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As the food distribution requires transportation, if the roads and routes were affected

there can be lack of food, thus provoking some diseases as anemia, gastritis and
The main cause of the anemia is linked to the nutritional state of iron, which
must be balanced due to the interaction between the content on the diet, bioavailability,
lost and requirements of grow. Anemia is more frequent in the early years of people,
especially between the 6 and 24 months old. The quantity of iron required depends on
the composition of the diet and the absorption regulation of the intestinal mucositis. The
bioavailability depends on the chemical state in which the iron is found, since it is
drained without suffering any modifications and interrelating with other components in
the diet. Therefore, most of the food that are iron givers are those of animal origin.
Gastritis occurs when the stomach coating becomes swollen and aflame. It can
last only for a short period of time, in which it is called acute gastritis. But it can also
last for months or even years, in which it is called chronic gastritis.
Some of the common causes of gastritis are:

Some drugs as acetylsalicylic acid (best known as aspirins), ibuprofen or

Lack of food
Drinking too much alcohol
Stomach infections due to a bacterium named helicobacter pylori

Some of the uncommon causes are.

Autoimmune disorders (as pernicious anemia)

Bile reflux towards the stomach
Cocaine consumption

When people are suffering of gastritis they may feel they dont want to eat at all, pain in
the upper part of the stomach or the abdomen and nausea or vomit. If the gastritis is
causing the coating stomach to bleed the symptoms may include black dregs or bleeding

vomits. When it has advanced too much it may also cause hemorrhages and an increase
in the risk of gastric cancer.
The treatment depends on the symptoms since some of the causes will disappear with
time. If possible, people needs to stop taking the drugs mentioned before since they may
be the cause of the gastritis. Also, some of the drugs that can lower the quantity of acid
in the stomach are:

H2 antagonists as Tagamet, ranitidine, or nizatidine
Proton pump inhibitors

It means that the body doesnt have enough water or liquids as it should has and it may
be caused due to an excessive loss of liquids, insufficient consume of water or both.
Vomit and diarrhea are the most common.
Because of the little corporal weight and the big rates of metabolism for the water and
electrolytes, babies and children are the more susceptible to dehydration than adults, as
same as people with diseases and old people. Dehydration is classified as low, regular
and severe based on the percentage of the corporal liquid lost. The severe dehydration is
an emergency situation that can be potentially mortal.
Drinking water or any other liquid would be enough to fight against a low dehydration.
It is better to supply little quantities of liquid frequently using spoons or syringes than
forcing the kid or baby to take it all at once because it can cause more vomiting.
Electrolytes solutions are especially effective. Drinks that are aimed to athletes are no
recommended since it can cause or worsen the diarrhea. In the case of regular or severe
dehydrations it is necessary to take the patient to a hospital and the administration of
intravenous liquids.