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INTERIOR EXTERIOR oS CUSTOM slg IN ORNAMENTAL IRON RAILINGS PORCH COLUMNS \ FIRE ESCAPES STEEL STAIRS ALL TYPES OF FABRICATION GENERAL ORNAMENTAL IRON WORKS CUSSEWAGO ROAD BETWEEN MERCER AND MEAD AVE. PHONI 33 OR RES. — 30-073 MEADVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA Beautify Your Home With CUSTOM BUILT ARCHITECTURAL ACCESSORIES OF DISTINCTION RAILCAP RAILCAP y FEATURES 1, Solid 1-inch square Newel Posts. 2. Sturdy 1/2-inch spindles - Straight or Twisted. 3. Top Rail 3/8 by 1-1/2 Half Oval. 4. TRIM Punched Bottom Channel. 5. Undercoated with rust inhibitive paint, 6. Finished with beautiful Lustre enamel. 7, Choice of Scrolls as shown below. GsI Gs2 Gs3 Gs4 css Gsé Gs7 FREE ESTIMATES FREE INSTALLATION Add Hundreds of Dollars TO THE APPEARANCE OF YOUR HOME WITH THESE MODERN PORCH COLUMNS (Custom wilt TO YOUR REQUIREMENTS ae Decorative OnnamenTan Inon PORCH SUPPORTS PATIOS * STEPS * BALCONIES LOCALLY MADE INSURING PROMPT SERVICE ORNAMENTAL ACCESSORIES MAIL BOX STANDS END SCROLLS SCROLL BRACKETS Any Size cB-13 DOOR SADDLES x ie Rolled Steel ‘if Neli99 ~ cs a” r i 1 N°1200 = ae = r % > 7 NPGS 2 5” pf = Ne121S — 5 st DOOR SADDLES © i t Ne 2a82 ~ oe Weather Strip Section No. B2808 (not illustrated), ean be furnished to fit Saddle No. B2809. Extruded Aluminum SES SO SSSR 2) ee N° 4802" ne4803 7 4 1 No4805 SAYS N°4808 Ne°-4809 6 ae & oe ens a i SSF “1 ~ 3%" ra Weather Strip Section No. 4708 (not illustrated), can be furnished to fit Saddles Nos. 4805, 4707, 4808, 4809 and 4810. A. |. A. FILE No. 15 J.G. braundd}company Steel Mouldings, Perforated Sheets In this Supplement we present for your consideration a number of New Items groupe; wuently used Mouldings and Supplies, mak- jing this at once a handy reference in your designing work. For a wider cl MOULDING. Of greatest ion of 3 STAINLESS STEEL. HAND... RAILS. The’ appl to Architectural D the more recant developments Is acceptance is to be ascribed to is ap- propriateness in modern practice, its lasting finish and low maintenance cost. Several Designs of Railings suggesting the possibilities of the Stainless Steel Handrails have been added, in the hope that they may aid the Designer. nal items we refer you to Catalog 33 "STEEL ‘Among the other new items are: SEAMLESS HANDRAIL No. 1253—a striking, clean- cut design. ALUMINUM HANDRAIL No. 4914—improved with taprib. HANDRAIL TERMINALS to fit_ many additional top- rails. LATERAL BAR SCROLLS for use either as Flat Top Rail cor with Moulded Handrails. BALUSTER COLLARS, sev- eral new types and sizes. (For additional Collars re- fer to pages 10 and I! Catalog 33.) WALLRAIL BRACKETS, now also for Piperail in Bronze and Aluminum. SUPPLEMENT 2 TO CATALOG 33 ~"—— STEEL MOULDING ~——— | $1 °°N 31d "V1 'V STAINLESS STEEL MOULDINGS Tho difficulty of obtaining Stainless Stoel Handrails readily from Stock was perhaps a deterrent to their more frequent use, ‘Now any quantity, large or small, may be procured from our Warehouses without necessity of long waiting periods. loss Stool offers many advantages, among which a Easy Installation—Low Me Cost ‘Attractive and Lasting Finish. Thicknoss No. 16 BW.G. Length- 20-feot No. 3 Mill Finish The clean cut lines of this Handrail suggest it for use with simple. and Signed Relings. Used wih Ya” 2 = Channel or Bars and clipe for ettech- ment. peal Ne2701 Thickness No. 18 BW.G. Length 20 feet No. 3 Mill Finish Where conventional feeling is. the desired feature this Handeail wil fil " the need well Its proportions meke Z it adaptable to the more delicate ay ye ‘the moderately monumental N°2700 A Thickness No. 16 BW.G. Length 10 feet No. 180 Belt Sanded Finish ‘A Handrail of more monumen- tal-proportions-and_ bold. lines inthe modern manner, well Ie" Banks end similar public edi- 2Mie" 4 fices. Used ‘or Bar and N°2702 Measurements Approximate J-G:BRAUN c OM P Chicaco 609 Sours Pauuina Sreet New York 537 West 35™ Srrect BALUSTER ORNAMENTS Ilustrations % full size Malleable Iron and Aluminum ORNAMENTAL BALUSTER ORNAMENTS shown here are the SLIP-ON type. Easy to apply, durable and inexpensive. PR Merely slip on to square bar and fasten with screw ¢ or tockweld. Made in unbreakable Malleable Iron or bright dec- g corative Aluminum. Iron No. 9942 Alum. No. 9940 For 14" and $47-Square Bars Height 4%" Width 3° Iron No, 9929 Alum. No, 9919 For 4" Square Bars Height 10%" Width 8%” Tron No. 9943 Alum, No, 941 For 4" and 47:Square Bi Height s* Width 3 When ordering state for what size square bar Iron No. 9946 Alum. No. 9944 For 4°Sq Bars: Height 18” Width 84° For 4°Sq Bars: Height 18° Width 8%" ILLUSTRATION showing assembly with No. 9918 double face casting. ILLUSTRATION showing assembly Tron No. 928 Alum. No, 918 with No, 9946 double face casting. For 4” Square Bars Height 16" Width 81” J ; Me Height 314" Width 834" Iron No, 9949 Alum, No. 9982 Height 8: Length 1974” Width 8) Height 19%' TREILLAGE ACORN DESIGN MALLEABLE IRON and ALUMINUM DOUBLE FACED — UNBREAKABLE REVERSIBLE THE LATEST ADDITION to this beautiful line of double reat faced castings and from it's acceptance, indications. point wae toa very popular demand. An originel design with unlimited eee applications. Tron No, 9924 ‘Alm, No, 9920 Height i Width 74" Iron No. 9926 adaptation to many uses. A long time favorite. Alum. No, 9922 £3 e 2 Height 754 nea i Mstations 4 actual size Key Xow ILLUSTRATION shows typical assembly of porch corer. TREILLAGE TULIP DESIGN MALLEABLE IRON and ALUMINUM DOUBLE FACED UNBREAKABLE REVERSIBLE THESE popular castings have been accepted by the trade for their pleasing design, low cost and general Tron No. 9904 Iron No. 9905 ) X Aum, No. 9901 Alum. No, 9902 I Length 2334" Height 854" ) s Height 25" Width 854" TREILLAGE GRAPE DESIGN MALLEABLE IRON and ALUMINUM. DOUBLE FACED ~ UNBREAKABLE REVERSIBLE ‘AN OLD FAVORITE with designers. Note that grapes ond leaves are correctly placed and well proportioned. Ba coun AN AUTHENTIC DESIGN based on old Southern originals. Mlvstrations TREILLAGE SCROLL AND LEAF DESIGN MALLEABLE IRON and ALUMINUM UNBREAKABLE AN ORIGINAL DESIGN created to fil 2 great demand for a more omate casting. Very versatile. May be used to best vantage in Treilage designs but aio very Tron No. 9937 effective in railing panels, window grils, Alum, No. 9934 ete, Height 32" Width 9 lustatons 34 actual size BALUSTER BARS MALLEABLE IRON and ALUMINUM ond j= Ye) © Iron No. 9914 Iron No. 9915 Tron No. 9916 Tron No. 9917 Tron No. 9983 Alum, No. 9906 Alum. No. 9907 Alum, No. 9908 Alum. No, 9909 Alum, No, 9954 BALUSTER BARS ARE SUPPLIED 3-3” LONG TUBING ALUMINUM ‘STEEL SQUARE SEAMLESS + ROUND SEAMLESS COLD DRAWN-SQUARE WELDED RECTANGULAR SEAMLESS COLD DRAWN - RECTANGULAR WELDED ALUMINUM PIPE - 63-ST-6 ALLOY HOT ROLLED - HEAVY WALL Post Caps to fit most sizes of tubing are available from stock. PRESSED STEEL Type S Hole 84° Sa. ‘Hotes: ¥4° 4" Sy Holes: is" Type K Holes: 4" 34° Sq, Type I Holes: ¥e" $4" 4° 1" BALUSTER COLLARS AND FLOOR FLANGES BALUSTER COLLARS for every need ore ovelable for immediate dolvery. rau ‘and Aluminum collars are supplied with bright Polished finish MALLEABLE IRON ‘Type ¥ Holes: 4" 4° M" 1" Sq. CAST IRON POLISHED BRASS and ALUMINUM | Holes:14" $6" M7" Sq. Holes: 36° MALLEABLE IRON POST FLANGES CAST IRON Type D Holes: 34" 94° 34" Ra. Ss Type HH Holes %4" $4" 4° Sa HANDRAILS STEEN ALUMINUM STEEL pe " 5] Use No, 4958 Channel No. 1248 py Me” Wie” me : as No. 1250 No. 1247, eS 14 > No. 1161 Me” ¢ | iE é No. 1245 No. 4909 (23681) HANDRAIL TERMINALS JUNIOR BAR SCROLL | JUNIOR | LATERAL "FINIAL BASE" A For #1247 and #1248 Handrails —_ SCROLL 609 SO. PAULINA STREET, 537 WEST 35th STREET, CHICAGO 12, ILL. NEW YORK |, N. Y. Me Net A i ur he Aluminum No. 4580—Flat Top \ for Pipe aE Bronze ble Iron No. 4584—Flat Top Top No. 4383—lor Pipe No. 4396—for Pipe aur ra + rw ‘Aluminum 4576. —Flat_ Top 4376A —tor Pipe No. No. Bronze 4575 —Flat Top 4575A “for Pipe No. No. No. 4577—Flat Top No. 4878—for Pipe No, 4592 (16505) ‘Aluminum No. 49158 (16505) FOR CHANNELS OR FLAT BARS J.G. Braun’ Established ‘Aluminum No. 4587—Flat Top No. 4593— for Pipe Malleable Iron No, 458—Flat Top No. 4595—for Pipe No, 4588—Flat Top No, 4804—for Pipe aye ser No, 4405 CAST IRON WALL BRACKET FILLER SKETCH SHOWING FASTENING OF WALL BRACKET USING FILLER No. 4405 HANDRAIL BRACKETS Of the various brackets shown, it will be noted that 3 designs are available in Malleable iron, Bronze and Aluminum. The latter two are supplied highly polished. Company 1887 Architectural Melals and Supplies