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Senior Souvenir Issue Watertown High School May 23, 2010

Watertown High School Says Goodbye to

By: Zohra Yaqhubi
Mr. Noftsker After 38 Years
As we say our goodbyes to the the public schools system?
departing class of 2010, the students
won’t be the only ones Watertown High A:     Well, I went to college to become an
School will be losing.  Many teachers will English teacher and I never thought about
be leaving Watertown High School, and being anything but a public school teacher. 
our very own headmaster, Mr. P. Michael I started as a substitute teacher at the East
Noftsker will be leaving after the end of Junior High (now the Brigham House).  It
this school year. was the early '70s and there were just no
jobs.  Similar to what's happening now. 
Upon walking into Mr. Noftsker’s So, I stuck to being a substitute.
office, you’re at first greeted by the
immense size of the office. When walking Q:     When did you start? And how long
in a little further, you see his hat collection have you been teaching/administrating?
in which he takes great pride, “It’s kind of
ironic isn’t it? That I collect hats in a school A:     In 1972, I was hired to teach 7th grade
that doesn’t allow them,” Mr. Noftsker English and in 1982 for a few years I taught
jokes. For his final interview, Mr. Nofstker at both Hosmer East and West Marshall. 
was more than willing to answer questions In 1983, I came up to high school English
for the school he will be departing from at teaching 9th to 12th [grades]. 
the end of this year. After many years of Mr. Noftsker making the best of his final days here at WHS.
dedicated work here, Mr. Nofstker, and the Photo By; Zohra Yaqhubi
    In 1992, I left the classroom and became
accompanying teachers leaving with him Q:    Who urged you to start your career A:    Just the people you associate with. 
housemaster until March 2004 when I
this year will be sorely missed. in teaching? Initially, I think three out of the five
became Headmaster of Watertown High.
roommates I had in college all went off to
Q:    Why did you first decide to work in
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The Little Trip WHS Robotics Shines

(to Spain) that Could in Competition
By: Awesta Yaqubi By: Dylan Lindholm
In March, the Watertown High
School robotics team, the KwarQs, went
Una photo del grupo del to the annual Boston Regional FIRST
Watertown con una de Robotics Competition. In the qualifying
matches, the KwarQs’ robot made at least
muchas copas que ha three goals in each match—in one match,
ganado a whopping eight points were scored by
the WHS team. In autonomous mode, the
REAL MADRID! robot was able to make up to two goals on
its own with help from the camera installed
by the programming and electronics sub-
teams. This year, the team made it past the The KwarQs celebrate their success.
qualifying matches to the quarter finals
On Friday, April 16, 2010, twelve “La Sagrada Familia,” (Church of the on an alliance with team 229, Division Photo by: Dan White
Watertown High School students and two Holy Family) a contemporary cathedral, by Zero, and team 2590, Nemesis. They
WHS chaperones embarked on a weeklong and shopped along “Las Ramblas” (streets played a few tough matches that included mind,” in the words of FIRST. “We hope
trip to Spain. Finally, over a year’s worth of packed with all kinds of stores ranging the unfortunate malfunction of 2590’s this brings new members next year, since
planning had come to completion as soon from outdoor markets to clothing chains robot and a human error penalty on the so many members are graduating,” says
as Iberia flight #6166 took off from Logan also found in the U.S.). Nare Gukasyan, a KwarQs team. senior Dan White. The team looks forward
in the face of volcanic ash. senior who went on the trip, is thankful that             Some physics classes from the to next year, but knows it will be difficult
While transcontinental trips have in addition to group activities “we [also] got high school came to see the matches on with a small group of returning members.
been a part of Watertown High School for a to do things on our own.” These “things” Friday. Around 80 students attended, and Senior Nare Gukasyan encourages people
while, never has one of these trips gone to included taking a ride in a cable car that many of them expressed their excitement to check out the team and join next year. “It
Europe in recent years. Last year, a group traveled along the Barcelona skies. to the team. Most didn’t know what to was one of the best experiences I’ve had,”
of fifth year Spanish students wanted a Next, the group headed, via high- expect, but found a “sporting event of the she says, “I’m going to miss it.”
change and Sr. Henry made it happen. In speed train, to Madrid, approximately 300
trying to find an agency that specializes in miles away from Barcelona. In Madrid,
educational school trips to Spain, Sr. Henry Watertown and Waltham were represented
wanted to make sure that the company was in the Royal Palace, and the Prado Art
not a scam. His search culminated with the Museum where students saw the original

Look For the

discovery of Educational Travel Alliance, paintings of works they had only seen
and the possibility of traveling abroad with in textbooks beforehand. Emily Bracket
another high school crew. Within weeks it gushed, “We got to see Las meninas,” one
was decided that Watertown would head
to Spain with a fellow “WHS” – Waltham
of the most critically acclaimed works of
art in the world. A day was also spent in
Following In
High School, that is.
The first stop on the three-city
the holy city of Toledo, a place with history
almost as shocking as was taking a tour of This Issue:
tour of Spain was Barcelona. A city very inside the actual Real Madrid stadium.
near the coast of Spain, Barcelona is In all, the trip to Spain was both
home to a variety of ancient architecture, culturally enriching and quite simply, in the * Special Senior Section dedicated to the Class of 2010
specifically works by the famous architect words of Raffi Kazanjian “a lot of fun.” Sr. * A listing of Seniors’ future plans
Antoni Gaudí. Students even managed to Henry is hoping to travel to the major cities * Features on the Valedictorian and Salutatorian
take a tour of the inside of one of the Gaudí of Southern Spain next year and is looking
houses, an unexpected treat that was not a for upcoming seniors and juniors who are * Feature on senior Maja Chelstowlska, scholarship winner
part of the formal itinerary. Additionally, interested. See him for details regarding a * Feature on athletes Steve Jewers and Kelsey Prendergast
as according to plan, the group also visited trip that should be taken advantage of.
Noftsker Retires after Lengthy Career
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be teachers.  We all supported each other.  Because it's a big job, and you can't do it
And, all the crew that came in together; Mr. alone. 
Petricone, Mr. Wittenhagen, Mr. Wilson,
Mr. Sheehan...we all started together and     And then there's the senior outings and
helped each other and stayed with each events.  I remember every year scenically.
other in the town. Those are the memories that jump out at
Q:    What will you miss the most about
Watertown High School? Q:    Least Favorite Memory?

A:     I will miss the day-to-day interaction A:    Not bad memories, just the hard parts. 
with students.  National Honor Society I think anytime you have to deal with the
Events, Honor Roll Breakfasts, the plays, budget and what classes to keep and not
Robotics Events, watching Duggan's keep.  When you make choices, you hope
classes' yo-yo's, the staff...all the things you're making the right choice.  Especially
that make high school high school.   But with the recession these past 2-3 years.  It's
definitely the kids, first and foremost. just [one of] the hard things that come with
this job.»
Q:     What is your favorite memory of
Watertown High? Q:    What's your favorite part about
working with kids?
A:    Well, the strongest memory I have Mrs. DiNardo and Mr. McDermott are all smiles with Principal Noftsker.
was when I took over from housemaster Photo by: Harrison Ford
A:    I like high school kids for their
to headmaster.  The support I got was honesty; their willingness to be open and court or the community.  All the venues our wonderful teachers and administrators
great.  People just stepped up to help me try new things and think and come together that you have all excelled at. also departing the secure brick walls of
out. Everyone (staff, students, faculty) just for common causes.  Also, I love seeing Watertown High.  Through years of fond
stepped up and asked, 'How can we help kids preform outside the classroom, in a     With the end of the 2010 school year, we memories, they have stuck with us and
you?'  different venue.  Whether it's the stage, the not only salute our seniors, but a group of in our school, their impact will forever

Fitness Center Reopens Conspiracy to Succeed

after Damaging Storm Project at WHS
By: Alex Logan By: Zohra Yaqhubi
Due to the recent torrential rain fitness center had to be moved in order to Watertown High School has “Adolescents desire few things more than
the northeast was victim to, Massachusetts dry it. begun its pilot year of a new committee; social acceptance. However, as individuals,
has experienced serious flooding, causing According to Mr. Brewer, the the Conspiracy to Succeed. A student run they have quite limited power to reset rules
a state of emergency. Streets have been teacher in charge of the fitness center after organization, their main goal as a group is by which social acceptance is granted. The
closed and some even evacuated all across school, the custodial staff moved all of to identify problem areas in the school and Conspiracy to Succeed invites students and
the state. Watertown was not hit the worst, the equipment out of the area and rolled “instead of saying what the problem is…be adults to combine their power in an effort
but did experience some flooding around up each individual rubber mat that is on the change,” said Ms. Leonard, one of the to reset the rules- both formal rules and
the town and even in the high school. the floor, and then dried each mat and the faculty administrators of the group. The informal social norms- that affect behaviors
The flooding in the high school floor itself. After that, the floor mats had committee, which is still only beginning, at school and help to determine success not
happened on the first floor, and in the locker to be placed back in the fitness center and has hopes to establish a “conspiracy- a only in school, but for a lifetime.”
room area. The locker room area had taken the equipment had to be returned. Some strategic social movement to resist and Alongside Ms. Leonard, Ms.
the biggest hit including the fitness center, students helped in the returning of the undermine social restrictions that hold Kraemer, Mr. Brewer, Mr. Buck, Ms.
which took on water even after the rain equipment for some community service. us back from becoming our best, most Hermesch, Ms. Trenholm, and Ms. Regan,
stopped. The fitness center was forced to It was a tremendous effort put successful selves both academically and the freshmen, sophomore and junior
be closed for two weeks. The drying took forth by the custodians of the school to save otherwise”. students will work towards improving
so long because all of the equipment in the the fitness center, and luckily no machines The whole idea first came to student life at WHS. Among hundreds,
suffered any damage. Watertown High after Dr. Kou++++fman the students were chosen because of their
introduced this Harvard initiative to Ms. leadership roles among friends and those
Leonard in mid-February. The main “qualities are essential if we are to promote
The Raider Times idea was to “close the [achievement] gap
between those achieving and those falling
a more positive culture of belonging and
camaraderie at Watertown High,” said the
2009-2010 Staff List behind,” said Ms. Leonard. And now, with
this new committee, “there’s a whole range
congratulations letter that each nominated
student received.
of issues we see you fixing and finding “For a long time, people (students
Editor-in-Chief: Chloe Anderson ways to change and have the opportunity and faculty) have verbalized that the school
Copy Editor: Sasha Grodsky or have a hand in helping,” she said. culture needs to change.” Ms. Leonard said,
The Conspiracy to Succeed, “Students who are not trying are the ones
News Arts & Entertainment although fluid and ever-changing, is a who are looked up to. People see potential
Kalli Fabrikarakis (Editor) Jacqueline Tresca (Editor) somewhat closed group, being that not just in our students here and we want to foster
Brian Jackson-Puglia anybody can join. All students who are that”. Among other tasks, the committee
Wajeeha Shams on the committee, which is about 20, were wants to bridge the gaps between the
nominated by both teachers and fellow students and establish a desire and pride to
Feature Vanessa Souza students for the position. A survey was be here. As Ms. Leonard said, real leaders
Zohra Yaqhubi (Editor) given out a little while ago to both students are everywhere so Student Council alone
Harrison Ford and members of the faculty. Although may not be able to provide the real voice in
Sports the questions on both altered slightly, the how things operate that the Conspiracy to
Aaron Parseghian (Editor) premises of the surveys were the same: Succeed is looking to have.
Alex Logan to understand everyone’s take on school Although still not fully defined,
Opinion culture. At the end of the survey, a question and even members are “still trying to figure
Ashley Caira (Editor) was asked for students and teachers to list out exactly what it is” junior member Tovia
Issue Freelancers the names of specific students “whom they Siegel said she still thinks it’s a “really cool
Brett McManus
Priscilla Silva believed exhibited some sort of leadership,” group of people and it could end up working
Mane Harutyunyan
Awesta Yaqubi said Ms. Leonard. The response was strong really well”. Students on this committee
and then both lists were looked at and they will have the opportunity to voice opinions
Artist tried to correlate them together. and have change. As Ms. Leonard put it,
Harvard University, which is the “Instead of us…it is going to come from
Emily Brackett original creator of this initiative, describes you.”
Dylan Lindholm the rationale for the Conspiracy, saying,

The newspaper staff welcomes freelance writers. If you

would like to work on The Raider Times, see Ms. O’Grady.
By: Mane Harutynyan
Class of 2010’s Top Two Tell All
Comfortably situated in the of humor from Mrs. Regan.” Thank God
corner of Gus’ cozy classroom during 6th for that.
period, I sat down with Timothy Moan, The obvious success of these two
valedictorian of this year’s graduating students is not just limited to academics.
senior class and runner-up, salutatorian, They have both also managed to juggle
Awesta Yaqubi to discuss their future goals community service, sports, clubs and
and reminisce about their experiences at jobs admirably. Yaqubi is an active club
WHS. These two students have plenty of member participating in the Peer Leaders
noticeable differences, but they also both Association as well as the National
share many great qualities. Perhaps the Honors Society, Cum Laude and tutoring.
key to their accomplishments lies in their In addition to this, she works several
hard work, dedication, intellectual strength days a week at Watertown Creative Start,
and willingness to challenge themselves a preschool/daycare center. She finds
to achieve the highest standards. These her part-time job most fulfilling saying,
characteristics not only make these two “through that, I realized I do have patience
students front-runners on the road to success with kids, which is something I didn’t know
but also admirable people in general. about myself.” Moan is more of the student-
It’s inspirational to other students athlete, aspiring to be a track star alongside
to hear about two of their fellow peers his academic brilliance. He runs year-round
being recognized for their unremitting and has broken records and raised the bar
years of hard work by top colleges like of expectations for next year’s team. His
Harvard University and Tufts University. name is constantly in the spotlight for his
In fact, the fall semester of 2010 will be accomplishments. Like Yaqubi, he is also
marked by Moan’s entrance to Harvard as a member of the National Honors Society
well as Yaquibi’s attendance at Tufts where and Cum Laude. In addition to this, he is
she will pursue a career in the medical a member of a cappella, which completes
field. As eager as they are to begin their the athlete-student-singer triangle. “I am
new lives in an environment completely motivated by the memory of those who
different than that of WHS, they’re not Valedictorian, Timm Moan, and Salutatorian, Awesta Yaqubi pose for their came before me and the inspiration for a
quick to leave the memories behind. photoshoot following their AP Chem exam. successful future,” Moan says. It’s exactly
Yaqubi recalls, “I’ll never forget the day Photos By: Tina Halvadjian this kind of motivation that opens the doors
Joe Piccirrilli brought his ipod and ihome to a bright future.
to bio class and started dancing around guided and instructed him for the past 4 credit past teachers for their support and The future looks anything but
Brewer. When Brewer finally noticed, he years, Mr. Wittenhagen. Yaqubi’s mood motivation in pushing them to recognize troublesome for these two. To many, it
grabbed him and kicked him out of the fades to melancholy as she thinks about their highest potentials. Yaqubi is thankful might seem like they’re perfect. And maybe
class. It was hilarious. Definitely one of everything that’s being left behind as she to Mr. Brewer whose AP Biology class was they’re close. But the truth of the matter is,
my most favorite moments.” Interestingly continues forward. “I’ll miss the people and the most challenging course she has ever it’s not about counting GPA’s down to the
enough, Moan’s experiences varied a little the teachers and just seeing the same faces taken but what also turned out to be an third decimal point or fighting for an A+ on
bit. He listed “seeing Witt in bike shorts” everyday. Some days, I certainly don’t want interesting field of study. Moan adds two your English paper, it’s about effort. Both
as one of his most memorable moments. to see any of them but I’ll miss them when more familiar names to the list, crediting agreed when saying, “Good things come
But it’s the people as well as the they’re gone. You realize that more as the Mr. Duggan and Mrs. Regan as his two from hard work; you get out of something
memories. Moan’s heart aches when he end is approaching,” she says. favorite teachers whose strict personalities what you put into it.”
thinks about leaving poor Mrs. Martha It’s clear that the past 4 years at WHS and unique teaching methods resonate best
Fitzpatrick behind as he ventures onto have been well spent and the future holds with his learning ability. Yaqubi nodded in
college. He is also somewhat more many opportunities for these two talented agreement to Moan’s statement. Moan was
appreciative of the track coach who has students. Humble as they are, they both quick to add, “I also got my sarcastic sense

Timm Talks Awesta Answers

Timm: Not being able to come Q: What would you suggest to
up with any valid answers to any students who would want to
of these questions follow in your footsteps?
Awesta: Work hard.
Q: How have you changed
since your freshman year? Q: Favorite Teacher?
Timm: I’ve grown facial hair. Awesta: Miss Kraemer
I’ve become more cynical and
sarcastic. Q: Favorite WHS memory?
Awesta: Having Señor Henry for
Q: Favorite Subject? Spanish for three years.
Timm: Calculus Q: What will you miss the
Q: What would you suggest to
Q: Favorite Lunch? most about WHS?
students who would
Q: What will you miss the Awesta: 1st Lunch Awesta: The teachers and seeing
want to follow in your
most about WHS? people who you’ve known for so
Timm: Witt Q: Most Embarrassing Moment long.
Timm: Do (your) work
at WHS?
Q: What are you looking Awesta: As a senior, still not being Q: What are you looking
Q: Favorite Teacher?
forward to most about on top of what day it is forward to most about Tufts?
Timm: Mr. Passeggio
Harvard? and walking into the wrong class Awesta: Livin’ on ma own,
Timm: Meeting new people, on a Day 3. meeting new people, and
Q: Favorite WHS memory?
Division I college track, new studying more in
Timm: Running track
subjects and going more in depth Q: How have you changed since depth about the subjects that I
about things that interest me your freshman year? enjoy.
Q: Favorite Lunch?
Timm: 2nd Lunch Awesta: I haven’t changed at all;
Q: Are you nervous to make I’m the same person. Q: Are you nervous to make
your speech? your speech?
Q: Most Embarrassing
Timm: Puhlease! Q: Favorite Subject? Awesta: Of course not!
Moment at WHS?
Awesta: Chemistry
A Junior’s Look
Into the Future
By: Sasha Grodsky
Spring break is quickly classes”. Of course, most students are not
approaching, and so it is time for the subject as sure as Jenna about what they want to
that has been lingering in every junior’s study, so there are a number of other things
mind to come to the forefront: college. to look at when deciding where to look.
Spring break of junior year is the crucial time You want to make sure that the schools you
when many students make visits to colleges are looking at match up with you and your
that they are interested in applying to. personality, in order to avoid wasting time.
Some students, like senior Christa Next, it is important to decide
Caira, already knows what school they where you want to look. Do you want to
want to attend, although some, like Caira live at home or across the country? Would
do have a few things they look for to make you like to be close enough to come home There are helpful information boards outside of the Guidance Office.
sure they are going to the right school. for the weekend or for the afternoon? Photo By: Zohra Yaqhubi
Caira says she “wanted to make sure that Knowing the geography of your ideal
they had an active community of clubs”. school can help you narrow down your list.
But most students are not as sure as Christa Size can also be a factor,

Feature on Ms. O’Grady

about where they want to go, and so there although it does not matter to everyone;
are a number of things that a junior looking for some people, a large school with
a perspective colleges needs to consider. more options and where they can take
It is easy to just look through classes with many different people is By: Zohra Yaqhubi
letters and emails from colleges, but what ideal. Others prefer a smaller, more
do these really tell you? Most schools intimate school, where they can get to Watertown High School is a but for the good laughs and stories you’ll
look very similar on paper, so to get an know their professors and campus better. school filled with many talented students get out of it. Whether she’s telling you
idea of what school is right for you, it is Once these factors have been and teachers. Forming a relationship of about the time she catered for the Rolling
helpful to make visits to a number of them. determined, a list of schools that will be coexistence, both faculty members as Stones, the whale watching field trip that
But what schools should you right for you won’t be that hard to compile. well as the students bring different traits she got violently seasick on, or showing
look at? First, it is a good idea to make There are also a couple of websites and specialties to the school. One of you pictures of her sweet little nieces, Ms.
a list of your interests, both academic that can help you find schools, such as those teachers is Ms. O’Grady. A former O’Grady never provides a dull moment.
and extracurricular. Some students, like, and naviance. Watertown High Student herself, Ms. She makes it clear, however, that
sophomore Jenna Caskie, have an area of Once you have your list, it is time O’Grady says that she “just loved literature she enjoys the students’ presence in her
interest that they intend to pursue, and which to start thinking about questions to ask and talking about books and writing about life as much as they enjoy hers saying,
is a deciding factor for them in choosing a about your chosen schools. Having an idea books and I wanted to continue that.” “Students always have an interesting
school. Caskie says, “I would really like of what you are looking for and what you She fulfilled this goal after obtaining perspective on things…High school is such
to pursue an acting career, so the school want to know ahead of time can be helpful, her Bachelor’s Degree from Emmanuel an important time in people’s lives and by
I choose would have to have good acting so making a list before you go is a good idea. College and her Master’s Degree from teaching in a high school, in a small way, I
Simmons College. get to share that experience.”
Although very independent and Ms. O’Grady is a teacher of many

Formal Fashions
By: Vanessa Souza
successful in her position as a teacher today,
Ms. O’Grady didn’t always know that she
wanted to become a teacher. It wasn’t
skills and says she hopes to expand upon
those, “I’d like to go back to school and
maybe work towards an administrative
until she was in college when she decided. role.” However, she’s in no rush to leave
What is Prom? Prom is an the higher the waist line, the longer your “When I was in college I decided I wanted the same classroom in which she learned
elaborate event that takes time, preparation legs look. If you are curvy, choose dresses to be a teacher and I started thinking back junior English herself saying, “right now, I
and excitement. Getting ready for both that flow away from the body making it look on my experiences as a student taking enjoy the day to day teaching with kids”.
Prom and Junior Cruise is a hard thing to suave. If you are bigger on the top, wear English classes and what types of things Scrabble obsessed, beach crazy,
do. It is probably the last time you’ll see dresses that are more supportive and don’t I liked about my English classes and my and an avid news junkie, Ms. O’Grady
your friends, and it’s the last night together go for a deep v-cut. The most important English teachers. Essentially, I modeled is well deserving of The Raiders Times
with your high school group. It’s also an thing to remember when choosing a dress myself after the teachers I had.” Feature Teacher position. She brings to
enjoyable time where memories will never is fit. If a dress does not fit properly it will Ms. O’Grady is full of stories and the classroom what is almost a near perfect
be forgotten. ruin your moment to shine and impress. humor and most, if not all her students balance between fun and charismatic
During Prom and Junior Cruise, kids This year at Watertown High School would recommend having her as a teacher, teaching. She’s an exceptional character
often spends lots of money renting out girls are going for floral dresses. Having whether in English, Journalism, or the and never misses a beat and for that, her
limos. Girls waste tons of money for a bright colors and flashes of white, after-school Yearbook Committee, if not selection as Feature Teacher is a perfect
one night thing, but one night that will be most dresses are very spring related. just for the great learning experience, fit!
remembered for a life time. Girls have to Brianna Natale, a junior at WHS,
pay for their ticket, the pictures, her seat in and Priscila Silva, a senior, says this
the limo etc. Due to all of the preparation about their junior cruise and prom:
that takes place to get ready for prom, the VS: What does prom mean to you?
attendees usually start several months in BN: I think that Cruise is important because
advance, whether to pick out what they it is something fun that our grade can do
will be wearing or to find a suitable date. together after a hard/ difficult year in school.
During prom girls tend to be stressed PS: Prom is basically one of those
out about what they are going to wear, nights that you’ll remember forever.
including hairstyle, nails and dates. They If your planning on not going than
spend months thinking about who they you better have an excellent excuse.
will be bringing to prom or junior cruise. VS: What are you planning on wearing?
However the dress is what really matters. BN: I’m planning on wearing a very
Thing to consider when purchasing a dress bright colored dress and high heels.
is color, shape, and style. The choice is I’m going to bring flip flops with
made on best fitting and being comfortable. me just in case my feet start to hurt.
Junior Cruise dresses are very PS: I’m thinking about a long
short, and fun and flirty. Junior cruise is floral- patterned dress with high
not formal like prom and you don’t have waist and is not that expensive.
to go all out. Senior prom on the other As you can see if you’re planning Ms. O’Grady at the 2009 Junior Cruise with Kelsey Prendergast and Chloe
hand, requires more effort and elegance. on attending a dance, you can’t go wrong Anderson
If you are thinking about a floor length with a bright colored dress. Remember Photo By: Harrison Ford
gown for a prom save it for senior year. that it’s a one night thing, so think twice
There are different dresses for before not attending. And have fun.
every body type. If you are petite, go short,
By: Wajeeha Shams
Spring Is Here...Finally
Spring. Just by hearing this word it before winter comes once again. Spring
makes us think of beautiful colorful flowers, break is the time to leave the house and
green grass and the fresh breeze. Spring is do something fun,. Mairian Santana said
a beautiful season and it balances out the her favorite thing to do during the spring
winter and summer. Though spring is here vacations is, “Spend time with family
in March and April we have had only a few and friends.” “ I like to hangout with my
days of spring in Watertown because of friends and once in a while take a walk by
the non-stop rain and the cloudy weather. the Charles River,” said Golshan Zaheri.
Spring is the best season to go out for a We should take some time off from
long walk and admire the beauty of nature. our busy lives and do something fun in
It is also the best time to grow flowers and Spring, like go hiking, play soccer and
even fresh vegetables in your backyard; even paint. After the gloomy rainy days
cook fresh meals, and eat lots of salads. we have had, the sunny weather cheers
Spring in the best time to exercise us up. With this season we should start
and go to the park, instead of just sitting to wear more fresh colors and leave
at home all day and complaining “I’m the grays and blacks for the winter.
Bored” or spending the whole day on the Spending time with family and
computer, or playing video games. This friends is very important, a lot of people
is why this beautiful season should not be like to get together and have barbeques
missed and we should enjoy it with our and play games outside. Spring should
family and friends. It is definitely time to be enjoyed to the fullest because it is
Sophomores Hannah Helfner, Kayla Costa and Greg Rolicheck enjoying the nice get those bicycles out and enjoy the weather one thing we regret during the winters.
spring weather out in the courtyard garden.
Photo by: Zohra Yaqubi

Times Writer Attends Genocide Conference

By: Mane Harutynyan
The word genocide is not the deaths of approximately 1.5 million States, powerful Armenian communities are angry people would not die down. People
meant to be taken lightly. Contrary to Armenians. working alongside sponsors and political want their stories told.
common belief, it cannot just simply be Many documentary films have figures who are pressing for Congress to Every year, the Armenian
used interchangeably with “murder.” been made in commemoration of the condemn the Armenian Genocide. Turkey, community holds a conference in Times
When Raphael Lemkin coined the term Armenian Genocide, but recognition in being deemed as the prosecutor country, Square on April 24th. People rally together
“genocide,” he was investigating something the arts department is not nearly enough. does not want to admit to the genocide to hear speeches of encouragement made
beyond a murder case. A genocide is the Now that it has been nearly a century since and instead responds with angry threats. by supporters of the Armenian people who
attempt of an aggressor to eliminate an the events of the genocide took place, first- In previous years, the Bush administration are striving to get this genocide recognized.
entire group of people by accounts of brutal hand survivors are dying and their first- recognized Turkey as an ally and pressed Year after year, we stray further from the
massacres. This past April 24th marked the hand accounts of the events that took place for the bill (confessing to the genocide) to date of the actual genocide but history can
95th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide are limited. Still, history cannot be swept be withdrawn. Though the government was never be erased.
that took place from 1915-1917 and saw under a rug and forgotten. In the United successful in their pursuit, the population of

Lony Salon
Nails & Skincare
Prom Special
Artificial Nails.............................................................................$35
Pre-Prom Makeup........................................................................$10

315 Main Street, Watertown

WHS Class of 2010
Abbas, Majed - Boston University Faherty, Keith - Framingham State College
Abdalian, Talar -MCPHS Faisal, Shah - Mass Bay
Akian,, Alexander - undecided Figuero, Joel - working
Al-Najjar, Rana - Mass Bay Community College Figuero, Victoria - UMASS Boston
Alberto, Karen -Everest Institute Fitts-Sprague, Charlotte - Roger Williams University
Alhady, Ali - Wentworth Institute of Technology Ford, Harrison - Lesley College
Alhady, Julie -MCPHS Frankel, Nicholas - University of South Florida
Ali Hassan, Khaled - American University of Beirut Galili, Amory-Middlesex Community College
Ambila, Michelle -Lasall Gallella, Leann - Framingham State College
Anderson, Chloe -Suffolk University Galouzis, Ioannis- undecided
Arslanian, Alex -UTI Gibbons, Clara - University of Chicago
Balley, Caroline - Middlesex Community College Grigoryan, Adelina - undecided
Barba, Timothy - Stonehill College Grimes, Connor - UMass Lowell
Barbato, Jara - Nichols College Grizey, Allison - working
Barker, Stephanie- UMass Dartmouth Groth, Kimberly - UMass Amherst
Barrios, Maxine -undecided Gukasyan, Nare - George Washington University
Barry, Alyssa - NEOSP Hagopian, Cesar - Wentworth Institute of Technology
Bazarian, Alina - Skidmore College Hamad, Aous - UMass Amherst
Bianchi, Maria-Framingham State Hayes, Katherine - Worcester State
Biemba, Elizabeth -University of Zambia Hecht, Evan -Middleburry College
Bowler, Sean - Westfeild State College Hogan, Claudine - Middlesex Community College
Boyajian, Luke - Colby- Sawyer College Hogan, Shannon - UMass Amherst
Brackett, Emily - Umass Amherst Holmes, Teresa - Fitchburg State College
Breen, Ellen -Boston College Inferrera, Julian - UMass Lowell
Brennan, Richard - undecided Irqsusi, Deena - UMass Boston
Brown, Janine -Rivier College Jamsakian, Nersis -Suffolk University
Cafua, Edward - Nichols College Jewers, Dustin - Middlesex Community College
Caira, Christa -Bridgewater State College Jewers, Steven - UMass Amherst
Calderon, Alex - Mount Ida College Jirichian, Michael - undecided
Cappellucci, Maria - UMass Dartmouth Kadlik, Cory - undecided
Cardona, Elvyn - Undecided Kalpakidis, Vivien - Medford School of Pet Grooming
Carvalho, Camila-Undecided Kaur, Amanpreet - Bridgewater State College
Centeno, Morris - Mass Maritime Academy Kazanjian, Raffi - Boston University
Chelstowska, Maja - University of Washington Keshishyan, Hagop - Wentworth Institute of Technology
Chiloyan, Varant - Boston University Keuchkarian, Alexis - Framingham State College
Choy, Kathy - UMass Amherst Khan, Fayaz - undecided
Coronado, Jonathan - Undecided Khan, Naila -undecided
DíAmico, Micheal - Salem State College Kimera, Gloria - Rivier College
DePaolis Mia - Emmanuel College King Alecsander - Boston Architectural School
Dixon, Kevin - Northeastern University Koot-Bascomb, Adam - Syracuse
Donnell, Brian-Wentworth Institute of Technology Kovbasyuk, Vladislava - Newbury College
Donovan, Ryan - Dean College Kuo, Brendan - UMass Amherst
Dornevil, Sancheska - Union College Kuwahara, Kazuka - MASS Art
Dupuis, Brian - UMass Lowell Lagene, Moise - Framingham State College

The Watertown High School Experience

By: Dylan Lindholm
Seniors’ Next Steps
Lepera, Joseph - Holy Cross Pirzada, Tauseef - USMC
Lindholm, Dylan - St. Anselm Prendergast, Kelsey - Providence
Logue, Amanda -UMass Lowell Rehman, Muhammad - UMass Boston
Lopez, Alexis - Valencia Community College Revolrio, Christian - Middlesex Community College
Louie, Yvonne - MCPHS Reyes, Diane -undecided
Lytvyenko, Olena - Middlesex Community College Rogers, Brianna - Bay State College
MacLellan, Taylor - Westfeild State College Romero, Ruben - undecided
Macri, Erin - UMass Amherst Rourke, Samantha - UNH
McDermott, Christopher - Assumption College Roussel, Carly - Bringham Young University
McElroy, Luke - Nichols College Sacchetti, Jennifer - Fisher College
McGoldrick, Shawna - UNH Sahakyan , Stepan - Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology
McGrath, Daniel - Bentley University Sangadej, Vorakij - Johnson and Whales College
McPherson, Joshua -Suffolk University Santiago, Dianne - undecided
Mele, Michael - Westfeild State College Schiano, Salvatore - UMass Lowell
Meletiadis, Harry - Northeastern University Schultz, Katelynn - working
Metrano-Pagan, Christopher - Mass Bay Community College Shams, Wajeeha - UMass Boston
Moan, Timothy -Harvard University Sheehan, Robert - Lyndon State College
Monroe, Khalik - Undecided Sideris, Emily- University of Florida
Morad, Emily - Champlain College Silva, Priscila - undecided
Moon, Jessica - working Sinaci, Serdar - Lasell College
Moran, Shannon -UMass Lowell Singh, Kuljit - MCPHS
Morgan, Andre -Miami Day College Smart, Anthony - Moving to California
Moroso, Regina - UMass Amherst Solaimani, Erik - undecided
Moushigian, Ani - Mt. Ida College Stafford, Scott - Framingham State College
Moynihan, Tyler - UMass Lowell Stark, Jeremy - UCONN
Mukasa, Arnold - UMass Dartmouth Stinehart, Kristopher - Brandeis University
Nalchadjian, Gayanee - Middlesex Community College Sukiasyan, Mariam - UMass Amherst
Naranjo, Ivanna - Regis College Szubzda, Ken - U. CAL Berkley
Oíbrien, Kevin -Bridgewater State College Tradiff, Matthew - Stonehill College
OíLaughlin, Kevin - UMass Lowell Taufiq, Ciera - ST. Thomas University
Obi-Tabot, Brittany - Fairfeild University Taylor, Jennifer - UNH
Obyat, Abdelrahman - Undecided Tlisov, Shamil - undecided
Oines, Asa -MIT Vincuilla, Danielle - Westfield State College
Pacious, Alexander - working Wahab, Zeeshan - UMass Boston
Pankovskiy, Artemiy - UMass Amherst Walker, Valerie - Salve Regina College
Papageorgiou, Konstandina - White, Daniel - undecided
Petrychova, Karina - UMass Lowell Wilson-Braun, Nathan - UMass Lowell
Pham, Amanda - Bridgewater State College Woodland , David - Framingham State College
Pham, Don - Nichols College Xu, Ke - undecided
Phan, Lan -Suffolk University Yakuze, Eric - undecided
Phu, Kevin - US Navy Yaqubi, Awesta - Tufts University
Piccirilli, Joseph - Syracuse University Yucel, Hafsa - UMASS Amherst
Pierre, Farah - Massasoit Community College

Senior Interviews
1. What is your favorite memory at WHS?
2. What is your least favorite memory?
3. Who is your favorite teacher and what is your favorite class?
4. Do you have any advice for under classmen?
5. Where will you be in 5 years..?
Mia DePaolis Valerie Walker
1. Bonaire! 1. My favorite memory is sitting
2. STP on the stoop in the front of the high
3. My favorite teacher is Ms. school with Derm, Ty and Tim and
Regan . She helped me with ev- also going to the store.
erything throughout all my years 2. work!
of high school, and my favorite 3. My favorite teacher is Mr. Buck
class is Astronomy because it is so because he is a generous, caring,
interesting. wonderful man! My favorite class
4. Don’t procrastinate especially is 5th period study.
with STP 4. Have fun your senior year!
5. Teaching or going to grad school 5. Living in Nicaragua.
SEN10R Events
in Full Swing
By: Chloe Anderson

We offer:
1-week classroom sessions
Saturday classes
Stick-shift driving lessons
Driver Attitudinal Retraining Course The roaring Senior Raider banner at the Pep Rally last November.

24/7 online scheduling Photo by: Harrison Ford

Road Test Sponsorship As senioritis kicks into full

swing and the seniors are anxiously
boats, play volleyball and even cook out.
            The next day, June 2nd it is a big

IEP Accomodations awaiting their last day at WHS and a fresh

new start in college, the senior events
night for all the seniors. Prom! Girls wait
all year for their senior prom. It’s the
are on their way. From the first step into night they can finally wear their dress
WHS, a freshmen can’t wait until their they bought months ago. Even guys get
senior year. Being a senior comes with excited to put their tuxes on. This year’s
numerous perks. One of the biggest perks senior prom will be held at Danvers port
and the most exciting are the end of the yacht club from 7-11. Prom will be a
year events. As students are beginning night for seniors to always remember.
to decide what colleges they will be             Then comes the biggest day of
all, June 4th: Graduation. This is the day

Patriot’s Place:
attending in the fall and are passing in
scholarship applications, all the stressful the seniors have been counting down to.
stuff is almost over then, comes the fun. All four years of their high school career
            On June 1st there are two will finally pay off. Seniors will finally

A Place to See
events in one day. First in the morning get to receive their WHS diploma. After
the students will cover “destined for graduation the seniors will head back to
greatness made to shine class of 2009” the high school at 10 for the all night party.
with their own saying. The wall painting The past years the all night party has been a
By Aaron Parseghian
is a tradition at WHS, and is always fun. huge success and a lot of fun. At the all night
a dangerous mission to keep precious The students get to paint their names party there will be a hypnotist, moonwalks,
military secrets from getting into the and end painting each other. After the photo booths and other really cool things.
wrong hands. Working in teams, guests wall painting that afternoon the seniors             Once that week is over the seniors
will infiltrate, investigate and unravel the will meet at WHS and board onto the will officially be done with their WHS
plot. 20,000 LEAGUES will reveal that school buses to travel to Kimball’s careers. They would have completed their
Captain Nemo and his incredible Nautilus Farm. At Kimball’s, there is so much for four years with community service and all
may be more than science fiction. Guests them to do. They can mini golf, bumper their credits and also all their senior events.
will explore the depths of the sea, solving Then they can finally say, WE DID IT!
deadly puzzles and defeating both man and
beast to uncover the truth.”
The other popular attraction is the
One tourist attraction that is often Patriots’ Hall of Fame, which has almost

overlooked is Patriots Place in Foxboro. every piece of history that is related to
Built in 2007, the open-air shopping center the New England football team, and other
is based around Gillette Stadium, the home great artifacts. The hall is considered one

of The New England Patriots. of the first modern museums, as there are a
As you walk through the parking lot of interactive features to the hall.
lot and into the “place” it almost feels like If you are planning on staying the
the excitement of an amusement park. The night at the four-star hotel, getting a bite to
entrance features many fun things to do,
including some carnival type sports-related
eat at the famous CBS Scene restaurant, or
just to check out a sporting event of your Ice Cream Social - May 27
games. The first thing you notice, however, choice, be sure to check out all of what
is the bridge and light-house, both parts of
the stadium that looks like a monstrosity at
Patriot Place has to offer. You won’t be
Awards Night - May 27
first glance. Making your way through the
1.3 million foot area around the stadium, Yearbook Breakfast - May 28
Victory Wall Painting - June 1
you will notice many marquis stores, such
as Bass Pro Shops featuring an enormous
fish tank for demonstrations, Godiva
Chocolate, and popular clothing stores.
Two of the more popular
Kimball’s Farm - June 1
entertainment choices for guests, are
the 5wits interactive entertainment Senior Prom - June 2
experiences. These attractions include
two storylines, “Espionage, and 20,000
leagues,” the company website describes
Graduation - June 4
as “ESPIONAGE will challenge guests
to play the role of international secret All-Night Party - June 4-5
agent. They will be tasked with completing
Arts & Entertainment
Soundtrack to your Summer
By: Priscilla Silva
    Ready, set, party like a rockstar. 14th. The next performer doesn’t even need summer on the 8th. Finally, one of the This year, some of the bands touring will
Summer is just around the corner, and an introduction and I’m sure you probably year’s newest artists that is stealing young be: Alkaline Trio, Alesana, Attack Attack,
during these amazingly steamy days, know about this by now. But just in case girls’ hearts all over the globe. Justin Bring Me the Horizon, Dropkick Murphys,
some of the year’s best concerts will be you have no idea what I’m talking about, a Beiber will drop by on September 1st. But Hey Monday, Mayday Parade, Motion City
performed. I did my research just for you little monster informed me that Lady Gaga to see this cutie, you will have to travel Soundtrack, Sum 41, The All-American
and dug up the best shows during the will be back on July 1st to turn your world a little to Manchester, New Hampshire, Rejects (it’s been a while...), The Pretty
vacation, to keep you singing all summer upside down. Luckily, the tickets haven’t which sounds like a reasonable sacrifice. Reckless (little J from Gossip Girl’s actual
long. This year, many talented artists from sold out, yet. So if you find yourself singing     For those in this school who enjoy band), and We the Kings. Yeah, I advise
diverse genres of music are going to be in the halls “rara-ra-ah-ah. roma-romama. some country (and I KNOW that there you to get tickets, because I know I will.
making a pit stop in Boston (or nearby). gaga-ooh lala,”...then you should probably are a handful that do), Taylor Swift will Then on July 28th, Paramore graces us with
    If you’re into pop, hip hop, and the Top buy a ticket and get it out of your system. make a sweet appearance on June 5th and their presence and rocking songs. Finally,
40, you will be pleased to know that some     If you’re like me and enjoy listening to Tim McGraw will swing by on July 17th. Green Day passes by on August 16th to
great shows are headed your way. First some good acoustics in the summertime,     And now (this is my favorite part), we serenade us with their powerful ballads.
up on the schedule is the ever-so-famous you won’t want to miss Jack Johnson, move on to the crazy world of alternative        If you just read all this, you clearly
“Summer Jam” happening June 5th. The coming to Mansfield on July 10th. Moving rock (yay!). The Bamboozle Roadshow can see that this summer will have some of
lineup includes Drake (better known as on to August, the month kicks off with the kick things off on June 27th featuring the best concerts that have hit this side of
Jimmy from Degrassi!), Ludacris, Trey Black Eyed Peas with their E.N.D. world amazing acts such as: All Time Low, Boys the east in a while. Hopefully you will take
Songz, B.O.B.,  Kevin Rudolf, and much tour on the 3rd. A couple of days later, Like Girls, LMFAO, Third Eye Blind, advantage of this and stock up on tickets
more. Prices range from $42-$402, so you things calm down a bit with the adorable Good Charlotte, Cartel, Forever the Sickest for these shows. Because for sure, the
better act fast to get those VIP tickets. John Mayer, on the 6th. But only two days Kids, Hellogoodbye, Simple Plan, and summer of 2010 will hand you one lovely
Next on the agenda is Daughtry, with later, things pick up again when Rihanna many more. Next on the list we encounter soundtrack.
special guest Lifehouse, playing on June and Kei$ha combine forces to rock your the legendary Warped Tour on July 13th.

Top Beach
By: Ashley Caira
When you walk down a beach
during a hot summer day, you cannot help
but notice the rows of people laying on
brightly colored beach chairs and towels.
Some may be sleeping, slowly turning
lobster red, or others may have umbrellas,
blocking them from the hot, summer sun.
You also seem to notice that there are a few
people with books in their hands.
On a perfect beach day, some
junior girls explained what their “top
beach book” would be. Isilay Yalcin enjoys
reading the book, A Walk To Remember,
by Nicholas Sparks while lounging on the
beach. The story is about a bad boy named
Landon Carter and a small town minister’s
daughter, Jamie Sullivan. Jamie teaches
Landon that although she stands out from
the crowd, she is still special in her own
way. Shortly after he finally realizes that
the one girl he never thought he could love,
he truly falls for, and hard. “I like reading
high school romances, it was a sad book
but at the same time made you smile.”
Isilay explained.
Mary Izzo enjoyed the book,
The Summer I Turned Pretty, by Jenny
Han. The story revolves around a young
girl named Belly. Her whole life revolves
around the summers at her beach house;
the winter is just not as amazing to her. At
the beach house Belly discovers love and
also that change is not always a bad thing.
Throughout the book, the reader watches
Belly grow up and discover things for the
first time all within those three months of
Kalli Frabrikarakis enjoys lying
on a beach towel and reading the book, The
Truth About Forever, by Sarah Dessen. It is
about a sixteen year old, Macy Queen who
thinks that she is going to spend her summer
buried in SAT books when she ends up stuck
helping her mom with her catering service.
There she learns life lessons and realizes it
is good to be different. With her boyfriend
gone, she unexpectedly meets Wes. From
there on, her world changes and she begins
to grow up. ‘It was relaxing to just lounge
on the beach and read it,” explained Kalli.
So as you bake on the beach this summer,
try one of these interesting books to keep
you entertained.
Battle of the Bands Rocks Watertown High
By: Alex Logan
As I walked into the auditorium Snapple Facts, the only all underclassmen provided backup vocals. It was an amazingplayed “Devil Went Down to Georgia” by
about a half an hour before show time, all band to perform that night. The band is sight. Charlie Daniels. Replacing the fiddle as the
I could hear was the disharmonious sounds made up of Jack Brackett on the bass, Tim The next performance was by main instrument with a cello has probably
of the instruments as the performers went Geagan on drums, and Sean McCusker on Garage Band which includes Majed Abbas never been done before, but it worked.
through sound check. As time went on and lead vocals and guitar. Their set featured on lead vocals, Matt Tardiff on keyboard, Next up was Westphal which
as sound check ended, people slowly filled a few songs that they wrote themselves Dan McGrath on guitar, Kevin O’laughlin consists of Jeremy Stark as lead vocals
the seats with anticipation until finally the including a song called “Sacrifice,” where on drums, and Adam Koot-Bascomb on the and Alex Akian, the only two person
lights dimmed and everyone cheered when P.J. Phinney rapped his own rap as Snapple band to perform that night and they did a
cello. The cello brought a new element into
Joe Lepera took the stage to introduce the Facts provided him with a beat and Sean the competition especially when the band spectacular job. When they played “The
first band. Way She Loves Me,” by Tonic, they brought
The first band to perform was Mr. Cooke on stage to backup Jeremy’s
Tap Water. The band consists of Natalie vocals and guitar. The last band to come
Singer on lead vocals, Simone Bailey on on stage was the Faculty Band. The band
keyboard, Kevin O’Laughlin on lead guitar, consisted of Mr. DeMaio on drums, Mr.
Alex Bailey on bass, and James Dunoyer Wulf on keyboard, Mr. Luciano on guitar,
on drums. Their set included a variety of and Mr. Ciaramentaro on the bass. For their
different songs including “One Day” by first song they brought up Mr. Cooke for
the rapper Matisyahu. They performed lead vocals. For the last song they played
very well and the audience cheered as Joe they brought up Westphal to play “Semi-
introduced Sasha’s band. Charmed Life” by Third Eye Blind.
The first song Sasha’s band After the set it was announced that
preformed featured Evan Hecht as the people had 15 more minutes to vote for
lead vocals and Julian Inferrera as backup the band they wanted to win and everyone
vocals, Sasha Zuker on guitar, and James filed out of the auditorium to cast their
Dunoyer on drums. The rest of the set votes. About a half an hour later people
only had James and Sasha, who took over were eagerly waiting to hear the results of
as lead vocals and continued to shred the contest when Joe Lepera took the stage
on guitar. The sound of the guitar over- once more to announce that Tap Water had
powered Sasha’s voice but the guitar was Tap Water performs live on stage at the recent Battle of the Bands. taken third, Westphall came in second, and
so amazing it didn’t even matter because Photo by: Alex Logan the first place winner was Garage Band,
that’s all you wanted to listen to. who took the stage to play one more time
The next band that came on was and conclude the evening.

The big winner of the night: GARAGE BAND

Left to Right: Adam Koot-Bascomb plays the cello; Koot-Bascomb, Matthew Tardiff, Jeremy Stark, and Majed Abbas rock; Natalie Singer and Kevin O’Laughlin during a duet.
Photos by: Mr. Cooke

Top HS Movies
By: Kalli Fabrikarakis
Thinking back to every classic story of teen pregnancy, love, and the
movie of the past, the list could go on and on peer pressure that’s evident in all high
of some of the most classic and famous high schools. Junior Jacqui Tresca shares, “I
school based movies. At the top of the list love the music, the setting and the cast.
come some well-known titles such as She’s It is my favorite movie because the songs
All That, The Breakfast Club, and Pretty are catchy and the plot is very relatable for
In Pink. Although some of these films are high school students.”
well past their prime, and although some However, with a survey taken
of these movies were most likely released within the halls of WHS, there was no
and watched when our parents were young match for The Breakfast Club, probably the
teens, these classic movies continue to be best high school movie of all time. The plot
remembered and loved because they are unfolds the story of a Saturday detention
based on the ideal story line of the known and five very unhappy teens who all display
high school life. the different aspects to stereotypes given in
All of these films share the basis high school. Each teen tries to prove that
of appealing to all generations because they are more than what they appear to
they reach out to the fact that everyone has be; A brainiac, an athlete, a “basket case”,
either experienced or will experience the a criminal, and the overall pretty and
drama that occurs inside the brick walls popular “princess”. In the end, we all learn
of a high school. These films appeal to the a very important lesson, quoted from The
audience who has most likely dealt with Breakfast Club itself, “You learn maybe
either the cattiness of girls or the affection we’re more alike than we realize, and that’s
of boys. These movies are about being kind of cool.” Something that was meant to
able to relive the worst teenage traumas, be an average Saturday morning detention
from classrooms and detention to student session, ended up to be a lot more when
council and senior prom. these five teenagers bypass the stereotypes
High school revolves around the of high school, and in the end come together
need to be perfect, to make friendships, to realize that regardless, in the end, we’re
to create your individuality. Grease, still all just teenagers, and may actually share
one of the top-grossing film musicals ever more in common than expected.
filmed, is a perfect example of a classic
high school movie. Beneath the musical
soundtrack of the film comes the plotting
The Classic Thriller: The Classic Romance:
Jaws The Last Song
By: Mane Harutyunyan
By: Harrison Ford
Jaws is a thriller movie directed attack is bound to happen, but the slow The name Nicholas Sparks is for their on-set chemistry because it helped
by Steven Spielberg that was released in pace prolongs the anticipation so much that one of great hype among teenagers. Girls make the movie seem more realistic and
1975. The plot is centered around a small it drives the viewer crazy. immediately conjure up images of “The romantic. This might also be because they
tourist town in Martha’s Vineyard that has The actors did a fine job of Notebook,” arguably one of the best are actually a couple in real-life, but either
recently suffered shark attacks and has portraying crusty sea-faring men, although romantic movies of all time featuring the way, they were well cast.
reached a state of panic. While the elected none of them underwent a truly dramatic perfect couple, Allie and Noah, while guys Most have difficulty identifying
officials of the town fear that shutting down transformation in order to play their roles. tend to cast him aside as a “feministic” Miley Cyrus as anything other than
the beaches during summer will drastically The contrast between the three of them, writer. Whether he’s liked or not, he is the glammed-up, glittery character of
reduce tourism and revenue, the innocent however, is very amusing. Salty sailor Quint well known among movie goers and eager Hannah Montana. Her songs are famous
citizens of the town are afraid for their lives adds rugged flavor to a crew that includes readers. On March 31, The Last Song among younger generations for their up-
and the lives of their children, many of sarcastic and cynical Hooper and geeky, was released to theaters everywhere with beat rhythms and encouraging messages
whom frequent the beaches and are subject skittish Brody. The three offer plenty of a script written by Nicholas Sparks. One whereas they are faced with constant
to sudden shark attacks when swimming. banter which eases the underlying tension of the scriptwriter’s requests was to cast criticism from most of the older teenage
Fed up with the lack of a plan of action by of the film. The supporting characters, such Miley Cyrus as the lead role of Ronnie population. Miley has her own soundtrack
the town, local police chief Martin Brody as the mayor and the worried townspeople Miller, a seventeen-year-old rebellious for this movie, which partly contributes to
(Roy Scheider) decides to set out on a boat create an atmosphere of an authentic town girl sent to live with her father on Tybee people’s negative attitudes prior to seeing
with a crew made up of shark hunter Quint in the midst of a crisis. The film is also Island in Georgia during the summer. the movie. However, Cryus surprises
(Robert Shaw) and ichthyologist Matt effective in creating images that will freeze Troubled over the divorce of her parents, everyone by straying from her standard
Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) and kill the in the viewer’s mind, such as a blood- Ronnie’s personality is characterized Hannah Montana songs to more serious
gigantic shark that has been terrorizing the soaked pool float washing ashore and the by carelessness, alienation and bitter and touching ones like “When I look at
waters of Martha’s Vineyard. dangerous shark swimming right beneath resentment. Struggling to make it through you” which flows in nicely with the theme
The film was both funny and unsuspecting bathers. her stay with her dad, Ronnie immediately of the movie and shows her true potential
serious, usually peppering dramatic scenes Overall, Jaws managed to keep my hates the crowd of people there and has no for becoming a serious singer/songwriter.
such as those involving shark attacks with interest from beginning to end. I wanted to luck in fitting in or making friends. That The movie received generally
little jokes or humorous quotes. Though keep watching to find out about the shark all changes when she stumbles into Will low reviews from critics who were bored
the films special effects seem primitive for and how the three men would fight it. The Blakelee, played by Liam Hemsworth. with the entire “teenage love” storyline
today’s standards, the mechanical shark film is also fascinating because it plays off From there on, the storyline follows the and judgmental of Cyrus’ ability to play
that plays Jaws is crafted beautifully and of the fear that every beach-goer has of two characters as they fall in love and are a serious role. There were mixed feelings
can still frighten the viewer…if only for a swimming in shark-infested waters. The confronted by challenges that put a strain among fans ranging from hating the
second before they realize it’s totally fake. premise of the film is just realistic enough on their relationship. movie to loving it. I, personally, thought
The infamous theme music also adds to the to engage the viewer but dramatic enough Naturally, this is a story of love. it was worth seeing once but I probably
suspense of the film, creating tension that to sustain their interest. I enjoyed this The unexpected aspect is the concept of wouldn’t go out of my way to see it again.
builds as the music gets louder and faster. classic American film. love between a parent and a child that is It captivates an audience just enough to
The viewer can tell by the music that an also seamlessly sewn into the movie. As hold your attention (with a few tear-jerkers
for the teenage love between Ronnie and thrown in there) but not enough to consider
Will, it follows the generally typical trend it a classic. The movie raised the question
that we’ve already seen before in movies of “do you ever really forget your first
like Dear John and A Walk to Remember heartbreak?” which is something teenagers
so there is limited interest there. However, can relate to. This adaptation of Nicholas
Cyrus and Hemsworth should be applauded Sparks’ novel provides entertainment but is
not nearly as engrossing as the book.

2010 Summer Movies

By: Brett McManus
Summertime is almost here and fantasy about a tough bounty hunter from
for the film industry, that means the release the 1800’s, starring Meghan Fox, John
of many new and exciting movies. The Malkovich, and Josh Brolin, and lastly
summer season is the time of year when the new Twilight movie, entitled Twilight
some of the best movies are released, Saga: Eclipse, casting Kristen Stewart and
and this year looks like it is certainly no Robert Pattinson. As the summer winds to
exception. In the month of May some of an end Predators (Danny Trejo and Walton
the films set to come out include Robin Goggins) is due to release July 7th and The
Hood (staring Russell Crowe and directed Last Exorcism (Patrick Fabian and Ashley
be Ridley Scott) Shrek Forever After (Mike Bell) is set to come out on August 27th.
Myers and Cameron Diaz) and Ironman 2 This coming summer looks like it
(with Robert Downey, Jr.). is going to be a good one for Hollywood.
It only gets better as the summer Hopefully these highly anticipated movies
progresses. During June, some hit will live up to their expectations. With
blockbusters that are coming out are a A-list actors like Russell Crowe and Kristen
new addition to the Toy Story series with Stewart, it will be hard to disappoint
Toy Story 3, Jonah Hex, a superhero/ moviegoers around the globe.
Gym Has Its Feb. Break;
Requirements Is it Good Enough?
By: Jacqueline Tresca By: Brett McManus

The debates over high school A wider pool of student athletes to choose February vacation, do we really situation for both the faculty and students.
sports have seemed neverending from would provide teams with a wider need it? Sophomore Krysta Brugger said, But is doing such a thing even possible.
throughout history. Debates over basic pool of talent thus resulting in overall “yeah, but it’s not that necessary.” If Mr. Rimas says, “Anything is possible, but
rules, differences between boys and girls’ better teams. Besides all of that, a wider February vacation were to be removed, you would have to change a lot of people’s
sports, and academic eligibility regulations, array of student participants would ensure summer break would start on June 15 mind sets”
have dominated high school sports news. that every sport would actually survive here instead of the 22nd. When asked about his Although this may seem like
However, this everlasting century of rising at the high school. Think back to the year opinion on moving all teacher professional a good idea to some people, others will
obesity rates and over-powering video without softball, the infancy of lacrosse development days into one week in obviously be against it for many reasons.
games brings a new debate to the table; this year and the diminutive freshman replacement of February break, civics Junior Alex Logan thinks removing the
should students who play sports have to teams that are popping up across three sport teacher Mr. Rimas responded, “If it works vacation would be a bad idea stating, “We
meet a gym requirement before graduating seasons. If the school allowed students to I’m not against it” need that break between the April and
as well? pass on gym by playing sports, more kids So why not do it? There are one Christmas vacations.” Also making such
Currently at Watertown High, the would join up, and who knows, maybe of two things that can be done. Either get a change to the school’s schedule would
answer is that students have to. In fact, in some hidden talent would be discovered. rid of February break all together or move take the convincing of a vast majority of
order to graduate from WHS, students must Of course the benefits that sport all teacher development days in to one the Watertown Public School System’s
complete three full semesters of physical teams would reap from this regulation week. That way the school could extend administration. Pulling this off would be a
education classes. This can include a would be numerous, but would there be the summer vacation, it’s a win -win difficult thing to do.

Where is the Spirit?

combination of old-fashioned gym classes negative consequences? What about the
or the newer Project Adventure. However, worrisome obesity rates? Would they
in many schools, such as Belmont High worsen? Actually, high school sports
School, regulations state that as long as a could probably provide students with even
student participates in at least two school- more physical activity than gym classes, By: Ashley Caira
sponsored sports throughout the school with six practices a week and serious
year, they do not have to meet a gym games in which students play as hard as As the Watertown High School
requirement in order to graduate. they can. Would kids actually show up to Raiders, our school certainly lacks school
I know what most of you are practices and games, or would they use the spirit. Most small town schools, in my
thinking; why don’t we offer that option sport to their advantage without actually opinion, should have a large amount of
here? While I agree with that argument, reaping the health benefits? That is where school spirit in order to show that even
we have to take a look at the school’s point strict regulations come into play. Students though we may be small, we are large in
of view as well. In a country in which sould only be allowed so many legitimate pride when it comes to our school.
obesity rates rank among the highest in absences without having to make up Watertown High certainly lacks
the world at about 30.6% (2009 statistic, their missed time in a gym class. Would that. Junior Jacqui Tresca says, “ I feel that gym is probably the school be able to afford larger sports our school lacks school spirit, for the last
a top priority in a school that is trying to teams? This regulation would work in the three years that I have been here school WHS Pride on display in the gym.
encourage as much physical activity as athletic program’s advantage financially, spirit has dwindled. We used to go to Photo by: Ashley Caira
possible. Therefore, the gym graduation because more students would be paying the sports games and see many members of the
requirement is pretty necessary in this new athletic fee. It looks like there really student body cheering our teams on, now I agree with Jacqui that our school
school. may not be any negative consequences to no one goes to games. The only time you lacks school spirit. The only time you ever
However, in a school in which a blunt, strictly regulated, new physical really see people showing school spirit is truly see it is during the “Spirit Week”. I
roughly only half of the student body plays activity requirement. the one half day a year during the pep rally. can see why most people do not want to
sports, and almost 60% of those students Let’s face it WHS. It is time It is unfortunate to see.” walk around sporting face paint and a red
participate in multiple sports, anything that for a change in the school graduation On the other hand Junior Class shirt everyday but at the same time kids
could help to increase team participation requirements. The addition of a rule that President, Aaron Parseghian disagrees and should at least attend games cheering each
would be a bonus. After all, with one of allows students to pass on gym if they play feels, “Our school has a large amount of other on.
the smallest student bodies in the entire two or more sports would benefit not only school spirit.”

The Dress Code

Middlesex League (and let’s face it, the individual student, but the school and
probably all of Massachusetts) our sports all of the sports teams as well. Although
teams are already at a great disadvantage I hate to say it, maybe we could actually
in the world of Division II and III sports. learn a little from Belmont’s example.
By: Vanessa Souza
A dress code is a set of rules Raider Times: Do you think students follow

Junior Cruise Dismissal specifying the inappropriate things that can

and cannot be worn. At WHS the student
handbook says “Student attire should not
the dress code?
NF: I don’t
PS: No
disrupt the educational environment and/ Mrs. H: Yes for the most part
By: Ashley Caira or serve as a distraction to other students.
During the busy day of Junior Teachers and the school While in school, students will dress Raider Times: Do you think the dress code
Cruise, people, especially girls, must administration would like juniors to stay appropriately”. Students can’t wear shorts is unfair?
wonder why we cannot leave school in school since academically kids still or skirts that are shorter than fingertips NF: Yes, definitely
early even if it is after 11:30. The junior have a lot to learn even if it is in June. length, revealing tops, clothing that display PS: I don’t think so
class must be at the school around four Also, in order to get ready for a dance is disrespectful words, bandanas or hats as Mrs. H: No because I believe it is pretty
o’clock, according to Ms. O’Grady. Kalli not the best excuse for people to leave the school handbook directs. flexible.
Fabrikarakis a junior this year disagrees thus, people may take advantage of it,
with the time frame saying, “If you look at which in the end would not make the At WHS a teacher and two students had By taking away people’s abilities
it this way, the school day lasts until two- school administration very happy and there their opinions on the dress code here at to be different and wear the clothes that
thirty and most do not get home till three. could be consequences. Watertown school Watertown High School. Mrs. Hoffman a make them feel comfortable, It takes away
That leaves us around an hour to get ready administration sometimes may hesitate on history and law teacher, and seniors Priscila their individuality and creates equality.
for the cruise. It is hard when there is hair snow days in order to get out of school Silva and Nick Frankel. Being different is something people should
and make-up involved.” sooner in June. Why should a dance be any be proud of, whether it means having a
For some girls it takes at least different? different skin color, culture, or clothes.
forty-five minutes alone just to straighten We should be able to leave after Raider Times: What is the dress code here People should have the right to express
their hair and the faculty expects us to 11:30 because it is considered a “full day”, at WHS? themselves, and it is unfair to deprive them
basically have an hour in order to dress our some might say. As long as we have a note NF: Shorts have to be fingertip length of that right. I believe that a dress code can
best and arrive at the school on time. “ I do from our parents we should be able to leave PS: don’t wear shirts with swears be capable of hiding who students really
not know how they expect people to meet in order to get ready. If we are granted our Mrs. H: not vague are, and not give them the freedom to be
that requirement and I do not understand guardian’s permission shouldn’t we be able themselves to the fullest.
why on a night that is made to be fun they to have the school say yes also? . It is a
feel they should stress us out and rush us,” memorable day, and people want to look
expressed Junior Mane Harutyunyan. good! The opinions expressed on this page do not necessarily
reflect those of the Raider Times or its advisor.
Summer Reading Debate Save AP Psych
By: Wajeeha Shams By: Sasha Grodsky
Every summer, the students pointless waste of time, because no one Watertown High is a small For many students who have
are given a list of books to read over the reads it,” says Alyssa Barry. Elizabeth school, but it does its best to offer as many been on an AP social studies track they
summer. This list is given to the students Biemba told us that; “The students can get opportunities to its students as possible. It find it worrisome that colleges may find
a week before the summer vacation, and a lot of the information from the internet.” plays host to a wide range of girls and boys their transcripts lacking, while others are
it’s the last thing the students want to think It is however understandable, that teenagers sports teams, interesting vocational classes, disappointed by the fact that a class they
about. want to have fun in the summer and do not and a number of non-athletic clubs. One of had been offered during course selection,
A lot of the students have argued want to think about school and homework. the great things it does is offer students a and which had more than enough students
that we should not have required summer But, summer reading can be enjoyed; we wide range of Advanced Placement classes, signed up to run, is being taken away.
reading. Summers should be enjoyed can read it on the beach that way we can many more than the average school of its Junior Jacqui Tresca says, “I’m very
outside on the beach instead of reading and get our work done and enjoy the weather. size. Taking AP classes offers students the aggravated that there’s not going to be AP
taking notes for school. Students say that Ms Segal emphasized the opportunity to challenge themselves, and psych next year because it is one of the
summer is the only time they can enjoy importance of reading saying,“ I believe in some cases receive college credit. most popular classes in the school”. She
themselves and not have to think about we should have summer reading, because Many of the AP classes are added that when she was told by guidance
studies and homework. Many students, it gives students an opportunity to read a popular, but none more-so than AP that she could not take the class next year,
who work over the summer or might travel book that you might not have chosen on psychology, which is taken by more she was not given an explanation
to different places, argue that they cannot your own. This way, students are exposed students than any other AP class. Through Beyond that, VHS is not a
read the books because of lack of time. to the writing of different authors and give this year AP psych has been taught by Ms. teaching model that works for many
Ms. O’Grady explained why we the students an opportunity to be exposed Kazarosian, who will retire at the end of students, especially at the AP level, where
have summer reading saying, “summer to many kinds of literature.” this year. So the question arises: what the curriculum is difficult and fast paced. It
reading assignments are to keep students I agree that summer reading is will become of AP psych? There are is very difficult to keep yourself motivated
involved in reading. To build a love of important and should be continued. Like other teachers in the school who will be when there is little connection to the class
reading in students.” Though teachers want Ms Segal said that it is a chance to read a able to take over the honors and level one or teacher. Beyond that, it is very difficult
to build a love of reading in students, some different book, one that we might not have psychology classes, but AP classes in most for most students to learn without face-
students still feel that they can never enjoy chosen on our own. cases require a teacher to have certification to-face interaction and the direct input
reading and only read books when they are Though it might be hard for in order to teach them. Finding a teacher of their peers. It does not seem that the
supposed to. some students especially those who work willing to attend a training course and take virtual teaching model with be completely
It is true that from the past years over the summer, but in those 2 months of on the class is not a problem, but finding replacing a living classroom anytime in the
our generations have lost a lot if interest summer I think we can give at least a week the money to send a teacher to get certified near future.
in books. Teachers always try their best to or two and read the books we are required apparently is. Beyond VHS, the limitations
make reading interesting and encourage to read. Superintendent Ann Koufman of the budget seem very short-term and
the students to read books. I feel that it should be continued says that it is not incredibly expensive to shortsighted. If training a teacher to teach
Some of the students don’t even because a lot of the students are slowly get a teacher certified, but with the current AP psych is not THAT expensive, even
read the books and therefore do not do losing interest in reading and by this way state of the Watertown School’s budget, for though it is currently out of the realm of
well in the beginning of the year. “It’s a it can be encouraged. her to so, she would be spending the money possibility, I think it is important to look
the Watertown Schools just do not have. at longer-term outcomes. If a teacher were
She also mentioned that the Virtual High to be trained, chances are that the small
School program (VHS) that the school is investment would serve the school, and
a part of offers AP psych. Dr Koufman is hundreds of students, for many years to
a strong advocate of VHS and thinks that come. Yes, you could say that the school
all Watertown students should at least try it should wait a year and see where the budget
before they graduate, because in her mind is next time it is time to think about classes
it is the future of education. and teacher assignments for the coming
But to me this does not seem like year, but once a class is out of sight and out
a good replacement for such a beloved of mind for a whole year it is hard to bring
class. Many students, from Watertown it back to the foreground.
alumni who have taken the class, to In then end, it is up to Dr.
students currently taking it and those who Koufman and the school’s administration
hope to take it someday in the future have to decide the fate of AP psychology. But
spoken up in support of keeping AP psych. I think that it is in the best interests of the
They say, and I agree, that a virtual class is students to listen to what they are asking
a poor substitute for a wonderful learning for and continue the AP psych program.
Harrison enjoying a reading respite in between Raider Times deadlines.
Photo by: Ashley Caira
Mac or PC?
Contrary to the Belief By: Sasha Grodsky
These days people live and die
by their computers. People do business
befuddling on the majority of PCs. It just
does not make sense to move your hands
By: Ani Moushigian and Alina Bazarian
and keep up with their friends and family that much just to save a document!
Much resentment has been profit?” or “Why is the Armenian Club the members by way of their computers. While Of course, macs are not perfect.
expressed in past Raider Times articles only club allowed to sell food?” Perhaps it to older generations and people who do not They cost significantly more than the
concerning the Cultural Experiences is because they are unclear of the ultimate really care may think that all computers average PC (although certainly not all of
organized by the Armenian Club, incorrectly purpose of the priced goods. are pretty much the same, most people will them!) and many people do not think that
referred to as “bake sales”. However the The money raised from the profits swear by their preferred type of computer. the shiny exterior and brand name are
Armenian Cultural Experiences, as the of the food is collected at the end of the I am a mac person, probably worth the extra cost. Beyond the cost,
name comes to show, is about more than year and distributed evenly among senior because that is the only kind of computer macs do have a few technical problems.
just food. The Cultural Experience includes members of the club who apply for the we have had in my house, and it is what I Mine freezes up occasionally, although it’s
a variety of music played throughout the Armenian Club Scholarship, a foundation am comfortable with. Even though I know surprisingly reliable for a computer of its
day, informative posters strewn along started four decades ago by Ms. Anahid it is just a matter of liking what I am used age. My internet browser sometimes quits
the walls, a PowerPoint presentation of Yacoubian. to, I cannot help but cringe a little every randomly, with no warning. It also starts to
important Armenian historical figures, a Although the upper levels of the time I am forced to use a clunky Dell or a overheat if I use it for too long, but it will
table of traditional Armenian relics and Armenian language program culminated visually unpleasing HP. Give me my four usually cool down fairly quickly.
artifacts, and lastly the table of homemade with Ms. Yacoubian’s retirement last year, year old macbook pro over a brand new I love music, so my biggest
snacks and desserts. These arrangements that does not mean this is the end to the Toshiba any day. complaint is definitely about the speakers.
are strictly monitored by Mr. Noftsker Armenian culture in Watertown. No, in fact, I know that in general the vast The speakers are not great to begin with,
himself, who takes measures such as it is just a new beginning. And it is why the majority of computer software is not and the sound quality deteriorates after a
setting a time frame as to when the club Cultural Experiences must continue. Sure, compatible with macs, giving PCs the while. It is not terrible, but I do frequently
can sell, how often the club can sell, the economy may have required funds to be upper hand. However, I stick to the basics find myself using headphones to listen to
mandatory labels with ingredients to be pulled from the upper level classes, but that in my computer use, so this has never music.
put in front of each respective food item, does not mean the students will allow this been a problem for me. Instead, I am All macs do come with itunes and
but most importantly, to include more than school to forget their heritage. It was Adolf drawn to macs by their easy, user friendly a fairly large hard-drive, so storing and
just food- a goal which is safe to say the Hitler who once asked “And after all, who navigation and pleasant aesthetics. I find downloading music is easy.
Armenian Club has surpassed. today remembers…the Armenians?” and it PC displays (well, Windows and Linux) My mac laptop also seems to have
Other clubs within the school may is said with pride that we, Watertown High ugly and complicated. They do not have a longer battery life than those of my friends
wonder, “Why can’t we sell food to make a School, will never forget. the handy dock at the bottom that tells you who have PCs, which is convenient.
which programs are running and makes it It really comes down to personal
easy to launch a new one. preference, and what you are used to. I love
Keyboard shortcuts are a computer my mac and would never consider buying
The opinions expressed on this page do not necessarily
necessity for me. They are something macs a PC, but that does not mean everyone has
reflect those of the Raider Times or its advisor. make very straightforward, but which I find to feel the same way.
Chelstowska Gets Voted Watertown’s “Best Dance Studio”
Rowing Scholarships eleven years running 1999-2010
By Harrison Ford

Student athletes who belong to hour long practice every day after school
teams outside Watertown High School and, when the weather permits, 5 AM
often go unrecognized. Their long, hard before school, not to mention practice at
hours of hard work and practice are 7:30 AM every Saturday in a season that
almost irrelevant in a town like Watertown consumes most of the year. She even had
where school sports are none too to miss out on her Junior Cruise last year.
diverse. However, senior and rower Maja “I had practice,” Maja says bittersweetly.
Chelstowska was awarded with the ultimate As for her scholarships, Maja
recognition this year when she received couldn’t be more thrilled. After little
full-ride scholarships from University of deliberation, she decided that the
Washington (Seattle) and the University of University of Washington (Seattle) was
Rhode Island. the school for her. “I went there and it
Maja was born in northeast blew me away. I really liked the city and
Poland and lived there until 2006, when the facilities were amazing.” Of joining
her and her family emigrated from their University’s crew team, Maja exclaims “I
homeland and came to settle in the United am very excited. The team is very big and
States. “I started rowing in Poland,” says the coach is nice. The coach in Seattle is
Maja, “my mom inspired me”. In the four like my coach now.” The women’s team
short years she’s been in this country, Maja
has wasted no time in becoming a rowing
at “U-Dub” have 10 national titles and two
Olympic gold medals, making it fitting that
Congratulations to Chloe Anderson
powerhouse. She’s been a part of Boston
Community Rowing Inc.’s female division
a talented athlete like Maja is joining the
ranks. and all the 2010 Graduates!
for four years. The crew team placed first As for her future goals, Maja
in the Head of the Charles Regatta in 2007 isn’t too keen on rowing professionally.
and 2008 and came in second in 2009. She aspires to major in pediatric speech
Placing second last year was no small therapy, and someday help children with
feat, considering Head of the Charles is speech impediments. Maja will have a lot
the largest 2-day regatta in the world, with to juggle with both her major and rowing
more than 8,000 athletes rowing in around at University of Washington, but her strong
1750 boats in 56 events. work ethic and passion for her sport will
For Maja, rowing is more than guide her to success. On behalf of myself
just a sport, as it affects her entire lifestyle. and Watertown High School I wish to
The commitment is intense, including two congratulate her and wish her nothing but
the best.

O’Laughlin Leaps his Way into the Record Books

By: Mane Harutyunyan
Throughout the past 4 years, Jump, no one doubts Kevin’s ability to Kevin’s coaches and teammates surely
Kevin has contributed in most all of the succeed and fulfill his goals. He thanks motivate him and give him confidence and
events, being more particularly active in the Mr. Wittenhagen for being overall the support, it’s also pure talent and devotion
400 meter hurdles, high jump, triple jump, “greatest, most encouraging coach as well to the sport that help him reach his full
4x400 and the 800. This year, he continues as just being an awesome person.” Though potential.
to raise the bar of expectations, breaking
the 10-year-standing triple jump record
with a jump of 42’ 1.” Most recently, with a
personal best time of 57.9 seconds he broke Q&A with Kevin O’Laughlin
the 400 meter hurdle record, originally
set by Timm Moan (his time was 58.95
seconds). Kevin’s success is applauded by Q: Why did you decide to take up track?
his coach, Mr. Wittenhagen as well as his A: My whole family did it before me and my friends were involved
teammates. so I thought it’d be a good thing for me to get into.
Oftentimes, headlines in the
Watertown Tab acclaim Kevin for Q: When did you realize the jumping events were your thing?
outstanding performances in his meets.
Even so, Kevin continues to push himself A: Sophomore year because there was literally no one to do them so
further with hopes of “setting a record he put me in them.
that will withstand the test of time.” He
is guaranteed to achieve all kinds of Q: What’s your favorite track-related memory?
recognition for his track performances at A: Freshman year we played football during practice and Witt was
UMASS Lowell (the college he will be
attending this coming fall) and is a possible the ref. Also, at the track pasta dinner when Witt was wrecking
candidate for this year’s league MVP, an everyone in basketball.
Photo by: Lifetouch
honor that Watertown athletes haven’t
been granted in a long time. Even with the Q: What is your favorite event to participate in and why?
Kevin O’Laughlin is not an records that he has set now, his times are A: It’s between 3 events: high jump, triple jump and hurdles because
uncommon name to hear among students still decreasing and his performances are
at Watertown High. Besides having a never short of amazing. He hopes to help they’re the least nerve-wrecking events and they’re the most fun.
reputation for being extremely friendly and bring the hurdle relay team of Timm Moan,
genuinely likable, Kevin has also earned James Holland, Nathan Wilson-Braun and Q: What is the highest rank you’ve earned in your track career
a lot of recognition for his track-related himself to Nationals at the end of the spring at the high school?
achievements. A year-round “trackie,” season. A: I qualified in the hurdles relay for nationals. Plus, I’m cross
Kevin has natural talent for the sport and With only 2 losses out of 27
proves it on the field as well as during cumulative events so far and having been country/track captain and school record-holder.
practices. deemed an All Star last year for Triple
Feature Senior Athletes:
Steven Jewers and Kelsey Prendergast
By Aaron Parseghian By Chloe Anderson
Steve Jewers represents all of teammates won the state shot-put track. She was a Boston Globe and
what a student athlete should be. Being a relays, a huge accomplishment. Boston Herald All-Scholastic member for
three sport athlete and having to balance As springtime arrives field hockey. Kelsey was a power house
schoolwork didn’t prove to be difficult Jewers trains hard for baseball, defensive player for the field hockey
maintaining a gpa of over 3.5. During especially after recently being team. She also has qualified for States
high school Steve has been a member of named captain by coach Joe for numerous events and relays for both
basketball, winter track, football, and Chiodo. Steve who excels as a indoor and outdoor track. Kelsey performs
Baseball. pitcher and first baseman as well in several track and field events helping
In the fall, Steve was named as of most of the other aspects the Raider track team by earning points in
captain of the football team, based on of the game, is a very important all her events. Kelsey excels on the field
his hardwork and leadership skills as an part to his team, noticeably after and on the track but also in the classroom.
offensive lineman. “He was very inspiring hitting a towering homerun during Kelsey is a member of NHS and
as a leader, and it helped us get a winning his preseason game. can balance all her sports and her school
season,” said junior wide reciever Tyler Even with all of his work load. Not only is she a good student
Romanelli. His leadership truly did help athletic accomplishments Steve athlete but she has a wonderful personality
as the Raiders managed to obtain a record takes care of things off the field as well. As When you think female athlete and is an amazing friend (I would know).
of 6-5 for their first winning record of the a member of the National Honor Society, at WHS Kelsey Prendergast is bound to All of these qualities make her
decade (In 1995 the team went 7-2-1). he plans to attend the Isenberg School of pop into your mind. This issue’s senior a perfect example of a WHS feature
During the winter Steve moved Management at UMass Amherst. feature athlete goes to a much deserving athlete. “I enjoyed my years of sports
on to the winter track team in which he Elementary school friend Alex Kelsey Prendergast. Kelsey could have at WHS, but, I am ready for a challenge
was a shotputter for coach Wittenhagen. Calderon says, “Steve’s got it all, he lives been feature athlete any season of the next year at college” Kelsey says.
Steve has been a very successful thrower the dream, he’s got the good looks, straight year because she is a three sport athlete. Next year Kelsey will attend
as he was ranked in the top ten division kills it in Academics, and is an all around Kelsey was captain of the State Providence College in Providence
IV shotputters in the state. Also for the great person.” Champion Field Hockey team, captain Rhode Island. She has an undecided
past two years, Steve, along with different of indoor track and captain of outdoor major and is anxious to start college.

Steve fielding the grounder. Captains of fall sports Kelsey in the long jump.

Photos by: Lifetouch Studios

Feature Male Athlete: Feature Female Athlete:
Collin Geagan Kayla Costa By Zohra Yaqhubi the sixth grade and was encouraged by the
By Ashley Caira A star in many sports, sophomore interest of her family. When the sport came
Junior, Collin Geagan’s favorite Kayla Costa is one of Watertown High’s to Watertown, Kayla had no hesitation in
he can play. He is a dedicated player who
sport is the one he is currently playing, new lacrosse captains. Playing lacrosse, resuming playing the sport.
strives to reach his goals and play his best
baseball. “I love the sport, played it my whole field hockey and basketball, Costa has Starting at only age four, Kayla
therefor making him a Feature Athlete.
life” When he is out on the field, “it calms many talents. “I love all the sports that played on Watertown’s Little Kicker’s
me down, I dont have time to stress about I play, but I’d have to say lacrosse is my Soccer team as well as Biddy Basketball.
anything else.” When he was old enough favorite because it’s new and exciting!” She then moved on to dance, field hockey
to play, Collin’s oldest brother was playing Although the girl’s lacrosse team and softball. With a full plate, she said “as
baseball at the time and got Collin into it, is new to Watertown High, Kayla is no the years went on, I narrowed it down to
he taught him the basics and helped Collin new starter. She started playing lacrosse in just field hockey, basketball and lacrosse.”
grow into the baseball player he is today. Encouraged by her mom, Kayla
From the start of his baseball is happy that she’s gotten into so many
career, Collin has played catcher and sports because they now help her “manage
second base and enjoys every minute [her] time wisely and become a more well-
of it. During baseball season Collin’s rounded person”.
main focuses are school and baseball. Kayla is looking to pursue her
In the end he is a dedicated player. interest in sports further, saying that in
Collin has lived in Watertown his whole college, she would like to play at least
life. He plays for the High School team one of the sports she has participated in
with Coach Chiodo. He was also captain throughout high school. And although
for the wrestling team, so both seasons he Kayla loves the sports that she plays, she
is kept very busy. He loves baseball and manages her time well and still works
everything about it. “When I am on the field, diligently towards her school work; which
all of my problems go away and my mind shows through her grades.
is on the game itself.” He plans to continue Whether playing lacrosse, field
playing his senior year also. As for the rest hockey, basketball, or doing her hobby of
of the season, he can only hope for the best collecting quarters, Kayla always exhibits
and play his hardest. Collin attends every great enthusiasm. Captain Kayla Costa
practice and attends school every day so will surely help Watertown mark their
Photo by: Lifetouch Studios Photo by: Lifetouch Studios standing with our newest lacrosse team.