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Tooling machines

and appliances
Cutting-off and surface grinding machine
Precision Vice / Chuck
Punch-Grinding Equipment
Form Punch-Grinder
Chamfering Machine




Application scope:
The perfect machine for cutting ejector pins, core pins, ejector sleeves, punches and other parts in bar-form.
The requested length is achieved in one work step through precise grinding to length. Uncomplicated setting and simple handling
allows a quick cutting of the different dimensions and lengths: 1 to approx. 28 mm and lengths up to 300/600 mm.
The stability (machine weight approx. 90 kg) and solid construction guarantee a length tolerance of 0.01 mm.

Article-No.: HR01.01.000
Only dry working, carbide processing not possible.
length tolerance: +/- 0.01 mm
right-angle tolerance: +/- 0.01 mm
cutting disk : 1 mm x 180 mm / 31,8 hole-
cup grinding-wheel: 100 x 50 x 20 mm
RPM: 3600 1/min.
motor: 400 V 1,1 kw
shortest processible length: approx. 40 mm
max. work piece length: 300 mm / 600 mm with extension
max. part-: approx. 28 mm
machine dimensions: 430 x 360 x 500 mm (l/w/h)
net-weight: approx. 87.5 kg
With the additional chuck HR01.01.200 also shorter parts
(between 15 and 20 mm) can be processed (depending on the head height).

It is very easy to grind ejector pins, piercing punches, ejector sleeves, bushes and all other round
parts with these devices.
They have to be mounted on a flat or a tool grinding machine and within some minutes the parts
are finished.

Punch-Grinder, manual

Punch-Grinder with electric motor

Article-No.: HR01.02.100

Article-No.: HR01.02.000

for work pieces from: 3 30 mm

lengths: approx. 30 300 mm
concentricity: 5 m

for work pieces from: 1.6 38 mm

lengths: approx. 20 260 mm
concentricity: 2 m

Punch-Grinder with electric motor

and sinus 15

Miniature Manual Die Grinder

(with magnet adhesion)

Article-No.: HR01.02.050
alternative 1: for piercing punches
Article-No.: HR01.02.060
alternative 2: for ejector pins and
piercing punches

Article-No.: HR01.02.200

for work pieces from: 1.6 38 mm

lengths: approx 20 260 mm
concentricity: 2 m

for work pieces from: approx. 0.8 10 mm

lengths: max. 300 mm
concentricity: 5 m

Appliances with electric motor are suitable only for dry processing.


Article-No.: HR01.02.800 HR01.02.850 HR01.02.900

jaw width:
total length:

63 mm
48 mm
155 mm

75 mm
75 mm
180 mm

125 mm
98 mm
250 mm

made of hardened tool steel, 56 58 HRC

fine finish, in a wooden case
2 m / 100 mm
right angle:
5 m / 100 mm

Article-No.: HR01.02.950 HR01.02.960 HR01.02.970

(snap closing) (snap closing) (screw coupling)
jaw width:
total length:

85 mm
50 mm
140 mm

90 mm
73 mm
180 mm

80 mm
70 mm
160 mm

made of hardened stainless steel, approx. 56 HRC

fine finish, in a wooden case
2 m / 100 mm



Low-cost version
Article-No.: HR01.02.700
made of hardened tool steel,
55 60 HRC
fine finish, in a wooden case
jaw width:
total length:

58 mm
60 mm
110 mm

Precision Sinusoidal Vice

Article-No.: HR01.02.650
made of hardened tool steel,
approx. 56 HRC
for drilling, grinding, controlling and
milling work. Working in 3 dimensions
right angle:

2 m / 100 mm5 m / 100 mm

jaw width:

80 mm
70 mm

Miniature Universal Vice

Article-No.: HR01.02.600
made of hardened tool steel,
approx. 56 HRC
tolerance of the inclination /
slewing range: max. 0.01 mm
jaw width:

16 mm
70 mm



For grinding concave and convex radii as well trihedral,

square and hexagonal tips.
Can also be applied for profiling grinding wheels.
Within shortest time the flat grinding machine can be
modified to a form-grinding machine.

manufactured using hardened tool steel,

approx. 60 HRC
fine finish
height: approx. 75 mm
max. part-: 31 mm
max. pitch: 24-fold
max. V-way: 32 mm
max. parallelism + right angle: 5 m / 50 mm

Version 1 : small holding fixture

Article-No.: HR01.02.400

Version 2 : wide holding fixture

Article-No.: HR01.02.300


For high safety and precision at low costs.

For fast and clean burr-free grinding of metal parts, form plates and other
hardened and unhardened parts.

Article-No.: HR01.02.500
Only dry working, carbide processing not possible.
micrometer depth setting: for 45-chamfering
width of chamfer 0 16 mm
lamallae sanding wheel with 60 grain
work top: approx. 120 x 300 mm


Additional parts available from our product range:

ejector pins DIN ISO 6751 / DIN ISO 8693 /
DIN ISO 8694 / DIN ISO 1530
sleeves DIN ISO 8405


ejector pins: customized models

piercing punches DIN 9861 / DIN 9844 /
DIN ISO 8020
punches with trombone neck


customized models

hot runner nozzle shut-off needles

axles and arbors
parts manufactured according to drawing

dowel pins former DIN 6325

dowel pins former DIN 7979
measuring pins DIN 2269, single and in sets
storage cases
metal-holder for measuring pins
plastic-handles for measuring pins (replaceable)
magnetic measuring pins
heat forming
heat treatment
coating technology
upsetting ejector pins

DREI-S-WERK was the first manufacturer of ejector

pins in Europe and pathfinder for the former DIN
1530 standard. We have traditionally always played an active role in DIN standardisations.
DREI-S-WERK was one of the first to develop and
use nitriding technologies which today are customary in the market.

150 years of industrial experience has allowed

us to build up a wealth of knowledge and show
our willingness to adapt to new situations. Our
committed staff is used to self dependent work
and comprehensive thinking. It is driven by the
desire of presenting new products and innovations
in production.

DREI-S-WERK Przisionswerkzeuge GmbH & Co. Fertigungs KG

Office location:
Postal address:
Schmauser-Str. 3
Phone +49 (0) 98 74/50 42-150
PO Box 20
D-91564 Neuendettelsau
Fax +49 (0) 98 74/50 42-151
D-91561 Neuendettelsau

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