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Handbook for Volunteer Group Leaders

April 2016

Thank you for taking on this leadership role to organize a group of volunteers to travel to Haiti!
We greatly appreciate your commitment and the donation of your time and talents to support
our partnership with people in Haiti.
This handbook is designed to provide you with information about the logistics of organizing a
volunteer trip. Please also refer to the ‘Handbook for Travelling Volunteers’ for more details
about FEJ and about preparations for your trip. Please provide a copy of the ‘Handbook for
Travelling Volunteers’ to your group members.
If you have questions or need additional information, please call the Volunteer Coordinator,
Brian Carlson at 802-279-9303 or e-mail
FEJ and FEJ-USA - Background
Fondation Enfant Jesus (FEJ) is a Haitian non-governmental organization that operates a
primary school, orphanage, health clinic and vocational education programs. FEJ-USA (formerly
“Village of Vision for Haiti Foundation”) is an all-volunteer, non-profit US 501(c)(3) organization
based in the US which supports many of FEJ’s programs through fundraising and volunteer
Payments and travel forms and waivers are all sent to FEJ-USA. Your payments will then be
wired to FEJ in Haiti. During your stay, FEJ in Haiti provides all the on-the-ground
food/lodging/ground transportation and coordination of your daily activities.
Role of the Group Leader
As the group leader you will be the primary point of contact between the Volunteer
Coordinator and all of your team members. You may or may not want to delegate other
responsibilities, such as collecting funds and arranging flights, to others in your group; however,
it simplifies the process for you to remain the single point of contact to manage all
communication with the Volunteer Coordinator.
Below is the timeline involved with planning a successful volunteer group trip:
1. 6-12+ months in advance:
a. Identify your dates and potential projects

Youth are welcome and encouraged to join these trips. b. Recruit people with specific skills that you need to round out your team. send to: info@fej-usa. ii. iv. but any child under 14 years old must be accompanied by a parent. iii. FEJ has to work around Haitian holidays and other groups. Generally we limit group size to about 12 in order to simplify logistics both for you as the group leader and for FEJ staff. Follow this link to the calendar showing holidays and groups already scheduled. By mail: FEJ-USA 1730 South Federal Hwy. . Larger groups can occasionally be accommodated. c. (But weekend dates are a possibility if that is the best fit for your schedule).org to let him know when the funds have been sent. Follow this link for a template for an advertisement to recruit group members. What is the skill set of your group? Discuss the types of projects/training/services your group can manage and work with the Volunteer Coordinator to determine which projects are available in your timeframe. Finalize your team i. Work with the FEJ volunteer coordinator to identify travel dates that work for FEJ and your anticipated group. Flights arriving or departing Port au Prince on weekdays are ideal so FEJ staff don’t have to work on the Credit card: call or email Brian with your card information. choose ‘send money to friends/family’. You should reserve your dates with a non-refundable deposit of $100/per person payable: Payment options include: Direct bank deposit: Use your bank’s ACH transfer option to send it to the FEJ-USA CitiBank account: Routing #: 067004764 Acct: 3290148601 Paypal: from within your paypal account.i. Box 224 Delray Beach. ii. FL 33483 Please also email Brian Carlson at brian@fej-usa. depending upon the project(s) that your group will be working on. iii.

Check out www. These documents need to be emailed or mailed to the volunteer coordinator and received at least 3 months prior to your trip. so any donations of these items are much appreciated.cdc. 1-2 months in advance a. Minors traveling without their parents need a special travel form signed by their parents which can be found at this link (work in progress…). See Appendix I for more details. be sure that their check is payable to FEJ-USA or that you document cash or other donated items along with the donor’s name and and visit your doctor for advice. FEJ will provide cost estimates of the materials. Remind group members to get all immunizations and to ensure they have a valid Passport. iii. If a donor wants a tax receipt. FEJ-USA federal tax id: 20-5525662. Some items are very expensive or impossible to purchase in Haiti. iii. FEJ will need flight information – arrival date/time. (in progress…) b. Appendix II has a Fundraising template letter for your use. we need 1) a copy of their medical/dental license. 3. 2) copy of diploma (medical training). You will be flying into PAP (Port au Prince International Airport). If your group includes medical professionals. Remind your group that all Cash and In-kind Donations made to FEJ-USA are tax-deductible. Fort Lauderdale.2. Forms/Medical/Documents i. departure city. It often makes sense to meet your group in one of the cities listed above . Optional: If you would like to bring donations. airline. iv. and Montreal (YUL). Fundraising and Donations i. ii. flight number as well as date/time of departure from Haiti. 3) resume. Finalize travel plans if not already done i. ii. Here are the links to the latest lists of needs: ongoing needs. 2-6 months in advance a. Atlanta. New York (JFK). Be sure that all group members receive a copy of the ‘Handbook For Travelling Volunteers’ ii. one-time needs. 4) workplan. iii. please refer to the lists of items needed by FEJ to support their daily operations. The cost of materials for volunteer work projects are the responsibility of the volunteer groups. There are direct flights to PAP from Miami. iv. iii. have been sent to FEJ-USA no later than 30 days prior to your departure. This avoids missing your flight to Haiti due to flight delays and ensures the group arrives all together in Haiti. including waiver. Label all storage bins with contents to ensure passing through customs is quick and easy. Do not use the clear plastic ones. Medical or other professional volunteers: follow this link. send to: info@fejusa. Some groups transport their items in 18 – 20 gallon storage bins. Payment options include: i. choose ‘send money to friends/family’. Travel forms/Waivers/Documents i. before flying together on a morning flight the following day. Follow the appropriate link below for the correct form: General work groups/youth trips: follow this link. just in case someone loses their passport. and any material costs. iv. Secure tightly with duct tape. a. has been completed by all group members. At least 30 days prior to your trip.and spend the night. b. Packing a. a $100/group administrative fee. Keep a copy of every group members’ passport. They may break during transit. many airlines will not accept boxes and bins – . Box 224 Delray Beach. Note: As of July 2014. Please ensure that all payments for the group. including $70/person/night and $50/person for ground transportation. Determine room assignments and communicate this to the Volunteer coordinator. Paypal: from within your paypal account. By mail: FEJ-USA 1730 South Federal Hwy. Payments i. please ensure that the FEJ travel form. Credit card: call or email Brian with your card information. FL 33483 c. 4. Direct bank deposit: Use your bank’s ACH transfer option to send it to the FEJ-USA CitiBank account: Routing #: 067004764 Acct: 3290148601 ii. iv.

Also any photos of children should be approved by FEJ staff before posting to the internet. be prepared to tip them. Lamardelle: 10. c. If you decide to allow porters to help with your luggage. At the airport in PAP. Monetary tips are also more practical than gifts of other items. 5. Choose one person in the group to Post updates and photos of your visit on the Village of Vision for Haiti Foundation facebook page. This goes most smoothly if your group has one person who takes care of paying the tip on behalf of the entire group. Please contact Maryse Vieux at marysefvieux@fondationenfantjesus. Some groups carry extra snacks to use between meals. Orientation meeting – go over the guidelines in manual and answer questions – ideally this will be led by FEJ staff person. sure to check with your airline. d. e. just follow the signs to your . See ‘Volunteer Travel manual’ for more details. WIFI password at the guest housing in Lamardelle is: clinicadminp@$$ c. b. b. but it could be done by the group leader with an FEJ staff person present to help answer questions. Ganthier ii. please collect the tip as a group and give the tip to Maryse Vieux or Kernaline Saint Fort. Please limit the number of photos to less than 20 to avoid exceeding the broadband data use of FEJ’s wireless network. Please give a copy to the FEJ staff upon arrival (either Maryse Vieux or Kernaline St. When departing from the Port au Prince airport. They will ensure that it is equally shared among the staff. During your Stay a. The address where you will be staying is either: i. Travel Day a. Write an inventory of all donations with approximate value. b. Ti Maché Letellier Lamardelle. if your group would like to leave a or 5094658-5852 with any last minute changes in travel plans/flight delays etc. and while tips are by no means expected or required.Port-au-Prince c. The FEJ staff work hard to ensure that volunteers have an enjoyable stay. $2-3 per bag is reasonable. Thomassin 25. Kenscoff: 20 rue A Vieux. Fort) and email a copy to the FEJ-USA director Barbara Bush at bshv61@yahoo. 6. You can use that number for immigration forms on the plane. Ensure you collect all of your bags for the entire group before proceeding to Customs and meeting the FEJ driver outside of the airport. d.

 Create an effective communication strategy to use throughout your trip planning. Discuss this with the Volunteer Coordinator if you need clarification. Post photos and a trip summary on the FEJ facebook site or email to the Volunteer Coordinator. all fees can be refunded. If you have meetings in person or on the phone. Spread the word to your family and friends about the importance of the work of FEJ in the lives of the community members of Lamardelle and encourage their involvement of the work either through volunteering or financial support. Contact the Volunteer Coordinator with any suggestions for improvements. be sure to have a clear . FEJ-USA works year-round to facilitate volunteer groups. c. The Volunteer Coordinator can discuss this with you if you have questions. Some groups use regular conference calls. If you allow any porter to handle your bags or provide directions they will be expecting a tip. If you have to cancel within 30 days. Early in your planning process.airline desk. A $100 administrative fee is charged to cover the administrative costs associated with organizing and coordinating the trip. and the non-refundable fees help cover our costs in servicing your trip.  Be sure to communicate clearly with your group about the goals of your trip and expectation of group members.  Understand the big picture and how your group will be contributing to the work of FEJ. identify how you will communicate with your group to ensure that everyone gets all the information they need and that everyone has the opportunity to ask questions. After your Trip a. If FEJ requires the cancellation of a trip for any reason such as instability in Haiti. Balance due no later than 30 days prior to departure. such as the international wire transfer from FEJ-USA’s bank in the US to Haiti. But be aware that porters will try to provide directions and carry your bags. 7. Tips on How to be an Effective Group Leader Organizing a group of people to tackle a project is a rewarding endeavor and to be successful it is helpful to keep in mind a few important points. Others meet in person or use email. your fees paid can be applied to another trip within the next 12 months. Payments & Cancellation policy $100 nonrefundable deposit reserves your space. b.

Cost Spreadsheet Templates. You can also use the figures below to calculate your trip's perperson cost. include details about the intended use of these donations Total Cash donations: Minus previously sent deposit: Grand Total of Deposit: $ - . Funds MUST be RECEIVED by FEJ-USA at least 30 days prior to your departure date. Excel version is available at this link. For group leaders: This spreadsheet should accompany deposits sent to FEJUSA. In-country Fees Food&lodging ($70/person/night) Transportation ($50/person/round trip) Interpreters ($25/day/each interpreter) Total In-country Fees: $ Administrative Fees (required) Includes coordination fee and wire transfer Total Administrative Fees: $ - 100 Donations if applicable. Appendix 1.agenda to work from and to clearly summarize actions that are needed at the end of the meeting.

For group leaders: In Kind donations List to be provided to FEJ-USA within 1 week of the conclusion of your trip. Description Quantity Total: Value ($US) $ - For volunteers: Any individuals who want acknowledgement of their donations/fees paid for tax purposes should submit this information to FEJ-USA Name Mailing address Email address Trip dates Trip purpose Amount of money donated (not including fees) check # check date List of in kind donations with descriptions/amounts ($ values not .

required) .