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Main Form Page lof 2 CAMBRIDGE POLICE DEPARTMENT. CAMBRIDGE, MA apne smeore one awk uvumwsrarus 16006762 BROWNRICHARD OFF APPROVED INCIDENT #1606716 DATA, MOF ofoa/20is 30.2935 ‘coset Lancer = arate Revoaren ‘anny cco 9/a/26 054601 08/02/201600:00 0 08/2/2016 259 IsapE tus Yonmasuis, (@66(30/MLAKENY OvER $250 BY SINGLE SCHEME e246 530 noua sex Race a 0 [080 OFFENDERS 1 [No vert} fousss — Dascrn0s Make Mops, Seat VALU [MONEY — $1,900,000 (370,000,000 1 BITCOTN) od 190000 OFFICER REPORT: 16006716 -1 / BROWN,RICHARD (553) DaracEmMROFREORT “Dexorkamont onfa/soxbs0:49 Iwapenr On 9/14/16, RP reports his bitcoin account was hacked and $1,300,000 ($70,000,000 in bitcoin) was stolen. On 9/14/16, while assigned to uniformed patrol unit 10R, I, officer R.Brown spoke with RP a, about some -appd-rs2/QED ipolicepertner/eommon/crimewelvineview/mainjspageney=CAM-PD... 10162016 Main Form Page 2 of 2 funds of his that had been stolen. MI stated that he had deposited a total of $3,400,000 into a Bitfinex account for 70,000,000 in bitcoin digital currency. III was notified by Bitfinex that his account had been compromised. His initial losses totaled approximately $1,300,000. Bitfinex in an attempt to compensate fr his losses issued a form of 1OUs with then cut his total losses to approximately $720,000. account (initial deposit $800,000 into Bitfinex first quarter 2016) HEBERT account (initial deposit $2,600,000 into Bitfinex first quarter 2016) Reporting Of: me, ROWNRICHARD S Aron Ofer: ite hitp:/pd-rms2/QEDpolicepariner/eommonterimewebrineview/nainjspagency=CAM-PD... 10/6/2016