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Knowledge vs.

(Heart vs. Mind)
Seek not to arm yourself with fleshly knowledge, but be faithful to commune with Me and I will let you delve deep into the
mysteries! (I:2)
The more you know, the more responsible you’ll be to act accordingly. If ye know these things, happy are ye if you do
them. (I:14)
Be filled with a silent, cheerful joy unspeakable, that small personal trademark of the saints, the reward for believing and
acting on the knowledge that it is more blessed to give than to receive! (I:51)
Never before has the human mind been so drilled and conditioned by the input of the enemy, for he has much greater
platforms and means of implanting his thoughts into human minds than ever before, through the media and education.
There’s a lot more I have to get past first. (I:84)
Learn to see with the eyes of the spirit, not merely acknowledge data and accumulate information! Don’t just accept facts
with your brain, but come to know with the tacit knowing of faith, so you learn to apply the information adequately, and
the right bits at the right time. That’s when believing becomes seeing, and faith becomes knowing. (I:117)
Knowledge? Efficiency? Skill? Coolness? --None of these things come anywhere near the power of love! (I:118)
You cannot rely on your own minds. You cannot rely on your eyes and on your physical senses, much less that which you
deem to be your own knowledge. Your own knowledge can be worse than ignorance at times, because it closes doors
that I would open. You think you can tell by your experience that a certain thing is very unlikely to happen in a certain
situation or with certain people, so you don’t expect miracles anymore, you quit, you surrender, you give up.
Forget what you know!
Lean not unto your own understanding but trust in Me with all your heart! (I:194)
‘Forget all you know’ is the slogan for the day. (I:224)
Are you really willing to forget all you know?
You know, that’s sometimes the hardest thing for a man to forsake: his own knowledge.
‘Walk by faith, not by sight!’ Faith is more important than knowledge.
Faith is the driving power that compels you to do something for Me, whereas knowledge can sometimes leave you cold, a
passive observer of what’s happening. (I:230)
One of man’s major dilemmas in this day and age is his own knowledge, or that which he thinks he knows. (I:241)
Beware, lest ye be led astray from the simplicity of the Gospel of Christ! – It has happened to many who were thirsting for
knowledge above the childlike simplicity of My Word, My Gospel, My truth! (I:290)
If you haven’t got love, of what use is all the smartness in the world? The devil is pretty smart, and he considers himself
so much more clever than everybody else. But, hey, it’s the heart that counts, and you won’t be judged or rewarded by
how smart you were in this life, but by the love you show! It’s the heart that matters most! (I:394)
It’s not how much you know, but what you do with what you know... That’s wisdom. Knowledge puffeth up, love edifieth.

Remember, the fruit of the forbidden tree was knowledge. - The wrong kind of knowledge. Some things you wouldn't want
to know. Why get to know evil, when there's so much good to know? (I:408)
If you just trust Me more than your carnal reasoning, you will always pass the test and see that it will all wind up making
perfect sense in the end. I love it when My followers despise the voices of their own carnal reasoning, the voices of their
own minds, the voices of the reasonable ones in the world who say that things are obviously so and so, not the way I say.
I love it when you give Me a chance to defy them and prove to them that all their smartness will avail to nothing if they
make their bill without the Keeper of the Inn, the One in charge, Whom they're trying to lock out of His own creation. (I:439)
There are times when My believers don't have a clue. But I can give you a clue. I'm the Clue-Giver! Haven't got a clue? Ask
Me what to do! (I:584)
If you really want My unadulterated truth, and if you want to hear My voice of truth, you must be ready to forget all you
know. (II:76)
Sometimes knowledge is the greatest stumbling block to divine revelation, because it interferes with what I would like to
reveal to you and pipes up with its own input! When you come before Me, you must lay aside your own opinions, your

own background information as much as possible, and any preconceived ideas and bias, otherwise a message can very
easily become tainted by what you "know."
"Forget what you know!" is a good slogan. (II:90)
Not to fool yourself into thinking that you know anything, but to acknowledge Me instead of leaning to your own
understanding, to continuously seek Me for the truth every little step of the way, and not even give your own opinions a
chance to form and crystallize without My guidance and input, that's the only way you can make sure that the way you
see things is really the truthful way, the true and clear picture. (II:91)
Forget what you know and open yourself up to the simple things, the little things and learn from the little people how to
enjoy them! (II:103)
I want learning to be an experience for you, not just a lecture or sudden flash of knowledge. I want you to know exactly
why you believe something to be a fact. (II:161)
My wisdom of love and obedience is higher than knowledge. Knowledge puffeth up but love edifieth. A greater one than
Solomon said this, because he had seen that his own knowledge had all been false and had to be tossed all over, in order
to be born again and become like a child once again. "Forget what you know" was the name of the game. (II:166)
There's a lot more that you don't know than you know! (II:169)
You sometimes tend to limit Me and My riches in your mind and think there isn't much left to learn, to find out.
Knowledge can be one of the enemy's greatest temptations, and it takes a lot of self-discipline to stay on the straight and
narrow of the simplicity of My Gospel. (II:173)
Whatever you learn or whatever knowledge you acquire, it's still best to "lean not unto thine own understanding," but "in
all thy ways" to "acknowledge" Me. Without the Spirit, any knowledge is dead, just as works without love are cold and
dead. It's the Spirit that makes the difference! (II:179)
I have a good and perfect reason for withholding the meaning of some of the things from you that you don't understand...
It may sound a little tough, but "You don't have to understand; all you have to do is obey."
In other words, obedience is better than understanding and knowledge. Knowledge can be nothing but a bunch of headstuffing, but obedience - obedient action - will get you places! You're better off knowing a little less and doing a little more
than vice versa. It's better to do than to know, and, of course, best of all, to know these things and do them... (II:196)
The "knowledge of God" is the knowing and being fully conscious of the fact that God is right here, right there with you
and a very real and substantial part of you every second and every milli-second of your life, the very Power that created
you and keeps you going with every breath you take.
You could and should be absorbing Him consciously with every breath you take, every thought you think, every word you
speak, etc. But what causes you not to do that is the distraction tactic the enemy uses, "every high thing" which exalts
itself against that knowledge and conscience of My Presence in your life, that makes you think you can do it on your own.

To see just how much I am engaged in caring for the Father’s children and creation, you've first got to destroy the false
foundation the enemy has laid, the false knowledge he has implanted in people's minds. Blessed are they whose minds
are not crammed with all that stuff the enemy falsely has them term "knowledge."
There are so many people who think they know this, that and the other. They "know" that I wasn't "really" born in
Bethlehem, they "know" that the New Testament has been "rewritten" and tampered with, they "know" that you all
descended from monkeys. If that is knowledge, then blessed are they who don't "know." (II:305)
Knowledge can be gained pretty quickly and easily, but not wisdom. Wisdom is acquiring the right kind of knowledge,
getting to know the right kinds of things, that don't just stuff your head with information, but help you make progress in
your life and will be helpful and beneficial to others as well. (II:310)
Knowledge puffeth up, love edifieth. I'm trying to steer your whole way of believing, your spiritual life or "religion" away
from your head and move it more to your heart. I don't want you to enact your religion, your belief, with your head so
much. It's much more important that you grasp the matters of the heart. Seek not to understand these matters with your
mind, with your head, but with your heart. Don't just let these things I tell you serve to inform you, to merely add to your
knowledge, but let them form you, shape your heart, and consequently change your life and your actions!
The key and the gist of My teachings and of My Life, and of all I want to convey to mankind is Love, and that's a matter of
the heart, not of the head.
Let your faith, your religion, what you live and preach, be a matter of the heart, not a head issue! Pride starts in the head.

Please, hold on to the knowledge of how much I love you and need you more firmly! (II:350)
You have to not only know the way, but walk it, too.

You know it, but find it hard to walk…
So you’re not much of a doer, simply a savant… You know how dangerous that path is, though, since it’s strewn with
fools who think they know, so be careful!
It’s better to know a little and follow through on that than to know more than you can handle and put into action.
You know it’s bad to only give it your best for money; you just don’t find it within you yet to change that and do the same
for love. (2012:144)
You’ve got to put more of your heart into it, and a little less of your mind! It’s the heart that matters. True illumination isn’t
just a matter of the mind, not just a matter of thought, but it comes from the depth of the heart. It’s got to touch people.
That’s what makes a difference. You’ve got to find that heart connection again and reach out to people from between your
shoulders, not from between your ears. That’s what will enable you to speak a language they’ll understand, even if you
don’t speak theirs, although it will probably help you to learn theirs more easily, too, because you’ll be more concerned
about them, instead of being so preoccupied with your own concerns and things that concern your own well-being.

There’s that difference between “knowing” and knowing: theoretical acknowledgement of a fact, and the applied
knowledge of it, sort of like the difference between knowing the way and actually walking in it. The latter takes an effort.
You can know and have the assurance that I’ll take care of you, along with the peace that accompanies it, if you make that
effort to tune in to Me and My Spirit, which you don’t necessarily have on a constant basis, even though you know in
theory that I will.
It’s the difference between knowing a fact merely with your mind, and letting it absorb into your whole being, permeate
you and exude from you. That kind of knowledge only comes from actually walking in the way, not just knowing it.
Just checking out a route on the map isn’t quite the same as actually traveling it. That’s the difference… So, be a traveler
of the path, not just one who can give the directions in theory, but as one who’s been there, been down that road, and can
tell others about it from experience, or better yet, walk with them! (2013:8)
Much of the artificially created “knowledge” isn’t really knowledge at all, but, as it will turn out to the shock of many some
day, purposely falsified information, and that can do greater damage to people’s spirits, hearts and souls than mere
In My opinion, ignorance is better, and more innocent, than the intelligence of deceit, the sprouting of the Devil’s seeds in
minds. (2013:13)
Learning to deal with mistakes others are making, that you’ve made before is really a wonderful opportunity for learning
how to love, showing what you learned, and apply that gained knowledge or wisdom (there’s a difference, you know?) in
the right way, not in a self-righteous, preachy attitude, but one of true love and understanding. (2013:18)
Maybe the knowledge that you’re going to leave all behind soon is going to make things easier for you. (2013:40)
Perhaps some of the knowledge you need isn’t available to you yet. So, just always be prepared that there’s more to
come, and it’s never a time to say, “I’m done learning,” unless I say so by ringing the bell for you and taking you Home.

The ability to love others is, according to Christian or godly standard higher than education and knowledge, which are
both equaled to intelligence… When, according to God, loving others may be much smarter. (2014:103)
Not knowing everything beforehand ought to strengthen your trust in Me, that I and the Father will accomplish all things
for you the way they ought to be, and not knowing everything beforehand ought to teach you to keep trusting in the
Father and Me. (2014:183)
Coming to the knowledge of your desperate need for Me is a positive lesson and happening. (2015:6)
Not knowing how you’ll make it just confirms your dependence on Me! – The knowledge that you need Me and can’t make
it without Me. (2015:107)
Sometimes folks think they know a bit more than they actually do, and following events make them realize and aware of it,
that there’s still a whole bunch more to learn! (2015:116)

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