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Vol. 12, Issue-01, January 15, 2016


Jagadgaru 1008 Katangi
Swami Pragyananda Ji Maharaj
Chief Editor
Ashok Vasudeva
Bureau Chief
Dr. M.K. Mishra

laikndh; ----------------------------------------------------------- 4
cPpksa dks es/kkoh dSls cuk,a \ ------------------------------- 5
T;ksfr"k esa olar iapeh ----------------------------------------- 7
:nzk{k ls yksxksa dk bykt -------------------------------------- 8
Vedic Culture ------------------------------------- 9

izkd`frd f'kofyax Hkwrs'oj egknso ------------------------ 11

Kidney Damaging Habits -------------------- 12

vnjd ds vkS"kf/k; xq.k -------------------------------------- 13

cPpksa ds dejs dk okLrq-------------------------------------- 15
ekfld jkf'k Qy ----------------------------------------------- 16
ekfld iapkax ---------------------------------------------------- 18

cPpksa dks
cuk,a \

Editorial Associate
Ms Meena
Dr. N.K. Sharma
Chetan Vasudeva
Central News Agency

Hkwr's oj

Financial Consultant
S.P. Aggawal & Company
Chartered Accountant
5, Todarmal Lane, Bengali Market
New Delhi-110001

cPpksa ds
dejs dk

Owned, Published and Printed by :

Ashok Vasudeva
Printed at : Front Line Imaging Pvt. Ltd.
D-14/7, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-I
New Delhi-110020
Published from : 126B, Una Enclave,
Mayur Vihar-1, Delhi-110091
RNI No. DELBIK2005/15214

tuojh 2016

.Jambu Dweepe Bharat Varshe Bharat khande Aryavartantargate
When a pandit ji recites this
shloka as sankalpa (a
commitment or resolution) to the
devata (God) who is being
worshipped, our mind is boggled. Our various religious
books have maps giving the geographical description of
'Jambu Dweep'. Great Rishi Varahamihira, in his book
"Vrihad Samhita", which contains 900 shlokas, has
provided a map of 'Jambu Dweep'. Now we have seven
continents. Interestingly, Bhagavata Purana deals with
the geography of the world in a great detail. It also divides
the world into seven dweepas. And India is in Jambu
Dweep, and America in Krauncha dweep. The concept
of ''Akhand Bharat'' of some nationalist scholars matches
with areas of Jambu Dweep, which consisted of modern
India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Indonesia,
Thailand, Nepal, Afghanistan, Taskent and up to Istanbul
and Israel.
Legacy of Jambu Dweep, Aryavart kshetre or
Bharatvarsh have been very opulent. It is tolerant at all
levels of life. India of Britisher's is intolerant. It is more
pronounced today and it began after partition. Bharat,
the land of the king "Bharat" is tolerant and India, the
land of the "East India Company" remained intolerant.
However, there is no denying of the fact that Bharat of
the past had the absolute spirit of tolerance. All arrogant
and dictatorial kings vanished - Ravan, Kans, Mughals,
Britishers etc were removed by comparatively very small
in magnitude and insignificant forces which they
considered as nonentity before them viz Ram, Krishna
and Mahatma Gandhi.
Notwithstanding, umpteen invasions in the past thousand
years or so, we have not compromised with our spirit of
tolerance. May be, the occidental countries have failed
greatly on this count; examples are 9/11 of USA, terrorist
attacks on France, Russia etc. Our heritage is tolerance
and peaceeven while dealing with terrorists and
infiltrators. From time immemorial, our holy land has
thought over the betterment of all human beings without
any discrimination. Practically, in India, many religious
sects have been intolerant towards other religious sects
and have created havoc for internal security but
government at centre and states have always adopted
the middle path of tolerance in handling the law and
order situation. A section of society plays dirty tricks to
break the tolerant fabric of the nation by some
unscrupulous acts citing intolerance in the country, but


they failed miserably. Their 'selective outrage' and

'created intolerance' were understood by nation.
We have unshakable faith in peace and in all those
elements that are conducive to peace. Ours is a
philosophy of universal prosperity and betterment..sarve
bhavantu sukhinah. Vasudhaiva kutumbakam is the nub
of our philosophy. Hindu does not represent a sect; it is
a way of life that includes the whole mankind. The
present ruling party in the centre is sometimes named as
right wing party, meaning thereby, intolerant towards
some others. We have rich history of prosperous ancient
India, which had world's mightiest rulers, but we never
invaded any country, never established any colony. It is
simply just because, Hindus are tolerant from core of
their being. If, Bhartiy Janta Party is mostly a Hindu
party (often blamed by other political parties), how can
it be intolerant, when Hindus are tolerant. Our Prime
Minister has not even once addressed citing their castes
as Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christians as has been denoted
by every Prime Minister and Leader in the past, instead
always addressed them "my 125 crore Bharat vasiyon
(citizens)". How can they be stamped as intolerant? My
humble request is to leave this shameful politics and
work towards the peace and prosperity of citizens of
Those wanting to save this world from imminent disaster
of mass destruction, must adopt in totality the measures
for strengthening the human values in children whom
we are going to handover this present world in the
coming times. It is only possible when we replace a
fractured psyche with a creative outlook and philosophy
of life. In sum, the word mankind should replace my
country, my people for the expansion of a global
awareness. One of my friends was assuring me that
Bharat is a blessed land, for the reason that after a long
British rule and 67 years of post-independence rule, we
have no place to go, we live in constant social and
political conflicts, intolerance, injustice, poverty,
illiteracy and all sorts of deprivation for no fault of ours.
My firm belief is that Bharat in now marching with many
initiatives of game changing reforms to transform into a
productive and fortunate digital Bharat. No one should
doubt that our PM is real statesman, a competent world
leader, a visionary with solutions for Bharat and we are
going to be a global Guru with a bright and prosperous
Ashok Vasudeva

tuojh 2016

olar iapeh % ljLorh iwtk

fnukad % 12 Qjojh] 2016

cPpksa dks es/kkoh dSls cuk;sa

olUr iapeh iwtk eeqqgwrZ 09-16 ls 12-35
vof/k 3 ?k.Vs 18 feuV~l
iapeh frfFk izkjEHk 12 Qjojh 2016 dks 09-16 cts
iapeh frfFk lekIr 13 Qjojh 2016 dks 06-39 cts
gj ekrk&firk dh rjg vkidh Hkh pkgr gksxh fd
vkids cPps [kwc i<+s fy[ksa vkSj ;ksX; cusAa ysfdu T;ksfr"k'kkL=k
ds vuqlkj dq.Myh esa vxj fo|k ;ksx ugha gks rks i<+u&s fy[kus
esa cPps dh :fp de gksrh gSA O;f ds Kku dk Lrj de
gksrk gSA ,slh fLFkfr esa nks"k fuokj.k djus ds fy, vPNs
eqgwrZ esa cPps dh f'k{kk vkjaHk djokuh pkfg,A eqgwrZ 'kkL=k
ds vuqlkj tks dke 'kqHk eqgwrZ esa 'kq: gksrk gS mldk
ifj.kke Hkh 'kqHk gksrk gSA bl n`f"V ls cPpksa dh f'k{kk
vkjaHk djus ds fy, lcls mke frfFk ek?k 'kqDy iapeh
frfFk dks ekuk x;k gSA T;ksfr"k 'kkL=k esa olUr iapeh dk
fnu vcw> eqgwrZ ds uke ls izfl) gS vkSj uohu dk;ksaZ dh
'kq#vkr ds fy;s Hkh mke ekuk tkrk gSA
osn vkSj iqjk.kksa esa dgk x;k gS fd l`f"V ds vkjaHk esa
ek?k 'kqDy iapeh frfFk dks Kku dh nsoh ljLorh izdV gqbZ
FkhaA bUgksaus viuh oh.kk ls Loj dks tUe fn;k FkkA blfy,
bl fnu ekrk ljLorh dh iwtk dh tkrh gS vkSj Kku ,oa
fo|k iznku djus dh izkFkZuk dh tkrh gSA fo|k vkjaHk ds
fy, izkphu dky esa ekrk&firk vius cPpksa dks clar iapeh
;kuh ek?k 'kqDy iapeh dks xq: ds ikl ys tkrs FksA
xq: cPpksa ls lcls igys 'kCn fy[kokrs FksA ekuk
tkrk Fkk fd tks cPpk bl v{kj dks ftruk lqUnj fy[krk
gS ml ij eka ljLorh dh mruh d`ik n`f"V gSA 'kCn
fy[kokus dk dkj.k ;g ekuk tkrk gS fd czk.M esa lcls
igys 'kCn xwatk FkkA blh 'kCn ls l`f"V dk vjaHk gqvkA
bl ,d v{kj esa f=knsoksa dh 'kf lekfgr gSA ;g ijek{kj]
czk{kj gSA bl ,d v{kj esa ikap v{kj v+v+vk+m+e
v{kj lkefgr gSaA blfy, ljLorh iwtk ds fnu cPpksa dk
f'k{kk vkjaHk laLdkj djuk pkfg, vkSj muls 'kCn
fy[kokuk pkfg,A
lkFk gh tks cPps i<kbZ&fy[kkbZ esa de :fp ysrs gSa ;k
,dkxzrk dh deh ds f'kdkj gSa ;k Lej.k 'kf detksj gS]
mUgsa bl o"kZ fof/kor ljLorh iwtk djok,a] fuf'pr lQyrk

ikSjkf.kd d
l`f"V ds izkjafHkd dky esa Hkxoku fo".kq dh vkKk ls
czkth us vU; thoksa ds lkFk&lkFk euq"; dh jpuk dhA
viuh ltZuk ls os larq"V ugha FksA mUgsa yxrk Fkk fd dqN
deh jg xbZ gS ftlds dkj.k pkjksa vksj ekSu Nk;k jgrk gSA
fo".kq ls vuqefr ysdj czk us vius de.My ls ty
fNM+dk] i`Foh ij ty d.k fc[kjrs gh mlesa daiu gksus
yxkA blds ckn o`{kksa ds chp ls ,d vn~Hkqr 'kf dk
izkdV gqvkA ;g izkdV ,d prqHkqZth lqanj L=kh dk Fkk
ftlds ,d gkFk esa oh.kk rFkk nwljk gkFk oj eqnzk esa FkkA
vU; nksuksa gkFkksa esa iqLrd ,oa ekyk FkhA czk us nsoh ls
oh.kk ctkus dk vuqjks/k fd;kA tSls gh nsoh us oh.kk dk
ekqj ukn fd;k] lalkj ds leLr tho&tUrqvksa dks
izkIr gks xbZA ty/kkjk esa dksykgy O;kIr gks x;kA iou
pyus ls ljljkgV gksus yxhA rc czk us ml nsoh dks
dh nsoh ljLorh dgkA ljLorh dks ckxh'ojh] Hkxorh]
'kkjnk] oh.kkoknuh vkSj okXnsoh lfgr vusd ukeksa ls iwtk
tkrk gSA ;s fo|k vkSj cqf) iznkrk gSaA laxhr dh mRifk
djus ds dkj.k ;s laxhr dh nsoh Hkh gSaA clUr iapeh ds
fnu dks buds tUeksRlo ds :i esa Hkh eukrs gSaA _Xosn esa
Hkxorh ljLorh dk o.kZu djrs gq, dgk x;k gS&
iz.kks nsoh ljLorh oktsfHkoZftuhorh /khukef.k=k;orqA
vFkkZr ;s ije psruk gSaA ljLorh ds :i esa ;s gekjh cqf)]
izKk rFkk eukso`fk;ksa dh lajf{kdk gSaA geesa tks vkpkj vkSj
es/kk gS mldk vk/kkj Hkxorh ljLorh gh gSaA budh le`f)
vkSj Lo:i dk oSHko vn~Hkqr gSA
iwtk fof/k%
bl fnu HkfiwoZd czk.k ds }kjk vius ?kj ds eafnj
esa LofLr okpu djkdj xa/k] v{kr] 'osr@ihr iq"i ekyk]
'osr@ihr oL=kfn mipkjksa ls oh.kk] v{kekyk] de.My] rFkk
iqLrd /kkj.k dh gqbZ lHkh vyadkjksa ls vyad`r ek ljLorh
dk iwtu djsaA loZizFke eka ljLorh dh izfrek vFkok
rLohj dks lkeus j[kdj muds lkeus /kwi&nhi vkSj vxjckh
tykuh pkfg,A
blds ckn iwtu vkjaHk djuh pkfg,A lcls igys
vius vkidks rFkk vklu dks bl ea=k ls 'kq) djsa&
vifo=k% ifo=kks o k lokZ o LFkka xrks fiokA ;% Lejs r ~

tuojh 2016

iq.Mjhdk{ka l ckkH;Urj% 'kqfp%AA bu ea=kksa ls vius

ij rFkk vklu ij 3&3 ckj dq'kk ;k iq"ikfn ls NhaVsa
yxk;sa fQj vkpeu djsaA ds'kok; ue% ek/kok;
ue%] ukjk;.kk; ue%
ue%] fQj gkFk /kks,a] iqu% vklu 'kqf)
ea=k cksy&as i`Foh Ro;k/k`rk yksdk nsfo R;oa fo".kqukk`rkA
Roa p /kkj;eka nsfo ifo=ka dq# pklue~
'kqf) vkSj vkpeu ds ckn panu yxkuk pkfg,A
vukfedk maxyh ls Jh[kaM panu yxkrs gq, ;g ea=k cksysa
^pUnuuL; egRiq~.;e~ ifo=ka ikiuk'kue~] vkinka gjrs
fuR;/ke~ y{eh fr"Brq loZnkA*
fcuk ladYi ds dh x;h iwtk lQy ugha gksrh gS
blfy, ladYi djsaA gkFk esa fry] Qwy] v{kr feBkbZ vkSj
Qy ysdj ^;FkksiyC/kiwtulkexzhfHk% HkxoR;k ljLoR;k%
iwtuega dfj";sA* bl ea=k dks cksyrs gq, gkFk esa j[kh gqbZ
lkexzh eka ljLorh ds lkeus j[k nsaA blds ckn x.kifr th
dk vkoku djsaA^ xa x.kir;s bgkxPN bg fr"BA*
vc x.ks'kth dh Hkh fof/kor iwtk djsaA fQj ?kM+s ;k yksVs
ij eksyh cka/kdj dy'k ds ij vke dk iYyo j[ksaA
dy'k ds vanj lqikjh] nwokZ] v{kr] eqnzk j[kdj fof/kor
dy'k iwtu djsaA blds ckn ftl izdkj x.ks'k th dh iwtk
dh gS mlh izdkj o:.k vkSj bUnz nsork dh iwtk djsaA
ljLorh iwtu
lcls igys ekrk ljLorh dk /;ku djsa
;k dqUnsUnq rq"kkjgkj /koyk ;k 'kqHkzoL=ko`rkA
;k oh.kkojn.Mef.Mrdjk ;k 'osrin~ekluk AA
;k czkP;qr'kadjizHk`frfHknsZoS% lnk ofUnrkA
lk eka ikrq ljLorh Hkxorh fu%'ks"ktkMkigk AA1AA
'kqDyka czfopkjlkjijeka|k tx}~O;kiuha A
oh.kk&iqLrd&/kkfj.kheHk;nka tkMka/kdkjigke~AA
gLrs LQkfVd ekfydka fon/krha in~eklus lafLFkrke~ A
oUns rka ijes'ojha Hkxorha cqf)iznka 'kkjnke~AA2AA
blds ckn ljLorh nsoh dh izfr"Bk djsaA gkFk esa

v{kr ysdj cksysa ^ HkwHkqZo% Lo% egkljLorh] bgkxPN

bg fr"BA bl ea=k dks cksydj v{kr NksM+saA blds ckn ty
ysdj ^,rkfu ik|k|kpeuh;&Lukuh;a] iqujkpeuh;e~A*
izfr"Bk ds ckn Luku djk,aA eUnkfdU;k lekuhrS%]
gs e kEHkks # g&okflrS % Lukua dq # "o ns o s f 'k] lfyya p
lqxfUkfHk%AA Jh ljLor;S ue%AA
bna j panue~ ysiue
ue~ ls j panu yxk,aA bna
flUnwjkHkj.ka ls flUnwj yxk,aA ^ eUnkj&ikfjtkrk|S%]
vusdS% dqlqeS% 'kqHkS%A iwt;kfe f'kos] Hk;k] ljLor;S
ueks ue%AA ljLor;S ue%] iq"ikf.k leiZ;kfeA* bl
ea=k ls iq"i p<+k,a fQj ekyk iguk,aA vc ljLorh nsoh dks
^bna ihr oL=k leiZ;kfe* dgdj ihyk oL=k iguk,aA
uSoS| viZ.k
iwtu ds i'pkr nsoh dks ^bna ukukfof/k uSos|kfu
ljLor;S leiZ;kfe* ea=k ls uSoS| vfiZr djsaA fe"Vku
vfiZr djus ds fy, ea=k% ^bna 'kdZjk ?k`r lek;qa uSos|a
ljLor;S leiZ;kfe* cksysaA izlkn vfiZr djus ds ckn
vkpeu djk;saA bna vkpeu;a ljLor;S ue%
ue%A blds
ckn iku lqikjh p<+k;sa % bna rkEcwy iqxhQy lek;qa
ljLor;S leiZ;kfeA vc ,d Qwy ysdj ljLorh nsoh ij
p<+k,a vkSj cksysa% ,"k% iq"ikUtfy ljLor;S ue%
blds ckn ,d Qwy ysdj mlesa panu vkSj v{kr yxkdj
fdrkc dkWih ij j[k nsaA
iwtu ds i'pkr~ ljLorh ekrk ds uke ls gou djsaA
blds fy, Hkwfe dks LoPN djds ,d gou dq.M cuk,aA
vke dh vfXu izTofyr djsaA gou esa loZizFke ^ xa
x.kir;s ue% Lokgk ea=k ls x.ks'k th ,oa ^ uoxzg ue%
Lokgk* ea=k ls uoxzg dk gou djsa] rRi'pkr~ ljLorh ekrk
ds ea=k ^ ljLor;S ue% Logk* ls 108 ckj gou djsaA
gou dk HkHkwr ekFks ij yxk,aA J)kiwoZd izlkn xzg.k djsa
blds ckn lHkh esa forfjr djsaA

And whenever the mind unsteady and restless strays away from the Spirit, let him ever and forever lead
it again to the Spirit.
Thus joy supreme comes to the Yogi whose heart is still, whose passions are peace, who is pure from sin,
who is one with Brahman, with God.
The Yogi who pure from sin ever prays in this harmony of soul soon feels the joy of Eternity, the infinite
joy of union with God. --Bhagavad Gita 6:26-28


tuojh 2016

T;ksfr"k esa olar iapeh

gj iapeh frfFk fdlh u
fdlh nsork dks lefiZr gSA
clar iapeh dks eq[;r% ljLorh
iwtu ds fufek gh ekuk x;k
gSA bl _rq esa izd`fr dks bZ'oj
iznk ojnku [ksrksa esa gfj;kyh
,oa ikS/kksa ,oa o`{kksa ij iYyfor
iq"iksa vkSj Qyksa ds :i esa Li"V
ns[kk tk ldrk gSA lw;Z ds dqEHk
jkf'k esa izos'k ds lkFk gh olar egksRlo vkjaHk gks tkrk gSA
e/kqefD[k;ksa dh Vksyh ijkx ls 'kgn ysrh fn[kkbZ nsrh gS]
blfy, bl ekg dks e/kqekl Hkh dgk tkrk gSA izd`fr
dkee; gks tkrh gSA clar ds bl ekSle ij xzgksa esa
lokZfkd fo}ku ^'kq* dk izHkko jgrk gSA 'kq Hkh dke
vkSj lkSan;Z ds dkjd gSa] blfy, jfr&dke egksRlo dh ;g
vofk dkekshid gksrh gSA tUedqaMyh dk iape Hkko&fo|k
dk uSlfxZd Hkko gSA blh Hkko dh xzg&fLFkfr;ksa ij O;f
dk v/;;u fuHkZj djrk gSA ;g Hkko nwf"kr ;k ikikkar
gks] rks O;f dh f'k{kk v/kwjh jg tkrh gSA bl Hkko ls
izHkkfor yksx eka ljLorh ds ek?k 'kqDy iapeh clar
iapeh ij mudh iwtk&vpZuk dj bfPNr dke;kch gkfly
dj ldrs gSaA gj jkf'k ds Nk=k viuh jkf'k ds 'kqHk iq"iksa ls
eka egkljLorh dh lk/kuk dj ldrs gSaA es"k vkSj o`f'pd
jkf'k ds Nk=k yky iq"i fo'ks"kr% xqM+gy] yky dusj] yky
xSans vkfn ls vkjk/kuk djds ykHk mBk,aA o`"kHk vkSj rqyk
jkf'k okys 'osr iq"iksa rFkk feFkqu vkSj dU;k jkf'k okys Nk=k
dey iq"iksa ls vkjk/kuk dj ldrs gSaA ddZ jkf'k okys 'osr
dey ;k vU; 'osr iq"i ls] tcfd flag jkf'k ds yksx tok
dqlqe yky xqM+gy ls vkjk/kuk djds ykHk ik ldrs gSaA
/kuq vkSj ehu ds yksx ihys iq"i rFkk edj vkSj dqEHk jkf'k
ds yksx uhys iq"iksa ls eka ljLorh dh vkjkkuk dj ldrs
thou esa fdlh Hkh izdkj dh ubZ 'kq#vkr ds fy,
olar iapeh Js"B eqgwrZ gSA bl fnu fo|k ls tqMs vk;kstu]
mn~?kkVu] QSDVh fuekZ.k Hkou fuekZ.k] fookg laLdkj] eqaMu
o ukedj.k laLdkj rFkk izdk'ku ls tqM+s dk;Z Hkh bl fnu
djus ;ksX; ekus x, gSaA

jkf'k vuqlkj ykHkd

kjh mik;
vxj bl ioZ ij lHkh yksx viuh jkf'k ds vuqlkj
dqN vpwd iz;ksx djsa rks mUgs gj {ks=k esa lQyrk feysxhA
tkfu, dkSu lh jkf'k okys D;k iz;ksx djsa %
es " k % bl jkf'k ds yksx viuh jkf'k ds vuqlkj bl
ioZ ij fo|k vkSj cqf) ds fy, Jhjke ds vuU; Hk
guqekuth dh iwtk djsa vkSj muds cka, iSj ls flanwj ysdj
fryd djsaA
o` " k % beyh ds 22 iks ysa vkSj muesa ls 11 eka
ljLorh dks p<+k,a vkSj 'ks"k iks vius ikl j[k ysaA bl
iz;ksx ls vkidks gj {ks=k esa lQyrk feysxhA
feFkqu % fo|k vkSj cqf) ds fy, vki viuh jkf'k ds
vuqlkj Hkxoku x.ks'kth dks 21 nwokZ p<+k,aA
ddZ % bl jkf'k ds O;f;ksa dks lQyrk ds fy,
fo|k dh nsoh eka ljLorh dks vke ds Qwy ckSj p<+kus
fla g % bl olar ioZ ij flag jkf'k okyksa dks xk;=kh
ea=k dk ti djuk pkfg,A
dU;k % fdlh dU;k dks fdrkcsa vkSj LVs'kujh nku
nsuh pkfg,A blls vki ij ekrk ljLorh dh fo'ks"k d`ik
rq y k % ljLorhth dh d`ik izkIr djus ds fy, rqyk
jkf'k ds tkrd fdlh czk.k dU;k dks lQsn oL=k nku nsaA
o`f'pd % bl jkf'k ds fo|kFkhZ lQsn Qwyksa ls eka
ljLorh dh iwtk djsa rks fo'ks"k ykHk izkIr gksxkA
/kuq % /kuq jkf'k ds tkrdksa dks lQyrk ds fy, nsoh
ljLorh dks lQsn panu p<+kuk pkfg,A
edj % lw;ksZn; ls igys czkEgh vkS"kf/k dk lsou djus
ls edj jkf'k okyksa dks gj {ks=k esa lQyrk izkIr gksxhA
dq a H k % eka ljLorh dks izlUu djus ds fy, dqaHk jkf'k
ds fo|kFkhZ ljLorh iwtu dj ds dU;kvksa dks [khj dk
izlkn nsaA
ehu % olar iapeh ioZ ij fo/kkjk ;k vikekxZ dh
tM+ nkfguh Hkwtk ij cka/kus ls bl jkf'k okys gj {ks=k esa
lQy gksaxsA

tuojh 2016

#nzk{k ls djsa jksxksa dk bZykt

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#nzk{k /kkj.k djus okys O;f ds thou esa ldkjkRed tkZ
iznku dj mls le`f)] 'kkafr vkSj lQyrk iznku djrh gSA
vki pkgs fdlh Hkh dk;Z {ks=k ls lacaf/kr gksa #nzk{k /kkj.k
djus ls vki ykHkkfUor vo'; gksxsaA #nzk{k dk laca/k ije
dY;k.kdkjh f'ko ls gS ;g f'ko dk fiz; vkHkw"k.k gSA
#nzk{k tgk x`gLFk euq";ksa ds fy;s lkalkfjd lq[k vkSj
mUufr iznku djus okyk gS ogha ;g lU;kfl;ksa dks ijekuUn]
lk/kuk esa lQyrk vkSj eks{k Hkh iznku djrk gSA
#nzk{k ,d fo'ks"k fdLe dk izkd`frd taxyh Qy gSA
jklk;fud la?kVu ds n`f"Vdks.k ls blesa 50-024 izfr'kr
dkcZu] 0-1461 izfr'kr ukbVkt
s u] 17-798 izfr'kr gkbMkt
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vkSj 30-4531 izfr'kr vkWDlhtu dk lekos'k gS rFkk blesa
vY;wfefu;e] dSfYl;e] Dyksjhu] rkack] dksckYV] fudsy]
ykgS ] eSxuht] QkLQksjsl] iksVSf'k;e] lksfM;e] flfydu
&vkDlkbM] ftad bR;kfn rRo Vsl byhesaV~l Hkh vfr
lw{e ek=kk esa ik, tkrs gSaA vkDlhtu dh i;kZIr ek=kk gksus
ds dkj.k ;g ,d vkS"kf/k Hkh gSA #nzk{k ds eq[kksa ds vuqlkj
'kkL=kksa esa blds egRo vkSj fcekfj;ksa ij blds izHkko dk
mYys[k izkIr gksrk gSA
1- ,deq[kh #nzk{k lw;Z }kjk 'kkflr gS vkSj blds
nsork f'ko gSaA 'kqHk Qyksa dh izkfIr o lHkh vfj"Vksa ds
fuokj.k gsrq bls /kkj.k fd;k tkrk gSA ;g eq[;r% FkzkEs cksfll]
ew=kk'k; dh iFkjh] lkl jksx] n; jksx] us=k o Ropk jksx]
uklwj] vip] jrkSa/kh vkfn esa mi;ksxh gSA
2 nkseq[kh #nzk{k nsoh ikoZrh vkSj nsork 'kadj Lo:i
vFkkZr v/kZukjh'oj :i gSA bls /kkj.k djus ls 'kjhj dh
vusd O;kf/k;ka nwj gks tkrh gSaA nkseq[kh #nzk{k panzek dk
izfrfuf/kRo djrk gSA vr% panzek ds dkj.k mRiUu jksxksa ls
eqf ds fy, bls /kkj.k fd;k tkrk gSA ;g eq[;r% n;
vkSj QsQM+s ds jksx] ckbZa vka[k ds fodkj] Y;wdsfe;k] ;d`r]
Lru fodkj] Le`fr uk'k] ew=kk'k; ds fodkj esa ykHknk;d
3- rhu eq[kh #nzk{k lk{kkr vfXu dk Lo:i gSA bls
lkfRod] jktlh vkSj rkelh rhuksa 'kf;ksa dk vFkkZr
czk&fo".kq&egs'k dk Lo:i] bPNk] Kku vkSj f;k dk
'kfe; :i rFkk i`Foh] vkdk'k vkSj ikrky {ks=ksa ls lacfa kr
ekuk x;k gSA ;g #nzk{k eaxy xzg }kjk 'kkflr gSA ;g j
fodkj] jpki] gStk] Nys] lwtu] detksjh] vka[k dh j{kk]
j okfguh dh 'kqf)] ;kSu xzafFk vkSj vf/ko`Dd xzafFk ds

jksx] lnhZ vkfn lHkh jksxksa esa mi;ksxh gSA

4- pkjeq[kh #nzk{k Lo;a czk Lo:i gSA ;g pkjksa osnksa
dk |ksrd] /keZ] vFkZ] dke vkSj eks{k iznku djus okyk rFkk
vHkh"V flf)iznk;d ije xq.kdkjh #nzk{k gSA pkjeq[kh
#nzk{k cq/k xzg }kjk 'kkflr gSA bls /kkj.k djus ls tkrd
dh cqf) dk fodkl gksrk gS] Luk;q ,oa ekufld jksx dk
uk'k gksrk gSA ;g dku] xyk] ukd ds jksx] ydok] ;kSu
leL;k,a] fikk'k; ds jksx] Le`fr&uk'k] lc euksfodkj]
gkFk] Hkqtk] QsQM+s vkSj vcnq xzafFk ds jksxksa esa mi;ksxh gSA
5- ikapeq[kh #nzk{k Lo;a dkykfXu #nz dk Lo:i gSA
;g iap&czk dk Lo:i vkSj iaprRoksa dk izrhd Hkh gSA ;g
nq [ k nkfjnz ; uk'kd] LokLF;o/kZ d ] vk;q " ;o/kZ d ]
loZdY;k.kdkjh] eaxyiznkrk] iq.;nk;d ,oa vHkh"V flf)
iznk;d gSA ;g c`gLifr xzg dk izfrfuf/kRo djrk gSA ;g
eq[;r% ;d`r jksx] uklwj] vEyrk] jpki] Lru jksx] tka?k
vkSj jh<+ ds jksx] Le`fr fodkl] tyu vkSj n; jksxksa esa
ykHknk;d gSA
6- Ngeq[kh #nzk{k Lo;a f'kodqekj Hkxoku dkfrZds;
vkSj x.ks'k dk Lo:i gSA ;g 'k=kqat; #nzk{k ds uke ls Hkh
tkuk tkrk gS D;ksafd ;g xqIr ,oa izdV 'k=kqvksa dk uk'k
djrk gSA Ngeq[kh #nzk{k 'kq xzg }kjk 'kkflr gSA daB]
xzhok] ew=k fiaM] ;kSu vo;o] voVq xzafFk ds jksx] tyksnj]
us=k jksx] xHkZ /kkj.k esa dfBukbZ] vip] lafkokr] j okfguh
o raf=kdkvksa esa #dko vkfn jksxksa esa blls ykHk gksrk gSA
7 ;g lIr_f"k;ksa dk izrhd gSA ;g ekuo ds lkr
vkoj.kksa i`Foh] ty] ok;q] vkdk'k] vfXu] egRo vkSj vgadkj
ds nks"k dks feVkrk gSA blds nsork lIRef=kdk] y{eh]
vuax] vuar liZjkt vkSj egklsu dkfrZds; gSa- lkreq[kh
#nzk{k 'kfu }kjk 'kkflr gSA ;g detksjh] isV dk nnZ]
ydok] fexhZ] cf/kjrk] xHkZikr o L=kh jksx] laf/kokr] oh;Z
'kqf) o vkstl ds izokg esa ykHk igqpkrk gSA
8- vkBeq[kh #nzk{k lk{kkr fouk;d x.ks'k Lo:i
gSA bls cVqd HkSjo dk :i Hkh ekuk x;k gSA bls /kkj.k
djus okys O;f dh j{kk vkB nsfo;ka djrh gSa] mls vkBksa
izdkj dh izd`fr;ksa Hkwfe] vkdk'k] ty] vfXu] ok;q] eu]
cqf) vkSj vgadkj ij fot; izkIr gksrh gS] vkBksa fn'kkvksa
dh ck/kkvksa ls O;f dks cpko gksrk gSA jkgw bldk xzg
ekuk x;k gS- ;g raf=kdk ra=k ds jksx] izksLVsV] fikk'k;]
QsQM+s] liZHk;] eksfr;kfcan] gkbZMkslhy] lkl lEcU/kh jksx
'ks"k vxys vad esa
vkfn esa ykHknk;d gSA

tuojh 2016


Stephen Knapp
By investigating the knowledge and
viewpoints in the many topics found in Vedic
culture we can certainly see that the practice and
utilization of this Vedic knowledge can indeed
assist us in many ways. In regard to all the trouble
we presently find in this world, maybe it is time to
look at things through a different and deeper view
to find the answers and directions that are so
needed. The knowledge and understandings of this
great Vedic culture may indeed be what will help
us see through the fog of confusion that seems to
envelope so much of society.
What we find in Vedic culture are areas of
study, progress and expression that are as relevant
today for human advancement as they were
hundreds or thousands of years ago. India and its
Vedic culture has contributed much to the world,
such as its music, beautiful forms of art and
architecture, martial arts, astronomy, holistic
medicine in Ayurveda, and the mathematical
system based on the number ten, along with its
yoga and philosophy. In the United States, yoga
has exploded into a three billion dollar industry. A
recent survey (at the time of this writing in 2005)
showed that 16.5 million people are practicing
yoga, or 7.5 percent of the United States. Also, the
Yoga Journal magazine has grown from a
circulation of 90,000 in 1998, to 170,000 in 2000,
to 325,000 in 2005.
Vedic mathematics is another example of its
contribution to world progress. It is an ancient
development that continues to play an important
part in modern society. Without the advancements
in math that had been established by Vedic culture
as far back as 2500 BC and passed along to others,
such as the Greeks and Romans, we would not have
many of the developments and inventions that we
enjoy today. The Greek alphabet, for example, was
a great hindrance to calculating. The Egyptians also
did not have a numerical system suitable for large
calculations. For the number 986 they had to use
23 symbols. Even after the Greeks, the Romans
also were in want of a system of mathematical


calculations. Only after they adopted the Indian

system that was called Arabic numerals did they
find what they needed. Weights and measures and
scales with decimal divisions had been found from
that period which were quite accurate.
The difference was that Vedic mathematics
had developed the system of tens, hundreds,
thousands, etc., and the basis of carrying the
remainder of one column of numbers over to the
next. This made for easy calculations of large
numbers that was nearly impossible in other
systems, as found with the Greeks, Romans,
Egyptians and even Chinese. The Vedic system had
also invented the zero, which has been called one
of the greatest developments in the history of
The numeral script from India is said to have
evolved from the Brahmi numerals. This spread to
Arabia through traders and merchants, and from
there up into Europe and elsewhere. It became
known as the Arabic numerals, yet the Arabians
had called them "Indian figures" (Al-Arqan-AlHindu) and the system of math was known as
hindisat, or the Indian art.
Vedic culture already had an established
mathematical system that had been recorded in the
Shulba Sutras. These are known to date back at
least to the 8th century BC, if not much earlier.
The name Shulba Sutras meant "codes of rope".
This was because such calculations were used for
measuring precise distances for altars and temple
structures by using lengths of rope.
The Shulba Sutras were actually a portion of
a larger text on mathematics known as the Kalpa
Sutras. These and the Vedic mathematicians were
recognized for their developments in arithmetic and
algebra. Indians were the first to use letters of the
alphabet to represent unknowns. But they were
especially known for what they could do in
geometry. In fact, geometrical instruments had been
found in the Indus Valley dating back to 2500 BC.
Furthermore, what became known as the
Pythagorean theorem was already existing in the

tuojh 2016

Baudhayana, the earliest of the Shulba Sutras. This

was presented by Pythagoras around 540 BC after
he discovered it in his travels to India. So this shows
the advanced nature of the Vedic civilization.
After the Shulba Sutras, Vedic mathematics
enjoyed further development in the field of Jyotish,
Vedic astronomy, which used all forms of math.
Indian mathematicians continued creating systems
that were not known in Europe until much later in
the Renaissance period. For example, Aryabhatta
in the 5th century introduced sines and versed sines,
and is credited as the inventor of algebra. He is
said to be the first to state that the Earth travels
around the sun. However, the ancient Vedic texts
have described this many years earlier, which
shows the wisdom of the early Vedic seers.
Aryabhatta was followed by Brahmagupta
(7th century) who was the great mathematician that
especially developed the use of zero and was the
first to use algebra to solve problems in astronomy.
Next was Mahavira (9th century) who made great
strides in the use of fractions and figuring out how
to divide one fraction by another. Then there was
Bhaskara II (12th century) who made progress in
spherical trigonometry and principles of calculus
before Newton by 500 years. He used it to
determine the daily motion of planets.
The Vedic system of math, as explained in
the sutras, also reduced the number of steps in
calculations to merely a few that otherwise required
many steps by conventional methods. Thus, this
ancient science is still worthy of study today.
In 600 BCE, Sushruta recorded complicated
surgeries like cesareans, cataract, artificial limbs,
fractures, urinary stones and even plastic surgery
and brain surgery. Usage of anesthesia was well
known in ancient India. Over 125 surgical
instruments were used. Deep knowledge of
anatomy, physiology, etiology, embryology,
digestion, metabolism, genetics and immunity is
also found in many texts.
A well-developed medical system was in
existence by the 1st century A.D. Progress in
medicine led to developments in chemistry and the
production of medicine, alkaline substances and
glass. Colorfast dies and paints were developed to


remain in good condition over the centuries. The

paintings in the caves of Ajanta are a testimony to
Vedic art is another ancient development that
still holds much appreciation in modern times. Art
in the Vedic tradition was never a mere
representation of an artist's imagination. It was
always a vehicle to convey higher truths and
principles, levels of reality that may exist beyond
our sense perception. It was always used to bring
us to a higher purpose of existence and awareness.
In this way, it was always sacred and beheld the
sacred. Still today it is used to allow others to enter
into a transcendental experience. It may also
present the devotional objects of our meditation.
Vedic paintings or symbols are unique in that
they can deliver the same spiritual energy, vibration
and insight that it represents. In other words,
through the meditation and devotional mood of the
artist, the art becomes a manifestation of the higher
reality. In this way, the painting or symbol becomes
the doorway to the spiritual essence contained
within. They are like windows into the spiritual
world. Through that window we can have the
experience of darshan of the Divine or divinities,
God or His associates. Darshan is not merely seeing
the Divine but it is also entering into the exchange
of seeing and being seen by the Divine.
Thus the art, or the Deity, is beyond mundane
principles or ingredients, such as paint, paper, stone
or metal with which it may be made, but it becomes
completely spiritual through which the Deity can
reveal Himself or Herself. Thus, the truth of
spiritual reality can pierce through the darkness of
the material energy and enter our mind and
illuminate our consciousness.
To convey higher realities in paintings and
sculpture, everything has a meaning. The postures,
gestures, colors, instruments or weapons,
everything conveys a principle or purpose, which
often must be explained to those who lack
understanding. Thus, knowing the inner meaning
of the painting increases its depth for those who
can perceive it, which makes it worthy of further
meditation and contemplation.
(Contd. in next issue)


tuojh 2016


fo'o dk fo'kkyre~ izkd`frd f'kofyax Hkwrs'oj egknso

Nkhlx<+ dh jkt/kkuh jk;iqj ls djhc 100 fd-ehnwj flgkok ioZr dh rjkbZ vkSj xfj;kcan ds taxyksa esa fLFkr
gS Hkwrs'oj egknsoA izkd`frd :i ls f'kofyax ds vkdkj dh
,d cM+h lh f'kyk vklikl ds bykdksa esa tkx`r egknso ds
:i esa fo[;kr gSA bldh pkbZ Hkh yxkrkj c<+us dh
ekU;rk gSA vkSj dHkh ;gk gkFkh ij cSBdj tehunkj
vfHk"ksd fd;k djrs FksA
lkou ds ifo=k eghus
esa ;gk rhFkZ ;kf=k;ksa dh
la[;k c<+ tkrh gS oSls lky
Hkj jktkkuh ls yksx ogk
tkrs gSaA jk;iqj ls yxHkx
45 fd-eh- dh ;k=kk r;
djrs gh vkrh gS rhFkZ uxjh
jkftoykspu vkSj egknso ds
eafnjksa ds fy, izfl/n uxjh
jkfte esa ifo=k laxe
Hkh gSA ;gk yxHkx 2 fdeh pkSM+h egkunh] iSjh vkSj lksU/kqj
unh ds laxe ds chp izkphu dqys'oj egknso dk
efUnj gSA 'krkfCn;ksa ls ck<+ dh ekj >syus ds ckotwn
efUnj tl dk rl~ [kM+k gSA ;gk gj lky ljdkjh dqaHk
yxrk gSA ljdkjh ;kus ljdkj }kjk vk;ksftr vkSj izk;ksftr
dqaHkA jkfte ls vkxs fudyrs gh yxHkx 20 fd-eh- nwj
fLFkr gS xzke ikaMqdk tks egf"kZ egs'k dh tUe LFkyh gSA
ikaMqdk ls vkxs fudyus ds ckn jkLrk csgn [kqclwjr
gks tkrk gSA taxyksa ds chp xqtjrh lM+d ykWx Mkbo dk
vlyh etk nsrh gSA jkLrs esa iSjh unh ij cus NksVs&NksVs
LVkWi Mse Hkh gSaA ;s lkjk bykdk iSjh gkbMy izkstsDV dh
Mqcku esa gSA lM+d fdukjs ds taxy vkSj taxy ds ihNs
cy[kkrh iSjh unh dh jsr utj vk thr gSA dbZ txg unh
lM+d ds djhc cgrh gSA
xfj;kcan flagkok ioZr J`a[kyk dh rjkbZ esa clk gSA

flgkok ioZr ls egkunh Hkh fudyh gS vkSj ;gk J`axh]

vafxjk] ykse'k] vfiz;] dfiy] okfYedh vkSj erax tSls
cM+s&cM+s _f"k;ksa ds vkJe FksA ufn;ksa vkSj igkM+ksa ls f?kjk gS
xfj;kcanA ;gka ls pan fdyksehVj nwj taxyksa ds chp n'kZu
gks tkrs gSa Hkxoku HkksyukFk ds lcls cM+s izkd`frd f'kofyax
dsA bl egknso dh pkbZ dk fooj.k 1952 esa izdkf'kr
dY;k.k rhFkkaZd ds i`"B ekad 408 ij feyrk gS mldh
pkbZ 35 QhV vkSj O;kl
150 QhV mYysf[kr gSA
78 esa f'ko'kadj us bldh
pkbZ 40 QhV crkbZA 87
esa 55 QhV vkSj 94 esa
fQj ls FksMksykbV e'khu
ls uki djus ij 62 QhV
vkSj mldk O;kl 290
QhV feykA vklikl ds
xzkeh.kksa dh ekU;rk gS fd
f'kofyax dh pkbZ c<+
jgh gSA Nkhlx<+ bfrgkl ifj"kn~ ds v/;{k MkW- nhid 'kekZ
dk dguk gS fd f'kofyax ij dHkh Nwjk {ks=k ds tehunkj
gkFkh ij p<+dj vfHk"ksd fd;k djrs FksA f'kofyax ij ,d
gYdh lh njkj Hkh gS ftls dbZ yksx bls v/kZukjh'oj dk
Lo:i Hkh ekurs gSaA ogha eafnj ifjlj cu x;k gSA ftlesa
NksVs&NksVs dkQh eafnj cuk fn, x, gSaA eafnjksa vkSj ml
ifjlj dks jk;iqj ds iz[;kr lekt lsoh MkWDVj c`teksgu
'kekZ us dkQh [kpZ dj [kqclwjr cuk fn;k gSA f'kofyax ds
uhps NksVh lh xqQk tkrh gS os dejs esa cny tkrh gSA yksxksa
us ;gk lQsn lkiksa dk tks?k ns[kk gSA ;gk dh izkd`frd NVk
vn~Hkwr gSA yxHkx 50 fdyksehVj vkxs tkus ij ,d csgn
[kqclwjr ck/k lhdklkj gSA igkM+ksa ls f?kjs ck/k dh [kqclwjrh
ns[krs gh curh gSA ckk dk ikuh ogk dh ijrnkj pkuksa
dks dkVdj n'kZuh; ?kkVh dk vkdkj ns pqdk gSA ?kus taxyksa
dh [kqclwjrh ,d ubZ rktxh vkSj ,d u;k ,glkl ns nsrh gSA

CHARITY : He that does everything for Me, whose supreme object I am, who worships Me,
being free from attachment and without hatred to any creature, this man, Arjuna!, comes to Me.
Bhagavad Gita 11:55



tuojh 2016


Our kidneys are super important for our health.
They filter our blood, produce hormones, absorb
minerals, produce urine, eliminate toxins, and
neutralize acids. So as one of the most important
organs in your body, your kidneys deserve some
Damage or steady decline of your kidneys can often
go unnoticed for years as your kidneys can still do
their job with as little as 20% of their capacity.
Therefore kidney diseases are often referred to as
"The Silent Diseases". That's why it is so important
to take care of them before it is too late.
Here's a list of 10 common habits that put a lot of
pressure on your kidneys and can cause serious
damage over time.
1. Not Drinking Enough Water
Your kidney's most important function is to filter
blood and eliminate toxins and waste materials.
When you don't drink enough plain water during
the day toxins and waste material start to
accumulate and can cause severe damage to your
2. Too Much Salt In Your Diet
Your body needs sodium or salt to work properly.
Most people however consume too much salt
which may raise blood pressure and put a lot of
stress on the kidneys. As a good rule of thumb, no
more than 5 grams of salt should be eaten on a
daily basis.
3. Frequently Delaying the Call Of Nature
Many of us ignore the urge to go because they are
too busy or want to avoid public bathrooms.
Retaining urine on a regular basis increases urine
pressure and can lead to kidney failure, kidney
stones, and incontinence. So listen to your body
when nature calls.
4. Kick the Sugar Habit
Scientific studies show that people who consume
2 or more sugary drinks a day are more likely to
have protein in their urine. Having protein in your
urine is an early sign your kidneys are not doing
their job as they should.
5. Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies
Eating a clean, whole food diet full of fresh


vegetables and fruits is important for your overall

health and a good kidney function. Many
deficiencies can increase the risk of kidney stones
or kidney failure. Vitamin B6 and magnesium, for
instance, are super important to reduce the risk of
kidney stones. An estimated 60 to70 percent of
Indians isn't getting enough magnesium, so there
may be a good chance that you are one of them.
6. Too Much Animal Protein
Over consumption of protein, especially red meat
increases the metabolic load on your kidneys. So
more protein in your diet means your kidneys have
to work harder and this can lead to kidney damage
or dysfunction over time.
7. Sleep Deprivation
We have all heard how important it is to get a good
night's rest. Chronic sleep deprivation is linked to
many diseases and kidney diseases are also on the
list. During the night your body repairs damaged
kidney tissue, so give your body the time to heal
and repair itself.
8. Coffee Habit
Just as salt, caffeine can raise blood pressure and
put extra stress on your kidneys. Over time
excessive consumption of coffee can cause damage
to your kidneys.
9. Painkiller Abuse
Way too many people take painkillers for their
small aches and pains, while there are many allnatural, safe remedies available. Excessive use or
painkiller abuse can lead to severe damage of liver
and kidneys.
10. Alcohol Consumption
Although there is nothing wrong with enjoying a
glass of wine or having a beer once in a while,
most of us don't stop after just one drink. Alcohol
is actually a legal toxin that puts a lot of stress on
our kidneys and liver.
To stay healthy and avoid kidney issues it is
important to eat lots of fresh, whole foods and if
you keep the above information in mind and avoid
these common habits as much as possible, your
kidneys will not be under constant stress and your

body will thank you for that.


tuojh 2016

vkS"k/kh; xq.kksa ls Hkjiwj gS vnj[k

rRo u"V gks tkrs gSaA
vnj[k ds ikSf"Vd rRo %
100 xzke vnj[k esa dkcksZgkbMsV 12-3 xzke] izksVhe
24 xzke] olk 0-8 xzke js'kk 2-50 xzke] dSfY'k;e 20
feyhxzke] QkLQksjl 60 fe-xzk-] vk;ju 26 fe-xzk-] foVkfeu
, 40 vkbZ-;w-] ueh 80-9 xzke vkfn rRo ik, tkrs gSaA
vnj[k ds dqN vkS"k/kh; iz;ksx %
isV ds jksxksa esa %
vnj[k Nhydj NksVs&NksVs VqdM+ksa esa dkVsaA dqN Nqvkjs ds
VqdM+s] fd'kfe'k] /kfu;k] thjk] byk;ph] lsa/kk ued]
iqnhuk vkSj dkyh fepZ dks FkksM+s ikuh feykdj ihl ysaA
gYdh vkap ij idk,a] ckn esa uhcw dk jl MkysaA bls
Hkkstu ds lkFk ;k oSls gh pkVsa] ;g Hkw[k dks tkx`r
djsxk A
cngteh] isV dk nnZ] ,saBu] nLr] isV Qwyuk vkSj vU;
isV vkSj vka=k leL;kvksa esa vnj[k dk VqdM+k eqag esa
j[kdj /khjs&/khjs pwlsaA
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blesa ,aVh&vksfDlMsaV xq.k Hkh gksrs gS] blds lsou ls dSalj
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tuojh 2016

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tuojh 2016

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tuojh 2016

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Hkze.k djsxk vkSj 28 tuojh dks ekxhZ gksdj iqu% /kuq
jkf'k esa xkspj djsxkA 'kq 18 tuojh dks /kuq jkf'k esa
izos'k djsxkA xq# oh gksdj flag jkf'k esa Hkze.k djsxk
rFkk 'kfu o`f'pd jkf'k esa Hkze.k djsxkA jkgq vkSj dsrq
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djs a x s A
es " k % bu xzgksa dh fLFkfr ds vk/kkj ij es"k jkf'k
okyksa ds fy, ;g eghuk lkekU; dgk tk;sxkA eku lEeku
dh izkfIr bl le; vkidks fey ldrh gSA fL=k;ksa ls
vkidks nwjh cuk;sa j[kus dh vko';drk gSA ljdkjh dk;ksaZ
esa izxfr ds y{k.k utj vkjgs gSA fe=kksa dk lg;ksx vkidks
lQyrk fnyk,xkA /ku Hkko dk Lokeh n'ke esa jgus ls
vkenuh vPNh gksxhA NBs Hkko esa jkgq ds gksus ls LokLF; ds
izfr /;ku nsus dh t#jr gSA dfj;j o O;olk; & O;olk;
djus okyksa ds fy, le; lkekU; gS ysfdu bl ekg dksbZ
u;k O;olk; u 'kq: djsAa oSokfgd thou esa vkidks ijs'kkfu;ksa
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ldrh gSA bl o fdlh Hkh dk;Z esa tksf[ke u mBk;saA
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izse&izlax & bl le; izse esa okns u djsa ugha rks eqf'dy esa
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tuojh 2016

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tuojh 2016

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05%55 PM
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10%47 PM
d`frdk 09%45 PM 08%53 PM
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08%43 PM
v'ys"kk 09%54 PM
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xaMewy vkjaHk 26%33] l-fl- ;ksx 26%33&31%17
Hknz 17%56 ls 28%56] izpd lekIr 01%13
xaMewy lekIr 23%57 l-fl- ;ksx 07%16&23%57
ve`r ;ksx 14%05&31%16
Hknzk vkjaHk 23%30] l-fl- ;ksx 7%16&21%45
Hknzk lek 10%43] l-fl- 7%16&20%52] vewr ;ks- 7%16&10%43
ve`r ;ksx 09%20&31%15
l-fl ;ksx 20%00&31%15] ve`r ;ksx 08%14&31%15
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x-ae-w vkjaHk 20%44] l-fl- 7%15&20%44] ve`r 7%15&07%16] jfoiq"; 7%15&20%44
Hknzk vkjaHk 21%06] xaMewy lek- 23%39] x.kra = k fnfn-] ve`r 7%14&8%26
Hknzk lekIr 09%55
yktirjk; t;a-] ldV pkSFk


Hknzk 17%05&30%26] ve`r ;ksx 7%12&17%05] f}iq"dj ;ksx 17%05&31%12

f}iq"dj ;ksx 7%12&10%51

1&14 Qjojh 2016] ikS"k&ek?k laor 2072 'kd laor 1937




d`- 8
'kq- 1











Hknzk 12%37 ls 25%07] xaMewy vkjaHk 18%08] l-fl- 07%10&18%08


xaMewy lek- 19%43

Hknzk vk- 24%03
Hknzk lek- 11%16] f'kojkf=k] l-fl- 07%08&18%29] ve`r 22%20&31%07



iad vk- 28%12] l-fl- 07%07&17%03] ve`r 07%07&20%09

ve`r ;ksx 17%37&31%06


Hknzk vkjaHk 22%39] ve`r ;ksx 07%05&12%03

Hknzk lek- 09%17] xaMewy vk- 09%07]] olar iapeh] l-fl- 09%07&31%03
iapd lek- 07%13] ve`r ;ksx 07%03&28%17] xaMewy lek-29%33
Hknzk vkjaHk 26%11] oSysUVkbu Ms] jFk lIreh

tuojh 2016