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Disney's The Little Mermaid JR. Fathoms Below CUE: Segue from No.1 "Orchestra Tune-Up” (The SEA CHORUS enters and creates the surface of the ocean. A ship ‘appears with the PILOT at the wheel and SAILORS at work on deck.) EES —_= bot - tom - less. blue, SAILORS: to the star- board, heave Ss = 2 Al big-un's a-brew-in’ LORS: * fa ror. OE SSS = = TH sing you a song of the king of the sea, wal « wal wal voor verry SS = = = : Se = oS a == oe asl wal > | = 2— Disney's The Little Mermatd JR. #2 Fathoms Below be-low!___ From whence way - ward west - er - lies |" vow Where TH - ton is king, and is mer-peo - ple sing in mys - (PRINCE ERIC enters, attended PRINCE ERIC: Isn't this perfection, Grimsby? Out on the by his droll valet, GRIMSBY.) open sea, surrounded by nothing but water and imagination— fe Sao eee: a ter - i-ous fathoms be - low.