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FreeAgent TM

Easily store and automatically copy your content for

safekeeping and quick access.

Computers come and go, but your content should always

be nearby. With up to 1000 glorious gigabytes, the FreeAgent
external hard drive is the best place to gather and access
all of your important photos, movies, music, games and
documents. Simply plug in the power and the USB cable and
you’re ready to go.

Designed to live peacefully in your home or office, the FreeAgent

external hard drive is extra quiet and takes up less room on
your desk than a stapler. Even the cable ports are base-mount-
ed to help keep your desk free of clutter. We even add a little
bit of sophistication to your desktop with the unique espresso
brown finish and molten amber illumination.

To eliminate the slightest bit of worry, we’ve even included

technical support and a five-year limited warranty.

FreeAgent — ­because your digital content should always

be nearby.

• Up to 1000 glorious gigabytes

• Footprint is no bigger
than a stapler
• 5-year limited warranty
• Just plug it in and
you’re ready to go
• USB 2.0 interface
• PC and Mac compatible
FreeAgent TM

Ideal for Easily storing and automatically copying your content for safekeeping and quick access.

Technical Specs Interface Capacity Model number Limited Warranty

USB 2.0 500 GB ST305004FDA1E1-RK (US) 5-year
ST305004FDB1E1-RK (Canada) 5-year
750 GB ST307504FDA1E1-RK (US) 5-year
ST307504FDB1E1-RK (Canada) 5-year
1 TB ST310005FDA1E1-RK (US) 5-year
ST310005FDB1E1-RK (Canada) 5-year

Operating System
PC: Windows XP Home, Professional Edition or Vista
MAC: Power PC G3, G4, or G5 processor OS X 10.3.9 (or higher), or Intel Core Duo or Core Solo processor OS X 10.4.6 (or higher)
Drive is formatted NTFS, reformat for Mac using Disk Utility

Performance Specs USB 2.0 Spindle speed

480 Mb/sec 7200 RPM

Physical Specs Product dimensions Product weight

7.5" tall x 1.6" thin (without 3.2" wide base) x 6.4" deep 2 lbs
190mm tall x 40mm thin (without 81mm wide base) x 162 mm 0.9 kg

Retail Packaging Specs Box size Box weight Master carton size
10" x 10" x 5" 3.75 lbs 25.375" x 10.86" x 10.625"
254 x 254 x 127 mm 1.7 kg 644 x 275 x 269 mm

Master carton weight Boxes/master carton Master cartons/pallet

18.65 lbs 5 24
8.46 kg

Pallet load size Pallet load weight

47.5" x 40.0" x 47.7" 500.45 lbs
1206.5 x 1016 x 1211.58 mm 227 kg

Inside the box FreeAgent external hard drive

USB 2.0 cable
AC power adapter
Quick start guide

Support 1.800.SEAGATE

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