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life in 5 minutes

aren´t just

Since we were kids we have the tendency to turn away
from our goals and dreams.
Maybe, we’ve been told that dreams are just dreams.
We were told that those images in our minds arising
from our enthusiasm and joy were meant to be in that
fantasy world forever and that the real world is different.
I believe human evolution is slow just because of that.
We tend to hold on to the familiar and discount what
intuitively life shows us in the form of dreams.
What might have happened if those dreamers had
kept their dreams alive and had worked to make them
real? How many inventions, new policies, buildings
and witty books we might have had? How many ideas
have we let go? What would have happened to us if
we just believed and pursued our dreams?



We all have access to dream, I mean, we all have the
possibility of seeing in mental images those events not
yet perceived with the five senses; but that arise with
mystical passion within us. They are the most valuable
messages that we can receive as human beings. It is
how life suggests us that there is something beyond
what we know and is inviting us to work towards that.
Our purpose as human beings is revealed through what
we are passionate about. Many times though, it is not
part of a concrete experience, but part of that ethereal
dream world. Just notice and pay attention to them as
they help us to define our purpose.
I know there are many theories that dreams are just
that: dreams. However, if we get stuck in those theories
and thoughts we fill ourselves with pessimism and
cowardice. Do we have to give up joy and surrender to
sadness, denying the ability to create beyond what we
have been given? You are reading this book because
I’ve listened and followed my dreams; this is a proof
that they can become real.
How can we do it? By giving value to our dreams, listen
more to us and start building upon them.