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Dead Stars

Paz Marquez Benitez

1894, Lucena City, Quezon
Womans Home Journal
A Night in the Hills

Fairy Tales
Madame d Aulnoy (Marie Catherine le
Jumel de Barnesville)
Cinderella: Cenerentola, Cendrillon,
Aschenputtel, Rodophis
Contes de Fes

Charles Perrault
French poet, author
Literary reputation 1660
Contes de ma mere loye 1967 (Tales of
Mother Goose)
Acadmie Francais
The Yellow Wall-Paper

Charlotte Perkins Gilman/Stetson

Father: Harriet Beecher Stowe
Husband: Charles Stetson
Daughter: Katharine Beecher Stetson
Dr. S. Weir Mitchell
o Works: In This Our World
o The Forerunner
o Women and Economics
Second Husband: George Houghton
Gilman (cousin)
The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Magic realism
Nobel prize in literature 182
Famous works:
o One Hundred Years of Solitude
o Love in the Time of Cholera

Lolas House
Fidelis Angela C. Tan
Works: The Girl Who Turned into a
The Lottery

Shirley Jackson
San Francisco, California
Publications as The New
Yorker, Redbook, The Saturday Evening
Post and The Ladies' Home Journal.
Her first novel, The Road Through The
Wall, was published in 1948
1948, The New Yorker published
Jackson's short story, "The Lottery."
Children: Laurence Jackson Hyman and
Sarah Hyman Dewitt
Honesty Hour
Gabriella Lee
Bread of Salt
Nstor Vicente Madali Gonzlez
born on 8 September 1915
in Romblon, Philippines
National Artist, Gonzalez was honored
with a state funeral at the Libingan ng
mga Bayani
National Artist of the Philippines in
1997. He died on 28 November 1999
NU (Undergraduate)
The Day the Dancers Came

Bienvenido Santos
March 22, 1911-January 7, 1996
CW under Paz Marquez Benitez
Illinois, Harvard, Columbia University
-Exhile, alienation, homelessness

Four Ways Blue Mendoza Breaks Your Heart



1. Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the

2. I Heard it Through the Grapevine by
Marvin Gaye
3. Papa Dont Preach by Madonna
4. Youre so Vain by Carly Simon
5. Separate Lives by Phil Collins
6. Zombie by Cranberries

Blue Mendoza
Katelyn Cruz- GF
Leah-best friend of you

Four ways:
1. First you find out he has a girlfriend in
La Salle.
2. False hope, thinking that it will be you
and Blue Mendoza.
3. Blue ditches you
4. Blue makes out with your best friend,
This isnt The OC or The Bold and the
Beautiful or Bituing Walang Ningning because
that would make Leah Lavinia and you
Formal Element: Initiation (Coming of Age)
Honesty Hour

Formal Element: Theme (Horror, Betrayal,

Cinderella (or The Little Glass Slipper)

Charlotte-younger ugly stepsister
Fairy Godmother


Two nights of party

-The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, T.S.


Formal Element: Plot (Introduction, Rising

action, Climax, Falling Action, Denoument)


Dead Stars

Al or Alfred Pezcaros- raped by a gay

Mark- traitor, had an affair with Shirley
Shirley- Als GF, was pregnant with
Marks baby
Lying Larry-DJ, a.k.a. conscience
Tommy Santos- raped Al


From Ateneo to Katipunan

6:24 pm- Mark 6:24 You cannot serve
two masters
Berties-where they planned to eat
NU107- replaced by Pop Watch 95.9


Alfredo Salazar
Julia Salas
Don Julian- Alfredos father
Carmen- Alfredos sister
Judge del Valle- brother-in-law of Julia
Calixta- informs Esperanza


Martinez-owner of the house rented by

Judge del Valle

Calle Luz-Julias hometown

So all these yearssince when?he had been
seeing the light of dead stars, long extinguished,
yet seemingly still in their appointed places in
the heavens.
Formal Element: Introduction to short stories
Literature-Organized violence committed on
ordinary language-Roman Jakobson
-The essence of literature lies on its
interpretation.- Marxist
The Day the Dancers Came

Filemon Acayan
Antonio Bataller



Like time, memory was often a villain, a

Third World Literature
-poor, less developed
-arose during cold war
-Asia, Africa, Latin America

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