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About Us

Established in 1976 as a joint venture with a world famous friction materials manufacturer,
Sundaram Brake Linings (SBL) is now a fully Indian owned company manufacturing
automotive, non-automotive, railways and industrial friction materials. SBL products are
extensively used in commercial vehicles, passenger cars, tractors (agricultural), railways and
two wheelers.
Sundaram Brake Linings (SBL) with its leading edge technology is a pioneer in the
manufacture of asbestosfree friction materials in India, and also the first Indian friction
material company to become 100% asbestosfree.
With 1500 employees and 5 manufacturing locations strategically located near major ports,
35% of SBLs total sales is exported to over 54 countries worldwide. SBL also has a strong
presence in the domestic OEM and Aftermarket.
SBL is certified for ISO / TS 16949 2002 Quality Management Systems & ISO 14001:
2004 Environmental Management Systems. Also TQM, TPM and Lean Manufacturing
systems are practiced to achieve World Class standards. Environmentally and socially
responsible, SBL ensure total health protection to its employees.
SBL has the distinction of being the first friction material company worldwide to be awarded
the prestigious Deming Application Prize, by the Deming Prize Committee of JUSE (Union
of Japanese Scientists and Engineers) for practicing Total Quality Management (TQM)
utilising statistical concepts and methodology.
SBLs manufacturing range includes products that have been successfully tested to meet
European R-90, American FMVSS 121, Australian ADR 35/38, South African SABS
1506/SANS 20090 and Indian IS 11852 requirements.
SBL has a strong presence in the Indian Original Equipment (OE). Just in time deliveries are
arranged by providing logistic support to ensure zero production stoppage at customers
SBL services the Indian aftermarket through more than 140 TVS owned wholesaler outlets
spread across major towns.
SBL exports Brake Blocks worldwide, supported by a wide variety of part number references
for US and European commercial vehicles.
SBL has a warehouse facility in North America to service the US and Canadian markets

instantly - a pre-requisite to establish brand presence. A business representative in USA works

closely with the US/Canadian brake re-builders and distributors.
SBL regularly participates in International Fairs in North Amercia, Europe, Africa, Middle
and Far East.

Research & Development

SBL has an award winning R &D facility at its headquarters in Chennai,

which includes brake / dynamometers, scanning electron microscopes, gas chromatographs,
vehicle testing facilities for testing and development of friction materials for a wide range of
automotive, non-automotive and industrial applications.
State of the art in-house design facilities,provide the company with the necessary
infrastructure to carry out design and development work to meet growing needs of the friction
material industry.
Nearly 2% of sales is spent on Research and Development activities.Continued recognition of
in-house R&D by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India.
R & D uses FMEA and deep analysis techniques. New materials are continuously researched
to add value to the products to enhance customer satisfaction.

National Award from DSIR,

New Delhi

Technology Award from

ACMA, India

National Award for

Technology Department
from DGTD, New Delhi


SBL has 5 manufacturing facilities strategically located near major town/ ports to minimize
the turnaround time servicing domestic & global customers.
Our Guiding philosophy



Over the years, SBL has reinforced its commitment to be a socially responsible corporate
citizen through the use of safe raw materials and environmental friendly practices.
Rain Water Harvesting
As a step towards conservation of water, rain water harvesting is implemented and harvested
water is utilised for green belt development.
Energy Conservation
SBL has conducted Energy audit through Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and
implemented various energy saving projects.
Recycling of Solid Wastes
Process waste collected through the pollution control facility is recycled.
Re-use of Treated Sewage Water
The treated water from Sewage Treatment Plant is used for gardening purposes.
Tree Plantation
SBL has planted more than 30,000 trees in all its production facilities and has plans to plant
more trees.
Conservation of Material
Through advanced technology such as modification of process from slab to DFM (Direct Fill
Mould), SBL ensures conservation of material.