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Bible 700


Creation of Mankindin the book of Genesis

Originsthe study of how we got here, not a scientific study but a matter of
Science depends on observability (there was no human
observer) &
repeatedly (origins, by their very nature, cannot be
Method of CreationMans body was made from dust (the elements of the
earth); Next, God
breathed into his nostrils & he became
a living soul. Then God gave him his
spirit. Afterwards, God took a rib from Adam & formed the first
woman, Eve.
The Origins of Humans
The Original Nature of Mankind
God created Adam in His own image. He was self-aware & had a moral
likeness to his Creator.
He could pass moral judgment on his own thoughts and deeds and could be
either delighted or
miserable. Adam shared fellowship with God; God gave him
dominion/authority over all His creation.
There was no evil in Adam.
God also created Adam to be able to choose. Adam had the free choice to
obey God or not.
The tree of the knowledge of good & evilGod told them not to eat from the
tree or they would
diebut it was their CHOICE. God desires that we serve Him because we
WANT to; so He gave
us the free will to choose (or to refuse) to obey His Law.
The Fall of Mankind
Because of jealousy, the devil tempted Adam & Eve, causing them to sin.
More about the devil
Personal ChoiceEve was faced with the devil in the form of serpent. The
plan of the devil was

to place doubt in their minds as to whether God was really good. Eve was
asked the most
important question of all time. Her answer would have a vital effect on the
entire human race
for the rest of all our lives. When Adam and Eve chose to sin (by eating from
the tree), rather
than to obey God, we say that the fell. The Fall plunged the entire
creation into the
bondage of sin.
Because of Adam & Eves disobedience, man was to suffer both physical pain
& death. However,
God provided a plan of redemption through His son, Jesus Christ.

Physical resultsFrom the fall until today, hard work is required to

grow enough food to feed mankind. The ground grows weeds far more
than crops.
Spiritual resultsMan is now no longer complete & good. We are all
born with a sinful nature because the entire human race began with

The Method of Salvation (Redemption)Gods love reached down to man

through Jesus Christ. God provided a way to restore fellowshipJesus death, burial,
& resurrection.

The Motive of SalvationJohn 3:16 LOVE

The Price of SalvationJesus voluntarily agreed to leave His royal
position in Heaven & come to earth to be rejected, hurt, & killed so
that He might pay the penalty for mankinds sins.

The Result of Salvation

When mankind fell, they lost everything. Gods plan of redemption is a
process of restoring
what was lost.

Eternal lifewhen we are called home to be with Him.

Abundant lifeGod has promised to meet our every need (Matthew
6:25-34). He has even promised to give us many of the desires of our
hearts--particularly when our desires come into line with His will and

Salvation brings new life & change into a sinners heart and life. Reform
(change) is an outward attempt to stop bad life patterns. But salvation through a

personal experience with Jesus Christ begins the change within a person. It begins
at the root of the problem, mans heart.
Salvation involves a renewal of our minds. Genuine salvation produces good
fruit, behaviors & actions.
The Mission of Mankind
Original MissionMans first mission was to tend (work & take care of) the
Garden of Eden, to enjoy the fruits of his labor, & to live in a world of total peace.
They were also to Be fruitful, and multiply [to have children], and replenish the
earth, and subdue it: and have dominion (authority, control) over the fish of the sea,
and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the
earth. God also gives mankind His charge to be good stewards of the resources
and blessings He has given.

Enjoy divine peace

Care for the Garden of Eden
Multiply (have children) & replenish the earth
Dominion over the earth

Mans FailureBecause of Adam & Eves disobedience, their ability to fulfill

Gods mission was totally changed. God pronounced a six-fold curse that affected
the entire creation.
1. First, God cursed the Serpent to crawl and lick the dust, rather than be
the pretty creature he had been before.
2. Second, in Genesis 3:16, God said to Eve that he would greatly
increase her pains in childbirth.
3. Third, we read in the same verse, that the woman's desire will be for
her husband and he will rule over her. (Relationship with husband
4. Fourth, verses 17 and 18 tell us that man would have to painfully work
the ground for his food. The ground would also produce thorns and
thistles (weeds) and man will eat the plants of the field.
5. Fifth, God told Adam that man would return to the ground as dust after
he dies as shown in verse 19.
6. Sixth, the punishment for Adam and Eve, stated in verses 23 and 24,
would be banishment from the Garden of Eden.

The direct result cost Adam & Eve (and us today) their (our) peace & harmony with
nature and enjoyment of perfect health in the absence of pain. Now, the earth is
under a curse and the body experiences pain & eventual death.

Mans Second Mission (Renewed Mission)When we accept Jesus as our

savior, then God once again finds pleasure in our lives and we have a new hope as a
child of God. Through our personal relationship with Jesus, we are restored to a
position of authority & peaceto that original state of fellowship with God. Our life
is changed into a new, brighter life of love, peace, joy, happiness, and faith in God
for the future. Also, it is commanded of us that we share the good news.

Enjoy divine fellowship

Regain the Garden (Paradise)
Multiply & replenish the earth
World evangelism now; world dominion with Christ later.

Mans HopeThe Bible reminds us of our hope through Jesus Christ