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The Importance of Understanding of Percy Jackson

Admir Husi

December 7, 2011

Being Percy Jackson is very important for this story, although other characters are
also important because of their role in mythology. This essay critically provides pieces of
information of the importance of Percy Jackson as a main character and the importance of
the book as one whole. From being confused and not understanding who he really is until
finally realizing and becoming a demigod, Percy probably experiences almost all stages
in the whole life. This essay also critically makes a comparison between Percy, as a halfhuman and half-god person, and mythology, as the science in general, as well as between
mythology and the Underworld.
Percy Jackson is important because he is a positive character fighting against all
evil gods. As soon as he realized that he is a half-blood, he becomes responsible for
many things. He has been accused of stealing the thunderbolt which he was not aware for
and that makes the main plot of the story. His only wish was to save his mother, Sally,
and not to fight against gods because of the lightning. He is not aware of the rebellion of
gods which want his power. Percys role in the story is very useful for briefly
understanding of the term demigod and mythology as one whole. The rebellion of gods
also makes the story more interesting by showing some gods and goddesses from
mythology. Percy has become a great hero of all demigods who did not respect him and
who thought that he is not strong enough to confront all mighty gods. But when he beat
them and saved his mother, other demigods have changed their minds and Percy has
become their hero as well. It is visible from this situation that Percys role in the story is
still important and pragmatic. Percy is presented as demigod Persius who takes a special
place in mythology and it is easier to understand the Underworld and mythology in
general for reader.
All characters in the story are important as well. Not only do they make the story
interesting, they are parts of mentioned mythology and the Underworld; starting from
Grover, who is a half-goat, and Annabeth, who is a daughter of Athena. They help Percy
to find his mother and they are protagonists of the story as well. Demigods are mostly
presented as positive characters and their power has not been used to hurt or kill someone
who is not guilty for something. But their parents whether fathers or mothers, gods and
goddesses, use their power against other gods who do not care about their kids.

Mythology is narrowly connected with the Underworld because the Underworld is a part
of mythology where gods and goddesses are mostly unreal and evil while other
mythological creatures have more positive characteristics. The Underworld is also
connected with mythology because the Underworld has also been consisted of set of
myths which are considered to be untrue but this book makes it real even though it has
many unreal and supernatural events.
The rebellion of gods makes Percy valuable although he did not know that he has
great powers and that he will be attacked and become a great hero at the end. This book
deals with unreal events, almost supernatural, but its characters are real because they take
a special place in mythology. Myths are considered to be unreal stories and they have
been told in many books. This book provides a set of myths because all events and
characters are unreal and supernatural. Percy is a demigod but his body does not look as
if he is a half-human and a half-god which also does not make him different from other
Percy Jackson is more important than the whole book because he makes the book
important by his position in mythology. But the book as a whole is important as well
because it explains and exemplifies that the goodness always wins over evil in the stories
like this one. Many things can be learned through Percys character; starting from love to
his mother, then growing up to adultery and finally becoming a highly respected and
popular person. Each person has their positive and negative characteristics. Although a
person can look weak and powerless, he could change himself by revealing his hidden
skills and intentions, so, every person is strong inside or outside themselves.

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