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Victory vs.

As your faith and your ability to rise above grows, you will learn to smile and be joyful in spite of all the oppression
around you, for you will carry My victory in your heart. (I:23)
Let My Spirit be your magic Carpet, rub the oil lamp of My Word and ask Me to perform any wonders and miracles for you
that are needed to obtain the victory! (I:40)
I’m not pleased when you go and look around for something you need without My counsel. That’s why I’ve had to allow
seeming defeat... But out of it came the greater victory of this lesson. (I:76)
Whatever the circumstances are, I want you to look past and beyond them, through them, at the hidden blessing, the
greater victory which will come about through seeming defeat; at the lessons and wisdom gained by means of an
apparent loss, at the greater purpose of God, at the greater good which will always come forth out of supposed evil for
those who love Me, at the beauty which will come out of the ashes of the old. (I:84)
Fearlessly stand before Me as a valiant warrior for My Cause, determined to do anything, for what is there to lose? There
are only greater victories to gain.
Only fear the results of what might happen if you don’t obey Me: the loss of souls and victories won, the tears, the hurt
and the shame. (I:87)
Remember to give Me the glory whenever you’ve gained a victory, whenever you’ve made it through a day with flying
colors, and remember that the next test may be just around the corner. This victory may already be your next test: to see
whether you’re going to give Me the glory for it.
Wanna win lasting victories and make continuous uphill progress without the 2-steps forward, one-step-back grind?
Simply remember Me and give Me the glory by acknowledging Me, thanking and praising Me and asking Me to keep you
from falling, even when you think you’re safe. That’s the secret. (I:90)
Let there be no remorse over past failures! The lessons and victories gained out of seeming defeat, far outweigh the loss
there might have been. (I:97)
You need to get ahold of My Spirit and the victory, whether you feel like it or not! If you don’t feel it, just get desperate and
break through to My side until you’re there. Some things you have to fight for.
Break the vicious cycle of not feeling like you can get ahold of Me and thus not really being in the victory.
Break it by punching through in the Spirit, regardless of whatever feelings; grab hold of Me, and I will pour down My
divine inspiration and anointing on you. (I:115)
It’s expedient, absolutely necessary, that you win the victory over your spiritual enemy first, before you can seriously
consider making any real spiritual progress. And without spiritual progress, there won’t be much progress in the physical
realm. You can see the victory or defeat on your faces. A victorious face will always go further in spreading My victory
and furthering My cause than one that is ridden by trial, self-doubt and defeat...
You’ll have to fight your way through to victory.
After all, nobody will believe that you’re able to help them out of their hole if they can see you stuck in one yourself. So,
get the victory first thing before you do anything else. (I:127)
You can’t go by your feelings as to what defines victory and defeat. True victory is defined by faith, unshakable faith that
won’t be shaken by anything anyone says. (I:176)
Whenever one of you has made the right choices toward victory and deliverance, a lot of work in the spirit was necessary
in order to bring that victory about. (I:208)
You’re more than conquerors by being willing to appear like the losers. (I:211)
So many great victories could be won, if people would only learn to wield that weapon of praise. (I:278)
You may not be as attractive or have as much winner potential as others, but it all depends on your heart, and how much
you allow Me to set you on fire, how much you want that victory. (I:292)
Take up your shield of faith, which acts like a gas mask against the poisonous gases of deceit, standing on My promises
that you are victorious as long as you fight! (I:326)
It is a matter, whether you’re going to determine to do all you can to get the victory or not! (I:329)
The Enemy will always come back in greater force than before, when he has been defeated in an area. He doesn’t give up
so easily. But as long as you choose to fight him back, you’re victorious. The only way he can win is if he can get you to
quit and give up... (I:345)

There’s still lots to be told, a lot of history to make and a lot of victories to be won. (I:360)
You’re soon going to praise your way right out of the pit into which the devil is trying to cast you, for I will give you
victories to praise Me for! (I:409)
See the victory in the midst of battle, the light in the midst of darkness, the joy, the reward and the glory of triumph in the
midst of pain, suffering and fighting all around you!
Even though you're often closer to defeat than victory, at least you're fighting and gaining more experience. (I:428)
Where I see great pain, a greater fight, I also see a greater victory, greater love, and consequently, a greater reward. (I:441)
I like to fulfill the desire of your heart, but it also becomes a test for you and Me to see whether you will still stay
victorious even if I take the desire of your heart away from you again, either temporarily or permanently. (I:443)
No crown without a cross, no victory without a battle, no triumph without a trial...
The victory is all that matters! That total closeness to Me I have promised to My overcomers! That secret access to My
very heart. (I:482)
Keep focused on the goal and the possibilities and the greater potential, the greater love, greater joy and greater victories
that lie out there, waiting for you to avail yourself of them! (I:511)
The best thing you can do when someone is being attacked is to stop everything and pray until they've got the victory!

The victory is available for those who avail themselves of it.
Praise… the neglected path that could and would bring the victory to so many! (I:516)
Treat victory and battle - even seeming defeat - just the same, knowing that for you, just to be fighting spells victory.
Persistence equals victory! (I:537)
Stay clear of compromises, and fight more whole-heartedly, if you really want a victory. (I:546)
The power to obtain the victory and overcome all obstacles is in your hands, but it depends on your application, and your
determination to wield that power, that will actually do it and give you the victory. (I:558)
Don't be afraid! Walk on by faith, and in full conviction toward victory! (I:569)
You've got to fight for the victory in the spirit!
Seek that victory, and seize it! (I:580)
Every little progress you make, every step you take that brings you closer to Me, is a bit of new ground gained for the
Kingdom, and another victory over the enemy! Don't let him make you feel like a loser, when you're actually winning.

History or destiny is constantly being re-written and re-planned and re-shaped by its participants and their decisions. It
all depends on each of you. Each one has to fulfill their part. If any party allows the enemy to foil the plan, the final victory
is going to have to be brought about by some other means, or even by other players...
Your place as one of My winners is not guaranteed. Each one's place among the winners and final victors is only
determined by their own constant determination, conviction and decision to keep on for Me and Me alone, no matter what,
and if whatever your brother does causes you to stumble or give up, that brother may be held responsible for his
mistakes, but you will be held responsible for your own decision to focus on his faults instead of Me, and whatever your
looking at the waves will result in. If you want victory, you've got to keep looking at Me. Everything else will only spell
defeat... (II:10)
This is a time of contemplation, of clearing out old cobwebs, of getting the victory over former bad habits, and a time of
preparing for something new and strengthening the things that remain. (II:23)
On the subject of depression, the person under attack has to start out by making a decision to do something positive
about the state they're in. First of all, they need to realize that they're under the attack of the enemy, and that they're
responsible themselves to do something to fight him, they can't pin that responsibility on anyone else or make anyone
else responsible for it. It's their battle, and they're responsible to get the victory.
Ask Me to show you exactly the kind of Word you need to pull you out of that vortex, and ask Me to give you My own,
personal counsel for you, and just don't stop until you've got the victory! (II:29)
Sometimes the victory lies in recognizing that you've been given the victory already. (II:30)

Be sober and vigilant, mindful of the roaring lion that goeth about, seeking whom he may devour, but also fully in
knowledge of the fact that I have given you the victory over him, and I won't let you be his next meal! (II:41)
The coward only attacks you when you're weak, and "weak" means, when you're self-confident (strong in yourself and
relying on your own wisdom instead of Me), when you take the victory for granted and you don't stay on guard. (II:69)
You've got to keep fighting, if you want to keep winning. (II:123)
You become an overcomer by enduring victoriously. (II:128)
Witnessing is My ultimate plan for you, what I desire for you, and in this you will definitely find many victories and
solutions! (II:135)
What looks like defeat to those who look with carnal eyes, is in reality a beautiful victory and eternal testimony. "Precious
in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints" (Ps.116:15). (II:138)
Some of My greatest victories come out of seeming defeat. (II:150)
"God's way up is down." Few people want to go My way, precisely for that reason: it takes them downhill. Down to the
defeat of the flesh, the revelation of its uselessness, and up to the victory of the spirit and the revelation of its superiority
and supremacy! (II:178)
I wait for you to come to Me, in order to help you to get the victory, so that you will know it's not you who wins them, but
that only I can win them through you! Next time you're battling, remember that I'm only waiting for you to come to Me to
give you the victory! That's what will show that you've really learned how to fight properly! I'm your greatest weapon, your
shield and your exceeding great reward! I will be your Victory! (II:191)
The only way victories over evil spirits are won are through humbly using the spiritual weapons of prayer, praise and
claiming My promises; in other words, by hoping and trusting in Me to do the real fighting for you!
The victory is not won by restlessly wandering off toward distant, solitary horizons and daydreams, but by faithfully
observing the humble tasks I ask you to do! - And sticking to them consistently. (II:192)
No victory without a battle, no crown without a cross, no rose without a thorn... (II:214)
I cannot give you the victory without you having done your part of fighting. (II:232)
Sometimes I bring about victories, a new direction or clarity, by telling you to go the wrong direction, just so you'll find
out pretty quick where it's not at.
Deception is really one of the devil's big trips, and to be able to recognize his illusions is half the victory. (II:239)
The victory is by faith. (II:289)
Victory is to be able to grab hold of My peace and heavenly Big Picture of My organized structure of everything in spite of
the temporary chaos the devil tries to create. (II:296)
Stay tuned for checks, instructions or leadings to help you with decisions you might have to make at the spur of a
moment, which will determine either loss or victory. (II:304)
After every battle the victory is going to be greater. (II:321)
The greater the problem, the greater the victory, and the more it's going to strengthen your faith in the end. (II:341)
You can stand on My victory! By being a partaker of My life, My flesh, My body, My blood, you can also be a partaker of
My victory - the victory over all sin - that I gained for you and all mankind - all of those who will avail themselves of that
offer, that gift. (II:359)
You've got to focus on the good in order to maintain the victory and not succumb to the overwhelming power and sheer
amount of evil displayed in the world.
You can constantly look out for opportunities of how I can turn something along your path into a victory, an advance or
advantage for My Kingdom. You've got to seize those opportunities, seize the day, and not just let it pass you by.
Always maintain a grateful attitude! Praise is the victory!
Even if you don't feel victorious, you can still be a victor, more than a conqueror, even though you don't feel like a
conqueror at all.

Take a cheerful, positive and victorious approach to whatever challenge you find before you!
Only with a victorious attitude will you also emerge from any given situation, challenge or fight as victor.
The blackest night of My life, My crucifixion, My darkest moment ever, was also My greatest, most glorious victory!
Choose not to give up, not to surrender, that's your choice and your determination, and that's what's going to give you
the victory, ultimately.
Always remember that I have My good reasons why I'm allowing this to happen. It's going to help you to stay happy when
the Devil tempts you to get unhappy, to stay thankful when the Enemy will try to get you to murmur, to stay in the victory
when he'll try to defeat you!
That which you think is going to be to your disadvantage, that which you would call a demerit or a minus point, those are
actually often the plus points for Me. It’s a lot like the different views of My crucifixion: the world views it as a loss, but
Here We know it was the total Victory.
The ultimate Victory over the greatest Enemy ever fought, was brought about by a seeming defeat. Never forget that,
when you go down an unpleasant road, which may seem like a defeat to you.
I’ll be back for you, just like I promised. Faith is the ability to enjoy that knowledge and act assured of My Promises, to be
so sure of the victory that you can almost act as if I had already come and delivered you.
You can avail yourself of the help and wisdom of those from beyond time, and their wisdom and insight, their battle
experience, in order to fulfill your destiny and do your part to contribute to the victory and triumph of good over evil.
You can always keep fighting for the victory, even if all you do is pray! You've got to fight for the victory in prayer!
The greatest victors are those who refuse to believe the circumstances that indicate or announce defeat! They keep
fighting anyway, they keep believing anyway, that they're going to win. That's the kind of attitude that refuses to give in
even to the most un-promising circumstances.
True victors don't go by what "it seems like." They know that those appearances can be deceiving. They don't fall for
"false evidence appearing real." Instead, they cling to My Word, that all things are possible to him that believeth.
"Victory is life," so, walk in the victory. Walk in the life of a victor, one who is born and destined to win, simply because he
has chosen to fight on the right side of the ones who are willing to seemingly appear to be the losers... the losers that
turn winners.
To totally trust Me means gaining the victory over the fears and lies the Enemy will plant in the heart and mind.
The only weapons that will help you gain the victory come from My hand and My Spirit. Therefore seek Me and cling to Me
desperately, as if your life depended on it, for it does.
Every victory costs a battle.
I have enabled you to gain the victory. All you need is to want that victory and fight for it! (III:179)
Even if you should shipwreck and your ships come home with broken sails, it's so much more of a victory than any of
those defeatists' lives of spiritual "venture nothing, gain nothing," where everyone just stays safely on the shore.
My light will always pierce and punch through and bring victory in the end.
Your greatest victories will always come out of seeming defeats.
The way I've fought all My battles throughout history has always been that same pattern: a seemingly pitiful, bedraggled
little band against a much larger enemy, greatly outnumbering My troops, just to make really sure that the victory was
going to go on My account, "lest Israel say, 'Mine own arm hath saved me.'"
I'm even allowing it to look hopeless for a while, in order to make sure that you're not putting your hopes or confidence in
your own strength... to make sure that if you're going to come away victorious, then it's going to be a total and obvious
miracle, and you won't be patting yourself on the back, but will give all the glory to Me. (III:210)
"Keep your eyes upon the goal and the victory in your soul!" It's more than a mindset! It's more than a feeling! It's more
than a conviction! It's "the victory that overcometh the world, even your faith!" (1.Jn.5:4)
My warriors fight with meekness, because they know the victory is not theirs, but Mine. I give the victory. There are those
who confide in their own pride, their own abilities, their own arm, but all these things are vanity, compared to what I
consider important, which is unity, love and humility.
The only chance of victory is to keep on fighting. You cannot let the circumstances dissuade you or get you to quit.

Sins and weaknesses are for overcoming and fighting and winning the victory over them.
In the Spirit the victory is already won. It is already done, and nothing the Devil could ever do can change that... There's
no way around it: the victory will be won and has already been won by Me.
The victory is yours already. You cannot lose it. No matter what the Devil does, he cannot cheat you out of the victory. It's
yours inevitably, no matter what he does. (III:347)
You realize you're not really as strong and courageous as you should be. But I will give you the victory anyway. You will
be victorious because of your trust in Me, not because of any strength you acquired by your own efforts or works.
You may consider yourself a loser, and may even consider those at your side losers, or not willing to fight for you or with
you, or worse, fighting against you instead, but you're forgetting that I'm not a loser, and since I'm fighting for you,
upholding you and assuring your victory, things could never possibly turn out as bad as you've pictured them in your
The clue is to keep fighting in spite of your weaknesses. Like this you'll know, there'll be no doubt about it, that if the
victory will be won, it will have been My working, and there will be no temptation to take the credit for yourself.
It's from the Spirit World that your help and victory comes.
Lift your eyes upwards, for that's where your help will come from, from Above.
I’m teaching you the skills of obtaining the victory, strengthening you through that process, not just handing you the
victory on a silver platter and allowing you to remain weak. Only fighting is what’s going to make you strong enough to
obtain the victory – not entirely by yourself, but with My help, but nonetheless through the part that you can do. (III:384)
Sometimes it takes the little things that make all the difference that will tip the balance in your favor and will determine
between defeat and victory.
Being the victor and master over your circumstances means you’re able to praise Me for any set or type of
circumstances, “good” or “bad.”
In spite of the vastness of the pain you see impending, I will nevertheless get a greater victory from it and My plan and
purpose will not be defeated.

III: Circumstances: 505


Hum./Pr.: 448


Seek My face about how you’re going to make it, and I’ll be right Here to answer and help you.
For Me that spells greater progress and victory than if you just knew how to save and advance yourself and get yourself
out of your own troubles or always come up with your own solutions… (2011:30)
I’m your only Hope and chance to get through it all victoriously. (2011:75)
The apostles said, “Rejoice in your sufferings.” What greater victory could there ever be than the ability to do that, what
greater degree of overcoming?
It’s easy to laugh when the sun is bright and everything goes according to your own plans and imagination, but how
much more greatness does it require to laugh in the face of the fiercest storms?
In the eyes of the world, the sufferers are the losers, but according to My book, it’s the exact opposite. (2012:2)
Your attitude will determine the outcome and whether you’ll survive. You’ve got to decide, “Am I going to overcome and
conquer this situation, or will I allow the circumstances to overwhelm and conquer me?”
Your failures are some of the greatest stepping stones to eventual greater victory, so long as you don’t let them convince
you that they should be any reason or excuse for quitting, and keep fighting instead. (2012:19)
Get up and march on victorious, because that is what you are. (2012:26)
Fun is not the all-in-all, but victory is, since its only alternative is defeat, which you’ll agree is unacceptable. (2012:27)
Sometimes the highest rewards and what you really seek comes by no other way than enduring a hard period until you
obtain the victory. (2012:28)
It’s a tough fight against a mean adversary, but no matter how many points he scores, you’ll come out victorious.

There is in effect, for you, no such thing as defeat or loss. It’ll all go to turn out to be gain for you in the long run.
Don’t you think it should be acceptable to put up with a little discomfort and a few battles in return? (2012:56)
Take on a victorious attitude. The victory is yours through Me and My victory on the cross for you, and that’s something
you must never forget. (2012:69)
So there are numerous obstacles, and some may have been quite terrible, and perhaps devastating, like seeming defeats.
– But, wait a minute! Isn’t that out of which I’m supposed to be getting some of My greatest victories, because that’s when
My Power comes to the fore and gets to really shine and do its part in your life? (2012:83)
I love to defy the numbers and odds against you, bring forth victory from situations no rational thinkers would have given
a chance… (2012:84)
Life is still a fight. The good news is, you’re much closer to the end of it than when you started out. You won’t see
everything clearly until you’ve made it, the fight is over and you’ve won that final victory. Until then it just remains, well, a
fight… through the haze and the fog… by faith! (2012:121)
Murmuring and complaining about your plight is energy-consuming, and not really conducive to any victorious results.
Your faith in Me and My Promises will strengthen and improve your attitude and stamina you will need in order to
successfully and victoriously persist. (2012:129)
No matter how much the darkness and its forces try to get at you, pester and haunt you, they can’t really do anything to
you, just because you keep choosing to fight! You’re not going to surrender, that’s all; and that’s already just about the
victory, because the darkness knows, in the end it’s bound to lose. It can’t really win. It can only try to persuade you to
quit fighting and surrender so that you won’t partake of the victory. That’s about its only comfort: It can’t obtain the
victory itself; only cheat its victims – those who fall for its bluff – out of theirs. (2013:3)
Choose to be victorious and refuse to let your enemy get the better off you, no matter what mean trick he’s going to use
to try to lick you this time! (2013:7)
It’s your choice whether you’re going to go through life wallowing in self-pity or do all you can do stay victorious. If you
choose the way of defeat, you mustn’t be surprised if you actually wind up being defeated.
Victory is something one has to fight for. (2013:42)
Trying to tackle the final stretch of your life with a more victorious approach definitely sounds like a good idea. After all,
you’re closer to the goal, the finishing line, and you’ll want to cross it as a victor. And a victor you are, simply because
you cling to Me, so you might as well act like one. (2013:47)
Cheer up, I’ve already won the final victory for you, so whether or not you happen to win every single battle isn’t that
predominantly relevant. (2013:80)
The way to get to victory is through fighting and not just letting circumstances drag you down and defeat you! (2014:18)
Get some victory out of your life and fight for that victory when you feel under a large attack momentarily…
You’ve got to put emphasis on how to get the victory; learn to stay more in the victory… instead of just being used to
letting circumstances convey them…
It’s a better quality of victory when it’s truly Me being in miraculous charge of it, sometimes in spite of all you can do in
the flesh for it. Confiding in your own flesh to bring victory may be a mistake as your experience may indicate…
Trust in My Spirit and supernatural Strength to give you lasting victory, not just the temporal ones done or fought for by
the flesh. Find out which are the truer givers of more lasting victories like this. (2014:23)
Some situations are a bit like battles of life; and I hope you’ll manage to win some victories in the end…
Remember to pray more, since you might get more spiritual victories accomplished than just seeking to communicate
with Me what you’re thinking… (2014:28)
I’m sorry you’re feeling so miserable! But maybe you should get ahold of the victory over feeling that way… Maybe you
should become more used to feeling the way that knowing Me should give you the victory and make you feel victorious!
Okay, your previous life was largely less problematic. But still… what’s so bad about dealing with issues, getting the
victories and handling whatever’s there to deal with? (2014:37)
Children and sons of God haven’t always made the effort to do the best they could. And especially with the enemy
fighting them, not all of them managed to stay victorious during that fight. Especially not when it was important to them
to be honored and respected by the world… (2014:43)
Ignoring the evil forces fighting against you is no way of successfully overcoming and gaining victory over them!
Ignoring the enemy is not the way to gain the victory! (2014:65)

Trust in Me for the victory in the spirit, and get used to the fact that victory comes through and from your contact with Me!
That’s how much faith means in your life! It’s where your victory comes from, and what I’m there for, and your faith in Me!

Sometimes you just need to pray for the victory! It might not always come just by itself. You might need to prove and
show that you believe in Me for it! (2014:145)
Don’t be too discouraged by the battle against evil, but stay in the spirit that you’ll be one of the final victors, and stay
cheerful because complete victory is eventually coming for all of you, and trust Me: it shall be worth it!
Just remember: The ultimate victory will be Mine, and, because you believe in Me, also yours, and it’ll make it worth it
all… everything you’ve gone through and will have had to suffer! (2014:149)
The best way to get your victories for a day in the time present is to tune in to Me first… (2014:152)
Don’t stop praying! It’s what’ll keep you alive and in any sort of victory… the way to get rid of defeat what’s threatening
you when you don’t. (2014:159)
I can help you to overcome the devil and beat him! That’s part of the victory you’re supposed to learn about in this life!
Learn of Me that I can help you and make you manage to make it, overcome the enemy and gain the victories through
your trials and battles!
Enjoy the victory I’m able to give and will be giving you! (2014:166)
The enemy may be making it tough for folks like you to remain a believer, and it’s a bit of a fight for keeping that faith, but
you’ve just got to stick to it and keep on moving toward the victory.
I’m sorry that it’s so rough for you, but sometimes you’ve just got to keep fighting.
So, keep fighting for the victory! (2014:169)
Even if it’s a battle and a fight, it pays to make the effort to stay in the victory, and don’t allow the enemy to get you way
down into a negative attitude, which definitely won’t have positive outcomes.
Don’t become so downcast by the influences of the world, but keep believing that We’re stronger than that, and here to
help you overcome and keep the victory over anything the world can let happen to you. (2014:197)
It’s a pretty bad sign of the state of your heart, when negative words and expressions come out of your mouth. It’s
definitely something one ought to fight to get the victory over… especially if you want to wind up with a state of victory in
your life.
Time to resist the enemy of your soul and not give him anymore access to you, your habits and behavior! Get the victory
over him, and don’t let him get it over you! (2015:10)
In order to stay victorious, one has to put up a fight, stay on the offensive and get on the attack at times against the
enemy’s attempts against you. (2015:12)
How about snapping out of murmuring, whining and complaining and step back onto the road of victory?
How about letting your life get a more victorious drift by appreciating what’s left?
If you need some help, ask Me for it, and pray for the victory! Remember, the victory has to come through a battle! And if
you don’t have it yet, ask Me for it! (2015:18)
So it’s a fight and a constant battle, staying on My side with Me, but it’s also the only way to victory against your enemy.
And even though it’s a tough, painful stretch, just keep your thoughts on the victory in store for it!
Try to stick and hang on to the victory! (2015:23)
Keep on hanging on to the victory you’ve got by faith, and let that faith in Me and My Realm become the strongest force in
Don’t let the enemy drag you down! Remember that I’m stronger and more powerful than him, so hang on to Me and My
help to win the victory against him! Amen? (2015:32)
Even though things may seem fairly sad to you, you can still pray and aim for the victories!
Remember that in the end, you’ll win and be the victor…
The victory’s coming eventually, and you ought to keep your sight of faith pointed toward that. (2015:34)
You’re supposed to fight for the victory! You’re supposed to be and stay in touch with Me to help you to get it. (2015:36)
It could always be worse, and even if it’s tough and hard for you to be thankful and grateful right now for what has
happened, take it as a challenge, and try to be as positive as possible! Try to make it through that battle as victoriously as
possible! (2015:42)

There’s some victory coming around, eventually, so don’t give up the faith in Me to bring that around, nor in My Promise
that things will be and get better, eventually…
Keep your mind on Me as much as you can, and you’ll notice the difference it’ll make and how that will be what for you
means victory! (2015:45)
There’s not much you can do in order to get the victory over evil in the world without My help. (2015:46)
You’ve got to learn how to get the victory with Our help, and, as you can tell, as soon as you receive some input from Me,
you’re starting to do better.
Remain in the spiritual state of victory and act victoriously! (2015:55)
You’ll have to make it into the spirit of victory yourself, first, in order to be able to be a blessing and help for others. So,
keep fighting and aiming for that victory! (2015:79)
I’ll be the Victor Who’ll bless you with victory! (2015:84)
Don’t be too dismayed if you can’t make it in your own current strength, but need to reach out to Me in order to get the
victory and the strength to make it through your day! (15:86)
The more overcoming, the greater victory.
Learn to handle trials and tough times, overcome them, and get the victory, instead of giving up! (15:87)
To stay in the victory requires some effort. It requires the effort of fighting, which victory or defeat are the end results of.
So, there’s quite some action that’s required to get victories… (15:89)
Just try as hard as you can to stay in the victory, and refuse to let the enemy gain the victory over you! (15:93)
Acting victoriously means, you’ll know by faith that I’ll win the ultimate victory, and by believing it, you’ll be one of the
victors, too.
I know it’s a bit of a rough task, having to remain victorious against a large, physical majority. But keep in mind that
spiritually, and thus, lastingly and eternally, the Majority is over Here, on Our side, not theirs!
Remember that the side for which you decided to fight, is way superior above the enemy’s, and you’re just bound to be a
winner in the end. His ability to weaken you exists only in that temporal world you’re in right now; and I’m reminding you
of it, so that you fight and make a greater effort for keeping the victory, and the faith that the Party Above you belong to is
way superior and mightier, and will turn out to be the winning side, even if down there it may still seem different.
You’re a winner, don’t forget that, and don’t let him make you feel like a loser! (15:104)
Folks have to put up with each other’s weaknesses, as well as their own, whereas their own are something everyone
should work on and seek to get a victory over. (15:109)
Some things have to be learned to cope and be dealing with, and handling them in a more victorious mode.
Not everything is constant fun all the time, and it’s something to learn to cope with and get the victory over. (15:118)
Certain things We’re just letting happen as a gigantic lesson for everyone to learn! Don’t let them drag you down; but stay
up and in the victory, even if it’s just not a very pleasant series of incidents! (15:121)
With what’s coming at the world, you ought to get prepared and learn to overcome it, get the victory over it through My
aid, and let that faith and trust in Me and all your help from Above grow stronger! (15:128)
Sometimes it’s your task to accept what life is handing you as positively and victoriously as possible, and not in a
whining, murmuring and complaining attitude!
Even if things don’t seem like guaranteeing very much that you’ll make it through them, if you can trust in the Father and
Me, anyway, it’ll be a victory, rather than a defeat! (2015:135)
Get into the groove and rhythm to get ahold of Me pretty much the beginning of every day, so that you’ll be able to make it
through it victoriously!
How about keeping fighting in order to get the victory?
Someday you’ll be sorrier for the way you’re failing the test of faith, than the feelings of disappointment you’re
experiencing right now, instead of holding on to your faith in a more victorious manner! (2015:140)
It may not always look physically like We’re the victors, but in the end, it will! (2015:149)
Sorry if you’re having to go through such rough times. But how to remain in, or get back into the victory in spite of them
is something you’ve just got to learn! (2015:153)

You’re on the ultimately victorious side, even if temporarily it may not seem that way, but the other way around, through
deceit and the enemy’s art of bluffing and faking stuff… (2015:155)
Keep your vision on the ultimate victory, and through faith you know that it’ll all be worth it! (2015:157)
Take it all that comes at you, as victoriously and cheerfully as you can, no matter how hard, trusting that what’s to come
afterwards will make up for it all. (2015:163)
A lot depends on your faith, and whether you’re using it and the strength from Above at your disposal, in order to get and
stay in the victory!
You can’t just walk around allowing yourself to be defeated the whole time! You’ve got to cling to the victory you’re
supposed to claim through faith, and hang on to it, no matter what rough times you’re having to make it through! (2015:166)
Can you just say “Yes!” to the victory, and do and bear with all you can in order to make it, and not let the enemy defeat
you, even if he uses nasty ways each day to drag you down as far as he can?
Fight to uphold your defense until you can sense victory! (2015:170)
Stay in a victorious spirit as much as you can, resisting the attempts from the enemy’s side to drag you down! I can keep
you Up; as long as you stay tuned in to Me. (2015:171)
Feeling less at home in that world you’re in is a victory! (2015:182)
Have a positive and victorious vision, that We’ll wind up as the winners and Victors in spite of his temporal act of reigning
down there!
Take whatever comes with a victorious attitude! (2015:183)
Why not make the effort to make the best out of things that are befalling you, and not take it like a poor-me victim,
wishing above all that he would be dead instead? Why not aim a bit more for victory, than allowing that which gets ahold
of you to be defeat?
Try to get a victory out of it for a change, instead of pretty much constant defeat!
Try to stay a bit more victoriously, please, if you can and manage to make it through those things I’d want you to learn,
Ready for some victory, instead of seemingly constant defeat? (2015:198)
Keep fighting and do all you can in order to win the fight and obtain the victory! (2015:204)
The victories over attacks and negative feelings and sensations are mainly obtained through prayer! (16:21)
One of the main purposes of life: Learning how to handle troublesome times with My help… Not giving up or surrendering
to the enemy’s attacks, but keeping up fighting for the victory…
Sometimes you’ve got to get the victory over negative emotions and feelings!
Keep fighting for the victory, and learn to make that effort to stay in the victory with a victorious, positive attitude!
One of the big lessons right now for what’s to come is to make it through the rough and tough times as victoriously as
It’s a fight, and you’ve just got to keep fighting! – For the victory! And don’t allow yourself to be defeated so easily!
Keep fighting, and keep the vision for the victory in a positive attitude!
Learn to fight, overcome the negative, and gain the victory! (16:22)
Keep looking Up Here in the spirit, and the victory shall be yours!
Having died for you makes My wonderworking Power available for all those who believe in and have received Me as their
Savior, and it should give you a spirit of victory, even if down in that world you cannot help not feeling at home. (2016:36)
Get the victory out of seeming defeat! – Just as I got the greatest victory of all out of My crucifixion!
Sometimes the apparent and temporal losers turn out to be the greatest winners in the end. (16:38)
Learning to go through life victoriously, no matter what comes, should be one of your major goals.
Be a winner, not a loser! Learn how to take whatever comes with a victorious attitude!
When it comes to your faith and attitude and thus, the characteristic spirit you move through, keep an eye on staying
victorious! – Cheerful! – Positive!
Be more victorious! – More cheerful! (16:42)
How can you take the hardships, pains and difficult times? How can you stay in or gain the victory, and a victorious
attitude in spite of it all? How can you put up with it? It’s a challenge and test of faith, but if you pass it, that faith will be
stronger, and an aid to make it through even harder times to come. (16:46)
The circumstances surrounding you in that world are bound to get worse – and thus, something for you to learn to handle
and deal with more victoriously! (16:49)

Strive for the victory and having a victorious attitude, not that of a victim of life’s circumstances! (16:54)
Don’t allow the enemy to kick you down mentally!
Let Me prove to the universe that I’m stronger by letting Me help you get the victory over his nasty attacks on you!

No victory without a battle. If you want the victory, you’ve got to fight for it!
It’s necessary to develop some strength for what’s coming up at the world… some spiritual strength to make it through
that; and that strength simply comes through having to fight for the victory… if necessary, each day.
Aim for the victory, available only through applying the Help and support from Above! (2016:75)
When times are rough, pray for the vic!
To take whatever comes in a victorious attitude is one of the key points of the lessons of life.
Make it through in a victorious state and shape! That’s the sort of folks turning out to be the victors in the Hereafter.
Some troubles in this world are just coming inevitably, so don’t just expect different and rosier circumstances, but pray
for the victory to make it through them! (2016:76)
It’s time to get back into the fighting gear! Not just passively resisting the evil surrounding you, but managing through the
victorious (by faith) state you’re in, to have a positive effect on those around you! (2016:97)