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EH-C591 Convenience Stapler

Give documents a little help on the side

Konica Minolta presents a stapler that is sleek in design and simple to use a perfect complement to your bizhub multifunctional or desktop printer, with versatile side mounting and matching dark colour. It lets you quickly staple your
originals back together after scanning or making copies, staple up to 50-page prints and copies at side and corner, even
fasten your documents, reports or other materials with a quick walk-up operation.
The job will get done quickly and surely, giving your document a professional finished look that ordinary desktop staplers
cannot match and with the same staples used by many recent multifunctionals, you will not have to maintain a separate
inventory or refills.

Office systems EH-C591 Convenience Stapler

EH-C591 Convenience Stapler, office systems

EH-C591 Convenience Stapler

The easy way to fasten documents before or
after you make scans, prints or copies.
With compact design and simple operation, the
EH-C591 Convenience Stapler expands the flexibility
of your multifunctional or desktop printer/copier it
gives you greater flexibility to fasten documents at
any stage of reproduction.
Stapling an original after copying or scanning is
quick and easy, you do not have to carry a stack of
loose pages back to your desk. You can staple up to
50-sheet prints or copies a speedy alternative to
selecting auto-finishing options if youre only making
a single copy or copying documents that have just a
few pages. And rather than use a clumsy hand-held
or noisy desktop stapler, you can walk up to your
printer/copier and staple documents quickly and
quietly while holding them with both hands keeping them tightly bound with a clean, professional
A valuable addition to any document system, the
EH-C591 Convenience Stapler will prove its worth
every day by providing an extra finishing option
that speeds your workflow.
Sleek dark styling matches the colour of most
recent bizhub multifunctional devices.
n Side or corner stapling lets you fasten documents
quickly in any format that fits your need.
n Easy staple refills with a quick rotating movement
that inserts a 5,000-staple refill cartridge.
n Working table allows the stapler to be mounted to
the side of your bizhub multifunctional.

Key features
Compact design with bizhub-matching dark colour
Staples up to 50 sheets at side and corner
n Quickly re-fastens originals after scanning or
n Fastens prints or copies without using auto-finisher
n Stapling action more quiet than desktop staplers
n Staple documents while holding them with both
n Working table is ideal for versatile side-mounting
n Uses standard bizhub staples in 5,000 staple
n Rotating staple insert action for easy-handing

Technical specifications
Stapling capability
Up to 50 sheets

1,8 kg (without adapter)

Paper weight
Up to 90 gsm

Power supply
AC Adaptor (supplied)

Durability cycle
Up to 200,000 stapling operations

Refill staples
SK-602 (5,000 staples)

Staple position
Side or corner of document

Staple compatibility
Used by Konica Minolta finishers:
FS-517, FS-519, FS-524, FS-527,
SD-509, FS-529

Type of clinch
Flat clinch
Dimensions (W x H x L mm)
145 x 135 x 190


Rotating and easy handling of the cartridge

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