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Rewrite the sentences using the words in brackets.

Dont change the

original meaning.
1-She used to sing in a band, but she hasnt done that for years. (stopped)
2.-I shouldnt have eating so much last night. (regret)
3.-When did you start to learn karate? (how long)
4.-First, Ill go to the bank. Then Ill go shopping. (after)
5.-He listened to music during the flight. (while)
6.-Im sure that Sam is disappointed. (must)
7.-The doctor examined Marks eyes yesterday. (had)
8.-I regret not bringing my mobile with me. (should)
9.-When did you first begin to study environmental science here? (how long)
10.- By 11:30 yesterday, everyone had completed the exam. (The exam.)
11.-It was believed that the world was flat. (People)
12.-We took umbrellas, it didnt rain. (in spite of)
13.-Everyone has to write an essay about the book, she said. (She said.)
14.-Toronto is an exciting city. My mum was born there. (where)
15.-Dont sit on the grass, the woman told us. (not)
16.-It started raining yesterday morning and its still raining. (since)
17.-I hate being so short! (wish)
18.-How much did your phone cost?Jeff asked me. (Jeff)
19.- Theyre not designing a new website until next year. (designed)
20.- Everyone thinks that the plan is impractical. (thought)
21.- We made a mistake by not bringing a bottle of water. (should)
22.-She introduced me to the man. She had been talking to him. (who)
23.-Its possible that James flight was delayed by bad weather. (might)
24.-I cant wait until this weekend. Im going to a concert. (when)
25.-I regret buying this expensive watch. (bought)
26.- To record you must press the red button and the black button at the
same time. (pressed)
27.-He wasnt tired but he went to bed. (although)

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