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someone had blundered

5 boldly they rode and well.


Lets discuss
1. The commander of the
Light Brigade.
2. Yes, war is cruel because
many people die in war.
3. No, we should not follow
orders without question
because we can decide if we
should do something once we
know the reasons behind an
Yes, we should follow orders without questions because as a soldier, it is my duty to
follow orders .

1. The quality that is being instilled in the soldiers is loyalty. As a soldier, one must be
loyal to ones country and be ready to sacrifice for the country.
2.1 Give the soldiers awards.
2 build a monument for the soldiers who have sacrificed their lives.
3. We must have loyalty and courage.
Courage and loyalty which are found in the Light Brigade are admirable

Practice 1
A) League
B) 600
The setting is the battleground / the valley where the battle took place.
C) the commander ordered the soldies to move forward because it was part of their duty
to protect the country./
The commander wanted them to get the guns back.
They have to follow the commanders orders no matter how dangerous the situation is. /
they are loyal and brave.
Practice 2
A) Dismayed
B) 1) the blunder was in giving of the order to ride into the valley. The consequences was
the death of the 600 soldiers.
2) The expression do and die is used because the soldiers cannot ask any question and
answer back, they could only obey the order and die for the country.
3) 1) It is forbidden for a soldier to question the order that was given.
2) The soldiers knew that they were outnumbered and they did not have gun.
Practice 3
A) Charge for the guns!
B) They were instructed to attack the valley
C) The commander gave the wrong order as he thought that the enemy soldiers were
hiding in the valley.
I ) I would call it the Battlefield of Sacrifice
Ii) This is because this is the place where the soldiers sacrificed their lives in defence of
their country.
Practice 4
A) Cannon
B) The enemies tried to surround them with cannons to make sure that none of the
soldiers escaped the attack.

C) It is described as such because the soldiers rode to their deaths as they were fired on
D) The soldiers could have made a retreat or surrender but I dont think they
would have been successful.
The reason is they were surrounded by cannons on all sides and so whether they retreated
or surrounded, they would have been fired on.

1. Tanjung Rhu- Mi
nfong Ho
2. Leaving - M.G. Vassanji
Choose one of the short stories to answer the question
We must work hard to achieve our dreams.
Based on the short story, write about how this was shown in the story.
Based on the short story Leaving by M.G Vassaji,we must word hard to achieve our
dreams. I learned this lesson from the main character, a boy named Aloo from Tanzania.
Aloo is the youngest son in the family. To make sure Aloo and his sister do well in their
studies, Mother decides to close down the family business and move to a quiet area away
from the city.Mother sacrif