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Lassiter High School

Reaching Excellence and Climbing Higher

Language Arts Department

Fall Semester 2016

COURSE TITLE: American Lit/Comp 112A

INSTRUCTOR: Danielle Crandall

Online Textbook Information: (available after September)
Username: Lassiter Student I.D. number
Password: TBA

Students will demonstrate proficiency in the critical thinking skills of decision-making, information processing,
reasoning, and analysis at or above course standards.

Students will demonstrate appropriate critical thinking skills in reading comprehension and written expression. All
students will be asked to write in complete sentences for assignments.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is designed for college-bound students and will survey American works from
Native Americans through the Transcendental movement. The course will prepare the student for specific writing
experiences such as exposition and analysis of literature as well as provide speaking and listening opportunities,
vocabulary development, and test-taking strategies.
The course is based on the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS) which provide a consistent
framework to prepare students for success in college and/or the 21 st century workplace. As such, the CCGPS
requires students to read increasingly complex texts with increasing independence as they progress towards career
and college readiness. Per the CCGPS, it is anticipated that eleventh grade students will be able, by the end of the
course, to read texts within the 1185L-1385L Lexile Band a framework which measures a texts complexity.
The American literature course is required for graduation by the State of Georgia. The course will survey American
works from the Colonial period through the American Romantic movement. It is designed to prepare the student for
specific writing experiences such as exposition and analysis of literature as well as provide speaking and listening
opportunities, vocabulary development, and test-taking strategies.

Major assignments (tests, essays, projects) . 45%

Minor assignments (quizzes, homework, class work, etc.)35%
Final Exam..20%

TEXTS/READINGS: Students will read a variety of works from the textbook Prentice Hall Literature: Timeless Voices,
Timeless Themes: The American Experience Vol. II. Parallel readings will include The Crucible by Arthur Miller (in the
literature book) short stories by Hawthorne and Poe.
VOCABULARY: Students will need to purchase Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workbook Level F. The cost is
$12.00 and includes the on-line access codes for enrichment, practice, and quizzes. Please let me know privately if
the cost of this workbook presents a financial hardship for you and your family.

VIDEOS: To compare and contrast, we may view portions of each of the following films rated PG: The Crucible. We
may occasionally view other curriculum-related movies or movie clips none of which will exceed a PG-13 rating. Your
signature on this syllabus indicates permission for your student to view PG-13 rated movies.

MATERIALS NEEDED:Three-ring binder, college-rule paper, section dividers, blue or black pen/pencil, a
composition journal, a student issued literature book, post-it notes, highlighters, one package of colored printing
paper, and a flash drive. Students should have all materials and the appropriate books in class EVERY DAY!
Students who repeatedly come to class unprepared will receive morning detention.

LATE WORK POLICY: Major assignments turned in late will be penalized 20% per day for every day late. Long-term
assignments (about a week or more before the final due date) must be turned in on the published due date to receive
full credit. No minor assignments will be accepted late.
TARDY POLICY: To avoid being counted tardy, students must be seated and ready for class when the bell rings.
School policy states that 3 tardies = 1 after school detention, 3:30-5:30 p.m.; 6 tardies = Saturday School + loss of
parking space; 9 tardies = 2 days ISS. See student handbook for additional information.
HALL PASSES: Each student will be able use a pass ONLY if he or she has the student handbook he or she
was given on the first day of school.
EXTRA HELP: Lassiters English department has a schedule of extra help sessions both before and after school on a
regular basis. For extra help specifically with Mrs. Crandall, be sure to make an appointment.
BEHAVIOR EXPECTATIONS: Students are expected to follow all policies in the Lassiter Student Handbook. Some of
these include, but are not limited to the following: acts that interfere with a good learning environment, horseplay,
inappropriate language, insubordinate behavior, and use of electronic devices. When a student demonstrates
inappropriate behavior they will receive one of the following consequences: warning, detention, office referral, or other
consequence set forth by an administrator in accordance with Lassiter's policies.
All work should be completed with care and reflect grade level insight. Illegible work and papers without the
proper identification will receive a zero.
Student name, teacher name, class and period, and date should appear in the upper left-hand corner of all
assignments per MLA style.
All final draft essays should follow the standard MLA manuscript format for written composition.
Major writing assignments should be typed. For your convenience, the media center computers are available
before and after school, and during lunch for word processing.
Cheating is considered a serious matter. The parents of a student who has been involved in cheating will be notified
and the student will receive a grade of zero for the test or evaluation period, and a grade of U in conduct.
For this course, cheating is defined as, but is not limited to, the following acts:
Copying anyones answers to questions, exercises, study guides, class work or homework assignments
Taking any information verbatim from any source, including the Internet, without giving proper credit to the author,
or rearranging the order of words and/or changing some words as written by the author and claiming the work as
his or her own, i.e., plagiarism.
Looking onto another students paper during a test or quiz.
Having available any study notes or other test aids during a test or quiz without the teachers permission.
Collaborating on assignments when independent work is expected.
Students will submit all major writing assignments to as a precaution against plagiarism.
Per Lassiter policy, the penalties for cheating include receiving a zero on the assignment and administrative referral.
A repeat violation will result in a zero, administrative referral, and expulsion from all Honor societies.
SPECIAL NOTE: Please keep this syllabus to refer to throughout the semester. It should be the first page in your
three-ring binder. If you ever have any questions, look here or on the website. If you still do not find an answer, you
may email me for help. I look forward to this year with you.





FALL 2016

Danielle Crandall ..COURSE: American Lit/Comp 112A


I have read the parent letter and understand the academic integrity policy.
I have reviewed the class syllabus and understand the grading policy.
I give permission for my child to view G, PG or PG13 movies if they are related to the curriculum of
the class
I give permission for my child to read the class parallel readings noted in the syllabus.
I am willing to be contacted by email.
I have access to the internet and will access the Pinnacle parent feature (once it is available) to check
on my childs progress. I understand that teachers will make every effort to post grades within two
weeks of accepting the assignment, but that the posting of grades on larger papers and projects may
extend beyond the two week time frame.

Student Name: ________________________________ Class Period: _________

(Please print.)
(Students Signature)

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Please feel free to contact the instructor if you have any additional questions or concerns.