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The information below should not be interpreted as an extension of the rules.

The official rules in the current Rules

Manual take precedence. There is a Microbe Missiontraining CD available in the Science Olympiad Store.

Resources and Links for 2012 - Will be updated for 2017 soon!

Microbial Diseases for 2012 (PDF)

2012 Training Handout
2012 Event Supervisor Guide
2012 Power Point
Microscopy Review

Resources and Links for 2011

Microbial Diseases for 2011 (PDF)

Event Supervisors Guide for 2011 (PDF)
Microbe Mission Power Point for 2011 (PPT)
Training Handout for MM 2011 (PDF)
Microscopy Review (PDF)

The Microbe World (Excellent overview)
Food Safety Lessons for Middle School Kids (Good for Microbe Mission and Disease Detectives)

Renewable Fuels and Power Using algae to produce petroleum
Nikon Microscopy U Source of Microscopy Education
Microbiology Resources
On-line Microbiology Text
Virtual Microbiology Classroom
Online Bacteriology Textbook
On-line Course

Course Notes Introduction to Microbiology$4
Microbiology Lab Manual online
Microbe Ecology