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Civil Society in the Philippines:Struggling for Sustainability

Learning to live and work together is a huge challenge in the
new millennium which civil society organization in the Philippines have been
struggling to grapple with their own context.There are just so many issues to handle
before government,corporations,civil society organization and plain citizen can work
together to put things right.Most basic,they must first recognize that keep them
apart even as they build on those things that bind them in common.
The Philippines offers a rich contextual backdrop for
considering important regional and global issues related to civil society and
development.Emerging trends in Asia and the Pacific,to say nothing about trends
worldwide,may be read from what changes are happening in the Philippine
economy,society and politics.The use of civil society has been a subject of criticism
in some circles,academics and leftfish in particular.Academic critic points precisely
to the lack of theoritical rigor.Goal of sustainable development will be attained by
circumscribing the country’s development framework,politics and program within
the serving as guideposts.
According to Serano(Serrano,2003:1-2),the term ‘Civil Society’
entered Philippines development language in the early 1990’s,after the political
uphearal in Eastern Europe in the late 1980’s.The terms was initially equated with
Non-Governmental Oraganizations,a specific type of organization within the civil
society sector.However,after several years,the terms was used to encompass a
wider set of organization and institution wich do not belong to the stole or the
bussiness sector.
In the recent months,there has been a flury of activity of civil
society organization as the campaign for shapping the global post 2015
Development framework goes into last year.The UN General Assembly is expected
to approve in September 2015 the successor to the Millennium Development Goals
as the 15 year timetable for these goals comes to a close.Last September 34,2014,the national Civil Society Organization conference,of sustainable
development 2015 was held at the institute of social order,Ateneo de Manila
University,Quezon City.The national conference was the culmination of three
regional workshops of Civil Society Organization held in the cities of davao,Cebu,and
Quezon,in July to August 2014.At these workshops and the conference,the civil
society organization reviewed and discussed the purpose of the Sustainable
Development Goals as prepared by the open working group of the UN General
In conclusion,to sustain amuch brighter Philippines we must
have a very concrete solution to every problem,as a Filipino we must maintain Civil
Society with ease and proximity,as a student we should have a part in creating and
improving our country in many aspects:

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