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1. Hi. Is this seat taken? Est ocupado este asiento?

2. Are you from this area Eres de por aqu?

3. So, what do you do for a living? Y en qu trabajas?
4. What brings you here today? Qu te trae por aqu hoy?
5. Do you come here a lot? Vienes con frecuencia aqu?
6. Excuse me, wheres the toilet? Dnde est el bao?
7. I dont know. What do you think? No s T qu piensas?
8. Has that been your experience too? Tambin has experimentado eso?
9. Has that ever happened to you? Alguna vez te ha pasado eso?
10. Why do you think that is the case? T piensas que es as?
11. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Es eso algo bueno o malo?
12, That reminds me Eso me recuerda
13. Oh hey! Did you hear that? Escuchaste que
14. Not to go off topic, but I recently heard that No es por salirme del tema, pero hace poco
escuch que
15. Im not keeping you from something, am I? No te estoy quitando el tiempo, o s?
16. Sorry for taking up so much of your time. Do you need to take off? Disculpa por quitarte
tanto tiempo. Necesitas irte ya?
17. I just realized youre probably in the middle of something. Do you have time to chat?
Me acabo de dar cuenta que a lo mejor ests a la mitad de algo. Tienes tiempo para hablar?
18. Let me know if you need to get going. I dont want to take up all your time Hazme saber si

debes irte, no quiero quitarte todo tu tiempo.

19. Let me give you my e-mail address. If youre ever in the area again itd be great to meet up.
Permteme darte mi direccin de e-mail. Si vuelves a estar por aqu de nuevo, sera genial
volvernos a encontrar.
20. Feel free to call me if you want to hang out. Here, Ill give you my number. Sintete libre de
llamarme si quieres reunirte conmigo de nuevo. Mira, te dar mi nmero.
21. I really enjoyed our chat. Thanks so much. Disfrut mucho de esta charla. Muchas gracias.
22. It was really nice meeting you Fue muy agradable conocerte
23. Thanks for the suggestion Gracias por la sugerencia.
24. I appreciate the information Aprecio la informacin.
25. Thank you. That was really helpful Gracias. Eso fue muy til.
26. Thats pretty common. I heard that a lot of people had the same experience Eso es muy
comn. Escuch que muchas personas han tenido la misma experiencia
27. Has anyone ever? Alguno de ustedes ha?
28. How many of you think that ? Cuntos de ustedes piensan que?
29. Do a lot of you ? Acaso muchos de ustedes?
30. Which one of you? Quines de ustedes?

31. Hey, I better get going! I have a long day tomorrow Hey, mejor me voy! Maana tengo un
da largo.
32. Oh man, its getting late. I better head out Vaya, se est haciendo tarde. Mejor me voy.
33. Do you have a recommendation on any good dishes? Acaso recomiendas algn buen
34. What would you recommend for someone who hasnt eaten here before? Qu

recomendaras para alguien que no ha comido nada aqu antes?

35. What is the best drink here? Cul es la mejor bebida aqu?
36. How long have you lived here? Cunto tiempo has vivido aqu?
37. What is your favourite thing about this house? Qu es tu cosa favorita sobre esta casa?
38. How many people live here? Cuntas personas viven aqu?
39. How many rooms does this house have? Cuntas habitaciones tiene este cuarto?
40. How far away is the supermarket? Qu tan lejos est el supermercado?
41. Thank you for having me over! Gracias por tenerme aqu!
42. Thanks for inviting me to your home Gracias por invitarme a tu casa.
43. I had a wonderful time La pas muy bien.
44. Can you recommend a good restaurant around here? Puedes recomendar un buen
restaurante cerca de aqu?
45. How long before the flight must I check in? Cunto tiempo antes del vuelo debo registrarme
en el aeropuerto?
46. Is there a place to charge a phone nearby? Hay algn lugar aqu cerca para cargar un
47. So, where are you headed today? Y, para dnde te diriges hoy?
48. Do you know what time we arrive at the destination? Sabes a qu hora llegaremos al
49. Have they announced the boarding time for this flight? Ya han anunciado el tiempo de
abordaje para este vuelo?
50. Is there a place to charge a phone nearby? Hay algn lugar aqu cerca para cargar un

51. So, where are you headed today? Y, para dnde te diriges hoy?
52. Do you know what time we arrive at the destination? Sabes a qu hora llegaremos al
53. Can you recommend any good restaurants or sights in New York? Puedes recomendar
restaurantes o atracciones buenas en Nueva York?
54. How did you come to work here? Cmo terminaste trabajando aqu?
55. What is your favourite place to eat lunch near the office? Cul es tu lugar favorito para
almorzar cerca de la oficina?
56. What do you enjoy most about your job? Qu es lo que ms disfrutas de tu trabajo?
57. What is your eventual career plan? Cual es tu plan futuro para tu carrera?
58. What do you think is the most important thing to succeed in this company? Qu es lo que
piensas que es lo ms importante para tener xito en esta compaa?
59. How long have you been a student here? Por cunto tiempo has sido estudiante aqu?
60. What are you studying? Qu ests estudiando?
61. What do you recommend to eat on campus? Qu recomiendas comer en el campus?
62. Do you know a good, quiet place to study? Conoces algn lugar bueno y silencioso para
63. What do you plan to do when you finish your studies? Qu planeas hacer cuando
termines tus estudios?
64. When is your birthday? Cundo cumples aos?
65. I have a reservation Tengo una reservacin.
66. I would like a room for the night- Quisiera una habitacin para la noche.
67. Are there any rooms available? Hay habitaciones disponibles?

68. Thats a bit more than I wanted to pay Eso es un poco ms de lo que me esperaba pagar
69.Would you like a single or double room? Le gustara una habitacin individual o doble?
70. Does the room have a private bath? La habitacin tiene un bao privado?
71. Can you show me on the map? Me lo muestra en el mapa?
72. Excuse me, can you tell me how to get to Main street, please? Disculpe, Puede decirme
cmo llegar a la calle principal, por favor?
73. Which way is the museum from here? Cul es el camino al museo desde aqu?
74. How much is the room? Cunto cuesta la habitacin?
75. Could you speak louder please? Podra hablar ms fuerte por favor?
76. Could you speak more slowly please? Podra hablar ms lento por favor?
77. Where is the nearest bank? Dnde queda el banco ms cercano?
78. Where can I find an ATM? Dnde puedo encontrar un cajero electrnico?
79. Can I cash these travelers checks here? Puedo cobrar aqu estos cheques de viajero?
80. I would like to open up a current account Quisiera abrir una cuenta corriente.
81. Where is the ticketoffice? Dnde est la taquilla?
82. Are there any seats left? Quedan asientos?
83. I want two tickets please Quiero dos boletos, por favor
84. Do we have to wait in line to buy the tickets? Tenemos que hacer fila para comprar los
85. What time does the film (show) starts? A qu hora comienza la pelcula (el espectculo)?

86. How late are you open? Hasta qu hora tienes abierto?
87. Where are the fitting rooms? Dnde estn los probadores?
88. Give me your phone number, just in case there is a problem Dame tu nmero de telfono,
por si acaso hay un problema.
88. May I get your name, please? Podra darme su nombre, por favor?
89. Im sorry, I cant hear you very well. Could you speak up a little, please? Lo siento, no le
oigo bien. Podra hablar ms fuerte, por favor?
90. Im calling to ask about Llamo referente a
91. I dont give a damn Me importa un bledo
92. Im freaking out Me estoy volviendo loco
93. Could you call the waiter/waitress please? Podra llamar al mesero/mesera por favor?
94. Where can I get a taxi cab? Dnde puedo conseguir un taxi?
95. Is there a subway entrance nearby? Hay alguna entrada al subterrneo por aqu cerca?
96. Can I bring my friend? Puedo llevar a mi amigo?
97. Can I have the bill please? Me puedes dar la cuenta por favor?
98. Can you fix this? Puedes arreglar esto?
99. Its turns out that Resulta que
100. I get the picture Capto la idea