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Is it financially worth doing MS in US for a middle-class
Indian who is going to come back and work in India?
I'm a 2013 Computer Science graduate, currently working for a reputed MNC @ Rs.8 Lac
p.a. I have a very strong profile for MS and should get into atleast one of CMU, Cornell,
UIUC, USC, UCSD, UCLA or other similar ones. I won't get into MIT, Stanford, UT Austin

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If I get into any of the univ... (more)
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Kush Tripathi, Been there Done that
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Interesting Question
First I would Like to put a question " If you are so happy with your work here and it is top
MNC, you are getting best salary for a fresher in industry, then Why you want to do MS?"
Why People go for MS abroad?
1. To gain knowledge and skills which are not available in India as of now, so if they
will go then they will be ahead of Times in India
2. To show off that they are intelligent enough to go abroad (To Boast in order to get
good dowry) (Dowry Calculator )
3. No job here in India, only scope is in US or countries abroad, I have got only one
option i.e to go abroad
4. I don't earn enough here, I want to earn more so i need a Job in US and I wan t to
go there after that I will get good Job and salary too
From your question reason no 1 seems to be the apt choice as you have been preparing a
strong profile for MS
Now coming to specific answer
When you are passionate about skills and knowledge that you will get with MS
then why are you worried about growth, you bagged a job in India without MS of
about 8 lacs which is about 3 fold of a salary of a average B.Tech graduate in
India. You know you are talented and you can do it so why bothered about future,
believe in yourself
Next, about calculations. Your total expense going abroad = 50 lakhs, In
Education Loan you have to pay interest only after you got Job so you have to
repay 50 lakhs with your Job.
Average salary of a Software Engineer from Top Univ you have mentioned=
90,000 $, but as you are a good student you will get a better job say around
110,000 US $. 90,000 US $ accounts for 50 lakh rupees, and 110,000 US $ to 62
Lakh rupees.Ref (What is the average salary for a Masters fresher in mechanical
field in the US?) Software Engineer Salary in United States
Now if your yearly expenditure is of the likes of 20,000$ then also you repaid the
loan in one year.
If not one year suppose it takes two years.
Now you have two years of experience + MS from top University, your loan has
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and you come
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Edits: If a graduate gets a salary of about 60k$ and he pays 33% of it as taxes
and 20% he spends on his daily living then effectively it will take him around 2.5
years- 3 years to break even and to save the amount it will take one more year.
The time to money ratio is subjective to the area where the person will be working
and in which company he/she will be working (Ojas Choudhari Thanks for…2F%2Ffeed%3Furl%3D%252F%253Fdigest_story%253D3515236

04/01/16, 14:52
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If your profile is as strong as you consider. 1. you will get fully funded I feel its a good decision to study further. then you shouldn't be earning 8K instead of 45K which is more common for…2F%2Ffeed%3Furl%3D%252F%253Fdigest_story%253D3515236 04/01/16. Its a matter of understanding what really matters for yourself. degree cannot be exchanged or compare with the money. 2nd solution is if your profile is so good. Money can be solved by mathematics as I did above.. why sell yourself short? That said. I would say that's a pretty good deal. your current salary is 8 lakh pa. That means . You are investing in yourself. the chances of your getting some kind of scholarship is pretty high. you saved zero rupees lets assume Salary in India after completing MS from US Now suppose you stayed in India. if you had said that you LOVE your job and are learning great things and see https://www. I am a MS-CS from UIUC and a MBA dropout from NYU Stern myself and can vouch for the change in thinking and lookout for life that living and studying in USA has given me. If you choose to stay in same company then going by 10% increement every year. Most of it has been covered before. 14:52 Page 2 of 7 . You are investing to grow yourself mentally You are getting to know how things work internally in your field of interest. This is one of the solution.equivalent to 12-13 L in the current date.inputs) In India you will minimum get a post of team lead with your qualifications. but now the arguement is suppose if I saved 4 lakhs every year then I would have been rich by 16 lakh rupees now. what you can do is stay one more year in US after MS that totals 5 years abroad 2 years course + 4 years work experience + 30k Dollars savings which is 2. work and finances Updated Dec loans whatsoever + earning stipend while you are studying. You are constantly challenged to balance school. 2014 • View Upvotes Nistha Tripathi.).D. the exposure itself is pretty valuable. believe in fighting hard and writing soft 48. your motivation would be different. I am a MS-CS from UIUC myself and did not find any grad there who did not have a TA/RA etc. More importantly. You are young and can do great things. Leaving apart the financial aspect (I know you only asked financially but. Why MS is important irrespective of money? You are getting higher education and information that is invaluable." If you go by hearsay and average standards. If you can get into top schools.2k Views • Nistha is a Most Viewed Writer in Master of Science with 30+ answers. which accounts for a salary of 12 lakhs now but it will be around 15 by then. how to recover that loss. I should expect a salary. Your question probably applies more for an MBA than a MS. "From what I have been told. 2. when I return to India.quora. then wouldn't you be earning more afterwards as well? 3. then only you should go for it anyways. Your expenses= zero. your salary in 4 years will become After 1st year 8 lakh 80 thousand After 2nd year 9 lakh 72 thousand After 3rd year 10 lakh 69 thousand After 4 years 11 lakh 75 thousand So salary after 4 years is not much of a difference. If you look at MS as an investment not an expense. You are studying in a new environment and learning new things. If you think it helps your profile in the longer run (better work quality and opportunities). 100% self-made.. I actually left very high paying jobs to pursue my dreams and am happier than before. and you are interested in studying then why not go for a integrated Ph. That knowledge and experience you get is really priceless so don't consider money ever over education. So between you and your MS degree there is a difference of 16 lakh rupees Now as the above asserted point suggest that you are in loss. so wont go into the details.5 times the amount you would have saved in India.

but rather an individual contributor. But you might want to consider the above reasons too. Fortunately. isn't life a constant learning experience too? I would say "living" this experience is worth more than 2-3 promotions that you might get if you stay there. the kind I wanted after graduation anyways. You will live a new culture and you might assimilate easily or you might hate it. for the sole purpose of returning and working in India? 1. You will meet people from diverse backgrounds and interact with them.3k Views • Upvoted by Pasquale Ferrara. Engineers create products.D. 2014 • View Upvotes Upvote 224 Downvote Comments 9+ Share Vineet Mundhra. You will be thrilled be new places. I would ask you to learn on the job. 2014 • View Upvotes Upvote 79 Downvote Comments 3 Share 2 Aseem Deshpande 45. I knew that if I don't get a RA/TA/GA in first semester I basically would have to go back home. Computer Science Grad Student. You will understand what it means by having "freedom to succeed or fail". countries I might say) You will learn and live a new way of life. The experience of learning is completely different. 14:52 Page 3 of 7 . light. That's been the case with most of my friends. Ph. You might work in a food-court or in a library or even illegally in sub-way. Your professors will ask for and respect your opinions. so I decided to quit after one year and started working. Hey look.quora. You will learn how to collaborate with people ( and people from diff. what will Masters provide you. You mention your job is interesting. got a GA in a month ( with full tuition and a handsome salary). It will open some great job opportunities that are not accessible to you right now. student doing research in Electronic Design Automation Why not consider MS purely from a learning perspective? Some history: I did MS from VT in CS and it was the best thing I ever did. You will carry these experiences with you all your life. you will get something when you get here (if you are there "at the right place at the right time"). So the education was fullyfunded. I write more for students on Scholar Strategy and personal lessons on Nistha's Blog Bankers create CDOs. If you don't get anything before coming here. I did not have a scholarship when I landed and paid for the first semester with my parents' money. Written Feb 19. You will see India and Indians in a diff. Entrepreneurs create VALUE. you have been successful in what you've done so far in your life so no doubt you will get a good GPA and a cool job after graduating from MS. I dropped out of MBA because I got a great job offer.good growth. for example research jobs. You will witness a completely spectacular land. you might not like the fact that your firm expects you to change your role gradually! That said. You will feel the seasons. They will look for feedback on how they teach and even…2F%2Ffeed%3Furl%3D%252F%253Fdigest_story%253D3515236 04/01/16. Masters will not look that attractive. They will shape your fundamentals. UMass Amherst 25. After all. Most importantly. https://www. You have to look at your MS in a similar way. but ll it be interesting 5 years from now? If you are a person who does not like to be in a managerial role. Written Feb 15. We could not afford a loan either. you will learn more than you've ever learnt before.8k Views If you look at it just in terms of remuneration. Just my 2 cents here.

https://www. but wanted to jump on to. Before you are hired .check with your co-workers about your behaviour and so on . Also. It looks good in family & friends to say that you have done masters and a picture with Graduates Wearing Caps and Gowns. Free man 2k Views Bill Gates.FICA .2. Thus to sum up. It will give you training in a subarea. As long as you have a basic Degree and good communication skills (verbal and written ) along with strong technical . How much will I make after MS in USA? Though.After 33% tax .rent etc.quora.000 and even make more . 14:52 Page 4 of 7 .You join a company that pays $55. you will make good money and will go to US on H1B or L1. let’s assume you successfully graduate and get H1B visa to work in US .you may be left with $2000.If you are thinking to do MS from a pure financial view . Always resign on a mutually acceptable terms in a polite way .perform drug test /…2F%2Ffeed%3Furl%3D%252F%253Fdigest_story%253D3515236 04/01/16. 2013 • View Upvotes Upvote 16 Downvote Comment Share SD Shekhar. As you gain experience and learn skills that are in demand. For your satisfaction & gaining knowledge .Yes . that you did not had much skills in India. Stay clean and professional. Your current work experience will help you in both! Written May 31.Don`t burn the bridges. Good people are always needed in US.Lot of money is their to make provided that you stay in good terms with recruiters & seniors.000 dollars.HR check 3 earlier references .I would not suggest doing it by taking loan. some start with $70. as mentioned below you can get assistantships in terms of Teaching and Research.Steve Jobs and Zukerberg are not MS nor other billionaires . nature of job probably will be the bigger advantage than higher remuneration. it is getting tougher with the new H1B rules of 2015 to find a H1B would move into contracting . They can ruin your world as all are connected with each other globally at management security .problem solving approach to the tasks that you have been assigned with .

1) Exposure 2) Pure investment. you may praise the https://www. No matter who is in front of you .com/Is-it-financially-worth-doing-MS-in-U…2F%2Ffeed%3Furl%3D%252F%253Fdigest_story%253D3515236 04/01/16. I do freelancing now .I would advise to complete MS or any other courses while you work .They paid for my technical courses and certifications. Companies pay for it . Best Wishes ! Updated Fri • View Upvotes • Not for Reproduction Upvote 12 Downvote Comment Share Samir Katti 19. not just in your field.Your attitude & practical approach matters a lot than any degree .Never ever underestimate yourself.Canada .quora. Worked with fortune 100/500 and still doing it. Lastly.I`ve lived many years in US (New York. Degree doesn't mean you start making 100`s of thousands of dollars. Mexico . 3) Technical skills 4) Just a regular software job. Depending on how you view debt for consumption ( good or bad ). if you already have exposure in India.Have been to Boston University for technical courses.I`ve seen MS degree holders getting fired who were working with me because of Attitude problem. Mail me if you need more specific answers . No degree can replace work experience. Earn while you Learn or Learn while you Earn ! Believe in yourself . Exposure: Yes. heading to US changes your perspective on a number of things.7k Views Let me answer your question in following parts. 14:52 Page 5 of 7 . but also in other fields like economics if you intend to follow the monetary & fiscal policies.Singapore . Boston . Atlanta and have travelled all over US ) .Work as a contractor in IT .

Will help you during layoffs and in case you need to move as well. Buy only what you need. There are options…2F%2Ffeed%3Furl%3D%252F%253Fdigest_story%253D3515236 04/01/16. Likely you will burn up the money from India and return with nothing. 7) Lastly. Banks in US are not healthy. there is no item apart from a house that can not be bought with cash assuming a 18-24 month savings. Spending more to save is not the way. Cloud. particularly at such a young age. How ever that does not mean. mainly due to sky-rocketing bills. 6) Health insurance in US sucks. you may want to reconsider moving for a regular software job. 2) Do not fall for adverts at retail stores. In some cases. assuming zero debt on graduation. One ends up paying 1000$ for a 500$ phone since competition offers exact same plans at about 35-40$ per month lower. 3) Post getting a job. 2014 • View Upvotes Upvote 22 Downvote Comment Share More https://www. debt from India will be close to zero by time you graduate. stay away. Ensure you have your account with a local credit union. MS as Investment: I generally do not favor debt. even in "recovery") . you can not do your studies. The flip side is if you are getting paid well in India.quora. 4) Cook your own food. Most cellular firms like At& T sell a zero downpayment phone . In case of CS it is : Social. 14:52 Page 6 of 7 . Avoid it if possible unless you have zero percent financing. land & silver was best hedge. You end up spending more than your requirement ( 1$) and also end up consuming more. its quite easy to get lured into a fancy car using leverage. You should see a healthy return in 5-6 years. Analytics & Mobile. The answer is no. The logical side on the advert is you will gain by spending 3$ for 12 cans. particularly the big banks ( yep. You may want to consider such option when you move to a new city. A 5000$ car would do the job just fine. Lot of families are leasing out rooms for about 500$ a month including utilities. Look out at legal ways to cut down debt. Its healthy & saves you money. Doing just course work will probably not get you anywhere. Rentals have shot up after the housing crisis. I see no efficient way to save here apart from to stay healthy & stay away from doctor. as savings accumulate. You can also intern and study at the same time. 5) Cut down on rental payments. Technical skills: Do a research or thesis oriented course in a field that is relevant to industry. Accumulate your cash and generally within a year or two. At store you will see 12 cans for 3$. Tips to stay frugally in US: ( most Indians I think tend to spend a lot in US mainly due to lack of understanding of leverage ) 1) Take a prepaid phone. Say you want to buy 1 soda can and it costs 1$. you should be able to pay down for a brand new car such as a Honda Civic or about 50% down for high end cars.Indian forefathers who figured investing in gold. This additional cost is for the phone over 2 years of contract. Written Nov 16. 2 years should see you quite ahead of the competition by gaining the relevant technical skills. Work on getting such a balance. but screw job is in the bills. Look out for a 6-8 month internship or co-op after the first year of studies to reduce your burden on debt. Just a regular software job: If you are looking for just a regular software job.

met a prospective groom on a matrimony site.What you do(Even though these details were inc. so I found out that he didn't prefer very 'girly'... Experienced Background: I am 26 year old Indian female. Director of Technology Delivery..Boy: Some Stupid Questions. Read In Feed 94. Read In Feed https://www. proud of myself but still working on better version of myself Mourvi Gupta. Read In Feed 98. on the corporation. First Day:.. it devolves. Fashion designer Ahmed Dhahbi.3k Views I was meeting my crush for the first time (like a date) in a popular cafe of MG road in Bangalore.Want to learn more? Ask a Question Top Stories from Your Feed Answer written • 1h Answer written • Dec 22 Answer written • Dec 20 How does strategic management typically evolve in a corporation? What is the most sarcastic thing you are proud to have said to anyone? What's the most embarrassing thing that's happened to you in front of your crush? Sobha…2F%2Ffeed%3Furl%3D%252F%253Fdigest_story%253D3515236 04/01/16..1k Views • Upvoted by Sree Ranjani R. 90 Views It depends.. when in reality it is operational. Well meaning staff begin to claim that everything they do is "strategic" and "strategic management".quora. We used to chat and talk to phone prior to that. like Where do you live. in some corporations. Sadly. Pearson. . 14:52 Page 7 of 7 .