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Prezi & Thinglink Project : National Park Project Rubric

Teacher Name: Zachary Mayo

Student Names: ________________________________________

Content 20%

Media Expert

Computer Whiz

IT Intern

The project is designed in

a way that shows
complex understanding
of ecology, with no
needless add ons or off
topic items.

The content of the

Prezi and Thinglink
provide proof of
ecology and

Includes ecological Content relating to

information at an ecology is
adequate level, but outweighed by off
some pieces are off topic add ons, or
topic or uneccesary there are many
in the Prezi or
errors in the
imporant content.

Mechanics 10%

No misspellings or
grammatical errors. All
media properly cited
(even self-made media).

Two or fewer
misspellings and/or
mechanical errors.
Most media is cited

Three misspellings More than three

and/or grammatical errors in spelling or
errors. Media cited, grammar. An
but with an error or attempt at citation
missing citation.
is made.

Organization 20% Prezi is well organized,

Knowledge 20%

Digital Refugee

Prezi and
using links and pop ups in Thinglinks graphic
Thinglink infographic to are organized in a
cover the ecosystem.
way that makes
sense for the most

Uses links or pop

ups to organize,
but the overall
organization of
topics appears

There was no clear

or logical
structure, just lots
of facts.

The Prezi and Thinglink

prove all park rangers
understand what makes
up an ecosystem, as well
as the specific ecosystem
of their park.

General knowledge
of ecosystems is
shown, with some
connections to the
national park

Unlcear if park
rangers know core
ideas of ecology, or
how they relate to
their national park.

Info graphic has

three or four
links/videos/ pop
ups, but one does
not function.

Info graphic has

one or two
ups that function,
and any which do

Interactivity 20% Info graphic has more

Project shows solid

understanding of
what ecosystems
and key parts and
how these are
shown in their
national park.

Info graphic has

than five links/videos/pop five links/videos/
ups through out it, and all pop ups through
pieces work.
out, and all

Engagement 10% Info graphic keeps the

National Park board

members interested in
the ecosystem and has
different ways of adding
to the presentation.

Created by Zachary Mayo using Rubistar

Info graphic
Info graphic peaks
interests the
curiosity in
National Park board ecosystem, and
members in the
makes an attempt
ecosystem, and
to have multiple
has some way to
ways to keep
keep interest.

Info graphic does

not interest
audience in
ecosystem OR does
not add to the