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Air Intake System
October 2016

SUBJECT: Intake Manifold Inspection
MODELS AFFECTED: VHP 9390GSI built prior to 2011
The purpose of this bulletin is to notify the field to
inspect the intake manifold for cracks at the flanges
that bolt to the cylinder head. If cracks are found,
replace the intake manifold immediately or have the
cracked flange(s) welded internally by a certified
welder. See Figure 1.
All VHP P9390GSI engines built in 2011 and later
have the updated intake manifold, which has welds on
the outside and inside of the flanges. The updated
intake manifold fits all VHP P9390GSI engines.
NOTE: The original intake manifold and the
updated intake manifold have the same part
number (P/N A257841B).

Leaking gas/air mixture from
the intake manifold could result
in a fire. Never run the engine
with a cracked intake manifold.
Failure to comply could result
in serious injury or death.

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