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Social Media Customer Services Set-Up

& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up


Social Media Marketing Set-Up


Small to Corporate Biz

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Consultancy Pages

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Research Links


Social Media Tools


My Professional Research Documents & Links -


The all-time best offer on a book that will change the way you look at customers…forever.

Hug Your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers

Amazon - Hug-your-haters


Grammarly makes you a better writer by finding and correcting up to 10 times more mistakes than
your word processor and online.


Turn support tickets into amazing customer experiences.

Groove’s ticketing system makes delivering awesome, personal customer service easy for you and
your team.


Getting really social!

Why stop customer care at boring emails,

uncomfortable phone calls and dull chats?

There's a million more ways to help out your

clients online: we are bringing multi-channel

help desk systems to the next level!

With Deskero your customers can get in touch

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

with you using any kind of social platform:

Twitter, Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, YouTube

and many more to come.


Does your help desk provide

social media customer service?

With HappyFox social help desk software, you can bring the best support experience to right

where your customers are


DeskPRO is the helpdesk software for 21st century organizations.

Beautifully designed. Simple to use. Flexible. Multi-channel. Powerful. Affordable.

Your choice of Cloud Helpdesk or On-Premise Helpdesk.

Who's Already Using DeskPRO?

The world's largest organizations trust DeskPRO to manage their customer support at scale.


Post Your Job to 100+ Job Boards, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Your Own Website

and create a beautiful experience for your candidates

Post your job to 100+ job boards in minutes

and reach over 20 million job seekers

Replace email and spreadsheets with a beautiful, easy to use, web based applicant tracking system

You'll quickly fall in love with the simplicity and efficiency of managing your recruiting online



Make your customers happy and enhance company brand using unified customer communication
and analysis platform with behavior prediction system.


Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

The simplest way to work with team inboxes

Front is simple, yet powerful, inbox management software.


The Fastest Way to Tackle Twitter as a Team - Twitter Inbox

Respondly keeps your team perfectly in sync on Twitter, so you can deliver incredible support in a
fraction of the time


The power of one platform

Engage your Total Community and connect your most passionate customers across all digital


Who is Franz?

Franz is a free messaging app / former Emperor of Austria and combines chat & messaging services
into one application. He currently supports Slack, WhatsApp, WeChat, HipChat, Facebook
Messenger, Telegram, Google Hangouts, GroupMe, Skype and many more. You can download Franz
for Mac, Windows & Linux.

One service, unlimited accounts

Franz allows you to add each service many times. This makes Franz the perfect tool to manage
multiple business and private accounts at the same time. You could even use five different Facebook
Messenger accounts at once, if some inexplicable reason urges you to do so.

One application, 14 messenger services


Social Media Tools for Business Buyer's Guide



The Zignal platform is fully customizable, giving you the power to make proactive and informed
decisions. Our platform combines media monitoring and business intelligence to drive
comprehensive insights in any industry, from corporate communications to politics to financial

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Watch mentions appear in real-time in order to maintain awareness of the dynamic media
environment. Dashboard updates automatically to show current analysis and indicate story
trajectory. Pinpoint which stories are accelerating so that you stay ahead of breaking news.


Spike - Know the content engaging the world right now

Know the content engaging the world right now

Spike tracks social network activity around millions of stories daily, giving newsrooms,

marketers, and PR professionals a real-time view of what’s engaging a billion people now.


Introducing Mention Pulse™

Get alerts when there’s a big change in conversations about your company or competitors.

Know what is making the news about your company, before anyone does. Mention Pulses™


Benefits of using Feedb

Feedb integrates with all the top online review sites

Use It Anywhere

Smartphone, tablet, desktop, laptop – no matter what you use your Feedb account goes wherever
you go and can be accessed anytime.


Social media approvals

just got easier

Planable is a real-time collaboration & approval tool for social media freelancers and agencies. Be
the first one to try Planable. Join our early beta.


Chat with your customers wherever they are

Unified multi-channel messaging for businesses, bots and software makers

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Messaging, solved

Simple answers to companies’ modern messaging problems

The best messaging channels

Talk to customers over social messaging apps as well as SMS, web chat or in-app. Conversations sync
automatically across channels for a seamless customer service experience.

Communicate from your software

Answer messages and converse from any CRM, team chat, eCommerce, marketing or in-house
software you use. Bridge the gap between your teams by enabling everyone to join the

Do more with messaging

Easily deploy chat bots, smart messaging, and enable your company or business software for
customer service and commerce over messaging.

Successful startups and leading companies rely on Smooch

Smooch handles millions of messages for thousands of businesses, every month


Instant Publicity Marketing System ($10 for the First 50 Only!)

Get immediate access to a proven system & structured approach to build major publicity for your
brand. Define your unique message grabbing the media's attention, identify the news stories hidden
in your brand and get your business seen in front of 1000's of customers ready to buy what you have
to offer, right now.


Amazingly Simple

Customer Service Software

Save more time to deliver personal and responsive customer service on email, live chat, Twitter, and
Facebook as a team in a simple online helpdesk software by Bornevia.


Customer support, sales and service messages via messengers

WhatsApp Messenger

Viber Messenger

Telegram Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

VK Dialogs


Place our messengers widget on your site and take requests from customers directly into your
Helpdesk or CRM.

Our advanced API will allow you to have access to messengers and use them all the functionality for
your business.


Chat Helpdesk

Helpdesk & hotline via WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Telegram...

Your operators support customers via one WhatsApp (and other messengers) account!

Teamwork of up to 100 distributed operators and administrator is supported.

Customer care via WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Viber, VKontakte & SMS


Customer Support Ticketing Help Desk, Satellite and ITIL/ITSM Service Desk Software

select appropriate customer support help desk software for your business

Don't Just Take Our Words!

evaluate vision helpdesk without spending a dime.

Trusted by 8000+ companies

join the list of awesome customers


Country NavigatorTM

Country NavigatorTM is a powerful online tool that allows people to learn about working styles in
over 90 business cultures, helping to ensure outstanding international collaboration.


Brilliant place to purchase business card decks…

Tools for Startup Consultants

Want to be a consultant? With these tools you can start your career right away. No need to throw
away money on overpriced courses. Most of the tools here have a free printable version you can
download. Poke around the websites of the creators to discover more awesome stuff.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Just like a good magician, you need to have a card trick for every occasion.


Over 30,000 global brands use Brand24 to monitor the web.

Whether you're a one-person business, startup or Fortune 500 company,

Brand24 helps you discover your digital footprint worldwide.

They are talking about your industry

Get instant access to online mentions, grow customer satisfaction and sales.


Gain Customers. Gain Time.

Request early access

Advertise your website in 10 minutes so everybody can find your business

Real easy, real quick. Small business owners can now promote their business by themselves. No
marketing knowledge needed. No agencies required.

From ranking high in Google, to running ads in AdWords or Social Networks, you are in total control.

Start Owning Your Small Business Marketing. It is Quick, Effortless and Free.

Request Early Access Today





People say and do things online.

You can measure these things. They're relevant to your business. And they can teach you a lot.

Keep up with important changes in your marketplace

People change. It’s what they do. When your audience does something different, it affects your
position – and what you should do next.


Marketing, meet your A.I.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Artificial intelligence that delivers actionable insights across your marketing accounts.

Marketing moves fast. Artificial Intelligence will help you keep up.

Just connect your account and we’ll surface critical information and insights to you and your team.
It’s that easy.


Boost your revenue with Contextual Neuromarketing

Scenario selects effective persuasion principles based on your audience and context, which you can
then easily implement on your website - without touching the code.

Give your team a unique competitive advantage

Powered by Tech. Perfected by Experts.

Our neuromarketing experts have identified 158 powerful persuasion scenarios so far (with new
ones frequently added) to take the guesswork out of conversion optimisation, so you can get the
most from your website.

Unlock hidden profit by applying expert knowledge

Apply powerful neuroscience principles to make your website more persuasive, increase conversion
and turn more profit.

Forget the guesswork:

Scenario’s streamlined process makes it simple

Scenario offers a simple process that helps you to know what to do and why.


Supercharge your content & influencer marketing

Amazing research, automated by robots.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you had a colleague who analyzes all relevant content and data for the topics
you care about?

Meet Lumanu. Lumanu harnesses machine learning to help you discover hyper-relevant content,
predict winning content ideas related to you topic, and identify + monitor the key influencers for
your topic & audience.

Lumanu Insights automatically identifies key influencers for any topic or brand. Driven by deep
content fingerprint analysis, not vanity social profile metrics


Social Proof

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Designed for marketers and organizations to gather and display customer testimonials in seconds.



Shortcutz provides you with a single link to access all your social media channels.

For instance, you can use it within your Instagram profile to grant your fans easy access to all your
other channels, as well.

You also have the option to set up custom links to, for example, display a specific product to your


Crowdfunding Marketing Like a Pro.

Do-it-yourself Crowdfunding Marketing Software as a Service.


Most of your future clients are using social media. Archie can find them and bring their attention to
your company's profile. You’ll see more interaction, more followers and, most importantly, more

Your social media profiles showcase your professional activity and your brand. Archie will help you
reach more people, sell more and look better online.

Social media is an integral part of our lives. Your story deserves to be heard by people who might be
interested! Archie will help you reach them.




Ready to meet your new website?




See how it works.



Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Trusted by 150+ major brands and thousands of small businesses in over 1,100 cities.


More support. Fewer agents. Less cost.

Phone calls. Email. Facebook. Texting. Your customers expect you to be everywhere, but it's
expensive to hire more agents to monitor every channel and respond right away.

Introducing Chatwire. Chatwire meets your customers where they are, and channels their messages
into the help desk you already use. When you reply, the message goes back out on the same
channel. What was once only available for the enterprise is now in your small business toolkit.

Your customers are happier, because they can engage with you through their favorite apps (like
Facebook Messenger and Kik). And you are too, because a more efficient team means you don't
have to hire new agents.


The best twitter tool on the market!

TweetAttacksPro 4 is designed to run thousands of twitter accounts at the same time 24/7 to auto-
follow, unfollow, follow back, tweet, retweet, reply, favorite, delete tweet, unretweet, unfavorite,
add to list and send messages to your new followers ..etc. Every account can have its own settings
thus preventing twitter from becoming suspicious about the account, plus the software can simulate
human operation perfectly!

uto follow, follow back and unfollow

TweetAttacksPro 4 allows you to follow/unfollow people fully automatically. You can search people
via keyword, import people from files and follow other people's followers. You can set the number
you want to follow/unfollow every time, maximum follow/unfollow number per day and interval
time etc...


Social Quant is a Twitter Growth service that enables companies to maximize their website traffic
and relevant follower reach from social media initiatives on ...



We’ll get YOU targeted relevant Twitter followers who are ready to do business with you.


Statusbrew helps you track your followers, followings, fans, mutual followback, non followers etc.
Schedule tweets, pictures on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


The Algorithm That Is Changing Marketing

Cisco, HubSpot and Impact Radius use BrightInfo to increase their website conversions by up to

Real Time Personalization Engine

From B2C to B2B companies, from professional publications to global magazines.

BrightInfo's self-learning JARGON™ algorithm analyzes your website pages and learns your content
assets. When visitors arrive to your website, JARGON™ tracks individual behavior, considers it
against crowd behavior, and presents each visitor with the most relevant content from your existing
content pool - all in real time, all fully automated.


IBM Outthink – Watson is the platform for cognitive business


best linkedin marketing plugin

Time To Attract New Clients

eLink Pro Does It All For You

Download and let new clients come to you.

#1 LinkedIn Marketing Software.


Social media is your face in the online space.

With Hidy, you can stop the inappropriate comments from damaging your brand image or bother
your followers.


eClincher is all you need for managing your social media presence. It offers intuitive, easy-to-use,
and complete software solution for individuals, marketers, businesses, brands, and agencies.



Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

CAN YOU AFFORD $27.99 / £18.99?


Get 25% Off Our Monthly Plan and 80% Off The Awesome Yearly Plan Today.

Awesome is the 1st page search engine ranking, positioning and social media marketing package for
your website that brings you new customers, with a full refund guarantee and gets your website
seen, heard and placed across the search engines, including Google, Yahoo, MSN Bing, AskJeeves
and many, many more. We want to get you new customers today.


This is Media Intelligence.

Stay on top of billions of real-time editorial, blog, and social media conversations, and extract the
insights you need to understand and drive brand perception for your company.



We’re committed to providing a faster and more meaningful way to discover content.

Easily create a topic by entering specific search queries to generate results that contain only the
content you really care about, all in one place.

Preview content suggestions on easy-to-read cards so you’re spending less time “excavating” and
more time reading and sharing the results that stand out to you.

Filter your results by social influence and credibility so you’re reading and sharing content from the
best sources.

Connect your social profiles to UpContent with Buffer or add an UpContent stream to your
Hootsuite, and seamlessly share content with your friends and followers. “Heart” your favorites so
you can revisit them again.


Customer Support Ticketing Help Desk, Satellite and ITIL/ITSM Service Desk Software

select appropriate customer support help desk software for your business

Don't Just Take Our Words!

evaluate vision helpdesk without spending a dime.

Trusted by 8000+ companies

join the list of awesome customers

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Cognitive customer engagement

Watson Virtual Agent

Help your customers help themselves. Provide them with instantaneous, personalized support -
wherever and whenever they need it.

Starting at $265.00 USD per month per subscription

Pre-trained Industry & Domain Knowledge

Watson Virtual Agent already understands many of the conversations that your customer wants to
have because it comes pre-trained with industry and domain content.





Social media has become the new cyber battleground, presenting one of the largest and most
dynamic risks to organizational security in decades. Modern attackers leverage the scale, trusted
nature, and anonymity of social media to launch a new breed of highly-effective attacks, ranging
from targeted phishing campaigns and impersonations to customer fraud and account hijacking.


Check if you have an account that has been compromised in a data breach

Find out if a password hack has exposed your password online.

We have the most comprehensive database of breached credentials such as email addresses,
usernames, passwords, and social media accounts.


Download Meshfire Now

Get Meshfire, the only social media management platform powered by artificial intelligence. Spend
less time managing social media and more time building valuable relationships and communities.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Build a company your customers love.

Help Scout makes customer support tools that keep customers happy as you grow.

Make every customer support interaction more human & more helpful.

Trusted by 7,000+ businesses in over 140 countries


The Net Promoter Score is an index ranging from -100 to 100 that measures the willingness of
customers to recommend a company's products or services to others. It is used as a proxy for
gauging the customer's overall satisfaction with a company's product or service and the customer's
loyalty to the brand.


Don't understand Twitter? Neither do we. Find customers there anyway…

Get New Clients

Qureet uses Twitter to deliver new customer prospects direct to your email inbox. It learns about
your products so it can find the right people. Even if you've never used Twitter before, it can provide
lucrative sales every day. Let Qureet do the heavy-lifting for you. More benefits:

Keep leads by profile-keyword(s)

Drop leads by profile-keyword(s

Realtime Email Alerts

Monitoring your Twitter timelines, lists and columns in Tweet-Deck is attention-sapping and gives
noisy results. You can't possibly catch all the hot leads. How about getting real-time email alerts
about tweets from people looking for your exact product? Look no further. Other advantages:

Filter leads by location

Authority-Score © for each lead

Three Easy Steps

1) Sign in via Twitter

2) Add your email address

3) Enter keywords about your product/service.

A Qureet employee will optimize Qureet for your specific products (may take 1-2 days). Twitter is
then monitored 24x7. New leads are emailed to you in realtime!

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Yusp is a self-service

recommender system that aims to bring

Gravity's machine learning power

to SMEs.


The Artificial Intelligence that reads science

Search with Abstract

Provide Iris with the URL to any research paper abstract. She will read it and extract the key

Navigate topics

She presents the concepts in a visual manner, allowing you to navigate the topic across disciplines.

Explore papers

For each of the topics, Iris has fetched relevant papers from more that 30M Open Access papers.


Find & measure all the conversations happening around your brand, business or products

The easiest way to monitor your online performance


Managing Feedback Has Never Been Easier

Wantoo is a simple, powerful cloud-based platform that makes it easy to listen, analyze, and act on
feedback from your team, your customers or anyone else. Set it up in seconds.

Our customer feedback platform adapts to fit your needs, whether you’re a marketer working on
customer engagement and feedback, a tech company building a new application, or a retail
enterprise launching an ad campaign.


Create your content in PullString Author, the industry's most powerful conversation authoring

As big an audience as you want.

Deploy your content across platforms like Messenger, Skype, Slack, and others.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Take advantage of each platform's unique capabilities or build your own text and audio applications
with the PullString Web API.


Customer Centric

Designed around the most important thing in your business

Exceptional customer relationships begin with a platform that treats them like people instead of
tickets. Our timeline gives you a fully interactive, 360° view of what each of them is doing, their
history and interactions with your company. This complete picture gives you more context so that
you can provide service that is more personal and effective.


Emotify is Free to Use on your Website

Emotify is free of any cost during the beta period and you have full access to all of its features. We
are working on a transparent and flexible pricing model suitable for all sizes of websites.



Smart reaction and re-engagement tool for web publishers, news websites and blogs

Add a Sentiment Layer to Your Website

Let your audience express how they feel. Connect with your audience's emotions and

engage them better with your website and content.



Grow your business through better customer service with a unified customer service platform.

Unlike traditional helpdesk software, Kayako unifies your channels, customer information, and
teams around creating context and supporting customers where they are.


Social Media Protection

Product Suite

Eliminate brand, security, and compliance risks that stand in the way of your social media success

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Increase Mobile Revenue and Engagement

See exactly what your mobile users see, quickly identify display issues, monitor metrics by device,
and optimize the mobile customer experience.

Enter any URL to see how it displays across actual phones and tablets


Shaming on the Internet and Social Networks – the Business Aspect


Grow Your Twitter Business Account With Our AI-Powered Growth Platform

© 2015 by Catch App Ltd..

Contact us:

Built by a team of experts our content-based growth platform uses artifical intelligence to identify
relevant audiences, and grow your audience and reach by sharing high-quality, trending content

GetGrowth's AI is already powering thousands of accounts, and already gained more than 1 Million
followers for its customers.


About Docz

Docz is an online community for those affected by mental health issues and the people who care
about them.

Docz is an active, real-time, mobile community where you can ask questions or give advice to people
just like you. Browse expert-verified answers. And best of all…it’s completely anonymous and free.


Create an awesome support center

Generate a beautiful FAQ & help site in minutes. Your users deserve it.

A support site with your FAQs and knowledge base.

It's beautiful, mobile-friendly, and searchable so your customers can find answers fast.

A smart contact form that auto-suggests articles as someone types their message.

Users get their questions answered faster and support agents save time.

A super easy-to-use admin interface to create knowledge base articles with ease.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Populate your help site with answers to common questions and other helpful information. Our
hosted knowledge base software takes care of the rest.


Connect with your customers using

Facebook Messenger

See the upcoming feature in LiveChat

Don’t make your support agents switch the apps to answer your customers. Gather all chats in
LiveChat and handle them all more effectively. Talk with your customers within their Facebook chat
and use this opportunity to convert them.



The #1 way to build an audience on your website

Disqus offers the best add-on tools for websites to increase engagement. We help publishers power
online discussions with comments and earn revenue with native advertising.


Social media advertising is time consuming and confusing with so many networks.

Beautiful and Easy Tools for a Busy Business.

Use drag and drop to create your next social media advertising sales funnel.


Social Media Customer Service: 15 Support Pros Share Their Best Advice For Getting Started


Makes Creating Your Social Content Easy


Start gaining more engagement and followers on your social media pages. Designed for small to
medium sized businesses.

Find Engaging Content, Schedule Posts, and Monitor Insights


Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Never Leave Your Website without Chat Agents!

DeskMoz Provides 24x7 Live Chat Agents for Your Website. Start 10 Days Free Trial (No Credit Card

Every visit to your website is an opportunity to create a sale and delight your existing customers with
personal online customer service. Whether your website is from Australia, United Kingdom or USA,
by working with DeskMoz, your website never sleeps. Someone is always there to convert visitors
into customers and create growth for your organization.


Turn your manually-generated reports into automated spreadsheet intelligence

Once these reports are configured, you can have the information dynamically populate based on
whichever variables you choose to track


Business Networking for Teams

You know what’s better than your network? Your team’s network!




PR is an expensive, complex industry.

For too long, it has been considered inaccessible to the masses.

Our free platform provides a wealth of resources. Now anyone regardless of background can secure
meaningful media coverage.

Get your business the attention it deserves.

So what are you waiting for?

Let's get you media coverage


Get the full customer picture

A multi-channel helpdesk integrated with your back-office

Is your team constantly switching between your helpdesk and your back-office to look up customer

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Gorgias connects with your back-office to show the profile of the customer. You can see orders,
recent payments, and anything else you need.


Diggernaut : Covering all sides of data scraping, extraction and collection

Imagine spending hours a day manually collecting data from websites you need. It's very
cumbersome and time consuming. With Diggernaut, you can speed up the data collection process a
thousand times and save time to do more important tasks. Our tiny diggers can do web scraping on
your behalf and get data from websites for you. Just leave it up to Diggernaut to get your job done.


The most easy-to-use Web & Social Media Monitoring helps you find what everyone is saying about
your brand! Try for Free:




Save time and increase fan involvement with location focused, straightforward actionable analytics,
and all-in-one Intelligent Publishing plaform.


Build, engage, and monetize your online audience

A set of tools to easily measure and grow your online footprint - no PhD needed

Helping thousands of happy clients grow and understand their audience




Insights to Action ... Before Anyone Else.

Apply all the data and knowledge from the social web to each area of your business,

so you can make smarter, faster, and more informed decisions.


Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Join the Conversation

Connect with Key Influencers

Reach out to journalists, analysts, and social media influencers who have recently written about the
topics you care about.




Best Social Media Monitoring Software


Social Media Monitoring Without the Hassle

Easy to use, and starts at just $97 a month!

You don’t have time for complicated social media monitoring tools. With Trackur, you can view
executive dashboards or dive deeper into mentions about your brand.



We've got your back - with social media monitoring services that

never sleep

24/7 social risk defense that’s always on, dead-accurate and without the fat agency fee


Analytics in minutes

Data analysis and visualization built for you. Analyze your data easily and on your own without
downloading software.


Know what matters and when

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Listen plugs you straight into what’s being discussed or posted to social networks and online sites
and media outlets. Empowered with this knowledge you can proactively serve customers, identify
opportunities and influencers, and jump on brand image issues.


The World's

Most Stunning

Social Media Marketing Suite.

Stunning Social Media Visualizations

Real-time data visualizations are what set NUVI apart. Beautiful, insightful, data-driven designs will
fuel your strategy and guide your decision-making process. Our visualizations are designed to
provide actionable insights as quickly as possible to key decision makers.


Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

Social Media Monitoring Tools


Advanced Social Media Analytics

Extract more insights from social data with Brandwatch Analytics.

Powerful. Customizable. Easy-to-use.

Need to undertake deep social analysis?

No problem. Brandwatch Analytics comes packed with features that make social analytics easy work.


How does Clarabridge power social listening?

Clarabridge enables companies to listen to all social data sources, gathering and analyzing customer
data from any social media source and any online review site, including Facebook, Twitter,
TripAdvisor, and, among many others. Clarabridge also integrates data from social CRM
tools and social media monitoring software such as Sysomos, Radian6, and many more for a
comprehensive view.

Clarabridge helps manage your brand, bringing social intelligence seamlessly into your in-house
social CRM systems, workflow engines, engagement applications, and business intelligence tools.
Through social listening, you can spot opportunities to fix negative experiences or capitalize on
positive ones.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


The Best Way To Achieve

Your Social Media Goals

All the tools you'll ever need to be successful on social media, in one, easy-to-use dashboard. Don't
believe us? Try it for free.




Listen to people talk about your brand & products with SDL Social Media Monitoring

Discover & monitor online conversations that really matter around the world

Listen to your customers’ online conversations around the world and on the web to uncover insights
about your products and brands as well as your competitors – all in real time.


The 25 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools of 2016


Look great when employers,

clients and even dates Google you.

BrandYourself's tools and services empower you to

control what people find when they Google your name.

If your Google results don't shine,

you're losing opportunities.

We have tools and services for everyone.


Our DIY tool will walk you through the process of improving your results.


Monitor You Social Activity, Real Time.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

socialOmeters creates Real-Time dashboards and analytics with data from the most popular social
networks. These information are presented with simple, easy to understand, explorable dashboards.

Calculate Engagement and Sentiment

Engagement and Sentiment are important parts of the analysis to understand how people react to
different topics. Identify the content that performs best and be the first to publish relevant content
for your users and followers.



For those that don't know me, I’m luke maguire, the Aussie with the crazy hair, that's known for his
bad jokes, very extreme sales and training videos (like the one you just watched above) but more
importantly for making many 6-7 figure earners purely through Instagram (which is no doubt the
most profitable untapped social network to be on).

Now what I’m about to share with you here is EXACTLY how I was able to get literally hundreds of
thousands to even millions of real, targeted engaged ORGANIC (yes, free traffic) fans to my SITES
while creating a 5-6 figure a month business from using the fast growing social network Instagram all
from your computer on autopilot.


Change the

way you work

Connect everyone in your company and turn ideas into action. Through group discussion, a
personalised News Feed, and voice and video calling, work together and get more done.

Workplace is an ad-free space, separate from your personal Facebook account.

All kinds of companies use Workplace

Security is core

to our business

Workplace is built on Facebook's powerful systems that keep more than a billion people’s
information secure. While we build and maintain our own infrastructure and tools to safeguard your
data, we also follow third-party industry standards such as those set by the Cloud Security Alliance®.

The NCC Group security assessment report and the Service Organization Control Report® (SOC2) on
our control procedures are available on request. The public SOC3 report is available on our Trust
Center where you'll find more information about our commitment to protecting your data.


Retrieve data and create automatic backups from Google Search Console™ into Google Sheets™

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

What is it?

A Google Sheets add-on that allows you to request and backup data from Webmaster Tools’ / Search
Console’s Search Analytics directly into any spreadsheet.



We turn your content into a years worth of social media updates, pre-filled with quotes from your

Missinglettr monitors your blog 24/7

Each article you publish is automatically turned into a unique drip marketing campaign. All you need
to do is review and then activate it.

Save time whilst increasing your blog's exposure

A years worth of social media updates is automatically sent to your social accounts... leaving you to
get on with the important stuff!

No more forgetting to build habits and keep on top of your blog's marketing. Missinglettr does it all
for you, automatically.


Leverage what your users say about you

Publish your users' quotes on a dedicated page

and link to it from your website


Track your brand, products, key people, competitors and industry

Monitor over 10 million web sites and social networks in real time

Discover trends, influencers, sales leads and potential crises

Award-winning media monitoring tool


More Marketing, Less Managing

Projects is a different kind of productivity tool. One designed to stay out of your way. It’s your guide
only when you need it, connecting you and your team around a set of shared tasks.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Projects is part of HubSpot and connected to all the tools you use for marketing. It’s free, simple and
keeps your team focused, without adding another tool.



Take our free Jumpstart Your Email List class to quickly grow your email list and launch your first


Instagram Analytics & Marketing Tools

The Instagram insights you have always wanted. Monitor engagement,

follower growth, interactions & more.

Social Insight helps brands dive deep to

better understand their followers.


Consolidated cost for cloud apps

UNUBO takes billing data of the cloud services you use and puts them onto a simple, dynamic

We’re working hard on UNUBO right now. Things are going well and we aren’t too far away from
launch. Enter your email address to find out when it’s ready, and also benefit from early access.


Your privacy , Our preference

Providing Multi Level Security for Your Digital Life

Most People use the same email and password across sites, If the Intruder gets your credentials
from any data breach,it will leave many of your accounts at risk Enable Two Factor Authentication
(2FA) from AuthPin now.

Even if the intruder get access to your account credentials they cannot access it without entering the
unique OTP (One Time Password) if your account is secured by AuthPin

AuthPin - Providing Multi Level Security for Your Digital Life


Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Having a social presence for you and your brand is an absolute necessity in today’s landscape. We
grow your social presence and acquire industry specific followers for you to engage with. We help
you ensure your message is being heard.


Understand Your Customers Like Never Before with Unified Cases


Add your own message to any page on the web!

Share content, drive traffic

Add a custom call-to-action to every web page that you share. Create branded ads, track clicks &

See what all the fuss is about...

Add a custom call-to-action to every web page that you share. Create branded ads, track clicks &


Meet Your Customers.

Draw real people from data and create brand experiences that drive results.

INSIGHTS HUB Trends, news & case stories.

What’s happening right now on social?

Get inspired by the latest news and ideas, sent to your inbox.


Our crawler-based brand safety platform transforms hidden data into transparent transactions,
focusing on disclosing intermediaries and fraudulent staging websites that are serving ads on
unsavory sites- see exactly how and where your ads are being displayed. We can help protect your
online reputation.


Set and Track Your Company's OKR

Goals & Accelerate Your Results

Use Atiim's Pulse OKR™ to create clarity and focus, improve alignment, and accelerate results.
Outperform your industry by 450%!

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Your company's performance is directly linked to the performance of your teams. Top companies
have an effective goal-setting process.


Jot down your daily hacking endeavors.

The Notebook App for Markdown Lovers


Easiest, Most Effective Instagram Automation Service

Get real Instagram followers. Automatically like, comment, follow, and unfollow your target
audience. No download required.



The Solution to Corporate Gifting.

Alyce researches your recipients and tells you the perfect time and gift to give, all for free. Lame gifts
don’t build critical business relationships.


AI-Enhanced Customer Service

Let artificial intelligence resolve your customers’ frequently asked questions in seconds, not days.


Zento is a simple, intuitive, cloud-based application that replaces analog, outdated methods of
settling employee expense claims.

Our goal is to help organizations of all sizes expedite and simplify the otherwise cumbersome and
inefficient process of gathering and processing employee expense claims.


Product Management Journal

Our free Journal is for product managers and product marketers with technology-based products.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Read by over 10,000 product managers and marketers, each journal covers an important product
management or product marketing topic. Here you’ll find journal contents and sample product
management journal articles. You can read the whole of our Agile Journal online here.


Embed website screenshots on your site, blog, email or app

Fast, accurate and reliable screenshots as a service


We’ve created a feedback platform centered around 10-second customer feedback surveys
customers complete while they’re visiting your store. Each question is based on years of market
research experience and is designed to help pinpoint what your customers love about your business,
and where there's room for improvement.


The fastest way to collect feedback from customers

All the tools you need to find out what your customers are thinking, who they are and why they
behave as they do. On your website and via email.

Our Customers love us

In 2015 our Customers collected over 5 million responses. According to G2 Crowd and our
Customers reviews Survicate was rated 4.8 out of 5 stars, becoming one of the best insights tools
available on the market.


Turn your sales team into social selling stars, increasing sales and powering your brand

Bridge the gap between marketing and sales through SoAmpli, the best employee advocacy platform
for social selling.

We help you efficiently share social media content with your team, managing and controlling the
process throughout.


Get a Free Social Media

Embed Report Card

Find out how many social media posts are embedded on your site.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Get the full breakdown of which social platforms are most prevalent on your site.

Find out if you have broken or decayed embeds on your site.


Promote your business

by posting on the social profiles

of your staff and fans

Reach the thousands of contacts your staff and fans have on social networks.

With Endorser it's easy.


meet your new white label seo team & platform

Our white label program under your brand gives you the platform to grow your agency. Outsource
your SEO, SEM, Web Design, Social Media, Link Building and more…

We’ve got a variety of Digital Marketing products for your clients.

Private label SEO solutions that fit any size agency

Our wholesale rates support your business goals and give your clients more bang for their buck.

White Label SEO vs Outsourcing SEO

So you tried to outsource your clients’ work to different providers and freelancers but were not
happy with the results. This is where our dedicated platform comes in to make a difference and
provide the best value for your SEO outsourcing needs. We take responsibility for results so you can
be accountable for your client’s spend while paying us wholesale rates.

With our program, you don’t just task us with receiving and returning work for your clients. We
become an extension of your agency by thoroughly knowing your client’s voice and their digital
needs. We operate as more than just an outsourcing vendor; we’re a white labelled partner.


A management app for Consultancies|

A Complete workflow management tool for agencies and consultancies

to manage sales leads, invoices and receivables.

You’ll be able to manage your client’s journey all the way from getting them as a lead, to closing the
sale, delivering the project & getting paid. This helps save a lot of time & money. You won’t have to
switch from application to application for every single process.

The Ultimate tool to manage Leads, Projects & Billing

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Most businesses do not need a tool to manage their customers,

they need a tool to turn their prospects INTO customers!

You Don't Need a CRM! is an incredibly simple and efficient web based software built for your sales

It helps them track and close their deals without spending hours filling out forms.

It's all about leads. Copy & paste information from a spreadsheet or upload a business card! That's
it! You have a lead, you can start working.

You Don't Need a CRM! keeps you in touch with your prospects at the key moments of the customer
relation process, taking away the risk of missing an important opportunity!


Always with you.

With Accompany, you’ll walk in remembering the email you exchanged a year ago, the daughter that
just started seventh grade, and the big speech they gave last week. We scour the entire web, pull
together all the info you need, and deliver it to you in one, single tap.

Prepare and conquer.

For every meeting, we'll put a face and a briefing to each name on the invite list. Our algorithm
organizes attendees in order of importance, so you'll know the most critical people before you walk
through the door.

What’s what about who’s who.

Tap on anyone's face for instant access to your shared email history as well as a thorough account of
their latest tweets, news articles, and speaking engagements. Being prepared doesn’t mean waking
up early or skipping the gym to do research.


Are you interested in social media content? Would you like to know what type of content is widely
shared on Facebook? What stories go viral?

You can instantly analyse any specific topic or hashtag. Track content based on keywords and be
inspired by our data-driven content suggestions.

Every day millions of publishers create content with only one goal: viral distribution. With our
system you detect viral stories at an early stage!


Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

A messaging app that allows your business to

Go wherever your customers are.

The future of customer engagement has arrived.

Create chatbots and deliver delightful sales & support experiences - all from one place.

A Customer Messaging Platform For The 21st Century & Beyond

We integrate with the tools you know and love.

Connect with the most popular apps and services - making your workflow more efficient and
allowing you to do more with your customer data.


Fast, Simple Visitor Feedback

Improve your website, product or feature by measuring your visitors' satisfaction. Listen and get
feedback from your most vocal customers.

Crowdsource ideas from your visitors and build a better product.

Improve funnel conversion by finding out why people are opting out. Simple improvements may lead
to huge gains.


Save, Activate, and Share any link in your inbox

Any link you have received via email is automatically saved securely with Gus


What Curation Suite™ Customers Are Saying…

"I've been using Curation Suite and the Listening Engine for about 6 months now, and love how easy
and complete this tool is. With a few clicks of the mouse, I can curate dozens of interesting articles,
and each curation result comes complete with all the pictures, text and social media embeds.
***Highly recommended!***"

The Curation Suite™ sidebar sits right within your posts editor of WordPress waiting to help you
discover, cite, and publish content.

Find and Curate Content From the Top Sources

Quickly discover content to curate right within your WordPress dashboard by using Curation Suite's
built in search. Using this highly intuitive search you will be able to discover and curate content from
the following sources…

Discover Trending and Top Content for Any Market or Niche

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Introducing the Listening Engine. A simple but advanced content discovery addon for Curation

The Listening Engine delivers top quality content right to your WordPress dashboard. And the best
part is that you don’t have to spend hours setting it up, our expert team fine tunes the Listening
Engine specifically for you and your market.


Is A Social Media Monitoring Tool For Parents To Help Them Keep Watch Over The Social Networks
Their Kids Use.

Net Nanny Social ensures social media safety by protecting kids from online threats and monitoring
activities related to cyberbullying, sexual predators, privacy concerns, and reputation-damaging
pictures or videos. Net Nanny Social has a web-based, easy-to-use dashboard, and monitors the
social networks kids use, regardless of the child’s device or Internet access point (3G/4G, Wi-Fi,
home network, or hotspot).


Lock down your social media with essential security add-ons



Proofpoint Social Media Protection (formerly Nexgate) is a cloud-based service that lets you
discover, monitor, and protect your brand’s accounts across all the major social networks, including
Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Our patent-pending technology addresses the growing challenge of social media security and
compliance. As you invest heavily in social media, it’s imperative that you protect your social
account from hacks, malicious content, rogue employees, SPAM and other threats, just like you do
with all of your other communications tools like email and IM. However, instead of using a
traditional hardware gateway or software solution, Proofpoint Social Media Protection solutions is a
100% cloud-based social media tool that seamlessly integrates with your social media accounts to
reduce risk, protect your brand, and ensure regulatory compliance.



In today's fast-paced environment, it is vital to understand social media as it relates to incidents,

threats, and disruptions that can impact global organization's people, supply chains, brands, and

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Our real-time, location-based intelligence platform enables the world's largest corporations to
predict, analyze and act on social media data to protect assets, secure facilities and strengthen
business continuity plans. Protecting your business and people means being there – no matter
where you are.


Fear of Facebook: 7 free apps that guard your privacy

If you're a Facebook user and want to make sure your personal data is secure, these apps can help.


Digital Risk Intelligence

Protecting people, places, and brands with the most advanced digital risk monitoring in the industry.

“Many S&R (and marketing) pros remain naïve about serious risks in their organization’s digital
presence, because they believe their existing social media monitoring or cyberthreat intelligence
(CTI) tools will detect them. That notion, however, is increasingly misguided…”


Really Brilliant DIY Media Analysis

Whether you are the communications head-honcho, working for a slick PR agency, or a lone PR
ranger forced to work on a kitchen table, this sparkling new media analysis product is invaluable.
Seriously, it's genius.

It's easy peasy to use and it's fast as lightning. The media database is unbelievably comprehensive
and ever expanding like the universe. The reports look great, and you are in complete control


To protect you and your growing child, here is a list of mobile apps, social monitoring software,
Internet browsers, and other Web-based products to prevent cyberbullying on computers and cell


Actionable Social Insights

Understand Your Audience. Turn Insights into Results.

What are you interested in?

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

To view demographic and usage data for any social account or hashtag, enter it below.

If you want to check out what’s trending or see a report for one of the top brands, sign up for a free
14-day trial.


Welcome Product Hunters!

Meet Helpy. Revolutionary open-source helpdesk software for increased customer happiness.

Helpy gives you an integrated support center, with a focus on helping your customers help
themselves first. It includes everything you need to build a great support website:

A great experience from request to resolution.


Idea Spotlight is a cloud-based platform aimed at building a community of innovators, and bringing
idea creators together to solve business challenges


Start building strong relationships

with your customers

Open source Zendesk alternative

Make your customers happy.

We'll give you the tool you need

Personalized and quick answers will satisfy your customers. With Zammad you can manage and
organize your team and your tickets to make your customer support draw a smile on your customers


AI Promo

Our Artificial Intelligence model takes care of your online presence by letting you select topics,
schedule your updates, and engage with your professional social network


Measure your team's motivation,

performance & satisfaction in real time

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Digital Advertising On Autopilot

Track User Events, Attribute Conversions, And Automate Ad Operations

Automate day-to-day ad management tasks like bid optimization, A/B testing, keyword sourcing, and
ad rotation with our performance-driven Automation Systems.



Continuous Feedback Between


Impraise is a great tool and reduces the threshold for people to give feedback.


Increase your social media traffic by reposting your most successful content, forever

Get your content analyzed by an intelligent agent and reposted automatically on social networks
when it has most chance to resonate. Your exposure lasts forever.


Boost Your Instagram Page

Automate your engagement and grow your following


ezFlow is a business process management and automation platform designed for any size or
segment companies or individuals.

With ezFlow's business process management you’ll have a deep view of your workflows and may
continuously improving your team’s performance.


Your cloud application is beautiful and unique like a snowflake. There are tons of ways to deploy it
and we'll help you find the best one. Carefully chosen from a wide variety of cloud providers to give
your application the stage it deserves. With maximum performance and the lowest costs.

Know what your application will cost in production with

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

The Cloud Stove


Managing Customer Registration Has Never Been So Easy.

LoginRadius manages your website registration process, keeps your customer data secure, and
integrates seamlessly with your other business tools.


Work Better. Together

Unito syncs your project management tools

so no one is left out of the loop


J2TeaM Security

A browser extension to protect you from phishing and malware websites with real-time protection



Help us reach one million supporters before the end of 2016 and become the owner of your virtual


Authentic Influencer Relationships

Customers TRUST content from influencers to INFORM buying decisions. Lumanu makes it easy to
find and engage with the RIGHT influencers.


We created a simpler way to incorporate your company,

manage your shareholders and govern your board.

Incorporate fully online in Singapore, Hong Kong and the U.K.

Get a dashboard for your company that lets you do everything online.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Find Instagram users near your business so you can get relevant followers

Free tool that finds Instagram users tagged near an address




Harness the power of well-organized competitor statistics including their send-out times, product
strategies and newsletter designs.



Put fan acquisition and engagement on autopilot

Lasso helps you acquire new fans and customers from anywhere on the web.


The smartest way to source qualified leads on LinkedIn.

Steam Engine automates an effective technique people use to generate leads on LinkedIn.


Dashboard helps you connect with your audience and keep up with Twitter.

Stay informed by creating a channel for everything you’re interested in. You can make feeds to
follow lists, people, hashtags, or topics and get the whole picture every time you open Dashboard.
Find out what’s being said about you, what’s going on in your industry, and keep an eye on the


Cyber Security Base with F-Secure is a free course series by University of Helsinki in collaboration
with F-Secure Cyber Security Academy that focuses on building core knowledge and abilities related
to the work of a cyber security professional.

About the Course Series

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

The course series consists of multiple smaller courses, each with a specific theme. Themes include a
brief introduction to cyber security, operational security, web software development, types of
vulnerabilities typical of web software, discovery and mitigation of such vulnerabilities, and
advanced topics such as secure software architectures and cryptography. There will be several case
studies as well as projects for participants. At the end of the course series, we'll also organize a
friendly competition where participants get to find and fix vulnerabilities within a limited timeframe.

New material and content will be released as the courses progress. Next week, we'll release the first
parts of the Securing Software course.

Leave us your email and we will send you updates about Cyber Security Base with F‑Secure.



Outfit your team with T-Shirt TV® apparel and cut through the clutter.


Save videos from Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, and more.

Free Chrome Extension to save and edit videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vine, Twitter, and more!
Watch videos you've saved, edit out the unwanted parts, organize them into collections. No
download, or conversion. Videos are online, so watch your clips from anywhere. Free extension tool,
free service, forever.

Never lose another video again. Save them to Eclips.


Introducing Torus

A secure, shared workspace for secrets


How strong is your brand?

Everyone has a website. But not all of them are OnBrand. Is yours? Let’s find out.


User Experience Revolution

A practical battle plan for placing the user at the heart of your business.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz




Manage Team Work

Project Management • Issue Tracker • Message Collaboration

It is like Google Analytics for your Work!, Visualize your Teams's performance with TaskMail and
make better business decisions


The Evolution of Project Management,

Time Billing & Group Collaboration!

Give your team the intelligence they need to manage projects like they were an owner.

...yes, of course we have that, but GroupThinq is much more than traditional project management
software. It's an online tool your entire team uses every day to transform the way they run projects,
manage their time and work together. It's also a way to connect your team to real-time project data;
making them infinitely smarter and more accountable for their time.


The Best Selling CRM for Public Relations

Improve Results. Gain Insight. Prove Value.

IrisPR is The #1 PR Performance Software

It's time to shine light into the black box of PR, and gain the insight and control you need to
measure, improve, and scale what works.

Spend less time reviewing activity reports, and more time using real data to drive PR strategy. Get
total visibility into your PR performance so you can get more, better wins. Unquestionably prove

Welcome to the modern world of PR. Now you see.


A B2B Demand Generation System for the Social Era

See how Socedo can help you discover, engage and qualify prospects through social media to
increase revenue at scale.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Edgar doubles your traffic.

Edgar isn’t just another social media tool – he’s a smart scheduler who fundamentally changes the
way social traffic works. He gives your best content new life, never runs out of things to say, and is
absolute aces at Double Dutch.


Introduction to Cyber Security

Our lives depend on online services. Gain essential cyber security knowledge and skills, to help
protect your digital life.



Behavioral analytics for your entire organization

Amplitude is a web and mobile analytics platform that allows you to understand what your users are
doing with your product across all platforms on web and mo…


Do the right thing at the right time

Achieving goals is simple: right things at the right time and place. LifeTracker just knows when to
remind you about them.


AI-based to-do tool to do the right things at the right time


Faster Marketing Content Flow

Zest is a Chrome New Tab page which brings excellent marketing things to your Chrome tab.

It's a bull$hit-free zone for pro marketers to get inspired by the freshest, most in-depth marketing

* By Marketers, For Marketers: Zests are collected by people you trust. We get you

* Easy Discovery: Zest automatically updates with the freshest marketing stuff every time you open a
new tab in Chrome. Easy

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

* Inspire Us & Others: Send over your best reads and writes individually, or package them together
to make a Bundle


Organize your network. Keep in touch.

Don't let your network go to waste in your inbox

Meet Mila, a clever bot that sorts everyone you meet into lists and syncs them to your marketing
and sales tools.

Mila takes care of contacts,

so you can get back to business


Copilot.AI Logo

Always Able to Help

Copilot AI helps you during live chats.

When you're away, Copilot AI answers by itself.


PR Software Tools to Make Your Content More Visible.

Prowly is a set of PR software tools designed to help you build audiences around companies, brands
and people.

Our intuitive PR tools make it easier to manage media relations, create great content and pitch your
stories to relevant audiences. No matter whether you’re a freelancer or a big agency, working alone
or in a team, Prowly will make your content more visible. How? See below.


On Demand Business Advice for Entrepreneurs

Relayy matches small businesses with experts and advisors for free 1-on-1 business advice.

Matching entrepreneurs to business experts with a wealth of experience from firms including:

No Strings Attached Business Advice

Ask questions privately. Get matched to vetted experts. Quick conversations specific to your
business—without sharing personal contact information.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Your space is any space. Every space. You don’t have to have an office, you just need a desk. (And
coffee. Always coffee.) But that space isn’t just about yourself, it’s about your business; about
others. Advertising, collaboration, brainstorming - where does all that happen in your space? You
need something more than just digital space, you need a white space.

Let's DrawAttention.

Slap this on your laptop lid (or anywhere, for that matter), and you’ve turned that blank space into
everything you need right now and more: a billboard, a white board, a scratch pad, and an invitation.
It’s the perfect solution:

Low power, sustainable display technology

Infinite font and color support

Leverages enterprise best practices found in every office in the world

Connect multiple spaces together wirelessly (although it works best when they’re pushed together)


5 Instagram Tools for Marketers


What is Spin Labs?

We have trialled and tested a new, methodical and immensely powerful approach to Instagram
growth and engagement. What would you say if we could promise you a bare minimum 2000
relevant, engaged and targeted followers per month? Working with Spin Labs you can achieve
exactly that.

There are no bots or tools involved, this is a refined technique that will take your Instagram account
to the next level for your business. Have we got your attention? Good, because there is more…


Create powerful and well prepared workforces by letting users explore data by themselves and
giving instant and updated information anywhere, anytime.

Create data-driven organizations

A new generation of Business Intelligence

Wizdee is a fundamentally different approach to Business Intelligence. With Wizdee you explore
data from multiple sources using everyday language. Just enter your queries in a search box to
analyze your business data and get instant visual answers.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Free Question and Answer Board for Your Community


Social Apps Match is a simple, easy-to-use directory of business applications. In just a few minutes
you will learn how to create an engaging and viral online business.


Join the thousands of businesses who use Send Social Media Dashboard to automate content,
engage with customers, measure results and monitor their brand across 30+ social media channels
at once.




We recommend your content on the web's largest and most respected media properties, including
CNN, People and ESPN. And we capture your target audience’s attention to drive better results for
your business.


Scenario selects effective persuasion tactics based on your audience and context, which you can
then easily implement on your website - without coding.

Powered by Tech. Perfected by Experts.

Our neuromarketing experts have identified 158 powerful persuasion tactics so far (with new ones
frequently added) to take the guesswork out of conversion optimisation, so you can get the most
from your website.


Robust Language Understanding

Robust natural language understanding is the brain of any chatbot. Our neural network powered
machine learning model provides an interactive interface to build your language understanding
service from ground up. It learns from your input and generalizes to unseen data.


Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

No wires. No hardware. No telephone engineers. Communicate with your customers via phone, text
& email all in one place and increase customer loyalty and analyse the experience.

The most complete solution for communicating with contacts.

Inbound & outbound calls, Email marketing & text messages. Configure your contact centre within
minutes and start monitoring the communication experience to gain insight, track your customers
journey and assess your delivery.


Engage, motivate, and celebrate your team.

Hoopla's platform engages your employees by pulling performance data from the applications you
already use and broadcasting live updates on big-screen TVs, the web, and mobile devices.

Keep everyone aligned, no matter the size, location, or focus of your company.


Your business SaaS directory

Discover, search and add new business subscriptions


Discover The Best Headlines For Your Content

HeadlinesAI Displays The Past Performance Of Headlines From Similar Text Replace your A/B testing
with HeadlinesAI

Simple To Use 1 Input your text into HeadlinesAI 2 Our artificial intelligence finds similar content to
inputted text 3 HeadlinesAI shows you the performance of similar articles on Facebook 4 You
decide what headlines would work best for your audience


mailTo Killer

This extension helps you copy the email address of mailto link in every website

mailTo Killer extension helps you copy the email address of mailto link of every website. So no more
annoying native mail client actions in your computer.

When you click the mailto link in any website a prompt will appear with the email address extracted
from the mailto link. You can copy it easily and avoid firing the mail client in your computer.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Find Your Next Customer

Mattermark helps deal makers use company data and growth signals to find their ideal customers.

Eliminate Manual CRM Data Entry

Automatically enrich your leads and accounts with company data from Mattermark.








In a world of foggy promises and convoluted commitments the InstantCallers Lead Generation
Program is exactly what your business has been looking for. Untouched. Unfettered. Pure.
InstantCallers doesn't tinker with or manipulate your leads to find the highest bidder. ICI provides
the best opportunity available on the market to get live leads without bidding wars or morning
prayers. No price gouging or lead scalping EVER.


Since Employee Engagement is such a key determinant of business success, we’re here to work with
you to understand how motivated and committed your employees are – and to help you improve
engagement levels. We combine over 15 years’ worth of employee research experience in industry-
leading companies with an in-depth understanding of HR theory and practice. Whether you’re
considering a new employee survey, want to appraise your current engagement strategy or need
help translating data into actionable outcomes our approach is agile, innovative and tailored to your

We’d love to hear from you – do get in touch with us to find out more.


Search Grader by Algolia is a free, self-serve question-and-answer tool for evaluating your website or
product’s current search experience.

In just 5 minutes, we’ll cover three categories that are essential to having a great Search - Speed,
Relevance & User Experience. Your product's evaluation in each area will be given to you in a free
report at the end.

Today, Algolia helps 2,000+ media, eCommerce, SaaS apps & websites build a great Search!

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Stay ahead of your competitors

Access intelligent insights and historical data from you and your competitors.


Person to person text conversations. Forty-eight times more effective than phone calls.

Using Hustle’s easy-to-use iOS, Android, and Web Apps, you can send 16 personal text messages in
the time it would take to make one call.

And, since texting is a far more effective channel for connecting with people today, you’ll get three
times the response rate.

Turn talk into action.

Hustle is the most effective way to get your supporters to show up, take action, and make an impact.


Take two-factor authentication out of your backlog in 10 minutes

Super fast, lightweight implementation

Add a powerful, simple and flexible 2FA verification view to your login flow, without making any DB
changes and just 3 API calls.


Cleeyk changes that

Through a co-operative platform of individuals who use the same services, Cleeyk possesses the
power to negotiate with more influence than you can alone, ensuring a more affordable service for
everybody by passing the savings directly back to you.

How do the same services at 20% cheaper sound?


Zenworkforce is Trying to Change the Employee Documentation Game with Mobile App


We help people in communities make connections and collaborate.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

A tailored news feed, group organisation and instant messaging gives you and your community the
tools to be more productive.

Networking and Collaboration, Reimagined


Like facebook workplace but much cheaper



Nightwatch is a cloud-based search tracker and analytics platform of a new generation. Its core
incentive lies in the experience we have gathered through years of working with some of the most
experienced SEO experts and growth specialists.

Nightwatch strives to dissolve limitations of existing platforms that lack in flexibility and adjustability
when tracking and analyzing big data sets.


Lookback Live

Perform real-time remote user research. Communicate directly with users – see what they see and
get their reactions. Test anywhere on laptops and mobile devices – no cables or cameras required.

Talk with your participant

Ask questions, get candid responses, and see participant reactions.

Invite the team to observe

Share the research. Invite colleagues and stakeholders to watch interviews in real-time. In-house or

Share the Live session with your team with just a link

Collaborative note-taking

Notes are saved on a resulting recording

Learn about Observer roles

*Inviting observers to a Live session is currently limited to desktop projects.


Perfect web tools, just for you

Private sales on the best tools & resources for startups

Previously on SaaS Invaders

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Every week, discover a selection of 2 Web tools with amazing discount.

Our community loves us

You want to discover great WebTools?

Join our community!


Complete visibility across your dynamic infrastructure.

Get a precise picture of your dynamically changing systems. New Relic Infrastructure delivers real-
time health metrics correlated with recent configuration changes, so you can quickly resolve issues,
scale rapidly, and deploy intelligently.



I’m Visabot, the first immigration robot powered by artificial intelligence

What I can

I do O-1 visa and B-2 extension now. Other visas coming soon, I learn fast

Immigration attorney 2.0

Inspired by U.S. top immigration lawyers to deliver the results no lawyer can match

I pull all relevant open data about you

Leave the routine to me, I’m not human, I don’t mind


List Builder 3 converts one-time visitors into lifelong readers and customers. Create professional-
looking pop-ups that appear on clicks, timers and before people leave! With advanced drag-and-
drop functionality, this is the most advanced (yet easiest to use) email capture tool on the internet.

Catch Your Visitors At The Best Moment

Time your popup to show to your most engaged visitors. Or, use List Builder 3’s Smart Mode
technology to show a popup the precise moment before a visitor leaves.


Meet the world's most collaborative online whiteboard.

Everything you need to collaborate in real-time.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Work faster and better by collaborating in real-time. Seamlessly collaborate in meetings and discuss
ideas with stakeholders.


Search Millions of Emails from over 50,000 Brands


Brandwatch Analytics

An enterprise social intelligence platform that helps brands extract business-changing insights from
social conversations.

Find more answers in social data

Add context to the billions of conversations happening online every day. Brandwatch Analytics tells
you more about the opinions, trends and people impacting your business.


We power the IoT with the simplest communication solutions.

We have a dream

Imagine a world where things can communicate with us

The internet of things will transform our lives in the next 25 years. Driven by simplicity we unlock the
power of the IoT and give life to the physical world.



GlassFrog is a cloud-based software tool that makes Holacracy transparent and accessible, end-to-


Holacracy is a real-world tested social technology for agile and purposeful organizations. It radically
changes how an organization is structured, how decisions are made, and how power is distributed.


Struggling to manage your professional relationships?

Network Relationship Management

TT can help.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz



In-App & Email Net Promoter Score Survey

Collect customer feedback directly from your website using Net Promoter Score (NPS)

The most effective way to get actionable feedback from your customers.

Use the Net Promoter System® to gain critical insights about your customers, deliver better
experience and improve customer retention.


Use Blockthrough to recover the revenue you’re losing to adblockers

Blockthrough’s patent-pending Accelerated Ad Reinsertion™ (AAR) technology helps publishers

recover revenue lost to adblockers, while solving the problems that drove users to block ads in the
first place.


Create live polls

on Facebook easily

No need to create a web page, download

external software or leave your computer on



Need cyber protection but don’t have big budgets or resources? NetWatcher® is quick to set up and
simple to use—and best of all, affordable.

Managed Cyber Threat Intelligence

Through continuous network security monitoring, NetWatcher serves as a 24/7 watchdog for your
data and network. Our team of cyber security experts monitor your network and provide the
managed security services you need to grow your business.


Only NetWatcher delivers an enterprise-level of defense at an affordable price to defend SMBs.


Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Little Bird has been acquired by Sprinklr!

Today we’re excited to announce that Little Bird is taking the company’s technology and know-how
to its next stage: as a part of Sprinklr, the most complete social media engagement platform for the

Little Bird’s acquisition by Sprinklr will enable us to be part of a story of enterprises shifting toward
scalable learning for competitive advantage: learning about their customers, learning about those
who influence their customers, and learning about important conversations early, thanks to analysis
of data.


A B2B Demand Generation System for the Social Era

See how Socedo can help you discover, engage and qualify prospects through social media to
increase revenue at scale.

A few of our delighted customers

See how Socedo can help you fill your sales funnel with new social leads.

Discover your best prospects on social media

Create meaningful conversations with all of your stakeholders

Qualify your social prospects through an automated workflow

Experiment, learn and create optimized social media experiences

Enhanced lead data for smarter marketing

Integrations with leading CRM and Marketing Automation systems


Find content your audience shares and engages withMillions of crawled blogs, emails and social
channels at your fingertip so you can create content that works

The Ultimate Content Idea Inspiration ToolBlogs · Forums · Twitter · Youtube · Facebook · Instagram ·

All major social channels and emails

searchable in seconds

Powerful content analysis

for instant insights

Spot trends when they arise

Smarter content strategy

for yourself and your clients

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


profanity filter

Profanity Filter & Moderation

Flexible hosting options allow you to choose the package that best fits your needs and company
regulations. Install CleanSpeak on your server or gain instant access via a private cloud hosted and
managed by Inversoft. Filtering profanity has never been this easy.


An amazing and powerful marketing tool

Clex ONE is a physical and interactive counter that displays the number of followers and online
ratings of your business on the most popular social networks in real-time.

Clex ONE is a multiplatform device, so you can simultaneously display several social networks
ratings and followers at the same time.


Screensthot as a service, done right.

Track your competitors now

Capture changes to landing or pricing pages over time. Record their A/B testing.

Save time with automation

Upload a list of websites to monitor, setup a schedule, and watch your screenshots save themselves.

Always have a reference point

Access historical data at any time to track how and why your competitors have been changing their
web presence.

Quick easy and reliable bulk-upload allows you to set and forget. Focus on tasks more important
than manual maintenance and let us take care of you.




Stash of List

curated list of all stash and lists.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz



A simple solution for cold emails.

Promote content, build relationships, and generate leads.

All you need is a Google account.


Your ideas deserve a fair chance to see light...

germ gives your genius just that.

Far too many awesome ideas have died in lost notes and cleaned up whiteboards already. germ lets
you capture every eureka moment just the way it hits you, and take it through to execution.


clean up your existence

Instantly get a list of all your accounts, matched with direct links to delete them.

Privacy and data

Privacy and data security is something we regard as extremely important. In fact, its our number one
focus from beginning to end. Thats why we built it to run on your computer. So basically the only
thing you're telling us is what accounts you want to delete. Thats it, and since we use Googles OAuth
protocol we don't have access to any of your login information.

Welcome to!


Exciting. POWERFUL. Performance-driven.

Hi, we are CampaignTrackly – a top-rated tracking app that makes it super easy to track the success
of every marketing link you share. We help you drive better marketing results in 3 easy steps.

Who is it for: Productivity-driven social media, content, email, and campaign marketers looking to
reduce manual tracking & reporting.



Making web site security easy and fun

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Hardenize is developed by a small team who are passionate about improving the security of the
Internet. Adapting the William Gibson quote, we believe that the future of security is already here,
but it’s not evenly distributed yet. We made it our mission to help organisations and individuals gain
visibility into the security of systems they care about.



Sales Proposals


Writing proposals should be simple.

Now it is. No formatting or spending hours making it look nice.

Just write what you like, type in your pricing and everything else is automatic.

What are the benefits over using

Microsoft Word and InDesign?

Enough control to make it yours.

But not so much that you spend your entire day working on it.


Managers, do you (really) know how your team is doing?

With TeamMood, track the well-being of your team, easily.

Easy as pie.

Team members will receive a daily email, asking for their mood of the day.

One click and you're done! No need to login.

It takes no more than 5 secondes per day.


The 87 Most Essential Tools For Data-Driven Product Management


Why do people make bad decisions? 'Information avoidance' can explain

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Boost your business with innovative tools!

Discounted web applications with a single and without obligation subscription

Why should you use Klapp ?

Klapp is the first platform offering an online tools catalog

with a single, without obligation and affordable subscription.

Manage your business from A to Z

Discover some innovative applications in varied activity domains


Save the words you come across.






Ever looked up a word, only to forget the definition later?

Vocabify remembers the words you look up, then helps you to learn them.

Repeated exposure

Daily Nudges sent to your email inbox help you familiarise yourself with the words that you add.


Better 1-on-1’s with your team

Duuoo helps managers to get the most out of their team members, to keep them inspired and eager
to deliver.

After all, 50% of people leave their manager, not their job.

“Duuoo not only takes care of the administrative process of scheduling meetings and writing down
agreements for future accountability – but it also helps our managers ask the right questions.”

Effective 1-on-1 management


Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Translate problems into solutions with higher chances of solution adoption probability.

Get practical insights into customer situation and decision-making process.

- See more at:


Collect Feedback Like A Boss

You can only get good answers when you ask smart questions.

We help you get actionable feedback from your team.

We'll help you make your team better & stronger

Your company is growing and today, you are 10, 30, 50 or 100. Not all of you are in the same office.
Some of you are spread out across the country, and others across the world.

This makes it extremely difficult for you to know how your staff is feeling or what they are working
on. This is also true for your team.

Your time is precious but your team is equally precious for you. This is why we built FeedbackMeter
to help you and your team become more connected. To do that, we'll ask several questions each
week which will help you discover insights about your team that you didn't know.



Manipulate and visualize data without spreadsheets or code


Create monitoring dashboards directly from:

SQL results, JSON data, command output, health-check results.

Skip the tediousness of writing scripts for traditional monitoring systems. Let the AI do the parsing
and save hours and days of work.

Define alarms in Javascript.


Spacetime helps your distributed team share their work hours with ease.

Spacetime’s Slack bot helps your team keep track of time across countries and continents.

No more math or external tools. Just type /time @username for their local time, location, and

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Emoji next to your name lets your team know whether it's raining 🐱 & 🐶 or a beautiful day.


Developed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Switzerland is an open source software tool for
testing the integrity of data communications over networks, ISPs and firewalls. It will spot IP packets
which are forged or modified between clients, inform you, and give you copies of the modified

EFF is no longer working on pcapdiff, but development continues with the tpcat project.

Pcapdiff is a tool developed by the EFF to compare two packet captures and identify potentially
forged, dropped, or mangled packets.

CoreLabs Information Security Open-Source Tools

Below is an index of open-source tools developed by CoreLabs for the benefit of the IT security
community. Click on any title to get more information and access downloads on the CoreLabs
extranet site.


You Think Your Password Is Secure? Think Again


Using Analytics to Ignite Innovation Among Employees


Everyone Should Probably Read This Cop Privacy Guide


It's official, the Snooper's Charter is becoming law: how the IP Bill will affect you

The Investigatory Powers Bill has been passed by both Houses of Parliament. Once it receives Royal
Assent it will become law


NomNom is the easiest way to search, organize and share all your customer feedback in one place.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Adding customer feedback to NomNom is easy. Upload files with user research straight from Google
Drive, Dropbox and email. Connect your favorite customer feedback tools - Zendesk, Intercom, Desk,
NPS Surveys, App Reviews and more.

Give your team visibility into what your customers are saying everywhere. Help your design,
product, marketing and sales teams work better together. Break the silos, and learn faster from your

Push data and reports to the tools you're already using. NomNom integrates with popular
collaboration tools - Trello, Slack and more.


Stop wasting your team's knowledge

Skore is a simpler, faster and more rewarding way to share information with your team


CamKix Kit for Snapchat

A mobile kit that lets you Snapchat without hands

A tripod and remote to Snapchat hands-free.

Snapchat is awesome so we've built a kit for mobile to make your video stories and dog selfies look
much, much better.


Understand Your Employee

Your employees take a quick online personality test.

Human Touch

Our experts analyze your employee's unique personality profile.

Tailored Recommendations

We provide you with tailored management recommendations, helping you to adopt to individual
emplyee needs.


FlowMotion Smartphone Stabilizer | The End of Shaky Videos

FlowMotion ONE - Capture smooth cinematic videos with your smartphone. Auto-follow tracking,
motion time-lapse, and so much more.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz



AirSelfie is a revolutionary pocket-size flying camera that connects with your smartphone to let you
take boundless HD photos of you, your friends, and your life from the sky. Its turbo fan propellers
can thrust up to 20 meters in the air letting you capture wide, truly original photos and videos on
your device. The anti-vibration shock absorber and 5 MP camera ensure the highest quality images.
And its ultra-light 52g form that slips into a special phone cover and charger means you can keep
AirSelfie on you at all times. Say hello to the future of selfies.


This is 12K FILTER, a collection of algorithmically curated tech newsletters. Subscribe to get one daily
email with the top articles from across the web on all selected topics.


logo avec écrit ""

A new kind of

startup studio.

A collaborative platform which connect unique ideas to a global community of talents to co-develop
digital products that will transform tomorrow.








The First Startup Accelerator in Gaza

GSG was launched with the recognition that consistent access to high-speed fiber internet could
allow Gaza’s highly educated youth to side-step many of the current restrictions on the movement
of people and goods that hamper the Gazan economy.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Founded in 2011 in partnership with Google and the international NGO Mercy Corps, we began by
holding the first Startup Weekends in Gaza and expanding education about tech entrepreneurship.
In 2014, we began working with individual startup founders to grow their businesses outside of Gaza
and to develop our own incubation curriculum. In 2014 and 2015, we facilitated the first venture
investments into Gazan startups.

Today, GSG is the leading co-working space, startup accelerator, and technology education hub in
Gaza. We bring together online freelancers, outsourcers, and startup founders together under one
roof to share ideas, learn, innovate, code, and geek out!




Maximize employee engagement, productivity and culture with automated pulse surveys, deep
insights and real-time employee ideas.


Keep Your Team Focused, Engaged, and Aligned

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and a cluttered inbox.

Managing objectives (OKRs) in 15Five aligns everyone around the highest leverage activities, all in
one place.


Welcome to the Hyper Island toolbox

A resource kit you can use to apply creative collaboration and unleash potential in your team or

HI Toolbox

This is a resource for anyone who wants to do things more creatively and collaboratively in their
team or organization. It’s a collection of methods and activities, based on Hyper Island’s
methodology, that you can start using today.


Make your iPhone

a 360° camera instantly


Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Vue: Your Everyday Smart Glasses

Vue is the world's first pair of smart glasses that are designed for everyday use. Offered in
prescription, plano, and sunglasses.


Online Marketing.


Junto empowers the world’s top freelancers to simplify online marketing for your business. We’ve
squeezed out the inefficiencies of the agency world to focus on the only thing that matters: driving
results. Get started today and discover how our website development and traffic generation
packages have helped companies like yours achieve the unimaginable.

Empowering businesses

with Marketing 2.0

Marketing 2.0 is a new approach to online marketing that is faster, leaner, and more cost-effective
than traditional agency services. By empowering the world’s top freelancers, we're able to offer web
development and traffic generation solutions for companies at a fraction of the traditional agency
price tag. Compare us against the competition and see for yourself.


The Everlast Notebook

One reusable notebook to last the rest of your life? That's not magic. It's the smart paper-and-pen
notebook, Rocketbook Everlast.

The Everlast notebook provides a classic pen and paper experience, yet is built for the digital age.
Although it feels like a traditional notebook, the Everlast is endlessly reusable and connected to all of
your favorite cloud services.

When you write using any pen from the Pilot Frixion line, your writing sticks to Everlast pages like
regular paper. But add a drop of water… and the notebook erases like magic.

The Everlast notebook is compatible with the Rocketbook app. That means before your notes go off
the page they go online to destinations like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Evernote — perfectly



FlypChart helps you prepare and schedule emails, social media posts, webinars, blog posts and ad
campaigns from one easy-to-use calendar interface.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz



Share what you like from the most popular social media networks

Explore a comprehensive feed of the things you like

--- is a personal assistant who schedules meetings for you

Sign up for your free trial

Your AI powered personal assistant for scheduling meetings. You interact with me as you would to
any other person – and I’ll do all the 
tedious email ping pong that comes along with scheduling a

No sign-in, no password, no download, all you do is



Last week, 12,901 people used Logojoy to make a logo.

They chose Logojoy because of how easy it is to make a great logo.

Make a premium logo like these customers did. Using the rated #1 logo maker.

With so many premium fonts, icons and graphics, you'll be able to create a unique logo that
represents your brand and you're proud to share.

"I’m still in shock, but within 5 minutes I had designed my own logo that I absolutely love. I love
saying ‘I made it’ when people ask who did it for me ;)"



9 Incredibly Useful Sales Tools for Startups


Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool

The SEO Spider is a desktop program you can install locally on PC, Mac or Linux which crawls
websites’ links, images, CSS, script and apps to evaluate onsite SEO.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

SEO Spider Tool

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a website crawler, that allows you to crawl websites’ URLs and
fetch key onsite elements to analyse onsite SEO. Download for free, or purchase a licence for
additional advanced features.


Forget your credit card.

Get a new virtual card for every transaction.

Use our desktop browser extension to create and

auto-fill cards on any checkout page.



Grow Your Instagram Community with InstaHeads

What is InstaHeads?

InstaHeads is an ultimate tool to attract your targeted audience and maximize it. Gather the real
people around your brand. Get genuine followers, likes and comments. Be smart. Be ahead with

Unique Features to Boost Your Instagram Account

All functionality is absolutely free to use and will always stay free!

Get FREE Beta Version


Smartphone happy employees the weakest link in workplace security, new research claims

Workplaces are failing to keep pace with employee behaviour, opening enterprises to countless
security threats, a new report has claimed.


Increase Your Clients

Not Your Stress

Rolo is an app that helps you track & follow--up with your clients, vendors & friends. Even if you
have 1000s of clients & make 100s of calls, you’ll remember everything.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


We’ll Grow the ROI of your eCommerce Business

We figure that if sustainable ROI is met,

rapid scale will take care of itself.



The Growth Hacker's Guide to the Galaxy: 100 Proven Growth Hacks for the Digital Marketer Kindle


Free SEO Toolbox by OnCrawl

Use the best free tools for on-page and technical SEO. Tailored for search marketers and SEOs, the
OnCrawl SEO toolbox is divided between business expertises and helps you improve your overall
search performance and rank higher in the SERPs.


SeaLights is the first cloud-based, continuous testing platform

We let you measure any test, in any tool, across all environments. So you have the knowledge you
need to optimize your speed and quality.

Measure functional test code coverage

With SeaLights you can go beyond unit test coverage. Get coverage on your regression and API tests
from the get go.

Centralized build quality dashboard

We let you track all your build quality metrics and test statuses, across all testing tools and
environments, automatically.

Prevent untested code changes from reaching production

SeaLights analyzes changes to your code and alerts you whenever an untested code change has
slipped through. Stop risky code before it’s shipped.

Quality Analytics trends

Ongoing trends into build quality, test quality, code quality, build activity, and test performance.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Find the Best PR Deals

With PayPress, PR agencies and freelancers offer you better deals to get press. Just post a project,
receive bids and choose the best deal. We've just reinvented the way you get press.


Invisible? Incredible.

Coming soon. The Invisible reCAPTCHA.

Tough on bots

Easy on humans

Protect your website from spam and abuse while letting real people pass through with ease

The new reCAPTCHA is here. A significant number of your users can now attest they are human
without having to solve a CAPTCHA. Instead with just a single click they’ll confirm they are not a
robot. We’re calling it the No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA experience.


What is Appointie?

Appointie is an online automated scheduling and reminder system designed for small businesses. It
takes only a few seconds to set up an appointment and reminder for your client. The system is
basically set and forget once integrated and ensures that your clients and staff not forget about their
appointments. Once client and/or staff receives notification, they can click on the link provided to
land on your booking page where they can create, amend and/or confirm appointment.


Don't understand Twitter? Neither do we. Find customers there anyway

Get New Clients

Qureet uses Twitter to deliver new customer prospects direct to your email inbox. It learns about
your products so it can find the right people. Even if you've never used Twitter before, it can provide
lucrative sales every day. Let Qureet do the heavy-lifting for you. More benefits:

Keep leads by profile-keyword(s)

Drop leads by profile-keyword(s)

Realtime Email Alerts

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Monitoring your Twitter timelines, lists and columns in Tweet-Deck is attention-sapping and gives
noisy results. You can't possibly catch all the hot leads. How about getting real-time email alerts
about tweets from people looking for your exact product? Look no further. Other advantages:

Filter leads by location

Authority-Score © for each lead

Three Easy Steps

1) Sign in via Twitter

2) Add your email address

3) Enter keywords about your product/service.

A Qureet employee will optimize Qureet for your specific products (may take 1-2 days). Twitter is
then monitored 24x7. New leads are emailed to you in realtime! describes Qureet as:

"A nifty tool to catch up on your backlog for power users"


Someone in




introduce tells you about the person you are curious about in detail!


Life on Twitter

A simple tool that analyzes your Twitter behavior and perso…


Twitter wall & Instagram stream for your event

Set it up in 30 seconds for free...Yes, free.

Pick your hashtag

Activity Walls

Twitter & Instagram displays for events in under 30 secs

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


A Chrome extension to let you review GitHub, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles with minimal attribution


Displays GitHub, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles with minimal attribution information.

Trying to improve your hiring practices and increase diversity at your workplace? Reduce room for
unconscious bias when reviewing job candidates' online materials.

This extension hides a candidate's profile picture and name when you're looking at their GitHub or
LinkedIn page or their Twitter feed.


More than two decades of research have indicated that despite our best efforts, unconscious bias is
inescapable. But removing room for biases can help. (Auditioning musicians behind a privacy screen,
for instance, is famously credited with increasing the percentage of women musicians in orchestras
from 5 percent to 25 percent since the 1970s. Source:

More info:


Meet the one app for team email and chat.


sento | Thousands of Tweets Analyzed for Sentiment and Meaning in the Blink of an Eye

Cutting-edge big data processing meets semantic analysis. And they lived happily ever after.

We've got science on our side

Semantic science powers sento

Years of research in Natural Language Processing, semantic analysis and influence measurement
power sento's analysis features.

Complex algorithms are behind our sentiment measurement and help sento extract the real
message within all the text. Sound a little nerdy? It is.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Grow Your Twitter Audience

Leave us the hard work, just tell us what to do

Growth Hacking tool for Twitter

Activate your desired modules and set your rules


Get more press coverage

Toucan emails you whenever a journalist tweets about your industry, your competitors or anything
you want.


Easily Create Real-Time Reaction Polls using Facebook Live


Orbit is an AI platform with a range of tools that understand and automate language and


1Cables: Turn your smartphone into a computer

It is the first smart cable to connect smartphones to everything, giving your phone the capabilities of
a computer.


Here brands and influencers

meet to collaborate

Publicfast is an influencer-marketing tool, which helps

create branded social media campaigns with influencers.


Publicfast helps every brand find the right influencers across all social networks, and across the


Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

With over 15,000 influencers, we help international brands drive real engagement.

Most importantly, with influence marketing, we help brands grow sales to new heights.

Publicfast partners with everyone, from newly created startups

to international companies.


Get a Free Social Media

Embed Report Card

To start enter your details and we'll get analyzing.

Social Media Embed Report Tool

Check the health of social media embeds on your site


Get the Klear Influence Metrics in your Twitter feed.

The Klear chrome extension helps you know who among your tweeps is an influencer. This extension
adds the Klear badges to your Twitter feed. With the badges, you will easily understand who are
your Twitter followers and what interest them.


Build, engage, and monetize your online audience

A set of tools to easily measure and grow your online footprint - no PhD needed

Helping thousands of happy clients grow and understand their audience


The Work and Project Management App Loved by Professionals

Keep all your team's tasks in one place. Collaborate and work in real time for real results. Teamwork
Projects: the most powerful and simple way to collaborate with your team.

Get organized and get stuff done!

Teamwork Projects was created because we needed a better way to run our own business. Existing
software was either too basic or too confusing. Teamwork Projects is practical software that gets
you organized so that you can reduce unnecessary meetings and simply get things done.


Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Online banner creation application for everybody

Create static banner ads for your online advertising campaigns & websites, awesome posts for your
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google or other online profiles.


The Undoing Project: A Friendship That Changed Our Minds Hardcover – 6 Dec 2016


Projects Made with Code

Welcome to Codemade, a place for developers to collect and share open-source projects made with
code. is a place to find open-source Internet of Things Inspiration



Give customers a way to help themselves

Scale your support with a public knowledge base where customers can find answers fast.

A knowledge base where help is always available

Create a public help center where people can find answers on their own, letting you spend time on
problems that truly need your assistance.



Empower Creation and Ensure Brand Consistency

Lingo is the best way to organize, share and use all your visual assets in one place – all on your

Unify your brand

Lingo is the cloud connected visual asset library that empowers creation and ensures visual
consistency for entire teams.


TodoFox gets stuff done.

Just add to an e-mail and we'll take care of the rest. No need to sign up.

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& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Every new e-mail conversation creates a task and follows up on it automatically.

TodoFox will follow up after a given period of time on the thread and remind both the task creator
and the assignees that the task has not yet been completed. TodoFox will do the nagging for you so
you won't need to remember to do it.

The follow-up e-mail also allows to close the task or change the priority of the task, which changes
the follow-up frequency.



Free your sockets and charge all your devices.

Free your sockets

and charge all your devices

With our beautiful new range of USB wiring devices,

available in ten stunning finishes in five unique ranges - there's a product

to complement any interior.

Smart USB - Standby mode when device is fully charged

Auto detects USB device & adjusts charging pattern

Available in single & double socket with two, three or four ports


Make a living off

your passion

Coach gives you the tools & support needed to build your business, so you can create the life you



Software for statistical graphics and visual data exploration. Unlock the value in your data.


Text message your email to any mobile number with 1 click

Send your email to any mobile number.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

90% of the time, a text message gets read in under 3 minutes.

If something is important, don't text someone "check your email", just send your email to that
person's mobile number and get faster results!

cloudHQ. Getting you faster email responses, 1 click at a time.

Send Your Email to SMS (text)




We are focused on saving you time, while improving your ROI


How to Complain: The Essential Consumer Guide to Getting Refunds, Redress and Results!


Elon professor's research on 'fake news' ecosystem generating international attention

Jonathan Albright, assistant professor of communications, is exploring the connections between

websites distributing "fake news" and propaganda and the tools used to track reader preferences.


Ever wanted to let your followers


Every image. Shoppable

Let your Instagram followers shop what they see. Convert more followers into customers as each
image in your feed becomes a shoppable link.

Embed anywhere

Take your Instagram shop with you. Embed your Insta shop feed into any web page. Copy and paste
the embed code, your shop will always stay updated.

Never miss a sale

Stay up to date with your best performing Instagram images. See which ones grab most of your
follower attention and convert their interest into sales.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

You already know

how this Insta thing works.

Import images from your Instagram. Link your products. Now anyone can buy them.

Your customers and your orders appear in your shop's dashboard, just like you’d expect.


Optimize every email for the apps and devices your subscribers use

Test your emails everywhere before you send

Works with your existing email provider

Litmus is not another email provider. It is a web application that works with all the major email
providers. You don’t have to change the way you send emails. Litmus just works!


3 Free Tools to Help You Understand Your Online Audience


Simple, fast and efficient employee onboarding

Over 25% of all employees leave within the first 6 months. Bad onboarding practices take up a large
chunk of that. Stop your employees from leaving, save onboarding and recruiting costs and create a
closer team.

Welcome to ChiefOnboarding!


Classroom Technology Simplified

Professional Development Without The Cafeteria


One desktop app for all your apps!

Get all your notifications in one shot!

Manage all your services in one place!

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Email Marketing Automation

Tailored for Professional Bloggers, Authors and Influencers


Supercharge your customer engagement with a chatbot

Powered with artificial intelligence


Screenshot provided by TKbreezy

OBS Studio

Latest Releases

Free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. Download and start
streaming quickly and easily on Windows, Mac or Linux.

Share your gaming, art and entertainment with the world.

OBS has been rebuilt from the ground up to be even more lightweight and high performance than

It supports all your favorite streaming platforms and more.


The NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar

2017 Calendar

Regular price $ 14.99

20% OFF all orders using the code SAUCY at checkout


CyberChef - the Cyber "Swiss Army Knife"

We have launched an intuitive web app for analysing and decoding data.


Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Curation Suite is the all in one content curation platform. It allows you to quickly and easily publish
and curate content right within your WordPress dashboard and works with any theme and any


Software tools, built free

How does this work?

It’s simple. You submit your ideas, I review them, and if your idea is chosen, I build it, 100% free to
you. You also get 10% equity in the product.


Connect the apps you use every day

Automate your business and save your company's time, money and resources.

Overview of the greatest features

Take a quick walk through Connect’s features and see how easily you can automate lots of repetitive
tasks and save lots of time

For most of your applications, Connect can extract and forward information in real time, giving you
immediate access to the data you need so that you can respond quickly and effectively.

Waiting for important information that you don’t want to miss or wading through large amounts of
data in search of one item is often a waste of time. With Connect, you can forget about the habit of
compulsively checking the status of your applications and instead focus on tasks that really matter.


What can I do with it?

Now anyone can quickly, easily, and cost effectively build their own high powered solar energy
system! The secret sauce is the device you see in front of you. This little but hyper effective
controller allows you to harness the abundant energy of the sun without paying for expensive solar
equipment. You are now free to explore more. Where will you start?

Coming Soon to a Solar System Near You!

Build your own mobile solar system you can throw in the back of your car for less than $500!

Super small but insanely powerful! (Up to 400W!)

Can charge or power virtually anything – laptops, smartphones, gps units, camping fridges, drones,
and more!

Controlled and monitor using your smartphone (Bluetooth Smart).

Can even be used to charge your car battery!

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

All this and more! Enter your email to see the whole list of features!


#Diagrams simplified

Create your next #diagram in minutes

Stop struggling to connect and position shapes

Powerful features = amazing diagramming experience



My name is



I will help you to create beautiful real-time broadcasts right from your messenger.

Just send me texts, photos, videos, voices or links and i will broadcast it to all your readers.

It's very simple. You can start your first broadcast right now.


The easiest way to download from Twitter.

Get anyone's tweets, followers, and more...


Remove Excel from Your Business Planning Process

A Simple Business Modeling Software



Excel add-in for work with spatial data. Powerful features of Excel and GIS inside one window.



Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

FasteR is a graphical user interface and integrated development environment for R statistical
language that can be used as stand-alone desktop application or as Add-in in MS Excel.


The easy way to find the best time to get together.

Perfect for... project managers organizers teachers managers bands & musicians gaming groups
human resources schedulers student groups executive assistants community organizers facilitators
date nights family gatherings interviewers

Forget the endless email chain. Just click the days you're available...



Send visual email campaigns in seconds

Create Impressive Campaigns in Seconds


FormBit lets you build custom forms and collect data your way.

Empower your organization with automation using the online form builder.

Drag and Drop Form Builder

Build single page or multi-page forms in minutes and share it with your customers instantly on your

Automate your Business

Automate data entry and review process, so that you can drive value and focus your energy where it
matters the most.


SEMrush Competitive Data

for Digital Marketing Professionals



Create high-fidelity, interactive recordings of any web site you browse

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


44% of US consumers want chatbots over humans for customer relations


Define Your Brand & Find Your Brand Voice

Create Brand Guides - Find Designers - Source Images, Fonts

This is one of the most powerful creative tools for your Brand



Online brainstorming, synthesis and collaboration



Get your thoughts down fast and gather all your insights in one place.

Quickly dump all your ideas onto our flexible canvas, and supplement them with multimedia from
the internet or your computer.



Seamlessly work within the same space as if you and your team were in the same room.

Keep your collaborators in the loop with comments and live conversations no matter where you may


Download MURAL for the Microsoft Surface Hub to collaborate on the big screen


Blog Home

Introducing Push by Zapier: A Universal Chrome Extension for All Your Apps

When you use Zapier to integrate your favorite apps, everything runs in the background–a well-oiled
automation machine. But what about those workflows that you think of randomly or want to trigger
manually? For example, making a quick invoice or adding a task to a new project?

Today, we're excited to announce Zapier's new Google Chrome extension and app: Push.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Push lets you build small, single-purpose workflows that spring into action with a click. It lives in
Google Chrome and acts as the leading domino in any process you can dream of.

Just line up the tasks you want to complete (the other dominoes in your chain reaction). Then set
things in motion with a push, and watch Zapier topple through those tasks automatically.


Be the Manager

You Always Wanted

Lighthouse helps you motivate your team, and prevent turnover, by helping you focus on the most
important thing: Your People

People Leave Managers, Not Companies

Gallup studies show that only 1 in 3 employees are engaged. Even worse, over 50% of people have
quit a job specifically to get away from their manager.

Is it any surprise that 69% of managers are afraid to talk to their teams?






A better way to save, organize and send links. Save links from any app to view them later.


The Superbook is a shell that turns your Android smartphone into a complete laptop. Get the
freedom of using just one computer.

The Superbook: Turn your smartphone into a laptop




Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz



Public Beta

We are now officially in beta and you can sign-in here.

The first 200 accounts created during beta will be given a free Advanced account that will convert to
a free Basic account after beta.

No payment or credit card information is required during beta.

For reporting bugs or questions, email us here

Define. Discover. Deliver.

Content Discovery Platform for the Social Web

Discover and schedule amazing content to more effectively manage your social media presence


idime : Magnetic, Dime-Sized iPhone Memory Boost

The simplest way to expand your iPhone storage. The easiest way to share and manage your files.

idime is a magnetic, dime-sized storage expansion for iPhones. The easiest way to think of it is a flash
drive with a detachable memory module that you can snap onto the iPhone via case to give it a
storage boost by up to 256GB on the go without occupying the bottom port. Whether you change or
upgrade your device, idime stays with you.


50 Best Social Media Tools From 50 Most Influential Marketers Online


Forrester offers the most far-reaching solutions to anticipate dynamic customers; design strategies
that are customer-led, insights-driven, and fast; and connect your operations to deliver superior
experiences across touchpoints. These power a customer-obsessed operating model to help you win
in the age of the customer.


IBM’s Watson Now Fights Cybercrime in the Real World


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& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz



Tired of Switching between Gmail Accounts?

Get Shift.

Shift into higher gear with the email client that makes navigating between

Mail, Calendar and Drive accounts fast, easy, and beautiful.

Desktop Gmail Like A Boss!


Welcome, hunter!

Attentive uses machine learning to help you parse the news and stay informed about your
customers, leads or even competitors.

Don't worry, you don't need to tell Attentive which companies are relevant to you -

we'll just connect to any of the following platforms:

If you use any other software, we can also connect to it via our API :)



The contact management app for teams.

Share contact information with your co-workers in any device.

Why Pobuca

Once you update a business contact in your smartphone, is this automatically shared with your


Reach new and undiscovered audiences with every link you share

ShoutAbout is a social media tool to allow you to reach new and undiscovered audiences with every
link you share.

Building a successful brand on social media requires a balance between promoting your brand and
promoting other content that is of interest and engages your audience. As a minimum, the 80/20
rule should be adopted which means that for each piece of content shared which promotes your

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

brand, an additional 4 pieces of content from outwith your brand that interests and engages your
audience should also be shared.

Shoutabout allows you to continue sharing content from your favourite websites whilst providing a
mechanism for you to promote your brand in what we like to call a "Shout".

With the power of sharing and retweeting on social networks your Shout can quickly move beyond
your established audience and onto new and undiscovered ones.


Check Everything You want

Check your IT project from multiple locations. Not only templates — any check scenario is possible.
Create your own monitoring scenarios, create visualization for any metrics you want.



Legal Discovery Automation Software

Logikcull is a cloud based, legal discovery automation software that gives enterprises, law firms and
governments control of the discovery process.

Automate Discovery and Data Management with Cloud-Based Legal Intelligence


Group emails, zero hassles


Welcome to Pule!

Easy to setup and use personal Bots to watch and alert you to any changes on anything anywhere
around the web.

Pule is your

Dead simple to set-up

Personal Bot

Always on

Always connected

that keeps an eye on things online for you! 🙌

About the app

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Pule is an easy way to keep track of visual changes across the web. What does that mean?

Anything you see online, you can track if it changes (with just a little know how).

What sort of things would you want to track?

Prices or stock of items

New replies to things like comments that don't have an external alert.

Competitor blogs

Twitter accounts

Social Check-ins

And anything else you can think of!


Relay Text & GPS on Your Phone Through Other Users, No Service Required.

goTenna Mesh turns your iPhone or Android into an off-grid communications tool. Send texts &
share GPS locations on detailed offline maps, relay those messages through other goTenna Mesh
devices nearby to extend range. goTenna is lightweight, weatherproof, and easy to use.

Get the special-edition black goTenna Mesh now at pre-order prices you'll never see again.



£125 NOW £159 WAS


Collaborative Project Management

Powerful. Easy-to-use. Open Source.

Companies using


OpenProject is the leading open source software to

support your project management processes

Project planning and scheduling

With shared timelines you can activate the experience and creativity of your

entire team to collaboratively create and visualize your project plan.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Monitor APIs, microservices, SQL results, cron jobs and (much) more.

Thanks to automatic parsing, setting up dashboards takes a fraction of the time needed when using
traditional monitoring systems or dashboard frameworks. Monitored data (like JSON, SQL results,
command output) can be sent directly, skipping the tedious step of manual conversion into
individual metrics or a proprietary format.

Define any alerting logic using Javascript.


Network of advertisement contests for crowdsourced creative ad campaigns

Putting advertisement money in the hands of consumers. Users receive discounts for entries created
for brands. Top reviewed videos win cash prizes. Top reviewers win cash prizes by rating the most.


Secure collaboration,

without the cloud.

Working life is dynamic; but wherever you are, you need your files there to collaborate.

The cloud seems to be the answer, but the disadvantage is that you have no idea where your data is
stored exactly, and who goes through your files…

If you do want to be certain that your files only come into the hands of those for whom they are
intended, then there is Storro.

Storro is an application that lets you safely store, and share files. Without the cloud.

With a few mouse clicks you easily create secure spaces to collaborate with colleagues and external
parties. Only you pick the physical locations where the data is placed. And the best parts is just you
and the people you authorize have access, and no one else. Not even us!

Storro offers unprecedented protection and privacy through a combination of encryption,

compartmentalisation and decentralisation. What this means is that Storro puts your file into a safe,
cuts the safe into pieces and then stores the fragments spread out over locations you trust. For
instance on the devices of you and your team members.


Enkrypt automates up to 70% of your client

communication, dramatically reducing

unnecessary calls and emails.

A legal assistant app that keeps your clients happy!

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Start using Enkrypt today and receive FREE access until January 1st.

No credit card required. No long term contract.

Effective client communication is the bedrock of a successful legal practice.


Enkrypt Legal-Pro helps busy attorneys streamline their practice management.


Enkrypt Legal-Pro is a full featured practice management software built around a secure messenger
that seamlessly connects attorneys and clients.

Designed by attorneys, it dramatically reduces the time legal professionals spend on updating clients
and managing cases.

Enkrypt brings together automatic client updates, on the fly scheduling and case management, and
secure document exchange.

Not an attorney? Click here to find out about Enkrypt for clients.


The Complaining Cow

How to make, prevent and deal with complaints effectively and positively.

Just reading the new book right this moment.


Pocket Reporter is a personal “news editor in your pocket” to guide journalists, citizen reporters,
activists and other users through the news gathering process.

It has a variety of story templates that range from covering accidents, fires, crimes and disasters, to
obituaries and protests. It takes you through a series of questions that ensure you gather the correct
information for your story by asking the right questions.


Welcome to

Code for South Africa.

Open Data.

Civic Technology.

Data Journalism.

Code for South Africa.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Code for South Africa is a non-profit civic technology lab. We use data and technology to promote
informed decision-making that drives social change. Our base of operations is Codebridge in Cape
Town where we are helping to create a civic technology movement.


Finding the right leads shouldn't take this long

The fastest way to find targeted leads with real emails and social profiles

Find the right decision makers

The biggest problem in sales prospecting is not selling the decision makers — it’s finding them in the
first place!

Imagine how many more deals could you close if you were always talking to the right person? By
using smart targeting our Advanced Search helps you to find great prospects and save up to 20
minutes per search.


Find The Top Websites On The Internet, launched in Oct 2016, allows internet users to find the top websites in multiple
categories. Often, internet users are bombarded with sites and it requires a great deal of skill and
patience to separate the good ones from the not so good ones. undertakes this tough job and presents its users with sites which are authentic,
reliable and of course the best. According to Tony Stahl, the Lead Developer of, “Our
goal is to make surfing the web fun again. We’re bringing back the traditional web portal of the early
internet, but with a cleaner and simpler interface. He further explains the benefits of using, “Whether users are looking for something specific or just have a general idea of what
they need, our category listings provide a hassle-free way to dive straight into the most
authoritative, respected and popular websites on any area of interest"


Makes Meetings Easy

All meeting information in one place



The most privacy-oriented search engine.


Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Your smart desk assistant

Cushion uses machine learning and sentiment analysis to talk to your customers, help common cases
using the procedures you define and contact your agents as last resort.


Your personal smart assistant. It's free, smart, beautiful, social, customizable, and you’ll use it


You only get one chance to link in Instagram.

Make it do more.

How it works

Linktree is a free tool for optimising your Instagram traffic, whether you’re a blogger, an artist or run
a content platform.

You’ll get one bio link to house all the content you’re driving followers to.

Let your content live longer than the feed.


Turn every visitor

into a Happy Customer

Marketing automation: collecting data, live chat, marketing campaigns!

Have an insight into what your users are doing on your website. Find out what they are looking for.
You will know what pages they view and events perform. React to their needs and give them exactly
what they need.


Ecommerce Stack

A curated directory of E-commerce tools & contents


Copy, paste and translate text from any image, video or PDF.

Do you need to extract text from images, videos or PDF? If yes, then the Copyfish 🐟 free OCR
software is for you.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Common reasons to extract text from images are if you want to google it, store it, email it or
translate it. Until now, your only option was to retype the text. Copyfish 🐟 is soooo much faster and
more fun.


Solve Complex Ideas and Make Better Decisions

A strategic collaboration platform that teams can work together to solve complex business problems
every day.

A great way to communicate your strategy

Strategic Quadrant let your teams to organize, track, discuss, and assess strategy and ideas in a
collaborate fashion. The 2x2 matrix helps your team to make better and faster decisions.


XMind 8 is Now Available

The most popular mind mapping tool comes to a new stage with fresher look, better usability, and

Fresher look

XMind 8 has a fresher look and feel. When editing, you can quickly open, close and switch views with
just one click. This feature increases your work efficiency and improves your mind mapping
experience enormously.


Simple, Free Net Promoter Score Surveys

Send up to 1,000 surveys a month. No credit card required.

Engage customers for free, forever

Send up to 1,000 surveys a month at no cost.


The New Actionable Book For

Forward-Thinking, Growth-Oriented

Organizations, Teams, and Individuals,

by Buckley Barlow of In The Know.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Instant Document Search

Search hundreds of office documents in seconds

View resulting pages instantly


Beautifully Simple

Customer Friendly Help Desk

Because Happy Customers Grow Your Business


The Professional Research Library

The #1 Resource for Free Professional and Technical Research, White Papers, Case Studies,
Magazines, and eBooks.


The Hacker News


Ransomware Hostage Rescue Manual for IT Pros (On Newsletter from Hacker News)


Your words deserve a home.

An internal blog for your team's knowledge and big ideas.

We believe having a space to debate issues, document knowledge, and share ideas is key to
fostering a healthy and successful team. That′s why we built Bold.



Not your cookie cutter ticket to do list.

inBuckt is the Virtual Project Manager that helps you make data-driven decisions. Utilize Data
Analytics and Machine Learning to drive your business decisions.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Sign up today and get your first 14 days free!

inBuckt is specifically created for startups like you. While working in startups, we realized how hard
it is for startups to track efforts on a project. We developed a project management assistant that will
help you form data-driven decisions. The current task tracking software options are designed for
slow moving corporations, not small, fast teams. We used our experiences with the pace of startups
to create a virtual project manager that can easily track your team without slowing them down. Our
virtual project manager uses machine learning and data to keep track of projects for you.


Grow your Instagram account all day, every day!

Inssta makes people aware of your account by engaging with active, targeted people. You decide
who to engage with and where to get followers from, Inssta does the rest for you.

This is the smart way to get

The fees below are transparent and contain

no hidden payments



Copy your data, paste spreadsheet data to Maps


Grow your Twitter following

Get real and targetted Twitter followers

TwitFlame is a web application that helps you build a targeted and responsive twitter following -
great for promoting services, products and getting new clients.



Semantic content optimization. Measure and improve the quality of your content.


Save As eBook

Save a web page or selection as eBook (.epub)

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Save a web page or selection as an eBook (.epub format)


In this study, we present WindTalker, a novel and practical keystroke inference framework that
allows an attacker to infer the sensitive keystrokes on a mobile device through WiFi-based side-
channel information.


Meet Rufus

Rufus is a smart Twitter greeter that sends custom messages to your new followers, based on their
profile, interests and recent tweets.

Because one size doesn't always fit all.

Engage with your growing audience, the right way

Stop sending generic direct messages to your new followers, and start sending useful calls to action
that are catered to each person!


Think Dropbox scans for viruses? It won't.

New SkyAV is free cloud antivirus for online files

Ever accidentally shared an infected file with a client? Keep your reputation and files safe with SkyAV
from Rawstream.

We make it super simple to save space on old files, giving you room for new ones.


Internet Security Basics: Key Lessons for Protecting Yourself Online

Welcome to a brand new video series to educate viewers on top 5 internet security risks they face
online. The series is intended to be consumable by anyone with basic familiarity with computers,
web browsers and mobile devices. What makes the best password? Why should I keep clicking OK
on this software update? Why should I NOT click on this security warning?

Protect your data from insider threats and cyberattacks

More than 30% of enterprises caught instances of suspicious user behavior or malware after
deploying Varonis.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Lock down your links.

LinkLocker is a lightweight bookmarking service with an emphasis on privacy. Save your links on our
secure servers, and they will be visible only to you.


Easily shareable team dashboards

Metrics are the heartbeat of every company. They help shape strategy and focus resources on
what’s important, but too often those metrics are hidden away in the dozens of different services
every company uses. Introducing DashMetrics, easily shareable team dashboards.


Turn Social Media into Actionable Alerts

Dataminr transforms the Twitter stream and other public datasets into actionable alerts, providing
must-know information in real-time for clients in Finance, the Public Sector, News, Corporate
Security and Crisis Management.

Using powerful, proprietary algorithms, Dataminr instantly analyzes all public tweets and other
publicly available data to deliver the earliest alerts for breaking news and real-world events.



Some companies dare to innovate and to be different. They have challenged themselves with our
growth model and realised growth.

Are you one of them?


Using a step-by-step framework, successfully tested at 70+ companies



Snap on tap


Scan your PC for FREE with Panda Cloud Cleaner

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Panda Cloud Cleaner is an advanced disinfector based on Collective Intelligence (scanning in-the-
cloud) that detects malware that traditional security solutions cannot detect. The FREE


HouseCall - Free Online Virus and Spyware Scan


Building Good Teammates

Participation leagues, where every kid gets a trophy, lead to disillusionment. Not everyone wins in
the real world. Yet, coaching kids to be ultra-competitive guarantees no greater probability of
players becoming successful, well-adjusted members of society when their playing days have ended.


Be a Good Teammate

Be A Good Teammate is a children’s book that teaches kids the importance of teamwork and the
three undisputable characteristics of good teammates. Written and illustrated by Coach Lance Loya,
the book is an appropriate bedtime story, but is also a level 2 easy reader and designed in a manner
to help kids learn to read. The life lessons conveyed in Be A Good Teammate have the potential to
impact the course of a child’s life for many years to come!

Good Teammates care. Good Teammates share. Good Teammates listen. Be a good teammate™



Continuous Feedback Between Co-Workers

Performance Reviews or 360 Degree Feedback for your team are set up in minutes. Simple reports
and automated notifications keep everyone on the right track.


Indie Localizers Team

One Team To Take You Global


What Is Rova?

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Software solutions are in place for every agency process, except for the sleeping giant of agency
growth – Client Services, who are now more accountable for agency growth than anyone. By failing
to prioritize accordingly, agencies are losing money, time and opportunity. Rova is a tool for Client
Services to bank, manage and track every detail of client development, capitalize on every
opportunity and ultimately grow the agency. Rova provides agencies with a platform to add
workflow, accountability and integrity to client relationships.


Smart street lights that double as electric car charging stations and provide free Wi-Fi have begun
operation on a street in Beijing


Take control of your Twitter Timeline.

Tired of Twitter spoiling that new episode of your favorite TV show every week? Or, are you tired of
seeing people talk about somebody or something (*cough* Donald 卐Trumpler卐)? Social Muter is
here for you. We'll clean up your Twitter feed based on keywords or phrases that you specify.


Advanced Keyword Study

No SEO strategy will work if you're trying to position yourself for the wrong keywords.

We will identify:

- Low hanging fruit: low competition high intent keywords

- Buyer intent keywords

- Negative keywords that should be avoided

- Long tail keywords


Mozambican Tech Startup Delivers Portable Internet to Rural Areas



Enable your customers to buy on Instagram & Snapchat!


Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Sell anywhere with your content.



Please contact us if you are interested in selling with SnapMe.


Tired of Switching between Gmail Accounts?

Get Shift.

Shift into higher gear with the email client that makes navigating between

Mail, Calendar and Drive accounts fast, easy, and beautiful.


Fully-Automated Influencer Marketing Platform


Create campaigns and pay per click.


Monetize your audience.


KashKlik provides a fully-automated platform to manage your Influencer Marketing campaigns and
pay per click. KashKlik allows you to track the performance of your campaigns with concrete metrics,
so that you only pay for real engagement. Our platform provides the most effective way to exploit
the potential of Influencer Marketing, with easily measurable ROI.


KashKlik allows you to monetize your audience by creating promotions in which you will be paid to
share advertisement campaigns.With KashKlik you will get paid for each follower who clicks in a link
you are promoting. The bigger your audience and the highest the engagement you are able to
generate, the more you will get paid for.


Don't waste time building things nobody wants.

Your customers and peers have a lot to say. Are you listening? Turn feedback into meaningful
insights and build data-driven roadmaps. Reduce customer churn with automated updates.

Get early access

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Collect feedback in one place

Stop guessing and start gathering feedback that will grow your business. Allow your customers or
internal teams to easily share ideas, bugs and love with you.


Personalize Your Email

Custom email on your own domain ‐ in 60 seconds

Watch our Video Tour or sign up for your personalized email directy

- See more at:


A browser extension for navigating burgeoning Twitter conversations. Conversations are visualized
as a tree. Each node (square) is…

A browser extension for navigating burgeoning Twitter conversations.

Conversations are visualized as a tree. Each node (square) is an individual tweet, and an edge (line)
between two tweets indicates that the lower one is a reply to the upper one. The color of the line
indicates the time duration between the two tweets (red is faster, blue is slower.)

As you hover over nodes, the reply-chain preceeding that tweet appears on the right-side pane. By
clicking a node, you can freeze the UI on that tweet in order to interact with the right-side pane. By
clicking anywhere in the tree window, you can un-freeze the tweet and return to the normal hover



Getting closer to your customers


With a 1-minute-install Widget you'll control every aspect of you online business.

A simple and useful widget installed on your website helps you to take care your customers,
segment them by their behaviours and reach them exactly where they are with your marketing


How would you like to track?

ClockIt supports tracking time, attendance and geo location via the web browser, android mobile
app and biometric fingerprint readers. Choose one that suits your need.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Managing employees time and attendance is difficult. ClockIt makes it easy with workforce



Immediate Detection. Long-Term Protection

Cybereason offers a real-time attack detection and response platform that uses

endpoint data to detect and remediate simple and complex threats.


The Epic Guide to




Tool for journalists: Audiogram, for making audio more shareable on social media

This free and open-source tool from WNYC packages audio snippets into short videos that can be
shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

What is it? A free tool that turns .mp3 and .wav audio files into video files, which can be customised
with captions and different templates and shared on social media.


Text your fans.

Groupies is a platform for artists and musicians to build intimate relationships with true fans.


Clear the clutter from your articles.

Mercury Reader is a Chrome extension that removes ads and distractions, leaving only text and
images for a beautiful reading view on any site.


GoTouch is a smart communications solution composed of an app and a device.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

With GoTouch, you can have your own personal digital whiteboard at any time and any place

for visual interaction.


Ads automation & Alerts

Set up automation rules for your Facebook and Instagram ads and let the bot manage and improve
your ad performance for you


Managing legal documents like never before

We are on a mission to make legal documents

enjoyable for your users.


Where do you stand with your brand?

Take the quiz below to find your InfluenceScore™ and grow your personal brand:

Hi, we’re Leonard and Ryan.

We are two average guys who tried everything imaginable to build our personal brands. We failed
massively until one day, when we cracked the code.

We are here to share the exact strategy we discovered that will teach you everything you need to
know to build your personal brand to the next level. With our course, you will be able to:

Learn from experts

Become publish worthy

Grow your audience

Become an influencer


Sell Digital Goods!

Directly from Dropbox! Only pay if you sell ;)


Sell Digital Goods from Dropbox or drive

- See more at:

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Introducing Subject Line Checker

Test your subject lines and preview text in 15+ email clients




Schedule Multiple Posts into Buffer in Seconds...

Plug any URL into QuickQuu and generate up to 10 unique posts then schedule them all into your
Buffer account, instantly.

Schedule Up to 10 Buffer Posts

It can be difficult coming up with multiple ways to say the same thing. With QuickQuu, just plug any
URL in and generate up to 10 unique posts. Tick the ones you like then schedule them all into your
Buffer account, instantly.

Set How Many Posts Per Network

Want to schedule 10 posts to Twitter over the next 30 days but only 2 posts on Facebook? No
problem. You can tell QuickQuu how many posts to generate for each of your social network


Deep insights from technology data. Knowledge delivered.

SpecOut is a tech gadget site that uses Graphiq’s semantic technology to deliver deep insights via
data-driven articles, visualizations and research tools.


How memorable is your image? Upload to find out!


Your team's virtual meeting room.


Fika is a mobile app designed for fast, expressive, and authentic communication in distributed

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Timely updates

Each team member will get a notification to send in his or her status update which anyone can
watch on their own schedule.


Livedesk for Facebook Live

By Denk Alexandru

Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps.

With Livedesk you can broadcast on Facebook Live directly from your Mac! You can live-stream your
webcam or your desktop: yes, now you can live broadcast your screen on Facebook!


Like Google on steroids

A Blade is a Google custom search engine focused on a single topic. Instead of searching the entire
web at, you can use a Blade to cut through the clutter and search only a subset of the
web, like the top trusted websites covering a topic. Creating a Blade is quick and easy, and there are
no limits to the amount you may use or share them. Learn more...

If you create a free account, you can then star and save your favorite Blades and create Blades for
your own use.


Explore By The Book to find out what reads have inspired many of the world's most successful
entrepreneurs and business leaders.


Meet Minoca OS

A new operating system for the world of connected devices.

Minoca OS is an open-source, general purpose operating system designed specifically for feature-
rich embedded devices. It's got all the high-level functionality that you've come to expect from an
operating system, but offers it in a fraction of the memory footprint.


Achievements Accelerated

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Gluru is the smart task assistant that helps you know what to do, how to do it, and when it's done. In
other words, Gluru stays on top of your to-dos so you can can focus on what matters.

Less To Do,

More Today

The smart to do list that helps you identify your tasks and suggests the answers.

2500+ Happy Teams & Businesses


Life is too short for cluttered Emails

Have a good MailTime.

Email Messaging

View your emails as conversations, not threads! Our content parsing engine cuts out annoying
metadata to display emails in clean bubbles.

Communicate, Don't Organize

Our intelligent inbox sorts out the important conversations from the newsletters, discounts, and
other machine-generated mail in All Mail. Talk to people you care about, not machine!

Group Chats

Managing your conversations in MailTime is just like a group chat. To add, remove, or switch
participants to 'cc' or 'bcc', just swipe left and tap to change your participants' status.


What if your email app could think?


Browse All Documents in One Place

You’ll be able to manage all your documents from iDocument, those documents are located in your
Mac, external USB driver or Cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. And it will not copy or
move your original documents.


Julius gives you the tools you need to be great at influencer marketing. Find everything there is to
know about 50,000+ influencers. Activate and manage your relationships all in one place.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Hemingway Editor 2.0

An editor that makes your writing bold and clear


Wick Editor

The Internet's free and open-source creation suite


Apache Zeppelin

A web-based notebook that enables interactive data analytics.

You can make beautiful data-driven, interactive and collaborative documents with SQL, Scala and

Multi-purpose Notebook

The Notebook is the place for all your needs

Data Ingestion

Data Discovery

Data Analytics

Data Visualization & Collaboration


Know Your Personality™


View More by This Developer

Open iTunes to buy and download apps


Converged communication that

makes your business more productive

We help people work better and grow together faster.

Do more in less time with Hubgets team mood boosters.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Task Pigeon is the simple solution to create, assign and manage the tasks you and your team works

Work better with Task Pigeon - Track, manage and collaborate on everyday tasks.

Task Pigeon is a simple task management web application that makes it easy for you and your team
to work on everyday tasks. Designed for "business" users, not developers, Task Pigeon makes it easy
for your sales, marketing, HR, customer service teams to create tasks that need to be actioned in a
short timeframe.

Once a task is created it can be assigned to one or multiple users who can then collaborate on the
task in the app or via reply email to a notification. The simple to understand dashboard allow allows
for users to create multiple task categories, favourite tasks and see those that are "due soon",

Increase productivity and understand what's happening in your team. Sign up to Task Pigeon today!


Reach Your "Someday" Goal In 1 Year.

One Goal. 365 Days. Total Focus.

10x your results with Focal Point, the ultimate goal-achievement system.

Staying focused on big goals is hard.

Focal Point automates focus.

Focal Point helps you pick one key goal for the next 12 months.

...and keeps you laser-focused and productive with proven tools.


Your writing,

at its best.

Grammarly makes sure everything you type

is easy to read, effective, and mistake-free.

Chrome Extension.


The Bot that tells you when to post to Instagram and what tags to use. Best hours of the day
determined with intelligence, specifically for your audience.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

PostBot uses AI to provide hashtags that gives you the most likes, comments and followers.

INTRODUCING most awaited, app that will completely revolutionize the way you post to Instagram!


Customer experience survey chatbot

forget forms. have a friendly conversation


On-Page SEO for Web Designers. Simplified. makes it ridiculously easy to

drive traffic to your website.



An intelligent assistant for your money.

The simplest way to manage your money.

Bank level security.


Phonster X - the best phone holster is back on Kickstarter!

Multifunctional holster for your phone, wallet and other everydaycarry stuff.Your hands are
free,your stuff are secure and always near

Also Available on…


MyPolly offers Additional Intelligence℠ for your bots, mobile apps, IoT, and enterprise platforms

Bring real conversation to human experience


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& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Japanese for Mobile


Look up words. Discover the language. Create vocabulary lists. Study using flashcards.

Runs on iPhone®/iPod touch® and iPad® and on most Android® devices

Japanese contains more than 170000 entries. It is based on the well-known JMdict but goes much

More than 70000 example sentences from different contexts show native usage. All sentences
feature readings as well as English translations for easy understanding. Tap any word to see its

Only in Japanese can you find readings broken into separate syllables for every word. Easily see
conjugations of all verbs, adjectives and even counters. Find out how words are composed by
looking at their components or quickly jump to transitivity pairs.


Robot Fight Club

Sumo Robot League trains middle schoolers in the ways of autonomous combat with $100 bot kits.


The BBC's new Micro:bit computer will 'inspire a generation to code'



Awesome Shield: Code School for Future Inventors

Awesome Shield teaches hands-on coding, powered by Arduino. For kids aged 10-100.

Awesome Shield is custom hardware, simplified code, and more than 100 online video tutorials that
make coding fun and easy. Future inventors learn at their own pace, developing new skills by
creating hands-on projects.

Main Website

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& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Facebook's best-kept secret is a second website that's amazing for talking to your friends



Planiro allows you to keep track of important tasks, estimate project’s progress, analyze costs and
find bottlenecks in your workflow. We store data in clouds so you can access your project from any
place in the world.

Your teammates create and track tasks, have discussions, report on progress — all in one system.
Working in Planiro saves your time, nerves and money.



Admiral is the industry’s most advanced analytics and revenue recovery platform to help publishers
understand how adblock affects them and automatically recover lost revenue.


Say goodbye to job searching.

Discover companies hiring for your skills, right from Facebook.


Gather feedback from your customers within your Facebook Bot


Join Our Beta

Use in-conversation surveys designed for high response rates to capture Net Promoter System from
your customers and engage with them on the world's largest messaging platform. No technical
knowledge required.


What is YearCompass?

YearCompass is a global movement that mobilises people to sort out their last year and plan their
next year.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz



Manipulate and visualize data without spreadsheets or code


antsle: Private Cloud Servers

All the Virtual Servers you'll ever need. Without the monthly fees.

Run your apps on a Private Cloud Server

The world’s first plug & play solution, specifically built for developers! Enjoy full data ownership and
privacy: Your Code, Your Data, Your Rules.

And best of all: We’ll bring your monthly hosting bill down to $0!

Who is it for?

Are you currently using hosting services like Amazon EC2, DigitalOcean or Heroku? Are you looking
for easy-to-use alternatives to drive down cost and/or improve privacy?

Then antsle is for You! No matter if you use hosting personally or for your business: We deliver the
hosting infrastructure that you Own and Control.

Some of the great things people do with antsle

Deploy your own always-on development & test environments (free)

Replace Dropbox, Github etc. with open-source alternatives

Use OwnCloud or OX App Suite for maximum privacy. Ditch iCloud and/or corresponding
Google/Microsoft Services

Make antsle the open-source center of your home


Online Marketing.


Junto empowers the world’s top freelancers to simplify online marketing for your business. We’ve
squeezed out the inefficiencies of the agency world to focus on the only thing that matters: driving
results. Get started today and discover how our website development and traffic generation
packages have helped companies like yours achieve the unimaginable.


Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Curated SEO Tools

Best SEO Tools Stash


Notification Hub is an inbox your notifications. It is a smart manager, for all your apps notifications
prioritised in a single place. You can also keep Android's Notification Drawer clean by hiding
notifications for select apps. Also, get a notification summary widget.


- All your apps notifications prioritised in one place

- Hide non-important notifications from Android's notification drawer

- Get a notification summary widget

- Graphs & Analytics for your notifications

- View notifications by place, time & priority

Works for all apps that send you notifications like Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram,
Twitter, Snapchat, Line, WeChat etc.


Crowd Funding Sites...


For Example...

An open source, physically secure personal computer.



Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


A fully programmable, impeccably built, open source, split mechanical keyboard - designed for
extreme productivity and ergonomics.


Zamek: Your Personal, Portable Password Manager

This project is coming soon. Sign up to receive updates and be notified when this project launches.

Zamek aims to be your digital keychain. Portable, simple, and secure, Zamek will help you keep your
user accounts safe by remembering all your passwords for you. When plugged in to a computer, it
can even type your passwords for you.

Zamek prototypes are currently being distributed to media and technology reviewers. Please sign up
here for more information on how you can purchase your very own Zamek when it becomes
available for sale to the general public.!


News Verifier

You can try the system by clicking here

Thank you for your interest in News Verifier. This is a system that is designed to detect FAKE NEWS. is dedicated to developing a software platform that will prevent fake news from
becoming accredited through media sources and viral transmission. We are developing a “bot” that
will check news sources against a white list of news providers this system will be accessible from
search engines and social media systems alike. Eventually publishers will be able to embed a time
stamp from as a sort of copyright that will verify the published article. The current
beta version is small and may not contain all of the news outlets that are available and legitimate.
We are working hard to make this a usable and viable system for everyone.


Cubetto - Hands on coding for ages 3 and up

A playful programming language you can touch. Montessori approved, and LOGO Turtle inspired.
Learn programming away from the screen.


The Model 01: an heirloom-grade keyboard for serious typists

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

With a hardwood body, mechanical switches & custom-sculpted keycaps, it's a joy to type on. It
comes with source code & a screwdriver.



Get the proven SMART BOOST SYSTEM™ to boost your Indiegogo project’s social media and shoot to
the top pages in just 10 days or less. Developed by MIT graduate & wildly successful crowdfunder
Milton Craig. See first hand why crowdfunding platforms hate him, but crowdfunders like you LOVE
HIM! Don’t waste your time stuck in the back pages ever again. It’s time to press “GO” and get our
proven social media services!



Listen, watch and play what you love

Install hidden iOS apps in just one tap. Without jailbreak and Cydia.

Fully compatible with iOS 10 and older versions!

only $9.99/year* for one single device!

no recurring payments

Over 100,000 users subscribed

And over one thousand new happy subscribers every week!



A child's first smart hub from 3 y.o and beyond


Insta-Mash by 1 Second Everyday

Turn your Instagram posts into a 1SE video in just one tap



Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Ads automation & Alerts

Set up automation rules for your Facebook and Instagram ads and let the bot manage and improve
your ad performance for you


Take two-factor authentication out of your backlog in 10 minutes

Super fast, lightweight implementation

Add a powerful, simple and flexible 2FA verification view to your login flow, without making any DB
changes and just 3 API calls.


Printable Calendars

Are you used to having daily, weekly, or monthly planners to help organize your busy life? Do you
find yourself, occasionally, writing dates and hours on a piece of paper to plan ad-hoc activities?
Sometimes it seems just easier to do it by hand on paper than online. We have created some blank
calendar templates for free print at any time. You can enjoy more flexibility and convenience
without drawing dates by hand or giving up the simplicity of paper & pencil.

Printable Calendar Templates


A curated list of tools and resources for people who make websites


Customer Loyalty Is Overrated

Marketers spend a lot of time—and money—trying to delight consumers with ever-fresher, ever-
more-appealing products. But their customers, it turns out, make most purchase decisions almost
automatically. They look for what’s familiar and easy to buy. This package explores that idea and the
science behind it, offers a counterpoint, and includes conversations with the cochairman of the
LEGO Brand Group and the chairman of Intuit.



Download Kaspersky Software Updater

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Free and open source.

The OSF is a public good built to support your research.

Open Science Framework

A scholarly commons to connect the entire research cycle


Review & Updates Monitor

for App Store & Google Play

Real time app monitoring for reviews, ranks, keywords, and more.

For Slack, HipChat, Zendesk and email.


Dark Reading: Connecting The Information Security Community

Long one of the most widely-read cyber security news sites on the Web, Dark Reading is now the
most trusted online community for security professionals like you. Our community members include
thought-leading security researchers, CISOs, and technology specialists, along with thousands of
other security professionals. We want you to join us.


Facebook Live Video Polls

These polls have become latest trend now as they get vast reach as compared to other posts. This is
a sample post


Metacog’s learning data platform is the most powerful Big Data technology for improving learning
outcomes at scale.

Making Learning Products Smarter

Power next-generation learning and assessment with our cloud-based AI Platform

The Deep Learning Data Platform for the 21st Century

New and Game Changing Data Types and Analytic Capabilities

Invisible Integrated Assessment is here!

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Use Games, Simulations, Technology Enhanced Items and Authentic Performance Tasks to teach
AND assess simultaneously!


Insightful and performance-driven edits in real-time.

Applying advanced mathematics, linguistic analysis and machine learning technology, Atomic AI
identifies and measures the impact of language on your marketing communications.

Findings and insights are supported with a writing and editing platform that provides real-time
guidance on the most important elements of communications during the writing process.

Atomic AI reduces the time, effort and costs involved in creating all forms of content. Increases
content engagement by using data-backed insights.


Are your articles getting all the traffic it deserves?

Use Article Insights to increase the potential traffic of your articles.


ShoutAbout is a social media tool to allow you to reach new and undiscovered audiences with every
link you share.

Building a successful brand on social media requires a balance between promoting your brand and
promoting other content that is of interest and engages your audience. As a minimum, the 80/20
rule should be adopted which means that for each piece of content shared which promotes your
brand, an additional 4 pieces of content from outwith your brand that interests and engages your
audience should also be shared.

Shoutabout allows you to continue sharing content from your favourite websites whilst providing a
mechanism for you to promote your brand in what we like to call a "Shout".

With the power of sharing and retweeting on social networks your Shout can quickly move beyond
your established audience and onto new and undiscovered ones.


Big players doing big things.

More than 40,000 organizations use Socialcast to connect, compete, and achieve like never before.

SocialCast by VMWare

Designed for People. Built for Business.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Stay ahead of your competitors

Access intelligent insights and historical data from you and your competitors.

Conduct competitive research

Instantly understand content performance and use smart data to optimize your online presence to
stay ahead.

Powerful metrics at your fingertips

Outsmart helps you easily understand and analyze the many parts of your business and optimize
them for success.

Join our beta program!

We have limited space for users to participate in our beta program. Reserve your FREE early access
spot today!


Secr Secure is an easy to use, continuous, affordable and (really) powerful vulnerability scanner,
made for developers - in both small and big companies.

Imagine being able to run tests instantly that would usually take a security consultant days to
configure. Secr Secure not only performs world-class, industry standard tests based in open-source
software (OWASP Zap, OpenVAS) in one package, it goes way beyond by scanning for 470,000+

Nothing to install. Just hit the scan button and it will give you a complete report of vulnerabilities
found ? including instructions on how to fix them. Can?t fix them yourself? No problem, our team
will help you. Why? We want a vulnerability-free internet.


Shodan is the world's first search engine for Internet-connected devices.

Shodan is used around the world by researchers, security professionals, large enterprises, CERTs and
everybody in between.

Shodan has servers located around the world that crawl the Internet 24/7 to provide the latest
Internet intelligence. Who buys Smart TVs? Which countries are building the most wind farms? What
companies are affected by Heartbleed? Shodan provides the tools to answer questions at the


Better performance

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

By blocking tracking requests from connecting to your devices, we make the Internet faster, extend
battery life and save you bandwidth.

Disconnect defends the digital you.

Say no to mass collection of your online activity and trackers that destroy your device performance.


Protection for a single browser. Block trackers and search privately.


Block trackers & malware across your entire device. Up to 44% faster, 39% less bandwidth, and
better battery life.


Pro privacy and performance, secure your wi-fi and mask your location with our Virtual Private
Network (VPN).


The new-age

password manager

Never saves your passwords

but regenerates them.

More secure way of password management.


Do you want to know how different marketing automation platforms compare?

Access this interactive tool to do a side-by-side comparison of 13 of the top marketing automation
software vendors.

We've collected information on 13 of the top marketing automation vendors to help you choose the
right one for your business. Our chart allows you to see which service providers will fit your budget
and have the features you need. You can select the companies you want to review and we'll provide
you with a customized report.

Compare Vbout, Hubspot, Marketo, InfusionSoft, Pardot and more, all in one chart.


SEO Tools: The Complete List (2016 Update)

If you want to see the best SEO tools in one place, then you’ll LOVE this guide.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Presenting a better way to present

‘Prezi is helping to reinvent the art of presentation.’

Chris Anderson

CEO at Ted



Wappalyzer is a browser extension that uncovers the technologies used on websites. It detects
content management systems, eCommerce platforms, web servers, JavaScript frameworks, analytics
tools and many more.


Don’t settle for crappy apps.

We’ll help you find alternatives.

AlternativeTo is a new approach to finding good software. Tell us what application you want to
replace and we give you great alternatives, based on user recommendations.


Find Open Source Software Projects from NASA.


Online Community. The Shortest Distance Between You and Your Customer


Get Satisfaction powers thousands of active online customer communities, hosting more than 35
million consumers each month.


Multi-channel messaging made simple

Smooch is the best software platform to build messaging experiences. Get access to the largest set
of channels with a single API, and the most reliable infrastructure.

We've solved messaging complexity for you

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Simplify your development process and be up and running in minutes instead of days.


Personalized Controller For Faster Editing

Precision at your fingertips.


Two Factor Auth (2FA)

List of websites and whether or not they support 2FA.

Add your own favorite site by submitting a pull request on the GitHub repo.


Facebook is giving away the software it uses to understand objects in photos

DeepMask and SharpMask are now open source


KeywordSpy currently operates in USA, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. Through this
keyword tool and keyword software, you can perform advanced keyword research and keyword
tracking to study what your competitors have been advertising in their Adwords campaigns and
Other PPC campaigns. You can now get complete in-depth analysis, stats, budget, affiliates & ad
copies of your competitors.


Extract data from e-mails.

Automate your business.

Forward e-mails to, get easy-to-handle data

in return and save hours of manual data entry


Create an awesome support center

Generate a beautiful FAQ & help site in minutes. Your users deserve it.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

A support site with your FAQs and knowledge base.

It's beautiful, mobile-friendly, and searchable so your customers can find answers fast.

Easy workflow alongside any ticket management support software.

Our contact form simply sends an email, so you can use, Zendesk, Groove, etc. – or just
respond to your users from Gmail or wherever you do email now.


How to Find the Customers Who Need Your Product


Join a top tech company

No resumes or whiteboards

The existing hiring process is broken. We’re building a new kind of interview that evaluates tech
skills, not credentials.



From acquisition to advocacy, drive measurable results


Visualize and Share Your Data in Minutes—For Free



Search Engine Optimization Made Easy

Trusted by over 5,000 webmasters, small business owners, and SEO agencies


Tools & Services

All the best developer tools and cloud infrastructure services in one place


Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Open MCT is a next-generation mission control framework being developed at NASA's Ames
Research Center in Silicon Valley, in collaboration with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Web-based, for desktop and mobile.


Open MCT can be adapted for planning and operations of any system that produces telemetry.
While Open MCT is developed to support space missions, its core concepts are not unique to that
domain. It can display streaming and historical data, imagery, timelines, procedures, and other data
visualizations, all in one place.



Device & data recovery

Find my phone, my laptop, my tablet. Get pictures, location, data wipe and recovery from missing
devices. Multiplatform, open source and free!


Who's working on what right now?

Tracking progress across teams and projects can be difficult and time consuming. Peak automatically
tracks activities across multiple services making it fast and easy to see who's working on what right
now - without meetings or status emails. Peak lets people focus on their work while automatically
keeping everyone in the loop.



Software testing for humans.

Write tests in JavaScript using any style you like (TDD, BDD, whatever!).

Run tests straight from your browser, right in Node.js, or against many browsers & platforms at the
same time with the Intern test runner.

Get full code coverage reporting so you know what’s left to test.

Seamlessly run tests on Sauce Labs, BrowserStack, TestingBot, or your own Selenium Grid.

Ready for continuous integration? Intern fully integrates with Travis CI, Jenkins, and TeamCity out of
the box.


Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

We monitor webpages… so you don't have to!

Select an area and relax: We’ll send you an email alert when something changes


customer feedback using the Net Promoter System® to proactively reduce churn and drive growth.


We only charge a small fee for monitoring project files in GitHub/Bitbucket repositories. VersionEye
has a variety of plans to suit everyone's needs. With the free plan you can monitor 1 private and 4
public open source projects. The other plans have always the same number of public & private
projects. With the "Beginner" plan for example you can monitor 5 private projects and 5 public


The flexible Open Source

Social Network Kit

The perfect platform for individual:

Social Intranets

Enterprise Social Networks

Private Social Networks


Foundersuite Makes Awesome Tools For Awesome Startups


A powerful tool for SEOs

to quickly audit links, content & social data

URL Profiler doesn't just do one task; it can be configured to retrieve a large array of link, content
and social data for almost ANY task. Thousands of URLs at once - with no limits or constraints - just
the data you need, when you need it.


Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

A Platform Designed For Growth

Marketing tools designed to quickly and easily scale a business. No coding required.



Cloud hosted web scraping app

to extract data from web pages, ajax sites, xml, json and more...


Event-Driven Automation

StackStorm is a powerful open-source automation platform that wires together all of your apps,
services and workflows. It’s extendable, flexible, and built with love for DevOps and ChatOps


The World's First Head Up Phone Display

The Future of Driving

Direct Display

ASTRO see's exactly what's on your phone's display. This mean it can be used with any app, ever


Save private notes for Twitter profiles!

You can Add/Edit notes on individual profiles too!

A little icon indicates if you have an existing note for a profile.

Coming Soon

View all your notes on one page.

Sign in with Twitter (current sign in uses the Google Account logged into Chrome).

OMG the kerning in this logo is TERRIBLE. Will fix.

Links for URLs and @usernames in notes.


Baremetrics Analytics API

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Revenue analytics & insights for every part of your business


SIM Card Info


What is Cryptosteel and why do I need it?

Cryptosteel is the master of all backups.

Indestructable tool for storing sensitive information as a sequence of alphanumeric characters

engraved on stainless steel.

Therefore, it’s perfect for storing private keys, passwords, or wallet recovery seeds in a most safe
manner. Think of this artefact as like a readily-accessible safe deposit box: you decide what goes in
and out



Print on sticky notes from your phone


Slimbox. Perfectly fitted packaging in a convenient new way.

Standard packaging just became obsolete.

Slimbox is a brand new stationary machine to improve your logistics in a smart way. The very first in
its kind. And here to stay.

A revolution in the packaging industry.

Create your custom-made and perfect-fit cardboard boxes with Slimbox

For every shape and all kinds of goods

Fits smaller businesses and larger facilities



The easiest way to stand naturally at work

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Select your subject, take a photo of your homework problem, and connect to a world class tutor
eager to help you over voice chat and a live blackboard.

Snap a photo of your homework and get help.



Rumblelist is the perfect blend of traditional task management apps and project management
software. Create Rumblelists to automate your daily workflows and share projects with your
customers or employees.



Video Advertising

Computer vision-powered ads that understand and harmonize with video content.

Uru instantly understands the content of your video and all of the untapped monetization
opportunities inside it. Based on these learnings, it pinpoints appropriate brand partners and
instantly immerses them in your video in a seamless, likable way.


People need to learn lifesaving skills in case they are caught up in a terror attack in the UK, a team of
senior military and civilian medics has said.

They say people need to know how to help each other because it could take some time before it is
deemed safe for paramedics to arrive on the scene.

Their app, called CitizenAID, offers step-by-step advice.


Revolutionary Tool Delivers Targeted BUYING Facebook Audiences In Seconds

“Revolutionary FB Interest Targeting Tool Produces

$9,633 In Profits From A Single Ad Campaign!”

Watch The Video Below To Discover How YOU Can Target The Hottest FB Buyers Your Competition
Doesn’t Know Exist

Automated, SMART Research Tool Uncovers Interests Your Competition Will Never Find

Built In “Layering” Lets You Hyper Target The Hottest Fans In ANY Niche

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Optimize Ad Results With Detailed Interest Performance Stats – WITHOUT Split Testing

And Much More!


The Top Inbox

Schedule emails to be sent later. Set reminders in your inbox. Track opens. Followup with email


Review: 3 new scanners store your documents in the cloud

Today's scanners keep your documents safe by sending them either to your hard drive or your
favorite cloud storage service. We look at three of the latest.



bookmark tweets you like

Learn More Sign in with twitter

A bot that helps you bookmark tweets your like





Legal Concepts for Founders

Handbook on fundraising, hiring and more, by Clerky


Kingston Digital Doubles Capacity for World’s Largest USB Flash Drive

2TB Capacity

A New Ultimate in Flash Drive Storage Achieved

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Businesses wishing to protect themselves from information leaks,

reputational damage, legal problems, regulatory violations, and other problems

that employee usage of social media can create, but need to get this

protection without actively monitoring employee accounts or asking employees.


Ideaworks is a free and open source web application that allows a group of people to collate,
comment on and rate ideas. The application also allows staff users to create projects, small packages
of work that have developed from the ideas.

It was initially designed and built by the UK Defence Science & Technology Laboratory (dstl) and
released under AGPL as a prototype tool. Ideaworks was the first piece of software to be released
onto Github because of its simplicity, low risk and potential benefit to the Free and Open Source
software community - particularly those organising hackathons.


9 Cleanest & Safest Websites to Download Free Software for Windows


Glance Clock. See what you need, when you need it.

A smart clock that automagically shows you the right information at the right moment

These days most everyone struggles with information overload; we are all constantly bombarded
with notifications and messages that distract us from what really matters. Glance Clock is a smart
clock that gives you the notifications that you actually need. Whether it be meeting alerts, fitness
tracking, or a friendly reminder that your UBER has arrived—Glance is here to help you organize and
enjoy your life!


Sia – The Cognitive Bot Making your Marketing Smart

Artificial Intelligence for marketers to gain Real Insights, Personalize at Scale and Predict Success


Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Discussion Board on Images

Ziltag is a web plugin to discuss & discover on images.



The world’s leading add-in for Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint


Hey there,


A friendly contact widget for your website.

--- The Open Source Discovery Service. monitors 2,087,379 open source libraries across 33 different package managers. You can
discover new libraries to use in your software projects as well as be notified of new releases to keep
your applications secure and up to date.


Top 3 Social Media Monitoring Products of 2016 (and 2 Contenders for 2017)


Start Better One On Ones with your Employees

Better one on ones means happier team.


Be a good boy. Don't spam your friends.

Send personalized mass emails using your Gmail or Google Apps account.


guerilla marketing bot

AI powered competitors analyzer

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

For example, type '@guerilla follow google' to start following google updates


Continual lets you post videos of any length to Instagram Stories.

Now you don't have to squeeze your stories to 10 seconds . Talk and record as long as you want,
Upload it all

Continual will take any video from camera roll and split it to clips of 10 seconds so that you can
upload them to IG Stories effortlessly.

A must have utility, if you promote your business through Stories.

In Instagram Stories you can post videos only up to 10s in length, Continual app helps by cutting long
videos in to 10s clips so that you can upload them sequentially.


Predator 21 X

The first gaming laptop with a 21” curved G-SYNC™ display.

Predator 21 X

Go beyond the horizon to discover the world of curve. A world that bends and pulls you in to
experience top-tier gaming.


Shows what Facebook thinks your pictures contain

This extension shows what images Facebook has automatically detected in your photos using deep

Since April 2016, Facebook has been automatically adding alt tags to images you upload that are
populated with keywords representing the content of your images. They are labeling your images
using a Deep ConvNet built by Facebook's FAIR team.

On one hand, this is really great. It improves accessibility for blind users who depend on screen
readers which are only capable of processing text. But I think a lot of internet users don't realize the
amount of information that is now routinely extracted from photographs.

This is a very simple Chrome Extension that makes it easy to see the tags that Facebook is
automatically applying to you and your friends' photos. Once you install it, all the photos you see on
your Facebook timeline will automatically be overlaid with their tags.

The goal is simply to make everyone aware of the kind of information that is routinely extracted
from your own images today.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


OnePlus 3T Mobile Phone

Exclusive to o2 in the UK

Sim Only Amazon

OnePlus 3T 128GB A3003 Dual-SIM Factory Unlocked / Simfree (Gunmetal)

by OnePlus


BrailleNote Apex BT 32 Braille Notetaker

Quick Overview

Built-in options are at your fingertips to access Web pages, download e-mails or retrieve files from
your network.

Enjoy the convenience of wireless accessories and connectivity to keyboards.

Printers, embossers, hard drives, flash drives and more, it’s a snap to connect to one of the three
available USB ports.

Keep an updated list of personal contacts and appointments by synchronizing information with your

Use your BrailleNote’s keyboard to navigate with your computer screen reader using the Braille
Terminal Mode.

Blitab is a Braille device for visually impaired people


Use for Free…

Monitor cron jobs, micro-services and almost anything else.

Instant alerts when your tasks and services:...

Easy Cron Monitoring

Cron job monitoring is our specialty, and we do it better than anybody. Create your first monitor in
minutes. Sleep better at night with improved visibility into your jobs, tasks and services—no coding

Perfect Visibility

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

If it can make or receive HTTP requests we can monitor it—no client installs required. Monitor
workers, daemons, servers, periodic tasks, scheduled jobs, websites, APIs, micro-services and almost
anything else.

Instant Alerts

Usually sent within 1 minute of violation, instant alerts give you visibility into failures before they
show up in downstream errors and bug reports. Cronitor alerts are fast because we continuously
evaluate your rules against your monitoring activity.


Find the best developers on Github


Hello human!

I'm your social-media marketing

assistant on slack

How it works

Marketing teams who spend several hours every day brainstorming, developing content strategies
and manually crafting social media posts will enjoy a big productivity boost. With Rocco you can sit
back and watch your engagement skyrocket as it handles all the tediousness of managing your
marketing campaigns.

Intelligent Content Creation

Rocco uses machine learning to create content and post directly to your social media channels at the
most optimal times. Save time and boost your marketing team productivity; leave the brainstorming
and construction of content strategies to Rocco!


Slack invests in 11 bot startups to seed its platform




Instantly search all of your cloud accounts

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

With InstaSearch you can search for emails, documents and files in your cloud accounts. Focus on
high-value activities rather than hunting for documents.


An advanced, easy to use

marketing automation platform

Take control and easily manage the customer journey:

Acquire, engage and understand your customers.

Marketing automation helps your business' growth!



Clipped summarizes anything into bullet points and infographics through the power of AI.

The power of natural language.

Our tech extracts the most important info and generates a beautiful bullet-point + infographic


Imagine if your computer could recognize whenever you are performing a repetitive task, and
unobtrusively suggest to finish that task for you with a single click.

Cyclotron is fundamentally different, as it's a passive macro system, and to the best of my
knowledge, the first of its kind. It sits obediently as a background process, waiting for an opportunity
to shine, to liberate its master from meaningless effort.


Send or receive

text location updates

in real-time.

Share your location, or get a friend's

for a short period of time.

Your friends without the app can send & receieve locations via SMS!


Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Hugo - automated network intelligence.

Hugo Profiles instantly brief you on the people you’re meeting so you can grow and enrich your
personal network.

Watchlists will help you organize different groups of people based on the nature of your goals.

Tasks will help you create and track reminders, specific to strengthening those important

Notes will provide perfect recall and ensure you never forget those important details.


Online banner design application for everybody. Create banner ads for your online advertising
campaigns & websites, post images for your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google or other online


Littledata is an automated data analyst, bringing powerful web insights and benchmarking to

Online customer experience was the most competitive aspect of business for 89% of companies
surveyed by Gartner. Yet while $26bn is spent annually on web design services, in our opinion the
tools used to track this spend have not kept up, and many companies actually hire analysts to
interpret the web traffic data.

Littledata strives to provide a much simpler way for managers to track their website. Using
proprietary algorithms to sift through thousands of Google Analytics reports, and benchmarking
against similar companies, we aim to spot changes with the greatest commercial impact.

We launched the beta product in late 2015, and are now used by, British Red Cross, and
Age UK.

We aim to significantly reduce the time needed to get actionable insights. This allows our clients to
allocate scarce development time more efficiently, and boost the sales they can make.


One of the challenges facing most small businesses today is the ability to create maximum value
from their team so that they can provide better service to clients at competitive rates. Key to
achieving this is the need for standardized operational platforms that ensure ease of use,
transparency and provide the much needed productivity boost. Many small businesses use 4 to 5
disparate tools to manage their information that makes collaboration difficult. Orgzit aims to solve
this problem.

Orgzit is a powerful unified business management tool that empowers teams to track, manage and
analyze any information. Within 5 minutes you can get started with Orgzit to manage common

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

business processes such as leads, projects, HR processes, and field operations. But that’s not all… in
less than 10 minutes you can build custom apps to manage any aspect of your business operations.


What is Luxafor?

Luxafor is a productivity tool that makes it easy to stay focused on tasks at hand. Notify your co-
workers when you're immersed in work and can't be bothered, or stay on top of what's important by
receiving instant notifications.


Modern business planning for startups.


PhD dissertation writing software

Give shape to your research papers.

Idea Rover 6.20 absorbs and crystallizes your research ideas and new sources into outline-structured
notes, releasing your brain from monotonous switching and searching for relevant information.

Give shape to your PhD dissertation.

Retrieve and organize your research notes:

Drag-and-drop your files and sources and get a starting place, calmness, and time for writing your
essay, project, research paper, term paper, Master's thesis, and Ph.D. dissertation.


Influencer marketing as it should be

Voicey, the perfect marketplace where both brands and influencers will collaborate like never
before. This is your end-to-end solution.

Providing you with the right tools necessary to manage your social influencer activities.


Uber debuts Movement, a new website offering access to its traffic data

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


The must-have tool for

founders building startups

Reviews you can trust written by experienced founders


Too many subscriptions in your inbox?

Time for spring cleaning! Cleanbox will aggregate all of your subscriptions and let you cancel them in
one click.

It's free and it works with Gmail.


Lead Generation

Build lists of websites from our database of 19,043+ web technologies and over a quarter of a billion
websites showing which sites use shopping carts, analytics, hosting and many more. Filter by
location, traffic, vertical and more.

Sales Intelligence

Know your prospects platform before you talk to them. Improve your conversions with validated
market adoption.

Market Share

Get advanced technology market share information and country based analytics for all web


Assistant for Small Businesses

Too busy to answer your phone while doing your job ?

Communicates using messenger

Clients write to your facebook page and ELO responds within seconds.

Lists services

Elo only suggests the services you offer. Your clients can see how long and how much it will cost
them for each service you configured ELO to display.

Suggests availabilites

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

ELO is smart enough to only schedule appointment based on your availabilities by taking into
consideration your calendar, your opening hours and time required for the service.


Your clients will no longer miss or forget their appointments because ELO will send them reminders

Personnalized Service

Provide services that are personnalized and of quality. It's your facebook page, you can always at any
given moment answer your clients direclty.


9 of the Best Free Social Media Analytics Tools



Free, Open Source and Cross Platform messaging and emailing app that combines common web
applications into one.



Rambox gives you the possibility to add common services many times you need, all in one place. It's
perfect for people who work with many services for business and private accounts.


Easier, cheaper and beautiful bookkeeper

A simple but powerful accounting solution for brilliant entrepreneur and exacting freelancer.


Our Most Economical Do-Everything Toolkit

Get started in electronics repair with all the bits and precision tools to handle your most urgent
screen breaks and battery swaps. Upgrade your home DIY toolkit with what you need to service door
knobs, home appliances, eyeglasses, and more!


Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

RBLTracker is a fully automated monitoring service, which checks your IP addresses and website
domains against the most frequently used real-time blacklists, safe browsing databases, and social
media threat exchanges.


BitScoop Labs creates better ways to bring disparate data together.

We are developers. We feel the pains developers have. We want to solve their biggest headaches.
That's why we founded BitScoop Labs.

Integrating data from external sources, such as APIs, is an extremely difficult and time-consuming
task for developers. This substantial pain comes from growing business needs for data. But
integrating data is still widely seen as having low ROI or as a distraction for core business because it
usually becomes a large portion of software development and maintenance time. We have been
software product developers for a long time and we believe this mindset is leading to lost


ContractZen is a cloud service that features advanced metadata-driven document and contract
management, electronic signature, meeting management and built-in datarooms (VDR). Secure and
easy to use on any device, it enhances governance and business by reducing costs, accelerating
processes and minimizing risks. With ContractZen, companies of all sizes are always prepared for
due diligence and audits.

Users can upload and store all of their contracts and other important documents in ContractZen by
emailing attached documents directly to the system, or via drag-and-drop. The system automatically
attaches metadata to the documents, and users can add additional metadata using visual tagging.
Custom hashtags can be created by users and assigned to contracts for flexible categorization. The
advanced search engine allows users to search for contract data, and select visual filters to narrow
down their search. Contract due dates can be set and automated email reminders sent to team



Download all the source code and assets of any website


Google Makes Its $149 Photo Editing Software Now Completely Free to Download


Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Add Machine Learning to your…

We add steroids to tools you are already using!

Once click integration with tools you are already using



Measures how harmful a website is to you

We’re global. Active in 35 Countries.

Instant anti-phishing

You can be confident that you’re only connecting to safe, legitimate websites.

We identify critical flags such as unusual domains, domain targeting (banks) and domain age.

Privacy protection

Forget digging through lengthy policies. We instantly extract the three most important areas of
information to you:

What information the website collects from you

How it uses the collected information

With whom they share your information

Encryption quality

Most people are familiar with the padlock or https next to URLs. But, did you know some padlocks
are still hackable? That’s why we show you a website’s encryption quality to give you greater
confidence that your information is secure.

Smart alerts

Outsmart fraud and stay safe with instant alerts that notify you of insecure form fields, infected
websites, privacy risks and more.


What it is

Microsoft StaffHub is a cloud-based platform that works across all your devices. It enables staff
workers and their managers to manage time, communicate with their teams, and share content.


We are now living in the digital age. More and more companies realize that they now have trouble
keeping up with their competitors. Market leaders innovate faster than you can copy them.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Maintenance costs ramp up and predictive management fails. You might even have tried Agile and
see your experiment end up in failure.

At Quantum Monkeys, we can help you

…learn to steer your organization in a volatile and uncertain world,

…foster the right culture to entice the right people to come and stay with you,

…grow your people and your organization away from fragility and toward resilience and anti-

…fix that Agile initiative that doesn’t live up to your expectations.

We like to do things differently. Our service offer is the result of observing our client’s realities and
catering to it while pushing them ever forward.


What makes Integromat unique?

Perfect visualization of everything you do

- Thanks to the Integromat´s visualization capabilities, you can watch in real time how your
automation is executed and data flows through your scenario.

Detailed information about each run

- All operations performed by Integromat when executing a scenario are logged. This allows you to
easily view which data was processed in which run (even logs from several days ago).

Functions as you know them from Excel

- Sometimes you may need to sum multiple values or move a date value forward a few days. Then
you will certainly appreciate the possibility to use functions in the same way as you use them in

Integromat comes with the most commonly used functions for working with text, numbers, dates
and arrays. New ones are regularly added.

Choose where to start

Do you need to process data created before activating your scenario? No problem - Integromat
allows you to easily choose if you want to retrieve.


Bayes Impact

Solve the world's toughest problems using data science


Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Lava Mae is transforming the way Communities see and serve people moving through homelessness.

We do this by bringing critical services — delivered with an unexpected level of care that we call
“Radical Hospitality” — to the street through programs such as our mobile hygiene service and our
new Pop-Up Care Villages.

By shining a light on our shared humanity, driving innovation in programming, and inspiring
collaboration, we are catalyzing change.

Our mission: Taking Radical Hospitality to the Street.



Floodwatch collects the ads you see as you browse the internet, in order to track how advertisers
are categorizing and tracking you.

Join Floodwatch, and help us create a database of how advertisers are targeting their ads, which can
be used to uncover discriminatory practices in online advertising.


SocialRank Market Intelligence for Twitter

Enter any handle. Sort & filter their followers.


Analytics, automated from start to finish.

Stop wasting time and money on ineffective marketing. Know exactly which strategy is working and
which is not.

Effortless Setup

Connect your Google Analytics and get a report in less than 30 seconds.

Marketing Data Integration

No more manually uploading data. Easily connect Adwords, Facebook Ads & Twitter Ads.

Insights & Recommendations

PaveIQ analyzes your data, showing what’s working and how to improve.


Award-winning market research from the UK’s leading fieldwork provider

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Committed to providing the highest quality market research to businesses and agencies around the
world, Facts International’s award-winning fieldwork capabilities are available 24/7 and include
telephone interviewing, face-to-face interviewing, online surveys, mystery shopping and our
innovative new research tool PowerProbe™.



Turn your qualitative data into quantifiable insights with PowerProbe™ – a totally new approach to
insight generation – fast, flexible and futureproof.

Harness the full potential of your research by allowing your customers to discuss what’s important
to them.

PowerProbe™ can be used with online, telephone and face-to-face interviewing and the real-time
feedback allows you to track changing trends and customer priorities in the moment.


Helping you Analyze Documents

Easy, Precise and Secure Document Analysis

Tags in TagDox allow you to identify - and structure information in a document. Similar information
in the same or different documents will be more easily accessible for you and others.


Video Mail and Messages made very simple, right in your favorite native Gmail interface.

Video Mail and Messages made very simple, right in your favorite native Gmail interface. A simple
and small video message or snap could solve and clarify lot of things instead of a 10,000 word email.
It's so simple to show and tell the story, rather than trying hard to explain it. That's why we brought
to you XpressMail, where you can efficiently tell the story from your native gmail interface.





Your True Digital Personality Fingerprint


Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Insta360 Air 360 VR Clip On Camera for Smartphone

Turn your Android smartphone into a 360° VR camera

The Insta360 Air is a lightweight and ultra portable clip-on smartphone camera that captures
immersive 360-degree HD images and videos that can be livestreamed or shared instantly on social
media. Place the Insta360 Air in VR mode for a fully immersive experience.


The Portable Freeware Collection


Hackr me

Check if your website can be hack


Social Web Suite – Social Media Dashboard For Professionals

Finally! All-in-one solution for all your Social Media Marketing needs. Our easy to use Social Media
Platform will make sharing, planning and scheduling your content across all major Social Networks a
breeze! Online marketing is complicated. Social Web Suite simplifies it.


Spotinst is a unique cost-oriented cluster, across data-centers and instance types, auto-scaled and
auto-optimised. Spotinst can be deployed on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and
Microsoft Azure.

Spotinst has a designated Machine Learning software that takes DevOps and financial decisions in
real time and saves the overhead and management of cloud computing purchasing options such as
On-Demand, Reserved and bidding strategies of Spot Instances.

Spotinst chooses the most cost-effective compute resources based on your application workload,
allowing you to focus on your business growth rather than chasing ghosts.

Your EC2 For 80% Less

The ultimate platform for running and managing Elastic Compute Cloud


Save WhatsApp profile photos to phone contacts. Save and call contacts from WhatsApp web,
LinkedIn and other sites to your phone!

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

InTouchApp for Chrome helps you easily save contacts from websites, WhatsApp Web (with profile
pictures!) and LinkedIn to your phone with just a click!


A physical product

for digital PRIVACY

That's why we created Peeping Toms — a simple and self-adhesive webcam cover that works on
computers, tablets and smartphones. Simply put, a physical product for digital privacy.


Harvard’s complete photography course is now available for free online


Google’s new compression tool uses 75% less bandwidth without sacrificing image quality


A new way of writing with confidence



A simple solution to create fun and engaging videos for your social channels.

Make videos like UNILAD, BuzzFeed, and Viral Thread.


The Vine Camera is for making 6 second looping videos.

You can post the videos directly to Twitter or save them to your phone. Videos that are posted From
the Vine Camera to Twitter will loop.

Create 6 second looping videos with multiple cuts

Edit your video to create a perfect loop

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Includes standard Vine creation tools: multi-clip trimming, grid overlay, AF focus, ghost tool, flash
and front-facing camera

Save drafts for later while you create

The Vine Camera supports iPhone 4s and up, running iOS9+.


At Hivemetric, it is our goal to make your financial model less intimidating - instead transforming it
into an exciting component of your business you can look forward to. We know how spreadsheets
can be frustrating and discouraging when it comes to projecting your financial future. It is our vision
to remove the need for spreadsheets from your forecast. We want you to be able to forecast your
revenues with clear-cut underlying assumptions, budget your expenses while connecting them to
future revenue generation, and tie everything together in an all-inclusive dashboard of well-defined
metrics. Your financial model should not have to be used solely for investor presentation, but also as
a dynamic tool capable of growing alongside your business!


Cachet, a GetSuitable Inc. Brand provides a seamless integration of popular social media platforms
for a service that allows social presence improvement, comparison, analysis, notation, saving, and
sorting of one's overall online social presence. All in effort to assist in building aspiring professionals
online social brands.

GetSuitable Inc. is the parent company to the brand "Cachet", a social presence personal brand
building platform for aspiring professionals.

GetSuitable Inc. looks to dominate the Personal Branding market, continue to assist in the
background screening effort of employers and insurance companies and provide analytical value to
support individualized service-delivery business models that can be or are being monetized.


Get Voice of Customer Insights that

Help Your Business Grow.

Analytics tells you what people are doing, Qualaroo tells you why.

Qualaroo website surveys uncover customer insights that lead to better business results.

Ask your visitors questions based on their cursor movements


Ghost for Journalism

A $45,000 journalism development program to help build new, exciting, sustainable publications

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Lead Your Remote Team to Success

Automated daily standups for Slack and task trackers

Standuply doesn’t replace live communications, it just makes them better


It's time for proof

Marketing and communications create a lot of business value every day. Get the credit you deserve.


What parts of your marketing spend are most and least effective?

Every marketer believes they create valuable business impact.

Every business leader wants to know how much.

It's all about cause and effect

Proof is the first software company to use advanced math to reveal the hidden impact of marketing
and communications on any aspect of company performance, including revenue, margin and cash
flow. Long-accepted algorithms combine to form an engine that takes all of the data you’re using —
marketing, communications, sales, and other business data — and computes the time lag and
correlations that you can’t find any other way.


The Productively timer helps users sustain a productive, 9 hour work day while following Pomodoro
time management.


Join our free sales course

Learn everything you need to create a predictable and repeatable sales model for your company.

Developed for salespeople by salespeople.

Get started in minutes.



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& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

We help you discover and fix vulnerabilities of your websites, mobile apps and IoT devices, by
challenging our community of hand selected security researchers through a contest.


You can get rid of your unconscious bias

by doing (almost) nothing

Sign up

Managing your sales team(s) with Salesforce?

Joonko's personal coaching plan enable managers to get real-time mentoring, with Diversity &
Inclusion insights regarding their actions, while doing their day-to-day work


Free Instagram Analytics App by Pixlee

Simple & clean web app for reports from your Instagram



Test Management Tool to improve software quality

EasyQA is a testing platform with multiple features created to simplify various quality assurance
processes. It comes with a handful of tester's must-have tools and forms the intersection of 3
departments: QA, Developers, and PM.

EasyQA is a testing portal that provides full test management, test visualization, fast bug tracking
system, automatic code building, build sharing, integration with GitHub, GitLab, JIRA, Youtrack,
Pivotal, Redmine and easy convertible crash report to issues.



BrandFox connects Instagram photographers with leading brands and agencies


Keywords Everywhere

A browser addon that will get you FREE search volume, CPC & competition data for almost all the
keyword research tools out there!

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Cross-Network PPC Reporting & Automation

Analyze and Optimize your AdWords, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter Ads in one place


Easily organize lots of information.

Attach any sentence to the mind map. Instantly return to exact document and sentence.

Organize information in a hierarchical structure. Hide branches you don't need.

Save websites. Write documents. Organize with tags.

A lightweight tool to organize your knowledge. Perfect for writers, journalists and anyone else who
works with lots of information.

Easily organize lots of information

Attach any sentence to the mind map. Instantly return to exact document and sentence.



Make Your Docs Searchable. Enterprise Search System.

It’s a smart collection-indexing-searching warehouse for files. Imaging having billion of files in
different formats like xls, doc, txt, etc... and any encoding. Ambar gives you an ability to search
through their content and metadata in milliseconds. Any phrase or word in any sequence with
stemming and fuzzy search. Ambar is very lightweight, simple and intuitive, but yet very fast and
powerful in term of data amounts and scaling. All the rocket-science is hidden behind the simple UI.


Simple CRM System is a super-simple CRM that looks like a spreadsheet. Just copy your Excel data to
the CRM and benefit from reminders, appointments, team collaboration, customer

history, advanced search and more. It's as easy as using Excel!

Features available:

- Set reminders and appointments in your calendar from the CRM

- Collaborate on your spreadsheet with your team

- Send e-mails using Gmail or Outlook

- Track e-mail opening

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

- Make phone calls using your phone or Skype/Facetime from the CRM

- View history for spreadsheet cells and see who changed what - no more "who deleted this"

- Make calculations (SUM,AVG,MAX,MIN,COUNT) to calculate sales and other values

- View a list of tasks you need to do, connected to your calendar

- Make advanced search on your spreadsheet

- Save your common search queries to build your dashboard (what's new? what's open? what's

- So simple


Editable data visualizations for the web. is a new type of editor built on top of the amazing data visualization library d3.js.
Anyone can create complex, interactive and beautiful data-driven documents as easily as if they
were using an Excel file with a dash of Power Point.

This beta preview gives you:

- 9 templates based on awesome D3 samples

- 36 color palettes brewed by

- real-time collaborative editing experience powered by Google Drive API

- colorful triangle backgrounds based on Trianglify

- data editor optimized for editing tree data structures

- export to SVG/PNG

- everything stored privately and securely on your Google Drive



Tabledo transforms data from spreadsheets into standalone sites and micro-services

Tabledo transforms data from spreadsheets into standalone sites and micro-services.

Setup and sync: link a spreadsheet with data one time. Use «Sync» button to submit updates.

Many templates: choose the right template to present your data and bring value to customers.

Standalone project: use a custom domain to promote a project with your own brand.


Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Beat your growth targets.

FunnelCake integrates Sales and Marketing performance in one platform, we find gaps in your plan
and give you actionable insights so you can beat your targets.



A curated tools to help build your Crowdfunding Campaign



Skore uses knowledge flow optimization to connect people to content that matters

How thousands of companies already use Skore


Epic protects you from over six hundred tracking attempts in an average browsing session.

We believe what you browse & search online should always be private. In incognito mode, you're
still being tracked.

Join over one million users who've chosen privacy. For Mac & PC.


The quickest way to remember and organise people you find online.

Markd is a simple way to mark all of the interesting people you stumble across online and file them
in one place. When you’re ready to contact them in the future, Markd enables you to easily find
them when you need to.

Use this free tool to organise and reach out to creative talent, job candidates, sales prospects, or just
for marking interesting people that you want to return to later. It's like Pinterest but for People!



Leading brands, expert writers and a content creation platform that handles everything in
between—from pitch to payment.

nDash was built to help the world's leading brands generate high-quality content. See how we're
different from other freelance platforms...

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Refly is an AI-powered smart editor for content creators. Especially designed for bloggers and
content marketers.

Refly will help the writers to reduce the writing time by helping writers in proofreading, SEO, and
distribution of the content. Refly will also help you in optimizing the content written on Refly by
grammar checks and better synonyms.


Welcome to CybrHome!

A world of websites is waiting to be discovered

CybrHome is the fastest way to explore the internet. People discover new websites, blogs and
products on CybrHome everyday.

Use CybrHome to search, discover and organise your life on the web. You can review sites or share
them, follow your friends and see their activity. You can also submit sites that you know. CybrHome
is the one place for everything on the internet.



Your all-in-one SEO toolbar for research on the go.

Compatible with Chrome web browser.

The industry's leading SEO toolbar – over 380,000 installs and climbing –

MozBar gives you instant metrics while viewing any page or SERP.


Email Content Spam Checker

Increase your email Open Rates by 30% or More using this free online tool.



The first mechanical keyboard inspired by typewriters

Inspired by traditional typewriters, we engineered round keycaps to give lofree a classic, yet
contemporary feel. It's a delight for both eyes and ears.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Lofree is the only mechanical keyboard which comes with your familiar Apple Magic keyboard
layout. The compact lofree keyboard is packed with awesome specs:

Choose wired or wireless mode

Compatible for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

Pair up to three devices simultaneously

Three different backlit settings

....and more!


Who are you missing?

You may think your user thinks as you do, but they don’t.

Click these cards to discover new perspectives that challenge you to be more inclusive in your work.


Our enterprise-class platform helps global brands revolutionize customer experience, enhance agent
productivity and improve operational efficiency by managing the flow of customer service inquiries
and discussions on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and
YouTube. The largest global firms including Google, Hertz and Barclaycard turn to Conversocial to
reduce costs and create the most inclusive customer service experience possible.


Software For Marketing & Sales Teams

Build Audience Personas Online

Motivations, pains, drivers, channels and more to create smarter marketing campaigns and help
sales teams stay aligned.

PersonaBold is the easiest way to define your targets.


Capture & convert up to 300% more leads

High-converting lead capture forms for marketers


Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Keluro boosts workplace productivity and breaks information silos by turning email conversations
into collaborative assets. This add-in helps you to distribute key messages more effectively in your
organization and to archive crucial information.


Keluro increases team collaboration by making relevant email conversations accessible to coworkers
in shared channels.

- Our smart algorithm suggests appropriate channels to share your emails, both sent and received,
with one click

- You decide what remains in your private mailbox


Keluro’s adaptive organization and visualization of emails ensures you stay on top of the most
relevant information, all in one place

- Effortlessly find information related to a project or department in dedicated channels, even if you
were not among the recipients

- Easily retrieve archived emails and don't lose time reconstructing missing information trapped in
confusing email threads


Modern business planning for startups.


Intelligent Security | Camera Cover - Webcam Privacy Cover

The world's thinnest, most ergonomic and seamless mechanical webcam privacy cover. Privacy,
security and peace of mind you deserve.


Mini Macbook Air Mirror

The cutest thing since teddy bears


Find and Reach Out to Top Tech Talent

Millions of candidates RANKED by online presence

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


WECare Worldwide will help by providing free veterinary treatment, alongside love, compassion and
respectful care of the Ceylon dogs


Social Media: Strategies To Mastering Your Brand- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat
(Social Media, Social Media Marketing) Kindle Edition

by David Kelly (Author)


Startup Monk

Free customized media list for StartUps

Startup Monk provides a curated media list of key influencers and journalists to help startups reach
targeted press. Each list is individually compiled for every type of startup.


Hambrill Email Crawler

This email crawler will help you to find contact email id's from bunch of Urls and it is free tool.

You can run Maximum 100 URL at a time. Further you can go with your next 100 URL and likewise.
This is our Demo version, and it is Absolutely Free. Our customized crawler will be launched soon.


Turn Your Calendar into Memory Machine

Reprime adds interesting things in your calendar so that you don't have to struggle remembering


Streamlining absence management


Helpful Absence Management app


Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Deep consumer insights & on-demand research



The only private web highlighter with cloud sync!


Meetingbird Meet

Schedule a meeting with anyone just by sending them a link.

Join hundreds of teams and individuals using Meetingbird

You send your link

To start scheduling a meeting, just send your Meet link ( to

the person you’d like to meet with. No back and forth emails or picking options that work.

They request a meeting

When someone opens your Meet link, they’ll see an anonymized version of your calendar - they can
see when you’re busy but can’t see any information from your calendar.

They don’t need a Meetingbird account to use Meet, but if they have an account, their calendar will
show up next to your availability, making it easy to find a time that works for everyone. With a click,
they can request a meeting with you.

You confirm the meeting

Meetingbird will notify when you receive a meeting request. With a click, your meeting is confirmed
and added to everyone’s calendar.


Powerful Booking Software

for Individuals and Businesses

Don't pay hundreds of dollars per month for a booking system.

Free. Built for All Types of Business. No-fuss Installation.


Best SEO Tools

Intuitive way to find THE tool for any SEO purpose

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Postedin is a dynamic content marketplace that connects brands with high quality content-creators.
Clients can request content on-demand from specialists, who are curated, ranked and automatically
selected through reputation and skills.

The Postedin Team controls quality by reviewing all content before it is delivered. Our creative
learning process creates relationships between content, client ratings, comments and the people
who get involved in the project. This means that the ongoing development quality increases.

Whether its 500 or 5.000 content pieces, our scalable content platform works!


Drawberry is a bidding-based platform that connects people willing to pay good money for
personalized art and experienced artists from different countries.

Unlike other painting websites that offer services to turn photo into painting, Drawberry brings live
artists together with customers helping you save money and pick an artist whose style you like best.

You can find a skilled portrait painter, a landscape artist or someone great at still life, cartoons, pop
art, etc.


Reamaze is simplified cloud helpdesk for sites and apps. Designed from the ground up to fit the
specific needs of agile businesses, Reamaze can be fully integrated and embedded into your site or
app for rich and seamless support conversation management via email and social media (Twitter,
Facebook, Instagram), live chat, SMS/MMS, knowledge bases, and workflows.

We believe awesome customer service is an extension of your ability to strike up meaningful

conversations. Everything in Reamaze is designed to reflect this simple concept. Getting started with
Reamaze takes minutes, not hours. We don’t dwell in meaningless features like ticket numbers or
customer logins. Instead, we focus on designing a product that is intuitive and simple not only for
you but also for your customers. Reamaze will help you amaze your customers over and over again
with just the right amount of tools you need. Nothing more and nothing less.


Not enough hours in the day? Type smarter with HERO's patented design that reduces finger travel
35% (or "3 feet per Tweet"). How? In English, we use just 9 keys 80% of the time, so HERO's smarter
design puts those keys in the middle where your thumb likes to be.

Here's how else HERO helps you:

- Phone too big? Tilt iPhone 6/6+ to move HERO's keys for easy 1-thumb typing.

- Phone too small? On iPhone 4/5/SE, the most-used keys are 30% bigger than QWERTY.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

- @, #, -, ?, !, comma and period always on the main screen.

- Tap HERO's perfectly placed Bolt button to enter a SPACE (or double-tap for Period+SPACE).

- HOLD or 3D-Touch the Bolt for super-quick access to numbers, cursor control, and your recent
emojis and symbols.

- Hold or 3D Touch keys for accented characters, an em-dash or underscore, a .com, and more.

Basic typing is free! For $0.99/month, subscribers get premium themes and the full emoji, dialpad,
and symbol views.


Announcing Intune for Education & new Windows 10 PCs for school starting at $189

Microsoft Intune for Education: a new cloud-based application and device management service that
is built on the proven Microsoft Intune service, offering easy setup and management in shared
learning environments.

Intune for Education Helps Schools Easily Set-up and Manage Classroom Devices.Specially designed
for schools who want to put devices in classrooms and not touch them again for the rest of the
school year, Intune for Education makes it easy for either IT admins, or teachers playing the role of IT
in the classroom, to get up-and-running in minutes on Windows 10 devices and easily manage
shared devices.


Aino is a mobile app, and this single platform lets users connect with beyond any number of brands
through their fingertip. Aino enhance the customer care experience by cutting down those
unwanted customer care call waiting hours. The best part, one can have Aino experience for free
simply by registering at its app.


No need to spend a bomb on lengthy customer care calls. Request for a call back from service
provider, at just a click of a button.


Tired of saving product-related details and multiple relationship IDs? Aino also keeps a track of all
your product and brand details.


Remembering interaction details for multiple brands can be a tough task. We do this for you by
managing all your interactions at one place.


Scratch the old complicated IVRs and waiting in long queues. Now connect to the concerned
personnel directly through Aino.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


We keep a track of all your existing queries.


Deep Learning Gallery - a curated list of awesome deep learning projects


Faster than typing

Save time everyday with quick videos for free.

The ultra-flexible communication tool with endless use cases


AI/ML Reads

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning resource directory


E-commerce Stack

Most popular tools from the 10,000+ top e-commerce stores.

Built by Gorgias , the helpdesk for e-commerce.



The complete picture of your advertising. All costs and results. In one place. All the time.

Funnel pulls in cost data across all advertising platforms where you spend money and combines it
with goals and transactions. Automating this process saves many hours of manual data collection
and Excel processing, but more importantly increases return on advertising spend.

The superpower of Funnel is that all data is in place from day one, it is also structured and combined
in the way needed to make any sense of it. It does not require IT resources or a business analyst to
create a new KPI dashboard or report, anyone can do it within minutes. Yes, it's really that simple.


Cloud-AI: Artificially Intelligent System Found 10 Security Bugs in LinkedIn

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Artificial Intelligence based Risk Management


MIT builds Artificial Intelligence system that can detect 85% of Cyber Attacks


Capture and action the best ideas from your people

Use the brightest ideas from your people to grow your business faster. Forget complex
spreadsheets, dated intranets and long-winded annual surveys – Idea Drop is smart and intuitive
idea management software.

Give your team a beautiful, lightweight experience that they’ll love. Idea Drop runs on web and
native iOS.

Capture the best ideas from everyone, everywhere.

Make it easier than ever for all your staff to share fresh insight, improvements and ideas about how
to make your business better. Unearth your most candid employee feedback with optional cloaking
that lets your teams hide their identity and use Idea Drop to kickstart positive cultural change.

Share your problems to find solutions faster.

Open up commercial or operational challenges to a wider group. Give guidance, set deadlines and
offer up rewards. Then watch as solutions and ideas roll in from teams, departments and locations
across your business.

Uncover, curate and execute brilliant ideas.

When you’re collecting 100s of ideas, manually ranking and reviewing each one is tedious. Idea Drop
automatically bubbles up the best and most existing ideas, so they reach you faster to make a
positive impact on your business.


Product Roadmap Builder by ProdPad

Make gorgeous drag & drop visual roadmaps


Simple NPS Software for the Growing Business.

It's the quick and easy way to measure customer happiness & increase retention.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


SEO software for everyone

All-in-one platform

SE Ranking

Сloud-based SEO platform for marketers & digital agencies.



Search everything in a few clicks

Search everything

Search everything in few clicks. On your machine or in the Internet.

Interact with everything: open file in default program or reveal in finder, copy contact details to
clipboard, see google suggestions.


Why you should be excited that Facebook supports USB security keys


Whiteboard Sticker

Simply turns any laptop lid into a portable whiteboard.


Your Twitterverse. Visualized.

Map your social network to understand the relationships between you and your connections.


Bullet Journal® (or BuJo® for short) was developed by Ryder Carroll, a digital product designer living
in Brooklyn, NY. Through many years of trial and error, the system has evolved into the ideas
presented here. He sees this as an evolving, adaptable practice meant to be self curated as you
determine what works best for you. This website, in addition to serving as a thank you to our
generous community, is a space where inspiration, organization, and general musings on
mindfulness can live and grow with the support of our talented Bullet Journalists.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Our algorithms monitor social media to detect

breaking news, before it breaks.


Siftery Trending Products

A real-time feed of the hottest business software



We create personal bots for Influencers that enable fans to communicate directly with their favorite


Celebrate Immigrants

Openness is at the core of the American DNA. Immigrants are our friends, coaches, teachers, family
members—they are the founders and leaders of our country.


A very simple Chrome Extension that detects whether the Facebook post is clickbait or not.


Save several hours every day researching content.

Get Deep Insights, find influencers and get content inspiration for any keyword.


Provide Support To 2x More Customers.

Swifty is an intelligent in-app widget that give

customers a way to help themselves before they contact support


Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


ClickFox is the pioneer and industry leader in advanced journey analytics and providing journey data
to the entire enterprise.

Roots.jpg The ClickFox Customer Journey Analytics Platform, powered by the Journey Architecture™
has the following core capabilities: Journey Visualization, Journey Diagnostics, Journey Creation and
Journey Datasets™.


Fast, simple, real-time collaboration.

As easy as cards on a board.


The self-service influencer marketing platform

Own your direct influencer relationships, pay no commission.


Saffron means you and your customer service team will never miss another email again. Imagine an
email interface where you can send and receive emails and also communicate with your team about
those emails. You can post comments on email threads, assign tasks to your team, and make sure no
email ever goes unanswered.

Most products charge based on the number of users you have managing your email, making adding
new team members costly. Saffron charges a flat fee based instead on monthly email volume, so you
can have as many people on support as you want.

Interested in learning more? Sign up to get on our beta queue and we'll schedule a personal tour to
show you how it works. We think you're going to absolutely love it!


Create a custom address linked

to your Gmail


Imagine only hiring

‘A Players’

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

A company’s success is nearly always determined by the strength and cultural fit of people working
for it.

However, like 99% of employers, you’ve never been formally trained in how to hire productive and
dependable team members with consistency. It’s also unlikely you’re using the latest tools and tests
available to speed up the difficult job of assessing people’s personalities and skillsets. Hiring is too
valuable and too time consuming for this not to change.

HireFantastic radically clarifies, speeds up and improves the results of your hiring processes with the
complete hiring toolset:

Well structured and quick-to-complete online training for you and your team, produced by leading
HR experts, to give you a strong and practical understanding of the leading hiring theories and best

Tools to reduce the number of people you need to interview and the time those interviews take

Tests to ensure all hires have strong cultural fit and the appropriate mental aptitude for their roles


Reporter is a mobile app based e-marketplace for newsworthy photos and videos. The seller can be
anybody using a mobile phone and capturing an interesting moment; the targeted buyers are media
outlets in general, news agencies in particular. Using mainly smartphone data, the Reporter app and
its server application help verifying the authenticity of the captured images.

The solution provided by the Reporter system: a mobile app, its Enterprise module (server
application) and the proposed business conditions. The app provides instant camera capability
complementing the recorded media content with location data and with a digital security watermark
to help the authentication process. Then it is easily uploaded to the Enterprise module, which tags
the media content and stores it in a well structured searchable database. News outlet users of the
Reporter system can search the database by location, by popularity, by themes etc. They can buy
easily the publication rights of selected content


STYLUSFLEX: All-In-One Stylus with a Twist

Bend it, fold it, twist it. Use it as a stand, grip, or latch. The ONE stylus you can't lose.

First time to Indiegogo?

It's super easy!

1. Decide how many StylusFlex you would like then click the pink button that says, "GET THIS PERK."

2. Fill out your shipping information and continue with your payment.

3. Receive and fill out the survey for color choices via email.

4. We receive your color choices and prepare your StylusFlex.

5. You receive your order and eternal convenience is in your hands :)

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


iTouch ID World's Smallest USB Fingerprint Scanner

iTouch ID - Touch the Future of Security

Want to keep your information super secure and private? Tired of creating, remembering, changing
and typing those lengthy passwords? The solution is only an iTouch ID away!


The technology developed by Userlane guides users through software like a GPS turn-by-turn
navigation system. This allows every user to operate even complex software on a professional level
without any learning curve.

Key to Userlane’s technology are interactive step-by-step guides, which can be implemented on top
of every existing web-based software or e-commerce website. These interactive guides lead every
user through all processes and show them live within the software where to click next - just like the
GPS navigation system in cars offers its driver turn-by-turn advice how to optimally reach his or her
destination. This way, every user can use complex software without any learning curve, making
extensive software training obsolete.

Unlike video tutorials, the Userlane technology is integrated into the software. Users receive
interactive Guidance, while they are already working in the application itself. This allows companies
to improve their onboarding


Nectar Desk is a provider of call center software solutions for a wide variety of industries. It has a
complete suite of call center software features such as call recording, IVRs and call transfers.
Additionally, it integrates with many CRM platforms in order to ensure that agents can work
efficiently between Nectar Desk and their CRM. It also has advanced agent analytics which allow
users to analyze their agents’ performance and make staffing adjustments as necessary.


Promote, advertise and optimize your crowdfunding project with our Social Network platform, and
Fully-Manage your Marketing Campaign. LOCODOR is transforming the Crowdfunding industry. Not
just by providing access to wider sources to network together, but also through helping companies
innovate, connect with their customers, and create loyalty.

Locodor is a one of a kind social media crowdfunding network where innovators meet investors via
an informal, interactive and engaging platform. Investing in startups, new product or an idea
involves risks, including lack of dividends, illiquidity and loss of investment. Locodor is targeted
exclusively at supporters and investors who are sufficiently knowledgeable and sophisticated
enough to understand the risks in bringing an innovative idea to fruition.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Through our interactive platform, we connect innovators and investors not only to fund an idea but
also to help it bring to life with continued financial support.


Pitch the relevant journalists from the top media outlets, for free.

We monitor all the major tech outlets, and provide simple search interface to look for the most
relevant reporters to pitch.



SalesTrack helps build high performance sales teams by using A.I. and machine learning to

A Salesforce app that helps Sales Leaders create more accurate sales forecasts and manage high risk

SalesTrack helps Sales Managers generate more accurate sales forecasts, identify high risk deals and
what determine what resources will have the biggest impact on sales. It also helps Sales Reps and
Sales Support teams understand what sales conversations are currently happening and which sales
conversations need to happen to increase the odds of success.


Plan, execute, and measure your brand strategy.

Eliminating broken processes and outdated PR-methods with a unified workflow through
communication automation.


See your PR toolkit in action


Meet Soda. A simplified and intuitive way to run Twitter advertising campaigns.



in a world of too much information?

We have developed 4 powerfull modules

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

that makes processing information easy and better.

We have been teaching reading and memory techniques for 10 years and counting. The UseClark
method is the product of our experience.

Over 70,000 people have already tested and proven that the UseClark method works!

We are very proud of our clients. Will you be next?


Now anyone can predict their data with just a single click. Yoghurt, predicting next week's data,

Yoghurt is the simplest to use, most consistently accurate, and lowest cost prediction platform.Using
any number, across all domains, industries, or applications, Yoghurt predicts the next week’s data
with highest accuracy.

Just sign up and start predicting.


Predicting Next Week's Data, Today. Weekly forecasting solution for your Digital Data with a click.


At Zeal, we provide you with the tools to read and interpret the vital signs of your employees'
morale, to ensure they are focused on making your company great. We do this by performing
routine check-ins and aggregating and analyzing their responses to deliver real-time analytics and
reports to your company.

Our conversational AI, named Ava, will:

- Conduct regular check-ins with a random selection of one of 32 questions on the schedule of your

- Report on your team’s responses, categorized into one of our five pillars of culture: morale,
relationships, autonomy, mastery and purpose.

- Ask for open feedback from your team, so you can hear additional insights behind the answers
people give

Find out what your team is really thinking about your company and kickstart your culture with Zeal


Social Media Research Toolkit

The Social Media Research Toolkit is a list of 50+ social media research tools curated by researchers
at the Social Media Lab at Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University. The kit features
tools that have been used in peer-reviewed academic studies. Many tools are free to use and require

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

little or no programming. Some are simple data collectors such as tweepy, a Python library for
collecting tweets and others are a bit more robust such as Netlytic, a multi-platform (Twitter,
Facebook, and Instagram) data collector and analyzer, developed by our lab. All of the tools are
confirmed available and operational.


Combine the power of

Lead Forensics with your CRM

Imagine the future of lead generation integrated

seamlessly with your CRM to empower your sales team

and supercharge your marketing campaigns.

Real-time leads. Rich data intelligence. All in one place.


Findr: Find your online personal information - fb

By Kenny Batista

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Have you ever wondered if your personal information online is easily accessible by others?

Findr scans the web and finds all of your personal information and retrieves it back showing you how
easy it is for others with good or bad intention to find it.


Learn more about your Tweeps (aka your Twitter followers)

myTweeps helps you to get to know your Twitter followers. It's like a "reverse" Twitter; instead of
seeing tweets and stats about people you follow, myTweeps shows you tweets and stats about
people who follow you. You can use the information from your myTweeps Community Dashboard to
create and share more relevant content with your followers.

myTweeps lets you:

Know what your followers are interested in on an hourly and weekly basis

Know who among your followers are interacting with each other

Share more relevant and timely content and join ongoing conversation

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Additional features:

Flag potential bots, spammers and inactive accounts (giving you an option to unfollow and/or block

Auto-tweet/share the hashtags that are trending within your Twitter community


Monitor & Analyze Your Online Reviews

Get notified via Slack, Email, Trello, or Zendesk

You're in good company

More than 1,100 teams are tracking reviews with ReviewBot



Instagram Influencer Marketing platform that simplifies and optimizes the marketing process.

RECLIQ is a newly founded startup that seeks to simplify the complexities of Influencer Marketing on
Instagram including connecting quality and relatable users, tracking real campaign performance and
servicing payments. We include premium services, which are included for free within our platform
such as an automatic audit system that detects and prevent payments to any fake Instagram
accounts that follow an Influencer. Our team's primary focus is to consistently innovate and optimize
the processes of marketing for both Brands and Influencers.


Drive more leads to your LinkedIn profile

ProTop automatically visits LinkedIn profiles based on your search criteria. Ensuring your LinkedIn
Profile is among the TOP most visited. Did you know around 8% of all visited profiles return to read
your profile and the services you offer!


Small Office Management system with Devi Business Management Software

Devi will automate and optimise your office management and save you time and the headaches of
running a small business. Your employees will know how many holidays they have remaining and
with a few clicks a request can be made which is automatically sent to your HR admin for approval.
Track holidays, sick days, store employee details and build up a knowledge base.

Reduce your paperwork, keep your staff happy, no more headaches – Devi will make your office
management easier!

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eBooks, blogs & whitepapers giving average results?



Reply is a sales acceleration platform, which automates one-to-many communication and scales cold
your outreach capability, while keeping it completely personal. It increases a sales team's bandwidth
and lowers costs, which equals more revenue for the company.

Whether it's inbound, outbound, recruiting, account management, business development, new user
trials or existing customers - Reply takes care of outreach at scale.So sales reps can focus on
speaking to prospects already in the pipeline.

The main use cases for Reply are:

Outbound Sales - automate outbound outreach to significantly scale sales and empower revenue

Inbound Sales - engage in communication with potential customers and close more inbound deals.

Account Management - communicate with existing customers on a personal level.

Recruiting - reaching out to prospective job candidates.

Business Development - building relations with future partners.

FundRaising - reaching out to possible investors.

PR Outreach


Today we’re announcing 33 companies joining Upscale in 2017. The Upscale programme from Tech
City UK will power some of the fastest growing UK tech companies on their scaling journey. Upscale
is Tech City UK’s six month programme to help the most promising early stage startups to begin their
scaling journey, under the mentorship of some of the UK’s most successful tech entrepreneurs
including: Riccardo Zacconi ( Crush founder); Martha Lane Fox and Brent Hoberman
( founders); Lesley Eccles, (FanDuel founder); and David Buttress (Just Eat founder). -
See more at:

Broad sector representation:

The Upscale companies represent a wide spread of sectors and reflects the UK’s strength in certain
areas, for example in FinTech and eCommerce. The increasing importance of sectors like data
analytics and marketplaces is also evident.

App & Software Development: Curve, Goodlord

FinTech: Trussle, DueCourse, Monzo, Pockit, Moneyfarm

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& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Data & Analytics: Streetbees, Signal Media, LivingLens, Cambridge Intelligence

Digital Advertising & Marketing: StoryStream

Digital Entertainment: Mixcloud, Boiler Room

eCommerce & Marketplace: Wolf & Badger, Paddle, Urban Massage, Trouva

EdTech: Firefly Learning, Mastered, pi-top

Enterprise Software & Cloud Computing: Cronofy, GeoSpock, Grabyo, everyLIFE Technologies

Internet of Things & Connected Devices: Chargifi, Elvie, Bulb

HealthTech & biology: Echo, Live Better With

SaaS: Poq, CharlieHR

Hardware & Devices: Blaze

- See more at:


9 Cleanest & Safest Websites to Download Free Software for Windows

Free software download sites can be dangerous. Visit the wrong one and you’ll run into fake virus
and malware warnings as well as fake download buttons, all of which are malware in disguise. Want
to stay safe? Use an Internet security suite while browsing!

But on top of that, you should stick to tried-and-true sites that are committed to being free of
malware and deception. In this post, we used three tools for checking a website’s reputation to
evaluate and differentiate clean sites from suspicious sites:

Web of Trust


McAfee SiteAdvisor

In order for a website to qualify for this list, it had to score at least 90% with Web of Trust, 24/25
with URLVoid, and receive a Safe verdict from SiteAdvisor. No site can ever be 100% safe, but we’re
confident that these download sites are generally clean and worthwhile


Clean and protect your websites and servers automatically like a pro

All-in-One simple, powerful and gorgeous site and server security tools built for everyone. It helps
you clean your websites from malware automatically. Shows malicious code in files. Protects your
websites from online threats, XSS/SQL injections and content grabbing. Mitigate attacks and
suspicious activities.


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CristalCheck - Cristal International Standards

Data collection tool for quality and risk management


Cristal Check is a hygiene and safety risk management tool for independent hoteliers. It produces
audit results and reports information that allows hoteliers to meet their legal and quality
requirements with regard to guest safety and welfare. It is built on 20 years of experience from
1,500 hotels in 54 countries. It helps hoteliers meet their HACCP requirements every day.


Maisie Technologies

Maisie is an intelligent digital marketing assistant for startups and SMEs.

Maisie is an intelligent digital marketing assistant for startups and small businesses looking to grow.
Maisie helps you acquire traffic and customers for your business. Maisie simplifies digital marketing -
she manages, tracks, compares and optimises your online marketing across different marketing
platforms and uses machine learning and AI to deliver you better value from your marketing spend.



A Strategic research firm decoding the fourth Industrial revolution; Socially, Legally

& Economically in today’s technological world


Do-it-yourself PR

Write press releases fast. Pitch direct to the media.


JellyTank - The Ultimate Jellyfish Aquarium

The Ultimate Jellyfish Aquarium designed with both functionality and form. The JellyTank brings
calmness and tranquility to your life.


Canard Influencers is an influencer marketing platform connecting brands to influencers. Get

rewarded for your creativity by working with brands you like on social media!

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Simply select a campaign, submit content for brand approval and get rewarded. Our App is open to
anyone from any country, as long as you have social media accounts, no matter the size of your



An ai-assistant who handles all social media creation + postings

An ai-assistant who handles all social media creation + postings

Help marketing teams be more efficient

How it works

Marketing teams who spend several hours every day brainstorming, developing content strategies
and manually crafting social media posts will enjoy a big productivity boost. With Rocco you can sit
back and watch your engagement skyrocket as it handles all the tediousness of managing your
marketing campaigns.



Content Suggestions For Social Media

Quuu is the number one source for content suggestions and the only place where each and every
post has been hand-reviewed in-house.


Soft Skills Weekly

A free, once-a-week curation of news & links about people skills.



Automate expert tasks with Artificial Intelligence. Solve real problems for your business

Tractable applies the state-of-the-art in deep learning technology to automate expert tasks for the
enterprise. Our AI technology combines image recognition and text understanding to interpret
unstructured and specialist data, as domain experts do. If your business relies on expert visual
analysis or language understanding, our AI can bring drastic performance gains.


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& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Build Relationships. Grow Sales.

Nudge is a modern sales platform that uses artificial intelligence to provide sales teams with
actionable insights into their target customers.


Say no to tedious excel-lists!

absence.ios' vacation manager grows with your needs. No matter whether you want to manage
absences within your project teams, your department or even for your whole company, you will
never again lose the overview. This practical online-tool simplifies the administration of absences
like vacation and sick leaves. Say no the chaos of manually written vacation requests and tedious
excel-lists. Instead it supports you and your team to increase efficiency and save time!


Grow your social media accounts fast with Motiv8!

◦ Add text with great fonts to your own photos

◦ Quickly generate random quotes on the go and share form the app to Instagram, Facebook, twitter
and iMessage, email, WhatsApp, LinkedIn.

◦ Ridiculously easy text and image editing!

◦ Get motivation right out of the box! Siri will greet you by reading out loud a quote for you when
you open the app (can be turned off!)

◦ Save time with one tap post generation : you even get the caption typed in for you!

◦ Add your own watermark to your posts

◦ More than 1000 free quotes included

◦ Browse quotes by category or by Author

◦ Social Sharing includes pictures and text. When you hit share, the caption of the quote and its

◦ Manage your audiences Save your Hashtags lists and copy them to your clipboard in one tap

◦ Save your posts for later and see what your feed will look like before you post

◦ Post directly to Instagram, twitter, Facebook,

◦ Over 1 billion combinations possible : Your posts will be unique every time!!/id1062993322?mt=8&ref=producthunt


Personalize each Sales Journey from

Lead to Close.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Search multiple lead sources and instantly send emails, video messages, and postcards.


The first and only App that lets you schedule everything (including Multi-Photo posts, Photo Albums,
Videos and Offers) everywhere on Facebook (including Profiles, Pages, Groups and Events)

Save time / Drive traffic / Focus on your business


Gmail message ID finder

Never not find an email again

Every email you send or receive has a unique identifier that you can use to get to the email later.
Gmail message ID finder is a Chrome extension that adds a menu item to Gmail so you can quickly
find it.


Project management, leveled up.

As an internet entrepreneur, running your online business(es) doesn't stop at project management.
You need to have a complete overview of your online endeavours, projects, sites, domains, and
social accounts.

With Chiefly, managing and connecting these will feel like a breath of fresh air. That one stop shop
solution you were looking for? You've found it.


Replace your public email with an inbox that pays you

Set up a 21 profile to receive paid messages from people outside your network. Keep the money, or
donate it to charities like Black Girls Code.

It's like LinkedIn InMail, except you get paid!


The Learning Center

Educational Resources To Make Your Work Easier


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& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Better paper.

Better thinking.

The paper tablet for people who prefer paper. Here to replace your notebooks, sketchbooks and
printouts. Paper-like reading, writing and sketching with digital powers.



Email Marketing on a budget using Amazon SES


New analytics tool Kaleida shows what stories and topics matter to readers

The platform is designed to give editors an overview of what topics are trending and how audiences
are interacting with news stories from a variety of publications



Grow a more inclusive and diverse company

Attract a diverse applicant pool and keep everyone at your company engaged and happy by
analyzing your diversity and inclusion efforts

The world is unique, shouldn’t your company be too?


Automate your AirBNB

Focus on your personal touch, get your life back, and

become a more successful Airbnb host.


say hello to your new personal assistant

helping you to make every day a better day

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Verify billions of people from your web browser

Simple and easy-to-use online portal

Deploy quickly into any application

Open APIs with multiple integration options

Robust and reliable data sources

Data quality is the single most important factor in the success of a compliant and risk mitigating
identity verification

Government: Match against passport, drivers license and citizenship files from governments
agencies in dozens of countries

Better coverage and match rates

Access unique Cyber ID data


Hand curated list of the best curated lists!


A site to find the dopest Chrome extensions out there


10 top bots for the office worker


The cult of compulsory happiness is ruining our workplaces


Welcome to Inkerz,

Inkerz is a cloud paper powered by pen. For teachers and students who need to write on paper or to
administer assessments for complex subjects, Inkerz is the bridge between a notepad and the
computer screen. Our vision is to adapt technology to human habits for education needs.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

With our platform, teachers and students can capture natural handwriting from an ink pen on
regular paper and instantly present it in a live web environment. In addition to handwriting
collaboration, the platform allows users to communicate with peers through voice and video.
Individuals can also participate in the construction of a single document simultaneously,

enabling the use of our platform in assessments, tutorials, distance education and business

We aim to positively change the way people interact at work and school.



Stylish wearable which converts voice memos into text


The app for your football life


Pica-Pod is an adaptive mounting solution and mini tripod. It lets you mount and operate multiple
digital devices simultaneously around your camera, using proprietary accessories that provide an
unlimited number of configurations to suit your style of photography. Pica-Pod combines picatinny
mounting rails, standard camera screw points and multi-purpose mounts, to make for a fully
adaptive system.


Serial Killers Should Fear This Algorithm

Thomas Hargrove is building software to identify trends in unsolved murders using data nobody’s
bothered with before.



The easiest way to communicate with your customers across all channels.

Moobidesk is a unified customer engagement platform that connects you to all your customers via
SMS, email, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and much more from one single place. Other awesome
features include: CRM, Contact Management, Artificial Intelligence, and many more!

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71 Instagram Tools to Skyrocket Your Social Media Marketing


This gorgeous app will find the right subtitles for any movie or show


Synap Software Labs

Guide and grow your customer relationships

Synap is a collaborative CRM that provides a single view of all customer touch points, clever ways to
build and maintain key account plans, and manage sales opportunities.

It is for relationship sales, account management, and customer success teams

who want a clear picture of customer relationships at every stage of their journey.

Unlike point solutions and all-in-one platforms, Synap ensures that companies can drive
transparency across teams, tailor the software to match their processes to coordinate more
effectively on growth plans, and drive more revenue from existing relationships.



VideoBurst is an online tool to create promotional videos for business marketing online.

VideoBurst is a video marketing tool/software that helps businesses create promotional videos for
marketing. It has a huge list of professional video templates that lets you make videos in minutes.




30 Must Use Tools for Mobile App Startups


Boomy - Create a Boomerang From Any Video

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

With Boomy, you can turn your best-moment videos into a Boomerang, making them funny and
unique to share on your social networks quickly and easily.

It's simple, choose any video, while viewing your video, when you press and hold your finger on the
screen, a screen will appear, where you can select the exact moment you want to create your
Boomerang, no need to worry, we do the rest. Your only job will be sharing this moment with your
friends, or saving to share later.

- Create Boomerang from ANY video.


Your mind blown with digital marketing insight and the team behind the top content curation tool


Love Your Enemies in Case Your Friends Turn Out to be Bastards: Organizational Case Studies
Examining Worksite Politics

Jake Hagerman

Inkwater Press, 2014


Adclouds is an A.I. powered cloud platform where you easily Produce and Manage Display Ads and
let our A.I. evolve them. The A.I. makes incremental changes to your creatives which increases
conversion of your Ads with about 30-200% while saving you time and hassle in the creative process.

The current process for creating Ads is Ineffective, Manual and Fragmented.

The solution is to empower Creative teams with adclouds so they have everything in one place and
gain superhuman strength through our A.I. It saves time by cutting down on repetitive tasks and only
requiring human input when absolutely needed, it simplifies processes by creating One place for all
ads, assets and parties involved, and perhaps most importantly it Strengthens Output through an A.I.
that makes the work of one man feel like a hundred.


A.I. Influencer Technology

IBM Watson’s only developer partner in influencer marketing, with first-to-market A.I. technology on
Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


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& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


We partner companies with university societies and sports clubs across the UK.

Want to hear more?


Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates.


Clara, can you find a time for us to meet next week?

Clara is your partner in doing great work — a virtual employee that schedules your meetings.


Piwik is the leading open analytics platform (Web+Mobile). An open alternative to Google Analytics.
Privacy is built-in.


Marketing Miner

Data mining swiss knife for online marketers.

Marketing Miner is a tool for automated extraction of data that is important for online marketing of
web projects. It consists of miners that provide data extracting based on user`s input dataset.

There are 4 different categories of marketing miners based on inputs:

Keyword miners – they are situated at the phrase/query input. They work with tools/services such as
AdWords, Google Search, etc.

Domain miners – they are situated at the domain input. They mine data about domain`s owner,
contact information or their authority.

URL miners – they are at the URL input. They have the largest set of miners that are able to obtain
various information about input URLs.

Product miners – they occur at the input of the most accurate product name. Thanks to that they
can identify URL of matched product in specific services (such as and in Czech
republic) and based on that they can obtain information about user`s amount of competitors in
particular segment,...


All 'public' info Facebook doesn't let you see

Enter the link of the profile you want to check

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Attention: this tool does not violate Facebook's privacy settings. 'Only me' stays 'only me'.

It only shows hidden content you have access to.


Cloud software that gives CMOs and marketing teams a better way to manage their investments and
marketing performance.

Allocadia is a key part of our planning process. It fosters alignment and facilitates conversations that
you may not have had before.

Over 150 organizations and thousands of marketers rely on Allocadia


Explore and track top startups in your industry

Easily create a list of the top companies in your industry and share it. We will keep you updated with
traffic trends, product launches, and news alerts

Machine learning assisted curation is our focus. Metalist Market Research is a preview of what's in
the works, there's a lot more to come. Sign up to follow the MetaList launch.


AI-Enhanced Customer Service provides artificial intelligence-enhanced CRM solutions that help businesses connect in real-
time with their customers wherever they are, whenever they’d like and in the communication
channels they prefer. Backed by its event-based machine learning and natural language processing
engines, enables businesses to respond to customers faster, 24/7/365, while helping agents
become more productive.

More information here:


AIR-INK: The world's first ink made out of air pollution

At the MIT Media Lab, we invented a device that captures air pollution. We turned this pollution into
safe, high-quality ink for art.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


SEM Stash

100+ curated articles/resources for search engine marketers



"It's like having a personal assistant with you in class"

Set up your schedule once and Christopher Bot takes care of the rest, prompting you for any
assigned homework at the end of each class.

Christopher Bot works with Facebook Messenger. No matter where in the world you attend school,
his sole purpose for existing is to remember your homework... so you don't have to.


Lego's New Coding Kit Lets You Program Your Toys To Fart

We tried out Lego’s new coding platform, Boost. And yes, it makes coding as easy as playing with


Show sender favicons for Gmail messages

Gmail Sender Icons is a Google Chrome extension that makes it easy for you to identify the domain
(or organization) of the email sender. For instance, if you receive an email from,
the Gmail extension will add a virutal label to your email message and also a favicon for
the Google website.

The favicons and the sender's domain are visible across Gmail including search results. The sender's
label is applied virtually and the actual labels of the email message are left unchanged.

The Gmail Chrome extension uses the Google S2 service for generating the website's favicon while
the Gmail messages are parsed with the Inbox SDK framework. All processing is done locally in your
browser and no Gmail data is ever shared or uploaded anywhere.


The Office Management Platform

The new way to interact with employees and vendors

World’s coolest companies use Hivy

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz



A security system for your Buy Box!

As an Amazon seller, you've worked hard to establish your products,

so you don't want hijackers to come and destroy your sales.

That's why you need BuyBoxGuardian:

Get immediate notification when hijackers jump on your listings.


Customer insights for email lists

We will enrich your list of plain email addresses into full customer profiles and actionable insights.


Experiment with data. On the fly.

Vize is an agile data experimentation platform. It helps you prepare, discover, and analyze data on-
the-fly without coding, and gives real-time visual feedback on every action.



BitSensor builds applications that defend themselves, using a plugin that takes 5 minutes to install

Right now it takes companies 9 months, on average, before they even know that they have been
hacked, let alone before they can protect themselves. BitSensor changes this to 50 milliseconds.

BitSensor protects applications against security vulnerabilities using real-time protection and visual
insight. Without a single line of code change, it instruments the entire application, reducing the
installation and deployment hassle from weeks to minutes.

Organizations need to innovate faster and are moving towards DevOps and continuous delivery.
Without adaptive, developer friendly and configuration-less Web Application Firewalls, it is
impossible to safely deploy multiple times a week without blocking legitimate traffic.

BitSensor is a cost effective and open-source solution to centrally monitor all application
deployments and their security posture. It is based on top of ElasticSearch, which means you can
scale out from gigabytes to terabytes without additional cost.


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& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz




Drive Tech Innovation to Fight Child Sexual Exploitation


Cloud spam protection for forums, boards, blogs and sites

No Captcha, no questions, no counting animals, no puzzles, no math. Fight spam!


The global IT sourcing marketplace: Have you got services to offer as a freelance IT professional or
service provider? Sign-up now at


Send direct mail as easily as email

Create data-driven postcard campaigns in minutes

Engage with postcards for new and exisiting customers

Promote a sale, announce an event, delight your customers with a thoughtful message, reengage
inactive users, or reach out to prospects. The only limitation is your own creativity.


Keep track of the latest Twitter trending topics through out the day locally and globally. With
timeline view, watch trending topics history for every hour of last 24 hours.

Cloud view gives you a tag cloud of twitter trends that are most talked about.


Twitter now lets anyone add a DM link to a tweet


Ten Tools to Make Your Social Media Sparkle in 2017

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Cereal Killer Café



Shappy is a desktop app that lets you share any sized files completely for free

Shappy is a desktop app that lets you link files and folders on your computer to public urls. That way
you can send unlimited sized files, no need to wait for a pesky upload.

Shappy uses WebRTC to setup a secure connection between your computer and the downloader on-
demand. Just select the folder, click "Share with Shappy" and she'll do the rest.


LinkShortcuts Chrome Extension

No need to remember long web addresses or look through your bookmarks.

No need to remember long web addresses or look through your bookmarks. Just associate a web
page with a short name and go to the page by typing the short name.

Type the keyword "go", tab/space and start typing.

To add a new shortcut, click on the extension icon and add it in the menu.


HelpGrowUSA aims to build America's small business engine; providing the tools to move business
forward while leveraging artificial intelligence to support better decision making.

Some of the tools you will find on will be:

* Q&A engine to source the best answers to any business question.

* Solutions engine to source products for your business.

* Gigs engine to source freelancers to tackle any tasks.

* Projects engine to source project managers to get large jobs done.

* Academy engine to learn best practices.

* Artificial Intelligence decision engine to catalyze action

Please check out the marketplace as every day we are growing & introducing new features based on
user feedback. Whether you are looking for solutions for your business or startup, or whether you'd
like to help others (e.g. Become an Advisor / Become a Freelancer), we think you'll enjoy your
experience with HelpGrowUSA.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

See you there!


Facebook Messenger Bulksender


Data insights delivered to your door

There’s a wealth of information and insights in your metrics, but how do you know where to even
start looking? Business Actions surfaces insights for you and drops them right in your dashboard.


Customer Service Quiz

Free resource to test and improve support skills.


Have you ever wondered what is it like to have an AI assistant that can work for and with you?


We test and rank them in order to offer only the best ones to You.

The new era of Artificial Intelligence is just appearing before our very eyes and the technology is in
front of a tipping point. The technology and AI startup market accelerated, which means that AI is
near to productivity phase.


Search engine for exposed secrets on…


On average, small business Adwords advertisers waste 25% of their monthly budget. Adboozter
helps businesses minimize Adwords wasted spend by identifying budget leaks and by showing you
exactly how to fix them. The tool also identifies other types of campaign improvement opportunities
such as ads to tweak, possible new keywords to add or setup recommendations to adjust. Adboozter
is easy to use even for beginner advertisers, it´s fast and very affordable!

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& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Feel like you've got no control over your data?

Join our 5-day plan to take back your digital identity...

and maybe even your soul.

Start the week of challenges any time, and join thousands of other Note to Self podcast listeners.

Hear from The Bachelor's executive producer, Google's in-house philosopher, the inventor of the
web, and many more.


Reamaze combines email, social media, mobile, and live chat conversations seamlessly so your
customers can reach you however they want. No ticket numbers. No logins. Just conversations.


You’re a completely different person at 14 and 77, the longest-running personality study ever has


Goodbye, maths and English. Hello, teamwork and communication?


Meltwater acquires Oxford Uni spin-out Wrapidity to add AI to media monitoring capabilities


Create Engaging Conversational Bots

We help you make chatbots to replace webforms – no coding required


TweetGuru Twitter tools for you !

TweetGuru is a series of twitter tools , auto tweeting bots and services.


Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Multi DM - Send twitter direct message to multiple users

Bots - Information auto tweeting bot

TweetGuru bots for Korean

Desktop / iPhone Apps

TweetGuru is fully compatible with mobile browsers !


Giphy wants to help you learn sign language with 2,000 new GIFs



Analyze Your Content, Increase Engagement!

How Contentlook Can Improve Your Online Traffic

Trusted by over 150,000 Users


Intelligent Machines

Neural Network Learns to Synthetically Age Faces, and Make Them Look Younger, Too

Deep-learning machines can make faces look older but often lose their identity in the process. Now
computer scientists have solved this problem.

by Emerging Technology from the arXiv February 21, 2017


hand-piqd journalism

Curators from journalism, science and politics recommend and comment on the web's best content.
Find out what's worth reading and why.



Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Curated Content For Social Media That Generate Leads!

RefR optimizes the impact of your social media posts through effective content curation. So? Well,
it’s not a dead ringer to the existing curation pros, as our content is absolutely human-curated. What
is more? Engaging killer titles, along with personalised on-brand images as sometimes images make
better text.

We're not done yet! What if we add on a tool to increase both brand awareness and lead prospects?
Smart is the one who is able to convert the right audience. Urged by this temptation of increasing
the productivity of social media posts, we further introduce LeadBox, placed it strategically per your
buyer’s journey to catch their attention and direct them to your homepage where your USP will play
the final hand.

86% of the marketers curate content but less than half agree to it working. Considering this massive
ratio of curated/created content for social media, it ought to make an impact, especially for the
time-poor marketers and startup founders.


Work with 100 influencers

in the time it took you to engage with 1

Why spend your time dealing with each influencer to run organic campaigns? offers a
brand new approach to influencer marketing: focus on strategy, influencer selection and
performance monitoring.

We take care of everything else.

Our automated Platform makes campaigns so much easier.


Get Customers Before Building Your Product,

Automatically. builds your customer base before you build & launch.

Completely automated and absolutely zero coding required.



Collect all content related to your business and display it on many different screens.



Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Turn your menu into an internet business

Allow your customers to place online takeout orders from anywhere.


Top 16 Tor Alternatives You Need to Try Now




6 SharePoint Alternatives to Put on Your Shortlist


One platform – your brand. Grow your clients leads & customers with content.

With your own white-labelled inbound content platform, your clients can grow faster – and your
agency can start generating recurring revenues.

One platform, branded for your agency; driving better inbound content marketing for all of your
clients, no matter their stage – with their own Content Hub.


MOKURU: The Amazing Desk Toy That You Can Take Anywhere!

MOKURU is the unique & inventive desk toy that’s easy to flip, roll and do tricks with, giving you
endless possibilities of fun!


Make your job more meaningful

with a business application you create!

Folding ideas into solutions

Agile tools for business people

Create custom applications from scratch by yourself

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You are the expert. Nobody knows your company's processes like you. If you need to manage and
share data with your team but you are stuck with spreadsheets, ORIGAM brings you tools that will
let you quickly develop apps you need.


Choosing the path of least resistance, scientists argue, is hard-wired into our brains.



A tool to make an impressive background for Twitter posts

Hello out there!

We’ve created ViTweet to make your tweeting process easier and funnier.

No more image browsing for your text tweets, Vitweet will do the job for you.

The service adds beautiful and relevant images to your tweets automatically.

All you have to do is just add the corresponding hashtag to your tweet - we’ll do the rest.
Futhermore you'll get not just a picture, but a background with your message in it.

Another bonus, which seemed pretty useful to us is the opportunity to add your own images and
hashtags, to use them with Vitweet when you'll post anything relevant.

Once you’ve added them at, the service will append the backgrounds to your tweets
with the corresponding hashtags on Twitter. Use this feature for your brand, product, service
promotion or just for fun.

Save time on pictures selection and pinning them - gain more for your tweets using media content.
As one of our users said : “tweets with impact”. Hope we really help to do so :)


Tool for journalists: FotoForensics, for verifying images

How to check if a photo shared on social media has been digitally altered


HOVR - Unconsciously Burn More Calories at Work

HOVR produces unconscious movement that promotes healthier living.

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We add two screens to your laptop

7337 people already ordered


additional mobile laptop screens

This Slide, our performance, for your compactness.

Once your additional screens slided, simply turn them up to 180° to share what you see with people
seating around the table. From now, you can share to 1 single person, 2, 3, or even 10 people at the
same time. Your way of work is going to change.


What type of product person are you?

Well, what are you passionate about?


One of the key factor in creating quality logistics website design is its interactive and intuitive user
interface. As widget development is one of the services we offer our clients, here is design of a
postal shipping calculator widget, similar to the one we created for our partner. It allows users to
enter all the data necessary for precise shipping cost estimation. The laconic and clear design helps
users quickly reach their goal – calculate the shipping cost without distractions. Such a widget is a
great solution for reducing operational costs of delivery services, postal offices, logistics companies
and transportation agencies. Our web and mobile development company can build any widget for
your website. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free estimate today!



YoHubs is the Chrome Extension that allows you to view all your Slack messages at one place...


Open Source Monitoring Components



A reservations platform that keeps tables full

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Cross-Network Campaign Management for Addressable Targeting

We are People-based Marketing Platform to Reach Addressable Audience, Targeto is a centralized

platform designed to simplify your Campaign Management and Sync Custom-Audience across
Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Yahoo-Gemini Ads. All you need is email or phone.


Culture is the Behavior You Reward and Punish


Seeing Theory is a project designed and created by Daniel Kunin with support from Brown
University's Royce Fellowship Program and National Science Foundation group STATS4STEM. The
goal of the project is to make statistics more accessible to a wider range of students through
interactive visualizations.

Statistics, is quickly becoming the most important and multi-disciplinary field of mathematics.
According to the American Statistical Association, statistician is one of the top ten fastest-growing
occupations and statistics is one of the fastest-growing bachelor degrees. Statistical literacy is
essential to our data driven society. Yet, for all the increased importance and demand for statistical
competence, the pedagogical approaches in statistics have barely changed. Using Mike Bostock’s
data visualization software, D3.js, Seeing Theory visualizes the fundamental concepts covered in an
introductory college statistics or Advanced Placement statistics class. Students are encouraged to
use Seeing Theory as an additional resource to their textbook, professor and peers.


Get in touch with businesses you want to work with



Handpicked apps and tools to create great companies

Search for bestfit solution


Forget Your Inbox.

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& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Snooze, Reply-to and mute emails

from anywhere in your browser

without opening Gmail.

Goodbye Obssesive Inbox Checking

Caspy is an AI Powered Chrome Extension that will notify you only when you recieve important

So do what you do best - distraction free.


TweeTap for Twitter

Check out this amazing app- TweeTap where you can analyze and view everything happening not
only in your Twitter account but also your keyword searches. TweeTap will curate all the trending
hashtags and content of your keyword search and analyze and track on every move happening on

Once you login with TweeTap, it will curate data from your Twitter account into parts and show you
analysis of your total tweets, text tweets, tweets with links, images and videos and much more for
the past 7 days.


eClincher combines advanced publishing, recycled content, engagement, monitoring, influencers,

marketing automation, and analytics, into one social media management tool.


GoodTalk is a Slack Bot that helps Managers and Employees have More Productive Meetings

How do you have better meetings? Create an agenda. Share it before the meeting. Ask better
questions. Take notes. Write down clear next steps. None of this is rocket science. The hard part is
finding the time to actually do it.



The Vizia 2 Platform

Awaken and illuminate your business stories. Putting them in front of anyone, anywhere. No

Your data

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Showcase your data and watch it enlighten and connect your people, anywhere in the world.

Your stories

Tell the stories you want told. Curated by you. Create your narrative, humanize your data.

Your world

Change your business. Your data stories touch your people through magnetic visualizations.
Compelling, enlightening, meaningful beauty that unlocks unknown possibilities.


Pāpr was borne out of frustration that two serial entrepreneurs had with the amount of paper that
was being wasted in their previous office, and offices worldwide.




Managers of high performing teams encourage employees to speak up,

ask questions and share ideas.


Gemini is a modern clam-shell based mobile device with a palm-sized keyboard fully integrated into
the device. Designed to be perfectly balanced for typing when open, the palm-sized QWERTY
keyboard and screen beautifully tuck away when closed.

Gemini provides the optimal mobile device for typing on the go that also fits in a pocket or a
handbag. It is aimed at bloggers and creatives needing to write constantly or professionals needing
to read and write emails, create and edit documents and spreadsheets on the move. The large palm
sized keyboard will also be useful to the elderly population that is more and more detached from
today’s touch screen-only mobile phones.

Gemini has a powerful 10-core processor, graphics co-processor and 64 gigabytes of storage and a
battery capable of providing 2 weeks stand-by and 12-hours of talk time. Designed to run the latest
Android operating system and all your favourite apps, it also supports open-source Linux with a dual
OS boot option.


Evolution 2 (E2) is a behavior optimization tool.

Users of E2 are guided through an analytical process in which they are challenged to break down
their goals into actionable, bite-sized habits that improve the user’s chance of success.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Once habits have been determined, users can adjust each of them including:

By editting the days of the week on which they want to complete or are allowing themselves to skip
a habit.

By creating non-binary habits such as weight, hours of sleep, and alcohol/caffeine goals.

By adding a start and end time, allowing scheduling of habits

From day one, progress is monitored and viewable by the user providing insight - via intuitive,
modular charts - that can translate to increased motivation so as not to “break the chain” of
consistent progress, providing positive feedback. Taking that a step further, E2 users can also plot
the progress of habits against each other in order to identify correlation

Evolution 2 walks its users through a diagnostic process


Build Your Own Beautiful Brand

Tap into the power of smart brand design.

Create a complete, professional & entirely unique brand in minutes.


Join People Power

On March 11, the ACLU is holding a Resistance Training. This event will launch People Power, the
ACLU’s new effort to engage grassroots volunteers across the country and take the fight against
Donald Trump’s policies not just into the courts, but into the streets. We’re organizing grassroots
events in communities across the country to watch the livestream together. Please join us!


Titan Note: Change The Way You Take Notes

Titan Note accurately takes, summarizes, translates, shares and edits notes like never before!

Simply place Titan Note on your table during class or a meeting, and it will not only record
everything but accurately convert it to text. Titan Note is a groundbreaking tool that will improve
your learning by changing how you take notes. Distinguish who is speaking, summarize, translate,
share and edit your notes - all with Titan Note.


Discover the best social enterprises

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The anti hack pins are here to protect your webcam from the intrusive hackers.

So do your thing without any worries because now MR.T, Hulk Hogan and Black Mamba are your
new secrets keepers.


Boost your employee productivity

with a mobile companion for communication, training and task management

What do we do?

Lotss is a mobile platform that allows hospitality management to connect with their staff on the
floor, anywhere and anytime


Tamera is a School and Research Station for Realistic Utopia

The project was founded in Germany in 1978. In 1995 it moved to Portugal. Today 170 people live
and work on a property of 330 acres.

The founding thought was to develop a non-violent life model for cooperation between human
being, animal and nature. Soon it became clear that the healing of love and of human community
had to be placed at the center of this work. Sexuality, love and partnership need to be freed from
lying and fear, for there can be no peace on Earth as long as there is war in love. The ecological and
technological research of Tamera includes the implementation of a retention landscape for the
healing of water and nature, as well as a model for regional autonomy in energy and food. Through
the Global Campus and the Terra Nova School we are working within a global network on the social,
ecological and ethical foundations for a new Earth – Terra Nova.


Most utopian communities are, like most start-ups, short-lived. What makes the difference between
failure and success?


Welcome to the Fellowship for Intentional Community

Community is an essential building block in a cooperative and sustainable world.

The Fellowship for Intentional Community (FIC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting
and promoting the development of intentional communities and the evolution of cooperative
culture.Welcome to FIC

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Intentional communities are people living together with some shared resources on the basis of
explicit common values. Some examples include ecovillages, cohousing, land trusts, income-sharing
communes, student co-ops, spiritual communities, and more.

Find communities in the Directory, read inspiration and lessons in Communities magazine, and
explore books, videos, and games in the Community Bookstore.


Terra Nova: Global Revolution and the Healing of Love

(Available as eBook or hard copy. Choose your option below.)

Terra Nova: Global Revolution and the Healing of Love.

Terra Nova is the essence of over forty years of work on the question of whether humanity and the
Earth can be healed. It shows how a morphogenetic field of peace is organized from within, and to
what forces it could connect in order to oppose the global forces of violence and so make possible a
future without war.



ML15: How To Ask Better Questions


Poplink adds a call-to-action to the links you share. You share great content all the time - start using
it for more.

Lead generation tools for bloggers, entrepreneurs & brands

Bring more visitors to your pages with highly customizable, mobile and desktop-optimized
converison forms.



All your marketing channels in one digital spectrum




Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
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Our Smart Messaging Platform allows enterprises to build loyal customer relationships through
scalable 1:1 interactions. It’s built for:

Business process automation with chatbots and Artificial Intelligence

Transactions over messaging

Marketing, promotions, and outbound content distribution

Security, compliance, and privacy



Research Stash

Curated collection tools to help STEM researchers.


AlphaSenseIntelligent Search. Find What Matters. Fast.

AlphaSense is a revolutionary, award-winning search engine that helps you to instantly cut through
the noise and uncover critical data points that others miss

Why AlphaSense?

Linguistic search algorithms allow you to search across millions of documents with a few clicks,
dramatically reducing research times:

Leverage groundbreaking search technology purpose-built for company and thematic research

Identify key data points, trends and themes on any 1 company or across 35,000+ global companies

Find and get alerted to critical information buried in filings, news, research and your own content

More than 500 firms rely on AlphaSense, including investment managers, global banks, research
firms and corporations.


Camstop Webcam protector black - With warning symbol if open - Covering against camera spying


Master any language with TED talks…or any video

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Studying languages has never been more fun and effective. Caterpillar turns any video into a
language course!

Movies are played one segment at a time. Our core exercises challenge you to understand every


Let's be honest, some of us struggle (read: are too lazy) to correctly capitalize our titles, count our
own words, or sum our characters 😮😮😮 Luckily, there's a tool built just for us!

Use our tool to automatically capitalize and count your titles, text snippets, or blog posts. Just type
or paste into the box below, adjust the capitalization options as needed, then copy your results and
be on your merry way 👍


What is Smartbnb?

Smartbnb is an automation tool that takes care of the day to day running of your Airbnb account.

The program sends out automated messages to your guests, auto reminders to your cleaner, and
much more.


Chronos is a time zone converter and scheduler for organising meetings or calls in multiple time
zones all over the world.

Organise meetings in 2 taps and set up HD video calls using Zoom straight from the app.


If you only look at static, dated dashboards, how do you know you're measuring the right metrics?
What happens when something unexpected occurs?

Rezza takes a completely new approach by analyzing all dimensions of your data to find the most
significant insights that you need to make business decisions. Automatically connect all of your
business data—from Salesforce to Google Analytics or even basic spreadsheets—and let Rezza take
the hard work out of business analysis.


Effortless customer support

Respond to your customers instantly, at scale

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Slim, Light, Elegant — Take Back Control of your Digital Life


The World’s First Mobile Record Label

Get your music delivered to music services like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and many more in a
matter of minutes. No upfront fees and you keep 100% of what you earn.


lofree: typewriter inspired mechanical keyboard

A typewriter inspired wireless mechanical keyboard built for everyone.

Inspired by typewriters, lofree is a wireless mechanical keyboard that is retro and elegant. It
introduces Gateron switches to make it sounds like a typewriter. Spherical round keycaps which
perfect fit your fingers. Compatible with Mac, iOS, Windows and Android. Wired/wireless mode,
auto-sleep and many more features!


LikeFolio Begins Licensing Brand-Mapping Database

Likefolio, a website that uses social media connections to introduce investing concepts, recently
began licensing its Brand Mapping Database. The database, which maps every publicly-owned brand
and product, is aimed to help investors and financial research firms discover new insights.


Your team doesn’t work for you. You work for them.

Farhan Thawar


People leave managers, not companies. Don’t let that manager be you.


How to Uncover Corruption Using Open Source Research

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Using the Internet as an Investigative Research Tool

E-Learning Time Frame: 40-60 hrs | Complete Within 1 Year

While general Internet research appears simple, the Web can be very difficult to navigate when
searching for timely, accurate, and actionable intelligence.

The complexities of the Internet can produce missing information, and a user’s safety, integrity, and
privacy can be compromised if they are unaware of the inherent risks that come with online
research and investigation.

The most comprehensive Internet research and intelligence e-learning program available, Using the
Internet as an Investigative Research Tool™ equips students with the knowledge and techniques
required to effectively use the Internet as an Open Source Intelligence, research, and investigation



Become skilled in using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) to gain a competitive advantage.

Corporate, government or personal,

TII training is for EVERYONE.


Using The Internet As An Investigative Tool

This site and its contents form part of an on-going training package aimed at assisting investigators
from government agencies, national & local law enforcement and from the commercial sector,
including journalists, to learn how to fully utilise the Internet as an Investigative Tool, and in how to
access the various Open Source Resources that are available on the Internet.


Investigative journalism tools

Free software and open-source tools for journalists, journalistic research, discovery, investigative
reporting, privacy, data visualization, data driven journalism and datajournalism


Digital tools for researchers

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Zotero [zoh-TAIR-oh] is a free, easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share your
research sources.



Queezly is the quickest way to educate, engage and entertain your audience. With it, anyone can
easily create and integrate interactive content such as quizzes, polls, personality tests and lists into a
blog, website or Facebook page. Queezly speeds up your marketing growth and is perfect to convert
leads into engaged customers.



The enterprise writing coach


Sterjo Software – Password Recovery


DynaTrap uses the warmth and glow

of UV light to lure in mosquitoes

and other predatory insects.


Digital Marketing Services

Logic Inbound is a marketing company based out of Seattle WA. We provide a wide range of internet
marketing services fit for companies of any size. Our products are intended to maximize your
exposure online in an effort to create an inbound marketing funnel that can create new business
week after week.



Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz




littleBits makes a platform of easy-to-use electronic building blocks empowering everyone to create
inventions, large and small.


Let’s empower the next generation to have the creative confidence & curiosity to always ask why. To
test ideas without fear. To take feedback without ego. To use their brains and hands to solve real-
world problems when there isn’t a clear right answer. With littleBits, kids learn how to be more than
just consumers of technology. They become inventors.


Sendtask lets you assign tasks to anyone using email - then automatically builds a shared workspace
with all the tools you need for an efficient workflow.

- FREE to use - unlimited users and unlimited tasks!

- No account required - assign tasks to anyone using their email

- Work directly from Email and Slack

Get things done, together


Get the most out of Facebook & Instagram advertising with an AI assistant

Scale your success

Education and Support

Easy and Powerful Automation

AI Optimization


JetPack Data will provide an online data visualization and analysis platform - Think Google Docs for
Data viz. Users can drag and drop their files into the site and start instantly analyzing and visualizing
their data to really understand what is going on

Transform instantly your

Excel files into Insights

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Drag & Drop your file to check it out


Professional Service

for finding and removing Google unnatural links

Full analysis of your BAD links

At the beginning, we evaluate all your backlinks. Then, we use 20 different parameters to determine
which of these links could really harm your website and should be removed.

The links which are considered malicious by our unique algorithm are given a ”linkquidator index”.
You will receive all the needed information to understand easily why the link is considered bad and
how it should be removed.


#techmums is here to take the mystery out of technology. Whether it’s helping you to reconnect
with old friends via social media, chatting to your child about online safety or finding out how to use
technology to help you at work, #techmums can help you learn.

You don’t need to know anything about technology to join one of our five week courses – if you give
us two hours a week, we’ll guide you through a huge range of technological possibilities, completely
free. When you finish the course, you’ll receive a graduation certificate (and an enormous sense of




Artist & Founder at Tekla Tech Festival

Robin is a musician who regularly connects technology and art. She started the Tekla Tech Festival,
where girls between 11 and 18 get to sample different areas of future technology. She received
Stockholm’s Great Prize because of her “artistic contributions and embrace of technology”.


Rails Girls - Get started with tech

Our aim is to give tools and a community for women to understand technology and to build their
ideas. We do this by providing a great experience on building things and by making technology more

Learn sketching, prototyping, basic programming and get introduced to the world of technology.
Rails Girls was born in Finland, but is nowadays a global, non-profit volunteer community.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
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Our Classes

Accelerated learning at its best.

Experience hands-on, plain-speaking education for the digital world that leaves you inspired to seize
new opportunities and confident to start doing things differently.




CEO & Founder at Fox & Sheep

Verena works with the best authors, animators and illustrators to create apps for children. The apps
help parents guide their children through the digital world. Her company Fox & Sheep has also
started to open digital labs for children where they learn about coding, 3D printers and robotics.




Oh Snap! A book on how businesses can use Snapchat


3 Timesaving Tools for Social Media Marketers


Agile Work Management ®

The most complete Agile solution for agencies

Project Management • Time & Expense • Capacity Planning

Agile for Agencies

The old approach to project management relies on 100 year old Gantt charts and rigid spreadsheets
to stay organized. There is a much better way—one that addresses the rapid dynamics inside an
agency. It's called Agile. For years, software teams have benefited from taking an Agile approach.
But, "software Agile" is not the same as agency Agile. Other Agile project management tools are

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

built for software teams. Ravetree is different. We are built specifically for modern, fast moving

Who Is Ravetree For?

In order to achieve the greatest benefits from being Agile your entire agency needs access to
realtime information across organizational boundaries. This is why we built Ravetree not just for
teams, but for the whole company. With Ravetree you get frictionless alignment between every
team, including 3rd party contributors.


Memager helps manage knowledge. Create searchable personal wiki with knowledge tree and
spaced repetition algorithms that supports remembering. Save webpages, create books notes, track
progress of your MOOC courses.


“Massive thoughts must be followed by massive actions. There is nothing ordinary about The 10X
Rule. It is simply what it says: 10 times the thoughts and 10 times the actions of other people… You
never do what others do.

You must be willing to do what they won’t do—and even take actions you might deem
“unreasonable.” - Grant Cardone


World's first voice mask for mobile phones

Hushme is a personal acoustic device that protects speech privacy in open space environments


Pollfish Intelligence Service

Collecting information on your competitors is necessary.

Analyzing everything about your target market is vital to your game's future success.

What if we told you that you could go one step further?

What if you could ask your competitor's users questions directly?



Premium shoe care

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


The Greatest Books of All Time, As Voted by 125 Famous Authors

Why Tolstoy is 11.6% better than Shakespeare.


Atlas Software is a simple but effective, company developing, business management system.
Established in 2015, Atlas Software helps Managing Directors to coordinate and supervise all work
within one system, and also helps employees perform their tasks more efficiently.

Atlas Software develops services for project management, CRM, business processes implementation
and production management, and is engaged in web-development for specific tasks. The system is
flexible and adapts to the needs of any company, from small startups to large corporations.

Founded on the principles of transparency and consistency, Atlas Software is working towards
simplification of the management process.

You can concentrate on the most important issue – business development. We will undertake
everything else.


Never take call notes again.

Tetra dials into your calls and automatically takes notes for you, so you can focus on the
conversation now and remember everything later.


LiquidText, an App Store Editors’ Choice, improves the way you read, annotate, and research on the


Introducing the perfect pricing platform for every type of renter


SpreadServe is cloud automation for business critical calculation heavy spreadsheets. SpreadServe
can take your calculation heavy spreadsheet off the desktop and into the cloud, where it can operate
automatically; shared, secure, logged and audited. As an Excel compatible server SpreadServe will
run your spreadsheet on a cloud server without modification. Your pricing, quoting, risk
management or analysis spreadsheets will be transformed into web delivered enterprise services in

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

minutes. Database and message bus integrations enable automation of inputs, calculations and
sharing and persistence of results.


HypeMachine is a tool that's essentially a steroid for your PR and marketing efforts. Create a
campaign, get your fans to pledge support, and expect crazy hype & publicity when you launch your
product or content!


In a culture where being social and outgoing are prized above all else, it can be difficult, even
shameful, to be an introvert. But, as Susan Cain argues in this passionate talk, introverts bring
extraordinary talents and abilities to the world, and should be encouraged and celebrated.


Sustainable and fair trade vegan-friendly condoms

Here buy unicorn condoms online


Firefly: The First Tablet Powered Smart Mirror

Firefly is a revolutionary mirror that will change the way you look at yourself forever. Talk to it.
Interact with it. Back it today.


VentureApp is business chat

Tired of receiving spam on LinkedIn?

Find out which professional contacts are already using VentureApp

Create opportunities with partners and prospects

Strengthen professional relationships without inbox overload


How Netflix Reinvented HR

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Netflix Culture Freedom and Responsibility


The UK's Paint Reuse Network

Community RePaint schemes collect reusable, leftover paint and re-
distribute it to individuals, families, communities and charities in need,
improving the wellbeing of people and the appearance of places across the

Polis is a powerful, full-featured canvassing app that supports individual

door-to-door outreach efforts.
Polis runs on both iOS and Android. It automatically generates walking
routes, handles data collection, and tracks canvassers, making managing a
door-to-door campaign a breeze. Organizations using Polis need only 1
minute per day to manage door-to-door operations where historically they
were spending hours. Polis has 7 key features that make any door-knocking
campaign easier and more successful.

Table Pong Project

"Real-life Pong is the best possible game to have in your rec room"

Soshee - The Social Media Robot Dog

Meet Soshee - the life-like social media robot dog that fits in the palm of your hand!


One directory for employee information across IT, HR, legal, finance and facilities.


Throw away your new hire on-boarding checklist


Map your team's thinking

Solve the right problem faster and better by capturing and visualizing

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

what the team thinks and why.


Easily convert static CSV from any web page to a dynamic and searchable datatable

Easily convert static CSV from a web page to a dynamic/searchable dataTable.


Make Better People Decisions

Learn how Peakon helped Text100 take employee engagement to new heights


Get paid anywhere with PayPal Here

Accept card and contactless payments without monthly fees. Wherever your business goes in the
UK, your sales can go too.

Only £45 for the card reader, from 2.75% per transaction*.


Professor Einstein...Your Personal Genius Robot

Bring me home. I love to chat, share my passion for science, and help unlock your personal genius.


Revenue Forecasting System


Don't Leave Your Customers in the Dark

The only social care platform that supports dark posts on Facebook


Taromovies Swiss Bushcraft & Survival

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


You don't need a project management tool

The best tool is the one your team actually uses and dapulse comes with built-in addiction


reinventing the slipper

“had my mahabis for christmas after many hints. I love them so much, I may never wear any other
footwear ever again!" - lisa h.

available now, buy yours today!


Brand new online workshop for coaches who are ready to serve at the highest level….

Watch this heart-felt conversation and discover how to enroll new clients whilst feeling congruent to
your values and mission as a coach

Effective sales don’t have to be manipulative and pushy. In this brand new Evercoach online
workshop, sales expert Lindsay Wilson will share her unique sales system that sold over $50 Million
with integrity, honesty and love - and how you can replicate it for your own business.

Lindsay Wilson

Evercoach Online Training

With Lindsay Wilson


Secure your spot for this FREE online training now and learn the highest converting sales method for

- See more at:


Scientists at Oxford say they've invented an artificial intelligence system that can lip-read better than


How To Campaign For Cannabis Law Reform Under A Theresa May Government.


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Hello. We're The Snaffling Pig Co.

We're worshippers of the noble porker and makers of big, bold flavoured pork crackling of the
highest quality. Let's make the piggin' magic happen.


About Trendolizer™

Trendolizer™ (patent pending) automatically scans the internet for trending content. The website
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NASA software


The police and the security and intelligence agencies depend on information from you. Be our eyes
and ears and help keep yourself, your family and your local community safe by looking out for
suspicious activity and reporting it to the police, in confidence.

You may see or hear something that could be that vital piece of information needed to stop a
terrorist attack.

Terrorism is rare in the UK, but an attack could happen at any time or place without warning. The
current threat to the UK stands at severe, which means an attack is highly likely.

By working together with the police, staying alert and thinking about your safety and security at
home or work or when you are out and about, you can make it harder for terrorists to plan or carry
out an attack.

What can I do?

If you have any information about suspicious activity or behaviour, you can report it in confidence,
either by calling the police or making an online report.


Free download. CLIQZ is the first browser with built-in quick search and integrated privacy
protection: anti-tracking, anti-phising and ad blocker.


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GenderEQ is a Machine Learning experiment applied to an everyday challenge – gender equality in

the meeting room.

Use the app to track people’s voices and get real-time data on what gender gets the most airtime.
When the meeting is concluded, the participants can see the ratio over time.

Gender identity is much more complex than this and GenderEQ won’t solve any problem by itself,
but we hope it will fuel discussions about how we interact and behave.


AI-Enhanced Customer Service

Let artificial intelligence resolve your customers’ frequently asked questions in seconds, not days.


As designers all our ideas start on paper. Whether we are designing a magazine that will be printed,
or an app that's digital, it all has its start as a sketch on a piece of paper. It allows us for more
freedom, it allows for quick edits, it allows a flow of ideas that is hard to get when you work digitally.

As the idea progresses it goes from quick sketches done in a few seconds to more precise designs,
and finally into the digital realm. During this process we use rulers a lot to make precise
measurements, draw lines, and to cut what needs to be cut. The problem for us is that we have
several rulers all for different purposes all with different measurements to them. There's no singe
unifying product that allows us to work for every design imaginable. A regular ruler often lacks picas,
a measurement used for print, and there is no accessible ruler that has simulated pixel
measurements for your digital designs.

Our goal is to combine all of these things into one ruler, the ultimate ruler for designers. The one
tool you need in order to design for both print and digital.


Turn your team into your strongest cyber defence. Phish them.



Dog training made easy and free.


HelloBox is a free, new and simple way to actively encourage website visitors to save your contact
information or contact you right away. Works on any website and device.

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Visionary – is a training device that helps to reduce eye strain and keeps your eyes healthy and fit!

The Visionary works by presenting you with a special sequence of flashing LED lights, which we’ve
put together with the help of leading Ophthalmologists.

Our team includes both - engineers and businessmen. We have been working in biotechnology
device production field for 9 years, and that is why we have a great experience in:

- Project management

- Manufacturing process

- Supply chain and logistics


Clerk.AI employs bots to do mundane accounting admin work for managers and employees of small
businesses world-wide. The idea behind Clerk is simple: Humans should not do what computers can

Employees upload their location data, credit card statements and give access to their inbox and
Clerk generates travel claims, expense reports and receipt-PDFs to share with the company so that
they quickly and effortlessly can get compensated. Small business owners shares bank statements
and invoice data with Clerk helps them keep their books up-to-date without having to involve their
accounting firm on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.!/


DigitalMaas is a new online marketing platform.

/We offer businesses the ability to test their site using our analysis tool, fix issues that it identifies
and then measure the effects of the suggested changes.

This seems to be the first platform to end-to-end digital marketing solution for businesses and
excited to be very close to completing the functionality around this.

We don't use complicated explanations of how digital marketing works. Instead, we developed Four
Pillars to make it easy for anyone to understand what needs to happen to be successful online: Be
Found, Brand Position, Customer Appeal and Easy Choice. And with a tech-first approach, we keep
the costs of implementing effective changes down. So it's simple and affordable.

We feel if you conform to these Four Pillars (best practice), you will increase your traffic and
hopefully your conversion too.


Churn is free software that allows you to measure the following:

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
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How quickly (or not!) is my user base growing?

What are the components of my growth?

How big is my churn?

How many new users am I getting?

Start using Churn for free by emailing us


Good Game | Devon-made Game & Cured Meat Products


Into the woods: how one man survived alone in the wilderness for 27 years

At the age of 20, Christopher Knight parked his car on a remote trail in Maine and walked away with
only the most basic supplies. He had no plan. His chief motivation was to avoid contact with people.
This is his story


Why you think you’re right, even when you’re wrong


Behind the Shock Machine: the untold story of the notorious Milgram psychology experiments
Kindle Edition


50 Years On, One of the Most Controversial Psych Experiments Gets the Same Creepy Results

People will still hurt others to obey orders.

If you've ever studied social science, you've most likely heard about the Milgram experiments - the
infamous series of experiments that started in 1961, and concluded that most volunteers would
harm another person if an authority figure told them to.

It's become one of the most controversial and best-known psychology experiments of all time - and
now, more than 50 years later, a team of researchers in Poland has repeated a modern version, and
found that the results still hold true.

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FUNL is both a website plugin and a mobile application for digital publications and brands to pose
preference based questions to their audiences. When a someone answers a question they are
prompted to create a profile, which allows us to connect their preferences to their demographic
data and more effectively identify niche audiences. Our algorithm and database structure allows us
to manage redundancies in questions and answers and effectively verify users, which allows FUNL to
aggregate the data in a way that allows our partners to make more effective marketing decisions.

Users of the mobile application are benefited by seeing a limited view of the results to aid in decision
making in areas such as entertainment, food, politics, and so on.


Everyone has something to say and soon there will be a new way!

We're launching soon to change the way the opinions are given online!

Request an invitation today to become one of the "first" of an exclusive group to help launch a new
Opinion Revolution.

Be part of history and enjoy some very cool bragging rights.


Reinventing offline marketing


Reinventing offline marketing


Direct integration magic

Get your tax work done without a single line of code

Your GoCardless payment activity syncs automatically with Octobat to create all necessary legal
documents such as invoices and VAT collection reports. Accounting is finally made simple for
international businesses.


The Busier You Are, the More You Need Quiet Time


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Why we should kill the 40-hour work week


The myth of self-control

Psychologists say using willpower to achieve goals is overhyped. Here’s what actually works.


The Marshmallow Myth

New research suggests that delayed gratification is overrated.


Swarfega Industrial Skin Wash & eczema


The Legacy Rule

J. Nathan

Inkwater Press, 2014

J. Nathan’s book The Legacy Rule concerns itself with how our society needs to revise not just its
priorities but it’s reasoning. It’s rare to read a liberal jeremiad in this era of aggressive populism, but
Nathan’s book isn’t just some political screed. Rather, Nathan has crafted a very specific, targeted
extended essay centered around making the case for what he terms the Legacy Rule.

Nathan’s Legacy Rule is meant as a moral companion with the Golden Rule. In it’s simplest
formulation, the precept is “To best love your children, create no more or no more than one or two.”
Nathan is clearly mining the zero-population growth territory that gained traction in the 1960s and
70s. Although mostly discounted in contemporary circles or, rather, ignored, Nathan makes a case
for revising our understanding of how and why we procreate.


271 Little-Known Places To Promote Your Blog Or Website




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MONETIZATION TOOLGet Started Now Manage content, track audience engagement,

and monetize your social networks.

Simply the most powerful social media management and monetization tool for influencers.

Check out how easy it is to manage your social media and start building new revenue.


Sales Tools to Generate More Prospects

What is the best way to generate more sales leads? How can I find more targeted prospects?

Which sales software should I use? Use the type & price buttons to find the right tool for you.




Trusted by the fastest-growing companies to attract, recruit and engage.


The Most REBELLIOUS Swiss Automatic Watch Ever - LIV Watches

Rebel, a SWISS MADE Automatic Chronograph timepiece, LIMITED EDITION. Assembled by HAND
from the finest materials.


The best marketing automation platform, hands down.

Drip is the most cost-effective way to use marketing automation to grow your business. Join for free
today, and see what Drip can do for you.


Interview feedback for everyone.

Hi. We’re Skilled. We facilitate mock technical interviews that provide detailed, useful feedback. We
help job seekers get hired, create meaningful roles for mentors, evaluate candidates for employers,
and assess students’ job-readiness.


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Monitor Employee Internet Activity

With Office Browsing History Analytics


Introducing LeadBot

Now you can qualify leads in real-time without having to rely on forms.


Hiring? Make Time for What Matters

Your team is too talented to spend their days on tedious, repetitive tasks. Ideal provides AI-powered
recruiting software for busy talent acquisition professionals to free up their precious time.

Recruitment Automation

Ideal uses artificial intelligence to screen resumes, uncover past applicants for new roles and initiate
candidate outreach.

All of this is done seamlessly within your existing ATS, no additional training required!

Ideal’s artificial intelligence quickly moves top candidates through the recruiting funnel.





We are building the world’s first AI that understands the meaning of content.

We are building the first artificial intelligence that understands the meaning of content. Our product
helps publishers automate their social media management and grow their audience.

Using novel maths, data science and machine learning techniques, we are revolutionising the
publishing industry and have a track record of building things that others have ruled out as
impossible. Learn more about Echobox clients, which include Le Monde, VICE, Vogue and the New
Scientist, at

Echobox Insights provides analysis and advice on social media, AI and journalism in the digital age at Follow @EchoboxHQ on Twitter for regular updates.


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Take Your Team Out

Activities for teams in London can be difficult to find and easily book. There's hundreds of options to
screen and busy teams/entrepreneurs don't have the time to spend on google searching, voting
between colleagues and requesting quotes from several sources, agree and finally book.

On the other hand outsourcing can be expensive, specially for small teams.

We founded Teemy as a marketplace for retreats, workshops and team building activities for every
team's budget with an easy booking process.

We're focusing on the startup scene in London before we scale to other destinations.


Travisy is a young startup from Barcelona that wants to revolutionize the travel market. Our
platform has been developed on Artificial Intelligence and a potent algorithm that plans and
personalizes a trip in less than ten seconds, according to the user’s preferences, dates of the trip and
destination. We offer wide variety of events, hotels and restaurants reservations, monuments,
museums, outdoor activities and many options so that our users make the most out of their trip and
discover the hidden places from their cities.. In words of our founders, “Travisy is the ultimate travel

Travisy wants to solve a very simple necessity: according to recent surveys, 93% of spanish travelers
use their smartphone during their trips to find activities to do. We turn planning into something
easy, fast and simple. We provide our users with a complete itinerary of the trip, with maps and
activities schedules, all of this available from their smartphone, tablet or computer.


Transform your inbox into organized task lists. Sort your emails between pipeline stages (To Do,
Doing & Complete) with simple drag ‘n drop, and mark as complete.

Change the way you manage your emails, right inside your Gmail inbox.


Twitter might build a paid subscription service for power users


In a world filled with ever-more-complex technological, sociological, ecological, political & economic
systems... a tool to make interactive simulations may not be that much help. But it can certainly try.


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If you watched my webinar this week, you heard me mention Nymeria. finds both
personal and business emails for users on LinkedIn and GitHub.


SocialHuddle is an online tool for Twitter Marketing created by and for Startups, Bloggers and
Marketers. It allows you to dig into Twitter and discover Leads, suggest you the best way to engage
them, as well as, keeps you up-to-date on topics discussed by your current audience. Grow your
network and engage one-on-one with people interested in what you have to say. People trust
friends, not ads. Start building meaningful relationships today!


Veropost is an email service that enables busy/famous/important people (think actors, politicians,
VCs) to charge for reading an email. Money can go directly to charity and fees can be low just to
filter out spam. On the other hand one can also use it to charge for advice/consultancy.


Gitly is is an open source repository management platform with a focus on performance, ease of
use, and productivity (especially for larger projects).

What makes gitly different from other solutions?


Every single page takes less than half a second to load, even if the project has millions of lines of
code. Your daily operations like cloning repositories are orders of magnitude faster.

Gitly can run on the cheapest 256 MB instance, which should be enough for most users.

Ease of use

Gitly is the most intuitive product on the market. Self-hosting gitly is as simple as using the hosted
service. Installation takes a couple of seconds. Gitly requires no maintenance, it has zero
dependencies, you don't even need a database or a web server! You can run it next to your existing
repositories, no import required.

Pull requests without forking

Gitly is the only service that allows contributing without forking repositories. The entire process is a
lot simpler and more intuitive.


Application that allows you to manage yourself, your startup, your business, products, services or
anything you want to manage, Very easily and effectively.

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Create multiple boards, add many lists, cards, Customize boards with custom background colors or
images, Even lists and cards can have different background colors so you can differentiate between
them easily.

You can add deadlines, links, images to cards and ofcourse Each card can have different todo list in
case you need it.

This is a work in progress and i am adding new features everyday., So you can expect more features
in coming days and weeks.

Its open source so you can download and host it on your own server, Or deploy it to Heroku and
Netlify in click of a button.

Play around with the demo app either by creating an account or using the provided demo account.


A system for managing projects and personnel. Service is based on versatile technologies such as
Scrum and Kanban, which are used by Toyota, Microsoft, Nokia and many others. The system can be
generally applied almost to any sphere. There are developers, CEOs, engineers as well as bakers. The
first point of Agile manifesto says: „Individuals and interactions over processes and tools“, so at
Scrum Time follow this statement


Learning About the World Through 360 Virtual Tours

WorldMapPortal offers you instant access to the world. You can embark on virtual tours simply by
selecting a country on our map.


Makeblock Neuron: An Electronic Building Block Platform

Neuron Kits starting from $39. Discover our easy-to-use tools for STEM Education.


OddBalls Apparel was set up in 2014 with the aim of making testicular cancer a talking point
amongst Men around the world, through the coolest and comfiest underwear around. Due to the
success of the company over the first 18 months we were able to set up our own charity, allowing us
to raise as much money as possible to raise awareness of, and treat, testicular cancer.


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Private office phone booths

Made in America


Introducing a new-age business intelligence solution for everyone! Witness a new way to gather and
analyze customer responses for your business. Receive Targeted, categorized, authentic customer
responses that helps your business scale unprecedented heights.

We have set up a stage for the new age business intelligence revolution, which will help in the
evolution of your business.


Be the government

that never gets hacked.

With Hacksy learn how to protect yourself like a pro.

Get secure in minutes and have fun doing it.

Hacking is everywhere..

Gone are the days of having one password for everything and hoping for the best. Hacksy fixes your
password and gives you live updates on your security so you stay in control.


HI, I'm Pi, your intelligent social media assistant

I learn how to post like you and am here to help you up your social media game...

Take me for a spin


Yesterday wasn't a good day for internet privacy regulation. The Senate voted to make it easier for
ISPs like Verizon, Comcast and AT&T to track and share sensitive information about their customers
without permission. This puts people at risk of increased identity theft, data breach, and financial
fraud. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Here's what you can do to protect yourself:


Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
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The first connected display that draws with a pen. It is designed to be hung on your wall like a
picture frame. Joto is not another screen, quite the opposite, it turns pictures and words from your
screen into pen and ink drawings.

As soon as you send something to it, Joto's pen starts to move. It has an eraser and a dock too, so
the pen doesn’t dry out and when you are ready for something new, it refreshes the surface and
prepares itself for your next Jot.


Certificates, Passports, Licenses, Transcripts, Prescriptions, Medical Records, Investments, Bank

Statements, Receipts, Warranties, Travel Bills, Business Documents or employee records. ALLDOX is
a must have 'One-Stop, Easy & Secure' tool for managing all of your important documents. With this
smart app on your mobile you will never struggle to find them in time.

You can scan, safe-keep, locate originals, nominate, auto upload by email, add alerts & more and, of
course, find & share your documents, anytime & anywhere. ALLDOX is your personal document
assistant in your pocket.

ALLDOX has enterprise level security processes and AES 256 encryption with a personal key for every
user to ensure that your important documents stay secure & private and you always have your
'Peace of Mind'.

Available as mobile apps on iPhone, iPads, Android Phones & Tabs and as Web app.


People aren't always as careful as they should be on social media, and that's an issue when trying to
apply for college or get a job. In fact, the majority of employers use social media at some point in the
hiring process. Many people have even been fired because of a single questionable post.

Social Filter is here to help. You simply connect your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts and Social
Filter generates a custom report detailing all of the posts that you should consider deleting.

It's a fast and easy way to help your career and your reputation!


Monitor your Twitter Engagement

Track interactions on what you, your friends, and everyone else is posting on twitter. Generate real
followers and high quality traffic from Twitter with our monitoring tool.



Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

A unique digital investigation tool that automatically determines the origin and trustworthiness of
online news stories.

The hidden part of the information iceberg


Our main goal is to become a key player in the Intelligent Digital Analytics space, by establishing a
strong and unique Digital Intelligence solutions portfolio.


Easily create notes from within Chrome that are automatically synced as Documents to your Google
Drive account.

Sick of emailing yourself notes, links and ideas? want to keep everything in Google Drive? Notes for
Google Drive lets you keep all your notes right where you want them.

* automatically saves to Google Drive as soon as you start typing

* drag and drop reordering of notes

* quick access buttons for opening and editing in Google Drive

* does not require you to be signed into Chrome. This is perfect for when you want to access your
notes on work and non-personal computers.


The Big Mistake Companies Make Repeatedly With Their Customers


I am helping researchers in neuroscience and psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University School of

Medicine to conduct a pilot study of psilocybin in the addressing of treatment-resistant depression.


Say hello to Rufus

Rufus is a smart Twitter greeter that sends custom direct messages to your new followers, based on
profile keywords and recent tweets.

Because one size doesn't always fit all.


Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
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The man who quit heroin and became a fruit juice millionaire


Everything drug cartels do to survive and prosper they’ve learnt from big business – brand value and
franchising from McDonald’s, supply chain management from Walmart, diversification from Coca-
Cola. Whether it’s human resourcing, R&D, corporate social responsibility, off-shoring, problems
with e-commerce or troublesome changes in legislation, the drug lords face the same strategic
concerns companies like Ryanair or Apple. So when the drug cartels start to think like big business,
the only way to understand them is using economics.

In Narconomics, Tom Wainwright meets everyone from coca farmers in secret Andean locations,
deluded heads of state in presidential palaces, journalists with a price on their head, gang leaders
who run their empires from dangerous prisons and teenage hitmen on city streets - all in search of
the economic truth.

Narconomics: How To Run a Drug Cartel Kindle Edition

by Tom Wainwright (Author)


Monitor, track and compare your competitors' email marketing campaigns:

Analyse your competitors’ newsletter, promotional and transactional emails, compare campaigns
against each other or against your own emails.

Gain deep insights into your competitors’ email marketing campaigns and discover how they interact
with their subscribers.

Examine their marketing tactics, personalisation strategies, keep tabs on their promotions, and get
inspired by the best email creative.



The smartest way to do social media. Properly. Get up to 10x more traffic

SmarterQueue is a new social media tool designed for today’s overcrowded social platforms.
SmarterQueue offers everything required for data-driven social media scheduling in one place:
publishing, content calendar, content curation, and analytics.

SmarterQueue users manage their scheduling more efficiently by creating Categories, then set up a
weekly schedule to manage what gets posted and when. This replaces the manual task of filling

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

spreadsheets every week, creating significant time-savings.

Using SmarterQueue’s post-recycling feature, users can not only repeat posts automatically to get
up to 10x more engagement and traffic, but also control how many times each post will be repeated,
and what date it will expire. These features provide the ideal blend of automation and control, for
efficient and effective scheduling, helping users save time and increase engagement.


Go Big on Twitter!

Complete SMM platform to organize, discover, increase, engage.



Powerful and easy to use Web & Social Media Monitoring tool


I got sick of composing a new email every time I wanted to send myself a note. So I wrote this app.

This app will let you send an email to yourself as soon as you can type it out! First line of the
message will become the subject of the email, and the rest will become the body.








It’s Time to Take Back Your Privacy!


Unfortunately, today's educational system up through college micromanages the learning process,
thereby doing little to prepare you for independent study. How do you go about learning something
on your own?

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

If you're new to this site, Metacademy is a tool to help you learn things on your own, primarily in
machine learning and probabilistic AI. Perhaps the most frustrating part of teaching yourself is
tracking down the prerequisite concepts and finding resources where you can learn them.
Metacademy tackles this by using a dependency graph of concepts to give you a step-by-step plan to
learn any particular thing. Prerequisites are only one piece of the puzzle, though; this roadmap is
meant to help fill in the rest of the puzzle.


Capture the news as it happens.

Anytime. Anywhere.

Send posts straight to the newsroom

Journalists can send secure MOJO packages containing videos, audio, photos, and GPS locations to
multiple destinations for backup, review or further publishing.



Getting forecasts right can be hard, but Percypt makes it better.


Meeting notes made easy.

Run engaging meetings that drive change.

Excellent for recurring corporate meeting minutes.


Lower rates, because your loan comes directly from investors. Instant money, because we built our
platform for speed.


Instant Personal Loans, with a Rate Tailored to You



Free web-based text/list manipulator and scraper

The essential toolkit for anyone dealing with text and data

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Is analytics too complicated ? Centi is a simpler alternative.


Spot Trender

Live Audience Emotions That Drive Business Results.

We test digital, TV, radio, print ads, and more.


Build a great reputation for your service company.

You’ll feel great about what you do, and win more sales.


Enhance Your Customer Service With Artificial Intelligence + Human Support

Forget the Call Centers! We provide a modern and efficient way of handling your customer queries
and collect payments.


Media Match app discovers Canadian media opportunities for entrepreneurs with AI technology.

After 4 years of development, we are proud to announce today the launch of Media Match the
intelligent PR assistant. Media Match is a unique tool that generates media opportunities for
entrepreneurs. Our app wants to turn every entrepreneur into a PR pro.


Media Match: Public relations Tech edge

Insight driven PR

Up to 30 contact lead

Top subject matter associated with our search

Publishing Patters

Geo-targeting search

Give it a try and give us your feedback.


Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz



T4S allows you to carry out a full research of the market for your project, even if it is just an idea. To
run the analysis all you need to do is to provide a small description and some additional information.


Chirp – Twitter Messaging App Chrome


Magic Spreadsheet

Human workforce and AI plugged into your Google Spreadsheets.


Google Open Source

All of Googles open source projects under a single umbrella.


Gmail message ID finder is a small Chrome extension that adds a 'Copy message ID' button to the
Gmail message menu. When you click it, the RFC 822 message ID of that message is copied to your
clipboard. With this ID, you can find the exact message again later very easily.

I personally use it for keeping track of important emails in our CRM.

Because this ID is a property of the email itself, and not something that this extension provides, it
works everywhere. If your colleague got CC'd on an old email you'd like to point them to, you can
pass them the message id and it will work for them as well.

It also works great in Inbox and the Inbox & Gmail Android apps.



Find out if your ad spend is working, or not.


Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Releasing Vivaldi 1.8 today, we are proud to give you our new History – a powerful tool that lets you
explore your browsing patterns and makes finding previously visited web pages easier than ever



Stylish webcam covers that protect your privacy


MAPT by PACKT - Beta

Access over 4,000 Packt eBooks & Videos

Subscribe and access over 4,000 Packt eBooks & Videos.

Cancel any time.


Google targets UK smart home market with speaker, Wi-Fi launches


How to Criticize with Kindness: Philosopher Daniel Dennett on the Four Steps to Arguing Intelligently

“Just how charitable are you supposed to be when criticizing the views of an opponent?”


Social Media Management Tools: Which Features Your Peers Look for and Why They Find Them


Springbot’s eCommerce Marketing Platform

Springbot integrates and makes simple the data, content and multi-channel marketing tools (social,
online, email, etc.)

eCommerce stores need to drive more traffic, conversions and overall revenue.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Schedule next week in minutes. It's free.


The easiest way to manage staff rosters using the web or mobile phone.

Save tons of time on scheduling and increase accountablity. Try free for 30 days!




Frictionless Conversations

A platform for a more intelligent customer service solution



Train to teach the Youth Mindfulness Kids Programme.


TextExpander is your productivity multiplier, a knowledge base from which you communicate quickly
and accurately across your devices.

TextExpander eliminates the need to type things over and over. Using a quick search or abbreviation,
instantly insert snippets of text from a personal or shared repository of boilerplate, emails and other
content. For example, type “em1” and it expands to your email address of

Teams who use TextExpander communicate more consistently; each person gets to leverage the
words of the best writer. Revisions from approved authors are immediate, ensuring team members
communicate the latest text. Management tools let team leaders adjust permissions, including those
for editing snippets. Team usage statistics highlight aggregate productivity gains and the most
popular snippets.

Learn more at:


Traditional consulting tools and data used for Market Research, Customer Segmentation, Lead
Generation etc have been confined to Big Consulting firms. Smaller consulting firms, SME's, Startups
etc have always struggled with creating such tools and mostly rely on an army of analysts and
consultants for the job.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

We want to disrupt the Consulting industry by providing this data as a SAAS subscription at fraction
of the cost.

Our bots find, tag and use TB's of Publically available datasets to extract customer demographics and
business-relevant insights. Thus, Democratizing the Data Revolution to Turn this data into


Mindfulness in Schools Project’s vision is that every child possesses the skills to help them manage
difficulty and flourish , and an understanding of how and when to use those skills.


The Mindfulness Initiative

The Mindfulness Initiative is a policy institute that works with parliamentarians, media and policy
makers to develop recommendations on the role of mindfulness in public life.


The inspiration for Aventr comes from various workplace experiences faced by our friends, mentors
and family. Whether it’s lack of training, poor communication between employees and managers, or
just overall lack of morale, we discovered patterns of disconnect that continually caused the most
valuable employees to leave for greener pastures.

The longstanding practice of annual employee surveys fails to keep pace with the real-time world we
live in. Companies try to fix this by adding workplace perks, like ping-pong, happy hours, stocked-
kitchens and nap pods, but it’s not solving the core issue of disengagement.

We started Aventr to fix this by focusing on what really keeps employees, based on the principles of
positive psychology. Our apps provide real-time feedback and analytics that drive insightful
communication between managers, their employees and entire teams.


Automate Your Content Marketing with Onlim!

Manage all your social media channels and freely selectable content sources from one single
platform. Use suggested posts to generate more relevant content for your audience and increase
your awareness and the viral effect of your social media campaigns.

Save time and get better results!



Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Helpdesk software that works inside Trello

Emails received on a certain address are immediately sent to Trello. Threaded
emails are kept within the same Trello card. Comments prefixed with the :email: emoji, will be sent
back to the submitter, as replies. Markdown is supported.

Comments without the prefix are not sent back, so you can discuss the issues internally.

It costs $18 / month for unlimited users, unlimited emails.


kaKlink brings your letter box and/or front door into the future by adding the ability for visitors to
talk to your very own AI powered Butler when you’re not there.

Doorbells are great but not really 2017… With your own AI butler, your letter box or front door can
take messages, help the postman deliver that important parcel and even help in an emergency.

Sign-Up today and get your sticker pack sent directly to your home ! :)


“Busy” people are actually not that productive



DataRespect : see the private data taken by your Smartphone


Publing is a social media aggregator that collects posts from the most popular platforms and displays
the curated content on various screens.

Publing is used by businesses to reach more customers with the power of user-generated content.

Publing provides an online showcase to businesses using social media, which turns the customers
into marketers.


SodBlog is a new tool that gives content marketers the promotion, SEO and backlink tools that boost
reach and engagement, in one all-inclusive platform.


Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

How to Tell Leaders They’re Not as Great as They Think They Are


The Growth Marketing Process: How to Shake Your Growth Hack Addiction


She wants her rape reporting software to be universal

Callisto: Tech to combat sexual assault

Starting with college campuses, Callisto is fighting rape culture by empowering survivors to make the
choice that’s right for them.


Download SQEDit App now and enjoy the luxury of scheduling emails, calls, SMS and posts whenever
you choose.

Upload the content of your message and let SQEDit do the rest.


SunUp: Live for tonight... And tomorrow

Developed by Yale students with help from professors, nutritionists, and a pharma manufacturer

We are passionate about ending hangovers and increasing productivity. This project aims to launch
our patent-pending anti-hangover formula, making it available for retail with professional packaging
and flavoring. SunUp has received great feedback from our test panel at Yale and we'd like to make
it available to everyone, with your support.



Techniques and Tools for Maximizing Your Calendar and Your Peace of Mind


Great Teams Are About Personalities, Not Just Skills


Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


How San Francisco Is Becoming A Zero Waste City


This Farm of the Future Uses No Soil and 95% Less Water


Seeker Stories


--- uses the Net Promoter System to gather feedback from your customers from e-mail or
web. No technical knowledge is required to use it. Just a few clicks.



200+ Page Rebuttal Manual. Learn to handle any objection with this never-before-released book
that will become your complete arsenal of closes to handle any situation.

No shipping required on the eBook! This product is digital and sent immediately to your email!



World's first motorized fishing lure



The East Harlem School

History and Mission

Our mission: The East Harlem School challenges students to develop a balanced physical, moral, and
intellectual strength that they will use to adapt to change - and for the final purpose of creating and
sharing lives of deep meaning, dynamic actions, and transcendent joy. We are a middle school
(grades 4-8) that recruits children from families with low income and the highest values, and we give

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

preference to those who keep to the traditional belief that creative flight can only be sustained by
grounded discipline.




DREAM’s mission is to provide inner-city youth with opportunities to Play, Learn and Grow. We use
the power of teams to coach, teach and inspire youth to recognize their potential and realize their



Sales Prospecting Made Simple.

Join thousands of companies already using our awesome beta product to

build targeted prospect lists and autopilot their outreach.


Save Time Growing Your Shopify Store Mailing List

Get more for your advertising dollar and reduce wasted traffic


Handmade Magic Mouse Accessory from Retired Apple Tree Wood

With millions of mouse clicks ahead, you might as well consider making it comfortable. Presenting


Are You Ready to Get Social Smart?

Real estate pros, build your business through social channels. We show you how.


If Scale Isn’t The Goal, Then What Is?

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Learn Anything. Anytime. Anywhere. For free.

We're an open platform for self-learners and teachers.

Curating the content of the web for learning.


Aster - World's safest cycling backpack

A Commute Backpack with Integrated bike lights, Turn Signals and Automatic Brake Indication.


Radically transform how your brand interacts with prospects

Market in context of customer interactions.


Simple & Affordable Social Media Management

Manage all social media messages in one place. Schedule and publish content.

Get stunning reports.


Digital eyestrain it's a real thing! It's not just an occupational hazard anymore. So maybe your eyes
hurt once in a while, every job has its draw-backs, right? No, digital eyestrain isn’t going to kill you,
but it can make a bad day exponentially worse. EXYRA glasses specially designed to combat digital
eye strain and prevents headaches caused by prolonged usage of computer. Fixing the small things
can lead to a happier workplace environment, and a more productive.


The Ultimate Wrist-Support For The Modern Desktop.

Wristocat's Magnetic Barrier Enables Fluid, Cat-Like Movement As You Type, Mouse, Game, or


CZUR scanner : build your own digital library

Let CZUR scanner help to build your private digital library with an easier and faster way.

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& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Zcan Wireless Scanner Mouse - Scan to Edit or Read

Zcan Wireless Scanner Mouse allows you to scan anywhere even with your iPhone / iPad!


Get help with Microsoft Excel on small and medium sized tasks for business owners, accountants,
consultants, marketers and salespeople.

We create and make updates to Graphs/Charts, Dashboards, Duplicate Records Checking, Corrupt
File Recovery, Functions and Macros, Audit for Mistakes, Reformatting.


What is Invensio?

Invensio is a unique smart platform with utilities for sales, marketing, and support for small
businesses growth.

The idea originated in the process of working on a series of similar projects. In developing the
program for our customers, we have noticed that our SME customers are always faced with the
same problems: rigid communication with customers, bad business processes (loss of invoices,
documents), poor customer interaction with the performers.

What problems we solve?

Small company’s problems that we solve

? participation of intermediaries makes orders more expensive

? it’s hard to communicate with customers – to build meaningful relationships, to get loyal,
profitable customers, to ensure fast development

? poor business organization - lost documents - invoices, customer offers - poor customer database

? poor customer interaction with the performers


Four Types Of Cards

You will find 48 habits that you can apply to your daily life.

Each card suggests the best time for the exercise, with some that are applicable throughout the
whole day. Cards consist of activity title, description and benefits for each offered habit.

Multiple Ways To Use

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

You can try the cards one by one each day or you can start by mastering just one card until you`re
ready to take another one. You can take it easy or you can go all the way. Use the cards the way you

Diversity Of Choices

Each habit is designed for everyone and does not require any device to perform

Benefits In Daily Life

Develop your inner qualities and make a difference in every life situation.


As an organization grows, data assets get scattered and data people get siloed.

It becomes a nightmare to locate, label, update, manage, keep track of historical versions of relevant
datasets, dashboards, SQL files, R scripts, ETL pipelines, all living in different ecosystems/file-
systems/portals, and handled by different people. All of this leads to data chaos!

This causes three big problems:

1) Poor Discovery

2) Improper Governance

3) Data Silos

Our product, graphiti, is a cloud-based data asset discovery & management tool to make your data
project management efficient.

Graphiti centralizes all your data assets & your data people for better discovery, governance and
collaboration on your data projects. Have your data teams speak a consistent language.


#TAKECONTROL of your SME's Communication!


AdVantage by Sticky

No more guessing about which ads will perform the best. Measure "Time Engaged" and "Percent
Seen" for your ad creatives. Test your static, video, HTML5 or animated GIF ads on real people and
real websites and get insights on their performance before you launch your campaign.


But what is Audiunt?

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Audiunt is a conversational bot that you can invite to join your team. It will periodically ask questions
in a friendly conversational manner inviting honest feedback and for opinions to be shared.

The questions asked range from specifically selected questions that aid the team in communicating
their feelings, share information to bring the team closer together and even provides opportunities
for the team members to find undiscovered common interests.

You can set when the questions are asked and whether the answers are shared with everyone or just
yourself, have something specific in mind? You can easily instruct Audiunt to find out and you can
even give the option of receiving anonymous answers.

And this is just the beginning, we can't wait to share more plans we have for bringing you closer to
your team utilising automated and intuitive conversations!


Search and discover the best online tools to assist you in your research



The Employee Engagement Suite


Atlas Insights

Your business metrics that matter most to you.


Nudge for Chrome

AI sales insights on the contacts and companies you care about as you write emails and browse the
web – for free.


BetaList provides an overview of upcoming internet startups. Discover and get early access to the


Turning Negative Thinkers Into Positive Ones

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Detailed VPN Comparison Chart


Catch email errors before they're sent.

Emails with broken links and missing images destroy trust, kill your credibility and lose subscribers
and sales.


Free real-time fraud and scams investigator

We can help you before you become a victim of fraud and scams !

SELLsecure Investigation has expertise in fraud investigation and scams.







Up Your Reps’ Game

Gong is used by the world’s best sales teams to improve their sales calls and win more deals.


Customer Support, Solved!

Kylie analyzes customer support messages to provide agents with automated responses.


Give your home a brain.

Meet Duo, an AI computer for your home.

Part Mirror. All Computer.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

From the surface, Duo may just look like a mirror.

Until it comes to life, along with your home.

Duo is a computer built just for your home. Talk to it, play music, stream videos, control lights, play
games, and experience your home like never before.


AI at the Core.

Humans at the Helm.

Connecting with your existing marketing technology stack and data sources, the Amplero Artificial
Intelligence Marketing Platform leverages machine learning and adaptive experimentation to enable
marketers to achieve what’s not humanly possible.


Simple customer support and engagement software

Faasthelp, you and your customers love. The help center which completely looks yours.


Finovate conferences showcase cutting-edge banking

and financial technology in a unique, short-form, demo-only format.


All your data in one place. Customisable for your needs.


View Demo Try Rakam


Sendtu Email Marketing Extension

Sendtu turns your Gmail account into a professional tool for Email Marketing.

Just pick your favorite Pre-Designed Template, Edit with your content and branding, build your
audience from your Gmail contacts and send the campaign.


Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Hire More Veterans


These listings are a resource for veterans of all qualifications. Create an account now to add your job
to the list!


Business Fundamentals Made Clear

Fundamentals made clear

While some of this stuff can feel intimidating at first, none of it is rocket science. Our guides will take
you through the basics in plain English. We'll be publishing new guides on a regular basis. Sign up for
our mailing list to stay up-to-date.


Spending your Adwords budget on the wrong customers?

STOP finds who’s wasting your Adwords budget and stops them, for good.

Stop who?

Stop competitors and irrelevant companies clicking on your Adwords

Stop academics and universities clicking on your Adwords

Stop anyone else clicking on your Adwords.

How does it work?

There's a lot going on behind the scenes. STOP identifies the companies, organizations, universities
and others into a list so you can review. If you don't like any of them, simply press 'STOP' and the
tool will talk directly to Google Adwords to stop advertising directly to them. Sound too good to be


Why use Syft?

Financial data can be tedious and difficult to interpret. Syft visualizes your financial data in a simple
and easy to use dashboard that enables you to quickly identify trends and variances.

What reports on my business does Syft produce?

Syft is built to give you a rapid oversight of your business in under a minute. We graph trends and
comparatives between income, expenses, customers, suppliers, inventory and cash. We then

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

produce income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement management accounts with
variance analysis. Lastly, we calculate the key performance ratios for your business.


A clever tech solution to help small to medium-sized companies manage their car fleets.

An app to do things like mileage tracking, which is particularly useful for tax and expenses purposes.


Achieve Tech-Life Balance

Onward helps you change your overuse behavior in 1 minute per day


No More Ransom — 15 New Ransomware Decryption Tools Available for Free


NEED HELP unlocking your digital life without paying your attackers*?

Ransomware is malware that locks your computer and mobile devices or encrypts your electronic
files. When this happens, you can’t get to the data unless you pay a ransom. However this is not
guaranteed and you should never pay!


Sensitive Data Management Software


SmarterMe was born out of the frustration with the number of apps and data sources that the
modern business user has to search, remember, derive insights, navigate and update while trying to
maintain context and get work done. This is especially hard, if not impossible, on the mobile device.
We asked the question – Is it possible for the right app and useful insights to be where the users’
flow of work?

SmarterMe was founded on a mission to solve this problem. SmarterMe is designed with the user’s
role in mind, starting with sales, and the desire to make them productive away from the desk.
SmarterMe brings the power of data science, mobile design, contextual integration to every user
and not just the management team.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

SmarterMe product team of technologist who are passionate about making the business user love
what they do by giving them smart and beautiful business apps designed to fit their flow of work.

SmarterMe product is owned by e-Zest Solutions, a digital innovations company.


DoubleTick is an Email Tracking for Gmail and GSuite, adds the double check marks to your mail if it
is read by recipient (Just like WhatsApp)


A place where you can explore over 100,000 free Kindle, ePUB, and audiobooks using our trending,
top-rated, and latest bookshelves. Audiobooks can be downloaded and enjoyed offline or just as
easily played directly in the browser using our online audio player. Your favorite digital books can
also be saved on your personal bookshelf.


Analyze Twitter Accounts

burrrd. provides advanced insights and analytics for public Twitter accounts presented with a
beautiful UI. Try and learn more about any user now!


Simplify decisionmaking

in a team


Mashup 30 million tracks!

A full spectrum of mixing apps.

From hands on, full control DJing on iPad to auto-assisted mixtape creation & sharing on iPhone and


The Marketer’s Toolbox: The 60 Marketing Tools We Use at Buffer


Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Introducing EXPand Twitter Amplification service …


100% guarantee

100% of your donation funds life-changing healthcare; we prove it by being radically transparent.


Your company can change lives

Engage employees, reward customers, and build brand by funding healthcare.



200+ Free online resources curated for college students


BrandHunt V2

Search/track domain & social media handles in real time.


The simplest internal communications tool for Google G Suite

Increase the efficiency of your internal communications right away, no change management



educational system low-cost, high-quality education

Learn UX and Design from experts


Uber’s open source data visualization tool now goes beyond maps

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Factchecking for schools


Amazing Hunt

The coolest products, you can actually buy


Welcome to Twitter Flight School

A dynamic learning experience to help you craft the best ways of integrating Twitter into your work.


Our team is led by human rights lawyer William Bourdon, founder of Sherpa and advocate of Edward
Snowden, Antoine Deltour (LuxLeaks), Herve Falciani (SwissLeaks) and many other whistleblowers
and politically oppressed individuals.

PPLAAF aims to reduce the risks that whistleblowers commonly face by providing a highly secure
system to enable encrypted, two-way communication with legal experts and investigators. We also
provide advice, defense and in some cases legal representation for whistleblowers.

All the while, we are pursuing the broader objectives of investigative journalism, public advocacy,
legislation and coalition-building for change.

We are ready to help whistleblowers who wish to report information on crime, corruption, illicit
economic activity - whether in the public or private sector, as well as environmental risks that
concern Africa. You may live or be based outside of Africa, and you do not need to be a citizen of an
African country. As long as the information pertains to Africa, we are here to help.

Who we are not

We are not associated with any political, national or intelligence agenda nor are we funded by
political, national or intelligence entities.


Bring your landline with you. Anytime. Anywhere.

Your mobile phone is your new landline handset. Receive all incoming calls, and place outgoing
landline calls from anywhere. Take all the benefits of a landline with you with Voice Bridge.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Discosloth create digital marketing tools which make understanding your web analytics & paid
campaigns easier & smarter through data-driven information dashboards.


Growbell gives teams a systematic approach to growth hacking. Collect, prioritize, and execute
growth ideas, and reward your top performers as your entire team works together to achieve
hockey-stick growth.


QuikkPitch allows Job Seekers to apply using anonymous pitches, or hyper-condensed cover letters.
Such anonymity enables Job Seekers to pitch themselves freely and concisely, while allowing
Employers to skip the long-winded resume.

To ensure the total anonymity of Job Seekers, we do not reveal your email until the Interview, the
email introduction initiated only after an Employer expresses interest in your pitch.


Handcrafted Social Media Updates. Automated.



Risu Beard Oil products are a blend of different high quality natural ingredients. It is specifically
designed for Nordic beard that faces harsh climate changes.


Living a Lie: We Deceive Ourselves to Better Deceive Others

New research provides the first evidence for a theory first put forward in the 1970s


Super Recognisers International

We are world leaders in CCTV Investigation


Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

The Uruguayan jail where inmates set up shop


Write like a NINJA

Boostnote is an open source note-taking app made for progammers just like you.


Foxshot is a small water-resistant camera that can be placed anywhere. The back of the camera can
be firmly attached to glass, wood, screen and even marble. Only Oreo size, easy to hold.


The Non-Icky Self Promotion Toolkit

21 easy ways to build a highly credible reputation that naturally earns you the recognition and
rewards you deserve at work.


PeaceQ App:

A web/mobile app that helps you to practice PeaceQ in your daily life


AHA! is committed to transforming the world by empowering teens to create peaceful and
connected communities.


Meaningful analytics for journalism


If Humble People Make the Best Leaders, Why Do We Fall for Charismatic Narcissists?


Being a Night Owl Is Linked to Depression

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

People who prefer to sleep late in the morning and stay up late at night have a higher-than-average
risk of depression—a link that may be especially risky for people who have type 2 diabetes, since the
two diseases are already so intertwined.


LIVE+ Mobile App

Product Overview

Broadcast live from virtually anywhere, record video for later broadcast, or import and upload edited
video files to designated servers when traditional broadcast equipment is not at the scene.

The app is designed for mobile journalists (MoJos) and professional video contributors, and is ideal
for covering breaking news, impromptu interviews, and live events.


For the first time ever, aid will be delivered accurately to those in desperate need with this use of a
revolutionary and unique Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV).

There were over 125 natural disasters last year, add this to areas of conflict and the number of
people starving as a result gets to breath taking levels.

Access to the people affected can be restricted due to the loss of infrastructure and many other
dangers. Also, traditional methods of deploying aid can be ineffective, inaccurate or just impossible
to use.

Windhorse has developed a specialist UAV called POUNCER™ that will be loaded with appropriate
food, transported to the disaster area and fly independently to its pre-planned destination and land
accurately into the selected landing zone, avoiding all infrastructure problems, corruption or hostile
groups while saving time, money and more importantly lives.

POUNCER™'s pre-formed shell can be reused to provide shelter, the frame can be burnt safely to
cook food, and the payload, which is food and water, provides life saving nutrition.

Click here to download our factsheet.


Level Up



A free video course for developers, designers, and writers.

Learn a snazzy way to write markup.

After completing this course, you'll know how to easily format text for the Web using Markdown.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Mobile Augmented Reality WiFi AP direction finder

XNZR is a personal WiFi Access Point direction finder on back of your mobile; powered by an AR GUI

We are a team of hardware and software people with extensive knowledge in direction finding. After
many years of thought and trial, we are happy to introduce the XNZR - Augmented Reality Direction
Finder. This is a WiFi version of our device. We spent a lot of time to reduce the costs of XNZR
device. It is mounted on the back of a mobile device and links to a mobile device camera in order to
make an amazing Augmented Reality UI. Additionally, you can locate a WiFi AP and save your video


Welcome to mobygratis

This site is a resource for independent and non-profit filmmakers, film students, and anyone in need
of free music for their independent, non-profit film, video, or short.

Moby has made a selection of over 150 tracks from his huge catalog of music available to licence for
free, via a simple online application system.

To begin just create a new account, browse the catalog and fill in your application for the tracks you
would like to use. You should receive a response to your application within 24 hours.


"Formerly DataXylo, ZyloTech is an MIT spin-off launched in 2014, offering an award-winning AI-
powered Customer Analytics Platform for omni-channel marketing operations.

The platform uses machine learning to solve data quality issues and analyze all customer data
continuously and in near real time for superior insights in support of omni-channel marketing

In a marketing world where improvements are measured by small percentage points, ZyloTech
clients have frequently reported a 4-6X lift in customer retention and monetization efforts.
Headquartered in Cambridge, MA, ZyloTech leadership includes a high-profile board and advisory
team, PhD’s in artificial intelligence, data scientists and other marketing experts from the MIT


This is not a stable service as it is a beta service.

However, we would like nemo Pion to be more efficient in navigating information than previous web

When searching the well-known image, it comes the correct keywords.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz


Use images as a tool of search.

- Utilizing the image area of the content body,

it can be used as a space for information search.

- Get results from your search engine with just one click.

- Quickly and easily view related information on one screen without having to go to a new page.

- Discover the keywords that contain images.


We utilize the image area of a web page and want to provide a service that allows the user to easily
browse related information.


Benchmark your performance against competitors


Display rich useful person and company data on every record in Salesforce.

Clearbit's free Salesforce Extension searches dozens of sources in real-time to push fresh data into
Salesforce automatically. Start immediately seeing accurate demographic & firmographic data on
your leads, contacts, and accounts.

Our Prospector tool also helps you find additional contacts with just a company name and job title.
Find any email address and quickly create new sales opportunities.

Increase sales productivity by getting a rich person and company context with information from the
entire web.


miniRIG - Capture more with your smartphone and GoPro

A compact mobile studio for better photos, videos and even selfies. Anyone can now shoot more
professionally and be more creative!


Introducing the

Audience Stack

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

A single platform powered by machine learning that redefines audience development for the stack
of a brands audience. Our intelligent audience automation enables brands to identify, track and
retain their organic audiences, increasing engagement, and harnessing their powerful collective
network effect.


Note-taking for technical teams

Never forget great ideas or lose valuable information shared by your team!

With Memo, it’s quick and easy to save notes at work


Nuzzel Newswire

Advertise to top

industry influencers

Nuzzel Newswire lets you easily place a promoted story in newsletters received by top influencers in
media, tech, and finance. You can promote news articles, press releases, blog posts, and more.



Powerful aii-in-one social media marketing tool.


Gain control of your Data Center operations and the accountability back to the Board, giving you the
comfort that your Data Center is running to its potential, efficiently according to regulatory and
compliance metrics related to pure business oriented indicators.



People smile, laugh, and cry out in joy when they try the new Copenhagen Wheel for the first time.
The Wheel enhances your bike riding so naturally that the experience is delightful every time. You’ll
love every ride.


Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

Twitlistmanager offers a comprehensive way to manage your Twitter lists. “Even a child can do the
laundry” as we say in Dutch, which means it's very easy.

Twitlistmanager fetches the people you follow, as well as any lists you've already created, and puts
everything on a single page. You can create new lists if you want to, and simply check boxes to add
or remove people to your lists. When you're done, click “Save Changes”. It's that simple!


Doxed by Microsoft’s Users unwittingly shared sensitive docs publicly

Thousands of docs with sensitive data still reachable from search engines, including health data.


Tiny Scottish island powers itself with community-owned off-grid energy system

When you think of the future of electricity in the world, you probably don’t envision a small island
off the coast of Scotland leading the way. But the 12-square-mile Scottish island of Eigg has become
a shining example of how communities that aren’t connected to larger grids can do it themselves
with clean energy. As the BBC reports, Eigg made the revolutionary move in 2008 to shed its noisy
diesel-generated power in favor of an off-grid electric system that uses only wind, water and solar
power. It was the first community in the world to make this bold move, and what’s more, the clearly
self-reliant residents pretty much taught themselves how to build and run the system. Since the
diesel generators they previously used only ran for a small part of each day, getting rid of them in
favor of clean energy also meant the community had power available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
for the first time.


Temple GCSE

The most fun and engaging way to revise for the GCSEs!


The most fun, productive way of learning the GCSEs!

Progress through mini-tests and build your Temple! Temple GCSE is the highest quality, most
engaging and beautiful digital revision platform for your GCSEs.

Created by a large team consisting of GCSE students, highly-qualified teachers and tutors, and
developed by world-leading app developers, Temple GCSE delves deeply into each subject, board
and specification, delivering the most accurate, precise questions (created and filtered by the some
of the best tutors and teachers in the UK) and providing you with the best possible revision material.

Our tests have also adopted the specific GCSE question format, so whether the question is a one-
marker, paragraph, labelling type question or anything else, we have it covered.

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

We hope you get as much as possible from Temple GCSE, and wish you the best of luck on exams!



a minimalist, eco-friendly nightstand


Introducing Signal


You have assumptions about why your users come and go. You believe that if they do this specific
thing, they’ll become a loyal and active user. If they don’t, they won’t. While your intuition is likely
on the right track, more specifics lead to better results for your product.

A well-known example is Facebook’s finding that “seven friends in 10 days” almost always leads to a
long-term user. In your gut, you know that adding friends is valuable, but you couldn’t possibly be
that specific without crunching some numbers.

And while adding friends might have been a big factor leading to retention, there surely are others.
But how do you find them?

That’s why we built Signal.

Signal helps you find user behaviors that correlate to higher retention and engagement, leaving the
complicated math to Mixpanel. It’s the latest addition to our suite of products that automates
insights for you.



and in the process, helps change a community forever

Do Amore Rings

Engagement & wedding rings that help solve the water crisis


Schools Fact Sheets

IF has prepared the following fact sheets to help give young people an introduction to some of the
key issues surrounding intergenerational fairness:

1. Voting and Representation

2. Politics and Short-Termism

Social Media Customer Services Set-Up
& Social Media Marketing Set-Up For Small to Corporate Biz

3. Economics, Wealth and Debt

4. Duties and Obligations

5. The Challenge of an Ageing Society

6. Young People and Employment

7. The Environment


Tactics Manager 2.6

4.5/5 based on 134 USER REVIEWS

Coaching software that enables you to create your own practices, tactics and plan sessions

Work Offline with NO Need for an Internet Connection!

One Time Only Cost, Yours to Keep for Life!

No Subscription Fee's! Free Version Upgrades!


Amuse is our answer to a simple question; What would a record company look like if it was created

We have developed a mobile service that we think is easy and engaging to use. We have also
established a label with super transparent and fair terms for the artist that enables us to work
together to build long and successful artist careers.

We provide free music distribution to independent artists around the world. After we have made
sure the music is available to listeners and fans around the world we use data to identify potential
hit tracks and talented artists that we can help grow.


The easiest way to embed charts in email or bot. No need to spend days to setup and develop a
complex server-side solution. We spent months tuning our chart generation backend so you don't
have to. Delightful effect guaranteed, communicate better with animated charts in your reporting
emails. No more server-side gif rendering, headless browser tricks and painful email attachements.


TeamCal provides a horizontal Schedule View for your Google Calendar. Instead of the typical Google
Calendar view, which can become cluttered with overlapping events, TeamCal makes it easy to
schedule events for many employees at once. This is especially useful for tasks like managing staff
rotations, shift & vacation planning.

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Schedule events with drag&drop directly based on your Google Calendar data. All changes are
synced back to Google Calendar. Additionally, you can embed your schedule in a website or export a


Amazon is launching a new dashboard that lets you monitor the content your kid consumes


Turn Your Data Into A Strategic Asset

Download the free version of Experian Pandora, the most powerful data profiling tool on the market.

Our free data profiling tool allows you to proactively analyse your data across multiple platforms and
databases, and build data quality reports in minutes.

Whether you are a business leader or a data expert in an enterprise business or a SME, Experian
Pandora Free Data Profiler allows you to deliver rapid time-to-value and make smarter business

Most powerful data profiling tool on the market


Lightning fast performance


FastStats Discoverer™ Modelling

Getting to know your customers and prospects is essential if you want your marketing messages to
meet their needs and align with their interests. FastStats® Modelling customer profiling software
informs your targeting decisions using common analytical techniques including:


Comprehensive Data Profiling with Talend Open Studio for Data Quality

Talend Open Studio for Data Quality delivers rich functionality that gives you broad and deep
visibility into your organization's data:


Personality Profiling For Recruitment and Coaching

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The purpose of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) personality inventory is to make ... The
MBTI tool is different from many other psychological instruments and also ... When you want an
accurate profile of your personality type, ask if the ...


Confused about choosing a personality profiling tool?




Sick of being kicked off Email Services? SEND13 is a fast, easy and reliable email solution that is...wait
for it: Marketer Friendly! We will not tolerate spammers but we definitely understand the difference
between marketing emails and spam. The founding team behind SEND13 has a combined 40 years of
experience in both marketing and technology and most, if not ALL of our clients are professional
online marketers. If you are ready for incredible delivery, awesome metrics and an easy to use
platform, its time to....


Make qualitative research a breeze.

As a researcher, your job is to collect stories from real people to find actionable insights. However,
instead you often find yourself spending more time on logistics than actually doing research. That
sucks, right?

Dovetail helps you with the key steps of research: designing your study, collecting data, analyzing
results, and sharing what you’ve learned.


Reduce B2B Operating Costs

Doing business efficiently with customers is not just about speaking EDI or other data formats, or
even getting all the mapping right. It’s about automating all of the processes involved — human
workflows, exception and error handling, data validation and routing, last-mile integration into
backend systems. Don’t deploy a half-baked solution...find a platform that can orchestrate EVERY
step of the B2B integration process.


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You’re customer-focused.

Make it official.

Get started with our Customer Experience Management Certification and prove you’re customer


ZeTime: World's first smartwatch with hands over touchscreen

Proudly designed in Switzerland, the perfect always-on smartwatch blending classic design and
smart features at an affordable price



An elegant connected hybrid watch


Imperium spends countless man hours talking to designers, as well as visiting factories and
examining various sample prototypes to identify the best area of manufacturing that balances high
quality and allows us to offer the perfect prices to all our customers. We spare no expense to the
quality of our products.


This app allows you to search the database of for a list of accounts (or email
addresses) that have been leaked in a data breach that was exposed to the internet.

Add the name of your accounts or email addresses to the the app and check if any are found in the database. One click the check button will tell you the state of your accounts.

Schedule a daily (or weekly) check and the app will notify you when an account breach was


This app allows you to track leaks of your accounts in the database of


We are a B2B trading platform which provides end to end business solution from the discovery of
the product or supplier to payment of the product.

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With the advent of the internet and mobile phones, it’s evident that traditional businesses are going
to adopt to technology to bring their business presence online. Whether you are a small retailer or
big manufacturer, we are committed to assisting you in the complete business cycle. You can be
connected with your trade partners 24×7 and get the latest update about the deals.


Early Education Program

Online. Easy to use. Free.

Braiby is a free online early education program focused on development of math, science, language
and art skills. It is first of its kind holistic platform that contains sensory-based activities for early
childhood development, starting from day 1 of your baby's life.


We create ultra premium solutions to meet you're sales, technology & business needs. Axpertino
serves customers worldwide with our best delivery model and expert resources.Ever since our
inception, we have grown in size and capability and currently carer across Asia Pacific, Europe, and
North America. We serve customers worldwide using our global delivery model and expert
resources. We have won countless accolades from global customers for our benchmarked delivery
track record, quality standards, and adaptability to technological challenges.

Our strength lies in our quality procedures, delivery and operational excellence, customer-centric
approach, intellectual capital, and culture of innovation. With a rich legacy spread over in years, we
generate Value that helps organizations transcend to higher levels of efficiency and growth.


Finland Will Become the First Country in the World to Get Rid of All School Subjects


7 Tools to Spice Up Your Twitter Marketing Efforts




These are the leadership skills Harvard thinks you need


Psychological Backfiring: What No One Tells You About Neuromarketing

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HUB for unique insight, knowledge, wisdom, values, in a like-minded, growth-focused community,

StPsy - - HUB for unique personal insight, knowledge, wisdom, and values all in
a community focused on growth in order to combat ignorance on a (one day) global scale.





Design & Send & Analyze Email Marketing Campaigns

Professionally designed templates with an easy-to-use drag and drop editor


Why I Care About Problem Size More Than Market Size

Is the problem large?

Is the problem urgent?

Is the problem valuable?


Social Searcher

Free Social Media Search Engine


Social Mention

Real-time social media search and analysis:


Online Board Reader

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See Who's Looking For You

There are 12 million users a month searching the UK's largest people database and you can see if any
of them are looking for you with a FREE 30 Day Trial!

You don't need to be listed on to find out if people are searching for you.

Try the FREE 30 Day Trial now and get:

Online reports of searches from the moment you subscribe

See who's looking for you on

Real time reports

Monthly summaries of searches against you

Personal message centre

Receive alerts when searched


Lupine Travel are a UK tour company, founded in 2008 and specialising in unique destinations and
travel ideas but bringing them to you at affordable prices.

From our three original tours of North Korea, Chernobyl and the Trans Mongolian Railway in 2008,
we now offer trips to over 30 countries.

Our clients are made up of a huge spectrum of society, from young to old and from countries all over
the world. All with one thing in common - a passion for exploring all corners of the globe!


A Kanban board for your job applications



We don't need to tell you how mysterious and confusing social media can be. There are so many
social media sites you could invest in - and so much conflicting advice on how to get results. Maybe
you've already experimented with social media yourself? If so, you've no doubt been pulling your
hair out trying to understand why you've not been getting results.

Well now you can relax. We work with businesses who want to get social media results, but have
neither the time nor the expertise to do so. We'll take away your social media headache and give
you the results you've been craving.

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Incentives Don’t Help People Change, but Peer Pressure Does


Why Great Executives Avoid Shiny Objects


Supporting Our Wounded Into Work

Raising funds to retrain and re-skill our wounded and support them in finding new careers outside
the Military. You can help by making a donation or fundraising for the charity.


Critical lack of skills could be the biggest security challenge


Flamy helps students to prepare and have higher scores at their exams. At the same time, teachers
and parents can also track students' performance to reduce any unexpected exam results.

Also increases the confidence of teachers because they can make sure the students know the topic,
and if they don't the teachers can review the parts that are not understood by the students.

Schools will improve their reputation from having students with higher scores and parents will value
schools that invest in their students.


AppJetty is a software products store specializing in extensions, plugins, themes and app for a host
of software platforms like Magento, WordPress, SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, Odoo, Dynamics CRM, etc.
Formerly known as Biztech Store, AppJetty is a trusted name in the world of open plugins and

Having launched the store in 2012, today, we have an enviable portfolio of almost 100 products for 6
different technology platforms. We have sold our products to more than 4500 customers and our
products have been installed more than 7500 times. With a number of bestselling Magento
extensions and exclusive enterprise apps for SugarCRM, SuiteCRM and Odoo, AppJetty is confidently
marching into the future.

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9 Amazing Visual Social Media Tools to Boost Your Authority




There is more than passwords. As a webmaster or developer you manage servers configurations,
online services preferences, control panels credentials, ftp users, domains registry, email servers
settings and accounts, CMS roles and social networks identities for your clients.

Most of the times such data have been created by you on their behalf. So security and
confidentiality are a must for you.

[ admin-admin ] is a desktop application to store all relevant data for your clients projects.
Everything is stored right in your local environment as a secure and structured repository. No cloud


Why we pretend to know things, explained by a cognitive scientist

New research explains why we pretend to know more than we do.

Why do people pretend to know things? Why does confidence so often scale with ignorance? Steven
Sloman, a professor of cognitive science at Brown University, has some compelling answers to these

“We're biased to preserve our sense of rightness,” he told me, “and we have to be.”


What is a Growth Master?


Stroom is a highly scalable data storage, processing and analysis platform.

--- is a unique and innovative product research website for people who want a wide range of
trusted product information and ratings in one place.

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On, users can:

• Research products and make thoughtful and informative purchasing decisions

• Get credible opinions about products from people they know and trust using iuzeit’s social
network connection feature

• Rate products they use and share these ratings with their social connections

• Stay current with the newest technology and trends that friends and family are using

Our goal is simple: to create a community that enables users to become savvy consumers by finding
and sharing opinions about products. We pull in ratings and reviews from the largest and most
trusted consumer and expert review websites to make gathering crucial pre-purchase information
simple and as painless as possible.


Superscreen – Supercharge your phone with a 10.1″ HD display

Superscreen gives you the benefits of a tablet with the power and convenience of your phone.


Real-time Mapping is Here

Introducing the Fieldscanner Beta. Create a map as the drone flies so you can take action before it


Today we are launching a big update to Nylas Mail— our flagship open source desktop email app.