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My Dearest Jocasta,

I see that we are on rocks at this point of time; the towns suffering from plague, the sons
and daughters of Cadmus agonizing, and yes, I thought of banishing or killing your brother Creon
for I believe that he ordered the old blind prophet to accuse me as the murderer of Laius.
I do not accept the words of Teiresias as true but I had considered all the chances and
possibilities. What if I was really the murderer? What if the divinations about me were real? Would I
lose you and our children? My love, I am not certain of what to act, what to think or what to speak.
My mind is clouded with sorrow, doubt and fear.
Darling, I am deeply unhappy to see you bothered because of my troubles as king. I have a
big responsibility to my land and of course, to you, too. I am this citys source of strength but you
are my source of strength, Jocasta. This is not the kind of life I dreamed for you and me and for the
great city of Thebes.
Despite the quandaries we are in, I still find a morsel of bliss, and this bliss is by your side.
Whenever I close my eyes, all I see is you. Your company makes me feel better. Your smile
brightens up my day, may it be delightful or unpleasant, so please stand by me and never leave.
Meeting you was not just a mere incidence but it was fate and I am forever grateful to all
the gods and goddesses, for that day, I found the person whom Ill adore endlessly. Words are not
ever adequate to let you know how much you mean to me, my wife, but at least Ill try. I love you.
Have faith in me that our hardships will end very soon.


My Beloved Oedipus,
I have knowledge of what you are going through at the
present and I see that as a king, it troubles you, indeed. But
please do not banish my brother Creon nor kill him, he is
innocent of what charge you bring against him, I beg you.

Worry not, my husband, for I understand our difficult

situation. I know that you always dreamed the best for
everyone. You are an excellent king, Oedipus, so do not be
bothered by the rumours and speculations you hear.
Remember the day when you saved Thebes form the
wicked sphinx, you were honoured by the people and I believe
that would happen again after this problem was solved. That
was also the day the gods and goddesses had made for us to
meet and cherish the rest of our lives with each other.
I am willing to give you whatever help you need to ease
the anxieties, burdens and qualms you have.
Whenever you are feeling down or like the world turned its
back on you, do not forget that Im always yours, by your side,
deeply, earnestly and undeniably in love with you.


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