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Wednesday Morning 5 weeks ago

Good Morning shipmates. :)

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JMo 5 weeks ago
May day, May day, Wednesday! Nice clean ship! Thanks.
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RascalBrat 5 weeks ago
The Judge Has Control, finally watch out Bozo.
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JMo 5 weeks ago
Raw footage of Casey in court today...
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JMo 5 weeks ago
As far as Haleigh goes, I think the cops are getting information out of Tommy an
d they don't want to go public yet until they can back it up (as he could be lyi
ng...imagine that). I think we are going to find that things just didn't happen
when Misty said they did. I think we will find out that she was gone to a party
that night and was with Whiteboy Greg. I think she came back and found Joe or Jo
e and Tommy in the house and Haleigh dead. I also think we might find out that t
hey promised not to tell Ron on her, if she didn't tell on them. But then again,
just another theory.
I also think more people will come out about Casey too and hopefully we will get
to see if she was being treated for a mental illness prior to all of this happe
ning and if she was off that treatment.
linn 5 weeks ago
They have said she has no mental illness or was ever taking drugs to prevent or
help with mental illness. However a 6th grade education. What parent lets their
kids drop out of school in the 6th grade? You senerio sounds plausable, but wher
e is Jr if it happened like this? was he drugged..
I am stunned at this point that no one has cracked. Did find out today that Tomm
y lied when he said he went to Misty's banging on the door and no one answered.
Another lie, well dang gum!
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JMo 5 weeks ago
lol, I meant Casey having a mental illness (records prior to her killing Caylee)
I already know that Misty isn't all there.....just look at her. She can't even r
espond to a question. Sad they allowed her to drop out like that and there was n
o resources for her family. For Tommy to say he went to the house that night was
certainly to cover HIS ASS, not hers. So he is obviously covering for himself a
nd Joe. Saying she wasn't there doesn't help her at all and her telling what she
knows on him, isn't helping him either. So, I think Tommy is the key here, not
Misty. I think things happened a whole lot differently than what he said and at
a whole different time. I think he said he was over there banging on the door to
cover his butt that someone could of seen him in the area. Oh who knows!!! Im s
o sick of their twisted crap...all at the sake of Haleigh!!! They all need to bu
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Wednesday Morning 5 weeks ago
But if Ron made all those phone calls to get in touch with Misty then called Tom
my to ask him to go check on her, then perhaps Tommy did go check & saw she wasn
't there.
I would imagine if Misty left JR & Haleigh at home sleeping, the ringing phone &
the knocks on the door would wake them up.
Possibly Haleigh woke up & went looking for Misty?
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JMo 5 weeks ago
Wednesday, I like the idea that Haleigh could of went looking for Misty. I keep
reading places that we keep going off the stuff we've been told, but should thin
k differently. So who knows.
However, I think it may be someone completely different than the usual 4 persons
of interest we've been looking at. Especially because LE isn't naming who those
people are. Why wouldn't they just confirm that this is who they are supecting?
We are just all assuming it is either Ron, Misty, Tommy or Joe. This could be m
eant to throw everyone off track??
I think Haleigh is either buried somewhere or is alive and being hidden.
I wonder if she was alive or dead when carried out that door?
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JMo 5 weeks ago
To me, logically, the only reason to 'hide a body' is to 'hide a crime'. If acci
dents happen, people don't hide bodies, they call 911.
Also, logically to me, is that the only reason to 'make up a story' is because y
ou are 'afraid of the truth' or you are 'covering the truth' or you "really don'
t know the truth".
Also, I am just am very suspicious of the fact that Misty came forward many time
s and said, polygraph me or hypnotize me...yes she failed them, but why would a
guilty person come forward and say 'test me' if they knew they did the crime? Th
at makes no sense. This is why I think it is hidden in her subconscious drug ind
uced brain. I find it hard to beleive that a 17 year old with a 6th grade mind,
could fool the FBI and everyone else. Unless she is suffering from multiple pers
onality disorder???
Why haven't they given one to the rest of the clan (besides Tommy?)
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JMo 5 weeks ago
Food for thought.
I agree that Ron is lying for Misty (for whatever reason).
Witnesses say she picked Haleigh up in that Van at the bus stop that day.(the bu
s driver and one of the parents) why would Ron lie about that?
Also, Ron's mom says she did their laundry and delivered it, yet when the police
came, there were piles of dirty laundry behind the door?
Also, when the detective (on tape) asked Ron if he thinks Misty snuck out that n
ight and partied and had sex with White boy greg, Ron immediately says No, no wa
y. She was there with the kids.
Also, why have Misty call 911? Ron is the parent who realizes she is missing and
that Misty hasn't called.
Also, why didn't Tommy tell in the first story that Ron called him to go over th
ere? Not until they checked Ron's phone, did they see that he called Tommy.
Its getting more interesting for sure!
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JMo 5 weeks ago
Oh, and don't forget evil little Nay Nay. I think she was in on it too. Her and
her (suspicious letter) she wrote from jail to her friend. She knew darn well it
would be intercepted. She was trying to cover her own butt. I think maybe Ron's
jealous ex put her up to it.
linn 5 weeks ago However I think they are just so uneducated and she had a dad
and mom so into drugs and booze they just never cared what she did. She is alway
s so drugged looking from day one, and I bet that started by sharing with mom an
d dad. Odd, but her father truly seems to care about Haleigh and was almost begg
ing Misty to tell the truth. Except for their constant F word rants, he seems to
know she did something and wants her to come clean. But how in the world did th
e state not come and find out why they let a 6th grade girl just drop out?
I just think Misty grew up around drugs and booze, probably offered some to her
by her parents and that could make her a mess by 16. Maybe that is an illness. I
just can't wrap my mind around parents like hers
linn 5 weeks ago
LOLOL.. Sorry JMo but I did it again. Referring to Misty instead of Casey. Thoug
h those are my thoughts on Misty.
As for Casey, I just think she was a spoiled brat who got whatever she wanted, w
ould make up stories so everyone would feel sorry for her and since her parents
always fell for it, why not LE? That is nutty, but I think she is smarter than w
e think. Loved the new judge!
linn 5 weeks ago
Breaking news on NG, lol, was that TOmmy admitted he lied and never went to Mist
y's house that night banging on the door. Never could get WHY he lied, he is jus
t saying he did.
And most cocky 16/17 year olds think they can beat polys..They and even I wonder
about them. I get so nervous I would be afraid to take one. That it would show
I was guilty of being one of Jesse Jame's mistress'! But I think she really thou
ght she would pass if she was possibly on drugs? I know I have to take a xanax t
o go to the dentist. It calms me. I wonder if she took drugs before the test thi
nking it would calm her down and she would pass. But to flunk miserably 4 or 5 t
imes? I mean stop taking them! I heard Ron never took one. Wonder why there too
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Nordie 5 weeks ago
Rascal, I agree. Judge Perry will take no nonsense from bozo and friends. I thou
ght Judge Strickland was a good judge, I just think he was striving not to make
any mistakes and therefore have reasons for another trial.
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JMo 5 weeks ago
Yea, Casey has got it coming this time! Cindy looked like hell at court and so d
id George. Baez and Casey looked like a couple of lovers wispering and giggling
to each other. No telling what she has promised him if he gets her set free. lol
As far as Haleigh, I think now, that I remember Chelsea saying that she herself
was at the busstop in the van and she waved at Ron as he was picking up Haleigh
that day. Maybe those witnesses remember seeing the van, but figured it was mist
y not knowing it was chelsea(timmy's wife).
If they all live across the street from each other, why does everyone drive to t
he busstop? Why not just carpool the kids back? So, it 'was' chelsea who said th
e van wasn't where she left it that after bringing it home from getting her kid.
Maybe she is covering for Timmy, but trying to say it was Joe who was gone in t
he van that night and took the keys from the table? Hmmm.
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RascalBrat 5 weeks ago
Here we go with the damm motions
04.29.2010 Motion To Seal Jail Visiting Log Records
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JMo 5 weeks ago
What? He now has "secret expert witnesses" who want to visit Casey in the jail w
ithout the media finding out! You've got to be kidding me? I think it is a lie.
I think it is his way to cover up his own jail house visits to her and someone f
inding out they are sucking licorice through the jail bars together. Actually, I
bet he has a 'psychiatrist' going in there to see the little f'd up whacko to t
ry and find out what really happened. Who knows. Baez has proven to always have
ulterior motives for sure. This seems no different. I am so sick of his whining
about how he is being done so wrong and being hampered from doing his job. Next
we will hear the Hispanic discrimination excuse again. ugh
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 5 weeks ago
I hate to tell the Dumb ass this is part of the Sunshine Law and he can not pick
and choose what is released and what is held back. I really do not think this w
ill be granted.
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JMo 5 weeks ago
Rascal, LOL, 'the dumbass' doesn't seem to know the law!
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JMo 5 weeks ago
Baez comes across to me as someone who knows how to work the system and was expo
sed to it growing up. Sad.
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Nannie27 5 weeks ago
I wonder what Bozo was showing momster on his cell phone....there was quite a bi
t cause he was scrolling up quite a that allowed.....isn't that the sa
me as showing her stuff on a computer, and I thought that wasn't allowed. Or is
that just allowed for THEM just like lots of other things that no one else can g
et away with!!!!!!!!
JMo profile image
JMo 5 weeks ago
Nannie, hi. I was wondering the same thing. I thought it might of been words of
encouragement from one of her family members. I don't think she should be able t
o read that stuff on his cell phone either. Besides, I thought it was a bit disr
espectful to the Court. He knew darn well the TV cameras were on him!!! I think
he does it on purpose! Hopefully the Judge makes a ruling that no cell phones al
lowed in the Court for texting or calling or looking at stuff on there (unless i
ts for an emergency). It's the standard in meetings and schools, why wouldn't it
be for Court? Plus, you are right, isn't there something legally wrong with tha
t? I think if he wants to whisper sweet nothings in her ear or breathe heavy to
make her giggle and have that stupid smirk in Court, then go for it. Tell her wh
at she needs to know before Court time, not as a show to the cameras. What a jer
Nannie27 profile image
Nannie27 5 weeks ago
EXACTLY JMo.....they just make a mockery of the court system don't they . At lea
st Cindy wasn't chewing gum this time, at least I dont thik she was. I have a fe
eling she may have been but was being careful, because I noticed she covered her
mouth quite a bit. She doesn't usually do that.
Have you seen the motion they put forward about how Strickland's comments when h
e stepped down were made to embarrass the defence team. I cannot believe it....w
hat did they think they did to him when they asked for him to step down. OMG the
y are UNREAL!!!!
JMo profile image
JMo 5 weeks ago
Yes, yes and yes. They are definitely out on a limb...a weak limb! No one is goi
ng to beleive anything the defense has to say at this point. J Stickland should
of embarrassed them a whole lot more than what he did.
Nannie27 profile image
Nannie27 5 weeks ago
I just can't believe how obsessed I am with all this, I'm always thinking about
it and always totally p'd off with all the crap that goes on. You'd think I was
directly involved or it was a family member of mine LOL
I just wish it was all over.........I'm also scared that she is gonna walk...jus
t on a technicality!!
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 5 weeks ago
Hi Nannie
I am not sure what Dumb ass was showing Casey on the phone but I did notice Chen
y looking disccusted over it. Number one I was under the impression phones are n
ot supposed to be on in the court room. But then again he thinks they are specia
l and rules do not apply to him. Was it Mommy sending a message to Casey how muc
h she loves her, Casey did not look impressed either. This crap needs to stop.
What I did notice is the Georgie did not look happy at all. Why did they change
sides in the court room, the Prosecution was on the oppisite side, is that becau
se the Microphone still is not fixed on the defence table, and Bozo is to dumb t
o turn it off.
CAPN STEVE 5 weeks ago
Nanny27, you are directly involved! And Caylee thanks you!!
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 5 weeks ago
Pretrial for ZG witness list, May 4th
Nannie27 profile image
Nannie27 5 weeks ago
Awwww Steve, that's a nice comment and it's so true isn't it. We are all emotion
ally involved in this sad sad case.
Did everyone notice that Bozo looked pretty uncomfortable when the Judge started
speaking. He seemeed really on edge. I bet truth be known they DO feel they sho
t themselves in the foot when they requested Stan the Man to step down. Be caref
ul what you wish for huh!!!
Nannie27 profile image
Nannie27 5 weeks ago
Oh, and will Judge Perry be doing the Z.G. trial too???? I hope so and I hope he
socks it to them!!!!!!!!!!
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 5 weeks ago
There is a different Judge on the Civil Trail.
JMo profile image
JMo 5 weeks ago
Personally, I'd pay to see Zenaida bitch slap Cindy, knocking that gum right out
of her mouth!!! Maybe Cindy would think twice about attacking someone for their
CAPN STEVE 5 weeks ago
JMo, I am rarely one to judge someone on looks but in this case I will make an e
xception. From the male point of view I hate to burst the bubble of certain peop
le but dear SINdy is indeed a 10.
Sadly, for dear SINdy my scale runs up to 100.
Hey Misty, if you are reading this, (or maybe someone has to do that for you)tha
t would be a 10%er. LOL
JMo profile image
JMo 5 weeks ago
LOL, SINdy and her muffin top, chewing that gum like cow curd. Who is she to jud
ge anyone??!! I hope Zenaida's lawyer lets her have it good!
JMo profile image
JMo 5 weeks ago
I just heard a jail tape of Tommy and Lyndsy. Tommy says, 100,000 dollar bail Ly
ndsy, where are you gonna come up with that? She says "2000.00 dollars. I'll fig
ure it out."
I think she has been hanging around Misty too long.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 5 weeks ago
Lyndsy will figure it out? I wonder how any drugs she will half to deal with to
earn that much. They seem to do that well, I guess they never heard a real job e
arning a paycheck. Oh thats right they get state support what the hell was I thi
JMo profile image
JMo 5 weeks ago
Yet she talks about her kid having a DS. Those are expensive, and not every kid
has one.
JMo profile image
JMo 5 weeks ago
I was listening to some more jail tapes. Tommy and Lyndsy are very revealing in
them. Going off of what we have read about voice analysis and that people tell t
he truth somewhere in their statement (such as SINdy saying the bit about Caylee
in the woods), I hear Tommy saying "I know what I am doing when I'm high on pil
ls". Why would he say something like that? To me, it says he did something while
high on pills that night to Haleigh. He keeps blaming everyone but himself (Mis
ty, Ron and Joe).
I still think it is highly possible that Misty was passed out when Haleigh was t
aken out that back door, (but it is also possible she wasn't). I think she has p
ointed towards Tommy from the beginning and he has lied about where he was that
night and had his wife lie for him. Now they are both caught in that lie. Tommy
has claimed on tape that Misty is the one lying and that Misty knows something o
n Ron and that Joe did it and everyone is lying but him! Funny we haven't heard
anything since the river search and his failed poly. I have a feeling that they
are getting the full story from him before they go public. I think they are tire
d of media interferance.
Snoopy9318 profile image
Snoopy9318 5 weeks ago
I've kept up with the postings, but I haven't been moved to comment until now. I
am soooo over Bozo! Why doesn't that scum bag recuse himself? He's a poor excus
e for a lawyer and so insanely childish. He must have been the kind of kid only
a mother could love.
JMo profile image
JMo 5 weeks ago
Snoopy, lol, that is funny!! Yet so darn true!
Snoopy9318 profile image
Snoopy9318 5 weeks ago
Thanks, JMo! I guess this case is getting to me too!
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 5 weeks ago
Pre trial hearing today, hope it is on tv somewhere
Hi Snoopy.
Snoopy9318 profile image
Snoopy9318 5 weeks ago
Hey, Rascal!!! Nice to see you!
CAPN STEVE 5 weeks ago
BREAKING NEWS !!!!!!!!!!!
Bobo's mom pretends not to know him..:) :)
JMo profile image
JMo 5 weeks ago
lol. The squirrels are getting restless!
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 5 weeks ago
The media link I found for todays hearing is not working so will try to find a g
ood one for you all.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 5 weeks ago
More Delays For Casey Anthony Civil Trial
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 5 weeks ago
Judge: Anthony Civil Trial Will Be Heard First
Judge Decides Civil Trial Will Take Place Early 2011
You half to love Perry Bozo wanted the budget to be closed, Perry said no it wil
l be in Open Court, I bet Bozo is kicking his own butt now.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 5 weeks ago
Casey Anthony Case Continues to Teach Public on Indigent Death Penalty Defense C
osts - Public Hearing on May 6
JMo profile image
JMo 5 weeks ago
"The evidence in the two cases overlaps, so the defamation trial could cause pro
blems for Casey Anthony during her murder trial." â That's not our problem; that's
her problem. Our client was an innocent bystander; she got drug into this. She h
ad nothing to do with it. I don't care what problems it creates for Casey Anthon
y,â attorney Keith Mitnik said.
Gotta love Mitnik! lol.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 5 weeks ago
Bill Shaffer on the civil trial, interesting.
Snoopy9318 profile image
Snoopy9318 5 weeks ago
I don't understand why the civil case keeps getting delayed. The judge even made
a comment about memories fading the more time that went by. So why not just hav
e Zanny's civil trial now?
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 5 weeks ago
I do not understand either, it is getting old hearing this. Let go forward and p
ut Casey where she belongs, I want to get on with the main trial for Justice for
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 5 weeks ago
Motion for out of State Expert Witness
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 5 weeks ago
Casey Anthony: truTV to carry Thursday hearing live
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 5 weeks ago
Caseyâ s Attorneys Want Spending Kept Private
The State of Fl is paying they should know what the cost will be, another Bozo a
nd Clown team moment.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 5 weeks ago
This is what Bozo hired to try and help Casey
Capital Defense Mitigation Specialist
Nannie27 profile image
Nannie27 4 weeks ago
Well....after reading what a mitigation specialist does it's obvious they think
she will be found guilty. They are obviously looking for her to find a reason WH
Y she did the things she did. (In my opinion anyway)
JMo profile image
JMo 4 weeks ago
Hey Bozo, Grandma already told us why Casey did the things she did (i.e. murder
Caylee), because "She hated Cindy more than she ever loved Caylee". Tell that to
your capital defense mitigation specialist. I bet he might understand it, maybe
Nordie profile image
Nordie 4 weeks ago
I sincerely believe Judge Perry is not going to put up with bozo and the poop te
am's thinking they are above the law. It will be interesting to see what happens
I was doing some filing yesterday and listened again to george's depo -- what a
liar he is. I am waiting for the day he has to answer for that as well.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 weeks ago
Judge Perry is holding the Clown team to a tight choker chain, he will jerk it e
verytime they get out of line. He will look at every dollar spent and make sure
they do not waist money. I am listening to the court hearing on tru tv .
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 weeks ago
Judge Perry will go over every penny that is spent, also JAC will go over the mo
ney spent. Some of the experts will be allowed because they have spent time on t
he case, but they will be paid by the rules of FL. Dr Lee will be paid under the
allowence by the State of Fl JAC pay rules. OMG I thought he would take a crate
of oranges.
I really like this Judge, poor Bozo stutters when talking to this Judge. LOL. An
d records will not be sealed like Bozo wanted.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 weeks ago
The defence had a side bar and from what I am gathering they tried to get Casey
out of appearing in Court. She will attend.
Nordie profile image
Nordie 4 weeks ago
Rascal, yes I listened too. Bozo and the poop team are finally being reined in -
- I knew they would regret the day they asked for Judge Strickland to be replace
d. Judge Perry has a schedule and he has let it be known, they will stick to it
and have a reason, beyond whining, not to follow it.
Found it interesting no one from the Antfarm was there.
A good day for Caylee IMO
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 weeks ago
I have a question for Bozo he said he is working for 5.00 a hour, he is being ov
er paid. If he truly believes his client is innocent why is he not working Pro B
ono or for a that famous Crate of Oranges.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 weeks ago
Karma is a bit@H
Nordie profile image
Nordie 4 weeks ago
Rascal, not only is Karma a bit@ch -- she bites too :>)
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 weeks ago
Casey slide show before hearing.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 weeks ago
Interview with Bozo
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 weeks ago
Judge Denies Expert Witness Requests Over Funding
Snoopy9318 profile image
Snoopy9318 4 weeks ago
Wow! I LOVE the picture of Crazy with the ankle shackles!! That made my day!
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 weeks ago
You half to love that bling on Casey, lol
JMo profile image
JMo 4 weeks ago
Man, Casey looks HORRIBLE in that slide show. No little soft colored pastel shir
t with little girl puffy sleeves is going to take that awful look off her face.
She has aged for sure!!!
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 weeks ago
Yes she sure looks different, there is nothing that is going to soften her looks
. Why dress her up any wait until trial. You can tell Mommy is dressing her.
Nordie profile image
Nordie 4 weeks ago
which mommy Rascal? the lyon lady or the sin-lady? hehe
JMo profile image
JMo 4 weeks ago
Maybe her new found 'Daddy' got it for her?
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 weeks ago
Sin-lady is buying Casey cloths.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 weeks ago
We know where the Amazon lady shops, and Casey needs more Cheezy Doodles before
she fits in that size, lol
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 weeks ago
A new motion today, this Moran never gives up.
JMo profile image
JMo 4 weeks ago
I have an idea, Baezhole and Lyings should use their own cars for sniff tests.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 weeks ago
Monday and Tuesday will be big days, the motion that the DP is Biased because Ca
sey is a woman, more BS.
CAPN STEVE 4 weeks ago
Yeah, Momster is that woman that her own family will not go visit because they c
ame to the realization that she ruined all of their lives and are quite content
letting her rot away where she is. IN JAIL.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 weeks ago
The Ants were not in Court yesterday, I wonder why.
CAPN STEVE 4 weeks ago
Watch out for this one. THE ANTfarm will adopt a little girl in the next couple
of years.
I love that word!
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 weeks ago
Steve, I pray that never happens. The thought of them with a child makes me sick
When this is over I think they will split.
CAPN STEVE 4 weeks ago
And SINdy will keep the child.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 weeks ago
Stay tuned to Court TV on Monday and Tuesday, this case is going to heat up.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 weeks ago
How many of you realize this case has drug on longer then Caylee lived, this is
making my hair stand on end. It should never take this long for Justice for Cayl
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 weeks ago
Bill Shaffer
Nordie profile image
Nordie 4 weeks ago
Good goga moga Capn -- Sindy with another child -- give me cold shivers to think
that is even possible. What time is it? I need a drink!!!
linn 4 weeks ago
What do you all think Crazy will do on Mother's Day? lol..I too wondered why the
Ant's were not in court. Maybe on a cruise? Tattoo's.. I don't think Sindy woul
d be allowed to adopt a turtle! lol
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 weeks ago
Casey will sit and eat her Cheezy Doodles in her Bella Vita, ha ha.
Having problem with my mail need to fix it.
JMo profile image
JMo 4 weeks ago
The ANTS are happy that the media and public are busy digging up all the dirt th
ey can on the Croslins and Cummings! The focus is off of what nutcases they are!
Sad too. Both times a little girl is gone! Sorry, but I still hold to the fact t
hat Crystals family was involved in this dissapearance of Haleigh. But you never
know. They still don't have any real evidence of a crime, no body, no weapon, n
o nothing. Not even a named person of interest, much less a suspect. Hard to bel
eive that a crime was committed with no evidence left or found. Reminds me of th
e Elizabeth Smart case....her escape was what found her. Also look at Jaycee Dug
gard. They accused the stepdad for the longest, but never could prove anything.
Anyway, the ANTS are probably planning a Chili party for this weekend or are out
bbq'ing with the boat on the lake somewhre. They are certainly watching Casey r
ot away, because she looked like total Hell in those slides.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 weeks ago
Remember these statement out of the Mouth of Cheny Mason, who is now a part of h
er boys defending Casey!!!!
Defense attorney Cheney Mason said claims made by Casey Anthony and Baez that Ca
ylee was alive will now work against them at trial.
"Then all the talking, all the press interviews and the parents going on this sh
ow and that show and the lawyer going on different shows establishes they have n
o credibility whatsoever," Mason said.
"You can pretty well predict there's going to be a life sentence, either a plea
and get it over with or have a circus trial and then be convicted and get life,"
Mason said.
And now we know who is part of the Circus. What a shame to end your career as a
losingit 4 weeks ago
Hello friends. Casey just looks awful. It's like she finally realizes what is go
ing to happen. She figured she'd be out of jail in a short time. I think she now
knows that she will never be free. The only thing she doesn't know is how long
she will live in prison before she dies. What a crappy future she faces. I have
heard rumour that she was offered an eight year sentence way back in the beginni
ng. Of course, she said, "No Deal". What an idiot. If this is true, she could ha
ve been out in a couple years. But, then again, she might have recieved a long s
entence for the fraud charges. So, who knows how that might have gone.
Sorry I haven't been around for such a long time. It's finally spring and I've b
een very busy working on the farm. I always wanted this. Now I think I might be
happier in deluxe apartment in the sky. Oy.
Happy Mother's Day to all tomorrrow! What a sad day for the Anthony's. Just as s
ad as Father's Day. And every holiday...forever. Sad.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 weeks ago
It is no rumor she was offered a deal and turned it down that was before they fo
und the remains of Caylee. No plea deal now. Casey will spend the day in the Gra
y bar Motel, Dinner will be Road Kill Hot and Spicy, Cheezy Doodles for a snack.
Casey is not a Mother she was a egg doner. A loving Mother would have never kil
led he child.
Happy Mothers Day all.
CAPN STEVE 4 weeks ago
To ALL you Wonderful Ladies on this Mother's Day, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!! :) :) :
Snoopy9318 profile image
Snoopy9318 4 weeks ago
I was checking out updates on today's hearing. It stated, "Regarding dismissing
the defective indictment, Perry denied the motion." Does anyone know what a defe
ctive indictment means?
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 weeks ago
Defective Indictment
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 weeks ago
Bozo states some people donot care abou this case, what world is he from
Jurors For Casey Anthony Trial Could Come From South Florida
Judge Rules Jurors Will Be Picked From Outside Orlando
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 weeks ago
Melisa Hucklebee pleaded guilty to killing Sandra Cantu to avoid DP.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 weeks ago
Bozo making a ass out him self again today after court.
Nordie profile image
Nordie 4 weeks ago
Snoopy, the way I am reading it, the bozo and poop team filed a Motion declaring
the indictment was defective for not giving more details regarding the "fact" o
f the case. In part they said it would preclude them from a grand jury hearing -
- which it did not. I believe Judge Perry denied the Motion as it was titled "Mo
tion to Dismiss Defective Indictment." He is cleaning up all the Motions the poo
p team has filed. So in essence, IMO, he denied the Motion which asserted the in
dictment was defective (even though they filed a Memorandum in Support of same).
Snoopy9318 profile image
Snoopy9318 4 weeks ago
Thanks, Nordie! Sometimes the language gets confusing to me! It seemed absurd to
think she'd be eating cheetos in jail this long if the prosecution had nothing
to go on!! :)
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 weeks ago
Motion to take the DP off the Table because Casey is a woman denied. And what a
waist to fly someone in to testify
on the gender motion.
Snoopy9318 profile image
Snoopy9318 4 weeks ago
Rascal, how can the defense afford to fly someone in? Also, what kind of hypocri
te is Bozo when he says he isn't getting all of the prosecution's evidence, but
doesn't make his witness' available to the prosecution?
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 weeks ago
Second motion Denied that is Strike 2 Bozo.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 weeks ago
Snoopy the State of FL is footing the bill now.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 weeks ago
The DP stays on the table.
3 strikes your out Bozo!!
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 weeks ago
Casey Anthony's Friends Reveal New Details To Channel 9
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 weeks ago
Judge Says Casey Anthony Can Face Death Penalty
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 weeks ago
This has been a good day for the Prosecution!!! Mr. Ashton knows his business. :
Nordie profile image
Nordie 4 weeks ago
Rascal, I could be wrong (again :>) but I don't believe this "brush cut expert"
was approved for payment by the State. The State must approve the expenses, I th
ink. If she is a sample of their experts, well . . . she needs to pay the State
for being allowed to enter a court appearance on her resume.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 weeks ago
I agree if the state paid they need a refund, that was to funny this morning and
like I said a waist of time. Aston really ruffled her feathers.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 weeks ago
Bill Shaffer on Court Hearing today.
jo1031 profile image
jo1031 4 weeks ago
The story about Casey's friends revealing new details to channel 9 is 2 years ol
d. WFVTV posted it in July of 2008. Is it significant to today's court hearing?
I noticed a blogger at TCD posted it today too. What am I missing?
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 weeks ago
Lyons has a Law degree and she can not pick out the factors, she wants the State
to tell her which ones they are going to use. I see exactly what they are doing
, give us your case.
Death penality factors in FL, Florida-
(1)The murder was especially heinous, atrocious, cruel, or depraved (or involved
(2) The capital offense was committed during the commission of, attempt of, or e
scape from a specified felony (such as robbery, kidnapping, rape, sodomy, arson,
oral copulation, train wrecking, carjacking, criminal gang activity, drug deali
ng, or aircraft piracy)
(3) The defendant knowingly created a grave risk of death for one or more person
s in addition to the victim of the offense
(4) The defendant committed the murder after substantial planning and premeditat
(5) The murder was committed for pecuniary gain or pursuant to an agreement that
the defendant would receive something of value
(6) The murder was committed to avoid or prevent arrest, to effect an escape, or
to conceal the commission of a crime
(7) The capital offense was committed to interfere with the lawful exercise of a
ny government function or the enforcement of the laws
(8) The defendant has been convicted of, or committed, a prior murder, a felony
involving violence, or other serious felony
(9) The capital offense was committed by a person who is incarcerated, has escap
ed, is on probation, is in jail, or is under a sentence of imprisonment
(10)The defendant was a criminal street gang member
(11)The victim of the capital felony was a person less than 12 years of age
(12)The victim of the capital felony was particularly vulnerable due to disabili
ty, or because the defendant stood in a position of familial or custodial author
ity over the victim
(13) The victim was an elected or appointed official or former official of the f
ederal government, or local or state government, and the killing intentionally p
revented the victimâ s official duties
(14)The defendant engaged in drug trafficking
(15)The defendant raped a child
(16)The capital felony was a homicide and was committed in a cold, calculated, a
nd premeditated manner without any pretense of moral or legal justification
(17)The capital felony was committed by a person designated as a sexual predator
or a person previously designated as a sexual predator who had the sexual preda
tor designation removed
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 weeks ago
Bozo after hearing.
Snoopy9318 profile image
Snoopy9318 4 weeks ago
Rascal, I appreciate the fact that you keep us up to date on the latest goings o
n. Thanks for educating us on death penalty. It's nice to know the ship is alway
s up to date and educated! Good job!
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 weeks ago
You are very welcome. How are you doing?
Nordie profile image
Nordie 4 weeks ago
Can't help but wonder where georgette was yesterday? Good gravy, you don't suppo
se he has a job? Sorry, just had a brain infarct.
Snoopy9318 profile image
Snoopy9318 4 weeks ago
Rascal, things are going as well as they can with 4 teenagers in the house!! LOL
!!! I'm sooo excited because King's Island now has Planet Snoopy! Can't wait to
Nordie, do you suppose he stepped out with another woman?!! LOL!
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 weeks ago
Maybe Cindy kicked Georgie Marie out, or he just left who knows.
Nordie profile image
Nordie 3 weeks ago
Georgie Marie -- ROFLMAO
Snoppy, another woman? Wouldn't that be so georgette LOL
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 3 weeks ago
I loved how the Defence all had to hug Casey at the end and the look on the bail
ffs face looking at Bozo. He either has his big foot in his mouth or his hands o
n Casey. Col Sanders is not in to hugging Casey, LOL
jo1031 profile image
jo1031 3 weeks ago
I can see where the defense wants all the aggravating factors in writing rather
than planning their case strategy by speculating what the prosecutors will use t
o convict Casey for murder. There's more to these factors than the sentencing ph
ase. IMO the obvious factors are #1,4,11,12 & 16. But there are several others t
hat the state could use depending on their theory of the WHY & HOW of Caylee's d
IMO the following are some of the ones that the state could use:
2) The capital offense was committed during the commission of, attempt of, or es
cape from a specified felony (if drugs were used to sedate Caylee while Casey pa
rtied then this would apply.)
(5) The murder was committed for pecuniary gain or pursuant to an agreement that
the defendant would receive something of value (computer searches of missing ch
ildren sites could cause someone to deduct that Casey had delusions of becoming
another Mark K. or John W.)
(6) The murder was committed to avoid or prevent arrest, to effect an escape, or
to conceal the commission of a crime (was Caylee overdosed by Casey causing the
child to be unresponsive to the point the child was in a coma)
As far as the numerous motions the defense is filing to preclude the DP, if they
didn't file them,their client could claim ineffective legal representation once
she is convicted & the case would have to be retried. Baez might be in over his
head but C. Mason & Lyon know exactly what they are doing.
Nordie profile image
Nordie 3 weeks ago
This will make you so angry!
Nordie profile image
Nordie 3 weeks ago
Divorce papers detail fears of slain boy's father
Posted: May 12, 2010 7:49 PM EDT
Updated: May 13, 2010 2:49 PM EDT
Associated Press Writers
SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - The father of a 4-year-old child killed in Utah wrote in d
ivorce papers that the boy's mother was unstable and had abandoned him.
Divorce papers obtained by The Associated Press show that Joe G. Stacy feared Et
han Stacy's mother would take their child to Utah and never return him.
Police dug up Ethan's badly beaten body from a Utah canyon Tuesday, nearly two w
eeks after a Florida judge finalized a divorce that required the father to share
The mother, Stephanie Sloop, is scheduled to appear in a Utah court Friday along
with her new husband, Nathanael Sloop.
Police interview statements say he acknowledged beating the boy for days before
his death, and that Stephanie Sloop did nothing to stop the abuse.
Charges in the case also are expected Friday.
Nordie profile image
Nordie 3 weeks ago
Capn, I couldn't help but think of you and your boys . . . you are such a good f
ather . . . I am proud to know you, even if just here . . . I know sometime, som
ewhere we will meet and I am going to give you an old lady hug whether you want
it or not!
CAPN STEVE 3 weeks ago
Thanks Nordie! Bring that hug on. I might not let go :)
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 3 weeks ago
ORLANDO, Fla. -- Prosecutors in the case against Casey Anthony revealed on Thurs
day a list of reasons why they'll seek the death penalty during trial.
Florida law requires that at least one aggravating factor must be proved to purs
ue capital punishment. Prosecutors in the Anthony case listed five of them.
Legal citations within the document provided by the prosecution showed they beli
eve Caylee was killed as a result of aggravated child abuse.
Prosecutors also contend it was a particularly heinous, atrocious or cruel crime
, and they said they contend Caylee's death was the result of a cold, calculated
and premeditated crime.
Another listed factor was that Caylee was under the age of 12 when she died, and
prosecutors said she was in familial custody, her mother's care, when she was k
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 3 weeks ago
We can both hug Steve, Bug (Hug now) lol
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 3 weeks ago
I have a friend that lives close to where this happened, this little boy was bea
ten so bad they could not reconize him. I hope this Judge realizes this is his f
ault for his decision. To many times they do this and it has to stop.
linn 3 weeks ago
These judges that against anyone else's better judgement, should lose their judg
e status. This is happening more and more. And usually these nuts are from FL, o
ne place I would never move to. Add defense lawyers to the pile. 99% of the time
they know their client is guilty. Bad enough to get off any criminal just to ma
ke a name for yourself, but to get off an abuser of women or children?? Never sh
ould be allowed. Just like a while back when he refused a restraining order for
that young woman, and her ex b/f killed her soon after as her husband held her a
s she died. He said "She is with God now"..HUH? He should be with the devil now.
I am fed up with these people in "authority"...They are nothing more than human
s. But most humans are not as jaded as judges and defense lawyers. We have sense
left and can see cruel and evil for what it is.
So sad for this little boy.
Nordie profile image
Nordie 3 weeks ago
Linn, I hear what you're saying, but I don't think Florida or any state has the
corner on bad decisions.
Rest in peace little man.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 3 weeks ago
Interesting motion, they missed there deadline a long time ago.
Nordie profile image
Nordie 3 weeks ago
Even I know you are suppose to provide the names and addresses of the expert and
/or witnesses. The poop team said they had done enough by citing the name and ci
ty. The Judge will not be happy.
And dear old Todd M., maybe he took his evidence back to Cali with him -- duh!
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 3 weeks ago
7 Things Learned In Casey Hearings
Court Hearings This Week Reveal New Details
ORLANDO, Fla. -- An informal poll of sources in the case against Casey Anthony f
ound seven major developments and surprises in the two court hearings held on Ma
y 10 and May 11.
The developments could hold clues to how prosecutors and the defense will approa
ch the trial slated to begin on May 9, 2011.
It all comes after a busy week in the courtroom that found Judge Belvin Perry an
gered and Casey Anthony in tears.
After gruesome talk in the courtroom on Tuesday, all of the death penalty challe
nges by Casey Anthony's defense team were denied.
The reality of the death penalty appears to hit Casey Anthony hard.
"The defense has failed to meet the burden of proof," Judge Belvin Perry said.
That means death is still possible for Anthony, which was a reality that at time
s appeared to hit her hard.
"Everybody else is talking about death in the abstract, whereas Casey realizes t
hey're talking about her death," defense attorney Richard Hornsby said.
Casey Anthony's defense team did score one victory in the courtroom on Tuesday.
Casey Anthony listens to proceedings with attorney Jose Baez.
Judge Belvin Perry ruled to require prosecutors to reveal which of six so-called
aggravating factors they will use to justify their decision to seek the death p
"We're elated by the fact that the judge is ordering this to occur," defense att
orney Jose Baez said.
Judge Belvin Perry ordered the prosecution and the defense to meet strict deadli
nes in the case.
Judge Belvin Perry sets strict deadlines in the Casey Anthony case.
Perry also said to expect fewer hearings as the trial date approaches. Legal ana
lysts believe it's being done in hopes of getting the trial started on May 9, 20
"If you know about something, and you don't have a very, very, very good reason
for meeting those deadlines, you may be left out in the cold," Perry said.
As some expected, Judge Belvin Perry decided to change the venue of the Casey An
thony trial.
Casey Anthony
Prosecutors revealed they plan to use Casey Anthony's party pictures during the
Casey Anthony, left, in photo at party.
The prosecution said they'll use the photos to illustrate what Anthony was doing
during the month that her daughter, Caylee Anthony, was missing.
"Photos more certainly demonstrate a person's demeanor and activity than we coul
d do by having someone testify," prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick said.
But that only means he will go to an undisclosed location to pick a jury. Perry
said he'll have them sequestered at a hotel in Orange County.
Perry said he would keep the location a secret to avoid media attention that cou
ld lead potential jurors to learn too much about the case.
For the first time, prosecutors revealed in court why they believe the Casey Ant
hony case is so rare.
Casey Anthony
Prosecutors said Anthony is the first mother accused in Orange County of killing
her child while claiming no mental illness.
Legal analysts said mental illness is common in cases involving women accused of
killing their children.
Casey Developments: Phantom Plea
Prosecutor Jeff Ashton made a major revelation in court on Tuesday.
Jeff Ashton
"We were accused of seeking the death penalty because the defendant wouldn't acc
ept some phantom plea," Ashton said.
For the first time, with the words "phantom plea," prosecutors denied they had o
ffered Casey Anthony a deal if she would plead guilty to the death of her daught
Also in the courtroom this week, Anthony was able to communicate with her family
when she told her mother, "I love you" and "happy Mother's Day."
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 3 weeks ago
Cindy, read Casey Jail letters and you will see how much she really loved you to
wish you a Happy Mother's Day. That is Caseys sarcastic way to say I hate you a
nd I took what you loved. Now I have all you attention again.
linn 3 weeks ago
Nordie...I am not sure I made the right point. I mean ALL judges and defense law
yers that let these obvious people off, knowing, that one even being told this p
erson should NOT be let out. Those people should be disbared or let go. I mean a
s far as FL, just what is going on there? I mean with all the pervs, druggies, s
icko's and yet they seem to get the lightest sentences compared to other states.
Then again, for the last couple years FL is my main news state due to Haleigh an
d Caylee. But look at all the crime against women and children. 90% seems to be
from FL! Again, I have been focusing on FL lately. Should do a study on that sta
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 3 weeks ago
There is a lot of pictures of Caylee on this site, a lot that I am sure you have
not seen.
Nordie profile image
Nordie 3 weeks ago
Linn, the media attention may be focused on Florida, but I can assure that per c
apita they do not have the highest figures in re crimes against women and childr
en (90% as you stated). Yet the truth, which I know you agree, one crime is one
too many!
Nordie profile image
Nordie 3 weeks ago
Was watching a show on the FBIs 10 Most Wanted - Alaska has one of the highest r
ates for violent offenders.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 3 weeks ago
Casey Anthony case: Today is deadline for witness-interview schedule
Attorneys on both sides had to file schedule of interviews by today.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 3 weeks ago
Anthony Defense Ready To Spend Public Money
Judge Issues Order On 10 Death Penalty Challenges
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 3 weeks ago
Judge In Casey Case Wants Deposition Schedule
Monday, May 17, 2010 3:42:06 PM
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 3 weeks ago
Defence witness will not cooperate with the state
Casey Anthony case: Today is deadline for witness-interview schedule
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 3 weeks ago
This is a good email from Rick, Cindys brother boy he spells it out for her.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 3 weeks ago
Letters from Shirley Pleasa and her sisters start at Page 2907, Cindy knew Casey
did not have a job. This should refresh everyones memory of Cindys lies.
Nordie profile image
Nordie 3 weeks ago
Rascal, thanks for all the links. Very interesting reading.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 3 weeks ago
You are very welcome, when you go threw the letters there are a lot between rick
and cindy, they are very interesting. I know we have seen some of then but not
all of them.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 2 weeks ago
Cindy and Georgie Marie had a court hearing tomorrow, Georgie wanted to save the
house. But it has been cancelled. They wanted to negoiate with Bank of America.
No information if it will happen in the future .
linn 2 weeks ago
One thing I know, B of A is known for refusing to deal with anyone regarding sav
ing their house. They have, BofA, been on HLNs for this reason. I just don't und
erstand how, with the money they were making, and the low mortgage *to me at lea
st*, how they could not pay it and then act so dumb about it. They notify you af
ter one missed payment! BofA does not negoiate with anyone from what I heard on
HLN's. They were bailed out to help homeowner's but are refusing. My sister whos
e credit is in the high 700's was denied to refinace 20,000 on her house. So I d
o believe, unless some of their cough, fans, come to their aid they will lose th
eir home. What were they thinking going on cruises, tatt's. earrings for George,
new clothes, etc. I mean they had to know they were going to lose their home. Y
ou are given notices. Did the tell CONway? Or do they just want out and to leave
the past behind? Have they been saving the money to move somewhere? I mean they
got 20,000 from that interview and all. That would have caught them up on the m
ortgage. Why is son Lee not helping? So many questions.
Rascal, you are a world of information!!! Thank you!
CAPN STEVE 2 weeks ago
linn, where can I send my donation?
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 2 weeks ago
Nordie and Steve
Cindy and Georgie Marie know they have law suits coming their way, this has to b
e the reson they did not make payments. I do not believe for one minute they cou
ld not afford to make them. They are not responsible to pay for Casey defence an
d have not done so blood money paid that, Now she is indigent and the State of F
l is paying. I see exactly what they are doing.
Steve, You have me laughing about sending them a donation!!!!
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 2 weeks ago
Interesting what will the states pay next
States: Let taxpayers cover your mortgage
jo1031 profile image
jo1031 2 weeks ago
Latest news:
BOA & the Anthony family to mediate on home loan foreclosure. Both sides have ag
reed & the circuit judge signed the order this morning.
In response to public record request, the State Attorney's Office is expected to
release more than 500 pages of documents, including law enforcement reports and
inventory logs tomorrow.
jo1031 profile image
jo1031 2 weeks ago
Defense files motion today asking the state to provide the evidence they are pla
nning to use to support the aggravating factors for the death penalty.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 2 weeks ago
New motion
More BS from the Defence.
Nordie profile image
Nordie 2 weeks ago
Make a donation . . . Capn, I didn't know you made ballerina clothes to fit . .
. can I go with you when you measure . . . teehee
The dufense wants the state to lay it out . . . why don't they take the easy way
and ask momster?
CAPN STEVE 2 weeks ago
leotards, unitards, dresses, pants, shorts, you name it, I'll do it. I will even
make a jacket for momster! I call it my new style.. A straight jacket :)
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 2 weeks ago
We are supposed to have 500 page doc dump tomorrow, hope it is good.
jo1031 profile image
jo1031 2 weeks ago
I'm not expecting anything earth shattering in tomorrow's document dump. The med
ia has already said it will be law enforcement reports & inventory logs. I reall
y don't believe that any bombshells exist in the forensics from the site where t
he remains were found, so unless we see forensics from the items taken during th
e searches of the Anthony home such as vacuum & or carpet cleaners, IMO it will
be more of the same old paper work we've seen before. Would be nice if they woul
d release Mallory's & or Dominic Casey's depositions.
A sharp blogger at the Orlando Sentinel found Baez's facebook page & was able to
access this old photo of his dad. If you scroll down & read the comments, you w
ill see a comment made by Baez to a friend saying "Theresa, they don't call me B
ozo for nothing". LMAO He has a sense of humor!!!! Who would have guessed? Not M
While your there check out some of his many facebook friends.
linn 2 weeks ago
Cap'n Steve.. Gee, maybe if not to save the house, to Casey's account? LOL.. DO
they still have their foundation up looking for donations to find Caylee up? I m
ean I just don't get it. how could you not know for 9 months you were not paying
your mortgage. I admit I am in a mess, but I knew it month one. I was more outr
aged at their claim of not "knowing".. They have money to have a lawyer help the
m keep their home, but not enough to pay their mortgage. Steve, you live in CA.
You know unless you bought a house 30 years ago, that $738 for a mortgage paymen
t for a house like theirs, does not exist in CA. I so wish that was MY house pay
ment. If they get bailed out of this you will see my face on the news.. lol.. Uh
, but really, you will!!!
linn 2 weeks ago
jo.. BofA is my sisters loan people. They would not negotiate a 20,000 loan on m
y grandma's house! SOOOOOO once again the Ants are getting special treatment. I
am having house problems and was told BofA will not negotiate with anyone at all
! yet I see they will with the Ants? That really does tick me off. I have an "un
derwater loan".. Spent 2 years paying and negotiating yet nothing. They spend wh
at? A couple months and are working it out? I don't have them as a lender, but m
y sister does and they would not even lower a 20,000 loan on a house otherwise p
aid off. Once again, the Ants come out on top after the cruises and tatts.. At l
east I know I was doing all I could, doing what I was told, etc. But now I am fu
rious that they are going to once again, come out ahead. Wait until other BofA c
lients see this. Riots may occur! BofA is known to not help anyone at all, now m
atter what. This amazes me. I guess you have to be a super low life with a daugh
ter that murdered you grandchild in order to get help. No one, no matter what, w
ould go that far to save their house. They would have used cruise money to pay t
heir mortgage.
CAPN STEVE 2 weeks ago
$738 is your utilities and taxes. If you had a mortgage of that amount you would
be located in one of those wardrobe boxes that one might see on the side of the
road. Prices are crazy out here and the banks are not loaning money. Still wait
ing for this change and hope thing to kick in!
jo1031 profile image
jo1031 2 weeks ago
Linn, The Ant farm keeps getting lawyers to work for them pro-bono so that could
be the reason BOA is attempting to work with them, they've probably been threat
ened with bad press releases. It makes me mad as hell that they didn't even try
to make the payments but chose to live like they were rich celebrities (actually
making fools out of themselves by getting tattoos & earrings)& the bank doesn't
see through them. BOA should be made as hell that they pretended not to know th
at their mortgage was in arrears. Seriously, the whole world thinks they are the
stupidest people on the planet for believing CMA's BS but now we're suppose to
buy that they don't answer their phone or read their mail? These people have bee
n playing everyone from day 1 of this whole mess & every intelligent person by n
ow has their number. BOA has to be made up of people that don't follow the news
or have a soft spot for scam artist.
I found this link about refinancing that might be helpful to you & your sister.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 2 weeks ago
New Docs, 586 pages click to read.
Nordie profile image
Nordie 2 weeks ago
Rascal, all the reading is giving me a headache.
Capn, a tutu perhaps with prison stripes, colored scheme to match cheetos????
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 2 weeks ago
I stoped reading for now will finish when I get back. I need to get ready to tak
e sons girl friend to see a surgen, he is going to explain her surgery for tuesd
ay. I will probably have her at my place to recoop until she can go home. My son
is coming back from Washington to be her for her surgery, then back to work of
Thursday. He is kind of stuck if he does not go back he gets put at the bottom o
f the union list to be called out again.
Nordie profile image
Nordie 2 weeks ago
Hope all went well at the doctor's today. I still want to come and recoop a your
house :>) Rascal and I would have lots of fun.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 2 weeks ago
Nordie she is going to have 2 surgeries at one time, we still do not know if the
one is just a temp fix until they open her.
Come on out Rascal and I would love to have you!! :)
linn 2 weeks ago
Steve, LMAO!!! OMG are you so right. However, it would only cover a flattened on
e. Our house prices are in the toilet. Even what sold 3 years ago for 1.8 millio
n, are now going for 678,000 to 749,000.. They are all in short sale or worse.
Jo...Thanks for the link, but right now I am not speaking to my sister.. lol. Sh
e got my grandmothers house when she died. Paid off in a good area and I got a b
roke desk. She took 20,000 from the house to fix up HER house and was furious th
ey would not refinance that loan so she could save 100 bucks a month. I am going
through a mess and she was mad I was going to, and no it didn't come through, N
ONE of them are, but she was mad over that and unfortunatly for her let the 20,0
00 slip.. lol.. I will save that info in case we ever speak again. Sisters. A go
od and evil thing. Thanks for the info, and Steve, thanks for the best laugh in
a long time.. lol
Nordie profile image
Nordie 2 weeks ago
linn, your post hit me hard. Last July my youngest sister who I love and adore (
as well as my other sister and brother) had a massive stroke and can no longer s
peak. We are working on that and her physical disabilities as well. What I would
n't give to hear her voice again.
Just thoughts . . .
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 2 weeks ago
I know you would love to hear your sister voice, but you can see in her eyes she
loves you that will always be there. Life is so short to hold a grudge, family
is always family, right or wrong they are your blood. Material things are not th
e most important things in life. God Bless you all
Nordie profile image
Nordie 2 weeks ago
Rascal, thank you my friend for your thoughts. They have blessed me spirit this
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 2 weeks ago
Within the evidence dump, Dr Wee found a few hairs that were in the death wax. I
did not see who the hairs belong to yet but will keep searching.
linn 2 weeks ago
Thank you so much Wednesday for deleting my post and leaving up the others. So o
h, what is the word? Political? And so you. Thank you so much! I am sure Nordie
appreciated it..
Nordie, thanks for your "just thought"!!! Family is always family unless they ha
ve destroyed you and YOUR family! You will never hear my response as Wednesday d
eleted it, for reasons only she knows. one being she likes to delete my posts.
Have a happy week to all! Looking forward to Memorial Day. Wish you all well.
jo1031 profile image
jo1031 2 weeks ago
I haven't had time to even start reading the new documents but did see reports b
y several news agencies about the hairs found by Dr. Lee on the paper towel cont
aining grave wax. Hairs found by him in Casey's car have been mentioned several
times in past reports & IIRC they were all found on items in the garbage bag fro
m Tony Lazzaro's apt. The paper towel with the grave wax was also found in that
garbage bag. Those hairs could have easily have come from anywhere in that bag &
transferred to that sticky paper towel. Tony's apartment had several people liv
ing there & probably had lots of others visiting. I don't look for this to be an
ything important because I believe that if even one of those hairs matched Cayle
e & had that death band we would have seen it in previous reports.
Report from Fox Orlando on new documents:
jo1031 profile image
jo1031 2 weeks ago
Report from TCD on grave wax:
Nordie profile image
Nordie 2 weeks ago
linn, I have no idea what I was suppose to "appreciate" from Wednesday. When I s
aid your words hit me hard I was offering a different perspective. I don't know
nor do I care what your beef is with Wednesday, but from where I sit she has alw
ays done a good job managing this hub.
In your life it appears sisters can be a "good and evil" thing -- in my life my
family may do things which I may not agree, but they are not evil.
linn 2 weeks ago
I understand you don't get it Nordie. You have no reason to. I really like you a
nd think you have great insite to tons of things. I have had a odd relationshiop
with my sister as we grew up a block apart, but my grandmother took over raisin
g my sister the day my mom came home with her. Not by moms choice. So I was put
in the middle. My sister was always gold, I was plastic. I tried lately to get b
ack with her, yet again I am the one who is whatever to her. You could never und
erstand and it is a not a good/evil, it is just that she was brought up to belie
ve she was perfect and I was low on the list. She is not evil, nor am I. But she
was always entitled and I just was told to accept it. That was as kids. As adul
ts she did a lot of hurtful things, but I tried to get our sistership back. IT w
orked unless I went against her.
My "beef" as you say with Wednedsay, is her deleting my posts but leaving up oth
ers, which makes it look like I had no say.
And Nordie, I truly apologize if I offened you in any way. I truly think of you
as a online friend, and when a post is deleted you could not see what I was tryi
ng to say back. I am so sorry if you think I was bashing or anything on you as n
o way was I!! I just wanted to give you a little history on why thing are the wa
y they are with my sister, but it was taken away. So again, I am so sorry if I c
ame across as it did. Wednesday does a great job of managing the hub, I always c
all it a blog and still don't know the difference, but nothing I said was meant
to offend you. My post trying to explain it was deleted so I am sure it made it
look different. That is what happens when one post is left up and the one explai
ning it is removed. I feel like I hurt you buy my post, but I truly never meant
that. Just to explain was all. Anyway, my sister life was not like yours. I live
d one block away from my sister, but my grandmother raised her, my mom raised me
and my sister was always the abused one that got it all. I just sat back. We st
ill were close, sort of, until her last episode. Sometimes it is better to not b
e around a family member if it is a problem. Just like sometimes it is better to
get a divorce than to stay together because of the "children"..
Truly, I just what you to know I meant no bad or hurtful feelings to you. You ar
e a super nice person and I have thought that from day one. Again, I was just tr
ying to explain
jo1031 profile image
jo1031 2 weeks ago
Latest Casey Antony News:
Zenaida Gonzalez's lawyers filed a motion seeking a court order to depose Robyn
Adams (one of Casey's jail pen pals). She is currently in a federal prison in Ta
llahassee Florida serving time for a drug conviction. They are also requesting a
ccess to the correspondence between the two of them.
New documents files in the case by both defense & state.
jo1031 profile image
jo1031 2 weeks ago
Defense deposition list for Friday May 28th:
Debbie Bennett- Gentiva Home Health employee, worked with Cindy Anthony
Brian Burner- next door neighbor of the Anthony family, Casey borrowed a shovel
from him the week of June 16th.
JP Chatt- acquaintance of CA, not really a friend of hers but friends with some
of the people that were friends of hers. I remember reading somewhere that he di
dn't even like her.
Nathan Lenniwitz- Tony L. roommate. Goes by Nate.
Samamra Melich- Orange County sheriff's office investigator Yuri Melich's wife
I've tried to figure out why the defense would waste time & money doing depositi
ons on most of the people listed above.
Ms Bennett can only testify to what Cindy told her during the time that they wor
ked together. Cindy lies as much as her daughter so most likely 99.9% of what Ci
ndy said to this woman was BS. Does the defense need Cindy's co-workers to prove
Cindy is wacko & the reason Casey is deeply troubled?
JP Chatt supposedly only knew CA superficially through his other friends so what
could he possibly have to offer? Hearsay is not evidence in a court of law.
Samara Melich is the biggest piece of the defenses confusing puzzle IMO.
As far as the neighbor & Tony's roommate maybe they are hoping to get them to ba
cktrack on the info they gave initially to LE. Or do they want to question the n
eighbor about the fight between Cindy & MOTY the night of June 15th?
IIRC Nate was the roommate of Tony L. that Casey told that George had molested h
er. Is the defense's lack of witness's & evidence proving Casey is innocent lead
ing them to take the only path that might save her life. Baez to jury, She is cr
azy! And this bunch of dysfunctional misfits are the reason. Or maybe the defens
e is on a fishing expedition because they are desperate.
Nordie profile image
Nordie 2 weeks ago
linn, I wasn't offended. Your words just gave me pause as we are so hoping for m
y sister to communicate again. Everyone's life is different and we all come to t
he table (discussion) with our own life's experiences. Everyone is of value. Jus
t be all you can be, cause God don't make no "plastic" people :>) my poor attemp
t at humor here.
Jo, I agree, this is a very odd list of witnesses, especially Mrs. Melich. Wonde
r if Mr. Melich talks in his sleep (another poor attempt at humor).
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 2 weeks ago
State, Team Casey Spar Over Evidence
Casey Anthony Charged With Murder In Death Of Daughter
POSTED: Tuesday, May 25, 2010
UPDATED: 7:34 am EDT May 25, 2010
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 2 weeks ago
New documents filed in Casey Anthony case
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 2 weeks ago
Anthony Defense, Prosecution Argue Over Evidence
Hearing Also Rescheduled Because Of EquuSearch Conflict
The Defence is back on the same Band Wagon, will they ever give up.
Wednesday Morning profile image
Wednesday Morning 2 weeks ago
Linn -- Your comment was marked as SPAM by HUB PAGES. Probably because it was a
fucking mile long. Let's get something perfectly clear, I don't have time to mod
erate your ramblings for political correctness. A LOT of posts get flagged as SP
AM until I go in & check to see what isn't showing up. I have to log in as moder
ator & check every damn comment to see if it says "approved", "denied", or "spam
". Under normal circumstances, I would quickly hit the "NOT SPAM" button & appro
ve the comment, but you've managed to piss me off so I'm just gonna leave it as
As I tell my kids when they're acting irrational, Check yourself before you wrec
k yourself.
There's no conspiracy against you. Unless of course Hub Pages is really owned &
operated by your sister under an assumed name...well're screwed.
linn 2 weeks ago
Oh I don't know Nordie. That Heidi actress wants to be a Barbie doll and she is
plastic! She looks plastic so maybe God is making a new shot at jobs? OK, God is
much better than that. I understand and like your family, I* DID try. I tried t
o ignore her putting down my grandkids, my dog, lol, my life, ME.. Going on camp
ing trips I was supposed to go on with my grandson, then saying she *forgot* to
invite us, again because she did not want my 4 year old grandson to go as he was
active and all. Tons more, all hurtful to me but boring to anyone else.. Just k
now I truly tried my best, but letting the ex come back after all the damage he
did to me AND to her and her kids by him and then defending what I have had to h
ear for 26 years was it. But who knows? I am sure some day we will get back toge
ther, but I will never go around her if that ex/new husband once he divorces his
wife, guy is around.
As for the Casey case, I wonder why they are asking for depo's from those folks
too. Some maybe, but what does Crazy telling a friend of her so called boyfriend
about her dad supposedly molesting her have to do with anything?
I am glad they have this judge. I liked the other, but if he was still doing thi
s case we would all be 100 by the time the trial started. I hope he doesn't let
them just use up taxpayers money by calling silly witnesses.
Nordie profile image
Nordie 2 weeks ago
linn,I understand in part what you are saying . . . I refuse to let anyone else'
s behavior define me. If they want to act stupid, quite frankly I feel sorry for
them. As ole Forest would say, "stupid is as stupid does."
Wednesday, ROFLMAO -- no offense to anyone -- it's been one of those days for me
linn 2 weeks ago
Wednesday, I would think your language would be a reason for a post to be pulled
. I always have wrote long posts as I usually only post once a day and try to ge
t it in. I was signed in so why spam I don't know. After your F word, I only rea
d with one eye. BTW, your post was not 2 lines long. You have had a problem with
me for your own personal reasons. Again, sorry, but your F word rant outdid any
thing I ever said or did. So whatever I guess.
Nordie, you are right, I am ROFLMAO myself!! I mean come on. Can't we all just g
et along? LOLOL! Good old Rodney King. The saying is still great! Rascal, GREAT
links as usual!
But finally, really Wednesday, when did I ever say conspiracy? That actually mad
e me do a Nordie.. ROFLMAO!
jo1031 profile image
jo1031 2 weeks ago
This is hysterical! Jose Baez told the judge late last month that he would be un
available for court hearings for 11 days during the month of June. Eggtree News
has looked into their crystal ball & knows exactly what he will be doing during
that time period.
#8 was my favorite:
Flying a blimp the size of his own a$$ over Orlando that reads â Save Casey: Make C
hecks Payable to The CMA Foundation. P.S. Show Me Your Titsâ
jo1031 profile image
jo1031 2 weeks ago
Nordie, I just looked at the state witness list again & found Samara Melich on i
t too. She is listed as a deputy with Orange County Sheriff's department. I wasn
't aware of that & don't remember her name being in any of the investigative rep
orts I've read. But she must have had some type of connection to the case other
than being the wife of one of the lead investigators.
If the defense is going to do depositions on everyone of the state's witnesses,
they will just be wasting their time & taxpayer's money. IMO the only chance the
y stand at this point to save their client from a guilty verdict is to attack th
e state's forensics as being inaccurate or contaminated. The trunk of Casey's ve
hicle is their biggest obstacle to overcome as far as forensics.
jo1031 profile image
jo1031 2 weeks ago
The Hinky Meter matched the Pooh blanket found at crime scene to one found in a
picture at CBS 48 Hours web site.
CAPN STEVE 2 weeks ago
Nanny took that blanket according to SINdy. You remember, the nanny who she neve
r met or talked to but had a key to the house. That one!!
Brother Rick is still shaking his head wondering how much of the stupid juice th
eir momma gave to his sister and how often she was dropped on her head.
Nordie profile image
Nordie 2 weeks ago
Jo, thanks for the info -- I didn't know she was also employed by LE.
Capn, I'm not sure there is enough stupid juice in the world to make someone tha
t stupid. Now the dropping her on her head . . . maybe everything time she told
a "half truth" she fell on her head . . . thus "mushroom head"
CAPN STEVE 13 days ago
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 13 days ago
New Motions Filed In Casey Anthony Case
Prosecutors Asking Judge To Strike Down Defense's Death Penalty Motions
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 13 days ago
Legal Analyst Bill Sheaffer on Casey Anthony Case
What Did The Supremes Mean?
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 13 days ago
Once again Tuesday the DT is going to Court and try to get the Jail Videos stopp
ed. They want special treatment for the evil princess, ( this is not going to ha
CAPN STEVE 13 days ago
Rascal, After BOBO is turned down on that request he will request that his clien
t be released
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 13 days ago
All I can say about this defence is Junk Defence.
imacynic2 13 days ago
Another sad case - Riley Fox of Wilminton, Illinois
An arrest was just made.
Her murderer is already in prison on other charges
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 13 days ago
Judge Issues Plan For Anthony Hearing
Hearing Slated For Tuesday
linn 12 days ago
Steve, after Bozo asks for his client to be released, he will then demand an apo
logy for people not believing her story. Then Crazy will sue for defamation. Aft
er she wins that, lol, Bozo and Crazy will get married and live happily ever aft
er. Amen.
Nordie profile image
Nordie 12 days ago
imacynic2, I have been following little Riley's case. The family has been throug
h so much. Thank goodness for DNA.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 8 days ago
Tomorrow True TV will carry the hearings on the new motions.
Nordie profile image
Nordie 8 days ago
I await the slap down by His Honor.
Remembering our veterans on this Memorial Day.
linn 8 days ago
Ditto Nordie. My dad fought in the Korean War. I wanted to go to the cemetery to
see the rows of flags, but no such luck.
Rascal, I saw that, but last week the guy on In Session kept changing the time.
2PM to 12 PM.. And what time zone? I will check it out. I can't wait to hear and
see this Judge get upset. He is a cute thing in a way. Looks like a teddy bear,
yet stings like a bee.
Snoopy9318 profile image
Snoopy9318 8 days ago
The Orlando Sentinal online is reporting that they will have live coverage of Cr
azy's hearing at 2:00pm Florida time. One of the motions is to seal Crazy's visi
tor logs. They also want more specific evidence of why the prosecutors think she
deserves the death penalty.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 8 days ago
I have TRU TV on now and he said 12:00 noon here, and he did not say what time z
one so will just leave it on to make sure I can record it. I am thinking about 1
0:00 or 11:00 here where we are because of the time zone, Linn.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 8 days ago
Time Zone map
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 8 days ago
Casey Anthony Injured In Fall At Courthouse
Casey Anthony Charged With Murder In Death Of Daughter
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 8 days ago
This is what Judge Perry ruled on tody.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 7 days ago
Casey fell getting off the elevator, chiped her tooth and split her chin. Steve
where the hell is the Duct Tape I need 3 long strips.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 7 days ago
Cibdys comment about Casey falling. To bad it was not a well that went straight
to hell.
Nordie profile image
Nordie 7 days ago
Judge Perry is not to be fooled by the poop team. He knows the law better than t
hey do.
Justice for Caylee is coming.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 7 days ago
Video of Caseys fall, maybe she need to pay atten to walking instead of her swin
g on her back porch.
jo1031 profile image
jo1031 7 days ago
Off Topic:
Internationl arrest warrant issued by Interpol for Joran van der Sloot. He is be
ing sought for questioning after a woman was found stabbed to death in his hotel
room in Lima, Peru.
Let's see him get out of this one!!!
linn 6 days ago
jo.. I saw that! I just cannot believe with all the taped evidence they had that
he murdered Natalie, he got off. Daddy is dead now, so let's see. however, even
after Daddy died they did nothing. I SO hope they get him good for this girl. I
don't trust them, but he is with her, and 4 hours later he takes off and they f
ind her stabbed to death and rolled up in a rug? I bet he was off looking for mo
re friends to help him dump this poor girl too. I so hope he gets nailed for BOT
H murders. This guy is a true psycho~
And Rascal, LOL... She still walks with that twitch from side to side. Wonder if
she will sue? haha
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 6 days ago
If Casey does go after the state in a lawsuit and gets money, she will not profi
t it will pay for her defence.
The ruling on being for being indigment is that is she gets money formm anything
she pays. either way the state looses.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 6 days ago
Here is a good picture of the Chain catching in a gap of the elevator. I see a s
horter chain the next time, she will half to take baby steps next time and loose
the swing on the back porch.
Nordie profile image
Nordie 6 days ago
Rascal, I don't think she will sue the state. There is no indication of neglect
-- and I would think bozo and the poop team would not want that entering into th
eir scenario at this time. But hey, I haven't a clue why they think the way they
do . . . hard to tell.
Nordie profile image
Nordie 6 days ago
The meanie part of me loves that she fell on her smirking face. Bit she boo-hooe
d. Small sample of what she put that precious baby through, evil b*tch!
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 6 days ago
I bet Casey is not smiling much right now. The guards are in charge of her safty
. Normally they should have one hand on her arm. But then again would Casey stat
e that is sexual harasement. I think we will wait and see. But I think she will
lay off the hot and spice things to eat, that would burn on her lip, ha ha.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 6 days ago
Jordan was arrested in Chili, it is about time!!!!
I heard the prision does not even have plumbing for the potty, oh what life he w
ill have there. No fancy hotel for him now.
He was riding in a taxi and arrested.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 6 days ago
Holloway suspect detained in Peru killing
Woman slain exactly 5 years after U.S. teen's disappearance in Aruba
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 6 days ago
World's Toughest Prisons, Have fun Joran.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 6 days ago
The second part of that video I listed is Peru.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 5 days ago
Another arrest warrant from Alabama on Joran, wire fraud and extortion. He tried
to extort 250 thousand to tell where Natalies body is.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 5 days ago
Holloway suspect accused in Ala. of trying to extort $250K to disclose her body'
s location
linn 5 days ago
Rascal..I never thought she would sue due to her money issues and the state payi
ng her way, but you know that is killing her. Knowing she can't sue. Every time
I see her, one of the female guards does hold her arm. I always feel bad when so
meone falls, I HATE those so called funny videos of people getting hurt, then I
think about Caylee. She was not even allowed to boo-hoo. That takes it all away.
And lets see that Joran get off now, gee daddy is dead, and even if he wasn't he
would be no help to him where he is now.. lol..the worst of the worst
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 days ago
Joran latest victime was beaten to death with a baseball bat. That killer is not
going anywhere. Stephinie also won around 5000.00 dollars at the Casino and tha
t was missing.
The wire frauds money was paid by Natlies Mom, she wanted Natlies remains back.
linn 4 days ago
The thing is, Natalie's mom has dealt with this piece of trash before. Why did s
he really think he would disclose where her remains are? He has lied to people s
o many times about where her remains are. And if he did disclose it, they would
have him on murder. Why they don't is a joke. This poor girl he beat to death mi
ght just get him good. Not for Natalie, but if he is remanded to a prison where
he is, where is he? Peru? Anyway, from what I heard he would be better off dead
and will soon be if he is taken there. Even if he pleads to the death of Natalie
, I believe he is stuck where he is for life.. lol.. A hole in the ground as a t
oilet, and people already wanting him dead. Daddy is not around and even if he w
as, would be no help to him at all now.
Nordie profile image
Nordie 4 days ago
linn, the way I am reading the various articles in re the extortion -- it was a
sting operation by the FBI with the help of Beth Holloway and others.
Yes, the jails in Peru or a fate worse than death, which he obviously deserves a
nd more.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 days ago
The link I posted the second half of that video shows the prison over there, yes
a fate worse then death, Joran will be considered a outside he will not have a
easy time at all. It could not happen to a better person.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 days ago
Police may know exactly where Stacy Peterson is burried, they will be digging to
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 4 days ago
It is Cindys Birthday, we should have sent a Marachi Band to the house, do you t
hink she would have allowed them in.
imacynic2 3 days ago
Police are searching an area between Metamora and Peoria for Stacey Peterson's b
ody. The area was disclosed by a jailhouse snitch who then escorted police there
to point out the exact location - then then brought dogs to the scene who alert
ed on the exact area pointed out by the inmate, they then began to insert prongs
into the ground and have located a suspicious area.
imacynic2 3 days ago
No Body found in Stacey Peterson search
linn 3 days ago
Whoa!! You are all a true world of information. Nordie, I had no idea. I so want
for Natalie's mother and family to find peace. They know she is gone, but to ha
ve her not be "home" would be so awful. My family for the most part is gone, yet
I can go "visit" any time I want.
And as for Joran, lolol.. Gee, he is going to get way more than he thought. He s
hould have confessed to Natalie and stayed in the prison where he might have got
good treatment. he will wish he is dead where he is going.
And good gosh I SO HOPE they find Stacy and wipe that smirk off her creep, well
what is he? Murderer of his wife? He was not divorced yet, yet killed her and I
do believe the wife he is in prison for. They have sort of dropped the Stacey ca
se on TV so maybe now NG will get off the blah stuff and look into to Stacey. Sh
e has not for who knows how long commented on Casey and she has been to court 2-
3 times. Nothing. Nothing on Haliegh lately either. Just that stupid woman who t
ried to take a hit on her to me, stupid husband. Who marries a woman that young
after 6 months, then signs his house over to her? I am sick of that story. She i
s a nut, but he was not too brilliant either. However, maybe there was stuff I d
idn't get.
Good for Natalies mom for setting up the sting. I had no idea. I so feel for tha
t mother, and for the family of the latest girl he murdered. I heard she even lo
st an eyeball in the attack. I am still wondering about that. Did he smash it? T
hey act like it is gone. I hope we do find the 5,000 or most of it on him. Deal
done. He gambled, he lost, she won 5,000, he killed her and now he is going to a
prison hell.
linn 3 days ago
Well, imacynic, that is a shame. I do hope and it usually happens that eventuall
y they are found. Just a shame it did not happen. Then again, that jerk seems to
be the type to have dismembered her body and scattered it. He was a cop. They k
now how to get rid of bodies with no trace. Let's just hope he does slip up. He
is just such a jerk!
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 2 days ago
Dutch murder suspect shows different faces on TV
By ARTHUR MAX (AP) â 28 minutes ago
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 45 hours ago
Last defence motion is a NO from Judge Perry, looks like they lost it all.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 45 hours ago
Judge Perry will follow the Sunshine Law, he will not seal the motion to keep th
is from the public. I love a Judge that closely follows the Law of the State.
Bozo you struck out!!!!!!!! LMAOROF
linn 43 hours ago
Rascal where do you find all the good stuff? I have not heard one word about thi
s decision! Good going Judge Perry! Boo-Hoo Bozo
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 42 hours ago
I surf every where for info, lol
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 31 hours ago
Official: Van der Sloot confesses to Peru slaying
'I did not want to do it,' paper quotes Natalee Holloway suspect as saying
CAPN STEVE 31 hours ago
He will get a 10 year sentence but in that jail for 15 U.S. dollars and 3 tootsi
e rolls some guy name Felipe will slit his throat!
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 31 hours ago
I agree one of them will use a shank, Joran killed one of there own.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 29 hours ago
There are other countries looking into missing girls, when Joran was there. How
many more did he kill.
CAPN STEVE 29 hours ago
Mommy-Sloot to claim there was no confession. Trust me!
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 28 hours ago
There are reports that Natalies remains may have been found will keep surfing to
see if this is true. Supposedly information on Jorans laptop.
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 28 hours ago
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 26 hours ago
Joran van der Sloot Biography
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 21 hours ago
Police Report Details Stephany Flores`s Injuries
CAPN STEVE 4 hours ago
I guess if you are high on drugs in Peru and commit a crime it works to your ben
efit. Poll question for the hub...
Who will spend more time behind bars,
Lindsey ___
Joran ___
RascalBrat profile image
RascalBrat 46 minutes ago
Lindsey posted bond again and got away, who says money does not talk. This is BS
she needs to be locked up.
CAPN STEVE 29 minutes ago
As long as his trial is not held in Aruba or Los Angeles there still might be ho
pe about justice being served. I am not holding my breath however cause I know t
hat money talks and bullshit walks!
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