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com $5.The Th e Pr Prem Premier em e mie er Sp SSpa pa B Bu Business usi sine ess ss R Resource essou ourc urc rce ce April 2014 dayspamagazine.00 Handled with Care Eco-Conscious Methods for Harvesting Natural Resources EA ® RT HM ON TH ISS UE .

XTREME WH Are you ready to take whitening n to the EXTREME? Experience Pevonia lumablanc. this Pevonia-proprietary formula enters the skin effortlessly delivering the actives directly to the target areas. These cells are targeted to inhibit excess Melanin synthesis. A first-ever dynamic complex of highly active whitening and lightening agents. L EN AR GE Reduce appearance of dark spots DV RE IEW OF MICROSPHE EXPECT ENHANCED RESULTS WITH EVERY APPLICATION! lumablanc® is part of the best-selling lumafirm® Lift & Glow anti-aging collection. Fused together in a state-of-the-art Microsphere. a primary cause of hyperpigmentation. Immediately activates upon contact with the skin to: Visibly lighten hyperpigmentation Brighten & even skin tone EXPEDITED DELIVERY SYSTEM High tech microsphere for target delivery directly to Melanocytes (target cells).com 1-800-PEVONIA . Contact your Pevonia® Territory Manager to get started today! PevoniaPro. lumablanc ® an intensive solution to hyperpigmentation and dark spots. Dual delivery system also includes Pevonia-exclusive technology.

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Protocol included professional and at-home treatments. President Éminence Organic Skin Care “Peels boast amazing transformation of the skin’s appearance but most of them contain harsh synthetic chemicals that can actually have damaging effects on the skin.” See incredible results*: Restores radiance 80% Reduces fine lines and wrinkles 80% Reduces dark spots 80% Improves dullness 100% *Percentage of respondents reporting at 4 weeks. .Boldijarre Koronczay. Clinically tested by an independent FDA Certified Laboratory. We have formulated an all-natural peel that offers our customers the amazing results that they are looking for while being an effective and safe choice.

Arctic Berry Peel & Peptide Illuminating System EXFOLIATE • ACTIVATE • ILLUMINATE Ask about our professional treatments. • Use FreeInfo #2 .


gigispa. dull the pain and put clients at ease. Join our social community for exclusive giveaways and the latest tips 'n tricks from the leader in hair removal. GiGi. Ahead of the curve.DISCOVER THE NEXT GENERATION OF HAIR REMOVAL GiGi presents NO STING WAX. Harness the power of advanced technology fused with Kava Kava to soothe the .

stress-fix aromaology ™ proven to reduce feelings of stress — and boost business .

com. knowing they come from farms that rely on ecologically based practices. and this line totally embodies that to the fullest. Executive Director of Botanical Research. Z Salon and Spa. together. dayspamagazine. . Stress-fix™ pedicures and manicures combine the power of massage. they are a great way to take the spa experience body lotion –Brigette Mire. Want to learn more about soil to bottleՓ? Go to aveda. PhD.” Clockwise from top: stress-fix ™ concentrate. and you can too. less stress for your business “Stress-fix has helped us grow our business!” –Julie Leppert. Experience the difference stress-fix™ can make and join the Aveda network! Connect with us at 888. body • Use FreeInfo #3 less stress for the planet “Aveda obtains certified organic ingredients to create as little stress on our planet as possible.” – Cindy Angerhofer. stressed skin. Indira Salon Spa. soaking salts. ©Aveda Corp. soaking salts and NEW body creme are the same products our therapists reach for in spas and salons. Chicago. Their source can be fully traced from soil to bottle. Kentucky Stress-fix™ body care helps salons and spas expand business in body and skin care and helps guests expand their Aveda experience through aromaology that’s proven to reduce feelings of stress. Guests reach for them too because. lavandin and clary sage grown on small farms in the “Organic Valley” of the French Alps. Our professionals — and guests — really feel the difference. touch and breath for an integrated approach to beauty and wellness.4155 or through aveda.Փ So we feel less stress knowing the essential oils in stress-fix™ are certified organic. Louisville. Aveda Stress-fix™ aroma comes from lavender. with a focus on high-stress areas of the body. NEW body creme.a less stress for you “Our culture is to help our guests live well every day. Illinois The Aveda stress-fix™ body massage combines the power of aromaology.222. The concentrate. NEW! stress-fix ™ body creme deeply moisturizes dry. reflexology and aromaology.

New Jersey’s Metropolis Spa Salon rebuilds and rebounds. 94 MARKETING SAVVY: Teenage Fan Club Successful strategies for nurturing a new generation of budding spa-goers 44 IN EVERY ISSUE EDITOR’S PAGE 14 PRODUCT ESSENTIALS 100 IN THE NEWS 108 DATE BOOK 112 AD SECTIONS ON THE COVER: Earth Mother © Laurence Monneret/Getty 8 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 BOUTIQUE PLUS 116 AD INDEX 120 76 . 40 BUILDING BLOCKS: Ideas. Wisconsin’s Grand Geneva Resort & Spa belies its former life as a hedonistic hangout. Austria and Switzerland. 84 GLOBAL SPEAK: Bad Medicine In the traditional spa towns of Germany. 26 SPA HOPPING: Dairyland Queen Now a thriving family destination. wellness is a prescription for BUSINESS TRACK 44 COVER STORY: Green Giants For these eco-conscious skincare manufacturers. responsible ingredient sourcing is second nature. Tech 76 SPA PROFILE: After the Deluge Following a devastating natural disaster. Number 4 dayspamagazine. Tools.CONTENTS APRIL 2014 Volume 19.

HydroPeptide’s Peel Kit leaves skin smoother. HydroPeptide — the authority in anti-aging skin care.932. • Use FreeInfo #4 . and oxygenating crystals. renowned makeup artists.L I F T GLOW F I R M Want a camera-ready. and celebrities.HYDROPEPTIDE. Formulated to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles. A unique blend of moisture-binding peptide technology. dayspamagazine. making it the perfect peel for all your clients. Speak to your representative to receive samples or information on HydroPeptide’s full line today. WWW. vitamin C.COM 800.9873 HydroPeptide’s Anti-Wrinkle Peel Kit is available in retail and backbar sizing. making it a favorite of estheticians. firmer skin. this two-step peel illuminates the skin by delivering all the benefits of microdermabrasion. and youthfully plump in a single use. with zero downtime. Hollywood worthy complexion? Imagine instantly brighter.

and an intriguing new sensory relaxation system Mind-Body Health: Beyond Belief DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 DAYSPA ®. 7628 Densmore Ave. ISSN 1089-3199. Richmond Hill. Van Nuys. April 2014. Attn: Subscriptions.CONTENTS 68 DAYSPA STYLE 58 18 TREND WATCH: Pedis with A-Peel 20 RAVES & FAVES: Editors’ Choice Products 34 SPOTLIGHT ON… Marine-Based Treatments 42 54 MUST HAVES Product Premiere WIN IT! Mother’s Day Gift Sets 52 ONE ON ONE WITH… Shel Pink of SpaRitual 122 TASTE: Chocolate Mint Mojito from Miramonte Resort & Spa. 66 68 70 10 YOUR WELLNESS SPA Remote Retreat: Easter Island’s only spa is a champion of preservation. . IL 60077-8073. Indian Wells. Polynesian-style. 19. 4 . PO Box 201. California 18 70 122 SCIENCE. Published monthly by Creative Age Communications. PO Box 1073.. 40039474. One-year subscription: US $26. CA. Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to DAYSPA. CANADA POST: Canadian distribution Sales Agreement No. CA 91406-2042. and additional mailing offices. HEALTH & WELLNESS 58 FEATURE: Smooth Talkers: Part I Experts share what’s true—and what’s new—in the world of topical cellulite treatments. Skoke. Healing News: How vitamin C-rich foods may reduce the risk of stroke. other international $86. POSTMASTER: Send ADDRESS CHANGES to DAYSPA®. No.. Canada & Mexico $47. Periodicals class postage paid at Van Nuys. Vol. Inc. ON L4B4R5 Canada.

Cannot be combined with any other promotions or ofers.dermaquestinc. .com/freeinfo • Use FreeInfo #5 *20% total 800. 2014. Limit one per customer/business. education and commitment to fostering a lasting relationship between our business and yours. Call us today and receive 20% of any DermaQuest Opening Package* including: Complimentary retail testers Energetic marketing materials Revitalized education support And professional tools to help your business grow The absolute finest in skincare. Expires April 30th. but the future is infinite Be timeless The future of skincare has arrived. Innovation.The past may stay the same.213. www.8100 dayspamagazine.

marketing and other topics • More slideshows and videos • More spa product info • More green tips • More healthy spa recipes WIN IT! G o to our website and sign up for a chance to win th e products on page 42! WEB EXCLUSIVE! — How global water depletion will affect the spa industry 12 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 Like us on Facebook at .com/DAYSPAmagazine Follow us on Twitter at twitter.Get more DAYSPA online • More features on spa management.

com dayspamagazine.548. Add the amazing benefits of internal body care with the science of external skin care and see the results.0569 to learn how to ofer this solution to your clients. Internal Care External Care Cellurid Tissue Detoxifier Maintain Anti-Cellulite Lotion • Helps soften and break down cellulite • Increases the cleansing action of the body • Helps prevent the formation of future cellulite • Assists in cleansing and removal of cellulite • Increases circulation to condition and tone the skin • Promotes healthy cell renewal and combats inflammation Call 1. or visit • Use FreeInfo #6 .DON’T STOP HALFWAY TO BEING CELLULITE FREE.800.

Ground water depletion is a perfect example: less water means higher concentrations of minerals in that water. • The Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets. and the Arctic sea ice. And if you want to know how vendors are doing their • Scientific evidence shows that for 650. as many of us experienced firsthand in recent years. and glaciers are retreating just about everywhere they exist in the world. climate. A few facts. weather has become a controversial topic too. in many circles. check out the Green Spa Network (greenspanetwork. CLARIFICATION In our February 2014 Spotlight (page 30). which explains how top spa product manufacturers are going to great lengths to harvest their ingredients in eco-responsible ways. we do as well. If you want to know what you can do at the spa level. It’s currently just less than 400 parts per million and increasing. it is our obligation to discuss it.000 years. we not only can’t avoid discussing climate change. man-made damage to the Earth isn’t easy. at dayspamagazine. it’s pretty hard to avoid the weather. based on information from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration ( • There have been record-breaking numbers of extreme weather events since 1950. in the last century. (For the full scoop on this. The manufacturer states that the device isn’t being used anywhere for this purpose and urges all spa practitioners to familiarize themselves with the proper usage of this equipment. go to “Water Depletion and the Spa Industry”.EDITOR’S PAGE Talk About the Weather It is the spa industry’s obligation to acknowledge the growing threat of climate change. Try as we might. flora and fauna changes. you’ll find some great examples in this month’s cover story. Yet.) Fortunately. which began in 1880. after which it began to skyrocket. The very concept of spa stems from nature’s bounty. “Avoid politics and religion and. “Straight From the Source” (page 44). has occurred since the 1970s. 14 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 . debates—about climate change and its complex and far-reaching inevitably leading to far more serious discussions—and sometimes. are rapidly Linda Kossoff Executive Editor declining in and the National Association of Eco-Friendly Salons & Spas (naefss. Thinking and talking about ongoing. companies and industry organizations are focusing their efforts to address the causes and effects of climate change.nasa. we quoted a spa owner as saying that the Dermatude MetaJect FX50 can be used to treat stretch marks. • The global sea level rose about 17 centimeters. it’s still a debatable issue. or 6. atmospheric levels of heat-trapping carbon dioxide (CO2) remained at a level below 300 parts per million—until 1950. • Most of the Earth’s warming trend. with the rate of the last decade nearly double that of the last century. climate change has a way of demanding attention. soil. potentially altering the formulas in the very products we’ve come to rely upon. However. air.7 inches. in the spa industry. talk about the weather”? It appears that this bit of guidance needs an update. • The amount of CO2 absorbed by the oceans is increasing at a rate of two billion tons per year—leading to a 30% rise in acidity levels. as our planet’s water. For some. growing numbers of spas. when in doubt. R emember when the best advice for preventing controversy when socializing was. with all 10 of the warmest years taking place in the past 12 years. And that’s why “the weather” no longer makes for light cocktail party conversation.

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TREND WATCH Fruit by the Foot Every year. Last comes the application of a hydrating foot in Knoxville. clients nibble fresh local in in Milwaukee. then shaping and cuticle work. A pressurepoint foot and leg massage is performed. eagerly anticipate strawberry season. and nails are painted to perfection. The service begins with a foot soak boosted with cranberry bath salts. BOTTOM: © ISTOCKPHOTO.” says spa owner Tammy Hodges. dusted with powdered sugar and served in a champagne flute./$65) hits the menu. followed by cuticle work. followed by a choice of polish. Cuccio Naturalé products are showcased in the service. But the pièce de résistance? While their tootsies are tended to. “There’s something so indulgent about tasting the first sweet fruit of the season—after all. a strawberry moisturizer is massaged into the calves. “but what really sets this pedicure apart is the scent of papaya. followed by a sweet cream salt scrub./$65). Tennessee. means our guests really look forward to it. “Clients love the soothing benefits of the hot.” enthuses owner Crystal Theocles. nail shaping and exfoliation. featuring SpaRitual’s body products and vegan nail polishes.COM Taking inspiration from farmers’ markets. A double coat of polish forms the final “foot”note. Although it’s a menu mainstay. clients swoon over the CranberryPomegranate Pedicure (60 min. Next./$50) at Scruples Boutique & Day Spa (scruplesdayspa. “The fact that this pedicure is only available when strawberries are at their prime. not to mention its relaxing and exfoliating effect. The service. these spas’ pedicures are putting spring in their clients’ steps! . when clients dare to bare their feet again. Next. offers a tropical twist on the fruit theme. which uses FarmHouse Fresh products.” says Alyssa Mattern. salon coordinator. blueberry-powder milk bath foot soak. typically May and June. Connecticut. Here. steamed towels. the pedicure is a particularly popular pick-me-up come spring. “Our clients love this luxurious pedicure because of the aromatherapy benefits of the fragrant oils and creams used. followed by nail shaping and cuticle care. regulars of Spa 9700 (spa9700. “It’s such a luxurious treat for the feet!” The Papaya Revitalizing Spa Pedicure (60 min. who doesn’t love strawberries?” 18 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 Cranberry pairs with another sweetand-tart red fruit in a spring/summer pedicure at Knick Salon and Spa (knicksalonandspa. Next. a cranberry sugar scrub is applied to the legs and feet—the natural fruit enzymes helping to gently remove dead skin cells and calluses—after which a cranberry-pomegranate body cream is worked into the legs while the feet are draped with hot towels. when the spa’s Strawberry Smash Pedicure (90 min. which isn’t too strong— it’s subtle but it’s ‘there’!” Talk about sweet feet!—Lesley McCave TOP: © CHRIS GRAMLY /GETTY. kicks off with a warm. which begins with a dip in a pedi bowl bubbling with a warm papaya and green tea foot soak. the feet and legs are exfoliated with a mango peel skin polisher and massaged with a papaya and guava butter blend.

Staying true to its key values: NATURE. EFFICACY. SCIENCE. HIGH TOUCH EXPERTISE & WELLNESS throughout the • Use FreeInfo #9 800-533-6276ǁǁǁ LJŽŶŬĂƵƐĂ ĐŽŵĨĂĐĞŬ ĐŽŵzŽŶ<ĂWĂƌŝƐh^ƚǁŝƩĞƌ ĐŽŵ zŽŶ<Ăh^ . dayspamagazine. Yon-Ka® Paris. Available Exclusively at the Best Spas. celebrates its 60th Anniversary of providing botanically based. phyto-aromatherapeutic products and treatments.Discover what French Women Have Been Using to Fight Signs of Aging for SIX DECADES Celebrating 60 Years In 2014. Yon-Ka® Paris’ award winning products ofer outstanding results with no compromise to the skin’s health.


Side Up
These spa treats have us
springing into action!

M’lis Eye Serum

“A unique blend
of proteins and
challenges my
under-eye circles
and puffiness,
while cucumber
provides blissful

“Besides keeping my skin
soft and supple, this luxurious
cream gives off a lovely rose
scent that lingers.”—L.K.

“Talk about a triple
threat! This lightweight
serum works overtime
as a skin brightener,
exfoliator and

The Crave Collection
Hands-Free Skin Brightener
Bella Schneider Beauty
Culminé Essence of Rose
Silky Hand & Body Cream

“Nude nails no more!
This show-stopping
sea shade drew so
many compliments
I’m never going

SpaRitual Nail Lacquer
in Blue Lagoon




APRIL 2014

Jane Iredale—THE
Rose Dawn Bronzer

“Nothing completes
a fabulous Spring
ensemble like a
natural, sun-kissed
complexion, and this
bronzer delivers!”—A.M.







Youngblood Lip Tint
SPF 15 in Poppy

“My lips tend to get dehydrated as the
weather warms up, but this nourishing
lip tint keeps the dryness at bay!”—A.M.

“I like how
this powerful
formula of
retinol and
hyaluronic acid
like hitting the
reverse button
on the aging
GlyMed Plus
Retinol Restart
Rejuvenation Serum

“With its double whammy
of red algae and red clay, this
gentle scrub/mask left my
skin smooth for days.”—L.M.

PCA Skin
Purifying Mask

“A luxurious
lather and a
natural, uplifting
fragrance? This
peppy polishand-wash may
yet make me
a morning
Shower Polish

“A magical combo of rosemary
and lemon works wonders on
my skin, leaving it clean and
Iroha Radical Day Cleansing
Facial Mask—Lemon




APRIL 2014

no other dermal pen or device can match. Using our exclusive FX50 device you will deliver constant power of up to 120 perforations per second.REJUVENATION FROM INSIDE OUT RESTORATION THROUGH MICRO PERFORATIONS WHAT IS EDICAL MEDICAL STHETICAL ESTHETICAL ISSUE TISSUE CTIVATION? ACTIVATION? Dermatude’s exclusive META Therapy system allows you to deliver consistent results while being minimally invasive. Combining our unique formulation of Subjectable’s and Serums enhances the restorative natural results achieved through micro-perforation treatment. Using the Dermatude patented precision cartridge allows you the safety of an enclosed single use needle cartridge system equipped with an inner protection membrane to prevent the back ˊow of ˊ • Use FreeInfo #11 T H E F A C E L I F T A L T E R N A T I V E . COM | USA @ D ERMATU D E . No other pen or roller offers this kind of protection.COM dayspamagazine. CA LL TODAY TO LEA RN MORE 855-309-0313 D ERM AT UDE .

These 100% organic. EUROPRO EQUIPMENT was a new addition to Bio Jouvance Paris.S. The combination of aesthetics and science would be the model for every Bio Jouvance skin care innovation over the next three decades. 30 years ago. Bio Jouvance Paris utilizes these advanced technologies to create a wide range of unique skin care products for Mature/SunDamaged.ADVERTORIAL Bio Jouvance Paris Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary All real progress begins with a vision. and opened the first Bio Jouvance Paris Spa. Bio Jouvance Signature Treatments. and with a combined 70 years of experience. EMA Clinical (Exclusive Medical Advances). Ultrasound Microdermabrasion and LED Light Treatment. founders of Bio Jouvance Paris. As Bio Jouvance celebrates its 30th year in the business.biojouvance.biojouvance. please call 800.S. Sonia and Raymond were able to translate this discovery into an unprecedented line of fresh-frozen skin care and become the first to introduce Fresh Frozen Stem Cell Therapy in the U. we understand your needs and concerns in offering an exceptional and results-oriented skin care. These exclusive results have lifted Bio Jouvance Paris to unrivaled status in the skin care industry. and its latest addition. use of Ultrasound in esthetics and Microneedling (to name a few) are now available to estheticians. For more information. For Sonia Boghosian and Raymond Scimouni. where research allows them to push open the door of skin care a little further with every new product introduction. In 1993.272. Bio Jouvance Paris incorporated “Gemmotherapy” into the formulation of its complete product DNA Therapy. applied and marketed for specific clientele. Sonia and Raymond took the Bio Jouvance touch to Southern California. The company takes a special pride in being the first equipment company to introduce Ultrasound. the vision was not merely to push the skin care envelope. including BIO GOLD Cleopatra’s 24K Gold. and estheticians hand-picked and trained by Sonia who were ready to demonstrate and share Bio Jouvance Paris products and equipment to those interested in learning more about Bio Jouvance Paris systems and solutions. together with a full complement of luxurious Bio Jouvance Paris products. Sonia and Raymond stay updated on the latest discoveries and science in skin care by attending trade shows and conventions worldwide and spending time in their laboratories in France and other countries in Europe. Affirms Sonia. These powerhouse young cells could transmit their vitality to older skin cells via a process known as “cryo-therapy” (utilizing cold to enhance the treatment). Our products adjust biologically to meet the needs of each client’s specific skin not through cooking/ boiling. Other breakthroughs ensued. pure plant extracts are preserved through a remarkable and patented process called the “Biogaphyt Concept. Bio Matrix Wrinkle Filler (No-Needle Alternative to Restylane®). BIO CAVIAR Anti-Aging. As a pioneer in the skin care industry. and extraordinary products such as Bio Choice (No-Needle Alternative to Botox®). your needs are met with high-quality products and equipment at a price that will maximize your profits. Today. and BIO DIAMOND Exfoliating and whitening are extraordinary and truly effective treatments that can be viewed on our website at www. Our unique systems and solutions can be easily understood. At Bio Jouvance Paris.” SONIA BOGHOSIAN The first Bio Jouvance products were based on Nobel-Prize-winning discoveries in cellular therapy: “Stem Cell Therapy” that allows healthy young cells to be flashfrozen at the height of their youth and strength. Through her timeless efforts and determination. . Acne/Oily. Rosacea and Pigmented skin. which is the use of plant blossoms and entire plants for their specific phytogenesis properties. the couple remains committed to incorporating cutting-edge scientific progress into the area of beauty and skin care. Stem Cell Therapy. Bio Jouvance is making its skin care revolution available to everyone with the complete line of Bio Jouvance Paris: professional lines for salon treatment and retail lines for home care including Bio Body and Bio Wax. that specializes in manufacturing the best professional equipment in the U. preserving 92-98% of plant vitality and nutrients. Sonia and Raymond decided to take their ideas across the Atlantic. “I am committed to transcend the boundaries of the skin care and spa industries. with a state-of-the-art training center: the latest equipment and technology. soil in San Francisco. Their iconoclastic combination of smart science and spa pampering in the new formulation of organic and scientific skin care went beyond established limits. but to reinvent it.” This process involves water reduction through vibration. distribution and training center on U. BIO CHOCOLATE Antioxidant. Quickly Sonia was acknowledged as one of the industry’s leaders for her efforts and continuous support of the esthetics industry. By 1986. Utilizing the “Biogaphyt Concept” in the formulation of high-end products allows stabilization of the entire plant organ. Bio Jouvance Paris is committed to transcend the boundaries of skin care in the skin care industry with exciting new products and services as they are developed in Europe and around the world.1716 or visit our website at www. Bio Roller micro needling. which is commonly used in the formulation of ordinary skin care lines.

com/freeinfo • Use FreeInfo #12 . booth #415 dayspamagazine.See us at: International Congress of Esthetics & Spa Miami April 6-7.

the well-measured style of the Dairyland isn’t so far-fetched. Alpine-esque town tucked between Chicago 26 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 and Milwaukee. Between 1968 and 1982. The Marcus Hotels property is set on 1. satin bunny costumes. outdoor adventure. By Katie O’Reilly Wisconsin may not be the first place that comes to mind when one thinks “wellness getaway. snowboarders— and Playboy bunnies. In fact. the 60s-era legacy lives on in Grand Geneva’s Frank Lloyd Wright-style . and food and drink served by young women garbed in iconic. and superb cheese and beer—that beckoned me to experience the Grand Geneva Resort & Spa. That’s right: Grand Geneva occupies the site of media mogul Hugh Hefner’s firstever Playboy Club & Resort. it holds great appeal for spa-goers who prefer extra-friendly guidance and unpretentious luxury.300 bucolic (and often snow-covered) acres in Lake Geneva. Wisconsin’s WELL Spa & Salon at Grand Geneva manifests a robust and accessible brand of rejuvenation. skiers. a rabbit-headed gold Playboy key gained guests entry to the rooms at this Midwestern mecca of recreation. It’s these—plus opportunities to enjoy Himalayan salt-infused massage. entertainment (Bob Hope and Sonny & Cher are just some of the big names who’ve performed here).” But. Once the site of lavish decadence. Although the resort’s former “bunny dorms” are now occupied by maintenance crews. The area has long been known as a gathering place for boaters.SPA HOPPING Gentle Warrior Grand Geneva’s WELL Spa oozes luxury with an outdoorsy vibe. a quaint. considering today’s increasing tendency to embrace an “everything-in-moderation” ethos.

6457 | biotone. Each unique blend combines six 100% pure-grade essential oil synergies with Jojoba. Now you can offer specialized aromatherapy treatments using five luxurious glide massage lotions. mixing and mess. Shea and Mango delivering professional results that deliver clients to an extraordinary place of mind-body healing. Order Now 800. • Use FreeInfo #15 . expertly-crafted.445.Aromatherapy expert with the twist of a cap We’ve done the work for you. Even on the sales floor. It’s that easy. Skip the measuring. Let clients bring home the luscious aromas and well-being benefits of their treatment. Our ultra-hydrating body lotions and butters are perfectly sized and designed making it easy to find their dayspamagazine. that come pre-blended.

child care is available one floor below.” Despite its sporty crowd. fuzzy-booted young women skiing where they were least likely to sustain an injury. and a lobby chock-full of Playboy Club relics and black-and-white photos. In fact. crystalline salt lamps—there’s one placed in each of its 19 treatment rooms and throughout its communal spaces. “And since the spa industry is no longer just about pampering or frivolity. petting zoo and candy-covered holiday festivals. the attractively utilitarian WELL Spa shares space with a towering rock-climbing wall. cavern-like glow. handmade piece of Himalayansalted caramel. “It’s all about skiing. because the spa and resort both do considerable business among youngsters and families. And here. Upon checking in and changing into 28 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 A fitness studio a robe as white as Wisconsin’s accommodates snowy plains. who enjoy 20% off all spa and salon services (40% on Thursdays).” supposedly coined when spectators would gather to catch views of the scantily clad. on the same property where “Hef” used to challenge his guests to playful rounds of tennis and racquetball. snowshoeing and horseback riding here—so the spa setup speaks to the active lifestyle we promote at Grand Geneva./$50) and even a haircut/style/rock-climbing package (90 min./$65). It’s a good thing. casting a dim. This isn’t surprising when you consider that the gym boasts 600 annual members. as shown by its extensive Junior Spa Menu. the property’s “colorful” history doesn’t seem to diminish its family appeal. the spa is almost entirely illuminated by pinkish. and it takes full advantage of that co-existence. tennis and basketball courts.” explains spa director John Morris. a heart-shaped lake. thanks in no small part to its indoor water park. personal training sessions (60 min. and Pilates studios. Gym rats cross paths with spa-goers in the lounges. makeup lessons (30 min. “We focus on the era-defining music and culture that happened here—in our recording studios and on our stages. According to local lore. the former Playboy embassy keeps things G-rated in both the men’s and women’s saunas. a bunny-shaped pond.” Family is also welcomed at WELL.SPA HOPPING architecture (Hefner thought the spread-out nature of prairie-style design afforded guests optimal privacy). Offerings include facials and massage (which require swimsuits and the presence of parents). I’m offered a yoga classes. Grand Geneva’s skiing facilities are birthplace to the term “bunny slope. refrigerators and cell phones. which she says help to neutralize the anxiety-inducing effects of the positive ions dispersed by modern machinery such as TVs. adding. and it’s common for athletes to plunk themselves onto the treatment tables following grueling workouts. “We treat our legacy as something nostalgic and historical. I don my swimsuit. steam rooms and pool facilities./$50). With some time to spare before my massage. a requirement for a dip in the Himalayan-salted whirlpool. we try to blend our offerings into our overarching message of wellness. now sits Grand Geneva’s Scandinavianstyle WELL Spa & Salon. as well as on our guest lists. Interestingly. For those who’d rather keep family and spa time separate.” Morris explains. Candy at a spa? But wait… my attendant explains that Himalayan salt emits negative ions. . Indeed. A GOOD FIT An oasis of clean lines and exposed wood. WELL Spa spares no spalike flourishes. • Use FreeInfo #16 .

The program is held bimonthly (and additionally by special arrangement) and serves six to eight participants at a time. recycled tiger clam shells used in my treatment are infused 30 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 with heat and oil. The spa should represent more than just their paycheck. allinclusive wellness retreat ($1. But when my therapist. . “We seek outgoing therapists with hospitality in their DNA. Plus. temperatures.” he explains. director Morris encourages it. a signature blend of tai chi. eat well and be well. program participants have varying ideas about how to fulfill those objectives. By the time Rachel asks me to flip over.SPA HOPPING The spa’s wellness retreats feature healthful fare and an extra helping of nutritional guidance. plus a scalp massage. SOME LIKE IT HOT WELL’s standard spa treatments include a full lineup of massage and signature specialties. which Rachel adjusts to my cold-blooded liking.” Morris reports. rather than scalding. led by the facility’s group fitness and special events coordinator. and seem to sustain their heat. Soon I find myself deeply appreciative of the shells’ alternative function: they peak at steaming. Sindy Leibbrand. which contain massive Swiss showers. yoga and Pilates.” Truly. which translates to less “hot potato” stone-switching for the therapist. I soon learn that Leibbrand is also known as one of WELL Spa’s two “Wellness Warriors”—the other is nutritionist Laura Timmers. comes to fetch me in the relaxation lounge—a tasteful.000). Devising treatments and rolling out quarterly specials is a collaborative effort between Morris and his lead massage therapist. It revolves around three pillars: move well. “We frequently host resort employees so they can familiarize themselves with the spa’s offerings. and then meet for biweekly brainstorming sessions. In early 2013. a re-energizer employing salt powder-infused oil and detoxifying aromatherapy. Rachel. This synergy carries into resort relations too.” WISHING WELL After my treatment. I’m thrilled by the heated treatment bed. and Nature’s Embrace. a three-day. And Rachel. a twist on the classic hot-stone service. “If you think you need an intensive three days of ‘Shred’ classes and rock-climbing and eating macrobiotic. We start in the wet treatment areas. just about everyone I encounter is so primed to chat about wellness technology and trends that subdued “spa voices” are practically foreign here. I’m tempted by the Himalayan Massage. with black-and-white accents—I’m escorted into a dimly lit treatment room to experience the Lava Shell Massage. candlelit space sparsely appointed in deep mahogany. the women hold more than 40 specialty fitness and wellness certifications. so retreat-planning involves plenty of consultation over the phone. is no exception. I’m half-wondering if I’ve melted into the treatment table. which features a dry-brush exfoliation followed by a nourishing wrap of hydrating mud. We also pass a packed fitness studio where several women are taking Body Flow.200-$2. from front-desk staff to fitness class leaders. lead esthetician and salon manager. She invites me to select from a wide range of aromatherapy oils for my experience. they pooled their expertise to devise WELL Spa’s newest offering. Of course. Rachel takes me on a tour of her favorite spots in the facility. Diverging from protocol isn’t a problem at WELL Spa. the marketing department sends about three or four brides to consult with me each day. in fact. all of whom regularly consult with their respective teams. “This works out great because other departments end up bringing our therapists into corporate events to perform chair massages. All told. eager to explain how the beautiful. and move on to the bamboo-lined pool. and I choose an invigorating blend of juniper and black pine. “They should like to exceed expectations and to customize.

com/freeinfo • Use FreeInfo #14 .dayspamagazine.

plains and trails beckon me to conquer them./$205) 32 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 Expansive spa ing live cooking demos wherein expert space lends itself chefs offer up nutritional guidance and to group getaways. 3 hair stations Staff: 25 massage therapists. Bioelements. Kenra. Phytomer.000 Most popular treatments: Himalayan Massage (50-80 min. quiet lounge. Lava Shell Massage (75 min. ./$185). I feel my time inside WELL has indeed been kind and gentle—but it has also released an inner warrior of sorts. Moroccanoil.” Leibbrand says. café.” “It’s about working with a kinder. then dress and step out into the Midwestern vortex recently described as polar. “But if what you need to be well is to come with your friends for index. sauna and whirlpool.000 square feet (including fitness facilities) Facilities: Reception. 10 front-desk staff/attendants Products used/retailed: Annakari. the Wellness Warriors took a cue from the “mini treatment” spa trend.” All retreats include daily personal consultations. Youngblood Client visits per month: More than 2. 19 treatment rooms.) Starting this year.asp Opened: 1994 Size: 42. and lunches served in a private villa near the spa. men’s and women’s locker rooms with steam room. take-home recipes. a spa treatment and a fitness class. Wisconsin night air. Biotone. boutique.” Morris remarks. 16 nail stations. (Leibbrand is candid regarding her inspiration for this ritual: “I saw it on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Each retreat finishes with a farewell ceremony in which participants light paper lanterns. We’re not trying to be The Biggest Loser. we’re happy to do that too. My breath is visible. Katie O’Reilly is a Wilmington. 7 estheticians. Nature’s Embrace (80 min. flexibility is key to wellness. my limbs feel loose. North Carolina-based writer. and the nearby hills. fitness studio. cast wellness wishes and send their fiery intentions into the clear. “We still consult with the guest beforehand and recommend offerings based on her needs and fitness level. 15 cosmetologists.SPA HOPPING we’ll make it happen./$99-$169). gentler Wellness Warrior. which includes a meal in the villa. nonstop spa treatments and some light strip-aerobics.” Leibbrand says. featur- WELL SPA & SALON AT GRAND GENEVA RESORT Website: grandgeneva. And as I round out my visit with an invigorating sauna session. and launched the abbreviated One-Day Wellness Retreat ($300). “but what she does is ultimately up to her.” she confesses with a laugh.

We couldn’t think of anything better than letting Moonglow be our inspiration to cele ate our 20th anniversary. products and shades that will send you er the mn.magic hour “From the moment we released it. So that’s what you’ll find in our golden magic hour 800 762 1132 USA Germany New Zealand Russia dayspamagazine.” spring collection NEW Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliners Find out how to become a jane iredale partner • Use FreeInfo #17 . Moonglow became one of our hoest products. janeiredale.

and include the Earth & Sea Scrub (50 min. as well as massage and nail buffing components to promote healthy and renewed skin and nails. M’lis Salmon Oil Omega-3 SoftGels Harnessing the omega fatty acid-rich properties of salmon oil. wrap and massage or facial./$160). our Goddess of the Sea treatment (80 min. hydropeptide. which features a proprietary blend of sea salt. HydroPeptide Cleansing Gel Marinebased hyaluronic acid combines with peptide technology for a foaming wash that lifts away all traces of makeup and impurities without over-drying the skin. that exfoliates and sloughs dead skin cells./$155). which uses warm tiger clam shells to massage the shoulders and neck area.932. Florida: I’m proud to say we offer a variety of marine-based treatments at the spa. working to protect the skin and retain its moisture.SPOTLIGHT ON. San Diego: We have several: an Island Sands Body Polish (50 min. Beverly Fox-Crismond. botanicalscience.PEVONIA./$155). Our body treatments are all marine-based. spa and salon manager at the Hotel del Coronado./$180). Marine-Based Treatments Spa pros share some of their favorite seafaring treatments and products.0569. 800. our Shell Coronado Massage (50 min. Under the Sea Solutions Botanical Science Restorative Marine Moisturizer Red marine algae helps improve skin’s moisture levels and combats fine lines and wrinkles. which couples heated tiger clam shells with our signature ocean oil.7546./$120) involves a thorough exfoliation.. our traditional scrub that blends desert and sea salts. and our Seaside Wrap (50 min.9873.668. blue/green algae.548. 800. and healthy nails and skin. and chilled gastropod (sea snail) shells to reduce puffiness around the eyes. aloe and coconut milk. 800. Healing Sea Cocoon (80 min./$160) and the Sea Of Life Anti-Aging Facial (80 min. cognitive function. Pevonia Spa Clinica Micro-Retinol Essential Moisturizer Marine collagen and elastin are the stars of this high-performing formula./$245)./$120 or 80 min. By Sarah Carrillo What marine-based treatments do you offer? Corey Menotti.8051./$180) and the Sea Foam Envelopment (80 min.227. mliscompany. the Shell Coronado Facial (80 min./$120). Our facials include the deeply hydrating Ocean Mist Facial (50 min. both of which are customized for every possible skin type./$240)./$180).net 34 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 Phytomer Seaweed Soap The deepcleansing powers of seaweed are utilized in this invigorating soap. spa director at One Ocean Resort & Spa in Atlantic . a combination scrub.. The Beachcomber Manicure and Pedicure (90 min. these dietary supplements promote bone and joint health. pevoniapro.

opi. apply Be Magentale with Me to the other side. Cover 2/3 /3 of the nail with a diagonal swoosh of Be Magentale with Me. Call 800. keep p applying pp y g shorter and shorter coats. and create it.999 99 or visit pro. apply another coat. Bask in the glow! CENTER OF ATTENTION Apply I’m Never Amberrassed to one side of the nail. Fade to gorgeous! G TTER CHANGEUP GLI DEVELOP A NEW COLOR THEORY COLOR-TINTE ED Layer shades over each other! Ye low + blue = green. with small brush create geometric shapes using Alpine Snow. .EASE INTO OMBRE Apply a coat to the entire • ©2014 OPI Products Inc.. Get noticed! dimensional nail color. then the lower 1/3 with a second swoosh. IIn nsta ant transformation! TOP COATS S BREAK INTO STAINED GLASS DISCOVER THE HOLLYWOOD MANICURE Apply thin coat of Alpine Snow as base. e. Yel Pinkk + yellow = orange.341. fll in shapes with all four Sheer Tints shades. con nceptualize it. Be Magental With Me. Red carpet fabulous! WATCH THE SUNSET OMBR M E Apply bright yellow I Just Can’t ’t Cope-acabana to nails. Let it shine! SHEER TINTS FROM LEFT T RIGHT: I’m Never Amberrassed. dream it.9 . I Can Teal You Like Me Apply two coats of your favorite Sheer Tin nts shade to the entire nail and add pur ure e white Alpine Snow to the tips ps. stopping short of the frst. You do d the math! Ap App pply Sheer Tints over yo our favorite glitter. Don’t Violet Me Down. with small brush add stripe of Alpine Snow. Dermalogica MAP-15 Regenerator Infused with algae extracts. minerals and essential fatty acids found in the earth and sea. Algae is a natural Under the Sea Solutions (continued) Ilike Rosehip Gel Mask Made with carrageenan. exfoliate and oxygenate the body. and follow with an application of Moroccan oil. Kristine Halsted.. 888. Canada: We carry marinebased line Phytomer and try to incorporate marinebased products into all of our services. which helps restore skin health and improve overall appearance via organic./$105). slimming.290. Which marine-based ingredients are your favorites and why? Halsted: I like to work with freeze-dried algae because you can easily mix it with different ingredients such as essential oils and waters. 800. Fox-Crismond: We use the marine-based line from TecNiche BioTech Oil A powerful antioxidant peptide derived from a deep sea bacteria strain helps protect and hydrate even the most fragile of complexions. 480.404. we exfoliate the skin with marine sea salt. New Jersey: Our wide range of treatments for both men and women includes massage. repechage. Algae is pretty amazing stuff—it has high mineral content and vitamins.5150. We employ a tingling algae mousse in our Ocean Memory Marine Ritual ($215). hydrating and soothing in other skincare products. technically advanced formulations that combine the many vitamins. this powder-to-emulsion formula stimulates collagen production. It feels amazing! Clients also get to take the mineral salt stamp home with them. During the massage. body 36 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 Repêchage C-Serum Seaweed Filtrate Highly concentrated seaweed extract helps prevent dehydration and fine lines and restores skin vitality. Just think of how fantastic you feel after a swim in the ocean! You just don’t find such all-inclusive benefits like detoxification. skin care. mineral salt stamps and the algae mousse are applied to the spine to draw out toxins and impurities. What are the benefits of employing marinebased ingredients in spa treatments? Bush: I believe they can deliver truly healing results. and customize the service to the clients’ individual needs. In our Moroccan Perfect Body (60 min.533.. .SPOTLIGHT Yon-Ka Paris Phyto-Gel Exfoliant Containing red seaweed and protein-rich algae. amino acids and antibacterial properties that allow the body to be restored and balanced. a red algae and vegan alternative to gelatin. rebalancing. which uses a marine-based scrub to cleanse. tecniche.7409. We offer the Ocean Glow Body Scrub (45 min./$95).6276. 800. this aromatic and refreshing mask reduces inflammation and hydrates the skin. spa director at Serenity Spa By the Falls at the Niagara Falls Marriott Fallsview Hotel & Spa in Ontario. dermalogica.7546. brightens and helps prevent signs of aging. a 100-minute service that includes a full-body scrub and rhythmic massage. supervisor of Sea Spa at Congress Hall for Cape Resorts Group in Cape May.248. wraps.6238. yonkausa. this foaming shower gel deeply cleanses while gently removing dead skin cells.831. Skin is left feeling smooth and radiant! Kylie Bush. bronzing and nail services using marine-based products. • Use FreeInfo #13 .

What type of client would benefit from these marine-based treatments? Halsted: Anyone looking for a deep cleaning or detoxification will benefit. Menotti: I prefer sea salt because it’s purifying.325.6245. supple and 38 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 Biotone Marine Therapy Pedi-Scrub and Pedi-Balm A blend of sea fennel. while shea butter nourishes and increases suppleness. hydrate or relieve tension. Halsted: We market them through our brochure. It helps keep skin soft. Fox-Crismond: There’s something for every client and skin type. It also promotes relaxation and revitalization in both the body and face. peppermint and shea butter to exfoliate and hydrate the feet. 800.445. DermAware Deep Sea Serum Hydrating seaweed. Under the Sea Solutions (continued) Cuccio Naturalé Professional Pedicure Scentual Salt Soak Stressed skin is naturally softened and refreshed thanks to the potent powers of sea kelp and tea tree. in-room collateral and concierge. We also retail marine-based products that revitalize the skin and boost hydration levels for those guests with drier complexions. We also market the spa to our resort guests through our website. dermaware. shiraesthetics. leaving it more supple and youthfullooking. we can recommend an ideal treatment.. we are surrounded by Mother Nature and believe it’s important to take advantage of these natural resources. digital on-property signage.DERM. Since we’re located on the Atlantic coast.292. 888. sothys-usa.4472. How do you market your sea-based services? Fox-Crismond: Our staff is well trained in the benefits of marine-based Sothys USA Softening Cream Algae re-mineralizes and improves radiance in the skin. soothing agent and anti-inflammatory. 800. website and the product line we carry in-spa. Menotti: Since we use a blend of both desert.6457. cuccio.762.and Menotti: We make the most of our proximity to the desert and ocean by cultivating relationships with local producers to promote local ingredients. sea rocket and laminaria digitata joins forces with soothing lavender. Whether the guest is seeking to purify. biotone.SPOTLIGHT ON. clients with either dry or oily skin can benefit from this dual usage. 800.0503. For someone with oily or acne-prone skin we offer an algae mask that helps by drawing out impurities and excess oil..957. All of our estheticians and therapists are trained to answer questions. 800. buoyant and boasts highly developed leaching properties. coral and kinetin help quench parched complexions and soothe skin after a peel or microdermabrasion . so they’re our biggest advocates. customize and develop the best treatments for our guests. emulsifier. ocean-based ingredients in many of our Shira Esthetics C-Weed Nourishing Serum Seaweed and vitamin C join forces to hydrate the skin. • Use FreeInfo #21 .

“Spas need more than just a list of services at the front counter. leg. “Its antioxidants not only neutralize free radicals. MustHaveMenus allows you to access its support staff. as impactful as they could be? Ashland. as well as management tools that facilitate easy menu updating across all platforms. bikini. Retail Superstar The spa: Mitchell’s Salon and Day Spa. hair removal powerhouse GiGi. We replace all that work with just a few clicks!” .com) and on its new YouTube channel (youtube. Another great selling point with all GlyMed products is that they’re so concentrated. To help you turn your estheticians into “waxing wizards”. We remove the hassle of going to a thirdparty printer or a web technician for online setup. Online services like these save business owners time and money. and other printed items. They can browse templates by size. spa café recently launched a series of new waxing instructional videos designed to promote the proper use and techniques of the company’s waxes and waxing accessories. so you only need a small amount. arm and underarm waxing as well as setup and cleanup. including mobile devices and social media. and moving pictures speak loudest of all. the short. licorice root and white mulberry extracts. “GiGi believes it is important for professionals to stay ahead of the curve. every six weeks they post in-house ‘What’s Your Problem?’ signage including in the elevators. in addition to sending out regular email blasts.BUILDING BLOCKS Smooth Operator Pictures speak louder than words when it comes to training your staff in waxing. with five locations in Cincinnati The star: GlyMed Plus Living Cell Clarifier Why it flies off the shelves: “We use this little powerhouse ‘cocktail’ in nearly ROBIN DRAKE all our facial treatments and facial waxings. Oregon-based MustHaveMenus (musthavemenus. We recommend this product to every client and because they see how quickly it delivers results it’s a very easy sell!” How it’s promoted: “We have a stellar marketing team. “These how-to videos will teach them proper waxing techniques and time-saving tips for faster. and printed materials such as menus present a great opportunity for doing just that. while giving them the opportunity to reinforce their brand message. and choose ‘sets’ that include treatment menus. the spa’s esthetics department manager. an American International Industries brand. Mag-C and Ester-C to reduce inflammation and pigmentation. attracting new clients and impressing existing ones. a way to make a lasting impression with customers.” explains Drake.” The videos are available on GiGi’s website (gigispa.” says senior brand manager Regina enables business owners to create and customize their own professionalquality menus online at an affordable price. more effective hair removal. “These have been very successful in educating our clients on the benefits of our products: we talk about the featured item and what specific concern it will address. business cards and gift certificates.” 40 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 Hungry for Success One of the trickiest things spa and salon owners must do is differentiate their business from the competition’s. easy-to-follow videos offer useful tips. Is your menu. lip. it contains bearberry. theme and cost. Covering the particulars of brow. search for “GiGi Spa”). That keeps down the cost per application. plus handy summaries at the end of each piece.” says Robin Drake. increasing customer loyalty and giving them a leg up in their field.” notes CEO Jim Williams. “They need a sales tool.

and that means reminding them of the rewards for doing so. 75 min. turning over our lounge to these large parties works out well because they’re effectively using all the treatment rooms while they’re here. whose washers and dryers work in tandem. LORI DODD “I post little signs throughout the spa telling customers that if they rebook on that day for a future appointment within 30 days they get 10% off that next appointment. When you want your book to stay full you need to rebook clients as much as possible. PRO TOOLS The pro: Lori Dodd. The durable and hardworking Germanengineered machines ensure improved workflow and reduced costs. and residual moisture sensors that detect when the load is dry and turn the machine off automatically. as well as a homecare prescription to maintain skin between monthly visits.’ explains Dodd. Westport and Greenwich.” she adds. Some revenue is better than none!” dayspamagazine. “In less than 24 hours clients notice how their skin appears younger. Many salon and spa owners simply aren’t aware of how much energy is consumed—and how much money is spent—in the laundering process alone.” says company founder Flora Vergnolle. and conservation should be at the top of the list. The treatment features seven steps using the company’s products. these days more skincare manufacturers are making it easier by creating “turnkey” treatments that emphasize the brightening component. ‘What discount will you be giving us?’ I tell them we don’t discount for group bookings. And while residential washers and dryers tend to cost less than their commercial counterparts. It takes quite an effort to coordinate these events. we serve complimentary ‘schnibbles’— it costs me about $25 for a bottle of prosecco and some nice cheese. visit miele-pro. Fortunately.” 3.Bright Idea “Skin brightening” seems to be at the top of many facial clients’ wish lists these days. fruit and crackers. The three Rs! “At Dream Spa they are ‘Relax. Rebook and Receive. based on higher operating speeds and temperatures. “This treatment brings an efficient answer to skin aging. “I never hesitate to ask a client to move her appointment by 15 or 30 minutes if it means we can accommodate more business. At our Westport | APRIL 2014 41 . One example is the 5D from Paris facial protocol from Provence Cosmetics (suggested time/price. The Little Giant and Octoplus models.” notes Dodd. “Wiggle and jiggle it! Never say no to a client—find a way to make it happen!” says Dodd. the highest spin speeds of any washer on the market.” 2. visit provencecosmetics. A New Spin There’s no better time than Earth Month to take stock of how green your business is. As a gift. For more information. yet spa owners feel pressured into offering discounts. For further details. include features and benefits such as: washer bearings that last at least 25. One option in commercial appliances is Miele Professional. Working the book. whose washers and dryers are designed with long-term economic benefits for salon and spa owners in mind./$125). owner. “The first thing these clients say is. and I set it up myself. brighter and more radiant. “There’s a dedicated person—me!—who handles our group bookings. and having a well-branded and easily promotable facial protocol that delivers a visible brightening effect is a great way to encourage regular spa visits. Group Connecticut Her tools: 1. extra-large lint filters in the dryer that allow for up to 16 loads to be dried without cleaning. they aren’t made for continual use and may need replacing every year. Work your wait list too: there are last-minute cancellations every day and if you don’t have an active wait list that time and money are lost forever! We also send a ‘daily deals’ email blast offering early appointment times the next morning at a slight discount.000 operating Dream Spa & Salon.

macadamia.7332. tecniche.WIN IT! MUST HAVE For a chance to score the products here. STYLING: CRISTEN WILSON & ANGELA MELERO 9 PHOTOGRAPHY: ARMANDO SANCHEZ. this face cream comforts the skin after sun exposure.548. while increasing collagen production. 800. purefiji. eminenceorganics. aiibeauty. M’lis Vitamin B12 These daily lozenges help promote healthy functioning of the Essie 2014 Bridal Collection in Love Every Minute This peachy-pink hue will have clients feeling like a blushing bride! 800. 720.7409.325.8566. designed to rejuvenate. Éminence Arctic Berry Peptide Radiance Cream A potent peptide complex of hibiscus seed. nerves and blood Sciote Skin Omni Phyto-Cell Serum Skin gets a nourishment boost with this potent blend of phyto stem cells and TecNiche BeeDazzle Mask A unique blend of refining AHAs and healing manuka honey delivers a rejuvenating effect to the skin. sciote.622.8966. mliscompany. yellow plum and gardenia helps decrease fine lines and Sothys USA After-Sun Anti-Ageing Treatment Infused with lychee extract. sikeci and dilo nut oils join forces to hydrate and condition the skin. 480. helping to retain its youthfulness.477.0503.496.4283. 800. 888. Pure Fiji Nourishing Exotic Oil Guava Infusion Virgin Product Premiere 2 3 Check out these newbies sprouting up this month! 1 5 4 6 7 8 1 4 7 2 5 8 3 6 9 China Glaze Surprise Collection in Glitter Up Turn every manicure into a party with this confetti-like polish clients are sure to love! 800. essie.0569. visit 42 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 Malibu C Acne C Wellness Serum This non-drying formula deeply penetrates acne-prone skin to promote a clearer complexion.6342. malibuc.404.

com dayspamagazine.THE GLOBAL LEADER IN PERMANENT COSMETICS. trai Europe a i he USA Deliver the best Visit us at nouveaucontourusa. more ha ime YOUR FUTURE IS WAITING FOR YOU AT THE NOUVEAU CONTOUR ACADEMY Two convenient locations. Low stude atios. True digital power. preferred by experts world-wide. DON’T MISS OUT Contact us at 877-628-7201 or email us at • Use FreeInfo #20 . DEVICES AND EDUCATION most Work with the rie expe or nc-academy. your clie will be amazed! The Intelligent Work with the best devices. Orlando Florida & Las Vegas Nevada HURRY CLASS SPACE IS LIMITED.

where eco-friendly ingredient sourcing is another way to attract clients. © PETER ZELEI/GETTY By Tracy Morin .Straight Source From the Beauty industry manufacturers go the extra (green) mile to source eco-friendly ingredients from across the globe. and skincare manufacturers are meeting that demand—in part by making concentrated efforts to use sustainable practices when sourcing product ingredients. In honor of Earth Month. 44 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 Today’s spa consumers and practitioners are increasingly seeking natural. DAYSPA presents 11 manufacturers committed to painstaking. planetsaving harvesting practices. This is especially true of the spa industry. skin-safe solutions that minimize negative environmental impact.


Luckily. components and other natural resource inputs. vice president.” says Dave Rapaport. argan oil from Morocco. The protection of biodiversity is key: “We reference our Soil to Bottle practices and sourcing relationships in most of our promotional materials and share wonderful videos of some of these partnerships through social media channels. the ongoing battle against pests. global director of product development for Santa Monica. earth and community care for Aveda. they’ll trust the source and therefore the science behind the benefits. The company obtains rose and lavender oil from Bulgaria. and focusing on cultivating healthy soil. California-based Aveda sources key ingredients from small growers and wild harvesters around the world—helping sustain environmentally responsible communities and working to protect biodiversity. headquartered in Blaine.” Aveda aveda. and has coined the term “Soil to Bottle” to describe these concentrated efforts. active extracts: hand-picking flowers. which allows formulators to select only healthy petals and create pure-flower blends. which maximizes nutrient content and vitality in herbs. Jurlique grows a variety of plants and incorporates those roots.“We find inspiration in nature and believe that nature is not merely something to be cherished and protected. and education and outreach programs that raise awareness about and offer solutions to environmental challenges. producing.” posits Pietz. feel. limited use of farming space due to plant rotations. but also should be emulated as a model of sustainability. affiliates and suppliers are encouraged to carry out Aveda’s commitment partially through innovative research and development processes that promote the use of environmentally preferable raw On its organic farm located in South Australia. processing and farming by hand. “Aveda develops close working partnerships with communities and/or suppliers as primary sources for specific ingredients. smell or eat. Checking pesticides and herbicides at the door.” Challenges associated with these farming methods include the cost of growing. if it’s something they can touch. we believe that nature is the best beauty artist of all.” For increased impact.Straight From the Source Jurlique jurlique.” laughs Richard Pietz. Aveda’s mission also involves partnering with salon/spa professionals around the world to develop sustainable businesses. modern technical advances have helped bolster what the company can draw from botanicals—and use those ingredients more effectively. Minnesota. “Botanicals have remained a go-to source simply because there is power in nature. the company follows strict sustainable farming methods to deliver highly potent. “Our plants live a pampered life.” says Rapaport. Employees. flowers and herbs into its skincare products. distributors. and the constant composting required to maintain organic matter in the soil at maximum levels. “At Aveda. weeds and weather.” 46 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 . “It’s a natural progression from better farming and handpicked plants to beautiful skin. buriti oil from Brazil and sandalwood from Australia. Pietz stresses that the efforts made to nurture these precious plants are a non-negotiable cornerstone of Jurlique. “People want to use known ingredients that they can pronounce and that are physically identifiable.

Naturopathica naturopathica. “This method not only produces extracts with maximum purity and potency. There are associated challenges. “There’s no risk of contaminated Sustainability has been part of the Phytomer creed since its inception in 1971. but the past decade has allowed for even greater advances. “Because spas know where our materials come from. storage. Recognized in 2013 by the Green Spa Network as the Green Product Company of the Year. distribution and end use. labeling. greenhouse farming is used for flowers and seaside plants. The system uses three tiers of indigenous plants. and our spa partners share our mindful approach to well-being through sustainable business practices and wellness education. however. Phytomer’s director of education. Naturopathica’s rose geranium essential oil is grown and harvested on a community farm in Malawi. airborne pesticides or soil erosion—it’s clean and sustainable.” says Angela EriksenStanley. and plant stem cell extracts are created using green biotechnology. winning the ISPA Innovate award. (The company even helps restore the marine ecosystem by farming threatened species of seaweed to reintroduce into the wild. “But earth-friendly sourcing aligns with our commitment to provide the highest-quality products that support overall well-being while safeguarding the integrity and sustainability of our botanical ingredients. production. helping to maintain traditional agrarian livelihoods. packaging. so they can grow in pure conditions and eliminate the need for wild harvesting. dayspamagazine. today. which can pose problems with consistency and availability.” explains Barbara Close. CEO of Naturopathica. “We strive to inform about holistic well-being. and the Ecocert production and approval process is expensive and timeconsuming. In addition. and forgoes extreme heat and chemical solvents to preserve ingredients. which leads to consistent results. local farms in the U. its sea farming program involves attaching seaweed spores to ropes in a pristine marine reserve off France’s Brittany coast. based in East Hampton.” concludes Close. Though Phytomer is based in Salt Lake City.Phytomer phytomerusa. The company supports | APRIL 2014 47 .” admits Close. processing. UV light exposure and so on. but it safeguards biodiversity and natural resources by growing and reproducing plant cells in a lab setting instead of harvesting whole plant material. steam distillation and CO2 extraction. more than half of the Naturopathica line is certified through Ecocert. growing conditions. manufacturing. the company produces its own raw materials in a lab so that products are monitored from start to finish. “These methods allow us to maintain control over raw materials and the purity of ingredients (maximizing nutrient levels and creating perfect growing conditions for the best concentration of ingredients). New York.S. “Ecocert and domestic ingredients may be limited in supply. purity of water..) An entire department is dedicated to microalgae cultivation—maintaining strict control over the types of microalgae cultivated. which examines the entire process: sourcing. with hydroponic and aeroponic methods that require no soil and less water.” The company’s unique filtration garden made headlines at the 2013 International SPA Association (ISPA) Conference & Expo in Las Vegas. Naturopathica obtains its concentrated essential oils through clean processes such as cold pressing. with pure end results.” Eco-friendly sourcing also helps support agriculture in local communities.” says Eriksen-Stanley. they have confidence in knowing the results clients can expect. which contain enzymes and bacteria that naturally filter and remove pollution from the water. In fact.

we’re passionate about safeguarding the environment. certifiedorganic. The seaweeds are also Ecocert-approved as organically harvested and grown without the use of conventional pesticides or artificial fertilizers.COM CA BOTANA International ca-botana.” SpaRitual sparitual. California.” BOTTOM RIGHT: ©ISTOCKPHOTO. Even packaging demands comprehensive research (the engineers at SpaRitual spent three years finding the ideal design). essential oils and special fatty oils from plant material. She says. based in Van Nuys. and our clients have come to expect the highest quality and standards—not only in our Since day one. New Jersey. based in Secaucus. Hence.’ This philosophy is reflected in every formula that we develop. fair-trade ingredients and eco-conscious packaging. France.” relates Shel Pink. SpaRitual has been committed to earth-friendly products that raise environmental awareness. “Eco-friendly sourcing is important to maintain our company philosophy: ‘continuous research in harmony with nature. “This results in botanical extracts that are of the highest effectiveness and purity without chemical additives or solvent residues. reducing waste. stresses the importance of spa practitioners being able to rely on quality ingredients.Straight From the Source Repêchage repechage. Many of the San Diego-based skincare company’s herbal ingredients are extracted with the latest CO2 technology. The boxes containing SpaRitual States of Slow Beauty products (as well as all printed material used by the company) are FSC-certified and made from sustainable or recycled material. a gentle and eco-friendly way to separate substances such as antioxidants. that list has continued to 48 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 grow. founder of CA BOTANA International. uses freshly harvested seaweeds from the coast of Brittany. Lydia Sarfati. CEO and founder. CA BOTANA International sources ingredients from eco-certified and organic distributors whenever possible—and in 40 years of manufacturing. “We make sure all of our seaweed-based products are Ecocert-labeled so that clients know the seaweeds are organically harvested and inspected. and ink used on every product and packaging is soy-based. “As a . vegan ingredients (such as organic and wildcrafted essential oils) are carefully selected and sourced from around the world. The company’s method for harvesting seaweed also ensures optimal ingredient and product quality. founder of SpaRitual. but also in our business practices. where harvesting is strictly regulated by the French government. Repêchage. limiting the use of nonrenewable resources and offering a healthier beauty product alternative. Dieter Kuster.” says Dr. ensuring protection and renewability. using For its seaweed-based formulas. and body products are free of synthetic dyes and colors.

which is based on its namesake Pure Fiji makes every attempt to stay true to its name. founder of Szep Elet. and I prefer wild-crafted botanicals.” Botanicals are converted into pulps—not extracts—to retain their full concentration and power. exclusive distributor of Ilike. only the fruit.” notes Fedotova.” says owner Elina Fedotova (pictured below). roses and rose oils are sourced from Bulgaria. which is the practice of harvesting plants from their natural. for example. or wild habitat: The term applies to uncultivated plants. “But now. which takes places in Hungary.” explains Szilvia | APRIL 2014 49 . Companies are approved by True Pacific after a strict evaluation process that includes commitment to empowering staff. flowers or branches from plants are taken. resulting in certified organic (and vegetarian) products. “By-products from the processing of our raw ingredients are recycled as fertil- izer and mulch for factory gardens —and a massive vegetable plot supplies factory staff with a constant stream of organic produce.” Fedotova admits to the challenges of creating a truly organic product line. and they certainly don’t want to put them on their skin either!” dayspamagazine. Cold pressing also helps maintain the effectiveness of the ingredients. I obtain it through organic farms. she focuses on training her spa practitioner partners to educate customers on variations in product. This type of sourcing also reduces the need for artificial irrigation. director and co-founder of Pure Fiji. However. resulting in slightly different aromas or textures from one season to the next. Even soybean phospholipids are certified organic to ensure zero genetic modification. petroleum-based ingredients and petrochemicals are black- listed from the manufacturing process. thus decreasing the impact on the ecosystem. the company has researched and implemented programs that reflect its eco-friendly philosophy. leaving the living plant to flourish in its natural habitat. Natural ingredients aren’t always consistent. “It’s a very common practice. fertilization and pesticides. “But if an ingredient is rare or protected. In an effort to deliver the purest of ingredients and reduce its carbon footprint. GMOs. Hickman explains. there’s a long history of organic farming. more and more people are seeking out organic lines. headquartered in Kalamazoo. prohibits the use of machinery. wherever they grow—in the rainforest or along coral Elina Organics. “I’m very particular about ingredients. “In Hungary. people asked why I chose to go the organic route—it can lead to consistency issues. Raw ingredients are wild-crafted. it’s hard to market or preserve the products. “Sixteen years ago when I started. and it’s expensive.Elina Organics elinaorganics. raw material producers and environmental responsibility. and works with established sources to minimize availability issues. and calendula is gathered Stateside. The company has also partnered with True Pacific. The company’s farming operation. requiring instead the handpicking of all fruits. lavender hails from French farms. “No one wants to eat synthetic ingredients. and ingredient prices can fluctuate according to weather conditions. an initiative created by the New Zealand government to recognize the Pacific Island companies that source ingredients responsibly for the production of high-quality products. vegetables and herbs (so as not to damage delicate plant structures).com Ilike Organic Skin Care’s signature organic ingredients are a result of multifaceted sourcing efforts and are certified by the International Organic and Natural Cosmetic Corporation and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Generally. Ilike szepelet.” says Andree Austin. Michigan. plucks core ingredients from organic suppliers that span the globe: Sea buckthorn oil is wild-crafted from a virtually untouched ecological environment in Siberia.” Pure Fiji purefiji.

“This reflects directly on spa owners’ business philosophies and beliefs in the products they carry. Kneipp uses native plants whenever possible. which if used 40 hours per week equals 15 years of service or more. called • Use FreeInfo #32 50 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 . but due to naturally variable conditions.. “It’s rewarding for our spa partners (and their clients) to work with high-quality. “So.” notes Whitney Campbell. the company pays particular attention to the quality and origin of its plant-based raw materials. not all of the natural plant resources we need are available this way. rooted in nature for 120plus years. Princeton. with a focus on sustainability. “Kneipp has a longstanding practice of sourcing goods such as packing materials and services from Germany and neighboring European countries. New York. promoting a holistic philosophy and an earth-friendly approach. not surprisingly.000 operating hours.991.9380 ext. promotes the cultivation of medicinal plants in dayspamagazine. The Systems At A Glance: s Rugged construction — commercial components extend the product life s Highest G force — substantially reduces drying Botanical ingredients form the basis of all Kneipp products so. and utilizes low-energy techniques (such as cold processing) and cleaning procedures that are designed to minimize water and energy consumption. incorporates only biodegradable raw materials from non-animal sources. saving hundreds of dollars per year s Space saving stackable units available s Lower total cost of ownership — ask for a ROI s Heater elements heat water up to 200º F sanitizing and melting oils reducing the chance of combustion EXPLORE Miele Professional 9 Independence Way. since 1996.Straight From the Source Kneipp kneipp.” adds Campbell.” Kneipp has always been an ecoinnovator. Kneipp has cultivated its own strain of arnica. MS.S. plant-based and eco-friendly products. based in Kingston. Tired of replacing laundry machines? Miele’s high performance commercial cleaning systems are designed to last up to 30. 2434 proinfo@mieleusa. marketing manager for Kneipp U. NJ 08540 ✆800. for example.” Tracy Morin is a freelance writer and editor based in Oxford.

Champagne & Rose Butter Cream 2 – 10 oz. Champagne Foaming Facial Cleanser 1 – 8 oz. Champagne & Rose Massage Oil 1 – 2 oz. Champagne & Rose Scrub 2 – 12 oz. Champagne & Rose Butter Cream 3 – 10 oz. Wine Wrap 1 – 750 ml Champagne Oil 1 – 8 oz. Champagne & Rose Shower Gel CHAMPAGNE & ROSE PEDICURE Program Includes 1 – 64 oz. Eterna Bella 1 – 64 oz.CHAMPAGNE & ROSE SPA INTRO PACKAGES CHAMPAGNE & ROSE BUTTER CREAM WRAP Program Includes 1 – 64 oz. Champagne & Rose Scrub 1 – 64 oz. Champagne & Rose Butter Cream 1 – 80 oz. Smooth A-Peel 1 – 8 oz. Marine Plasma 1 – 12 oz. Champagne & Rose Butter Cream WINE WRAP Program Includes 1 – Gal. Champagne & Rose Butter Cream 2 – 10 oz. Champagne & Rose Moisture Mask 1 – 64 oz. Champagne & Rose Butter Cream For Retail 2 – 8 oz. Champagne & Rose Scrub For Retail 2 – 8 oz. Champagne & Rose Butter Cream 1 – 80 oz. (2 kg. Grape Pedipeel CHAMPAGNE & ROSE MOISTURE MASK FACIAL TREATMENT Program Includes 1 – 8 oz. Champagne Oil 1 – 16 oz.) Champagne & Rose Mineral Bath 1 – 750 ml. Champagne & Rose Scrub For Retail 3 – 8 • Use FreeInfo #18 . Champagne & Rose Scrub dayspamagazine.


Shel Pink,
founder of SpaRitual
Terms like “vegan,” “fair trade” and “organic”
have become a part of our daily vocabularies,
and our lifestyles. But a mere decade ago, this
wasn’t the case: although the so-called “Green
Movement” had begun to pique the interest of
the general public, it had yet to take off.
It’s not surprising then, that in 2004, when
Shel Pink began shopping around SpaRitual in
her unique line of earth-friendly nail lacquers
and spa products, the response from the
beauty industry was lackluster. Beauty pros,
particularly nail technicians, weren’t keen
on the idea of trading in their tried-and-true
nail polishes and products for more natural
alternatives, says Pink, who created SpaRitual
products to be free of harmful toluene,
formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate (DBP).
“I met with a lot of resistance in the
beginning,” recalls Pink. “Although nail techs
could see the current brands they were working
with might not be the healthiest, they didn’t
seem to care.”
Pink refused to fold, and surged forward
with the conviction that her earth- and wellnesscentric products would soon catch on. She was
proved right. Over the past 10 years the Green
Movement has become a force to be reckoned
with, and the same can be said about SpaRitual.
The company has expanded from its nailcare roots
to include body care, candles and lip glosses.
Although SpaRitual’s message of wellness
hasn’t changed since the beginning, it has
evolved. “Some years ago, I saw the Green
Movement start to take on a different shape,”
explains Pink. “There was a new focus on
slowing down, sustainability of self and a need
to seek more depth.” This emerging concept
gave birth to Pink’s latest initiative: Slow
Beauty. The idea rejects modern materialism
and embraces a return to simple wellness that
promotes a state of beauty that resonates from
within. In addition to creating products aligning
with this “slow” philosophy, Pink has also
launched a blog dedicated to the movement,
which users can access through SpaRitual’s site,, or at
With 10 years under Pink’s belt and some
hard-earned street cred to boot, one thing’s
for certain: her journey is far from over, and
this trailblazer is ready to explore some more
uncharted territory. ÑAngela Melero




APRIL 2014

Pink in a moment
of reflection while
in Bangkok


ow did you come to work
in the beauty industry?

To be honest, it really wasn’t
on my radar until I got
married. Before then, I worked
as a photographer in the
entertainment and fashion fields.
My father-in-law (founder and
CEO of ORLY International, Jeff
Pink) approached me and asked if
I wanted to learn the business. I
joined ORLY as the brand manager
for the spa line. As I learned
more about the beauty world, I
fell in love with it. After studying
the industry for years, learning
about our competition and seeing
where everyone fits, I saw a hole
that needed to be filled. There
wasn’t a premium brand based on
environmental awareness. That’s
when I came up with the idea of
filling that void with SpaRitual.


our father-in-law is an
industry pioneer. How has
he influenced you in your own
business ventures?

Jeff really taught me the ropes of
the beauty world. I’ve been able
to learn all the facets of running
a business. He’s a tough guy and
I think I toughened up working
with him for 12 years, which
isn’t a bad thing! He’s one of the
founding fathers of the industry,
and to be part of the next
generation of that legacy is
really exciting.


paRitual’s Spring 2014
collection is entitled Explore.
Each collection aligns with our
overarching theme for that year.

For example, 2014’s theme is
The Journey, with the idea that
everyone must embark on a
journey to come back home. Each
seasonal collection is created as
part of a cohesive story to which
clients and consumers can relate.
We have an amazing team, and
we are all involved in the creative
process every step of the way. I
also oversee everything, and ensure
our collections make sense and hit
the latest trends and themes.


ou are a wife and mother
of two. How do you juggle
your business and family life?

It’s not always easy! Over time,
I’ve learned that things don’t
always have to be perfect. It’s
about staying engaged with your
work and life and always seeking
balance. It’s important to take care
of your mental and physical self,
so I meditate twice a day for 20
minutes, get regular massages,
exercise and eat well. Also, I don’t
go into the office on Fridays—I
need that day to be by myself and
with my kids.


hat do you do in your
spare time?

I’m always reading. Right now
I’m reading The Secret Garden by
Frances Hodgson Burnett, which I
first discovered as a little girl, and
One Hundred Years of Solitude
by Gabriel García Márquez. I also
enjoy music—my husband’s a
musician! I love Stevie Wonder. I
listen to him all the time. There are
certain voices you never grow tired
of listening to, and Stevie’s is one
of them!

Master the
Art of Lash

A unique blend of
6 lash and brow



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Stemulation Fa
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ost Crème

These Mother’s Day gift sets are sure
to resonate with clients looking to
pamper their moms.

Bio Jouvance
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Dermalogica Body Th
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and The Balm by
Green & Good Reverie Aroma-Rollies
Eco-fin 800.




APRIL 2014


Cuccio Naturalé Milk & Honey Spa to
Go Set 800.762.6245,

667.291. farmhousefresh dayspamagazine. FarmHouse Fresh This Bunny Loves You Gift Set 888. saian.7 Gift Box 8 rganic Beyond O Éminence 42.6663. pevoniapr | APRIL 2014 55 .com ic n a rg o eminence Pevonia Luminous Mom Face & Body Gift Set 800.6 7 4 88.1130. Pure Fiji Facial Solutions Beauty Bag 800.773.4283.Somme Institute Serum and A-Bomb m SAIAN Beauty Tone Kit 800. 3 .

MUST HAVE Guinot Liftosom e Boxed Set PHOTOGRAPHY: ARMANDO SANCHEZ. guinotusa.62 Color Malibu C ction lle o C ss Wellne 332.DERM.S Time Set m o .com .292.523.7 2 2 800.1030.7546. 866. dermaware. STYLING: CRISTEN WILSON & ANGELA MELERO DermAware Aerobic Infusion Serum and Perfect Fit Hydrator 888.290 szepelet.248. 56 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 Ilike Organic Skin Care Sour Cherry Cleansing Milk and Sour Cherry zer Whipped Moisturi . .6 com malibuc.c llison rhondaa Repêchage Sea Me Set 800. 38 . llison Me Rhonda A KIN.

Made in the USA Preferred by Esthetici d by Wom dayspamagazine. 800. Have a clean applicator for each hair removal application. Quick.Applicator Warmer Unit . Stainless Applicator Cleaner Kit INCLUDES . . Our reusable applicators are cleaned immediately after each use with their own heated cleaner. before each use.2405 ©2014 Equibal Inc.(2) Stainless Steel Body Applicators patent pending nufree. Remove and wipe Applicator with paper towel. 2.(1) Bottle Applicator Cleaner 16 oz. Insert Stainless Applicators into cleaner after every use. 4. Cover and keep clean applicators in Warmer Unit until next • Use FreeInfo #40 . All rights reserved.(2) Stainless Steel Eyebrow Applicators . Fill Warmer Unit with Applicator Cleaner. easy and sanitary.247.e e r T a e v a S with reusable stainless steel applicators How many wooden applicators does your hair removal business use? Start saving thousands per year by switching to medical-grade stainless steel applicators. CIAL E P S G N I R SP 25% OFF Special from March 1st to April 30th 2014 V isit Us! 3.

precisely because there is no magic cure.Targeti ng Cell uli te Part 1: Cellular Dynamics In this first of DAYSPA’s three-part series on cellulite. sub-surface fat cells still have that pesky tendency to expand and push upwards. That’s because no matter how well people take care of themselves and their skin. dimply surface— aka that “cottage cheese” look desired by exactly no one. By Katie O’Reilly Although antiaging and wellness advancements have revolutionized the beauty industry in recent decades. resulting in an uneven. Promise one and. we discuss ways to empower yourself with knowledge about the formation and treatment of this common but unsightly battle of the bulge. as any spa veteran will attest.COM . you could be committing reputation suicide. 58 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 ©ISTOCKPHOTO. And blithely handing over retail and treatment solutions is tricky. the subject of cellulite continues to be a thorn in many spa pros’ sides. • Use FreeInfo #23 .

explains Dr. pulling them down.” says Natalie Pergar.” Myth: It’s possible to eliminate cellulite permanently. and creating the dreaded cellulite dimple. “With subcutaneous tissue aging.” © CAROL & MIKE WERNER/VISUALS UNLIMITED. men’s skin is thicker. Truth: While health-conscious eating and exercise certainly won’t hurt. and everything to do with subcutaneous fat storage. Now is the time to empower yourself and your staff with the latest science and technology behind the causes and management of cellulite.” explains Flora Vergnolle.” and that “cellulite doesn’t necessarily respond to weight-management efforts. build upon a trusting relationship. To help you communicate the most helpful facts and strategies to clients. it’s safe to wager that this particular cellular phenomenon is looming large on the minds of many clients. “cellulite is a microcirculation disorder of subcutaneous tissue that affects all skin layers. “This localized accumulation of fat triggers inflammation. one can’t change the shape or texture of sub-surface cells.” Adds Silhouet-Tone’s Teixeira. Targeting Cellulite .” says Alice Pichery. and when circulation slows. “The collagen bonds within those cells are also stretched. That’s why even skinny girls can have cellulite! Myth: Getting rid of cellulite comes down to diet and exercise. abnormal cell metabolism and the storage of fat.” GlyMed Plus’ marketing supervisor Paul Cuthbert sums it up neatly: “Cellulite is a NORMAL SKIN TISSUE 60 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 SKIN TISSUE WITH CELLULITE Start talking with clients about cellulite and you’re likely to hear some common misconceptions about the condition. “What you want to do is find out as much as possible about the subject. Seize such opportunities to set guests straight and in so doing. water retention and connective tissue strength. there is no ‘forever’ solution. less oxygen and fewer nutrients are able to get to the area to nourish the collagen. DAYSPA went to leading spa industry experts to suss out the latest intelligence surrounding cellulite’s causes and risk factors. “because the swollen cells experience water retention. points out that “adipose tissue can turn inflammatory at any time. most often on the thighs. national trainer for Silhouet-Tone. it won’t do anything about skin’s cellar structure. national trainer for Silhouet-Tone. Truth: Aging itself doesn’t cause cellulite— but a more obvious manifestation of the condition can be an indirect symptom. founder of Provence Cosmetics. triggers the stagnation of intercellular fluid movement. director of training for Environ Skin Care. Thanks to these structural differences.” explains Pichery. national trainer at Sothys USA. thereby compressing circulation and lymphatic movement. lead skincare trainer for Éminence. In the end. notes Dr. notes.” explains Szilvia Hickman. Here are some myths worth busting: Myth: Cellulite primarily affects overweight and obese people. They helped us dispel some common myths.” Cellulite is also a topic most spa pros can’t afford to ignore—at least 85% of women and 10% of men manifest it to some degree.” reminds Alice Pichery.” says Rita Teixeira. “Slowed microcirculation causes water retention. either. “Furthermore. And with swimsuit season just around the corner. Truth: Cellulite is nothing more and nothing less than a skin condition that affects most women. Truth: “Cellulite has very little to do with one’s quotient of body fat. founder of Ilike Organic Skin Care.” This then causes connective tissues to stiffen and contract. cellulite is a combination of thin skin and uneven pockets of fat. As Rita Teixeira. Paul Cuthbert. and got us up to speed on how some new and proven cellulite-countering topicals function. Truth: “Because it’s impossible to control hormones and other biological factors indefinitely. buttocks. “And poor drainage encourages cellulite to set in. be honest with guests and offer educated solutions. “These chambers of fat are enclosed in collagen fibers. medical director of global education for Pevonia. Says Cuthbert. “It’s one of a constellation of connective tissue conditions that has various and often unrelated causes. INC.” affirms Candace Noonan. and 3) attenuated (thinned) skin. “The fat appears bumpy because it pushes against the septae. causing the skin above it to pucker. marketing supervisor at GlyMed Plus.BUST A MYTH “It’s an easy way to get clients to lose trust in you. 2) stiffened septae (cell walls).” Myth: Liposuction can get rid of cellulite. Truth: “Male fat is simply contained in smaller. “You can still accumulate fat in existing fat cells. Christian Jurist. Bojana Matovski.” says Lydia Sarfati. Myth: Cellulite can be treated with hormone therapy. “and cellulite always seems amplified on clients with thinner skin. he says.” Myth: Cellulite is a direct symptom of aging. men very rarely get cellulite. CEO of Rejuvee. one experiences loss of thickness. as well as toxin retention. Truth: “Although female hormones certainly play a role in cellulite. “At its core.” And this.” What happens next isn’t pretty. national trainer at Sothys USA. intensifying that skin surface unevenness.” To further the problem. A FLAWED SYSTEM Experts agree that cellulite has three main causes: 1) herniated pockets of fat. diamond-shaped pockets. Myth: Cellulite is a disease. and it weakens. knees and/or stomach. Truth: Although fat reduction can improve the appearance of cellulite.” Myth: Women are disproportionately affected by cellulite because they have higher body fat content than men. founder of Repêchage. suppleness and elasticity.

Reduces oiliness and restores skins natural balance 72%. Waterproof.Cleaner. Smoother more Beautiful-Looking Skin with Professional Dermal Cleansing Technology Improves topical product absorption 93%. Minimizes appearance of pores 30%. CLINICALLY & DERMATOLOGIST dayspamagazine. Cleans 14x better than manual cleansing. 7*4*564"5XXXTBUJOTNPPUIDPNXXXGBDFCPPLDPNTBUJOTNPPUIª1SPGFTTJPOBM1SPEVDUT%JWJTJPOt-* TESTED . Improves the appearance of problem skin 42%. Oscillating • Use FreeInfo #24 *Results and claims from subjects tested in clinical trials.

the surface of the skin often appears spongy. women’s runs parallel and vertical.” So. Any of the following can set the cellulite wheels in motion: Stress The production of cortisol. pregnancy. Cortisol not only strips skin of its normal defenses. cellulite is linked to a hormonal disorder. While men’s fibrous connective tissue is arranged like a net.Targeting Cellulite very particular form of fat that gets trapped between layers of water and accumulates just below skin’s surface. menstrual cycles and during the first few months of oral contraceptive treatment. explains April Zangl.” she contends. while men’s are nestled deep amongst their muscles.” CONTRIBUTING FACTORS Gender isn’t the only culprit. LADIES FIRST Life. says Ilike Organic Skin Care founder Szilvia Hickman. offers the following illustration: “Female fat is contained in large. Therefore. menopause.” Zangl says. muscles and connective tissues are distributed. any resulting hormonal imbalance will. with the skin anchored into the dermis like buttons on an upholstered chesterfield sofa. it begins to form bumps and bulges. Pichery asserts that. as we know. further congesting the lymphatic • Use FreeInfo #25 62 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 continued on page 64 . however.” Estrogen can also promote the retention of excess tissue fluid. founder of Repêchage. for instance. And as it builds. “Therefore. “cause bloating and fluid retention. CEO of HydroPeptide. “Women’s fat-storing cells are located just beneath the skin surface and can thus be easily seen. “Estrogen tends to stimulate fibroblasts in connective tissue. She adds. This. oval pockets. is due to the way women’s fat. “Cellulite is directly related to fluctuations in female hormones that control blood and lymph flow. and women are way more likely than men to have an issue with cellulite. it sets in and can intensify during estrogen peaks”—times that encourage fat storage—“such as puberty. isn’t fair. a fat-storing hormone linked to overactive adrenal glands and stress. says Sarfati.” Lydia Sarfati. as well as fat storage and connective tissue structure. which produce damaging enzymes that degrade the collagen fibers that make up the cellular bridging of adipose tissue—aka body fat. when women experience PMS and menstruation. dayspamagazine. And that’s not all it does. despite its strong hereditary component. can lead to cellulite formation.” he says. says Silhouet-Tone’s Teixeira.

and their purported roles in treating cellulite. “This can help reduce fat cells’ circumference. • Glycyrrhetinic acid (derived from licorice root) “can help block cortisol at the level of adipocytes. • Capsicum extract (cayenne or red pepper extract) improves cellular circulation.I NGREDI ENT I NVENTORY “Topical ingredients should help firm and thicken the skin. • Ivy encourages the lipids in fat cells to revert to the bloodstream as it helps the skin absorb other components.” says Zangl. which are known collagen builders.” says Elizabeth Murchison. • Hexapeptide-39 is a peptide that “diminishes skin surface irregularities by reducing the fat nodules responsible for cellulite. • Paprika helps boost cell metabolism.” • Green coffee contains ingredients that stimulate the elimination of toxins. • Cinnamon helps boost cell metabolism.” says Candace Noonan. medical director of global education for | APRIL 2014 63 . assisting in lipolysis. • Caffeine may be the best-known ingredient in topical anti-cellulite products. • Green tea is purported to have a temporary tightening effect on skin while reducing inflammation and encouraging circulation. However. Studies show that it is capable of pulling fluids out from between cells and increasing lipolysis (fat burning). Christian Jurist. national trainer for Silhouet-Tone. • Aescin (found in horse chestnut) reduces fluid build-up and inflammation while increasing blood flow to the tissues. hydrating and free radical-neutralizing effect.” says Noonan.” says Dr. • Vitamin A derivatives such as retinol can help “thicken the outer layer of skin and make uneven texture less visible. is a natural stimulant than can increase skin elasticity. sourced from Indonesia. as well as new power players on the scene. visit dayspamagazine. reduce water retention and encourage even distribution of fat deposits directly below the skin’s surface. “It also contains chlorogenic acid.” says Rita Teixeira. • Algae “promotes microcirculation and reduces excess water retention. which is known to stimulate lipolysis. • Ginger encourages the transport of oxygen to the tissues to optimize cells’ fat-burning ability. Here’s a rundown of some standby ingredients in topical products. stocking a full arsenal of smoothers is only half the battle—you still have to be able explain to clients how those cellulite-busting agents work. director of training for Environ Skin Care. • Myriceline is a patented herbal extract derived from bayberry that “helps to decrease the development of mature fat cells and ward off the creation of new fat deposits. For a description of best-selling topical products formulated to counteract cellulite. CEO of HydroPeptide. and it has a diuretic. • Coenzyme A helps to separate and oxidize fatty acids to loosen trapped fat cells. but it contains a chemical compound that converts fat to heat.” says April Zangl. • Garcinia cambogia (tamarind). • Soybean extract contains omegas. or fat cells. • Aminophyllin is primarily used as an asthma medication. director of education at • Use FreeInfo #42 dayspamagazine.

Other contributors to the cellulite problem include dehydration. Smoking Add cellulite to the list of reasons to give up cigarettes. MINERAL MAKEUP Pretty Sweet DISCOVER THE SPRING COLLECTION consequently damaging the connective tissue and hindering its resiliency. tell clients that making more time for stress-reducing massages and yoga could actually help keep their skin’s “orange peel” tendencies down. or lipid storage. Poor circulation A sluggish circulatory system contributes to the formation of edema. both of which affect skin’s density. “Even tight clothing can trigger cellulite formation. “It results in a 20% decrease in cutaneous blood flow.” says Sarfati.” points out Natalie Pergar. is at greater risk. by restricting circulation. lead skincare trainer for Éminence. Check out next month’s Part 2. UVA exposure “Exposure to UVA (ultraviolet long-wave) light accelerates the breakdown of collagen and elastin. “also encourages lipogenesis.” And chronic stress. Be sure your staff knows when it may be best to have clients consult with their medical doctors.” says HydroPeptide’s Zangl.” Hickman cites contraceptives. a person’s body fat distribution and skin type. mineralogiemakeup. weakening and thinning out the skin. director of education at Guinot.” says Sarfati. Count the sun and tanning beds as no-nos here too. which results in a spongy look. Circulation problems aren’t always caused by medical conditions. It also loosens the skin. “Smoking constricts the capillaries. “but it also contributes to cellular dysfunction by slowing down digestion and circulation. and can also cause dehydration. . “Anyone with thinner skin. antibiotics and steroidal drugs as potential factors. making it harder for collagen fibroblasts to proliferate.” Alcohol consumption Drinking alcoholic beverages “interferes with digestion and the elimination of waste.Targeting Cellulite continued from page 62 warns Ilike’s Hickman.” says Sarfati. either naturally or from taking certain • Use FreeInfo #27 64 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 Katie O’Reilly is a Wilmington. “Certain drugs. forcing that drainage back into the body. Medical conditions/medications It’s clear that the problem of cellulite offers yet another reason to perform thorough intake consultations—and to pay close attention to what you learn.” So.” stresses Elizabeth om dayspamagazine. North Carolina-based mineralogiemakeup. reminds Sothys’ Pichery. psychological factors and medical issues can contribute to the problem. Some experts even believe that pantyhose restrict lymphatic flow. in which we’ll look at a host of in-spa strategies for reducing the appearance of cellulite. “Any client can be at risk. • Use FreeInfo #43 .

situated more than 2. the Polynesian natives called Rapa Nui. Four treatment rooms. The philosophy of the Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa is centered around the earth-honoring values established by the island’s first known inhabitants. both from an ecological point of view as well as from a cultural and humanistic point of view. Manavai Spa at Hangaroa Eco . “Each detail of the architectonic design and the quality of the human service has the objective of inviting the guest to be part of an adventure in which getting to is already in a category by itself. invite guests to receive a range of exotic therapies. which is said to evoke a physical and spiritual cleansing. The small Polynesian island on which the retreat was built is the most isolated inhabited one in the world. admiring. “We are an integral touristic project based on sustainability through time.YOUR WELLNESS SPA Ancestral Messages Village & Spa (hangaroa. Many treatments are performed with responsible use of the island’s natural resources. Those who visit the spa’s sand sauna have the opportunity to experience the traditional technique of being covered with hot sand. designed to simulate caves.000 miles off the west coast of Chile.” says Manavai’s mission statement. But even without the pressure of competition. Manavai maintains a vise-like grasp on its geographic and cultural heritage.”—Linda Kossoff 66 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 PHOTOS COURTESY HANGAROA As the only spa on Easter Island. massages and treatments. taking care of and preserving come together.

including 4 of the best selling and most awarded AminoGenesis™ products giving your customers a skin rejuvenating experience they can’t get anywhere else. this kit utilizes his years of experience in direct customer relations to increase sales and customer loyalty. This important consumer awareness has helped AminoGenesis™ become one of the fastest growing and best selling professional brands in the industry. • • • • • • • • • • 4 Top selling AminoGenesis™ products Brochures and product sell sheets Attention grabbing POP display Over 15 years in the industry Free product/sales education Superior support staff Best return policy 100% Satisfaction guaranteed Science backed skin care Proven world wide . This kit also includes free product education as well as sales literature for those customers that have lots of questions. brand integration kit from AminoGenesis. Created by Ron Cummings himself. Recently the media has exploded with articles and reports about amino acids and their importance to healthy skin (basically confrming what Cummings and company have been saying all along).SELLING SUCCESS The ultimate brand integration solution for small to mid-sized spas & salons is proven to increase sales! For the last 14 years. All 24 products (6 each) are beautifully shown in a gorgeous point of purchase display that’s proven to draw attention and drive sales. This relatively inexpensive solution has everything you need for success. When you're ready to expand. For most of those years CEO Ron Cummings has traveled the world educating consumers and professionals on the benefts of amino • Use FreeInfo #46 AminoGenes For Fo or more information and inquiries Call Toll Free 877-523-4455 or visit www. AminoGenesis™ can grow with you with 12 more professional and specialty products that your customers are sure to love. AminoGenesis™ skin care has been the leader in amino acid skin care technology. Now you can be a part of the sales phenomenon with this customer proven.AminoGenesis. For more information call one of our knowledgeable brand integration specialists toll free at 877-523-4455.

HOPPE/MANSELL/TIME LIFE PICTURES/GETTY IMAGES YOUR WAY THROUGH Sense -ational . a clinical psychologist and victimologist based in Bordeaux. visit harmonial. eating foods that contain high levels of vitamin C—such as oranges. The Harmonial concept works the right side of the brain with each color. this form is more likely to result in death. but it has taken centuries of scientific research to even begin to understand why and how—and still many more decades to devise ways to apply that knowledge.” Look deep into nature. which are entered into a software program. Though less common than ischemic stroke.” points out study author Dr. In their initial consultation for the treatment. For more information. Music. the appropriate colors are chosen for the treatment. smells. sound and aroma therapy selections for the individual. The system is used by psychologists. strawberries. TOP LEFT: © ISTOCKPHOTO. the Harmonial customizes and synchronizes imagery. based on this test. sleep disorders. France. inducing a physical reaction that helps regulate and stabilize the entire nervous system and put the mind into a state of deep relaxation and harmony to obtain optimal results.COM. personal preferences. anxiety. BOTTOM: © E. in rehab facilities peppers and broccoli—may lower your risk of having an intracerebral hemorrhagic (blood vessel rupture) stroke. overall mood and emotional state.YOUR WELLNESS SPA Healing News There are lots of good reasons to get your vitamin C. O. to be presented by researchers at the American Academy of Neurology’s Annual Meeting in Philadelphia later this month. substance abuse and more. PTSD. images and aromatherapy are also personalized with the help of the software program. while the majority of the healthy group had normal levels of the vitamin. vitamin C levels in the blood of 65 people who had already experienced an intracerebral hemorrhagic stroke were compared to levels in the blood of 65 healthy people. drinking alcohol and being overweight in our study. On average. headphones and subwoofer. clients are asked to respond to 42 questions to establish their general health. chiropractors.” —ALBERT EINSTEIN (1879-1955) 68 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 Therapy The earliest wellness practitioners knew that nature’s elements have infinite power to heal us. a color tester analyzes the client’s physiological and psychological reactions to each color shown on a screen. and then you understand everything better. self-image. sound. Ph. Although the researchers acknowledge that more exploration is needed to pinpoint exactly how vitamin C may reduce the risk of stroke—“for example. vitamin C was markedly depleted in the stroke group.D. Then. have found a new one: you just might avoid a stroke. In recent years we’ve seen the introduction of a wide variety of mechanical healing systems based on humans’ natural responses to certain types of light. Breaking new ground in this arena is the Harmonial (har-mo-ni-ál) Relaxation System. as were high blood pressure.. light. Created by Elisabeth Rosse. images and tactile sensations. France. Stéphane Vannier— they believe that “our results show that vitamin C deficiency should be considered a risk factor for this severe type of stroke. The 20-minute healing sessions are ideally administered in a series of progressive treatments that change and build on each other to achieve optimal results in addressing issues related to general stress. and now researchers at Pontchaillou University Hospital in Rennes. music and aroma. of course. For the study.” explains Rosse.” The system includes a computer with customized programs. HD projector. color. depression. spas and wellness centers. eight-channel aromatherapy dispenser. the vitamin may regulate blood pressure. audiovisual headset and HD TV (cart and lounge chair are optional). According to a recent study. “The System draws inspiration from holistic therapies based on color. “It’s my pleasure to be able to introduce the Harmonial Relaxation System to the spa industry. color tester.

® dayspamagazine. —Shel Pink 877. the sun-bleached hues of shells. Drift features colors found in sea glass. • Use FreeInfo #29 .COM ” Slow Beauty for a Fast World.SPARITUAL SPARITUAL. Sea Glass shimmer to take the journey “You have in order to come home.Shel Pink SpaRitual Founder & Slow Beauty Pioneer Barefoot On The Dunes shimmer  shimmer Bouyant crème DRIFT Blue Lagoon crème Low Tide crème SUMMER 2014 COLLECTION Inspired by a day at the beach. sand and the treasures found in the fleeting mirror of tide pools.

One thing does seem conclusive: people who consider themselves spiritual or religious tend to have a more optimistic approach to their own health and healing. prayer for oneself. director of research at the Myrna Brind Center of Integrative Medicine at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and Medical College in Philadelphia (jeffersonhospital. is impossible to prove 70 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 scientifically.YOUR WELLNESS SPA Mind-Body Health The Power of the Spirit Spirituality isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition—but those who find it stand to reap many benefits. the impact of spirituality on health has been the subject of many studies. Many have believed. And that can in turn lower heart rate and blood pressure. around the globe. Still. For instance. MAKING WAVES Whether or not a religious belief or practice really has the power to. someone whose practice is centered on feelings of love will be affected in the emotional part of the brain. and that spirituality is part of the whole. There may even be genetic changes on a cellular level. we seem to have come full circle: even the most conventional medical disciplines acknowledge that health and wellness must be viewed and evaluated holistically. it’s no surprise that such practices pertain to different parts of the brain. “The clinical effect might include lower levels of stress. focus on neurotheology. inner connection. meditation. The relationship between the mind. China and throughout the Muslim world. The body may produce less [of the stress hormone] cortisol. And so. spirituality and religion began to separate itself from health and medicine in the Western world. Although difficult to quantify and qualify. they were thought to be messengers of that supreme power. Research has looked at organized religion. that a higher power or spirit can cause illness. in small villages and within families. sometimes the opposite is true. But for someone focusing on ‘oneness’ and his or her relationship within a whole. And some of those practices—specifically.” Newberg confirms volumes of research demonstrating that time spent engaging in a spiritual practice produces changes in neurotransmitters (brain chemicals). For someone who uses spoken prayer.” he says. and that there might even be a lasting effect. which in turn leads to illness. that’s another area of the brain: the one in which we make connections. with a convergence of traditions and the migration of populations. cure cancer. But scientific methods of study are able to measure some of the effects spiritual practice has on the brain and body. The studies of Dr. and many still believe.” explains Newberg. When individuals arose from societies with skills and knowledge to heal. And then there are those who demonstrate hate or violence against others in © WEBPHOTOGRAPHEER/GETTY By Andrea Renskoff . Ultimately. Today. as science-based medical knowledge was also amassed in India.” With all this good news. Andrew Newberg. Someone whose practice embraces a God who is punitive or punishing might experience a negative effect. connection to nature—the list goes on. “There’s no ‘God’ part of our brain. body and spirit has been analyzed since the dawn of man. And for each of these ideas we can find study results to support and/or discredit their merit. prayer for another. for example. transcendence. spiritual and religious experiences in groups versus individuals. anxiety and depression. Christianity-based religions went on to form hospitals and organized medical care. thus boosting the immune system. the study of how religious and spiritual experiences affect the brain. “Because people adopt such a wide variety of spiritual practices. and can cure it as well. and completely subjective. inner peace. Early “doctors” were member of the clergy. such as anger. the language area of the brain responds. and that in itself can foster many positive changes. Newberg does caution that not every religious or spiritual practice yields positive results—in fact. homegrown folk medicine was faithfully shared and practiced. “There can be a release of endorphins or dopamine. The belief in a supreme power greater than that of humans or other earthly things is recorded in almost every civilization in history. those rooted in magic and mysticism—didn’t mesh with Christian fear or stress.

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or consciously reject. But many people have grown up in religious faiths that don’t hold any personal meaning for them as an adult—hence. the idea of spirituality in their lives. “What is different in the brains of these individuals?” Nonetheless. Acknowledging this feeling sometimes leads them to find a spiritual connection— and a nurturing spa can be the perfect gateway to that connection.” she says. In one of Newberg’s studies.” As a spiritual counselor. California-based spiritual counselor who also sees clients at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa (ojairesort . Others simply have no interest.the name of religion. they have no current spiritual practice. What wellness practitioners often find. “It can be a place where they tap into their own power to recreate their lives. “This was the result of a 12-minute practice. After eight weeks. “Sometimes I’m just a confirmation for them.” he points • Use FreeInfo #19 72 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 © CHRIS GRAMLY/GETTY YOUR WELLNESS SPA Mind-Body Health . a Malibu. subjects engaged in a 12-minute mantra meditation that involved moving their fingers along with the sound of the chant. their health. “We are naturally drawn to health and in Ojai. Newberg detected evidential improvement in these subjects’ memory. for most people. mental or physical problems. Furst helps people find their own path.” Of course. California. and changes in their brains' frontal lobe. connection to spirituality does seem to enhance their lives and often. what is meaningful for one person might not Readers’ Choice Award dayspamagazine. “The spa environment can bring people into a return to wholeness. “Imagine the effect on the brain of a nun who is in religious practice hours and hours a day.” MANY PATHS Being part of a faith community may help people abstain from unhealthy behaviors and lead optimistic and productive lives. To this. is that people are often longing or searching to fill what they experience as a “hole” in their lives.” says Nancy Furst (nancyfursthealer . Some might turn to the spiritual realm only when seeking help with their own or a loved one’s emotional. Newberg simply questions.

com to learn more PC PCA P CA C A SK SKIN IN PCA C SKI S N PC CA SK KIN KI IN N PCA P CA SK SKIN IN N PCA A SKI SKIN N PC P AS SKIN KIN N Perfecting Neck & Décolleté used twice daily. The Oprah Magazine let your beauty be endless and your age…a mystery before after five weeks visit neckanddecollete. No professional treatments were ageless with the new Perfecting Neck & DŽcolletŽ as seen in O. Results may • Use FreeInfo #33 . dayspamagazine.” Andrea Renskoff is a freelance writer based in Los Angeles.” says Dr. I get centered and I tune in to my higher power. “Get enough positive people together and you can change the world. I know my day will be much more productive. conflict dissipates. mosques. in general. assistant clinical professor at UCLA and author of The Ecstasy of Surrender: 12 Surprising Ways Letting Go Can Empower Your Life (Harmony Books. “I may use Native American traditions like smudging and a wisdom deck of cards. and therefore. synagogues. Finding a connection to a force we perceive as greater than ourselves may enable us to experience a healing “surrender” from lives we feel we must constantly control. “I recommend that people do develop a personal practice and that they strive to remain conscious all day long. I breathe.” she says. People naturally do this because the collective energy of a group is palpable and comforting. When they can soothe and relax their bodies.” Furst believes that when someone is engaged in a state of prayer or meditation or transcendence.” She says that someone seeking to tap into their inherent spiritual nature has to discipline their mind to do so. “It might be in an airport bathroom or wherever I happen to • Use FreeInfo #34 74 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 . “It isn’t always easy to tap into one's spirituality while in the midst of everyday life. (As Orloff says. dayspamagazine.” acknowledges Furst. It’s true that people have gathered at churches. “When we’re identifying with our spirit. Judith Orloff (drjudithorloff.” Orloff explains that. “but we can help ourselves by connecting with nature or using prayer and books and music. Each individual must find what works for him or her. 2014). “It’s so easy to slip into fear and separation. there is harmony between the inner and the outer person.” she says. but the point is helping people find a way to slow down and return to themselves. or Tibetan sound bowls. coming together as a community is intrinsic to many faiths.”) But a spiritual practice is as distinct as a thumbprint. When I do that. Their cells respond. learning to know when to move forward and when to let things go leads to spiritual health. our body doesn’t relate to illness.” she says.YOUR WELLNESS SPA Mind-Body Health be for another. they move back into a natu- ral state of health. Is spirituality best realized alone or in a group? There's no right or wrong answer. “It’s hard for Westerners to understand the relaxation and bliss that surrender brings. meditation rooms and mountaintops for centuries. “I often do a three-minute heart meditation just to surrender. • Use FreeInfo #35 YOUR ONE SOURCE SPA SOLUTION ® 800.Luxury LINENS AFFORDABLE (IENLMA>RK>>:LRMHE:NG=>K) ® S P O S H POSH SPA LINENS dayspamagazine.5571 .

each time emerging stronger and wiser. simple atmosphere.and client-centric business mindset. New Jersey. facials. Putty-gray walls display soothing pastel paintings by a local artist. But for owner Theresa Carr. From a crippling economic recession to a catastrophic flood. PHOTO COURTESY METROPOLIS SPA SALON Staying Afloat Metropolis’ spa décor promotes a tranquil. By Tracy Morin Walk into Metropolis Spa Salon in Princeton. Metropolis Spa Salon rebuilt from scratch—and became stronger in the process. Barely a single sign of the property’s turbulent past remains. training and rewarding her loyal employees—who then in turn treat clients like royalty—she has been able to retain her spa’s position as a local staple. and you’ll see a successful. the journey from humble hair haven to booming two-story spa 76 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 and salon has been far from smooth.PROFILE When a flood decimated its facility. while diffusers fill the air with the scents of citrus and ylang-ylang. massages. By placing her efforts in educating. Carr has weathered several storms. manicures and spray tans. . She credits Metropolis’ resilience to an employee. well-oiled machine offering haircuts.

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Carr’s journey began back in 1981. The new facility filled a need in the community for a high-end salon and. Carr found herself with a booming business that was rapidly outgrowing its modest space. Within months of opening the salon. Before she was a business owner. she found herself venting her frustrations to a client. It was during this time. to help with logistics. pedicure room and retail area were all expanded.” says Carr. Metropolis’ upgrade was far from seamless. The new spa and salon was unveiled in April 1995. including digging up the parking lot to bring in electricity and plumbing.200-square-foot location. gossip and competition. staff would take people downstairs to see the spa and offer short complimentary services. Carr focused on hiring recent cosmetology graduates. and the nail room. not to mention unprofessional behavior that included “gumchewing. while working for these bustling establishments. as well as a spa consultant. However. “All day long. trends and products. and dedicated men and women’s locker rooms. “The salon was doing well enough to carry everything along so we could take our time building the spa side of the business. the day before she was due to sign the lease on her new space.) She gradually grew her staff as stylists evolved from inexperienced trainees to employees with full books. Carr decided to utilize the lower level—which was originally a storage space—to house the spa.” She recalls.” remembers Carr. Metropolis opened its doors as full-service salon in September 1994. Unbeknownst to 78 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 Metropolis began Carr. she decided to relocate to larger premises in the same shopping center and expand her operation to include a nail room and spa. “The next day he came down with an SBA loan officer and we had the money in two weeks. be the vice president of the bank. staff is required to stay up-to-date on treatments. with a modest staff of four.” Education and training were fundamental factors in the early—and continued—success of Metropolis. relaxation area. the “peace and quiet” Carr envisioned was short-lived. the client’s husband happened to as strictly a fullservice salon. Carr put her own savings on the line and took on a partner who invested in 30% of the business (Carr bought out the partner within a year of opening the facility). so I decided to open my own salon. (To this day. The upstairs salon added seven color chairs and 10 cutting chairs. the business was thriving enough for Carr to expand again. By 2001. I didn’t do it with this grand idea of building a large business—I just wanted to work in peace and quiet!” In opening the original 2. Carr hit a snag when. the bank declined her loan. and hiring two additional massage therapists. The transformation from empty shell to sophisticated spa required a complete overhaul. PHOTO COURTESY METROPOLIS SPA SALON VENTURING OUT . that she became aware of a lack of proper training among some of her coworkers. rather than seasoned professionals from other salons. New Jersey. Distraught. as it allowed her to maintain consistency in their training and work. however. as word about Metropolis spread. She added a facial room. she honed her skills as a hairdresser at salons in Philadelphia and Princeton. “I still have that client today!” Soon after acquiring the new location. “I was tired of being a part of that type of environment.

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some staff members. care and candles. instead of coming in for a cut and color every four weeks. “We had to use the money we made each day from clients just to pay the bills. nervous that Carr would sell or close the business. “In that economy.However. Email blasts offered last-minute. Then came another huge blow. in fact. Because Carr’s landlord wouldn’t allow her to file a claim on his insurance. especially on sluggish weeks. every cost beyond removing the damage would not be covered.” Though devastated. Hurricane Irene approached the Garden State while Carr was vacationing in Florida with her daughter. Carr wasted no time in picking up the pieces. guests were much more aware of how their money was being spent. and the resulting pressure blew out the drains throughout the facility. Water backed up. Given the too-low maximum payout provided by the insurance company. She stayed afloat by targeting her remaining client base and offering referral incentives. as it wasn’t in the path of the storm. Carr took a pay cut and hired a business consultant who could help her spa and salon survive. but we had no idea how long it would take for us to receive our money to rebuild.” recalls Carr. However. In August 2011. and no bank would give me a loan. and with Metropolis’ rapid success and expansion came some turbulent times. “We knew this would constitute a legitimate insurance claim. she didn’t see the storm as a threat to her business. “The 40% of my business revenue that the spa generated was gone. Nine inches of water flooded the salon. which debilitated the recently expanded to include jewelry. hair sump pumps in the spa’s rear hallway. as loyal clients began cutting back on their regular visits.” To add insult to injury. and black fabric was draped from floor to ceiling to create semi-private treatment rooms. we’d have 10 call-ins the next morning—and providing discounted services is better than having an empty spa. some of its regular clients continued their patronage.” explains Carr. requiring replacement. “We never had to run discounts before the recession hit.000 just to remove all the damaged materials. like many things in life. computers and inventory (including retail and back bar) were all beyond repair.” Carr recalls. The damage was so extensive. It would cost an estimated $35.” notes Carr. she stopped paying rent PHOTO COURTESY METROPOLIS SPA SALON A PERFECT STORM . “But by offering these promotions. during which the spa experienced a dip in revenue. The scene was heartbreaking: floors and walls were demolished. Carr quickly flew home to tend to her (literally) drowning business. with the good comes the bad. Bedding. they’d stretch it to eight. jumped ship. She obtained loans from friends and secured a space nearby to house her business in the interim. Initially. Carr and her consultant would look at which service was experiencing a decline in bookings and run a special on it the following month. Despite Metropolis’ limited business capacity. so we had to change the way we did business or go out of business. Every month. The makeshift facility made use of donated furniture and flower arrangements. what are the chances of getting her back? We lost a lot of business. And when you lose a client for four months. cabinetry. that not a single piece of furniture or equipment could be salvaged. “There was a lot of mistrust and much more competition in the area.” MOTHER NATURE CALLS Although Metropolis managed to remain in business during the recession. daily specials. she soon received word that heavy rain in the area had caused 80 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 Metropolis’ retail space a power outage. One of the facility’s first major setbacks was the 2008 economic recession. Carr’s brand-new electric beds were destroyed. nothing could have prepared Carr for the next obstacle.

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they’re treated to a spa service. right down to the drains!” To boost business further. Clarisonic. staff members survived on unemployment. Carr laughs that they get even more excited about her “grab bag” (full of gift cards or products) that they can pick from whenever they meet goals. but I feel grateful to have come out of it feeling I can contribute to a different path in life. BETTER WEATHER AHEAD Although still in a state of recovery. we’re insured for all eventualities. and we watch everything.425 square feet Facility: 8 treatment rooms. men and women’s locker rooms. and keeps her eyes peeled for structural issues that may lead to larger—and more costly—issues. Metropolis is on an upward swing. Monthly meetings (which Carr calls “information celebrations”) for all staff members allow them to review the numbers and be rewarded accordingly. © EVAN DIPAOLA Website: metropolisspasalon. 15 front desk employees. you can’t not be successful. 5 massage therapists. SkinCeuticals . Daily meetings keep client outreach efforts fresh. “Some staff even came in and worked the retail area on their days off for free! I’m standing here today because of them. The spa now sports mold-resistant cork flooring in case of another flood. Though they make commission for retail./$225) Average spa service ticket: $95 Product lines used/retailed: Chocolate Sun. with a high-energy salon on the first floor and a serene spa on the lower level. Despite decades’ worth of trials.” says Carr. Metropolis’ retail space has been revamped into a chic boutique selling everything from hair accessories and blow dryers to candles and jewelry. 18 stylists. “Everybody really pulled together. Elemental Herbology.000 a month). During this transitional time.” recalls Carr. The landlord relented and dismissed the unpaid rent that had accumulated (a whopping $19. “When you keep employees happy. spray tan room. NuFACE. they’re going to go the extra mile for you. the clients are happy. stylists and nail technicians are trained in reaching sales. “Now. just three months after Hurricane Irene. 3 nail technicians. Even front desk staff has a group goal for retail: when they hit those goals.METROPOLIS SPA SALON Couples’ services and other body treatments round out Metropolis’ offerings.” By November 2011.” The hard times have made Carr a more cautious businesswoman. “I’ve faced a lot of adversity in the last eight years. Carr has made it clear that her dedication to serving the Garden State won’t end any time soon. Carr has also invested in a portable Opened: 1994 Owner: Theresa Carr Size: 5. Circ-Cell. retail and booking goals. Malin + Goetz. 12 housekeeping staff Most popular treatment: Circ-Cell Density Building Facial (55 min. hair salon. “If you stay focused on your employees. “Many spa owners aren’t aware of the importance of the little details until it’s too late. Carr estimates that her business is back to its pre-flood status.” she concludes. MS. In addition. 7 assistants. which also helps instill enthusiasm when 82 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 they talk up the treatments to guests. and hired a lawyer. threatening to sue. and she’s keen to maximize its ongoing success by collaborating with her consultant on marketing strategies and staff incentives.” Tracy Morin is a freelance writer and editor based in Oxford. the combined efforts had paid off and Metropolis was able to move back to its original location. Jane Iredale—THE SKIN CARE MAKEUP. “We’re in a feel-good business. so if the staff is happy. while spa technicians.” she notes. clients and products. Carr received a loan from family members to help rebuild the spa. Kneipp. manicure/ pedicure room Staff: 5 estheticians.

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Switzerland is also home to eight million people. In Germany. Europe’s Germany. Austria is a much smaller country than Germany. and taking time off work to receive such therapy is considered medical leave. we take a look at an area of the world that’s rich with wellness-related philosophy and resources. and many have a luxury . The spas of Germany. Austria and Switzerland merge centuries-old discoveries and attitudes with modern-day splendor. Swiss spa resorts like to position themselves as the most advanced in terms of technology and facility design. go to germany. a Kur (literally. Germany. 84 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 and the waters at each resort has unique healing partners/associations/deutscher-heilbaederverbandev. as well as a strong sauna culture that’s ingrained in everyday life. Across the border. The more than 900 spa and thermal spring communities in Germany are nationally accredited spa resorts—the healing powers of the water in these locations have been scientifically proven. not a holiday. is covered by health insurance. and the fifth largest economy in the world based on purchasing power parity (PPP). The official language is German and many of Austria’s customs pertaining to spas and health are shared with its neighbors.html) with an interactive map. Tourism is a big industry here.GLOBAL SPEAK Traditional Value Visitors enjoy a dip in the indoor hot springs pool at Toskanaworld in Bad Sulza. with a population of eight million. such American treatment staples still play a secondary role in these countries’ concept of spa. guiding health seekers to the appropriate spa experience. although the land mass is half the size of Austria’s. By Lisa Starr This month. Germany is the most populated country in Europe today. Switzerland has three official languages—German. “cure”). or resort therapy. with 81 million citizens. The German Spa Association hosts a detailed website (for English. And although massages and facials are growing in popularity in this region. Austria and Switzerland all offer abundant geothermal spas and resorts. French and Italian— which can typically be heard spoken nearest the borders of their respective countries. depending on its chemical composition.

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both at home and at spas and resorts. in the early Middle Ages. and quite different from what we experience in the U. and subsequently used his knowledge to heal fellow theological students of their ailments.400 miles on the Baltic and North Seas. the emperor Charlemagne constructed his palace in the Roman style in the German town of Aachen.) . these countries are all rife with bubbling hot springs. requiring government authorization for its use. with 26 hot springs. a “salt gentry”.000 years.S.GLOBAL SPEAK Top international sauna manufacturer KLAFS provides a wide variety of options for sauna-loving Europeans. then exit and immediately use the cold plunge (not for the faint of heart!). but as everyone from three-year-olds to grandfathers is participating. rest there for eight minutes. Nutrition and Balance). hydrotherapy is considered one of the founding practitioner’s “five pillars of healing” (Water. In the 790s. sicians. (The word bad appears consistently in the names of these cities. Baden-Baden was rediscovered as a spa town in the late 1700s. it is the German word for “bath” and an official designation for spa towns. For Americans. Austria and Switzerland are all known for their use of saunas. each designated a particular temperature ranging from 140°F to 212°F. featuring numerous sauna rooms. There’s also an added emphasis on beauty services. you enter the sauna. and began attracting modern-day bathers in the early to mid-1800s. the sauna is incredibly invigorating and energizing. take a quick cold shower or step outside into a private garden. Many of the region’s hot spring resorts have expansive sauna areas. THE FLOW OF HISTORY Although it does have a coastline of some 1. which became the seat of the Holy Roman Empire for the next 1. At these facilities. a Bavarian priest and hydrotherapist known as the “water doctor. and to become a pioneer of the holistic healing tradition in the late 1800s. owner of several Toskanaworld Therme resorts in Germany. The mining and extraction of salt from the thermal waters created a living for many people.D. are a common sight throughout the region. Sauna in this part of the world is a family affair. known for its sulfur hot springs. The town of Wiesbaden in southwest Germany opened its first orthopedic recuperation facility in 1836. and during the 1800s became a gathering place for celebrities. typically. natural settings. With this method. you just grin and bare it! According to Marion Schneider. and Switzerland and Austria are completely land-locked. the enormous “graduation towers”. Plants. the co-ed nudity common in Europe’s public saunas can take some getting used to. Germany is not normally associated with water or oceans. Still. Exercise. Probably better known is the Black Forest town of Baden-Baden. and specially qualified phy- 86 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 SAUNA CULTURE Germany. Even today. accredited Kneipp resorts feature healthy climates. who converged on the area as much for the casino and luxurious hotels as for the hot springs. Wiesbaden is the largest spa town in the country. and still features numerous rehabilitation centers and specialist hospitals that boast a high standard of health care and treat a wide variety of ailments. After waiting a few minutes for the body to cool. Some credit for this early trend must be given to Sebastian Kneipp. physiotherapists and nutritionists. you repeat the cycle—up to three times. Today.” Kneipp apparently cured himself of tuberculosis through cold baths in the Danube. the practice of PHOTO COURTESY AMANI orientation that isn’t a focal point in Austria or Germany. tall wood frames filled with blackthorn branches that used a simple pumping method to extract the salt from the water. whose springs were first visited by the Romans between 100 and 300 A. These practices led him to spend years studying the health effects of water and particular plants. Sauna use in these countries is a prescribed activity. The mineral-rich hot springs of the region were known far and wide for their restorative properties.

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the Alpentherme. The Bad Sulza location in eastern Germany also houses a certified medical spa. Near Switzerland’s eastern border with Austria. a sky bar with a 360° view of the Alps. so it is used by many professional athletes. intensifying the heat. leisure and wellness areas.COM public nudity started at the beginning of the 1900s. Adds Schneider. in addition to its 10. and spa and beauty treatment areas. and extensive spa and medical treatment facilities—all with a breathtaking view of the Alps. discovered in the 13th century. cafés. relaxation areas. The therapy is said to be very effective for rheumatic and respiratory ailments. in operation since the early 1900s. a business and event center. “It was liberating to bathe together in lakes and rivers. offer multiple indoor (and some outdoor) hot springs pools. which appears naturally in these dust-free chambers. and that German massage therapists receive two and a half years of education before they can be certified. According to Adrian Egger. and extensive spa and sauna facilities—spanning almost 350. because the experience of being undressed together as two different genders actually heightened the respect for one another. Says Schneider. inhaling safe 88 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 Lanserhof Clinic near Innsbruck.000 square feet in total.” he notes.S. which offers water slides.000 public ones. nearly 38% of the German population uses a sauna weekly. and must be prescribed by a doctor. dining room. as well as the Wellbeing & Thermal Spa. a casino. large. provides holistic-style medical spa services. One of the better-known spa destinations in Austria is the Lanserhof Clinic. geysers. All events are conducted in English and attract guests from outside the area. outside of Innsbruck. the town of Bad Ragaz is home to the Grand Resort. This holistic medical spa destination boasts 40 guest rooms. “Sauna trains the circulation system.” .GLOBAL SPEAK HOT SPOTS Toskanaworld properties. This part of the world also provides the opportunity for an unusual healing experience: literally. Bad Hofgastein in Austria also has a health mine. Toskanaworld hosts regular retreats and workshops. and the location is reputedly booked a year in advance. The company recently opened some other facilities. a Liquid Sound chamber (where guests submerge themselves in body-temperature salt water while experiencing the vibration of underwater music). an extensive health resort housing five-star hotels. during which a group of participants occupy the sauna as the Saunameister pours hot water onto the rocks and whips a towel around in the air. when the socialist and communist youth movement sought community and a close contact to nature. concentrations of radon gas. including one for day use. Austria. as well as a study group from Bastyr University in the U. along with an enormous thermal spa. Saunas are a private as well as a public affair: There are approximately 1. well-appointed sauna complexes. Guests come from around the world and stay for weeks at a time. and window views of the Alps. relaxation areas. Patients spend 30 minutes to an hour in underground tunnels that used to be part of mercury mines. ©ISTOCKPHOTO. as well as hotel wings. “It is good for both mind and body. and helps you to recover after sport. golf courses. managing director of the Spa Division of international sauna manufacturer KLAFS. and had little to do with sex— rather the opposite.” One of the rituals of public sauna use is the popular Aufguss (German for “infusion”). like many of the resorts in this region. Standards for these facilities remain high: Schneider reports that German authorities visit accredited spas regularly to assess hygiene and the quality of the waters. and most people who visit the sauna once a week and use it correctly never catch a cold.6 million saunas in private homes in Germany. “Our healing waters. a Medical Health Center and the Swiss Olympic Medical Center. Specific times are posted by the sauna door for this 10-minute session. a health mine! Bad Kreuznach in Germany hosts one of the oldest.

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world-famous Dolder Grand Resort provides a getaway for guests focused on healthy lifestyle, fitness
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this works best with a checklist that the teen fills out and reviews with the esthetician. Understanding how a teen client thinks and behaves is the first step in structuring 1 94 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 services that will draw him or her in and also deliver tangible results. says Nancy Trent.2 trillion per year.MARKETING SAVVY The Teen Scene As you seek out new ways to market your spa’s services and grow your business. president of New York City-based PR and marketing firm. Sandy Miller. Get teens’ input by listening to their concerns and learning what they’ve tried in the past. 2 © KEVIN RL HANSON/GETTY Why wait for these potential clients to turn 21. Although teens are frequently dealing with acne and related skin issues such as excessive oil. and so on. current skincare regimen. who often adds a moisturizing component (such as a mask) to her teen acne facials. This can be particularly helpful with guys. Treat accordingly. when you can win their business and loyalty now? By Deborah Stambler . Ask questions. But while making this fresh-faced generation a part of your regular clientele can clearly be a boon for business. “In some cases. teenagers boast some serious spending power—a whopping $1. director of marketing at Burke Williams in Los Angeles. who offered tips on how to attract this latest wave of spagoers and turn them into loyal. “Teens are often prone to excessive dryness caused by a lack of moisturizing. Trent and Company. Furthermore. with 71% of parents saying they solicit their children’s opinion on how their family spends money. skin-wise patrons who keep coming back.” says Ildi Pekar. founder and owner of Ildi Pekar Skincare spa in New York City. don’t assume that these are their only concerns. this group has considerable influence in household spending. “I always start with a conversation about lifestyle—eating habits.” points out Pekar. level of activity. the teen market can be an important part of your strategy. According to a 2012 report by global marketing and technology agency Digitas. how do you market to these youngsters when they’re more accustomed to instant gratification and quick fixes than disciplined skincare regimens and regular facials? DAYSPA spoke to a few marketing savvy pros. who may have a harder time talking about what they hope to gain from the spa experience.” says Trent.

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” she explains. says the spas’ estheticians are specially trained to work with teens and understand their specific needs and 3 concerns. A facial performed a couple of weeks before a big event can help prevent a young client’s skin from breaking out and add to the excitement of the occasion. Offering specials for parents and teens to come in and enjoy their individual services with additional time to unwind together can be a good “in” to attract the younger client. Burke Williams’ skincare director. like have them sit together without interruption before the service begins or bring the mom in at the right time to talk about skincare solutions for the teen with the esthetician. Vermont. fun and inviting to the tween and early teen markets. “Dispelling myths about breakouts. Reach out to teens who are accomplishing extraordinary things.” says 4 96 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 5 ©ISTOCKPHOTO. you know this is not how quality skin care works. “Being a teen is hard. so the spa is the perfect place to start a dialogue.MARKETING SAVVY emphasizes how the spa’s Teen Facial incorporates a personalized evaluation and drives home the importance of a well-rounded skincare regimen.” Want to create a little PR buzz? Trent recommends connecting with young local celebrities or star athletes in your community. Create the right ambiance. “At Scooops.” says Storey. Do you offer designated times for teen appointments or dedicate a section of your spa to teen services? There are plenty of things you can do to transform your spa into a hip and happening haven: • Choose youthful décor.” says Susan Storey. they’re typically not keen on listening to a parent’s advice. “A great way to help teens feel better about themselves is to empower them—give them information on how to treat and prevent skin flare-ups and adopt good skincare habits in general. as a spa owner. or how uncomfortable we felt about our appearance. “We feature whimsical seats in the shape of ice cream cones and oversized ‘banana split’ pedicure thrones. We do a lot of subtle things. communications director for Scooops Kid Spa Salon in Madison. At this age. “We combine the treatment with a free gift and one-on-one instruction from an esthetician on how the client can keep her skin looking great between facials. “Teens are willing to learn about skin care from a reliable source providing information in a relaxing spa setting. and let conversations happen organically. you can issue a press release or even pitch the story to the local paper. Informing the next generation on the importance of developing healthy skin habits now is a vital part of the treatment process. Wisconsin.” Educate.” says Miller.COM “Teens are typically not keen on listening to a parent’s advice. also enjoys the educational aspect of working with teens. “We’ve found that having the mom and her teen together helps transition the daughter into feeling comfortable at the spa. and dual pedicures and facials to allow for some motherdaughter bonding time. informal environment can be useful in attracting a batch of young spa-goers. among other things.” . Find out if the local spelling bee champ knows how to spell “esthetician” and invite her to the spa for a complimentary facial or mani/pedi. “We offer side-by-side massages.” Seize marketing opportunities. Prom and graduation are ideal times to draw teens into the spa. and I think we all remember what it was like when we had our first breakout. so the spa is the perfect place to start a dialogue. Licensed esthetician Laurie Webb of Waterfalls Day Spa in Middlebury.” Diane Hibbard. A fun. we create an ambiance that is bright. teaching good hygiene and educating teens on the connection between stress and skin eruptions are some of the ways our staff supports this young market. Did a local girl just win the state tennis championship? Offer her a day at the spa to relax sore muscles and learn about skin care for an active lifestyle. Although today’s teens are used to quickfix products that promise automatic results.” Webb. From there. “It’s all about helping her to achieve healthy skin.

I would take extra special care of everything in that office as if the next person to walk through that door was going to be someone very important (well. every person that came through the door was very important). the less “worry moments” you will have. Some of you are from big cities and some of you live in small towns. I hope that if you are struggling with business right now. Trust me. blah about it. In fact. Try being more positive and let me know how it works for you! dayspamagazine. don’t tell a client. happy and loving life. I had only been an Esthetician about a year and a half. so I was still learning how to be a good Esthetician. My business was not only thriving. I became a successful business owner. I would go into my skincare center every single day whether I had a client or’d be busy!!! I am a true believer in the “Law of Attraction”. thanks for asking.. sometimes I was scared. When I did have a client. But I had this inner knowing that told me to stay positive.. Don’t get on the phone with a friend and blah. she’d never ever hear me talk about my worries. Let me tell you a story. Some†of you are just getting your esthetic careers started and some of you are seasoned Estheticians. blah. Every word out of my mouth was positive. Sometimes I didn’t know where the next dollar was coming from.” I would respond like that even if she was my first client of the week and it was already Thursday! I’ll admit it. Clients picked up on my good energy and they started talking about me. Things will begin to change! How much of your day do you spend talking about how bad things are? Would you want to be around someone with that kind of negative energy whirling around them? People want to be around other people that are positive. Don’t even spend time telling yourself how bad it is!! Do whatever you have to do to feel better in that moment. believe and act as if my business was already booming. New clients called. When I purchased my first skin care center back in 1990. I knew absolutely nothing about running a business. What’s concerning me is the amount of energy some of you are putting into talking about how bad business is right now. Back then I knew nothing about the law of attraction but I am quite certain that because of it. She might ask how business was and I’d always say ”it’s awesome. to get your mind off of worrying. My appointment book began to fill up.. If you spent as much time and energy talking about how you would like business to • Use FreeInfo #28 . it was growing rapidly! I’m not saying it’s always easy to stay positive. your business will change! Thanks for taking a moment to read this. If your business is not doing well take a good hard look at yourself. But staying positive is the most important thing you can do for yourself and for your business. And you know what? Before I knew it. Change your attitude and in no time at all. Don’t let it show on your face.. the more you do that. you take this to heart.Build Your Business with Positive Energy Every day I talk to Estheticians all over the Country. business was booming. When you’re feeling down.

Teens love posting photos. client of Waterfalls Day Spa in Middlebury. Here are a few tips for making spa parties “take off”: • Sharing spa time with friends for group makeup instruction. skincare demonstrations and manicures can be a great holiday or birthday treat. 13. client of Scooops Kid Spa Salon in Madison. • Sweeten the deal with some bite-sized snacks. Scooops Spa stays true to its theme by offering guests ice cream after a treatment. Music is a vital part of youth culture and a powerful way to help teens relax and feel more at ease in your spa. 10. You’ll need signed releases in most cases to post shots on the spa’s social media accounts. ”My mom thought I should come in to learn how to wash my face properly. The new generation of spa-goers is one social bunch. having an iPad available makes this process easy and fun for your guests. Party on. Turn on some Top 40 tunes and let them play in the background. My skin felt great when I walked out of there! She worked wonders!”—Lauren. comfy robes and use a strawberry fizzball on my feet. She really cared about my experience and my skin and made sure I was comfortable the whole time. Capitalize on this by pushing teen spa parties. “We want to create the perfect place to celebrate the sweetest part of still being a kid. client of Spa Loft in Woodland Hills. She also gave me a shoulder massage that was awesome!”—Anna. After talking to Shelly about my skin issues. Laurie showed me how to do it quick and easy and told me what my skin type is. Deborah Stambler is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer. you may be able to find a local electronics store to coordinate some cross-promotion. (Just make sure it is in a more secluded part of your spa.) • Create photo ops. I have very dry skin and the teen facials that are designed for my age group typically fight acne and oil. hair accessories and/or lip balm make great gift bag items that help them vtake the spa experience home (and won’t blow your budget). Trent says that while this can be an expensive investment initially. She told me how my cell phone could be part of why I get breakouts on my chin. • Everyone loves a little spa swag. I had my birthday party there and I want to do it again!” —Kaitlyn. “I was never really big on facials. Wisconsin returning home for the holidays.MARKETING SAVVY TEEN (AND TWEEN!) TALK Young spa-goers speak out on their spa experiences and what keeps them coming back for more. she decided to change my treatment from a teen facial to a moisturizing facial. I like to wear the fuzzy. © PURESTOCK/GETTY Designate a space for photo opportunities that will allow teen clients to post photos of themselves having fun. so use this to your advantage. and teens perhaps even more so! Nail polish. 17. You can even offer an iPad in the waiting area onto which teens can load photos of their experiences at the spa and invite other kids to respond. so as not to disrupt other clients. Vermont • Turn up the tunes.” says Storey. but you can include those in the initial paperwork everyone fills out. California . Designate a space or room for photo opportunities that will allow teen clients to post photos of themselves having fun at your spa on Facebook. and make my skin even drier. Again. Make sure you have active accounts set up so that young guests can “hashtag” your spa and boost your profile. Instagram and Tumblr. The best part is getting ice cream while I’m at the spa. • Offer to take group photos that can be posted on social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram. It’s also a wonderful get-together opportunity for older teens going off to college or 6 98 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 “I love going to Scooops! My friends and I all have fun when we go.

high demand.000) of a Professional Nail Program at member schools of the American Association of Cosmetology Schools (AACS). fast-paced industry! • Nails are the fastest-growing salon service in the US today • Thousands more Nail Professionals are needed to satisfy growing consumer demand • Nail services are recession-proof (outsold lipstick in the last recession) • Your artistic skills and premium services can drive high-profit income Tell a friend and have them apply today – the sooner they start working.. the sooner they start counting! ©2014 Creative Nail Design. Help Recruit Nail Professionals! High A RICH LIFE. The Beauty Changes Lives (BCL) CND Tippi Hedren Nail Scholarship Forty scholarships will be awarded over a two-year period at 100% of the tuition (up to $5. . In just a few months. Inc.. your talented friends or family members can build a rewarding career in this exciting. Competition begins January 2014. Find out more by visiting beautychangeslives. high reward and high-income potential.

1408. 800. or go straight to dayspamagazine. 100 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 Cuccio’s Trio-3-In-1 Treatment serves as a base Noel Asmar’s new collection of Scented Candles includes RapidLash Eyelash & Eyebrow Enhancing Serum from Rocasuba employs advanced polypeptides to boost hair Sciote Skin’s Peptide+ Defense Firming Eye Crème features a proprietary blend of amino acids. 720. 800.772. a soothing scent that helps set the mood in your treatment rooms. 760.4472.PRODUCT ESSENTIALS If you would like more information about any of the products described in this section. ridge-filler and strengthener and helps to create a healthy.6245.8566. natural nail appearance. . rocasuba. 877. simply go to FreeInfo on page 121 to find out how to use the online program. highlight the Resources tab and click on Free Info.957. 800. DermaEarth’s EnLighten Cell Brightening Serum harnesses the power of kojic acid and hydroquinone to reduce the appearance of age and sun spots and promote a more even skin tone.5680. shiraesthetics. aloe and peptides to protect and revitalize the eye area. 1 Sugar Coated Lemon. Shira Esthetics’ Pure Avocado Moisturizer is rich in essential vitamins. promoting a smoother and softer complexion.6677.762.496.500.

steamywonder.1531. Collin’s 3D Visible Lifting Serum & Cream work together to improve skin elasticity.6789. 800.0830. keyano.The Foaming Gel Cleanser from Timeless by Pevonia includes rosemary. timelessbypevonia. 800. enlarged pores and dryness. ParanormalEFX Anti-Aging Serum from AminoGenesis harnesses the power of six active ingredients to fight various signs of The Modena 19 in 1 facial machine from SkinAct provides 19 different functions including steamer. an environmentally friendly system that uses just a few pints of water. spaandequipment. G. firmness and dayspamagazine. Keyano Aromatics’ Eye Shimmers (pictured in Citrine) are sure to add a little sparkle to clients’ Spring makeup looks. 800.M. saponaria and lemon to soothe and purify the skin.0313.417.4455. including wrinkles. relaxation and relief from muscle and joint pain.523. Steamy Wonder’s Portable Steam | APRIL 2014 101 .PEVONIA. 800. ultrasonic and highfrequency currency. gmcollin. provides detoxification.940. The signature isopropyl alcohol in Tend Skin’s post-hair removal formula comes in a Refillable Roll-On format for easier application. 800.

877.6975. 102 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 Add a sultry smokyeye to your spa’s makeup services courtesy of Gel Liners by Brushes By Karen.213. and gently removes makeup while leaving the skin hydrated.722.8425. 321. sanitas-skincare. .PEVONIA. compact design that delivers a firm.620. which help soothe and heal skin. for a fun-and-free look clients will Sanítas Nourishing Massage Oil boasts a comforting formulation of Omega-6 essential fatty acids. 972. pfbvanish.0528.225. mineralogiemakeup. 800. smooth and perfectly fresh.PRODUCT ESSENTIALS The multifunctional Confortium bed from Pevonia Equipment. is made from sustainable materials that combine DermaQuest’s Stem Cell 3D Facial Cleanser contains botanical stem cells from sea Dermatude’s Meta-Ject FX50 features a sleek. improved complexion without pain or discomfort.855. 800. pevoniaequipment.0233.332. intended for both facial and body Mineralogie’s Loose Mineral Blush (pictured in Sweet Pea) provides a pop of cheeky color. 800. brushesbykaren. comfort and PFB’s two-step Skin Lightening System includes an exfoliating face and body scrub and brightening lotion that work synergistically to help reduce the appearance of age spots and discoloration. edelweiss and gardenia. jojoba oil and vitamins. dermaquestinc.2818.

com | APRIL 2014 103 .391.2722. 877. Nufree finipil products provide comfortable and effective hair removal.247.2405. which helps smooth. adriennememmoli. cholesterol deposits.1071. nufree. lashfood. dehydrated skin as it helps relieves itching. thicker. lamskin.7685.760.7005.Nourish your clients’ lashes with NanoPeptide Natural Eyelash Conditioner from JB Cosmetics. 800. and can also help slow regrowth. 800. tone and tighten the Hale Cosmeceuticals’ Dermist M3HA Hyaluronic Acid is designed to treat dry. burning and redness. Created to help analyze clogged pores. stronger lashes within 3-6 weeks. Comfort Soul’s new Alpina model features the company’s trademarked UltraPlush Cushioning System and DuraSoft Upholstery for maximum Skin Care Consultants’ SkinLite II device affords estheticians sub-dermal views with minimal surface reflection. 800.5168.951. set-n-me-free.748. Clinically proven to promote longer. 800. 877.266. 561. hyperpigmentation and more. essential vitamins and aloe vera for superdosed Adrienne Memmoli’s D’va Du Elite Moisture Serum contains a soothing blend of hyaluronic Get clients bikiniready with Set-NMe-Free’s Body Wrap Solution Gel.221.

630. harmonial.272. 800. Bio Jouvance’s Octopeel Masque contains a unique formulation of eight enzymes that helps exfoliate the skin. 770.PRODUCT ESSENTIALS The Harmonial Relaxation System synchronizes the frequencies of colors. radiant shades such as “Uncharted”.com Institut’ DERMed’s Soothing Cleanser features licorice root extract to calm . hypersensitive skin. shimmering pink (“You Pink Too Much”) and dazzling multicolor (“Chasing Rainbows”). anxiety and even depression. The new gel-based Showgirls collection from OPI delivers dazzling manicures with its sparkly hues of silver metallic (“Desperately Seeking Sequins”). leaving it smooth and more even-toned. opi.SPA. 104 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 Circadia’s SWiCH™ Dermal Rejuvenation System helps enhance mitochondrial function and restore skin’s youthful appearance. which are sure to bring out your clients’ adventurous sides. “Wilderness” and “Navigate”.com SpaRitual’s Spring Explore Collection includes shimmering.4710. sparitual. sound and aroma into a unique experience designed to address stress.RITUAL.1716. 800.341.7788. idermed.446. 877.3747.454. 800.

7201.6457. nouveaucontourusa. biotone.3700.7546.628. It can also help in treating acne.PRODUCT ESSENTIALS The computerized Intelligent device from Nouveau Contour features preprogrammed settings for precise permanent makeup application. | APRIL 2014 107 .338. novalash. 800. 800. botanicalscience. lip areas and beyond. 877. including coffee bean. dayspamagazine.668.445. cocoa bean and papaya enzymes to gently exfoliate dead skin cells. nordiccarepro. 800. Biotone’s Muscle & Joint Therapeutic Massage Gel is infused with essential oils to help address sore joints and aching muscles. according to each client’s skin The Blueberry & Coffee Bean Exfoliating Cleanser by Botanical Science Technologies contains a multitude of high-powered antioxidants. grape. NovaLash’s LASHcloud helps clients preserve dreamy eyelashes and extensions. 877. revealing a smoother more youthful appearance. Allied Professionals Association’s Quantum Electro Ionization Unit combines light therapy with cold plasma tones to tighten the skin. 800. Mineral Mine’s Bronzer in Touch of Sun delivers a sun-kissed glow (without harmful UV rays) to clients all year round. Nordic Care’s Foot Care Cream is based on a Swedish formula that aims to alleviate dry skin and cracked By functioning as a protective barrier to pillow friction. It automatically calculates the optimal needle frequency needed for pigment retention in the eyebrow.430.444.

which will affect more than 700 cosmetic companies. 108 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 believed: Minding Your Business. “We listened to all sectors and decided to pass the law. “He brought holistic beauty to the industry. founder of Aveda and Intelligent Nutrients. the company is keen to reassure spa pros that the new/updated formulas and products will deliver the same luxurious experience for which HydroPeptide is known. “Dr. Richard. non-toxic. RAD REVAMP HydroPeptide’s trusted products are getting a facelift. who died on July 4.000 from any institution or research center that fails to comply. Rechelbacher’s career in beauty and skin care spanned nearly 60 years. whose mission is to deliver products based on organic. The young Austrian ambitiously took on a three-year apprenticeship in the hair industry. Rechelbacher is survived by his wife. new micro collections (which incorporate existing best-sellers plus a new four-piece line of clarifying products that address both adult acne and antiaging concerns) and enhanced formulations that feature more than 60 unique peptides. The law. Rechelbacher sold the company in 1997 to Estée Lauder for $300 million. “We have a lot to thank him for and NASN is here to do that today. countries such as New Zealand. JAMES FULTON 2013. daughter-in-law Mindy is credited with co-developing Retin-A and benzoyl peroxide.” said Denise R. but with enhanced results. Kiran Stordalen. died on February 15 at the age of 72 following a battle with cancer. demands a hefty fine of $435. making it the first Brazilian state to do so. son-in-law Peter Thomas. Kelly Fulton-Kendrick. beginning when he was only 14 years old. Although a trailblazer in its country. Fulton did so much for our industry during his lifetime.” says Alckmin.S. Fuller. Since then. food-derived ingredients. and his grandchildren.” Fulton’s daughter. After two decades of growing Aveda into a world-renowned brand. connecting hair. on January 26. Rechelbacher was also an established author. In addition to being an industry leader. the global. In 2008. visit hydropeptide.IN THE NEWS In Memoriam Horst Rechelbacher. and co-founding beauty brand Vivant Skin Care. who serves as CEO of Vivant Skin Care. daughter Nicole Thomas. São Paulo governor Geraldo Alckmin consulted with animal rights representatives. Ruby and Jada. The ban. face and body as one. veterinarians and scientists before coming to a decision. accepted the award on his behalf. Europe was the first to ban animal testing in cosmetics in 2009 and went on to pass a complete ban on the sale of animal-tested products in March 2013. . after HORST RECHELBACHER which he decided to spread his wings and take his chances as a stylist in the U. covers both finished products and ingredients.” he adds. Emma. son Peter. James Fulton was honored by the National Aesthetic Spa Network (NASN) for his accomplishments and innovations in skin care at NASN’s 10th anniversary conference in Del Rey. São Paulo is just one of many states and countries to jump on the banning bandwagon. The new micro collections comprise: • Anti-Wrinkle • Anti-Wrinkle+Sensitive • Anti-Wrinkle+Clarify • Targeted Solutions Despite the changes. The company announced a brand re-launch that includes sleek and sustainable new packaging. Rechelbacher launched health and beauty company Intelligent Nutrients. The late Dr. founder of NASN. For more information. global president of Aveda. Florida. The world-renowned dermatologist. South Korea and Australia are considering similar actions. Rejuvenation. cosmetic industry leaders. plant-based cosmetic company with roots in ayurvedic principles. “Our Cruelty-Free Brazil campaign for a complete ban has received huge public support and we applaud the groups in São Paulo who have fought hard for this victory for animals. It was here that he would come to found Aveda. having written four books on the beauty philosophies and principles in which he so strongly Ban in Brazil São Paulo recently passed a ban on animal testing for cosmetics.” says Dominique Conseil. signed in late January. Aveda Rituals and Alivelihood.

Asia and South America: BolognaFiere spa . Middle East.480.13TH .it Marketing and Promotion: SoGeCos spa .ph.051.BolognaFiere Group .28.Milan .48 .Italy .63.cosmoprofnor thamerica.North American Beauty Events LLC . AZ .795.USA .fax +1.480.Italy .036 .0424 .051.74.15TH JULY 2014 LAS VEGAS M A N D A L A Y B A Y CONVENTION CENTER www. Africa.905.28.36 COUNTRIES REPRESENTED LEADING CONFERENCES WITH KEY INFLUENTIALS A NEW BOLOGNA WORLD FOR LAS VEGAS Sales Office PEEK T H E AWA R D W I N N I N G B 2 B E V E N T P R O V I D E S : EDITION SN E AK 201 3 BEAUTY HONG KONG Organizer . Sales Office Europe. Mexico: PBA +39.0708 .Bologna .fax +39. √ √ √ THE PLACE WHERE ‘IN THE KNOW’ DISTRIBUTORS FIND RESOURCES THE WORLD OF BEAUTY UNDER ONE ROOF .420 +39.022 .

whose extraordinary vision and innovation has transformed the beauty industry. sharing a personal experience of his uncle’s battle with cancer.5pm Wallis Annenberg Building California Science Center Mhink\aZl^mb\d^mlhkÛg]hnm more information about Beauty Bus Foundation visit beautybus. Talbot. She graduated from the Atelier Esthétique Institute NICOLE LANDON in New York City with a specialty in European facials. The award. For more information. Kirschner also serves as president of City of Hope’s National Professional Salon Industry Council. The award recognizes an individual’s outstanding leadership and contributions to the community and beauty profession. the board of directors for the Professional Beauty Sponsored by: Harlan Kirschner. visit cityofhope. In January. Kirschner and 50 beauty professionals visited City of Hope’s Los Angeles campus. industries. she held positions at Clarins USA as a national trainer and lead esthetician at the Clarins Spa in New York City. Landon is no skincare amateur.” says Kathleen P. where patients learn to minimize the cosmetic effects of their illness or medical treatment with free programs and services. In addition to his work in helping the Kirschner Group become one of the top global sales organizations in the professional beauty industry. Although new to her post. and how City of Hope has been instrumental in his treatment process. Newbie Alert! *Sponsors as of January 22nd 110 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 Guinot recently announced the appointment of Nicole Landon as West Coast training director. April 27th 2pm . Prior to joining Guinot.IN THE NEWS Honor Roll Honoring Deborah Carver Harlan Kirschner (left) and Robert Stone. president and CEO of City of Hope President/CEO of Creative Age Publications Sunday. City of Hope’s director of development. . will be honored with City of Hope’s National Professional Salon Industry 2014 Spirit of Life Landon will train technicians on Guinot facial and body treatments. chairman of the Manufacturer Leadership Council. The day’s activities included a tour of the facility and the Positive Image Center. will be presented on July 12 at City of Hope’s “Celebrating Cures” event at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. CEO of The Kirschner Group. City of Hope's CEO and president Robert Stone also addressed the crowd during lunch. “We are privileged to honor Harlan Kirschner. considered the most prestigious philanthropic honor by the nonprofit organization. In this role. and treasurer for the Western Buying Conference.

& Jaw Line Area t Reduces Sagging and Adds Youthful Look t No Pthalates. • Use FreeInfo #48 dayspamagazine.7005 or visit halecosmeceuticals. i l l u m i n a re c o s m e t i c s . Sulfates. The fun doesn’t stop there: The OPI nail salon will also be available on miWorld’s DreamPlay app for iOS devices. Dyes or Fragrances HC For more information call us toll free at 800. product display. Each set includes basic structure materials. c o m dayspamagazine. dayspamagazine.” says Suzi WeissFischmann. Do You Lilac It?. co-founder and executive vice president of OPI. The OPI miWorld allows girls to build and design their own OPI nail salon.” With our 3 creamy mineral foundations each with soothing zinc oxide. spa chair and apron. Princesses Rule! and Funny Bunny. Girls can receive manicures and pedicures using tiny accessories— then they can become both the nail technician and the customer through miWorld. we give girls the opportunity to engage with one of their favorite brands in a new. • Use FreeInfo #47 t Facilitates Vasodilation t Boosts Molecular Singling Agent Nitro Oxide (NO) t Improves Firmness in Neck. a manicure table and chairs. Provided mini lacquers include OPI’s best-selling shades such as Need Sunglasses?. “By our partnering with JAKKS Pacific. SPF 20. we’ve got you covered CHILD’S PLAY OPI and toy designer and marketer JAKKS Pacific have partnered on a new line of play environments called miWorld™. authentic way. nail | APRIL 2014 111 . nail lacquer bottles. “The love for nail color is truly ageless.951. gel lamp.Whatever you need. superior coverage and a natural looking fnish 1-916-939-9888 1-800-476-0226 toll free w w w.

1. Vietnam. 800. 97.2420. IFM-Istanbul Expo 18-19 Image Expo 2014.3976. Mandalay Brown Convention Center. Quebec City. Ho Chi 4-5 Esthetique SPA International Toronto. Quebec Congress Centre.471. 12-14 BeautyEurasia 2014.434. George R 12-15 PBA Beauty Week. Istanbul. 450. longbeach .com 27-28 Esthetique SPA International 5-6 International Congress of Esthetics & Spa. MAY 12-13 SPAMEETING Asia. 800. Las Vegas. Pasadena Convention Center. SEPTEMBER 7-8 The International Congress of Esthetics and JUNE 13-15 Cosmoprof North America 1-2 Premiere Orlando. Las Vegas. 866.0229. Terranea Resort.434. Las Vegas.skincareshows.471.spameeting. FL.498. Long Beach. California. 4-6 International SalonSpa Business Network Cosmetics & Spa Conference. 13 NAILPRO Pasadena. beautyeurasia.69.67.468. nailpropasadena. Turkey. 800. Canada. miami. .0229.5667. 800. +90. spa-show.603. Miami Beach. Bay Convention Center. salonspanetwork. Orlando/ Quebec. cosmoprofnorthamerica. Toronto.5667. Las Vegas. +33. theimageexpo. 800. CA. Downtown Metro Toronto Convention Centre. nailprosacramento. Sacramento Convention Center.44. Miami Beach Convention Center.0229.498. Orlando. Rancho Palos Verdes. 877.DATE BOOK APRIL 6-7 International Congress of Esthetics & Spa. Las Vegas Convention Center. 800.442. 21-23 International Esthetics. asia. 800.2274.33.33. Mandalay Bay Convention Center.6984.212. Arlington Convention Center.444. 800. 112 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 JULY Minh City.skincareshows.219. California. Dallas. 21 NAILPRO Sacramento. Long Beach Convention Orange County Convention Center.471. Canada.

WRAP UP International Salon & Spa Expo (ISSE) Long Beach PHOTOS COURTESY PBA One word to describe the Professional Beauty Association’s International Salon & Spa Expo (ISSE) Long Beach: big. TN 37203 Class begins at 9:00 am This is a two part. It’s time to unveil a new product.000 attendees with its jam-packed lineup of classes. antioxidants & vitamins to help restore vibrancy to the skin while protecting against free radicals. competitions.. drew some 40. LA 70130 Class begins at 9:00 am FREE GIFT valued at $100. demonstrations and education on their latest and greatest offerings. ORLY. • PBA Beauty Bar: Launched this • Use FreeInfo #50 Join Dermatude for a FREE class on META Therapy! The latest European method of Micro Needling. OPI and Repêchage—in exchange for a donation to the PBA Disaster Relief Fund. visit Major League Barber’s Hot Hands Barber Brawl and the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA). New Orleans 300 Canal Street New Orleans. For more information on ISSE Long Beach. Skincare companies such as SAIAN and American International Industries were on hand to provide training. Some of the highlights of the 2014 event included: • The EstheticsAmerica & Wellness Pavilion: The space devoted to skin care and wellness continues to grow each year. networking. The annual three-day industry event. ONE DAY class including education and certiˉcation APRIL 13th and 14th 2014 TWO DATES TO CHOOSE FROM! Hilton Meadowlands Hotel and Conference Center 2 Meadowlands Plaza East | APRIL 2014 113 . Nashville. NJ 07073 Class begins at 9:00 am MAY 18th and 19th 2014 TWO DATES TO CHOOSE FROM! Doubletree by Hilton..00! Call 855-309-0313 ext. which helps salons and spas rebuild following a natural disaster. www. live stage demonstrations • Use FreeInfo #49 dayspamagazine.apothederm. • Hair and Nail Competitions: Beauty pros had the opportunity to show off their skills by taking part in competitions that included Nailpro Nail Competitions. Apothederm Nourishing Serum T H E F A C E L I F T A L T E R N A T I V E R A combination of copper peptide. This year’s ISSE Long Beach drew crowds with its high-energy show floors. which this year took place on January 25-27. the program allowed ISSE attendees to select five product samples from exhibitors— including Aveda. META Therapy is having a class near you! MARCH 9th and 10th 2014 TWO DATES TO CHOOSE FROM! Hilton Garden Inn Nashville/Vanderbilt 1715 Broadway or 877-496-0038 for additional information & samples. Helps firm skin & increase skin elasticity & collagen production Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles Improves skin texture Hydrates skin Contact wholesale@apothederm. 103 to register S PAC E I S L I M I T E D ! dayspamagazine. education and live demonstrations. of course.

uci. Las Vegas. probeauty. insparationmanagement.638.998.0411. CO ( • Free online Spa & Hospitality Course (949. a web-based advanced education program International Spa Association. Las 114 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 Professional Beauty Association Center for Business Education. Daytona 19-20 The International Congress of Esthetics & Spa. FL (386. Irvine. • Freedom Learning. online portal (415. experienceispa.4326.515. Canada (519. CA • Certificate program in spa and hospitality management that offers online and on-campus • Online business and certification programs that cater to both new and existing business • MiladyU—Online continuing education for professionals NW Aestheticians Guild. • Training includes Spa Manager Certification • Salon Coordinator Program teaching professionals how to transform front desk staff from receptionists to business managers InSPAration • Continually expanding library of spa industry videos.5414. Scottsdale. Seattle (206. spas2b.9262. Vista.2550. spa owners and esthetic instructors—and offers targeted training and resources to help improve upon technical and business • Business and certification programs Spas2B Online Spa Management Certificate Courses • Classes and web workshops. KY (888.skincareshows.cengage.558. ascpskincare.824. Ontario.824. Springfield. Eufora YOU School Academy.uci. 800. milady.6000.3672.2274.5571.789. philadelphia . spa-college.7498. AZ (800. Advanced Bodywork and Massage Certification UC Irvine Extension. nwaestheticiansguild. Best Practice Club and Building Your Business: Culture and Leadership Spa College. uscart.DATE BOOK OCTOBER • Guild-sponsored continuing education 13-15 ISPA Conference & Expo. employed estheticians. CA (800. VA (800. Abingdon. Lexington. Golden. NY (800. Pennsylvania Convention BUSINESS EDUCATION Associated Skin Care Professionals. universalcompanies . Clifton Park. and allow professionals to achieve their certificates in spa management in 30 or fewer days. • Certified Spa Supervisor and Retail Management courses.471.753.585. Mandalay Bay. Philadelphia. .4772.0628. classes and ondemand webinars University of Spa & Cosmetology Arts/Massage Therapy. IL ( Universal Companies Advance with Education. including Increasing • The SkinPro Education Series is a web-based advanced education program tailored to licensed professionals in four typical career paths—independent contractors. and Risk Management for Spa e-Learning course Milady Cengage Learning. experienceispa. and provides credit toward the online Master of Wellness program hosted by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University) in Australia (949.226. ocw.

COCONUT LIME SPA INTRO PACKAGES COCONUT LIME BODY SCRUB Program Includes: 1 . Coconut Lime Butter Cream 1 .8 oz.80 oz. Marine Plasma 1 . Makeup Remover 1 . Lemon Milk Cleanser 1 . Coconut Lime Scrub 1 .12 oz. Coconut Lime Scrub 2 . Coconut Lime Shower Gel COCONUT LIME PEDICURE Program Includes: 1 . Coconut Lime Butter Cream dayspamagazine.80 oz.12 oz. Coconut Lime Butter Cream 2 . Coconut Lime Peel Mask 1 .10 oz. Coconut Lime Butter Cream 1 . Coconut Lime Massage Oil 1 . Coconut Lime Butter Cream 1 .10 oz.2 oz.100 count Coconut Lime Fizz Balls 1 .64 oz.8 oz.8 ¥ Use FreeInfo #52 .8 oz.8 oz.8 oz. Coconut Lime Scrub 2 .8 oz.8 oz. Eterna Bella COCONUT LIME BODY WRAP Program Includes: 1 . Coconut Lime Scrub For Retail: 2 . Coconut Lime Butter Cream 2 . Coconut Lime Shower Gel For Retail: 3 . Coconut Lime Scrub 2 . Coconut Lime Butter Cream 2 .10 oz.80 oz.64 oz.64 oz.12 oz. Coconut Lime Massage Oil For Retail: 2 .12 oz. Coconut Lime Peel Mask 1 .12 oz.8oz.12 oz. Coconut Lime Scrub For Retail 2 .12 oz. Coconut Lime Shower Gel COCONUT LIME PEEL FACIAL Program Includes: 1 .12 oz. Coconut Lime Butter Cream 1 . Alpha Beta Exfoliating Cleanser 1 .12 oz. Coconut Lime Massage Oil 1 . Coconut Lime Peel Mask 1 .

Anti-aging and hydrating effects are enhanced when used with HYDRA N1 CREME or FLUIDE. The Nouveau Contour Academy is the preeminent education facility in the USA for learning this dynamic service.Boutique Plus ADVERTISEMENT The Skin Care Solution® The Ultimate Solution for Your 911 Color Mishap Say goodbye to ingrown hairs and razor burn with Tend Skin's post-hair removal formula. nouveaucontourusa.7201. touchable skin with GiGi® No Bump Body Scrub.940. This creamy and refreshing gel is the perfect remedy for very dehydrated skin: quickly absorbed.7332 malibuc. available now in a refillable roll-on for easier application. . 30 day guarantee with proof of purchase. crystalized vitamin complex that gently. yonkausa. Use FreeInfo #55 GiGi No Bump HYDRA N1 SERUM The 1st step in the anti-aging process & perfect emergency remedy for very dehydrated skin. Your first step to corrective color the global leader in Permanent Makeup invites you to contact us or visit our website to learn about the advantage of adding the value added service of Permanent Makeup to your spa. it quickly replenishes the skin’s hydration levels. 877.533.628.8423 or visit tendskin. radiant skin. helps remove undesired color without compromising the integrity of the hair. 800. Use FreeInfo #56 116 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 Reveal smooth. This daily maintenance body scrub helps prevent bumps and ingrown hairs by exfoliating the skin and removing impurities to reveal soft. please visit gigispa. 800. yet effectively. For more information call 800. Malibu C Color Correction Wellness Treatment features a For more information about GiGi.622. Use FreeInfo #58 Use FreeInfo #53 Nouveau Contour Permanent Makeup Nouveau Contour. Ditch the damaging bleach cocktail and use this innovative treatment right at the shampoo bowl for instant results without the use of harsh chemicals.

MSM. potassium etc). genaspaproducts. remove harmful toxins. Use FreeInfo #59 dayspamagazine. Use FreeInfo #57 Mousse Foundation Our NEW whipped foundation glides on weightlessly. the included Fiber. improve skin contact Lady Burd Cosmetics at 800. blood pressure and pain relief. Drench Your Fingertips in Fruit Gena’s professional Mani Spa For more information on Elements and other naturopathic pain management products.Elements Transdermal Trace Mineral Spray from Keyano Aromatics A transdermal spray rich in essential trace minerals (magnesium. Oil absorbing properties make it great for normal-to-oily skin types. just in time for summer! During our 7-day complete.3448 or visit the website ladyburd. boost energy. accelerate weight loss. Mousse Foundation is fragrance free and will not clog pores. Now.345. a leader in innovative hair removal products. nails and cuticles. For more is a fresh-squeezed solution for the perfect | APRIL 2014 117 . Find out why everyone is talking about detoxification and experience all the positive benefits that a M’lis cleanse can do for you! mlis. Trace minerals are responsible for over 300 chemical reactions in the body including energy. Body Purifier and Intestinal Cleanser will. cleanandeasyspa. Mousse Foundation is available in 10 shades. Flush out 2-8 lbs. call 800. This miracle oil also helps to provide a smooth glide during application. Argan Oil Roll On Wax clean+easy®. making it the ultimate go-to formula for speed giving you a flawless and natural looking finish. Speed waxing has never been so exotic. Let the fresh scent of grapefruit stimulate your senses and revive your spirit as you soothe and smooth hands. Use FreeInfo #54 M’lis Detoxification The Ultimate Bring-it-on Summer System. introduces the new Argan Oil Roll-on Waxes. detox providing medium to buildable coverage. featuring our exclusive Argan Oil Complex. of water and waste to help you achieve that ultimate bikini worthy body. The exotic new formula is infused with Argan Oil which is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E. and help you take back control of your diet by halting cravings and putting you on the right path of eating well. drenching the skin with moisture and antioxidants. Use Elements as a therapeutic addition to massage service. improve mental clarity. relaxation. beneficial services that help save time.0313 or visit keyano. professionals can offer luxurious.

NC 2014 Topics and Speakers Stacy Cox. September 22. 7628 Densmore Ave. NV. 118 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 Surgical Aesthetics Please recycle this magazine. including at PBA Beauty Week in Las Vegas. Signature MANAGING EDITOR Lesley McCave • PHOTOGRAPHER/PHOTO EDITOR Armando Sanchez PREPRESS MANAGER Cam Campanaro DESKTOP SPECIALIST Sophia Freeman PRODUCTION PRODUCTION DIRECTOR Garnet Blair PRODUCTION MANAGER Madlen Martinez PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS Claudia Marquez. The publishers do not warrant. Along with your peers you will explore current trends. VA ASSOCIATE EDITOR Angela Melero • amelero@creativeage. May 19. DAYSPA and DAYSPA’s logo are registered trademarks of Creative Age Communications. Katie O’ EDITORIAL EXECUTIVE EDITOR Linda Kossoff • lkossoff@creativeage. The views and opinions in the articles herein are not to be taken as official expressions of the publishers. including photocopying. principal. Van Nuys. IL 60077-8073 or call 800. Skokie. wellness therapist Place360 Health + Spa. CA Designing Hair with Color for NAHA Traci Brown Body Language: Confidential Tamara Jercha How to be an Eco-Friendly Salon and Stylist ( SʋQ \ʝʦɠH XFDʤLʝɚ  5HʔLV ʑɠ1ʝɦ6HDWɡʋ  ʖʛL H  probeauty. For all non-subscription questions telephone 818. VICE PRESIDENT/CFO Mindy Rosiejka • mrosiejka@creativeage. ©2014 by Creative Age Communications. Along with our Education program. Nazli Ozen Santana. inspire and motivate salon and spa owners.advancing our industry education ® 2014 Regional Forums for the Professional PUBLISHER/CEO Deborah Carver • dcarver@creativeage.7328 or fax ART DIRECTOR Cristen Wilson • cwilson@creativeage. or email dayspa@halldata. LaC. Carolyn Meers. Our live and online education and resources meet the needs of today’s busy professional and cover a range of topics. Andrea FASHION/BEAUTY DIRECTOR Karie Frost • kfrost@creativeage. Smith WEB ART/UX DIRECTOR Ryan Boydstun ASSOCIATE WEB EDITOR Chrisi Talyn Saje ADVERTISING ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES Jerry Lovell. Visit probeauty. MA Michael L. Farmington Hills. either expressly or by implication. relevant and quality education for our members. July 14. senior consultant.7450. PBA Membership Advances Our Industry. Inc.9615. CA 91406-2042. MI DJ Riggs and Berry Bachen Trend Interpretive Business Solutions Scott Kerschbaumer & Eva Sztupka-Kerschbaumer. &ʋQ L &ʝ ʑUVDʤLʝQɡIʝɠʃ 6 Oʝɚ3ɠԸHVʣLʝQ ɗ Regional Forum Schedule Monday. the factual accuracy of the articles herein.782. These one-day traveling veli educational events are held throughout the year. Del Mar. marketing consultant Sherman Oaks. 2014 8:00am-5:30pm Las Vegas. Wynne Business Saratoga. principal Lexi The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) develops and offers progressive. PO Box 1073.763. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any T The Prof Professional Beauty Association (PBA) is proud oud to bring the 2014 Regional Forums for the Professio ofes Professional to a city near you. Global SpaVantage Bermuda Dunes. CA Rianna Riego. Danielle Timsit CIRCULATION CIRCULATION DIRECTOR Barbara Shepherd SENIOR CIRCULATION MANAGER Carlos Benskin Monday. Each topic was designed with the professional in mind. IL Felicia Brown. New York City Tracy Whynot. Pittsburgh Palma N’Sheluvzit Leah Komaiko. All rights reserved.4196 or 847. best business practices and strategies. Research and Business Resources. or utilized by any information storage and retrieval system without written permission from DAYSPA®. J. nor do they so warrant any views or opinions offered by the authors of said articles. Flora Robinson ADMINISTRATION ACCOUNTING MANAGER Lourdes R. NV CIRCULATION MANAGER Stephen Verba ART CREATIVE DIRECTOR Dawn Cobalt SENIOR ART DIRECTOR Danielle Caseñas • dcasenas@creativeage. PBA provides our members with Government ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER/ADVERTISING DIRECTOR Diane Jones • djones@creativeage. . owner Pampered People Beauty Boutique & Spa. The forums will educate. owner Tamara Spa.. co-owners ESSpa Kozmetika Organic Skincare. Charitable Outreach. unless so Antoline. 2014 8:00am-5:30pm EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Stephanie Lavery • for more information. 2014 8:00am-5:30pm Joliet. PUBLICATION OFFICES: DAYSPA®. so don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to advance your career and learn from the best in the industry. Inc. Lisa Starr WEB/MARKETING MARKETING COORDINATOR Andrew B.782. Deborah Stambler. and professionals of all levels by facilitating access to the industry’s leading business thinkers.624. CA Alexis Ufland.. Attn: Subscriptions. Los Angeles Tamara Friedman. across the country. Tracy Morin. attorney Champaign. QUESTIONS about your subscription? Write to DAYSPA®. Nuno ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE MANAGER Viktoriya Milshteyn ACCOUNTING ASSISTANTS Susie Chavez Natasha Macenikova SHOW MANAGER April Menendez SPECIAL PROJECTS MANAGER Denise Maiman ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Dario EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD Monday. owner Spalutions! SENIOR WEB EDITOR Lizzy Sherman ONLINE EDITOR Nicole Liddicote CONTRIBUTING EDITOR Lisa Starr CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Sarah Carrillo. CA Lisa Starr.

95 “FACIAL SPECIALIST” Pin Heart Charm Bracelet SMOCKS $14.95 $24.Shop now on your smartphone! shop dayspamagazine.95 $24. dayspamagazine.95 DVDS $12.00 Visit our website for pricing and .00 “DIVA” Pin $ • Use FreeInfo #61 • 800.8500 SEE MORE TEES ON OUR WEBSITE! NEW JEWELRY NEW “I DO MAKEUP” Pin $14.50 “SPA” Pin “SKIN CARE” Pin $12.634.95 “ESTHETICIAN” Pin $ or call 800.50 “I DO SPA” Pin $12.95 “DAY SPA” Pin $12.95 $ & beautyetcstore.00 $ • • slenzkes@creativeage.00 Salon Makeup Techniques (Available in Spanish) Wedding Makeup (Available in Spanish) Rhinestone Zipper (Available in Black) $40.8500 • dayspamagazine.00 $12.00 $22.95 “MAKEUP ARTIST” Pin $14.

......................6245 Botanical Science • FreeInfo #43 .....................................................................6245 Premiere Beauty Show ....................8425 sanitas-skincare.. 97 Illuminare Cosmetics • FreeInfo #47 ............ 75 800.....0621 insurtecinc.......7775 mybioslimming...0900 beautybus................3224 Dermatude • FreeInfo #11.......592.................................. 83........ • FreeInfo #10 .......... 39 JB Lashes • FreeInfo #21. 45 essie..........6457 biotonespa....92-93 800..... 117 800..............3448 Harmonial • FreeInfo #37 ......635....748.................... Inc • FreeInfo #32 Noel Asmar Uniforms Inc.................1111 sparitual... 65 800. • FreeInfo #38 Steamy Wonder • FreeInfo #19 ....................... 55 ................... 35 800.................. 31 877............ 77 naturopathica......Inside Front Cover–1 800.........773.6-7 800...........................................................4472 Aveda Corporation • FreeInfo #3 ....................0313 keyano.........762.........558.....................24-25 800.............................. • FreeInfo #63 .......... 90 Lifeline Skincare • FreeInfo #41 ...............9667 Cosmoprof North America Insurtec • FreeInfo #51 ....................................................................... 109 cosmoprofnorthamerica..................764.747.. • FreeInfo #45 ....8271 skinact....................676.................................................................. 95 Rocasuba/Rapid Lash • FreeInfo #36 ...... 117 Jane Iredale –The Skin Care Makeup • FreeInfo #17 Marine Agency • FreeInfo #25 Farmhouse Fresh • FreeInfo #23 .......... Inc... 57......2818 Shelley Hancock Consulting • FreeInfo #28 ........... 33 800......... 110 PCA SKIN • FreeInfo #33....................................3007 intercoiffure.............7332 DermaQuest Skin Therapy • FreeInfo #5 Beauty Skin Act • FreeInfo #30.............6789 Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics • FreeInfo #13 ..................392...........0233 Satin Smooth • FreeInfo #24...5274 revitalash........4455 aminogenesis..........9380 mieleusa.5168 jblashes................ 73 480........ 71 Echo2Plus • FreeInfo #34........................ 21 Intercoiffure...................................................... 61 Pevonia • FreeInfo #1 .......................... 37 Jurlique Holistic Skin HydroPeptide • FreeInfo #4 ............................ 59 PFB Vanish...... 50 800.....4202 satinsmooth.........................7201 nouveaucontour. 74 Eminence Organic Skin Care • FreeInfo #2 ........341......... 117 Revitalash/Athena Cosmetics • FreeInfo #44 ...... 53 877..8966 gigispa.......8966 Keyano Aromatics • FreeInfo #18............. 116 800...........481..................... • FreeInfo CA Botana International • FreeInfo GiGi ...Back Cover 800..............................700........ 23........................................335......... 117 800........................ 114 Bio Jouvance • FreeInfo #12 .......... 72 ...... 81 CND ....7221 Miele...............................................................................668.... 116.....................................446. 19..................7546 botanicalscience....726............. 15 800...... 43.. 29 GlyMed Plus Advanced OPI Products ....5571 universalspaequipment..4037 M’lis Body & Soul • FreeInfo #6......................................351...................... 27 800......................................2332 ca-botana..................................... 89 877...........0038 apothederm............... 116 800........................8966 cleanandeasyspa............ 116 877......2-3 888............ 13.......213....... 113 877...............1110 jurlique........ 79 888................ 118 probeauty.476............ 52.....9873 hydropeptide........................ 111 Clean + Easy ...............8423 tendskin............ 117 Malibu C • FreeInfo #58 .....4283 Essie Universal Companies • FreeInfo #35 ...... Store • FreeInfo# 61 .....0226 illuminarecosmetics...........628......................1408 spauniforms........ 62 Nufree finipil • FreeInfo #40 ..... 119 Hale Cosmeceuticals • FreeInfo #48 Beauty Bus ........................417.......... 57 Tend Skin Company • FreeInfo BioSlimming • FreeInfo #14 .........................1132 Professional Beauty Association Shira Esthetics • FreeInfo #7 ...909.................. 115.6342 eminenceorganics.....606...........6677 tryrapidlash.........772..800...........................9707 lifelineskincare.4775 Gena Nouveau Contour USA.........533...................477...................442.............7005 Apothederm • FreeInfo #50 . 85 877.................... 62 Cuccio Naturalé • FreeInfo #31 ..................940....................................... 9 Spa Ritual • FreeInfo #29 ....3516 pevoniapro....................................Ad Index Amino Genesis Skincare • FreeInfo #46 .............................855.................872..........3246 echo2plus.....833........ 87 800...........8100 Yon-Ka Paris • FreeInfo #9.... 11 800.................................. 51...................................................247... 116 800. 59 ..345........... Inside Back Cover 800............ 64 Naturopathica Holistic Health • FreeInfo #22 .............. 69 800.......... 67 877.................622........216..................................957......... 111 800............. 113 877.................... 56 ......946...........................763.620......................................932.............................. Inc................ 91 800.....3747 harmonixcorp...............760. 63 800.............9999 opi.............. Inc......0569 Biotone Professional Massage & Spa • FreeInfo #15 ....... 99 800.................................................................. 49 Pure Fiji • FreeInfo #16 ...................................................272........2405 nufree........7469 premieredayspa........ Inc..7201 dermatude......4-5..........................................................6276 120 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 Lady Burd Exclusive Private Label Cosmetics • FreeInfo #54 ........635..1716 Sanitas Skincare • FreeInfo #39 Mineralogie • FreeInfo #27 ...........................9626 farmhousefreshgoods...........6133 ybskin...............

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122 DAYSPA | APRIL 2014 . For an uplifting non-alcoholic mock-jito. thyme and clary sage. What bliss— now clients can have their treatment and toast with it too!—Carolyn Meers Chocolate Mint Mojito In a glass. Mirko Marchi. likes to create a stir using fresh ingredients and memorable flavors.TASTE Mint Condition WHEN IT COMES TO COCKTAILS.” says Marchi. muddle*: 10 chocolate mint (or mint) leaves 4 lime wedges ½ oz. Bacardi Silver rum ¼ oz. Garnish with a mint sprig and an additional lime wedge. The libation is simple to put together. a body treatment that showcases detoxifying essential oils from lemons. California. and easy to tailor to different tastes. Clients love sipping it as a refreshing prelude to a meal from the resort’s Grove Artisan Kitchen or a soothing finale to a day of relaxation at THE WELL in Indian Wells near Palm Springs. then pour in soda water to fill. and replaces two of the lime wedges with two thick lemon slices or wedges. “Rum drinks like the mojito are a great complement to salty snack foods and our fish taco appetizers. simple syrup Add: 1½ oz. bartender at Miramonte Resort & Spa (miramonteresort. The result is a tongue-tingling. * To “muddle” is to gently crush the whole herbs with a utensil such as a wooden spoon handle to release the essential oils. “We incorporate the herbs and citrus grown on property into many of our food and beverage recipes. vitamin C-rich mocktail that pairs perfectly with the spa’s Lemon Vitality sugar scrub. Take Miramonte’s signature Chocolate Mint Mojito. Cointreau Add ice to glass’s halfway mark. made with chocolate mint leaves—a delicately chocolate-flavored variety of the herb that’s packed with fiber and vitamin A—plucked from Miramonte’s on-site garden. Marchi gamely subs out the rum and Cointreau for the juice of half a Meyer lemon.” Other lighter accompaniments might include pita chips or vegetable spears with fresh guacamole.

with our. Florida E-mail: • Use FreeInfo #62 30 DAY GUARANTEE WITH PROOF OF PURCHASE! . Bye Ingrown Hairs and Razor Bumps.. Bay G-9 Tel: 800-940-8423 954-382-0800 Fax:954-475-8426 www.Roll-on Applicator System • AIRLINE LEGAL 2.5 FL OZ BEFORE • REFILLABLE • LEAK-PROOF TRAVEL CAP • LARGE BALL FOR EASE OF USE AFTER BEFORE AFTER BEFORE AFTER BEFORE AFTER The Tend Skin Company 2090 SW 71st Terrace.

com/freeinfo • Use FreeInfo #63 .dayspamagazine.