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Great Gatsby Chapter 8-9

Mauricio Hernandez
Period 3
Explanatory Notes
Chapter 8

Critical Commentary
Chapter 8

Grotesque- Fancy, Bizarre

(Question) What is the important thing that

Nick needs to warn Gatsby about? I, guessing
it is probably about Tom who may want to
cause problems for Gatsby in fear that he
might take Daisy.

Indiscernible- not recognizable as district.

Character- Daisy was the first nice girl Gatsby

has ever known.
(Inference) Maybe the reason why Gatsby
wants to be rich is because when he sees
Nick wants Gatsby to leave Daisy behind and Daisy rich he sees that she is happy since she
move to Long Beach but Gatsby doesnt want doesnt have anything to worry about unlike
to give up.
the poor who are continuously struggling to
maintain money.
The first time Gatsby saw Daisy was when he
went to Camp Taylor.
(Question) What was the letter that reached
Gatsby? I think it probably a letter that said
Daisy got married to Tom.
Stratum- Layer, Spread.
(Synthesis) I think Gatsby as a child dreamed
Sharper-Cheat, Swindler.
of being lifted up from the lower classes
(Brucker) and to live the life of the rich. As he
Character- Gatsby lied to Daisy saying that he ran away because due to the fact his parents
was rich when he first met her.
were lazy and unsuccessful.
Gatsby didnt choose to go to Oxford, which
is why Daisy wondered why he wouldnt
come home.
Daisy wanted to get married with someone
rich and move on with her life, so she marries
Nick tried calling Gatsby but he never
Jordan left Daisys house and left to
Gatsby is expecting a call from someone from

(Inference) I think Nick is his losing his

Moral and is starting to judge people when he
said I disapproved of him from beginning to
end. Its probably because Nick is fed up
with the pompous aristocrats he is always
surrounded by.
(Question) Is Gatsby part of the business
connection? I think he is because when Nick
tries calling Gatsby the central said he was
leaving the line open for a call in Detroit,
which goes back when Gatsby was being
shady on the phone saying hes no use to us
if Detroit is his idea of a small.
(Connection) I am starting to think that

Great Gatsby Chapter 8-9

Garrulous- Talkative
Divot- a square of turf or sod. A loose piece
of turf from golfing.
Catherine is missing.
Wilson is traumatic about his wifes death.
Michalis is the only one who is comforting
Key point-Wilson leaves town in search of a
yellow car.
Gatsby is hiding the yellow car in the garage.
Gatsby gets shot by confused Wilson then
Wilson commits suicide.
Summary: Nick goes to visit Gatsby in the
morning worried that something bad may
have happened to him. But he finds him safe
but tired. Nick tries telling Gatsby that he
should give up on Daisy and that he should
move to Long Island. Of course Gatsby
chooses not to give up on Daisy. Then Gatsby
tells Nick about how he first met Daisy and
how he never stopped giving up on her and
how her wealth and beauty motivates Gatsby.
And how he went to war and Oxford. Then he
talks about how Daisy chose to move on and
marries Tom. Nick tells Gatsby that he is
more valuable than the careless Daisy and
Tom. Wilson is still traumatized about the
death of his wife and goes out to seek revenge
on the killer, which he then kills Gatsby and
then himself.

Mauricio Hernandez
Period 3
Gatsby could be a good representation of the
American dream (or a person trying to
achieve it) because Gatsby has always been
proud of his fancy objects and people
(Brucker) who attend his parties. And his
dream may be to be rich enough to catch
Daisys attention as the beginning poem can
describe Gatsby as wearing the golden hat
(Prediction) I predict Wilson will mistake
Tom and Myrtles affair/ murder with Gatsby
since Gatsby drove the yellow car back.
(Inference) I think the God that is displayed in
the book looks for those who are moral and
who are immoral.
(Inference) I think Gatsby getting shot in the
pool was foreshadowed before because
Gatsby has been saying previously that he
hasnt use the pool all summer. And almost
coincidently about the end of summer he
decides to take a swim in it which then ends
up with him dying in it.
Chapter 9
(connection) Daisy is an ungrateful heir,
pompous aristocrat, and a avaricious
capitalist since she didnt even bother saying
anything about Gatsby even when she knew
Gatsby loved her so much he became rich for
her. Its like Gatsby was trying to conform to
Daisys standards of being a rich aristocrat to
get her attention. Almost like a westerner
trying to become an easterner.
(inference) Wolfshiem may be another father
figure of Gatsby since he got him a job and
gave him wealth. Although in return Gatsby
face[d] moral death by being in a business

Great Gatsby Chapter 8-9

Mauricio Hernandez
Period 3
Chapter 9


Setting: Two years later after the death of


(connection) With Gatsbys schedule, it shows

that Gatsby believed in self-improvement
as it says things such as No more smoking or
chewing and be better to parents.

Plot- News reporters are making false stories

about Gatsby saying that he had an affair with
Myrtle. Daisy and Tom leave the city without
Character-Nick is trying to find someone else
who cares about Gatsby other than Nick. He
tries to find Wolfshiem.
Nick is now beginning to despise the people
who took advantage of Gatsby for his parties.
Gatsbys father is Henry C. Gatz.
The only people who seem to care is Nick,
Henry Gatz, and Wolfshiem.
Wolfshiem met Gatsby when he came out of
war. He made Gatsby into the business.
Wolfshiems mindset of friendship has
changed over time.
Place: Cemetery
Nick and Mr. Gatz were the only ones to
attend the funeral other than the butlers and
Owl eyes came to pay his respects.
Nick goes to talk to Jordan baker for one last
Tom says he just as well suffered like
everyone because he sold the apartment that
he used to hide his affair with Myrtle. He also

(judgment) Out of the whole commotion and

the people Nick was surrounded by, managed
to keep his morals as he still shook Toms
hand despite how self-centered and much of a
heartless rich man he was.
(con/inference) I think when Nick said
Dutch sailors eyes- a fresh green breast of
the new world he is comparing Gatsby to the
sailor and the new world to Gatsbys mansion
which could be where his wealth sprouts or
the goal of being with Daisy.

Great Gatsby Chapter 8-9

Mauricio Hernandez
Period 3
believes that Gatsby deserved to die.
Nick is moving back to the Midwest.
Summary: Two years have passed and Nick
remembers the day where news reporters and
photographers make up lies about Gatsby. He
remembers how no one came to see Gatsby
but him. Daisy and Tom leave the town
without warning to escape their problems.
Nick tries to find people who care about
Gatsby other than his wealth. He tries to find
Wolfshiem. And over time people call not for
Gatsby but their selfish possessions. Mr.
Gatsby comes to visit and talk about Gatsby.
Nick then meets with Wolfshiem then talks to
him about Gatsbys past and how they met.
On the day of the funeral only one person
came to pay his respects and it was owl eyes.
Nick then talks about a memory he had back
in the mid-west. He talks to Jordan one last
time before moving back to the Midwest. He
then encounters Tom in town and he is not
regretful. Nick then sits on the beach and
ponders about Gatsbys motives and his

Great Gatsby Chapter 8-9

Mauricio Hernandez
Period 3

Pre chapter staging

What do we know?

Gatsby and daisy are seeing each other.

Myrtle is dead
Gatsbys name is James Gatz
Gatsby sailed with Dan Cody
Gatsbys parents were farmers
Gatsby wants tom out of the picture
Gatsby ran away as a child to seek a new dream

What do we want to know?

Where did Gatsby get his money?

How did Gatsby get in the business?
Why did Daisy marry Tom?
Are Gatsby and Tom going to fight over Daisy?
Is Wilson going to find out about Tom?
Is Wilson going to seek revenge?
Is Tom going to lie about the affair and the murder?
More about Gatsbys past
Know more about Dan Cody

What do we expect?

Gatsby wanting to kill Tom or vice versa for Daisy

Wilson wanting revenge
Another sign of the divine appearing
Nick going to help Gatsby on winning Daisy.
Gatsby running away from the hit and run murder.
Tom to reason with nonsense with Nick.

Great Gatsby Chapter 8-9

Mauricio Hernandez
Period 3

Daisy to leave Tom for Nick.

What do we need to look for?

Presence of the divine

An opportunity
Someone working hard
A moral person earning luck
Someone starting to earn respect
The lucky break

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