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S.Y 2016-2017

The school is an institution which is responsible in molding the
learners into a responsible individual in the society. This is where one is
crafted into a better person, who will be an emblem of the kind of learning
centre where one was raised.
The multifarious concern of school demands working with others to
accomplish designed tasks and objectives. These would need dedicated
school personnel, cooperative parents, accountable community and
innovative learners.
Believing that the community cannot stand without the school, and
likewise the school without the community, we greatly believed that the
school is the face of the barangay. Thus, all the people in the community
even those whose children were not studying in the school, volunteered to
support the program
Relative to DepEd Memorandum No. 40 s.2016-2017, all public
elementary and secondary schools nationwide implemented the BRIGADA
ESKWELA 2016 on May 30 June 4, 2016. The said activity is a school
maintenance program that engaged all education stakeholders to
contribute their time, effort and resources in ensuring that public school
facilities are set for the forthcoming school opening.
Program of activities was divided into three essential stages: I) PreImplementation Stage which includes organization of Brigada Eskwela
committees, assessment of physical facilities and maintenance needs of
the school, advocacy and social marketing, resource mobilization and
firming up activities for the actual Brigada Eskwela Week, II)
Implementation Stage that deals with the registration, motorcade, simple
opening program, briefing of working teams, actual implementation of
school work plan, recording of daily accomplishments and final inspection;
III) Post Implementation Stage that refers to the preparation of final
consolidated school accomplishments reports and submission to Division
Office (Portfolio with Pictorials.)


Prepare the whole school community for another school year

Encourage all education stakeholders to contribute for the success

of the undertakings.

Make national campaign for healthy and hazard-free school zone.

Invite other private individuals, companies, corporation and entities

to provide support in any ways/means to public school near their

Develop cooperation and sense of responsibility among people of

the community.


DepEd formally launched BRIGADA ESKWELA 2016 from May 30June 4, 2016 in all public elementary and high schools nationwide. The
primary aim of the program is to prepare the whole school community for
another school year.
On the first day of Brigada Eskwela, May 30, 2016, as part of the
advocacy program, parade started at 7:00 am to disseminate the
information. This was led by Mr. Celestino P. Durotan, Central Principal of
Campokpok Central School, Tabango South District together with the
teachers, PTCAs, School Personnels ,baranggay officials and pupils .
Parade was routed from Campokpok Cenral School to Obo-ob, then
Baguinbin and back to school. Flyers were also given to disseminate the
information .Registration was facilitated by Supreme Pupil Government
Officers (SPG).
Mr. frankilyn Viagedor, Distrrict Supervisor spearheaded all the activities
designed for the one week operation of cleaning and preparing the school
for another meaningful year. He also announced the designated
tasks/assignments to the different areas. At exactly 9:00 a.m the
operation was started. The whole cleaning force started cleaning and
repairing comfort rooms, improving the water facilities and drainage
systems and the most important of all which is cleaning and improving the

physical facilities of the school. The said activity was led by the officer of
the day Mrs. Evangeline Purog.
On May 31, with the help of the SSG officers, checking of
attendance had been done before they started the activity. As the officer
of the day, Mrs. Evangeline Purog led and monitored the entire activities
for the whole day such as the continuation of cleaning/improvement of
physical facilities, cleaning of ceiling and walls , cleaning/ repairing of
comfort rooms, as well as cleaning the school canteen and classrooms .
On June 1, the 3rd day of Brigada Eskwela (KICK OFF) held in
Tabango National High School together with the Division personnel headed
by Division Superintendent Ronelo Al Firmo, Area 3 Dep-ed officials both
Elementary and Secondary, stake holders, private institutions like
BLAMPCI, OCCI, OFMPC, LGU, PNP, Fire Prevention and Risk Disaster
Reduction Team, ALS, and religious groups headed by Rev. Father Christian
Conde. At 8:00 in the morning, the motorcade started. Right after, there
was a short program which includes the cutting of ribbon and short
inspiring messages from the incoming Mayor of Tabango, the incoming
Board memember and the school memebers emphasizing the cleanliness
of school.
On the fourth day, June 2, 2016, after the checking of
attendance ,repairing and cleaning of chairs, desks, tables, blackboards
and other school facilities were given attention. Class rooms were
cleaned . This was led by the officer of the day who is Ms. Amelita Noynay.
On June 3, 2016, after checking the attendance, disposing garbage
and trash had been immediately accomplished by the whole cleaning
force. Planting of different plants was also done. Cleaning of/improving all
areas of the school was also accomplished which had been generally
monitored by the officer of the day -Mrs. Sisinia M. Cansancio.
On the last day of the activity, June 4, evaluation and monitoring of
the accomplishments done were reported at the closing program that was
participated by the PTCAs, School Personnels, Brgy. Officials and pupils.
As a whole, all the tasks were successfully done and completed for
this Dep-Ed project. Stakeholders showed their initiatives providing
anything that could result to a successful event. With this, we could say
that the school is now well prepared to be the second home of the
learners being a hazard-free, conducive and an enjoyable place to stay in.


V. Anexes

1. Fund Generated
A very minimal MOOE is allocated properly based on the monthly
cash program prepped. Priority is given to the improvement of
instructional materials of teachers in the same way as for the
development of student performance. Also, some part of it is allocated for
the improvement of school physical facilities like slight repair,
improvement of signage system, repainting of worn out areas. Aside from
the MOOE, other expenses are charged to the PTCA voluntary
contribution, donation, and the school canteen.

2. Attendance
To have a successful activity, cooperation and hard work must be
present. In all the activities that were completed for the Brigada Eskwela,
teachers, parents, SPG officers, Brgy. Officials had fully participated with a
100% attendance.

Prepared by:

Master Teacher 1

Noted by:

Central Principal