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The symbol consists of three elements: The pentagonal star (pentagram) inverted
symbols placed next to each one end and face of a goat.
The meanings of each of these elements is briefly described:
The signs at the ends of the inverted pentagonal star are the Hebrew letters
"LAMED", "VAV", "YOD", "TGV" and "NUN-FINAL" form, being read from the
bottom edge and continuing in the opposite direction clockwise, the word
"LVITN", ie, "Leviathan" (In Hebrew can not always write all vowels), the deepsea serpent, a symbol of the hidden forces of nature.
Regarding the same stave, there are at least there are at least three different ways
to interpret:
1) staff not inverted, which is used in so-called white magic, the top point
representing the spirit and the remaining four others symbolize the four classic
elements of nature (water, air, fire and earth), which is trying to say that the
spiritual is above the material, that is the philosophy of the "normal" religions.
The inverted star, on the contrary, the point representing the spirit pointing
down, symbolizing the supremacy of nature (represented by the other four
points) on the "spiritual". This supremacy can be explained in two ways:
a) There is no god or spiritual principle in the universe, everything is governed by
natural laws.
b) The component of human beings called "spirit" (ie, intelligence, feelings, etc.)
is nothing but a product of natural evolution and depends on the physical body.
2) In the inverted pentagram the bottom three points represent the negation of
the "holy trinity" of Christian theologians and the top two points represent the

affirmation of parities or contrasts that really balance and direct the universoy
life, such as: creation / destruction, positive / negative, masculine / feminine,
action / reaction, life / death, active / passive, etc.
3) In an inverted pentagram can be inserted the figure of the head of the goat:
The top two tips are the horns, the side ends are the ears and the lower edge is
the beard.
The goat, and horned animals have generally been since prehistory a symbol of
fertility, sexuality and life. Christians were the ones who began to identify with
evil horned animal, which is nothing but a false and self-image of a religion which
rejects life and pleasure, and instead glorifies death and suffering.
To summarize, we can say that the Baphomet is a symbol of evil, but rather an
atheist symbol (materialistic). but for "normal" religions, of course, simply being
an atheist is now the worst of evils.
Ashmeday-written by Ben-Shakhar 4-12-1997e.c. (XXXII A.S.) Baphomet (also Bafomet, Bafumet, Baphomet or Baffometo) course idol or deity
whose worship is attributed to the Knights of the Order of the Temple. His name
first appeared when the Templars were tried for heresy. During many of the
knights of the order they were tortured and confessed numerous heretical acts.
Including idol worship of this name was included.
The object
It is believed that this alleged muse was a bearded head and small horns. This
would explain why the Templars were accused of heresy after taking contact in
the Holy Land, with the Saracens and beliefs.
It has been suggested that the name might be a local variant of the name
Muhammad. The Templars accused of heresy lived in Occitania, whose local

language was Occitan. In terms Mahomet neighboring languages (French) and

Mafumet (Catalan) were used. This hypothesis is based on that the minutes
against the Templars further explanations are given, pointing to a term that was
commonly used.
Other riskier sources point out that this head (no longer a mere representation,
but a human head embalmed) was none other than John the Baptist. He has not
missed argue that the bearded head in question correspond to Jesus Christ. The
latter would contradict the belief in the Resurrection.
Origin of the word
Usually also it relates the name Baphomet with the merger of two Greek terms
whose approximate meaning is the baptism of wisdom. Baphomet was in charge
in the purgatory of the seven hells and the various demons of the seven deadly
sins. In 1589, Peter Binsfeld each cardinal sin associated with a demon, who
tempted people by means associated with sin. According to "The classification of
demons Binsfeld" is as follows:
Moreover, from 1854, with the advent of Dogma and Ritual of High Magic, by the
famous French occultist Eliphas Levi, the figure of Baphomet has been largely

misrepresented. Since then, their relationship with the goat of covens, as well as
other lesser demons Satan was inevitable.
The sect of Bushen Yale, the Skull & Bones has as its patron Baphomet. The
Church of Satan has to Bafomet with the staff (or inverted five-pointed star) as its
main symbol.
We come here to this terrible number fifteen, which, in the collarbone Tarot
presents by
symbol a monster, standing on an altar, carrying a mura and horn, with women
and within
sexual parts of a man; a chimera, a deformed sphinx; a synthesis of
and below this figure we read in completely frank registration, El Diablo. The
If we address here the ghost of all terrors, the dragon of all theologies, the
Ahriman of the Persians, the Egyptians Typhon, Python of the Greeks, the
ancient serpent
Hebrew, the viper, the hag, the figurehead, the great beast of the Middle Ages,
even worse than all

this: the Baphomet of the Templars, the bearded idol of the alchemists, the
obscene God
Mendes, the goat of the Sabbat.
We publish at the beginning of this Ritual the exact figure of this terrible
night, with all its attributes and all its characters.
Say now to build up the masses, to the satisfaction of Mr. Conde de Mirville, for
Bodin justification for the greater glory of the church, which persecuted the
Templars, burned the
Magicians, excommunicated the Freemasons, etc., etc .; say bold and highly
repeat that all
initiates in occult (I speak of the higher initiates and great repositories of arcane)
have worshiped, love still and always will love, to what is represented by this
If in our deep conviction, the real masters of the Order of the Templars
Baphomet and made him worship their initiates, if they existed and may still
exist, assemblies
chaired by this figure, seated on a throne, with his flaming torch between the
only the worshipers of this sign do not think like us, that's the representation
Devil, but rather the god Pan, the god of our modern schools of philosophy, the

Theurgists of the school of Alexandria and neoplatonianos mystics of our day,

Espinosa God and Plato, the god of primitive Gnostic schools, the god of
Lamartine and
Victor Cousin, Christ himself dissident priesthood, and the latter score, applied to
goat of black magic will not astonish those who study religious antiques
that have followed in its various transformations phases of symbolism and
dogma, whether in the
India, whether in Egypt, whether in Judea.
The bull, the dog and the goat are the three symbolic animals of Hermetic magic,
in the
which summarizes all the traditions of Egypt and India. The bull represents the
earth or salt
philosophers; the dog is Hermanubis, mercury of the wise, fluid, air and water; he
goat represents fire and is at the same time, the symbol of generation.
In Judea two goats were consecrated, pure each other impure. Pure, he was
expiation of sins; the other, carried by imprecations of those same sins, was
free shipping in the desert. Strangely, but a deep symbolism! Reconciliation
self-denial and atonement for freedom! As well; all priests who have dealt
Jewish symbolism, have recognized the slain goat figure who has
taken, they say, the very form of sin. Then the Gnostics were not out of the
symbolic traditions, when Christ gave the liberator mystical figure of the goat.

All Kabbalah and all the magic, are divided, in effect, between the cult of the
slaughtered goat and
the scapegoat. So there is the magic of the desert sanctuary, the white church and
Black Church, the priesthood of public meetings and the Sanhedrin Saturday.
The goat that is represented in the frontispiece of this work and here reproduce,
on the forehead the sign of the pentagram, with the top up, which is enough to
consider him
as a symbol of light; with both hands he makes the sign of the occult and displays
high the white moon
Chesed and under the black moon Geburah. This sign expresses the perfect
mercy with justice. One arm is female and the other male, as in the
Khunrath androgynous attributes that have had to meet with our goat, because
which is a single symbol. The torch of intelligence shining between his horns is
the light
magical universal equilibrium; is also the figure of the soul elevated above matter,
although having the same material as the torch is the flame. The ugly head of
Animal shows the horror of sin, whose material agent, solely responsible, is the
one to take
it forever; because the soul is impassible in nature, and fails to suffer more than
when it materializes.

The caduceus with generator instead of organ, represents eternal life;

belly, covered with scales, is water; the circle, which is above, is the atmosphere;
who come from away, are the emblem of the volatile; then humanity is
represented by
both breasts and arms that androgynous sphinx of the occult.
Here dispelled the darkness of infernal sanctuary; behold Sphinx the terrors of
media, and precipitated guessed his throne; Quomodo cecidisti, Lucifer? The
terrible Baphomet is not
and, like all monstrous idols, enigma of ancient science and dreams, but a
innocent and even pious hieroglyph. How could the man worship the beast, when
exerted on
her sovereign empire? Say in honor of mankind has ever adored dogs and
goats than lambs and pigeons. The point to hieroglyphics, why not
goat just like a lamb? In the sacred stones of Gnostic Christians
Basilio sect, are representations of Christ under the various figures of animals
Cabala; as soon as a bull, like a lion; as soon as a lion-headed snake as another
bull-headed snake; everywhere leads, while the attributes of light such as
our goat, the sign of the pentagram that forbids taking one of the fabulous figures
Here dispelled the darkness of infernal sanctuary; behold Sphinx the terrors of

media, and precipitated guessed his throne; Quomodo cecidisti, Lucifer? The
terrible Baphomet is not
and, like all monstrous idols, enigma of ancient science and dreams, but a
innocent and even pious hieroglyph. How could the man worship the beast, when
exerted on
her sovereign empire? Say in honor of mankind has ever adored dogs and
goats than lambs and pigeons. The point to hieroglyphics, why not
goat just like a lamb? In the sacred stones of Gnostic Christians
Basilio sect, are representations of Christ under the various figures of animals
Cabala; as soon as a bull, like a lion; as soon as a lion-headed snake as another
bull-headed snake; everywhere leads, while the attributes of light such as
our goat, the sign of the pentagram that forbids taking one of the fabulous figures
Shout from the rooftops, fighting the remnants of Manichaeism, still they warn
our Christians, Satan ,, as -higher personality and as power does not exist. Satan
is the
personification of all the mistakes, of all evil and therefore also of
all the weaknesses. If you can define God, saying "that which exists", can not be
his opponent and enemy as "one who necessarily does not exist?"
The absolute affirmation of good implies the absolute denial of evil; and in the
same light shade

It is bright. So, too, like the lost spirits are good so they have to be and
for real. No shadows without reflections or moonless nights without starless
phosphorescence. If he
Hell is justice, it's a good. No one has ever blasphemed God. Insults and teasing
that address their distorted images will not reach him.
Manichaeism just named, and it is for this monstrous heresy as we can explain
aberrations of black magic. The dogma of Zoroaster, misunderstood the law of
two forces that make up the universal balance, have made some illogical to
imagine spirits
a negative, subordinate but hostile to the active divinity divinity. Thus it is
formed the
impure binary. It has been madness to divide God; Star of Solomon was
separated into two
triangles, and the Manichaean imagined a trinity of night. That wicked God, born
in the
sectarian imagination, became the inspiration for all the craziness and all
crimes. Bloody sacrifices were offered; the monstrous idolatry replaced the true
religion; Black Magic was high and bright slander magic of true followers, and
in caves and deserts horrible conventicles of witches and vampires, because the
dementia soon changes into a frenzy, and human sacrifices to antrofagia, nothing

a step.
The mysteries of the Sabbath have been variously referred; but always given in
grimoires and
processes magic. They can be divided all the revelations that have been made in
this regard
in three series:
1. those relating to a fantastic and imaginary Sabbath;
2. which betray the secrets of the hidden assemblies of true followers;
3 disclosures mad and criminal assemblies, having finally magic practices
For a large number of miserable and unhappy, delivered to these crazy and
practices, the Sabbath was simply a nightmare wide laque dreams appeared
they themselves procured through concoctions, narcotic frictions and
fumigations. Holder,
whom we have already mentioned as a mystifying, given in its natural magic, the
purported recipe
ointment of witches, by which were made to transport the Sabbath. It consists of
butter boy, aconite boiled with poplar leaves and some other drugs; after you
all that is mixed with chimney soot, what to do unattractive nudity of
attending the witches coven rubbed with the ointment. Here is another more
serious prescription offered

Porta and also by the Latin transcribed to let its full flavor Grimoire:
Recipe: suim, acorun vulgare, pentaphyllon vespertillionis sanguinem, Solanum
somniferum et
oleum; all boiled together and incorporated to the consistency of an ointment.
We think opioid compositions, spinal green quill, the siramonium datura, the
laurel, almond and other opiates, enter with no less success in such compositions.
certain blood butter wave nocturnal birds, along with those narcotics and
black magic, can attack wing imagination and determine the direction of dreams.
It is in the
Sabbaths dreamed in this way, which should be attributed goats stories coming
a pitcher and go after the ceremony, hellish dust collected behind it
goat, called master Leonardo, feasts in which aborted fetuses are eaten boiled
salt, snakes and toads, of danzasen those contained monstrous animals, or men
and women
of impossible shapes, wild orgies, where the incubus spread a cold sperm.
Only the nightmare can produce such things and only she can explain. The
unfortunate priest
Gaufridy and perverse Cupcake Palud penitent, went crazy for such dreams
and they pledged to hold them up in the fire. Must be read in the process

statements of those poor sick people to realize how aberrations may conduct a
sick imagination. But the Sabbath, has not always been a dream and has actually
existed; yet
there are secret and nocturnal assemblies, where they practice or have practiced
ancient world; these assemblies, some have a religious character and social order,
not being
other than conspiracies or orgies. It is from this double point of view, as we shall
consider and describe the true Sabbath, whether light magic is the magic of the
When Christianity outlawed the public exercise of the ancient cults, supporters of
other religions were reduced to meet in secret to hold its mysteries. Are you
meetings were chaired by insiders, who established among the various nuances of
cults persecuted, an orthodoxy that the magic really helped them to establish,
with all the more
As the ban easily gathered wills and tightened the bonds of fellowship
among men. So the mysteries of Isis, of Ceres, Eleusis, of Bacchus, met those of
good goddess and the primitive Druidism. The meetings are usually verified
days of Mercury and Jupiter, or between Venus and Saturn; They are dealing in
them rites

initiation, mysterious signs were changed, symbolic hymns were sung, and joined
banquets, forming the magic chain on the table and the dancing; then
separated, but not before having renewed their oaths before the leaders and
receiving them
The recipient of the Sabbath should be brought to the assembly, or rather led
with eyes
covered by the magic cloak, in which he was wrapped completely; it was wrong on
bonfires and became frightening noises around him. When it was discovered he
was face
surrounded by hellish monsters, and in the presence of a colossal goat, who is
He forced to worship. All these ceremonies were proof of his strength of character
and confidence
that inspired its initiators. The last test especially was decisive, because
had first recipient spirit, something that had some humble and ridiculous;
it was respectfully kissing the back of the goat and the order is communicated
contemplation or concerning the neophyte. If refused, he covered his head and
carried him away from
Assembly with such speed that could more believe he was carried away by a
cloud; Yup
accepted, he spun around the symbolic idol and there was not a repulsive object

obscene, but the young and funny face of a priestess of Isis or poor, giving her a
maternal, after being admitted to the banquet.
As for the orgies that in many meetings of this kind, followed the banquet, it is
not necessary
believe they have been generally accepted in these secret feasts, but is known to
Gnostic sects practiced them in their conventicles, from the first centuries of
The meat has had its protestants in centuries of asceticism and compression of
the senses,
You are astonished; but do not blame the high magic of disorders that never
authorized. Isis, is
caste in her widowhood; Pantea Diana, a virgin; Hermanubis, taking both sexes
can not
meet none; Hermetic Hermaphrodite, is chaste. Apollonius of Tyana never
wings seductions of pleasure; Emperor Julian was a severe chastity; Plotinus of
it was strict in his habits as an ascetic. Paracelsus, was so foreign to the follies of
it was believed that belonged to a sixth doubtful; Raymond Lull was not initiated
in the last secrets
science, rather than as a desperate love made him chaste forever.

It is also a tradition of high magic, that the Pentacles and talismans lose all its
when that takes penetrate in a brothel, or commits adultery. The Sabbath not
It must therefore be regarded as the true followers.
As for the name of Shabbat, we have tried to give the Sabasius down; some have
imagined other etymologies. The easiest, in our opinion, is what makes the
Sabbat1 word, the Jewish Sabbath; Since it is true that the Jews, the faithful
Secrets of Kabbalah, have almost always been in magic hottest teachers in the age
The Sabbath was therefore Kabbalists Sunday, the day of their religious festival,
or rather night
regular assembly. This festival, surrounded by mysteries, was to safeguard the
horror of it
people, and escaped persecution by terror.
Regarding the diabolical Sabbath of necromancers, it was a fake magicians, and
assembly of evildoers, who exploited idiots and fools. Rites were practiced in it
horrible and abominable mixtures were made. Sorcerers and witches, it did its
informing each other to support each other's reputation and prophecy

divination, because the soothsayers were consulted and then generally exercised
a profession
lucrative and powerful. These assemblies of witches could not have and did not
have regular rites;
everything depended on the whim of the bosses and the vertigo of the assembly.
(1. Among the Jews, the Sabbath is the day of rest, and on this day they
performed assemblies were called day.)
What had those who were unable to attend them, they served all kinds of
dreamers, and is a mix of impossible realities and demonic dreams, descendants
Shabbat extravagant stories contained in procedures and magic books
Spranger, Delancre, Delrio and Bodin.
The rites of the Gnostic Sabbath were forwarded to Germany to an association
which took the name of
Mopses; replaced the goat in the kabbalistic airtight dog, and when he reception
candidate or candidate (because the order admits ladies) you will be driving the
assembly with eyes
blindfolded; It is around him or her an infernal noise, which has given the name
of Sabbath
all unexplained rumors; he asks if he is afraid of the devil, and then proposes
sharply choice between kissing the back of the great master of Mpse or kiss, a

dog figure covered with silk and replaced the idol of the goat of Mendes. The
Mopses have as sign of recognition a ridiculous grin, recalling the
phantasmagoria of
former Sabbath and the masks of the audience.
Otherwise, his doctrine is summed up in the cult of love and freedom. This
partnership began
when the Roman Church persecuted the Freemasons. Masons affected not
recruited more than
and they had replaced Catholicism receiving the oath by a solemn promise by the
not to reveal the secrets of the association. It was more than an oath and religion
had nothing
what to say.
The Baphomet of the Templars, is a name that should be read cabalistically,
and it is composed of three abbreviations: TEM OHP AB, omnium Templi
hominum pacis Abbas,
father of the temple, universal peace among men; Baphomet was, according to
some, a head
monstrous; according to others, a demon in the form of a goat. He was recently
unearthed a
carved chest from the ruins of an ancient temple, and antique dealers observed in
a figure
baphomtica, as according to attributes, in our goat of Mendes and wing

Khunrath androgynous. This figure is bearded, with entire female body; has in
one hand
Sun and Moon in another, tied to chains. It is a beautiful allegory that manly
attribute head
just thought the first initiator and creator.
Head here, it represents the spirit and the body of a woman, matter. Chained to
the stars
human form and directed by that nature, in which intelligence is the head offer
a beautiful allegory. The sign as a whole has not ceased to be considered obscene
and diabolical
by scientists that examined. No wonder then after that, see evidenced in our
days all the superstitions of the Middle Ages. One thing surprised me, and that is,
believing in the
yen devil his acolytes, not light bonfires. M. Venillot wanted, and we must honor
men who have the courage of their opinions.