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Halloween listening worksheet

Answer the questions while listening.

1. Where does he (the narrator) want to go?
2. Why is he driving there?
3. What happened in the house? ( the first story)
4. What are the mothers words?
5. What is the narrators name?
6. How old is he and why should he be worried about his age?
7. What was the horses name?
8. Why is he coughing in the house?
9. What is moving in the picture?
10.What is pounding?
11.What sounds could he hear in the house?
12.What happened when he finally left the house?
13.Did he drive straight to the town?

You can find the listening here:
1. To Elm Hall plantation
2. He got a letter that he had inherited a mansion
3. One of his ancestors a child fell from the window and died, since then the
window has never been closed
4. My baby, have you seen my baby
5. Stephen
6. 25, because all first born children in his family die tragically very young
before they turn 26
7. Dancer
8. Because of the dust
9. Eyes
10.His heart
11.1. Footsteps 2. Organs
12.His car didnt want to start
13.No, he didnt.