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Vol. 12, Issue-6, June 15, 2016

Jagadgaru 1008 Katangi
Swami Pragyananda Ji Maharaj
Chief Editor
Ashok Vasudeva
Bureau Chief
Dr. M.K. Mishra


laikndh; ----------------------------------------------------------- 5
;ksfxfu ,dkn'kh -------------------------------------------------- 6
lkseorh vekoL;k ----------------------------------------------- 7


Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta --------------------------- 8

Vedic Culture ------------------------------------------- 9


lekftd ljksdkj ----------------------------------------------- 10

vk/;kfRed i;VZu % gfj;k.kk ------------------------------ 11
vk/;kfRed i;VZu % >kj[kaM -------------------------------- 12
ohfdihfM;k ij fgUnq fojks/kh dCtk ---------------------- 13
vk;qosZn ------------------------------------------------------------ 14


Yoga : Back Pain ------------------------------------- 15


okLrq ---------------------------------------------------------------- 16
13- iapkax --------------------------------------------------------------- 17
14- ekfld jkf'kQy ------------------------------------------------ 18

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tw u 2016



When we were studying
in School or College there
competitions. The teachers or
organizers would prepare students to speak for the
motion and against the motion. This exercise had
a motive to generate the creativity in the minds of
youngsters and let them realize the pros and cons
of any subject.
When it came to governance of a country there
were many methodologies viz autocracy, kingships
etc later it was democratic set also. To remove the
flaws of these systems another art of ruling came
as Maoism, Communism etc. Today, Democracy
is accepted to be best tool of governance widely
over the world; a methodology where people have
full participation in electing people to govern the
All over world wherever the governance is
through democracy the opposition has all the right
to criticize the Government for their wrong
decisions against the interest of the people as the
constructive opposition in the interest of the state.
As the time passed this criticism is replaced by
age old theory or philosophy as "Cynicism".
"Cynicism is a school of Ancient Greek
philosophy as practiced by the Cynics. For the
Cynics, the purpose of life was to live in virtue, in
agreement with Nature. As reasoning creatures,
people could gain happiness by rigorous training
and by living in a way which was natural for them,
rejecting all conventional desires for wealth, power,
sex and fame. Instead, they were to lead a simple
life free from all possessions.
Thus a Cynic has no property and rejects all
conventional values of money, fame, power and
reputation. A life lived according to Nature requires
only the bare necessities required for existence, and
one can become free by unshackling oneself from
any needs which are the result of convention. The
Cynic way of life required continuous training, not
just in exercising judgments and mental


impressions, but a physical training as well:

[Diogenes] used to say, that there were two
kinds of exercises: that, namely, of the mind and
that of the body; and that the latter of these created
in the mind such quick and agile impressions at
the time of its performance, as very much facilitated
the practice of virtue; but that one was imperfect
without the other, since the health and vigour
necessary for the practice of what is good, depend
equally on both mind and body- a healthy mind is
in a healthy body..
Some historians have noted the similarities
between the teachings of Jesus and those of the
Cynics. Some scholars have argued that the Q
document, a hypothetical common source for the
gospels of Matthew and Luke, has strong
similarities to the teachings of the Cynics. Some
people thought that Jesus was more like a Cynic
sage from a Hellenistic Jewish tradition than either
a Christ who would die as a substitute for sinners
or a messiah who wanted to establish an
independent Jewish state of Israel. Other scholars
doubt that Jesus was deeply influenced by the
Cynics, and see the Jewish prophetic tradition as
of much greater importance.
None of this meant that a Cynic would retreat
from the society. Cynics were in fact to live in the
full glare of the public's gaze and be quite
indifferent in the face of any insults which might
result from their unconventional behavior.
What is happening in the Indian politics you
can well imagine it is neither opposition, nor a
constructive attitude of the opponents, without
motive one has to speak against like in our school
days because speaking against the motion have to
speak. Can some law be made for such elements
in the Parliament that those speaking against
without authenticity and legality of the issue can
be punished in the interest of the people and the
nation. JAI BHARAT.

Ashok Vasudeva

tw u 2016

;ksfxuh ,dkn'kh ozr

30 twu] 2016

v{k; iq.; izkfIr dk lcls ljy mik;

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xak] iq"i] kwi] nhi] uSos| vkfn iwtu lkexzh ls iwtk
& fo".kq lgL=kuke dk tki ,oa mudh dFkk lqusA
Hkxoku fo".kq ea=kksa ls vkjkkuk ,oa ozr dFkk dk ikB djsaA
& ru] eu ls fgalk dk R;kx djsa vkSj fdlh dh cqjkbZ
u djsaA ;FkklaHko jkr esa tkxj.k djsa Hktu] dhrZu ,oa Jh
gfj dk Lej.k djsaA
;ksfxuh ,dkn'kh ozr dk egRo
;ksfxuh ,dkn'kh ozr ds fof/kor ikyu ls lHkh jksx
vkSj O;kfk;ksa dk var gksrk gSA lkFk gh eu ls vyxko dh
Hkkouk feV tkrh gS vkSj fcNqM+s ifjtu ;k lacakh ls feyu
gksrk gSA
;ksfxuh ,dkn'kh dk ozr djus ls lkjs iki feV tkrs
gSa vkSj thou esa le`f) vkSj vkuUn dh izkfIr gksrh gSA
;ksfxuh ,dkn'kh dk ozr djus ls LoxZyksd dh izkfIr gksrh
gSA ;ksfxuh ,dkn'kh rhuksa yksdksa esa izfl) gSA ;g ekuk
tkrk gS fd ;ksfxuh ,dkn'kh dk ozr djuk vB~Bklh gt+kj
czk.kksa dks Hkkstu djkus ds cjkcj gSA
,dkn'kh ds ozr dks lekIr djus dks ikj.k dgrs gSaA
,dkn'kh ozr ds vxys fnu lw;ksZn; ds ckn ikj.k fd;k
tkrk gSA ,dkn'kh ozr dk ikj.k }kn'kh frfFk lekIr gksus
ls igys djuk vfr vko';d gSA ;fn }kn'kh frfFk lw;ksZn;
ls igys lekIr gks x;h gks rks ,dkn'kh ozr dk ikj.k
lw;ksZn; ds ckn gh gksrk gSA }kn'kh frfFk ds Hkhrj ikj.k u
djuk iki djus ds leku gksrk gSA
,dkn'kh ozr dk ikj.k gfj oklj ds nkSjku Hkh ugha
djuk pkfg,A tks J)kyq ozr dj jgs gSa mUgsa ozr rksM+us ls
igys gfj oklj lekIr gksus dh izfr{kk djuh pkfg,A gfj
oklj }kn'kh frfFk dh igyh ,d pkSFkkbZ vofk gSA ozr
rksM+us ds fy, lcls mi;q le; izkr%dky gksrk gSA ozr
djus okys J)kyqvksa dks e;ku ds nkSjku ozr rksM+us ls
cpuk pkfg,A vxj dksbZ izkr%dky ikj.k djus esa l{ke
ugha gS rks mls e;ku ds ckn ikj.k djuk pkfg,A
dHkh dHkh ,dkn'kh ozr yxkrkj nks fnuksa ds fy, gks
tkrk gS A tc ,dkn'kh oz r nks fnu gks r k gS rc
LekrZ&ifjokjtuksa dks igys fnu ,dkn'kh ozr djuk pkfg,A
nqljs fnu okyh ,dkn'kh dks nwth ,dkn'kh dgrs gSAa lU;kfl;ks]a
fokokvksa vkSj eks{k izkfIr ds bPNqd J)kyqvksa dks nwth
,dkn'kh ds fnu ozr djuk pkfg,A
Hkxoku fo".kq dk I;kj vkSj Lusg ds bPNqd ije Hkksa
dks nksuksa fnu ,dkn'kh ozr djus dh lykg nh tkrh gSA

01 tq y kbZ dks ] ikj.k oz r rks M + u s dk le; 13%47 ls 16%33

ikj.k frfFk ds fnu gfj oklj lekIr gks u s dk le; 08%31
nwth ;ksfxuh ,dkn'kh 01&07&2016
02 tqykbZ dks] nwth ,dkn'kh ds fy, ikj.k ozr rksM+us dk
le; 05%31 ls 08%16
ikj.k ds fnu }kn'kh lw;ksZn; ls igys lekIr gks tk,xh
,dkn'kh frfFk izkjEHk 30 twu 2016 dks 05%58 cts
,dkn'kh frfFk lekIr 01 tq y kbZ 2016 dks 03%14 cts

vk"kk< ekl ds d`".k i{k dh ,dkn'kh ds fnu ;ksfxuh

,dkn'kh ozr dk fokku gSA bl o"kZ 30 twu 2016 ds fnu
;ksfxuh ,dkn'kh dk ozr fd;k tkuk gSA og ,dkn'kh tks
futZyk ,dkn'kh ds ckn vkSj nso'k;uh ,dkn'kh ls igys
vkrh gS mls ;ksfxuh ,dkn'kh dgrs gSaA mkj Hkkjrh;
iapk~x ds vuqlkj vk"kk<+ ekg esa d`".k i{k ds nkSjku vkSj
nf{k.k Hkkjrh; iapk~x ds vuqlkj T;s"B ekg esa d`".k i{k
ds nkSjku ;ksfxuh ,dkn'kh iM+rh gSA vaxzsth dSys.Mj ds
vuqlkj ;ksfxuh ,dkn'kh dk ozr twu vFkok tqykbZ ds
eghus esa gksrk gSA
;ksfxuh ,dkn'kh ozr iwtk fofk
& ;ksfxuh ,dkn'kh ozr ds fu;e ikyu n'keh dh
jkf=k ls gh 'kq# djsaA bl ozr dk ikyu djus okys dks n'keh
ds fnu ls gh ru] eu ls czp;Z dk ikyu djuk pkfg,
vkSj L=kh izlax ls nwj jguk pkfg,A
& ,dkn'kh ds fnu ;Fkk laHko miokl djsaA miokl esa
vUu ugha [kk;k tkrk ;kfu fcuk Hkkstu fd, bl ozr dks
fd;k tkrk gSA laHko u gks rks ,d Hkq ;k u ozr j[ksaA
;kfu ,d le; jkf=k esa Hkkstu djsaA
& ,dkn'kh dks tqvk [ksyuk] lksuk] iku [kkuk] nkrwu
djuk] ijfuUnk] pqxyh] pksjh] fgalk] laHkksx] ksk rFkk >wB
cksyuk bu X;kjg ckrksa dk R;kx djsaA
& ,dkn'kh ds fnu izkr% Luku djds Jh fo".kq dh
iwtk fofk fokku ls djuh pkfg,A ;g kkfeZd dk;Z Lo;a
djsa ;k fdlh fo}ku czk.k ls Hkh djk;k tk ldrk gSA
ftlds vuqlkj LoPN oL=k igudj Hkxoku &fo".kq dh
izfrek ds lkeus cSBdj ladYi ysaA ladYi esa ;g ea=k cksysa %
ee ldy iki{k;iwoZd dq"Bkfnjksx fuo`fkdkeu;k
;ksfxU;sdkn'khozrega dfj";sA
& blds ckn Hkxoku iq.Mjhdk{k ;kfu fo".kq dk ;Fkksipkj
iwtk djsaA Hkxoku fo".kq dks iapke`r Luku djk,aA Luku ds
ckn muds pj.kke`r dks ozrh vius vkSj ifjokj ds lHkh
lnL;ksa ds vaxksa ij fNM+ds vkSj ml pj.kke`r dks fi,aA
ekuk tkrk gS fd blls fo'ks"k #i ls dq"B jksxh dh ihM+k

tw u 2016

lkseorh vekoL;k

4 tqykbZ] 2016

v[kaM lkSHkkX; ds fy, vo'; ozr djsa

lkseokj dks iM+us okyh vekoL;k dks lks e orh
vekoL;k dgrs gSaA ;s o"kZ esa yxHkx ,d vFkok nks gh ckj
iM+rh gSA bl vekoL;k dk fgUnw keZ esa fo'ks"k ego gksrk
gSA fookfgr fL=k;ksa }kjk bl fnu vius ifr;ksa ds nh?kkZ;q
dkeuk ds fy, ozr dk fokku gSA bl fnu ekSu ozr j[kus
ls lglz xksnku dk Qy feyrk gSA
'kkL=kksa esa bls v'oRFk iznf{k.kk ozr dh Hkh laKk nh
x;h gSA v'oRFk ;kfu ihiy o`{kA bl fnu fookfgr fL=k;ksa
}kjk ihiy ds o`{k dh nwk] ty] iq"i] v{kr] pUnu bR;kfn
ls iwtk vkSj o`{k ds pkjksa vksj 108 ckj kkxk yisV dj
ifjek djus dk fokku gksrk gS vkSj dqN vU; ijEijkvksa
esa Hkojh nsus dk Hkh fokku gksrk gS ftlesa kku] iku vkSj
[kM+h gYnh dks feyk dj mls fokku iwoZd rqylh ds isM+ dks
p<k;k tkrk gSA bl fnu ifo=k ufn;ksa esa Luku dk Hkh
fo'ks"k egRo le>k tkrk gSA dgk tkrk gS fd egkHkkjr esa
Hkh"e us ;qfkf"Bj dks bl fnu dk egRo le>krs gq, dgk
Fkk fd] bl fnu ifo=k ufn;ksa esa Luku djus okyk euq";
le`)] LoLF; vkSj lHkh nq[kksa ls eq gksxkA ,slk Hkh ekuk
tkrk gS fd Luku djus ls firjksa dh vkRekvksa dks 'kkafr
feyrh gSA
lkseorh vekoL;k ls lEcafkr vusd dFkk, izpfyr
gSaA ijaijk gS fd lkseorh vekoL;k ds fnu bu dFkkvksa dks
fofkiwoZd lquk tkrk gSA ,d xjhc cz.k ifjokj Fkk]
ftles ifr] iRuh ds vykok ,d iq=kh Hkh FkhA xjhc gksus ds
dkj.k mldk fookg ugha gks ik jgk FkkA ,d fnu cz.k ds
?kj ,d lkkq ikkjsA czk.k nEifr us lkkq ls mik; iwNk
fd esjh dU;k ,slk D;k djs fd mldk fookg gks tk,A
lkkq us dqN nsj fopkj djus ds ckn viuh varn`Zf"V ls
;ku djds crk;k fd dqN nwjh ij ,d xko esa lksuk uke
dh kksch tkfr dh ,d efgyk vius csVs vkSj cgw ds lkFk
jgrh gS] tks fd cgqr gh vkpkj& fopkj vkSj laLdkj laiUu
rFkk ifr ijk;.k gSA ;fn ;g dU;k mldh lsok djs vkSj
og efgyk bldh 'kknh esa vius ekax dk flUnwj yxk ns]
mlds ckn bl dU;k dk fookg gks rks bl dU;k dk oSkO;
;ksx feV ldrk gSA ;g ckr lqudj us viuh csVh
ls kksfcu dh lsok djus dh ckr dghA
dU;k rM+ds gh mB dj lksuk kksfcu ds ?kj tkdj]
lQkbZ vkSj vU; lkjs djds vius ?kj okil vk tkrhA
lksuk kksfcu ifr ijk;.k Fkh] mlesa rst FkkA lksuk kksfcu
ds ifr FkksM+k vLoLFk FksA mlus viuh cgw ls vius ykSV
vkus rd ?kj ij gh jgus dks dgkA lksuk kksfcu us tSls gh
vius ekax dk flUnwj dU;k dh ekax esa yxk;k] mlds ifr

dk fuku gks x;kA mls bl ckr dk irk py x;kA og ?kj

ls fujkty gh pyh Fkh] ;g lkspdj fd jkLrs esa dgha ihiy
dk isM+ feysxk rks mls Hkojh nsdj vkSj mldh ifjek
djds gh ty xzg.k djsxhA ml fnu lkseorh vekoL;k
FkhA cz.k ds ?kj feys iw,&idoku dh txg mlus bV ds
VqdMksa ls 108 ckj Hkojh nsdj 108 ckj ihiy ds isM+ dh
ifjek dh vkSj mlds ckn ty xzg.k fd;kA ,slk djrs gh
mlds ifr ds eqnkZ 'kjhj esa dEiu gksus yxkA
ihiy ds isM+ esa lHkh nsoksa dk okl gksrk gSA vr%
lkseorh vekoL;k ds fnu ls 'kq: djds tks O;f gj
vekoL;k ds fnu Hkojh nsrk gS] mlds lq[k vkSj lkSHkX; esa
o`f) gksrh gSA tks gj vekoL;k dks u dj lds] og lkseokj
dks iM+us okyh vekoL;k ds fnu 108 oLrqvksa dh Hkojh
nsdj lksuk kksfcu vkSj xkSjh&x.ks'k dh iwtk djrk gS] mls
v[kaM lkSHkkX; dh izkfIr gksrh gSA
,slh ijEijk gS fd igyh lkseorh vekoL;k ds fnu
kku] iku] gYnh] flUnwj vkSj lqikM+h dh Hkojh nh tkrh gSA
mlds ckn dh lkseorh vekoL;k dks vius lkeF;Z ds
fglkc ls Qy] feBkbZ] lqgkx lkexzh] [kkus fd lkexzh
bR;kfn dh Hkojh nh tkrh gSA Hkojh ij p<k;k x;k lkeku
fdlh lqik=k cz.k] uun ;k Hkkats dks fn;k tk ldrk gSA
vius xks=k ;k vius ls fuEu xks=k esa og nku ugha nsuk
;s mik; vo'; djsa
1- ekSuh vekoL;k ds fnu Hkw[ks izkf.k;ksa dks Hkkstu
djkus dk Hkh fo'ks"k egRo gSA bl fnu lqcg Luku vkfn
djus ds ckn vkVs dh xksfy;ka cuk,aA xksfy;ka cukrs le;
Hkxoku dk uke ysrs jgsaA blds ckn lehi fLFkr fdlh
rkykc ;k unh esa tkdj ;g vkVs dh xksfy;ka eNfy;ksa dks
f[kyk nsaA bl mik; ls vkids thou dh vusd ijs'kkfu;ksa
dk var gks ldrk gSA vekoL;k ds fnu phfV;ksa dks 'kj
feyk gqvk vkVk f[kyk,aA ,slk djus ls vkids iki deks dk
{k; gksxk vkSj iq.; deZ mn; gksaxsA ;gh iq.; deZ vkidh
euksdkeuk iqfrZ esa lgk;d gksaxsA
2- ekSuh vekoL;k dks 'kke ds le; ?kj ds bZ'kku
dks.k esa xk; ds ?kh dk nhid yxk,aA ckh esa #bZ ds LFkku
ij yky jax ds kkxs dk mi;ksx djsaA lkFk gh nh,a esa FkksM+h
lh dslj Hkh Mky nsaA ;g eka y{eh dks izlUu djus dk
mik; gSA
3- dkyliZ nks"k fuokj.k ds fy, ekSuh vekoL;k ds
fnu y?kq #nz dk ikB Lo;a djsa ;k fdlh ;ksX; iafMr ls
djok,aA ;s ikB fofk&fokku iwoZd gksuk pkfg,A

tw u 2016


(based on Sankara's Introduction)

Lord. These cover the Aaranyaka portion of the

Vedaas. Gita talks about the Ultimate Truth of
Advaita in several places. This covers the Upanisad
portion of the Vedaas.

Vedaas are an ocean. Srimad Bhagavad Gita

is its essence.
Vedaas have been grouped into four by Veda
Vyaasa - Rig, Yajur, Saama and Atharvana. This
grouping is to enable different people to focus and
master a part of the entire Vedaas. Each Veda has
four parts - Samhita, Braahmana, Aaranyaka and
Upanisad. Samhitaas are invocation to the Lord to
give us the right understanding and inclination.
Braahmanaas describe external rituals, which when
done without desire for the results, free us from
likes and dislikes. Aaranyakaas describe internal
meditations, which make us introvert and calm, and
thus prepare the mind for enquiry into the Truth.
Upanisads talk about the Ultimate Truth, which is
the identity of the Jivaatman and the Paramaatman
(Jiva Ishwara Aikyam).

The first three parts of the Vedaas are called

Karma Khaanda. The Upanisad part of the Vedaas
is called Jnaana Khaanda. They are also called
Pravritti Maarga and Nivritti Maarga. The aim of
the Karma Khaanda is to prepare the aspirant
towards Jnaana Khaanda. The Karma Khaanda is
called Yogashaastra. The Jnaana Khaanda is called
Brahmavidya. To emphasize that Gita covers both
these, at the end of every chapter, it is mentioned
"Iti Srimad Bhagavad Gitaasu, Upanisadsu,
Brahmavidyaayaam, Yogashaastre, Sri Krishna
Arjuna Samvaade, "
In this discussion, we will stick to Sankara's
interpretation of the Gita as per Advaita Vedanta.
Advaita Vedanta accepts nothing less than the
absolute Truth of "Jiva Ishwara Aikyam" as the
Ultimate Truth. However, the views of other
philosophies are accepted as the means and
different stages to the Ultimate Truth. When other
philosophies have progressed and stopped at
various stages on the way to the Ultimate Truth,
Advaita Vedanta has taken the quest of Truth to its
last word.

Bhagavad Gita is a summary of the Vedaas.

Thus studying the Gita is considered as studying
the Vedaas. Krishna tells at several places that what
He is telling in the Gita is not something new. He
says that He gave this teaching to Surya in olden
days. At several places, Krishna says "The wise
people say so", "The learned people consider so",
etc. Thus Krishna emphasizes that there is no
contradiction or difference between what He says
and what the Vedaas have told.
The traditional study of the Gita starts with
nine "dhyaana slokas". In the Gita also, Arjuna
extols the glories of the Lord at several places. The
Lord also describes His glories. These are
equivalent to the Mantra portion of the Vedaas. Gita
talks about Karma, its effects, and about Karma
Yoga in detail. These cover the Braahmana portion
of the Vedaas. Gita talks about several internal
disciplines of dhyaana, japa, etc. Also, the glories
of the Lord described to help in meditation on the


(Sankara's introduction to his Bhagavad

Gitaa Bhaashya is a masterpiece in itself. He
brings out the summary of the Gita very
beautifully. Studying this introduction in detail
will enable us to understand the Gita in the right
perspective. It has six paragraphs. This
translation of it is based on Dr.A.G.Krishna
Warrior's translation from the book published by
Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai.)

tw u 2016


Stephen Knapp
(Contd...from back issue)
in mid region, may there be peace on earth, may
Vstu is the Vedic science of architectural there be peace in the waters, may the medicinal
and home arrangement. It made its way through plants be peaceful, may the forest be peaceful, may
the orient and became known as Feng Shui, which there be peace in gods, may Brahma be peaceful,
has made particular progress in popularity in the may all the creation be peaceful, may there be
West. However, Vastu is a particular science that peace and peace only, may such peace come to us.
deals with the flow of energy through a house or "Vstu is about creating an Inner Space, the
building for the highest benefits. It is not enough chidakash, where this divine peace can park itself.
to merely arrange a house so it looks nice or that And it achieves it by creating a harmonious
there is a good flow of energy through it. But there external environment--the bahyakash.
is much that depends on the directions in which "At a more earthly level, Vstu Shstra aims at
things are facing or which parts of the building in establishing a dynamic balance between Form and
which certain activities are performed.
Energy so that harmonious conditions are created
To get a little more insight into the Vedic for the inhabitants. Vstu buildings have
science of Vstu, I have included the following harmonious energies and they promote stability,
description by Arun Naik, an architect that practices prosperity, happiness, and mental peace for the
the science and art of Vstu Shstra. Again, this is occupants and owners.
taken from the book, "Vedic Culture: The
"The principle of Vstu is that the Cosmic
Difference It Can Make in Your Life":
World with its order and stern discipline has been
"The Vedic and the Agamic traditions of
built by the gods who occupy all the spaces, from
ancient India always held that the microcosm is a
the celestial Space within the Cosmic World to the
reflection of the macrocosm. A dwelling is an
little spaces in our homes, and even our mental
ecological unit, a microcosm which reflects the
space, chidambaram. Man's existence in the
Cosmos, the macrocosm. Vstu Shstra is the
Cosmic World has a purpose: it must ascend to
applied aspect of this philosophy, a highly refined
method of creating a living space which is a immortality and godhood; and the gods, having
miniature replica of the cosmos as perceived by occupied man's inner Space, strive to create
the Vedas. Vstu Shstra is about emulating the different states in man's consciousness for his
attributes of the Cosmic Space, about bringing the ascension from mortality and low nature to Truth,
divine sentinels of Cosmic Directions into our godhood and immortality. Vstu Shstra helps the
homes, about creating Harmony by creating a living effort of the gods by creating an external space--a
environment where the forces of nature are dwelling, a place to worship and meditate, or a
place to work by applying the same laws which
balanced and at peace with each other.
"Sri Aurobindo has said 'Indian sacred the gods have used to create the Cosmic World.
architecture of whatever date, style or dedication This, indeed, is the ultimate function and the
goes back to something timelessly ancient and now highest objective of Vstu Shstra."
* * *
outside India almost wholly lost, something which
(So with this series, article is concluded.
belongs to the past, and yet it goes forward too,
though this the rationalistic mind will not easily Here we can see how various aspects of the ancient
admit, to something which will return upon us and Vedic culture are still applicable today and can
is already beginning to return, something which provide assistance in our attempts to reach our
belongs to the future.' (SA, The Renaissance in highest potential, both materially and spiritually.
This is the constant and higher nature of the power
"There is a prayer is Sama Veda:
of the dharma that can be recognized and utilized
May there be peace in the sky, may there be peace generation after generation)

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1840 ds chp bu eafnjksa dks cuok;k x;k gSA eywVh ds
jktkvksa dk var gks tkus ds ckn ;s eafnj misf{kr gksrs pys
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lqfokkvksa ds vkHkko esa i;VZd jkr esa #dus ls ?kcjkrs gSaA



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fofdihfM;k esa x.ks'k th ij vkys[k esa eSaus i<+k fd
x.ks'k th dh [kkst dkfynkl ds ckn gqbZ D;ksafd
^^dqekjlEHko esa x.ks'k th dk mYys[k ugha gS A
ogk eSaus tksM+ fn;k fd ^^dqekjlEHko 'kCn dk laLd`r
esa vFkZ gS x.ks'k th ds T;s"B Hkzkrk dqekj dk tUe A
T;s"B Hkzkrk dk tUe gksrs gh dFkk lekIr gS A NksVk HkkbZ
x.ks'k th dk tUe gh ugha gqvk Fkk rks dqekjlEHko esa
mudk mYys[k dSls gksrk\ esjs okD; dks gVk fn;k x;k vkSj
eq>s dgk x;k fd fofdihfM;k esa eSa vius fopkj ugha tksM+
ldrk] fdlh ^^izksQslj led{k O;f ds fopkj gh m)`r
dj ldrk gw A dkfynkl ds ckn x.ks'k th dh ^^[kkst
lEcUkh cdokl mu yksxksa us fdlh rFkkdfFkr fgUnw ys[kd
dh iqLrd ls m)`r dh Fkh A rc eSaus ;tqosZn dh eS=kk;.kh
'kk[kk ls ,d iwjk v;k; gh m)`r dj fn;k ftles egknso
th ds iwjs ifjokj dk lcds ukelfgr o.kZu vkSj mudh
iwtk ds eU=k Fks A ;g rF; nks lkS lkyksa ds >wBs izpkj dk
[k.Mu djrk Fkk ftlds vuqlkj 'kadj th vkSj x.ks'k th
vuk;ks ds nsork Fks D;ksafd osnksa esa mudh ppkZ ugha gS A >V
ls esjs okD; dks gVk fn;k x;k vkSj eq>s mkj feyk fd
eS=kk;.kh lafgrk dk mijks v;k; ^^izf{kIr gS vFkkZr
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tw u 2016


Management of Back Pain

Swami Bhaktipoornananda Saraswati
are when we are in pain, they paralyze these
intrinsic muscles and threaten the stability of the
In my own experience of progressive injury I jarred
my back when I fell onto my buttocks whilst snow
skiing and again falling downstairs. Because I was
not using my spine well (poor posture and general
lack of muscle tone), there was damage to the soft
tissues. About two years later I strained it again
lifting. Six years later I strained it badly pulling on
a rope (rotation) and needed a week or two of rest.
Another six years passed before I strained again
pushing a wheel barrow then hoeing (3 years later)
when I had excruciating pain for many months from
a prolapsed disc. Then another 8 years on I was
stepping into my trousers and the disc 'went' again.
So the last spectacular strain was from a very minor
movement brought on partly by weakness from
resting for several months because I had been ill,
and partly because of my susceptibility to ligament
strain just prior to menstruation. (This is a known
syndrome that involves changes to the ligaments
similar to those that occur during pregnancy, but
occurring as part of the menstrual cycle.) The
prolonged inactivity had led to weakened
musculature generally, but especially these intrinsic
muscles. This left my previously injured disc very
vulnerable in an unstable joint, and so the simple
forward bend (after a warm shower, so it was nice
and loose!) was my undoing.
There is another condition called Primary Disc
Disease which is usually caused by a heavy blow
or jarring of the spine. A blow to the buttocks will
affect the lower lumbar discs. A blow to the head
can affect discs in the neck. The disc itself doesn't
prolapse, but the nucleus (the softest part in the
centre) degrades. This is picked up as a dark disc
on an MRI scan.
The nerve roots that emerge from between the
vertebrae have a prolific supply of pain sensing
equipment. If they are put under pressure from a
bulging disc or swelling from the tissues around
the facet joint, or from changes in the bony
structures, then a lot of pain is felt.
To be contd...............

Contd. from previous issue

The joints on each side do more work than
they were designed for. The joints themselves can
become quite irritated by subsequent strains and
injuries and the surrounding muscles often go into
spasm to protect the joint from movement. When
we ignore this combination of irritation and muscle
spasm, the spasm will become more intense and
pull the two bones together to block movement
If the muscles around an injured joint are in
severe spasm or
persistently in spasm,
then this can put so
much pressure on the
disc that it will bulge
(prolapse) (Figure 2),
especially where the
ligaments across the outside of the disc have been
strained and the disc has been traumatized by poor
posture or from taking extra work because of other
limited joints in the vertebral column. When we
release the muscles that are in spasm, the bulging
disc can retract back into its normal space.
When a spine has been immobilized for a long time
through pain, the soft tissues around the spine
shorten and disable the springing effect that a
healthy spine has by virtue of its spongy discs.
When we stretch the shortened tissues out again,
the discs also need their encircling girdle of
ligaments to be stretched. When a whole section
of the spine becomes stiff and solid, the discs start
to shrivel and collapse or completely disintegrate,
and so we lose height. This leads to increased strain
on the bony facet joints because they are closer to
each other. They can jam up, causing more pain
and discomfort. Also, because the disc is not as
thick as before, the ligaments that surround it seem
too long. They can no longer hold the joint firmly.
The joint is then unstable and more easily injured.
The long erector muscles on each side of the spine
have no way of holding the individual vertebrae in
place, that is the job of the intrinsic muscles that
link each vertebra to its adjacent vertebra. If the
long back muscles are in spasm, as they usually



tw u 2016


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tw u 2016

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tw u 2016