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Listening Activity:

Alexander Betts: Why Brexit happened -- And what to

do next
You will listen to this TedTalk only once because it is subtitled. In groups
of three or four take notes on the talk and answer the following
1. Why do you think that the audience laughs when Betts says hes
2. What does the term continuity refer to?
3. Can you name the three reasons for Betts to be shocked?
4. What is a referendum?
5. What helps determine the concept of meltdown?
6. What is the second reason the audience laughs?
7. What is the ambivalence Betts mentions?
8. What moves the audience to applaud?
9. How does the map help you understand Bettss point?
How does Betts describe himself as a person?
How does globalization come into the picture Betts
What is replicated around the world?
What are the benefits and the effects of globalization?
Can you re-paraphrase Kofi Annans words?
What would be the opposite of an elite agenda?
How can Bettss field of specialization help understand the
What is a post-factual society?
What is Bettss point in showing the graphs?
What would a civic education involve?
What was the Leave vote based on?
What is the comparison Betts makes between Britain and
developing countries?
What is the shared project Betts supports?
Post-listening Activity: Debate
What did you like / did you not like about Alexander Bettss talk?
Rate you own understanding of the talk from 1-10. If it is over 7, what
helped you understand it? If it is below 7, what prevented you from
understanding it?
What did you agree / disagree with the content of the talk?

How much of Bettss talk could be applied to the Chilean reality? Give
specific examples taken from the Chilean society.
1. With the help of your own notes and those of the members of your
group, write down a summary of Bettss talk. The summary will be
read by a general audience so that you will have to take special
care of specific concepts.
2. Search the internet to find out more about Brexit and the potential
economic impact on Chiles economy.
3. The class will be divided into two groups; one group will read the
pro points; the other, the con points in State Remedy for
Unemployment. Each individual member of the two groups must
look up specific concepts and then make a paraphrased summary
of either the pro or the con points. The summary will be shared in
4. Find out about unemployment in Chile. Share your findings with
the class.
5. Read Unemployment Benefits and Other Help for the Unemployed.
Be prepared to give a mini-talk on its contents.
At-home Internet Exercises
Find out websites on grammatical inversion and parallelism with
exercises. Your knowledge of these constructions should be applied
to the articles State Remedy and Unemployment Benefits so that
some of the ideas in them will appear in different form without
changing the meaning.