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LOWIS™ Software Monitors and
Analyzes 1,150 Wells in Sumatra,
Increases Production by More
Than 40% in Select Wells

A Weatherford artificial-lift optimization team
provided surveillance and analysis software and
services to increase production by more than
40% in select wells located in Sumatra.

• Install rod-and-pump
p p controllers,, variable-speed
drives ((VSDs),

manual dynamometers, and well surveillance and analysis
software to provide better analytical support and improve
well performance.
• Extend the life of the field and increase total recovery.
• Accelerate early production and lower lifting costs.

• Weatherford deployed an artificial-lift optimization team to install

rod-and-pump controllers, VSDs, and manual dynamometers.
• A LOWIS life-of-well information system was used for well

surveillance and analysis, providing a higher level of analytical
support to enhance the process of managing well performance.
• More than 750 ePIC™ rod-pump controllers and 50 ePAC™ II

VSDs were installed with a LOWIS software platform, and are
monitoring and controlling 1,150 wells.
• Weatherford specialists developed an algorithm to select wells for

optimization that would yield maximum results. This algorithm is
based on analyzing the surface dynocard data to determine pump
fillage, downhole equipment wear, strokes per minute, and stroke
length; along with selecting wells that have a production minimum.

Duri, Sumatra
Number of Wells
• LOWIS software
• ePIC rod-pump controllers
• ePAC II variable-speed drives

Value to Client
• Weatherford’s ability to optimize artificial-lift methods and the use

of LOWIS well monitoring software has enabled the operator to
increase production by more than 40% in select wells.

Peter Smith
•AsiawPacific Regional
Product Line Manager
Flow Measurement / Production Automation


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