplistic. The letters lack any sort of color gradient,
and just emit as solid green color that is too vague in its meaning. The black
background also detracts from the typography, as the audience is solely
focused on the title.
Appropriate for your genre/audience: This type of typography is not suiting at
all to my thriller film. This is more of a casual title, it doesnt induce any sense
of fear or suspense.

Silva 2

Toro Font

Pros: This font is classicly reminiscent of action films, with tough, macho
protagonists that tend to have much bravado. The red is very indicative of the
blood that will probably be shed in this film. The large font may also indicate
that this is the name of a character in the film
Cons: Overall, way too simplistic. This font is very bland and is not unique in
any way and limits the genre to some kind of action film. The amount of time
put into this font was very little. I would possibly incorportate some weapons
or blood into the typography.
Appropriate for your genre/audience: This does not suit the genre of my film,
which is an action thriller. I would also like the font of my film title to be
skinner and creepier, this is too much in your face.

Silva 3

The Night Manager Font

Pros: This typography reads like the title of a book. Its simplistic, but eyecatching. At first glance, the audience is attempting to denote what that
circular figure is, which helps them remember the title name as well.
Cons: The brown colors gives it a very dull feel, as if the storyline is very slow
in progression. The typography is bleak and the mesh of brown and white
isnt very visually appealing.
Appropriate for your genre/audience: This typography has a very noir essence
which is not very suited to my film. I want my movie to be suspenseful. This
font would do better for me if it was skinnier and used more vivid colors.

Silva 4

Trapped Font

Pros: This font is very upright and simple. It stand out from the black
background and makes the audience focus on the meaning behind the title. It
reiteratese the mysterious vibe around the opening scene due to its simplicity.
Cons: The previous images were much more interesting, thus I would have
displayed the film title on a previous shot. This font is not very unique or
creative, and is similar to plenty of other films. I would definitely change the
font type, this is too basic.
Appropriate for your genre/audience: This font is slightly basic, but the
simplicity it inhibits is appealing to my film. I want my film to have a nice
colorful flare too it, but somehows incorporate the black and white essence
that this title has in mine.

Silva 5

The Widowmaker Font

Pros: This font is sharp, dark, yet indicative of several things. First and most
obviously it has aspects that represent blood. Second, the veins are indicative
of some kind of human disease or some kind of killer. The dark red font gives
it a morbid effect.
Cons: This font is bleak and dark in nature, which gives the title a very boring
feel. The title could be emphasized to a greater degree if the veins were more
present and wrapping around each letter.
Appropriate for your genre/audience: This font would be extremely
appropriate to my film because the typography is dark, skinny, and
foreshadows loss of life or the idea of mortality. Its bleak, and the font in itself
is somewhat negative, almost embodying the idea of hopelessness.

Silva 6

Fury Font

Pros: This font is unique and very effective. The red and large font embodies
several themes through out the movies. The video playing in the letters is a
technique that is not used too often, so it is quite eye-catching and intriguing.
Cons: The font is too straight forward and simple. The font should
incorporate more images into the lettering, such as weapons of warfare and
the like. Background images tend to bring in the audience more when they
provide contrast to the the color of the font, but in this case, the title shot fails
to do that. Everything sort of blends in.
Appropriate for your genre/audience: Albeit, this font is thrilling a sense to
the audience, it is too similar to the font of that of a horror movie. I would use
a background with more contrast to the font to emphasize the eery feeling as
well as suspense.

Silva 7

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

The opening credits of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (2014) are all
reminiscent of the color of gunfire and intense transitions. As the action
escalates, the font quickly slides across the screen. A combination of rapid
font transitions and split second action sequences form together to create an
alert feel for the audience, leaving them on the edge of their seats.
Nonetheless, the credits appear suddenly with each quick cut, and are synced
up with the classic theme song of Mission Impossible. The movie is based on
continous action and the work of international spies. Intensity is of the utmost
importance in this opening scene, yet the font fails to deliver on that theme.
Generic font and bland colors fail to make the actors names truly pop. I
admire the fast paced editing, but my film will be a thriller. Thus. I will be
using much darker and more dramatic font.

Snow White and the Huntsman

Silva 8

All of the credits in the opening scene are color matched with the background
images. The white and grey hues disappear and reappear from scene to scene
as do the credits. All of the black and dark spots of each scene is covered with
a credi. Many of the scenes include pictures of armory and steel swords and
the font coloring of these credits match them in each scene. In one of the
scenes of the opening clip, there is a sheet of a mirror, that shatters as the
credits appears in the middle of it. The same assortment of colors in each
scene fail to make the credits truly pop, but at least they dont detract from
the scene. These credits are overall too simple for my genre of film and

Silva 9

Fantastic Voyage

The entirety of the credits are the same, as they all appear in the fashion of a
type writer. Each font comes in with the clacking noises of a type writer from
right to left. With progression, the sound of a hearbeat in the background gets
faster, and so does the clacking of the type writer with the showing of each
new credit. All of the scenes revolve around the credits, and some sort of
machine in the background recording data. The whole opening scene is about
some sort of experiment around a man that is laying in bed with an
arrangement of electrodes attached to his head. The credits are a simple white
and iconic screenplay font that anybody will recognize. Granted, this movie
debuted in the 1960s, so in reality they are quite impressive. The credits in
this opening scene are applicable to mine, becauae it seems to be a dramatic
thriller. This movie is definitely not a horror movie, so it suits my audience
and genre perfectly.