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DATE : 3rd Dec. 2009 TIME : 8.30 a.m. -9.30 a.m.

CLASS : Year 1 Cerdik ENROLMENT: 35 pupils
THEME : World of Knowledge
TOPIC : My Body
1.6.1 Listen to and enjoy simple song
2.1.1 Speak clearly by pronouncing words accurately.
3.5.1 Read and understand the meaning of word by guessing their leaning through the
use of the contextual clues.
4.1.1 Match word to linear and non- linear representation.
iii. word to picture (colour the picture)

OBJECTIVES: By the end of the lesson pupils should be able to:

 Point the parts of the body (psychomotor)
 Match/ list down the function of the parts of the body (cognitive)
 Love the body (affective)

PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE: Pupils had already known about several parts of the body.

INTERMINGLE: English Language, Arts Education, Physical

Education, Music Education, Science, Mathematics and Religious

MORAL VALUE: Cleanliness

TEACHING AIDS: Textbook, CD, Picture cards, Worksheets

Time/Stage Content Activities Remarks
Set Let’s sing a song. - Teacher asks pupils to Strategy/method:
Induction Title: Head, shoulder, be obedient when Intermingle: English
(5 min) knees and toes. watching the CD. Language. Music
- Pupils listen and watch Education and
Lyrics and the CD. (70% of the Physical Education
pupils watch and listen
actions. to the song from Teaching aids: CD,
beginning until the end LCD, Power point
Moral values:
- Teacher display the
lyrics using the power
- Teacher asks pupils to
read the lyrics.
- Pupils read the lyrics
with the teacher.
- (Statement shows the
subject integrates/
collaborates with other
discipline and senses
- Teacher sings the song
and does the action.
- Teacher asks the pupils
to sing the song and do
the action together.
- Pupils sing the song
with the action

Step 1 Introduction: - Teacher points some of Strategy/method:

(5 min) Parts of the body. the parts of body and Intermingle: English
asks the pupils to name Language, Science
the parts of body and and Mathematics.
count how many its
have. e.g: eye Teaching aids:
- Pupils name the Picture cards
parts of the body and
Time/Stage Content Activities Remarks
count them. e.g: Pupil
says: These are eyes.
We have two eyes.

Moral values:
Obedient and
Practice and - Teacher shows 5 word Strategy/method:
Step 2 consolidation. cards on parts of the Intermingle: English
( 20 min ) Matching face. Language and
- Teacher drills on Science.
Teaching aids:
- Pupils spell the words Word cards
- Teacher paste 5 picture
cards of parts of the
body on the blackboard
and asks the pupils to
match it with the and picture cards.
correct words.
- Pupils match the
pictures with the correct
- Teacher guides the Moral values:
pupils. Discipline and
Step 3 Practice and - Teacher distributes the Strategy/method:
(20 min) consolidation worksheets to the Intermingle:
worksheet pupils. English Language and
- Teacher asks the pupils Art Education.
to complete it.
Teaching aids:
- Teacher guides the Worksheet.
Moral values:
Obedient and
Climax Assessment: - Teacher shows 9 picture Strategy/method:
(7 min) Spelling 9 words. cards of the parts of the Intermingle: English
body and asks pupils to Language and
spell it. Science.
- Pupils spell 9 words of
Time/Stage Content Activities Remarks
the parts of the body Teaching aids:
based on the picture Picture cards.
cards shows by the
teacher. Moral values:
Closure Moral values - Teacher tells to the Strategy/method:
(3 min) pupils about the Intermingle:
important of taking care Religious Education.
of their body.
- Teacher tells them that Teaching aids:
they should grateful to Power Point slides
what Allah/god gave
them. Moral values:
Thankful and