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Vol. 13, Issue-2, February 15, 2016


laikndh; ----------------------------------------------------------- 4

Jagadgaru 1008 Katangi
Swami Pragyananda Ji Maharaj


Maha Shivaratri for Success ----------------------- 5


viuh jkf'k vuqlkj iwtk -------------------------------------- 6

xzgksa ls lacaf/kr d"Vksa ------------------------------------------- 7
12 T;ksfrfyaZxksa dk laca/k --------------------------------------- 7

Chief Editor
Ashok Vasudeva


Symbols of Shiva -------------------------------------- 8


#nzk{k ls djsa bZykt---------------------------------------------- 9

lar Jh jked`".k ijegal ------------------------------------ 10


Magh Purnima ---------------------------------------- 11


Vedic Culture ------------------------------------------ 12

Bureau Chief
Dr. M.K. Mishra
Editorial Associate
Ms Meena
Dr. N.K. Sharma

11- lc osn gS --------------------------------------------------------- 13


Takshashila University ------------------------------ 14

13- okLrq fVIl -------------------------------------------------------- 15

14- xk; iz'uksrjh ---------------------------------------------------- 15

Chetan Vasudeva


Causes Of Hair Loss -------------------------------- 16

16- ekfld jkf'kQy ------------------------------------------------ 17

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Qjojh 2016

As per the age old Bharartiya
Sanskriti the woman has been
denoted as Shakti the Power
of the whole Zodiac
(Brahmand). We always say
Shrimati and Shri not Mr and Mrs. As per our
fictions the Radha-Krishn, Sita-Ram and always
give the woman name first. Shiv is Shav (dead
body) unless joined by Shakti it becomes Shiva
the origin of the whole world. Though it has been
designated as destroyer but it also denotes the law
of nature - whatever has taken birth has to finish
after finishing its role in the world. Mother
Saraswati, Lakshmi and Kaali are three powers
behind Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. All the
trinities are zero without the inculcation of power
of a woman in them. The sleeping energy inside
our body is called Kundalini the Mother within
ourselves, in our hearts, and if she is awakened,
She is going to look after us. She is going to give
us all the protection that is needed.
In our holy books every depiction symbolically is
as per physical, astral and causal bodies of male
and female. As the male and female are different
in physical structure that is why Lord Brahma made
mating of male and female for spontaneous
generation of the world (Srishti). For Awakening
the Mother inside of every embodied soul whether
male or female the two breathing systems in the
body i.e. sympathetic and parasympathetic which
in Yog Vigyan is called Chandr (moon/Left) and
Surya (Sun/Right) naadi are to be controlled to run
as per one's own wish through Yogic exercises. In
Rig Veda whole Yogic exercises are given in
Chapter X. As it is difficult for single embodied
soul to meditate on Moon Naadi and Sun Naadi
they suggested male and female to perform exercise
together after the wedlock. As the female has more
of Sympathetic qualities and male has more of Sun


qualities the results are quicker. To meditate some

pictorial depictions were made by Sanatan Dharma
philosophies and pictures of God and Goddesses
to be worshiped were created as per the power
points in our systems. Mainly there are six to eight
power points, further bifurcated into 108, further
into 16100 (depicted as Gopis of Lord Krishna)
and further may be 33 crores.
The women were suggested to worship female
deities to enhance more qualities of Chandr Naadi
and females vice-a-versa male deities. That is the
theory of worship and meditation as per the Sanatan
Dharam. The way to activate those power points
i.e. Chakras some Mantras, Stotras and later on to
ease out some Bhajans/Aartis were suggested to
be sung or recited. As the time passed there were
very few people left to understand the truth behind
this philosophy or science to live better in life. We
were enslaved under foreign invasions for more
than one thousand years. But we have not stopped
following our traditions innocently and our Hindu
philosophy could not be diminished from the world
as truth never dies.
Recent controversy over entering of women in
Shani or Shiva Temples is total ignorance of certain
section of people to understand the real truth behind
the way of worshipping by a male and female. I
think since Shri Modiji have become PM of our
country the political parties are finding out ways
to malign his image and also that of Hindu
philosophy. Women are forbidden totally in other
religions also to worship at their spiritual places
but they are only interested in tarnishing the image
of Hinduism.
We should with one voice let them understand the
true meaning of spirituality and way of worship to
awaken sleeping powers inside and not play politics
on the subject which they are not aware of.
Ashok Vasudeva

Qjojh 2016

7th March 2016 (Monday)


Maha Shivaratri Muhurta
Nishita Kaal Puja Time = 24:06+(midnight 00:06)
to 24:56+
Duration = 0 Hours 49 Mins
Ratri First Prahar Puja Time = 18:21 to 21:26
Ratri Second Prahar Puja Time = 21:26 to 24:31+
Ratri Third Prahar Puja Time = 24:31+ to 27:36+
Ratri Fourth Prahar Puja Time = 27:36+ to 30:42+
On 8th, Maha Shivaratri Parana Time = 06:42 to
Chaturdashi Tithi Begins = 13:20 on 7/Mar/2016
Chaturdashi Tithi Ends = 10:34 on 8/Mar/2016
As per the classical text Nirnaya Sindhu, the night
of Shiva, Shivratri occurs on the corresponding
night of Chaturdashi (fourteenth day, as per the
Hindu Lunar Calendar), every month. The
Shivratri of Magha (Hindu month) is known as
Maha Shivaratri. So, adjust your schedule
accordingly to observe the Vrat (fast) of Maha
Shivaratri in 2016. Devotees observe the fast of
Maha Shivratri on the day before the Maha
Shivaratri night. It can be either Trayodashi or
Chaturdashi Tithi, as per Hindu calendar. But, the
thing, which is needed to be kept in mind, is that
the night should be of Chaturdashi Tithi.
In accordance with the Hindu mythology, the
occasion of Maha Shivaratri depicts the wedding
of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva. However, a
number of people believe that Lord Shiva
performed 'Tandava Nritya', which is the dance of
creation, preservation and destruction.
Rituals to Worship On Maha Shivratri
Worshipping the lord with proper rituals pleases
lord and the devotee is able to get all his desires
fulfilled. This fast should be observed in Pradosh
Nishit kaal. A person who is incapable of observing
this fast in a systematic manner should perform
Shiva Pujan in the beginning of night or midnight.
If he is not able to observe fast then, worshipping
lord Shiva in the evening is considered auspicious.
Maha Shivratri Pujan
The night of Maha Shivratri is considered to be
very auspicious. Donations, charity, shiva linga


puja on the night of Maha Shivratri give fruitful

results. Worshipping the Shiva Linga made of
mercury anc crystal is considered most auspicious
of all. Worshipping the shiva linga made of mercury
with proper rituals fulfills all the desires of the
devotee. On the other hand, crystal shivalinga give
favourable results in terms of wealth, honor and
Maha Shivratri - Worshipping the Shivalinga
Person observing fast of Mahashivaratri should
meditate of lord Shiva the whole day. After having
bath in the morning, Tikal of ash is applied on the
forehead and beads of Rudraksha is wore. The idol
of Lord Shiva should be bathed with milk, curd,
ghee, honey, sugar and ganga jal. Then sandalwood
paste is applied on the forehead of the lord. Lord
Shiva is worshipped facing the North East direction
(Ishan Kon) with lamps, flowers, incense, etc.
While offering the prayer the devotee should chant
Lord Shiva's mantra. " Namah Shivaya
Tatpurushaya Vighane Mahadevaya Dhimahi
Tanno Rudra Prachodyata. Trambank Yajamahe
Sugandhit Pushtivardhanam Urvarukmiv
Bandhanamrityumurkshiya Mamritat.
It is believed that Lord Shiva incarnated into
shivlinga on the mid night of phalgun krishna
paksha. This is the reason Maha Shivratri is
celebrated on this day. Moreover till
Mahashivaratri, Surya Dev also reaches
Uttarayana. This is also a time of season change.
Hence, this time period is considered auspicious.
It is said the Shivaratri is considered the best when
it has the touch of Trayodashi, Chaturdashi and
Amavasya date. It is believed, person who observe
this fast receives all kinds of pleasure and salvation
after death. If a person worships Lord Shiva with
complete devotion on the occasion of Maha
Shivaratri, his actions get controlled and the
negative thoughts like jealousy, anger and lust that
comes up due to the 'Rajas Guna' gets controlled.
By observing the fast of Maha Shivratri for the
entire night, the person gets free from all the
negativity that took birth by the 'Tamas Guna'.

Qjojh 2016

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nwk ls vfHk"ksd djds yky pUnu vkSj yky jax ds Qwy
p<+k,a rFkk ukxs'ojk; ue% dk tki djsa- lHkh dk;Z
lQyrkiwoZd laiUu gksaxsA
o`"k jkf'k %
bl jkf'k ds O;f efYydktqZu dk /;ku djrs gq, ^vkse
ue% f'kok;* ea=k dk ti djsa vkSj dPps nw/k ;k ngh ls
Hkxoku f'ko dk vfHk"ksd djsaA blls /kuladV nwj gksrk gSA
'osr iq"i tSls pesyh ds Qwy p<+k,a rFkk fcYoi=k Hkh p<+k,
rks tYnh Qy izkIr gksxkA
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jkst ,d eghus rd djsa rks 'kh?kz gh gj euksdkeuk iwjh
gksxhA egkdkys'oj dk /;ku djrs gq, ^ ueks Hkxors
:nzk;* ea=k dk ;k dsoy f'ko iapk{kjh eU=k dk ;FkklaHko
ti djsaA lkFk esa /krwjk] Hkkax Hkh p<+k,aA
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f'ko dh d`ik izkIr djus ds fy, ^ gkSa twa l%* ea=k dk
ftruk laHko gks ti djsa vkSj f'kofyax ij 'kDdj fefJr
nw/k] eD[ku] ewxa ] csyi=k vkfn p<k,aA lkFk gh #nzk"Vk;k;h
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yky pUnu ds ty ls f'ko th dk vfHk"ksd djsaA ^vkse
=;a c da ;tkegs lq x a f /k iq f "Vo/kZ u e] mokZ : dfeo
cUukUe`R;kseqZ{kh; eke`rkRk* bl ea=k dk de ls de 51 ckj
ti djsaA yky jax ds dusj ds Qwy T;ksfrfyaZx ij vfiZr
djsaA f'ko pkyhlk dk Hkh iFk dj ldrs gSaA
dU;k jkf'k %
bl jkf'k ds O;f;ksa dks fot; Hkkax fefJr ty ls
Hkxou f'ko dk vfHk"ksd djuk pkfg,A blls dksbZ jksx
gksxk rks og lekIr gks tk;sxkA ^vkse ueks Hkxors :nzk;*
ea=k dk ;FkklaHko ti djsaA fcYoi=k] /krwjk] Hkkax vkfn
p<+k,aA iapk{kjh eU=k dk Hkh tki dj ldrs gSaA
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tki djsaA
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jkf'k okyksa ds fy, 'kh?kz Qy nsus okyk ekuk tkrk gSA 'kgn
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vki fry ds rsy ls Hkxou f'ko dk vfHk"ksd djsa] rks
vkidks gj dke esa lQyrk feysxhA Hkxou f'ko dks
fcYoi=k] /krwjk] uhys Qwy vkSj v"Vxa/k p<k,aA =;Ecds'oj
dk /;ku djrs gq, ^ ue% f'kok;* ea=k dk 5 ekyk ti
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ikB djsaA ^ ue% f'kok;* dk Hkh ti dj ldrs gSaA ti
ds le; dsnjukFk dk /;ku djsaA uhys iq"i p<k,aA blls
kuykHk gksxkA
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bl jkf'k okys dslj fefJr ty ls Hkxoku f'koth dk
vfHk"ksd djsaA vkse rRiq:"kk; fon~egs egknsok; /khefgA
rUuks :nz izpksn;krAA bl ea=k dk ftruk vf/kd gks lds
ti djsaA iapke`r] ngh] nw/k vkSj fcYoi=k ,oa ihys Qwy
p?k,aA pUnu dh ekyk ls 108 ckj iapk{kjh eU=k dk Hkh
tki dj ldrs gSaA

Qjojh 2016

f'kojkf=k ij fo'ks"k

xzgksa ls lacaf/kr d"Vksa vkSj jksxksa ds fy, dSls djsa vfHk"ksd

?k`r ls f'kofyax dk vfHk"ksd djus ls vkjke feyrk gSA
panzek ls lacaf/kr chekjh ;k d"V tSls [kkalh] tqdke]
utyk] ekufld ijs'kkuh] jpki dh leL;k vkfn gksa rks
f'kofyax dk #nzh ikB djrs gq, dkys fry fefJr nw/k /kkj
ls #nzkfHk"ksd djus ls vkjke feyrk gSA
'kfu ls lacaf/kr jksx tSls ekalisf'k;ksa dk nnZ] tksM+ksa dk
nnZ] okr jksx vkfn gksa rks xUus ds jl vkSj NkN ls f'kofyax
dk vfHk"ksd djus ls vkjke feyrk gSA
jkgq&dsrq ls lacfa /kr chekjh tSls flj pdjkuk] ekufld
ijs'kkuh] v/kjax vkfn ds fy, mi;qZ lHkh oLrqvksa ds
vfrfj e`r lathouh dk lok yk[k ckj ti djkdj
Hkkax&/krwjs ls f'kofyax dk vfHk"ksd djus ls 'kkafr feyrh

eaxy ls lacaf/kr chekjh tSls jnks"k gks rks fxyks;]

tM+h&cwVh ds jl vkfn ls vfHk"ksd djus ls vkjke feyrk gSA
cq/k ls lacaf/kr chekjh tSls peZ jksx] xqnsZ dk jksx
vkfn gksa rks fonkjk ;k tM+h&cwVh ds jl ls vfHk"ksd djus ls
vkjke feyrk gSA
lw;Z ls lacaf/kr d"V flj nnZ] us=k jksx] vfLFk jksx
vkfn gksa rks f'kofyax dk iwtu vkd o`{k ds iq"iksa] ikksa ,oa
fcYoi=kksa ls djus ls bu jksxksa esa vkjke feyrk gSA
c`gLifr ls lacaf/kr chekjh tSls pchZ] vkarksa] fyoj dh
chekjh vkfn gksa rks f'kofyax ij gYnh fefJr nw/k p<+kus ls
vkjke feyrk gSA
'kq ls lacaf/kr chekjh] oh;Z dh deh] ey&ew=k dh
chekjh] 'kkjhfjd ;k 'kf esa deh gks rks iapke`r] 'kgn vkSj

12 T;ksfrfyaZxksa dk laca/k 12 pUnz jkf'k;ksa ls

T;ksfr"k 'kkL=k ds vuqlkj prqnZ'kh frfFk dks pUnzek
cgqr {kh.k voLFkk esa igqp tkrs gSaA pUnzek ds vanj l`f"V
dks tkZ nsus dh lkeFkZ~; ugha gksrhA cyghu pUnzek viuh
tkZ nsus esa vleFkZ gksrs gSaA pUnzek eu dk dkjd xzg gSA
blh dkj.k eu ds Hkko Hkh pUnzek dh dykvksa ds tSls
?kVrs&c<+rs jgrs gSaA dbZ ckj O;f dk eu cgqr vf/kd
nq[kh gksrk gS vkSj og ekufld dfBukbZ;ksa dk lkeuk djrk
gSA pUnzek f'ko Hkxoku ds eLrd dh 'kksHkk c<k+rs gSaA
blfy, lkekU; ;fn pUnzek dh d`ik ikuk pkgrk gS
rks mls Hkxoku f'ko dh Hkf djuh vko';d gSA oSls rks
izR;sd ekl f'kojkf=k ds fnu Hkxoku f'ko dh iwtk djus ls
pUnzek cy'kkyh gksrk gSA ijUrq ;fn izR;sd ekg iwtu ugha
fd;k tk ldrk gS rc egkf'kojkf=k ds fnu Hkxoku f'ko
dk fof/kor rjhds ls iwtu fd;k tk ldrk gSA
;g le; olar _rq ds vkxeu dk le; gSA olar
dky ds dkj.k eu mYykl rFkk meaxksa ls Hkjk gksrk gSA blh
le; dkenso dk Hkh fodkl gksrk gSA bl dkj.k dketfur
Hkkoukvksa ij vadq'k dsoy Hkxoku dh vkjk/kuk djus ls gh
yxk ldrs gSaA Hkxoku f'ko dks dke fugark ekuk x;k gSA
vr% bl _rq esa egkf'kojkf=k ds fnu mudk iwtu djus ls
dketfur Hkkoukvksa ij lk/kkj.k euq"; vadq'k yxk ldrk
gSA bl le; Hkxoku f'ko dh vkjk/kuk loZJs"B gSA

ftl izdkj Hkxoku f'ko ds f=k'kwy] Me: vkfn lHkh

oLrqvksa rFkk f'ko dk laca/k ukS xzgksa ls tksMk+ x;k gSA mlh
izdkj Hkxoku f'ko ds ckjg T;ksfrfyaZxksa dk laca/k ckjg
pUnz jkf'k;ksa ls tksM+k x;k gSA bu jkf'k;ksa dk o.kZu bl
izdkj gSA
1- es"k jkf'k dk laca/k JhlkseukFk T;ksfrfyaZx ls gSA
2- o`"k jkf'k dk laca/k Jh'kSy T;ksfrfyaZx ls gSA
3- feFkqu jkf'k dk laca/k Jhegkdky T;ksfrfyaZx ls gSA
4- ddZ jkf'k dk laca/k Jhdkjs'oj vFkok veys'oj
T;ksfrfyaZx ls gSA
5- flag jkf'k dk laca/k JhoS|ukFk/kke T;ksfrfyaZx ls gSA
6- dU;k jkf'k dk laca/k JhHkhe'kadj T;ksfrfyaZx ls gSA
7- rqyk jkf'k dk laca/k Jhjkes'oj T;ksfrfyaZx ls gSA
8- o`f'pd jkf'k dk laca/k Jhukxs'oj T;ksfrfyaZx ls gSA
9- /kuq jkf'k dk laca/k Jhfo'oukFk T;ksfrfyaZx ls tksMk+
x;k gSA
10- edj jkf'k dk laca/k Jh=;Ecds'oj T;ksfrfyaZx ls tksMk+
x;k gSA
11- dqEHk jkf'k dk laca/k JhdsnkjukFk/kke ls tksM+k x;k gSA
12- ehu jkf'k dk laca/k Jh?kq'es'oj vFkok Jhfxjh'us'oj
T;ksfrfyaZx ls gSA

Qjojh 2016

Shivratri Special


Third Eye
Shiva has always been referred to as
Triambaka because he has a third eye. The third
eye does not mean someone's forehead cracked and
something came out! It simply means another
dimension of perception has opened up. If your
perception has to evolve and enhance itself, the
most important thing is that your energy has to
evolve and enhance itself. The whole process of
yoga is to evolve and refine your energies in such
a way that your perception is enhanced and the
third eye opens.
The third eye is the eye of vision. The two
physical eyes are just sensory organs. They feed
the mind with all kinds of nonsense, because what
you see is not the truth. You see this person or that
person and you think something about him, but
you are not able to see the Shiva in him. You see
things the way it is necessary for your survival.
Another creature sees it another way, as is
necessary for its survival. This is why we say this
world is maya. Maya means it is illusory. We are
not saying that existence is illusory. We are only
saying the way you are perceiving it is illusory. So
another eye, an eye of deeper penetration, has to
be opened up. The third eye means your perception
has gone beyond the dualities of life. You are able
to see life just the way it is, not just the way that is
necessary for your survival.
Shiva's trishul represents the three
fundamental aspects of life. These are the three
fundamental dimensions of life that are symbolized
in many ways. They can also be called Ida, Pingala
and Sushumna. These are the three basic nadis the left, the right and the central - in the pranamaya
kosha, or the energy body of the human system.
Nadis are pathways or channels of prana in the
system. There are 72,000 nadis that spring from
the three fundamental ones.
The Pingala and Ida represent the basic duality
in the existence. It is this duality which we
traditionally personify as Shiva and Shakti. You
can simply call it masculine and feminine. When I
say masculine and feminine, I am not talking in
terms of sex - about being male or female - but in


terms of certain qualities in nature. You could say

the logical and the intuitive aspect of you.
Bringing a balance between the Ida and
Pingala will make you effective in the world; this
will allow you to handle life aspects well. Most
people live and die in Ida and Pingala. Sushumna,
the central space, remains dormant. But Sushumna
is the most significant aspect of human physiology.
Life really begins only when energies enter into
Sushumna. You attain to a new kind of balance, an
inner balance where whatever happens outside,
there is a certain space within you that never gets
disturbed and cannot be touched by outside
There are many names for Shiva. One name
that is very commonly used is Soma or
Somasundara. Soma could literally mean the moon,
but soma essentially means inebriation or
intoxication. Shiva uses the moon as a decoration
because he is a great yogi who is intoxicated all
the time, but he sits in great alertness. To enjoy the
intoxication, you must be alert. Even when you
drink, you try to stay awake and enjoy the
intoxication. And that is how yogis are - totally
drunk, but fully alert.
The science of yoga gives this pleasure to you
to be internally drunk all the time, but one hundred
percent stable and alert. There has been a lot of
research in the last couple of decades, and a
particular scientist found that in the human brain,
there are millions of cannabis receptors. If you
simply keep your body in a certain way, the body
will produce its own narcotic, and the brain is
waiting to receive it. It is only because the human
body produces its own narcotic that feelings of
peace, pleasure and joy can happen within you
without any stimulus from outside.
When the scientist wanted to give this
chemical an appropriate name, he came down to
India and found the word ananda, or bliss. So he
called it Anandamide. If you generate a sufficient
amount of Anandamide in your system, then you
can be drunk all the time, but fully awake, wide
(Courtesy: J. Vasudev)

Qjojh 2016

#nzk{k ls djsa jksxksa dk bZykt

---xrkad ls vkxs
9- ukSeq[kh #nzk{k dk nso HkSjo] uonqxkZ] ;enso gSA tks
O;f bls viuh oke Hkqtk esa /kkj.k djrk gS] mldk cy HkSjo
leku gks tkrk gSA mls Hkqf&eqf o ukS izdkj dh fuf/k;ksa dh
izkfIr gksrh gSA ;g #nzk{k uo'kf ls laiUu Hkxorh nqxkZ dk
Lo:i gSA bls keZjkt ;e dk :i Hkh ekuk x;k gSA ;g dsrq
xzg ds v/khu gSA bls iguus ls efLr"d] QsQM+]s Lru] tuusfa nz;
ds jksx] xHkZikr] xHkZ/kkj.k esa dfBukbZ] fexhZ] vk[kksa ds jksx esa
Qk;nk gksrk gSA
10- nleq[kh #nzk{k lk{kkr tuknZu vFkkZr Hkxoku fo".kq
dk Lo:i gSA blds nso nl fnxiky] ;ejkt] egklsu dkfrZd;s ]
nl egkfo|k Hkh gSaA bls /kkj.k djus ls fi'kkp] csrky]
czjk{kl vkfn dk Hk; ugha jgrkA ekU;rk gS fd blesa
Hkxoku fo".kq ds nlksa vorkjksa dh 'kf;ka lfUufgr gSaA ;g
#nzk{k lHkh izdkj dh ck/kkvksa dks nwj djrk gSA dksbZ ihNs [kM+k
gS] ,slk Hk; lekIr djrk gS- vfunzk] xHkZ/kkj.k esa leL;k]
d.kZ jksx esa ykHk gksrk gSA
11- X;kjgeq[kh #nzk{k lk{kkr ,dkn'k #nzguqeku gSA
;g 11 #nzksa ,oa Hkxoku 'kadj ds X;kjgosa vorkj ladVekspu
egkohj ctjaxcyh dk izrhd gSA bls kkj.k djus okys O;f
dks lkalkfjd ,s'o;Z vkSj larku lq[k izkIr gksrk gS vkSj mlds
lkjs ladV nwj gks tkrs gSaA banz Hkh blds nso ekus tkrs gSa- ;g
n; jksx] jpki vkSj e/kqesg esa ykHkdkjh gSA
12- ckjgeq[kh #nzk{k dks dku esa /kkj.k djus ls ckjgksa
vkfnR; nso izlUu gksrs gSaA mls 'kL=k/kkjh yksxksa] lhax okys
tkuojksa vkSj ck?k vkfn dk Hk; ugha gksrk] u gh vkf/k&O;kfk
dk Hk; gksrk gSA blds nso ckjg vkfnR; o fo".kq ekus tkrs gSa]
blfy, bls vkfnR; #nzk{k ds uke ls Hkh tkuk tkrk gSA bls
/kkj.k djus ls ck/kkvksa vkSj lw;Z ds dkj.k mRiUu jksxksa ls
cpko gksrk gSA ;g eq[;r% lHkh Ropk jksxksa] n;] vk[k o
dku ds jksx] jpki] ew=k fodkj] T;ksfr"erh lkrok p esa
ykHknk;d gSA
13- rsjgeq[kh #nzk{k lk{kkr banz dk Lo:i gSA dqN
fo}kuksa ds vuqlkj dkenso jfr ds lkFk dks Hkh rsjgeq[kh
#nzk{k dk nsork ekuk x;k gSA ;g leLr izdkj ds ,s'o;Z nsrk
gS vkSj dkeukvksa dh iwfrZ djrk gSA bls /kkj.k djus ls O;f
lHkh izdkj dh /kkrqvksa ,oa jlk;uksa dh flf) dk Kkrk gks
tkrk gSA bldk izHkko 'kq xzg ds leku gksrk gSA ;g daB]
xzhok] ew=k fiaM] voVq xzfa FkFkk;jksbM xzfa Fk] dke 'kf] tyksnj]
ew=k lEcU/kh o vk[k ds jksx] xHkZ /kkj.k lEcU/kh leL;k]
vip] laf/kokr] jokfguh o raf=kdk esa vojksk] euksfodkj
vkfn esa ykHkdkjh gSA
14- pkSngeq[kh #nzk{k lk{kkr Hkxoku guqeku o Jh
daBLo:i gSA bls f'k[kk ij /kkj.k djus ls euq"; f'ko Lo:i
gksdj ije in dks izkIr gksrk gSA ;g guqer #nzk{k ds uke ls
izfl) gS vkSj ldy vHkh"V flf);ksa dk nkrk] O;kf/kuk'kd
,oa vkjksX;nk;d gSA bl #nzk{k dks /kkj.k djus ls 'kfu vkSj
eaxy ds nks"k dh 'kkafr gksrh gSA ;g eq[;r% detksjh] isV esa

nnZ] ydok] fexhZ] cf/kjrk] "kaMRo] xHkZikr] L=kh jksx] lafkokr]

oh;Z 'kqf)] vkstl izokg] vip ds izokg esa o`f)A
15 ianzgeq[kh #nzk{k Hkxoku i'kqifrukFk f'ko th dk
Lo:i ekuk x;k gSA ;g /kkjd dks vkfFkZd ,oa vk/;kfRed
Lrj ij mBkdj mls lq[k] laink] eku& lEeku&izfr"Bk ,oa
'kkafr iznku djrk gSA ;g n;] vk[k] loZlkekU; jksx] fyEQ
vkSj xys ds jksx esa xq.kdkjh gSA
16- lksygeq[kh #nzk{k ds nso Jh jke vkSj egkdkys'oj
ekus x, gSaA i{kk?kkr ydok] lwtu] euksjksx] fexhZ] daBkfn
jksxksa esa bls /kkj.k djuk ykHknk;d gksrk gSA
17- l=kgeq[kh #nzk{k ds nso fo'odekZ vkSj dkR;kf;uh
nsoh ekuh x;h gSaA bls /kkj.k djus ls Hkwfe] edku] okgukfn
dk lq[k vkSj vupkgs /ku] le`f) vkSj lQyrk dk ykHk izkIr
gksrk gSA blds vfrfj ;knnk'r esa o`f) gksrh gS rFkk
vkylhiu vkSj dk;Z djus ds izfr vfuPNk nksuksa nwj gksrs gSaA
lkFk gh ;g isV esa nnZ] Ropk jksx vkSj Nkys esa mi;ksxh ekuk
x;k gSA
18- vBkjgeq[kh #nzk{k dks HkSjo dk :i ekuk x;k gSA
bldk nsork Hkwfe dks ekuk x;k gS- bls /kkj.k djus ls 'kjhj
ij vkus okyh fofHkUu foinkvksa ;Fkk vkdfLed nq?kZVuk
vkfn dk uk'k gksrk gS] O;f dks vdky e`R;q dk Hk; ugha
jgrkA ;fn dksbZ xHkZorh L=kh bls /kkj.k djs rks mlds xHkZ esa
iy jgs cPps dh j{kk gksrh gSA
19- mUuhleq[kh #nzk{k dks Hkxoku ukjk;.k fo".kq dk
Lo:i dgk x;k gSA bls /kkj.k djus ls euq"; lR; ,oa U;k;
ds iFk ij vxzlj gksrk gSA mls vkfFkZd lq[k&laink dk ykHk
feyrk gS] vkSj j o Luk;q ra=k ls lacaf/kr jksxksa] ;kSu jksx ,oa
vusd vlk/; jksxksa ls mldh j{kk gksrh gSA
20- chleq[kh #nzk{k dks tuknZu cz Lo:i dgk x;k gSA
bls /kkj.k djus ls Hkwr] fi'kkp vkfn dk Hk; ugha jgrk lkFk gh
wj xzgksa dk v'kqHk izHkko Hkh ugha iM+rk gSA og J)k ,oa ra=k fo|k
ds tfj, fo'ks"k lQyrk izkIr djrk gSA ekqegs ] cfkjrk] xzgnks"k
tfur jksx esa ykHk rFkk us=k T;ksfr o/kZd Hkh gSA
21 bDdhleq[kh xkSjh'kadj #nzk{k lk{kkr f'ko Lo:i gSA
dqN yksx dqcsj dks Hkh bldk vf/k"Bkrk ekurs gSaA blesa lHkh
nsorkvksa dk okl ekuk x;k gSA bls /kkj.k djus ls LokLF;
vkfFkZd n`f"V ls O;f lq[kh jgrk gSA ;g #nzk{k O;f ds
Hkhrj vkKk p dqaMfyuh dks tkxzr djrk gSA ;g ikS#"k
LrEHku] 'kjhj dh 108 vko`fk;ksa dk larqfyr izokg vkSj tuu
{kerk esa mi;ksxh gSA
fdlh jksxksipkj esa nokbZ [kkrs gq, Hkh bls iz;ksx esa yk;k
tk ldrk gS- iz;ksx ls igys MkDVj dh lykg vo'; ysaA
bldk pw.kZ] dk<+k vkfn dk lsou fd;k tk; ;k dsoy bls
kkj.k fd;k tk;] bl ij vkSj vfkd vuqlU/kku dh t#jr
gSA #nzk{k ds eq[k ls fuLl`r mtkZ esa Hkkjh jksxksipkj {kerk gS]
,slk dbZ euhf"k;ksa ds vuqHko esa vk;k gSA bl ij ;fn ekud
vuqlU/kku gksa rks pkSdkus okys ifj.kke fey ldrs gSaA

Qjojh 2016

t;arh ij fo'ks"k

tUe % 18 Qjojh] 1836] fu/ku % 15 vxLr 1886

egkiq#"k vkSj nwjn'khZ lar Jh jked`".k ijegal

Lokeh jked`".k ijegal ,d egku lar ,oa fopkjd FksA
bUgksaus lHkh /keksaZ dh ,drk ij tksj fn;k FkkA mUgsa cpiu
ls gh fo'okl Fkk fd bZ'oj ds n'kZu gks ldrs gSaA vr%
bZ'oj dh izkfIr ds fy, mUgksaus dBksj lk/kuk vkSj Hkf dk
thou fcrk;kA jked`".k ekuork ds iqtkjh FksA lk/kuk ds
QyLo:i og bl fu"d"kZ ij igqps fd lalkj ds lHkh /keZ
lPps gSa vkSj muesa dksbZ fHkUurk ughaA os bZ'oj rd igqpus
ds fHkUu&fHkUu lk/ku ek=k gSAa ijegal th dk thou fofHkUu
lk/kukvksa rFkk flf);ksa ds peRdkjksa ls iw.kZ gSA Lokeh th
dh egkk muds R;kx] oSjkX;] ijkHkf vkSj ml ve`rksins'k
esa gS] ftlls lgL=kksa d`rkFkZ gq,] ftuds izHkko ,oa
vk;kfRed 'kf us ujsanz tSls ukfLrd] rdZ'khy ;qod dks
ije vkfLrd] Hkkjr ds xkSjo dk izlkjd Lokeh foosdkuUn
cuk fn;kA dqN yksx Hkkjrh; frfFk vuqlkj QkYxqu 'kqDyi{k
f}rh;k dks Hkh budh t;arh eukrs gSa tks bl ckj 24
Qjojh dks iM+ jgk gS] buds dqN opuke`r gSa %
/;ku djrs le; bZ'oj esa Mwc tkuk pkfg,] ij rSjus
ls D;k ikuh ds uhps okys yky fey ldrs gSaA
dNqvk jgrk rks ikuh esa gS] ij mldk eu jgrk gS fdukjs
ij] tgk mlds vaMs j[ks jgrs gSaA lalkj dk dke djks ij
eu j[kks bZ'oj esaA
gkFkksa esa rsy yxkdj dVgy dkVuk pkfg;sA vU;Fkk
gkFkksa esa mldk nw/k fpid tkrk gSA Hkxon~Hkf #ih rsy
gkFkksa esa yxkdj lalkj #ih dVgy ds fy;s gkFk c<+kvksA
nq"Vksa ds izfr QqQdkjuk pkfg;s] Hk; fn[kkuk pkfg;sA
ftlls os dksbZ vfu"V u dj cSBsaA ij mudk vfu"V ugha
djuk pkfg;sA
dHkh&dHkh lk/kqvksa dk lax djuk pkfg;s vkSj dHkh&dHkh
futZu LFkku esa bZ'oj dk Lej.k vkSj fopkjA
tks fc"k; dk R;kx ugha dj ldrs] ftudk vga Hkko
fdlh rjg tkrk ugha] muds fy;s ^eSa nkl gw* ^eSa Hk gw*
;g vfHkeku vPNk gSA ijUrq ^eSa cz gw* ,salk vfHkeku
Bhd ughaA
tks euq"; lcZnk bZ'oj fparu djrk gS ogh tku ldrk
gS fd mudk Lo#i D;k gS\ nwljs yksx dsoy okn&fookn
djds d"V mBkrs gSaA
Hkf Hkxoku dks mruh gh fiz; gS ftruh cSy dks lkuhA
ftUgs pSrU; gqvk gS] os iki&iq.; ds ikj pys x;s gSaA os
ns[krs gSa] bZ'oj gh lc dqN dj jgk gSA
gs bZ'oj rqe drkZ gks vkSj eSa vdrkZ gwA blh dk uke

Kku gSA
fc|k ls ,d ykHk gksrk gSA mlls ;g ekywe gks tkrk gS
fd eSa dqN ugha tkurk vkSj eSa dqN ugha gwA
osnkarh lnSc fopkj djrs gSa
cz lR; gS] txr feF;k gSA
;fn txr feF;k gS rks tks dg jgs gSa os Hkh feF;k gSaA mudh
okrsa Hkh LoIuor gSaA cM+s nwj dh ckr gSA
n;k vFkkZr lc izkf.k;ksa ls leku izseA
cz vkSj 'kf vfHkUu gSaA tks cz gSa os gh 'kf gSaA
izk;% m|ku ds c.kZu ls gh ppkZ izkjaHk vkSj mlh esa lekIr
gks tkrh gSA m|ku ds ekfyd dh [kkst ugha dh tkrhA
tcfd bZ'oj dk n'kZu gh thou dk ms'; gSA
izkjC/k deksaZ dk Hkksx gksrk gh gSA tks ck.k ,d ckj NksM+k
tk pqdk] ml ij fQj fdlh rjg dk o'k ugha pyrkA
czKku ds ckn Hkh voLFkk gSA Kku ds ckn fcKku gSA
fcKku dk vFkZ mUgs fc'ks"k :i ls tkuuk gSA
ydM+h esa vkx gS] bl cks/k] bl fo'okl dk uke gS Kku
vkSj ml vkx ls [kkuk cukuk] [kkuk [kkdj "V&iq"V gksuk
bldk uke gS fcKkuA
bZ'oj gS] n; esa ;g cks/k gksuk Kku gSA muds lkFk
ckrkZyki djuk] muds lkFk nkL;&l[;&okRlY;&e/kqj vkfn
Hkkoksa ls vkuan djuk fcKku gSA
bZ'oj ds uke ls euq"; ifc=k gksrk gSA blfy, uke
ladhrZu dk vH;kl djuk pkfg;sA
;fn vH;kl jgk rks vafre le; mUgh dk uke eqag ls
ik'k esa tks ca/kk gqvk gS og tho gS vkSj mlls tks eq
gS og f'ko gSA
nsg cuh Hkh gS vkSj fcxM+ Hkh tk;sxh ij vkRek vej gSA
Jh xq# dh d`ik ls lc xzafFk;k ,d {k.k esa gh [kqy tkrh
,dkn'kh djuk vPNk gSA blls eu ifo=k gksrk gS vkSj
bZ'oj ij Hkf gksrh gSA
f'k{kk nsuk dfBu dke gSA bZ'oj n'kZu ds ckn mudk
vkns'k ik;s rks og yksxksa dks f'k{kk ns ldrk gSA ijUrq
vkns'k feyk gS ;g dsoy eu esa lksp ysus ls ugha pyrkA
bZ'oj lpeqp gh n'kZu nsrs gSa vkSj ckrphr djrs gSaA
i<+us rFkk vuqHko djus esa cgqr varj gSA bZ'oj n'kZu ds
ckn 'kkL=k&fcKku vkfn dwM+k ddZV tSals yxrs gSaA
izse ijh{kk ugha djrk fo'okl djrk gSA

Qjojh 2016

22 February

Purnima Tithi Begins = 22:34 on 21/Feb/2016 until 23:49 on 22/Feb/2016


According to Brahma Vaivarta Purana, Lord
Vishnu resides in the water on Ganges on this day.
Hence, it is believed that even touching the holy
water of Ganges on this day provides salvation. It
is also believed that Lord Vishnu is most impressed
when a person takes a bath in the holy rivers on
this day. Even fasts, donations or charities don't
impress him as much.
Donations, charities and yagyas organized on this
day are considered to be very important. Lord
Vishnu is worshipped and food, clothes, jaggery,
ghee, laddoo, fruits, cereals etc. are donated. On
the day of Magh Purnima, a person should wake
up early and take bath in a nearby river before
sunrise. After this, a person should worship Lord
Vishnu. Black sesame seeds are used in the Magh
month to make offerings to dead ancestors.
Donating sesame seeds is considered to be very
important during this month.
Magh Purnima is also known as Maghi Purnima.
It is believed that a person is freed from all kinds
of sins and problems if he takes a bath in Ganges
on this day. It also provides peace of mind and
purity. A person should chant "Om Namah
Bhagvate Vasudevaya Namah" while taking a
Magh Purnima Worship
Lord Satyanarayana's katha is organized on the day
of Magh Purnima. Banana leaves, panchamrit,
supari, pan, sesame seeds, red thread, sindoor,
kumkum, durva etc. are used to worship Lord
Satyanarayana. Panchamrit includes milk, honey,
bananas, ganges water, tulsi leaves and sweets.
Flour is also fried and sugar is mixed with it. This
is used as prasad. Lord Satyanarayana is
worshipped after the katha. After this, Goddess
Laxmi, Lord Mahadev and Lord Brahma's aartis
are sung. Prasad and Charnamrit are distributed
among everyone.
Ganga Snan (Bath) on Magh Purnima
Taking a bath in Ganga, donations and religious
activities are considered to be very important in
Magh month. Every day of this month is considered
to be auspicious. According to Shastras, taking a
bath in any river during this period is as auspicious
as taking a bath in Ganga. Taking a bath in Prayag


is considered to be most auspicious in Magh month.

Celebrations during Magh Purnima
Every year, a fair is organized in Prayag during
Magh month. It is believed that residing in Prayag
(Kalpvas) during this period is considered to be
very auspicious. Devotees stay near Prayag till
Maghi Purnima. A lot of devotees from all across
India can be seen taking baths and performing
religious activities during this period. Kalpvas
extends upto the end of Magh month. It is believed
that Lord Vishnu blessed everyone who takes a bath
in Ganga river on this day. Taking a bath in river
Ganga on the day of Magh Purnima provides a
person with success, peace of mind and salvation.
It is revered as a 'bathing festival' across the country.
In India, rivers and water bodies are always
considered as sacred because they resemble The
Mother Nature. Thus other main nurturing arteries
like the rivers Yamuna, Narmada, Tapti, Krishna,
Kaveri, Sarayu, etc. are also venerated bathing sites
for this auspicious day. Kannyakumari and
Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu, Pushkar Lake in
Rajasthan also witness thousands salvaging
themselves from worldly vices by holy dips. At
some places, sacred tanks serve as shrines for
bathing. Large sacred tank or the 'Porthamarai
Kulam' of the great shrines (of Vishnu) of
Sarangapani, Kumbheswara and Nageswhara in
Kumbhakonam (meaning great pot), Tamil Nadu,
is another source of sacred water.
Madurai hosts the famous float festival. Goddess
Durga is known as Meenakshi here which means
one who has eyes like those of a fish. A sacred
tank, the Marriamman Teppakulam Sarovar is
located near Madurai. Idols of The Goddess
Meenakshi and Lord Sundareshwara are decorated
and taken on a float to this Sarovar or tank. It is
said that king Tirumala Nayak (1623-1655) was
born on the day of Maghi Purnima.
A visit to the religious site of Govardhan hill near
the town of Vrindavan is also common among the
believers of Lord Krishna. Circumambulation, or
'Parikrama' or 'Pradakshina' as it is called, is
performed along-with other rituals.
Thus Maghi Purnima is indeed an auspicious day
for invocation of The Divine.


Qjojh 2016


Stephen Knapp
(Contd...from back issue)
As with art, dance in India was not merely an environment becomes transformed and the
expression of an artist's emotional mindset or audience may also experience darshan of the
imagination, but was meant to be an interpretation Divine and experience an inspiring upliftment in
or conveyance of higher spiritual principles or their own consciousness. In this way, the dance is
pastimes of the Divine. In fact, in the Vedic divine beauty in motion. Or it is a way of invoking
pantheon Shiva is known as Nataraja, the king of the spiritual dimension into our midst. Few other
dancers. Shiva's dance was also not without a more forms of dance attempt to do this.
significant purpose. His dance was based on the
Various schools of dance include Bharata
rhythm of cosmic energy that pervades the Natyam, Kathakali, Manipuri, Orissi, Kathak,
universe, and the destruction of the illusory energy Mohini Atam, Krishna Atam, Bhagavata Mela, etc.
by which all souls are given the opportunity for Thus, we may have many dances that convey
release from the illusion to attain liberation, stories from the Ramayana and Mahabharata, or
Krishna-lila from the Bhagavata Purana.
In this way, traditional Indian dance is highly Nowadays this ancient art of Indian dance is
spiritual and often accompanies important religious enjoying a wide audience and a prominent place
rituals and holy days and festivals. Vedic dance on the international stage.
goes back to prehistoric times. Bharata Muni wrote
So, as we can see, Vedic culture and its many
his Natya Shastra, science of drama and dance, over areas of knowledge and devotional expression are
2000 years ago. In it he explains that it was Lord still as relevant today as it was thousands of years
Brahma, the secondary engineer of the universal ago. And humanity can benefit from it by
creation, who brought dance (natya) and drama to introspection and in spiritual as well as material
the people of Earth millions of years ago, shortly development as it did in the past.
after the Earth was created.
The power of the Dharma and the relevancy
Now dance has evolved into a tradition of Vedic culture are found in the number of tools it
involving various schools and styles but with strict has always provided in order for humanity to reach
discipline. It is not uncommon that Indian families its fullest potentials, both as individuals who are
will have their daughters spend at least several searching for their own fulfillment and spiritual
years or more in such study and practice. There is awakening, and as a society that can function in
a precise method of postures, facial and hand harmony with nature and cooperation amongst
gestures (mudras), and movements, along with themselves.
footwork that must be learned and synchronized
By investigating the knowledge and
to the beat and music in order to convey specific viewpoints in the many topics found in the Vedic
meanings, moods and stories to the audience. Many tradition we can certainly see that the practice and
temples, especially in South India, were known for utilization of this Vedic knowledge can indeed
maintaining large groups of dancers that performed assist us in many ways. Let us take a look at a few.
at festivals and religious functions.
When the dance is performed according to the
Ayurveda is the Vedic system of holistic
spiritual standards, which some view as similar to medicine. It has become quite popular in the West
the practice of yoga, even the dancers can invoke and is continuing to gain ground and acceptance.
a high degree of spirituality in their own To understand briefly what Ayurveda is, I let
consciousness and bring unity between their inner Pratichi Mathur, an Ayurvedic practitioner herself,
selves and God. Then the transcendental tell us about it from the book, "Vedic Culture: The
atmosphere can manifest and draw the Divine to Difference It Can Make in Your Life":
appear in the performers on stage. Thus, the
(Contd. in next issue)


Qjojh 2016

tks dqN Hkh lR; vkSj lukru gS og lc osn gS

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euq"; fdlh dh ckr rHkh ekurk gS tc n; xokgh
osn cuk gSa &fon~* /kkrq ls] vr% osn dk vFkZ gS ^Kku*A
nsA vr% n; esa og ckr igys ls nch gqbZ Fkh] Hkwyh&fcljh ;|fi osnksa dk vf/kdk'k Hkkx deZdk.Mksa ds ckjs esa gS]
FkhA rF;ksa dh tkudkjh nsuk xq# dk dk;Z ugha] mlds fy, D;ksafd fcuk orZeku vFkok iwoZtUe ds deZdk.Mksa }kjk
rks vufxur lzksr gSaA xq# rks dsoy xqj crykrk gS && lgh vftZr lkfRod dekZ'k; ds lPps Kku dk iFk iz'kLr gh
Kku ikus ds lgh rjhds dkA
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fdUrq Jh en~ Hkkxor iqjk.k esa dgk x;k gS fd ew[kZ ^;tqonZs * vFkkZr ;K dk osn ds vfUre v/;k;% b'kksifu"kr~
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Qjojh 2016

7 Amazing Facts:
1. The Takshashila, or Taxila as it is better
known, was the finest educational institute of
its time. It continued for hundreds of years and
yesIt was in the land of Hindus. The university
was a hub of over 10,000 students swarming in
from different parts of the world to garner
knowledge and education.
2. If you think that different departments along
with numerous specialization courses are the
brainchild of a modern education system, it's
time you change your notion! Well, 2700 years
ago, Takshashila offered courses in more than 64
different fields of studies ranging from surgery and
commerce to music and dance, and from
philosophy and Ayurveda to grammar, politics,
archery and warfare. What's more is that courses
were taught to discover hidden treasures and
decrypting messages, too! Isn't that just wonderful?
3. Like every modern seat of knowledge and
education, you would need to complete your
basic schooling, and be of 16 years, before
applying for courses in here.
4. The admission process was also quite
stringent, and was purely based on merit. And,
the competition would be among eligible students
across the whole continent.
5. Yes; like all "modern" universities,
Takshashila, too, provided you with ample of
choices as "electives". In fact, the students had to
choose their electives first, and then carry on with
an in-depth research into the subject of their choice
and preference.
6. Wondering why such name-Takshashila?
Well, Takshashila's nomenclature was derived from
King Taksha-the nephew of Lord Rama and the
son of Bharata. King Taksha ruled over the region
Taksha Khanda that extended from the northern
fringes of India to the modern day Uzbekistan. In
fact, Tashkent, the present capital of Uzbekistan,
too, derives its name from the same source!
7. Located in present day Pakistan, Though


alumni list is exhaustive, a few eminent scholars

that the University had:
a) Chanakya:
One of the finest political masters and the prime
minister of the Mauryan Empire, Chanakya or
Kautilya authored the famous Arthashastra-a
compilation of 15 books that is undoubtedly one
of the oldest yet finest works on economic policies,
statecraft, political duties, military strategies,
administrative skills and state intelligence system.
In fact, he has been hailed as the third best
management counsels the history of India after
Lord Krishna himself and Shakuni.
b) Panini:
Panini was the master of grammar and languages.
In fact, Panini's Ashtadhyayi is regarded as one of
the profoundest, if complicated, work on grammar
c) Vishnu Sharma:
Who hasn't read and admired the tales from
Panchatantra during the childhood days? Well, the
famous author behind those simple yet admirable
tales was, too, a student of Takshashila. After all,
not everyone can teach the important and difficult
art of political science through simple and loving
d) Charaka:
A physician who fails to enter the body of a patient
with the lamp of knowledge and understanding can
never treat diseases. This is what the famous author
of Charaka Samhita had to say regarding the power
of a good physician. Needless to say, Charaka was
one of the most well-known Ayurveda physicians
ever, and had authored Charaka Samhita.
e) Jivak:
After having studied at the University for 7 years,
and specializing surgery, Marma and Panchakarma,
Jivak had also invented a treatment for Filariasis
back in those days. Being the personal physician
of Lord Buddha, he also cured the Nandi Vran of
Buddha. He performed cosmetic surgery in those


Qjojh 2016

nqdku ds fy, okLrq fVIl

1- nqdku ;k 'kks:e dk eq[k iwoZ ;k mkj fn'kk dh vksj
gksuk pkfg,A ;fn ,slk laHko u gks rks nqdku dk eq[k
if'pe fn'kk dh vksj Hkh fd;k tkrk tk ldrk gSA
2- okLrq fo|k ds vuqlkj nf{k.k dh vksj eq[k okys nqdku
'kqHk Qy ugha nsrhA
3- nqdku ds vanj lkeku j[kus ds fy, vyekjh vkfn
if'pe ;k nf{k.k fn'kk esa cuokuh pkfg,A
4- nqdku esa bZ'kku dks.k ;k vkXus; dks.k mkjiwoZ ;k
nf{k.kiwoZ fn'kk esa nqdku dh fch dk leku ugha
j[kuk pkfg,A
5- okLrq 'kkL=k ds vuqlkj bZ'kku dks.k esa b"Vnso dh ewfrZ
;k ikuh j[kuk 'kqHk ekuk tkrk gSA
6- vkXus; dks.k nf{k.kiwoZ fn'kk esa fctyh dk esu cksMZ]
bUoVZj ;k tujsVj j[kuk 'kqHk gksrk gSA
7- nqdku esa dke djus okys deZpkfj;ksa dk if'pe ;k
nf{k.k fn'kk dh vksj gksuk 'kqHk ekuk tkrk gSA
8- nqdku ;k 'kks:e ds ekfyd dks if'pe fn'kk esa cSBuk




pkfg,A ,slk djus ls vk; esa o`f) gksrh gSA

nqdku dh frtksjh dks if'pe ;k nf{k.k nhokj ds lgkjs
j[kuk 'kqHk gksrk gSA
xYys] frtksjh] ekfyd ;k eSustj dh txg ds ij
dksbZ che ugha gksuk pkfg,A ;g O;olk; esa jks?k cu
ldrk gSA
;fn xzkgd nqdku esa izos'k dj jgk gks rks mldk eq[k
mkj ;k iwoZ fn'kk dh vksj gksuk pkfg,A blls mRlkg
c<+rk o okrkoj.k vPNk jgrk gSA
nqdku dh mkj ;k iwoZ fn'kk esa nsoh y{eh vkSj x.ks'k
dh ewfrZ j[kus O;kikj esa ykHk gksrk gSA
prqHkqZt ;k xksy vkdkj dh nqdku vf/kd 'kqHk ekuh
tkrh gSA
Hkkjh leku dks nqdku ds nf{k.k&if'pe fn'kk esa j[kuk
;fn nqdku esa Vhoh ;k daI;wVj j[kuk pkgrs gSa] rks
nf{k.kiwoZ fn'kk lcls 'kqHk gSA

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&& Jhen~ HkxorxhrkA
^pkgs eq>s ekj Mkyks ij xk; ij gkFk u mBkvks* fdl
egkiq#"k us dgk Fkk\
&& cky xaxk/kj frydA
jkepanz ^chj* us fdrus fnuksa rd xkSgR;k ij jksd yxokus
ds fy, vu'ku fd;k\
&& 70 fnuA
iatkc esa fdl 'kkld ds jkT; esa xkS gR;k ij e`R;q naM
fn;k tkrk Fkk\&& iatkc dsljh egkjkt j.kthr flagA
xk; ds ?kh ls gou ij fdl ns'k esa oSKkfud iz;ksx fd;k
&& :lA
bZlk elhgk dk D;k dFku Fkk\
&& ,d xk; dks ekjuk] ,d euq"; dks ekjus ds leku gSA
izfln~ eqfLye lar jl[kku us D;k vfHkyk"kk O; dh Fkh\
&& ;fn i'kq ds :i esa esjk tUe gks rks eSa ckck uan dh
xk;ksa ds chp esa tUe ywaA
ia- enu eksgu ekyoh; th dh vafre bPNk D;k Fkh\
&& Hkkjrh; lafo/kku esa lcls igyh /kkjk lEiw.kZ xkSoa'k
gR;k fu"ks/k dh cusA
Hkxoku f'ko dk fiz; Jh lEiUu ^fcYoi=k* dh mRifk
dgk ls gqbZ gS\
&& xk; ds xkscj lsA
xkSoa'kh; i'kq vf/kfu;e 1995 D;k gS\
&& 10 o"kZ rd dk dkjkokl vkSj 10]000 #i, rd dk



xk; ds nw/k esa dkSu&dkSu ls [kfut ik, tkrs gS\
&& dSfy'k;e] QkLQksjl] ykSg] xa/kd] iksVkf'k;e] lksfM;e
ik, tkrs gSA
^xkS loZnsoe;h vkSj osn loZxkSe; gS*] ;g ;qf fdl
iqjk.k dh gS\
&& LdUn iqjk.kA
fo'o dh lcls cM+h xkS'kkyk dk uke crkb,\
&& iFkesM+k] jktLFkkuA
xk; ds nw/k esa dkSu&dkSu ls foVkfeu ik, tkrs gS\
&& foVkfeu lh 2 izfr'kr] foVkfeu , vkbZ-D;w 174
vkSj foVkfeu Mh 5 izfr'krA
;fn ge xk;ksa dh j{kk djsaxs rks xk; gekjh j{kk djsaxh
^;g lans'k fdl egki#"k dk gS\
&& iafMr enu eksgu ekyoh; dkA
^xkS* /keZ] vFkZ] dke vkSj eks{k dh /kk=kh gksus ds dkj.k
dke/ksuq gSA bldk vfu"V fparu gh ijkHko dk dkj.k
gSA ;g fopkj fdudk Fkk\
&& egf"kZ vjfoan dkA
Hkxoku ckyd`".k us xk;sa pjkus dk dk;Z fdl fnu ls
izkjEHk fd;k Fkk\
&& xksik"Veh lsA
^;gh nsgq vkKk rq#d dks [kkika] xkS ekrk dk nq%[k
lnk eSa feVvk^ ;g bPNk fdl xq# us izdV dh\
&& xq# xksfcan flag th usA
Qjojh 2016


vitamin and minerals required for health hair and
4. Liver inefficiency
Liver is a very important organ of the human body
since it is called the filtration system of the body.
Not only does it filter the hormones but also it
cleans the blood. If the liver is strong it will result
in healthy hair and skin. For our body system to
function without any default it is a must to have a
strong liver. Strong liver purifies our blood and
removes the entire toxin by the process of natural
5. Improper Diet
There is a strong connection between hair loss and
improper diet. One of the most common causes of
hair loss in women is lack of iron. Deficiency of
iron has been termed as leading causes of concern
for hair loss in women. Poor diet lacks various
vitamins and minerals in the body which give rise
to many hair and skin problems. Thus it is
recommended to follow a proper healthy diet for a
healthy disease free life.

1. The most prominent cause of Hair Loss is a

hormone known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT).
The Male Pattern Baldness is particularly caused
by DHT.
Let's understand this step by step:
DHT is a by-product of testosterone
An enzyme called '5 Alpha Reductase' converts
testosterone into DHT.
This conversion occurs in a gland called prostate
gland (Which is present only in men)
The pores of the skin produce natural oil called
sebum and DHT is carried to the scalp with the
help of circulation of blood into the scalp or
through sebum.
The papilla in the roots of hair connects the hair
with the blood stream of the body.
The DHT present in the blood does not allow
the hair to get required nutrients from the blood
and hair grows smaller and smaller each time it
sheds till the moment it stops growing altogether.
2. Inadequate Circulation of Blood in the scalp
Poor circulation of blood in the scalp is one of the
chief reasons of hair loss. Due to reduced
circulation of blood the required nutrients for hair
growth are not table to reach to the roots of the
hair and thus hair stops growing slowly. For a health
hair it is very important that the nutrients are
supplied to the scalp regularly, A gentle message
of coconut or sesame or mustard oil in the scalp
regularly at night and then washing them in the
morning channelizes the blood circulation in the
head thus providing relief from the hair loss.
3. Stress Related Hair Loss
Stress or depression has also been identified as a
major cause of hair fall or baldness. Continuous
stress consumes the energy of the body and when
the mind needs further energy it converts the
proteins into sugar to get energy. Consistent stress
consumes all the energy from raw metabolic
materials and makes the body devoid of certain


Why Is Eating Garlic On An Empty

Stomach Good?
1. Eating raw garlic on an empty stomach
helps relieve the symptoms of
2. It also prevents heart problems and aids
in proper functioning of the liver and
3. Garlic is effective for stomach problems,
like diarrhea and it also stimulates digestion
and appetite.
4. It helps control stress, which prevents
stomach acid that is usually produced when
you get nervous.
5. It can also prevent and cure tuberculosis,
pneumonia, catarrhs, bronchitis, chronic
bronchial catarrhs, lung congestion,
asthma, and cough.


Qjojh 2016

ekfld jkf'kQy 15 Qjojh ls 14 ekpZ] 2016 rd

1 es"k Aries pw] ps] pks] yk] yh] yw] ys] yks] vA
'kq vkSj cq/k ds deZLFkku esa jgus ls bl ekg vki
vkRefo'okl ls Hkjiwj jgsaxsA vR;f/kd ifjJe ls dk;Z{ks=k
esa; lQyrk feysxhA ;k=kkvksa ls okafNr ykHk
gksxkA dke&dkt esa ykijokgh ds dkj.k dbZ LFkku ij
vkidks pqukSfr;ksa dk lkeuk djuk iM+sxkA ;fn vki ukSdjh
;k O;olk; cnyuk pkgrs gS rks vHkh FkksMk bartkj djuk
iM+ ldrk gSA
2 o` " kHk Taurus m] b] ,] vks] ok] oh] ow] os] oksA
vk; dh vis{kk O;; c<+us ls eu esa f[kUurk jgsxhA Hkkxhnkjh
dk;Z ykHkizn jgsaxsA vkfFkZd fodkl dh izcy lEHkkouk;sa
cu jgh gSaA yEch ;k=kk dk ;ksxA ifjokj ls okafNr lg;ksx
feysxkA ij fu;a=k.k j[ksaA 'k=kq i{k ls ihM+k gksxhA
3 feFkqu Gemini d] dh] dw] ?k] M] N] ds] dks] gkA
ikfjokfjd eueqVko de gksaxsA jpukRed dk;ksZ esa lQyrk
feysxhA bl ekg /kkfeZd f;kdykiksa esa c<+ p<+dj fgLlk
ysaxsA iqjkus yafcr U;kf;d ekeyksa esa euksuqdwy lQyrk
feysxhA larku ;k thou lkFkh ds uke ls fd;k x;k
O;olk; 'kqHkizn gksxkA vius y{; dh izkfIr gsrq vki
mPpdksfV dh ;kstuk;sa cuk;saxsA
4 ddZ Cancer gh] gw] gs] gks] Mk] Mh] Mw] Ms] MksA
bl ekg izfr;ksfxrk ijh{kk esa lQyrk feysxhA jktdh;
i{k ls ykHk gksxkA Hkwfe&Hkou dk ykHk gksxkA bl ekg
lkekftd ,oe /kkfeZd dk;ksZ esa #fp c<+sxhA u;s dk;Z
O;olk; dh ;kstukvksa ij dke 'kq: gksxkA izR;{k #i ls
'k=kqvksa ls gkfu gksxhA
5 fla g Leo ek] eh] ew] es] eks] Vk] Vh] Vw] VsA
fe=koxZ ls okafNr lg;ksx feysxkA bl ekg dk;Z LFkku ij
inksUufr dk Hkh ;ksx curk gSA vpkud fdlh O;kolkf;d
;k=kk ij tkuk gksxkA ekg esa dksbZ okn&fookn dh fLFkfr;ka
Hkh mRiUu gksaxhA vkidks viuh ifjfLFkfr Bhd djus ds
dbZ ckj ekSds feysaxsA bl le; vki dksbZ u;k dk;Z
'kqHkkjEHk Hkh djsaxsA larku ls [kq'kh feysxhA
6 dU;k Virgo Vks] ik] ih] iw] "k] .k] B] is] ihA
jktdh; dk;ksZ esa lQyrk feysxhA ;fn vki ukSdjh dh
ryk'k esa gSa rks iz;kl lQy gksxkA vuko';d fookn ls
cpuk pkfg,A O;kolkf;d dk;ksZ esa rhoz xfr ls fu.kZ;
ysaxsA O;kolkf;d dk;ksZ esa vkfFkZd gkfu Hkh lEHko gSA
uhfrxr fu.kZ; ysus esa tjk lh pwd d"Vdkjd fl) gksxhA

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ikfjokfjd dk;ksZa esa vf/kdka'k le; O;rhr gksxkA Hkwfe&Hkou
dk ykHk gksxkA ;fn csjkstxkj gSa rks jkstxkj l`tu ds volj
cusaxsA 'kqHk lekpkjksa dh izkfIr gksxhA ekrk&firk dk okafNr
lg;ksx feysxkA larku ds dkj.k d"V dh fLFkfr;ka vk;saxhA
fe=koxZ vkids lg;ksx gsrq vkxs vk;sxkA lrZdrk ls dk;Z
8 o`f'pd Scorpio rks] uk] uh] uw] us] uks] ;k] ;h] ;wA
dk;Z&O;olk; esa mUufr ds Li"V ladsr fn[k jgs gSa] fdUrq
ikfjokfjd >a>Vks ls ijs'kku jgsaxsA larku i{k ls fpark
gksxhA dk;Z dh xfr c<+us yxsxhA ;k=kk dk ykHk feysxkA
egRoiw.kZ ftEesokfj;k Hkh vkidks feysaxhA ;fn vki ukSdjh
djrs gSa rks izksUufr ds volj feysaxsA Hkkxhnkjh dk;ksZ ls
ykHk gksxkA
9 /kuq Sagittarius ;s ] ;ks ] Hk] Hkh] Hkw ] /kk] Qk] <k] Hks A
bl ekg euksdkeuk;sa iw.kZ gksaxhA jkstxkj izkfIr ds ;ksx cu
jgs gSaA lkekftd eku&lEeku c<+sxkA thou lkFkh dh
lgefr ls fd;s x;s dk;Z esa lQyrk feysaxhA thou esa cM+k
ifjorZu ykus ds fy, vki fdlh cM+h rduhd dk bLrseky
djsaxsA tehu&tk;nkn laca/kh ekeyks esa vkewy&pwy ifjorZu
10 edj Capricorn Hkks ] tk] th] [kh] [kw ] [ks ] [kks ] x] xhA
izfr;ksfxrk ijh{kk esa lQyrk feysxhA Hkwfe&Hkou dk ykHk
feysxkA LFkku ifjorZu Hkh laHko gSA okgu ; dk ;ksxA
ikfjokfjd eu&eqVko dh fLFkfr;ka Hkh vk;saxhA dk;Z fLFkfr
esa rsth ls ifjorZu vk;sxkA ;fn vki ukSdjh dj jgs gSa rks
vkidks vkids vnHkqr dkS'ky ij izkSUufr feysxhA
11 dqaHk Aquarius xw] xs] xks] lk] lh] lw] ls] lks] nkA
ikfjokfjd fpark ds dkj.k dqN ijs'kkfu;k gksaxhA lQy
O;olkf;d ;k=kk;sa gksaxhA esgekuckth esa O;Lr jgsaxsA
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Qjojh 2016

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15 lkse
16 eaxy


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?ka - fe04%10 AM Hknzk lekIr 13%16] l-fl- 27%09&31%01] Hkh"e v"Veh
03%08 AM
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vf'ouh 01%14
d`frdk 09%26




9 cq/k
10 xq:
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12 'kfu
13 jfo
14 lkse

fr-lek?ka - fe02%11 AM
00%26 AM
11%04 PM
10%06 PM
09%33 PM
09%26 PM
09%46 PM
10%34 PM
iw- 11%49 PM

d`- 1
d`- 7
'kq- 1






l-fl ;ksx 07%00&26%14] ve`r ;ksx 22%07&30%59

Hknzk 09%47 ls 21%34] l-fl- 26%24&30%58
l-fl 06%58&26%58
xaMewy vk- 28%00] iznks"k ozr 'kq-
Hknzk vkjaHk 22%34] ve`r ;ksx 22%34&30%55
Hknzk lek- 11%09] ek?k iwf.kZek] ek?k Luku lekxaMewy lek- 07%22] ve`r ;ksx 25%32&30%54
Hknzk 16%50 ls 30%05] ve`r ;ksx 06%53&30%05
ve`r ;ksx 06%52&30%51
l-fl- 18%27&30%50
ve`r ;ksx 06%50&11%21
Hknzk 13%48 ls 26%54] l-fl- 24%17&30%47
xaMewy vk- 26%37] ve`r ;ksx 06%47&15%52


Hknzk vk- 30%10] xaMewy lek- 29%19

Hknzk lek- 18%02
l-fl- 28%58&30%42] f=kiq"dj 17%12&28%58


Hknzk 13%21 ls 24%01] iapd vk- 14%51] egkf'kojkf=k


QkYxqu vekxaMewy vk- 18%21] l-fl- 18%21&30%37

iapd lek- 15%42] l-fl- 06%37&15%42] xkSjh rht



Hknzk 07%35 ls 18%03] xaMewy lekIr 13%15

ve`r ;ksx 06%34&15%16
l-fl 09%27&30%32] ;equk NB

Qjojh 2016