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Fundacin VERA-CRUZ

Departamento de Idiomas

Ejercicios refuerzo
Fecha: __________

Alumno/a: _____________________________________________ Curso:________


1.- Completa con ENOUGH y una palabra de las que te dan:

Buses chairs girls Money salt time - work


You need a car in our village, because there arent ___________

Have you got ______________ to finish the work?
There were plenty of boys at the party, but not ___________
We couldnt sit down because there werent ______________
I wont pass the exam because I havent done ______________
Ive got just ___________ for a ticket to America.
This soup isnt very nice. Theres not ____________ in it.

2.- Pon TOO, TOO MUCH, TOO MANY segn convenga:

- _________old.
- ___________ trouble.
- _________ problems
- ___________ money.
- _________ ill.
- ___________ work.
- _________ hot.
- ___________ students.
- _________ cars.
- ___________ difficult.
3.- Traduce a espaol las siguientes oraciones:
- No puede casarse porque no es lo suficientemente viejo.
- No puede casarse porque es demasiado joven.
- A Ton le gustara comprar un coche nuevo pero no tiene suficiente dinero.
- No voy a ir de vacaciones porque no tengo demasiado dinero.
- Mara hablaba demasiado deprisa para entenderla.
4.- Completa las frases siguiendo el ejemplo que te dan:
EJEMPLO: We couldnt eat the food. It was too hot.
The food was to hot for us to eat.

I cant drink that coffee. Its too hot. This coffee is _________________________
Nobody could move the piano. It was too heavy. The piano was _____________
I cant wear this coat in winter. Its not warm enough. This coat _____________
Dont stand on that chair. Its not strong enough. That chair ________________
Two people cant sleep in this bed. Its not wide enough. This bed ____________