Dear Person I am Writing To

This is an optional sentence introducing who I am and work for, included if the addressee has
never corresponded with me before. The second optional sentence reminds the person where
we met, if relevant. This sentence states the purpose of the email.
This optional paragraph describes in more detail what’s needed. This sentence discusses
relevant information like how soon an answer is needed, what kind of an answer is needed,
and any information that the other person might find useful. If there’s a lot of information, it’s a
good idea to separate this paragraph into two or three paragraphs to avoid having a Wall of
If a description paragraph was used, close with a restatement of the initial request, in case the
addressee ignored the opening paragraph.
This sentence is just a platitude (usually thanking them for their time) because people think I’m
standoffish, unreasonably demanding, or cold if it’s not included.
Closing salutation,