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Before getting the scholarship, Dawan and Kwai always being honest and kind to

each other. They share and support each other’s thoughts, feelings and dreams.
Later, everything has changed when there is a gap between them. It is all about
being kind to each other that makes the relationship between them ends with
Nobody agrees to allow Dawan to pursue her study in the city. In order to gain a
support from the head monk, who is the most respected person in the village, she
goes to the market alone. It is here that she meets Bao who later provokes Kwai
about Dawan’s rights and opportunity to go to the city. He loses his patience and
tries to slap Bao but accidently pushes Dawan. Dawan falls on top of the pile of
broken birdcages and cuts her ankle. Feeling guilty, Kwai attempts to wipe the blood
with the banana leaf but is refused by his sister. Dawan starts blaming and accusing
her own brother, Kwai for not supporting her to further her study. The relationship
between the siblings is now being tested. It is because the act of kindness shown by
Kwai that tries to wipe the blood that has cooled the situation in the market. He just
keeps quiet and does not argue with Dawan who constantly questions him about
the scholarship. It is this act of kindness towards his own sister that halt the conflict
from worsen.
As Noi appears and helps Dawan to bandage her ankle, Kwai leaves them alone.
Dawan limps off

cooking and entertaining their husbands. Mother expects Dawan will change her opinion about beautiful life in the city when she meets Noi. First is that Father expects Kwai will get the scholarship and pursue his study in the city. If Dawan waives her rights as the 1 st winner. However it is only his own speculation. His expectation to send Kwai to the city to learn new things is abruptly changed as at the end. I have found many parents’ expectations of Dawan as the main character. Kwai at last has also surrenders his dreams and willingly supports Dawan. He even threats his father to hand over the scholarship to Thak Citt who is in the 3 rd place . He permits Dawan to study just because he is persuaded by Kwai . as Dawan refuses to let the chance to be taken by Kwai. He knows the family’s life can only be changed with education. he is so surprised when the teacher tells him that Dawan gets the 1st place and Kwai is the 2nd in the examination. Second is Father expects that Dawan will let off her scholarship to Kwai.He has no hope for Dawan as he believes that women’s life is supposed to be spent at home. He knows that Kwai still has the opportunity to continue his dreams in the city as the teacher has informed him. Father has no intention at all to school Dawan. it is his daughter. it does not give any . She doesn’t know how to give change Father’s principle. However. it will be shifted to the 2nd winner that is Kwai. She does not volunteer herself at first. Dawan who will pursue her dreams to change the life of the family. In addition. that he will win the scholarship and Father will be proud of his son. However. these expectations changed towards the end of the story due to some reasons. as it is an action out of sympathy towards Grandmother who wants to accompany Dawan to Noi’s house. both of them have already talked at the river bridge about the opportunity to be in the city. The results of meeting with the head monk is not really satisfying since he is also in the same shoes with the Father. Father agrees that Dawan is eligible to get the scholarship. she comes to the extend which she bravely meets the head monk so that he will support and coax her father. Even though Noi narrates the injustice life of women who are manipulated by men . State whether these expectations changed towards the end of the novel and give reasons for your answer with close reference to the text. Mother does not expect that Dawan’s determination is risen after hearing Noi’s story. The last expectation is that. Before they go to school that morning. She persistently believes that she has the same rights to go to the city. However this expectation changes as it is Dawan who wins it. At first. Based on the novel “Sing To The Dawn’ written by Minfong Ho. Father’s expectation that Dawan will let off the scholarship to Kwai is diminished and changed as at the end. Dawan herself convinces Kwai. Father allows Kwai to study at school with a hope that his boy is smart and can pursue his study at the city.Q : Briefly describe the parent (s)’ expectations of the main character in the novel that you have read .

He is the one who pleads Father to let her study at school and keeps motivating her to be confident and believe . The determination that she possess. I think. It is hard to approach a powerful man just to let him listen to our personal problems. Eventhough the village system is dominated by men. Based on the novel “Sing To The Dawn’ written by Minfong Ho. It is an etiquette not to stop the head monk without an urgent excuse. Dawan is also a good role model to the teenagers because she is forgiving. As she wins the scholarship to pursue her study at the city. she hurriedly chases and able to have a conversation with him. Here it shows that Dawan is really a brave teenager who will do anything to achieve her dreams. it becomes her goal to convince her family members especially Father and Kwai to support her. She tries her luck to buy a lotus bud with some coins that she has. girls’ life will end up at home. The aim is to persuade the head monk to be on her side and helps her to coax her father regarding her decision to further her study. She realizes that Kwai is avoiding her since the result is announced and the conflict between them erupts in a market. Dawan really shows that she is really determined in order to achieve her dream and obviously. It is proven when she goes to a market for the first time by herself. as the head monk leaves the temple. enables her to face the system that her Father and Kwai have inherited from the past generations. while at the same time he has to settle much more urgent matters. Hence it is the reason why Dawan is a good role model for teenagers. candy and become hookers just to pay for living. Suggest a character in the novel you have read who you think is a good role model for teenagers. should be predicament s for Dawan to pursue her dreams. regarding Dawan’s rights to pursue her study in the city. instead. Dawan is a good role model because she is a courageous person. she is a good role model for teenagers. This is due to some reasons. For him. Instead. she determinedly fights for her rights. She bravely goes to the temple and sits among the prayers so that she has a chance to meet the head monk eyes to eyes. the parents’ expectations do change due to reasons stated above. this evident has clearly shown that determination is very important for teenagers as they have to face many obstacles in life. she becomes more determined to go there. entertaining and cooking for the family. As a conclusion. As when your own family members against your dream and do not believe in you. The head monk’s status is as the respectable icon who is on par with the head village in our society. Secondly. She wants to give the lotus to the head monk who is the most respected person in the village. Kwai accidently pushes Dawan after he is provoked and questioned by Bao.impact on her desire to go to the city. Mother’s expectation has changed. They support and being honest towards each other. Briefly describe the character and give reasons for your choice with close reference to the text. Kwai (2 nd place) to go to the city. Thus. Therefore. Dawan is a good role model for teenagers nowadays. it is very hard to convince them that you are capable to do it. The introduction part of the story reflects the strong relationship between these two characters. Selling cigarettes. Besides. Mother does not expect that Noi’s experiences and exposures of the city life will strengthen Dawan’s desire to further her study in the city. However for Dawan. for me. Firstly it is because Dawan is a very determined girl in chasing her dream. her own Father expects that she will waive her right as the first winner to her own brother.

It is true that blood is thicker than water. she willingly gives away the umbrella to Kwai. His wrath explodes at the market when he pushes Dawan. It is Dawan who forgives Kwai for his cruel intention and action. All these can be seen in Dawan. teenagers should have determination and courage in all matters that they do nowadays. has threatened to tell Father that he can replace her to go to the city. He. instead of letting him to be drenched in the rain. Hence. Try to forgive others is the key to an eternal happiness. However. She knows that Kwai really wants to win it but she does not expect that he does not support her. She realizes that Kwai leaves the classroom when everyone congratulates her. but it is not easy to forgive and forget for what has happened. Dawan is my choice as a good role model for teenagers. Therefore. As a conclusion. the relationship is put on test when Dawan wins the scholarship.that she has a potential to further her study at the city. . who is supposed to be Dawan’s backbone. for me Dawan is a good role model for teenagers. So.

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