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Quotation: Precise, economical

The new dimension
BBA recognition 2006 and environmentally friendly!

Leading through design, innovation and reliability! “Those using the machines rated the build quality AMAZONE field sprayers fulfil the demands of the
and the paint finish of the machines as very good. crop protection decree, the guide lines of the Biolo-
The highest rating was also given for service life, the gical Federal Institute, BBA and the highest Europe-
Field sprayers UF 901 / UF 1201 / UF 1501 / UF1801 ease of mounting and dismounting from the tractor an test standards (ENTAM certification). On request
as well as the manoeuvrability and compactness. AMAZONE field sprayers are provided with an official
Furthermore, the boom width and the unproblematic certificate of inspection for field sprayers which, de-
Large tank capacities: 900, 1200, 1500 or 1800 litres suspension were also praised.“ pending on the country of issue, is valid up to 2 years.
Extensive range of boom working widths: 12 to 28 metres
Light in weight, high in output and very operator friendly.


Product family:
Introducing a comprehensive family page 4-5

In operation:
Mounting and filling page 6-7

Operator station:
Clear and operator friendly page 8-9

Control and regulation:

Spray computers for all uses page 10-13

Liquid flow circuit and DUS pressure

circulation system:
Ingeniously simple – DUS page 14-15

Aircraft style boom design:

Superbly strong and superbly light page 16-21

Nozzles and drag hoses: For crop protection

applications and liquid fertilising page 22-23

The compact self-propelled: UF with front tank

The advantages of the front tank
Automatic control via Flow-Control
Handling and transport page 24-27

Technical data page 28

2 3
Product family

Introducing a comprehensive family

UF 901 1050 litres UF 1501 1720 litres UF 1801 1980 litres

tank design

Narrow tank with favourable centre of gravity

Smooth tank walls for easier cleaning inside and


Minimised residual quantities even on slopes

due to the specific design

Effective, BBA tested agitation capacity

UF 1201 1350 litres

4 5
In operation

Mounting and filling Everything is functional when in

Get setup and start spraying quickly! orange and green
Fast and safe filling

The UF is, in a few simple steps, quickly and safely The piston diaphragm pumps run Pumps with either 160, 210 and 250
attached to the tractor with the sufficient space bet- perfectly happily when dry and are l/min output capacity are available.
ween the tractor and sprayer making the attachment liquid fertiliser safe. The design of
easy. the pumps simultaneously ensures For a constant, functional supervi-
an even, high delivery capacity with sion of the pump from the tractor
With the parking wheels, the sprayer can be moved a high filling power and quiet opera- seat, the oil reservoir for the pump
easily. The quick coupler system and the Tele-Space tion even under high pressure. is placed up on the headstock in
PTO shaft – available on request - ensure an even full view of the operator.
faster and simpler attachment to the tractor. All cables
and hoses are arranged in a clear, functional manner
to avoid any mix ups.

UF 1801 with 24 m Super-S boom (shown with

optional braked roller parking wheels)

Filling via the suction Option Fill level indicator

hose Fill port
The sprayer can be filled using the For filling from a pressurised hose, The fill level indicator is readable
The 120 litre (901/1201) or 180 litre suction hose via the 2“ suction port. a fill port with either a Geka or both externally via a mechanical
(1501/1801) fresh water container is The liquid flow is routed in such a Camlock coupling is available as pointer and in the cab electronically
situated under the main spray tank. way that during the filling procedure an option. Using this connection, via either the AMATRON+ or the
Simple, ground-level filling is made there is always clean water available the fresh water can be simulta- AMASPRAY+ on-board computers.
possible by good positioning on the at the induction bowl. neously filled from the left hand
right-hand side as viewed in the direc- side.
tion of travel. If desired, the fresh water
tank can also be filled via the fill port on
the left-hand side.

A 2“ discharge port for quick empty-

Fresh water rinse tank Induction bowl ing under pressure, for example,
transferring to a front tank, can also
UF 1201 with 24 m Super-S boom be supplied (option).
6 7
Operator station

The operator control station Exact mixing of the spray agents

Clear and user friendly Induction bowl – The 60 litre induction bowl offers With the Venturi system, a high fill
fast and clean working and is very throughput is attained. The same
All controls are arranged in a clear, logical, easy to are all marked with self-explanatory symbols to avoid Fast and safe
easily accessible from the front left professional induction bowl is used
understand, layout on the front left corner which is operational errors.
of the central operator control panel. on the UX trailed sprayer!
directly accessible from the driver‘s side. The valves

All functions are controlled

with only three levers:
1 Pressure Vario-control valve for spraying,
inducting, internal or external cleaning.

Induction Canister flushing Pressure filter

2 Agitation valve for the infinitely variable Powdered ingredients and large For unproblematic cleaning of the The self-cleaning pressure filter
setting of the agitation intensity via the amounts of urea are quickly and spray agent canisters and for full is standard equipment. The agitator
self-cleaning pressure filter. safely dissolved and simultaneous- utilisation of the contents, the tap also enables the specific drai-
Integrated additional function: ly inducted with a huge capacity. canisters are flushed using the ning of the pressure filter. In this
Specific draining of the pressure filter
2 Three additional nozzles ensure a rotary nozzle. With this nozzle, way the filter can be checked
splash-free and effective induction the induction bowl can be cleaned without any spray agent escaping
with both intake and suction ag- even when the lid is closed. – especially useful when the tank is
gressiveness infinitely adjustable. A dead man‘s control keeps the full.
user safe.

3 Suction Vario-control valve for filling,

spraying, flushing, rinsing
Integrated additional function: Hydraulic, intensive
Venting of the suction filter for pressure free
residue draining.
The intensity of the agitation
is infinitely adjustable in order
to prevent foaming of the crop
protection agent or to minimise

Operator station UF

8 9

Exact dosage and simple operation One terminal for all AMAZONE machinery

The AMATRON+ on-board computer enables the fully The universal AMATRON+ operator terminal is able to When used in conjunction with AMAZONE seed drills,
automatic control of the prescribed spray rate (l/ha). control many machines from the AMAZONE product the AMATRON+ is responsible for electronic tramline
Rate changes are possible in pre-selected %steps. range. On the ZA-M fertiliser spreader, in conjunction control and additionally, changing the seed rates in
This modern on-board computer, thanks to its clear, with the Comfort electronic pack, the Limiter border pre-selected steps. When using the trailed Cirrus seed
simple and logical operation, is especially user-friendly spreading device and the on/off shutter slides can be drills the comprehensive electro-hydraulic functions,
and with its extra-large, low-reflection display it moni- electro-hydraulically controlled. Forward speed related such as seed depth or intensity of the seedbed culti-
tors the complete system. The very compact dimen- or site specific spread rate control is also possible. vation are also controlled via the AMATRON+.
sions of the computer mean little space is required in
the tractor cab.
By using two flow meters, the application rate is
extremely precisely maintained, especially at low
spray rates.

Standard functions: Special functions:
- Overall and part-width section on/off - Foam marker Seed drills
- Up to 9 part-width sections - End or boundary nozzle on/off control
- Digital pressure indication - Pre-select fold for independent boom folding
- Digital fill level indication - Profi-fold for independent boom folding or boom tip angling
- Display of boom position and lock status (only 1 tractor control valve required)
- Field record management system with 20 memories - Distance Control – automatic boom guidance
Fertiliser spreaders
- Serial interface for documentation and GPS terminal versatility - Comfort pack – remote controlled filling and cleaning
- ISOBUS compatible
Field sprayers

Multi-function Safe, simple documentation transfer

ASD, automatic field related documentation, is a product and manu-
facturer overlapping documentation concept for the transfer of specific
Using the multi-function
application data between the AMATRON+ and AMASPRAY+ on-board
joystick makes operation
computers and electronic field record software. The serial interface used
of the machine even more
is in the public domain and as such, is accessible to other manufacturers.
comfortable. Without visual AMACLICK
ASD provides the farmer with the possibility of simply and economically
contact, the most important
integrating all machines into the documentation chain.
spraying functions can be con- In order to shut off individual part-width sections in
trolled via the ergonomically shaped certain applications such as bed systems when crop-
joystick. The AMATRON+ is then ping vegetables, the corresponding part-width sections Future proof technology
used only as a monitoring and input can be pre-selected and permanently switched off via
device. A small toggle switch allows the AMATRON+. The serial interface (RS232) that enables use to be made of sensor technology
use of only 8 buttons to three different If this function is required regularly, the use of (e.g. Yara N-Sensor) or different GPS terminals is integrated, as standard, into
levels. AMACLICK is recommended. the comprehensive equipment level provided by AMATRON+ and AMASPRAY+.
10 11

AMASPRAY+ on-board computer AMASET+ control box

AMASPRAY+ – modern and precise AMASET+ – simple and safe

The AMAZONE AMASPRAY+ on board computer is a The AMASET+ control box is a comfortable solution for
robust and self-explanatory spray computer enabling the user-friendly and environmentally friendly crop protec-
user to concentrate on driving, whilst the computer car- tion application. All important spraying functions being
ries out the control and forward speed related regulation. controlled remotely from the tractor cab. Within the same
tractor gear the spray rate (l/ha) remains constant.

Standard functions:
- Single line, high-contrast screen
AMASPRAY+ Standard functions:
- Digital pressure indication
- Overall and part-width section on/off - Overall and part-width section on/off
- Up to 7 part-width sections Special functions: - Up to 7 part-width sections Special functions:
- Digital pressure indication - Pre-select fold for the independent boom folding - Electric in-cab pressure adjustment - Pre-select fold for independent boom folding
- Digital fill level indication - End or boundary nozzle on/off control (alternatively to pre-select fold) - Display of boom position and lock status - End or boundary nozzle on/off control (alternatively to pre-select fold)
- Display of boom position and locking status - Fold or tilt via 1 double acting control valve (electric changeover unit) - Fold or tilt via 1 double acting control valve (electric changeover unit)
- Hectare counter (total and daily counter) - ASD inside: serial interface for documentation and GPS terminal
- +/- 10 % key versatility

TG control chest for AMATRON+ and AMASPRAY+ NG equal pressure chest for AMASET+
Equal pressure valve chest

The equal pressure valve chest for the AMASET+

control box is positioned in the centre of the boom.
Ultramodern motor valves allow the fast, drip-less on/
off control. Matching the equal pressure valve chest to
the nozzle size is quickly and easily carried out via the
colour coordinated dials.

Manually operated valve chest

Top spraying technology
The manually operated valve chest allows spraying
For the AMATRON+ and AMASPRAY+ spray rate
without any electrical power supply. The main switch,
computers the most modern control chest techno-
the manual pressure adjustment and the switching on
logy is available. The part-width boom sections are
and off of either three or five boom part-width sections
switched, on and off, quickly and drip-free via elec-
are arranged in a clever, ergonomic manner.
tric motor valves with pressure relief.
In all situations the spray rate is exactly and quickly
Due to the equal pressure system the spray rate per
controlled directly via the computer and so negating UF 1801 with 24 m Super-S boom
hectare remains constant when switching on and off
the need for any mechanical equal pressure control.
the part-width sections.

12 13

UF liquid circuit The pressure circulation system (DUS)

Logical and comfortable Ingeniously simple –
this is how DUS works

The liquid circuit of the UF series has been optimised Cleaning with a partly filled tank is possible and also Before commencing work, all the hoses including the And thus deposits, blockages or any settling inside
for operator friendliness and lowest residual sprayer the targeted emptying of the suction and pressure spray lines are flooded under pressure with spray agent the spray lines is safely prevented. The concentration
volumes. filter prior to opening the filter housing. in the reverse direction. of the spray agent always remains constant right up
Thus the spray lines are always filled over the entire to the nozzles, so starting the spraying operation, for
working width and thus instantly ready for use. No example after a change of ingredients, is carried out
AMATRON+ – execution with DUS, quick
emptying and external wash down kit 1 Vario-control suction side waiting at the headlands for the spray agent to reach without problems.
the boom ends. During the cleaning operation clear fresh water flushes
Every time an Individual part-width section is switched through the spray lines down to the nozzles without
2 Vario-control pressure side
off, during each turn and during transport, the spray the necessity to spray. During this cleaning procedure
3 Agitator tap liquid circulates continually. This is done via the the concentrated spray liquid is returned back to tank
AMAZONE pressure controller, which guarantees a via the pressure re-circulation system leaving the
reliable circulation. spray lines clean.

from the pump pressure relief valve

Suction side
non-return valve
Pressure side
2 boom
part width
The flow of spray agent is routed from the pressure regulator to the pressure
relief valve and flows on at low pressure to the throttle valve. The spray agent
shut-off then flows in the reverse direction back to the tank.
Return flow valve
switched off

to the tank
Filling venturi
Spray line
Internal cleaning

External cleaning

1 External cleaning

With the spray lance of the exterior wash down kit the
outside of the crop protection sprayer can be tho-
roughly cleaned after use whilst still in the field. The
The Comfort pack for the remote control of filling and cleaning 20 m hose reel supplies a working pressure of 10 bar
to enable effective cleaning with little water consump-
The new option with three functions for all UF models tion.
· Automatic fill stop for controlling, on and off, the
suction tap at the desired fill level. Internal cleaning
· Automatic agitator shut off at a fill level of less than
5% (the nominal volume) results in small residual The standard internal tank cleaning system with rotary
volumes. nozzle ensures quick and effective washing out.
· Cleaning the spray line, tank and agitator is possible Smooth tank walls without nooks and crannies allow
via the AMATRON+. safe function and simple monitoring.
No need for the operator to leave the tractor cab.

14 15

Aircraft style boom design Compare!

Simultaneously superbly strong 3-fold shock absorbed suspension for AMAZONE booms –
and superbly light most arduous operational conditions an idea gains acceptance

AMAZONE booms are designed to be simultaneously As standard all AMAZONE booms are equipped with Compactness matters! Everything shipshape!
superbly strong yet superbly light. The nozzle bodies 1. springs and shock absorber pack for damping the Due to the low centre of gravity and the light and ro- The boom locates safely in the transport hooks. No
with integrated diaphragm non-return anti-drip valves vertical roll movements, bust design of the machine it is easy to carry and the rattling and banging whilst on the road and no boom
fit up into the boom profiles reliably preventing any 2. rubber buffer damping elements with ball suspen- tractor front axle weight reduction is much less than rests susceptible to wear fitted to the tractor. Fast
dripping at the nozzle. Self-adjusting bayonet caps sion to damp down the horizontal yaw movements with many competitors. travel A to B is no problem.
ensure a quick, tool-less nozzle change. For any ope- 3. tension springs for the shock absorbed suspension
rational use and any application rate the right nozzles of the entire boom. Drive safely! Clean working!
are available, for example, for the optimum wetting, The visibility in road transport is exemplary. Wherever No spray agent from the booms drips on to the tractor
anti-drift or for liquid fertiliser use. As standard also is hydraulic height adjustment and the tractor can pass through, the boom also can go or on the operator station and the booms also do not
guide skids that results in the perfect boom guidance through with no protruding parts, no boom damage hit the tractor cab.
and thus, the accurate longitudinal and lateral distri- that is all down to the minimal transport dimensions.
bution of the spray agent.

Boom design to perfection The most important quality features

In hilly terrain and with large working widths hydraulic Both Q-plus and the Super-S series AMAZONE booms Maintenance-free
tilt adjustment makes sense. The quick and precise are BBA recognised and comply to the highest The decades of experience in boom design pay off:
tilting and return of the boom into the neutral position European demands on crop protection implements – The conical hinge pin is the intelligent centre of a well
is possible via a tractor control valve or the electro- compare that with the others! thought-out boom philosophy! The boom pivots self-
hydraulic function via AMATRON+. adjust against any play on the conical hinge pins and
that ensures for the user an optimised boom function
even after many years.
UF 1201 with 18 m Super-S boom

Long service life

Use of stainless steel, the catalytic painting process,
with its automobile industry protection standards, as
well as the targeted use of plastics and aluminium is
the guarantee for high longevity.

Exclusively from AMAZONE: All hydraulic connectors

are always made from stainless steel!

16 17
Q-plus boom

Q-plus boom Boom division and folding options

Simultaneously superbly strong yet superbly light
12 – 12,5 – 15 metres
Working widths Weight Nozzle arrangement

The hydraulic folding is done via oversized hydraulic Q-plus boom with automatic locking and un-
12 m (Transport width 2,56 m) 202 kg 5-4-6-4-5
rams. Included as standard: Hydraulic height adjust- locking: The functions of boom folding and
ment, 3-fold shock absorbing suspension system and tilt adjustment can also be actuated via
the one sided, independent folding on the left hand one tractor control valve with an optional
side as viewed in direction of travel. 80 mm wide pro- electric changeover unit. 12,5 m (Transport width 2,56 m) 202 kg 5-5-5-5-5
files provide excellent rigidity.
The Q-plus boom can immediately be folded out Also the manual folding out of the Q-plus boom is
at half height. Folding in is possible at any desired possible. The manual folding is actuated via power-
18 m (Transport width 3,70 m) 228 kg 6-6-6-6-6
height. Two control valves are required: ful tensioning and pressure springs without locking 3 metres

- One single acting control valve for height catches.

adjustment The central hose guidance ensures a clean and kink-
- One double acting valve for folding in/out free routing of all hoses and cables.
- One double acting control valve for hydraulic
tilt adjustment (option)

Independent fold of the

Q-plus boom

As standard the Q-plus boom allows the one sided,

independent fold on the left hand side viewed in direc-
tion of travel.
As an option the Q-plus boom can be equipped with
pre-select folding for the independent folding left or
right hand side. The pre-selection of these hydraulic
functions is carried out electrically via AMASET+,
From the boom being folded fully out – after pre-se-
lection – only this one side is then folded in again.

Manually folded Q-plus boom

Alternatively, on AMASET+ and

AMASPRAY+ the same keys
can also be used to control the
boundary or end nozzle on/off
UF 901 with 15 m Q-plus boom control.

18 19
Super-S boom

Super-S boom Boom division and folding options

Superbly narrow transport width of only 2.40m on all Super-S booms
15 – 16 – 18 – 20 – 21 – 24 – 27 – 28 metres
Working widths Weight Nozzle arrangement

15 m
415 kg 6-6-6-6-6
The Super-S boom folds fully automatically in and out
via hydraulic rams. In the transport position the boom 16 m
423 kg 7-6-6-6-7
sits compactly behind the tank with a transport width
of only 2.40 m and a transport height of 2.90 m with a 18 m
429 kg 6-8-8-8-6
standard tractor. The multiple-folded steel profiles of
20 m
up to 140 mm wide make the Super-S boom extremely 541 kg 8-8-8-8-8
robust. The 3-fold shock absorbing boom suspension 21 m
system, the hydraulic height adjustment and the 544 kg 6-6-6-6-6-6-6

elastic height skids ensure the perfect guidance of the 21/15 m

539 kg 6-6-6-6-6-6-6
Super-S boom with the right distance above the target
surface. 24 m
561 kg 6-6-8-8-8-6-6

27 m 610 kg 6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6-6
UF 1801 with 24 m Super-S boom

28 m 611 kg 8-8-8-8-8-8-8
Carin Handriek regarding the Super-S boom:
(Agricultural Centre of Hörsteltal, registered association,
99880 Mechterstädt) Pre-select folding
The pre-select folding is possible via the Independent fold
„We are pleased with the output of our record-beating tractor control valves using the AMASET+,
sprayer. Even after 110,000 hectares the joints and the the AMASPRAY+ and the AMATRON+.
entire boom technology are not suffering in any way from
Profi-fold is the electro-hydraulic actuation of the boom via an oil circuit from which the functions of height ad-
justment, folding out and in, independent fold, boom width reduction and tilt adjustment (Profi-fold I) are easily
actuated via AMATRON+ or the joystick. Additional boom tip angling is possible via Profi-fold II.


Distance Control
With the Super-S boom the fully automatic boom guidance is also possible.

Distance-Control allows the automatic height and tilt

Angle sensor
control in conjunction with Profi-fold I or II.
Ultrasound sensor

Ultrasound sensor

20 21

The sprayer specialist advises... End and boundary nozzles

...less drift, even at higher wind speeds

End nozzles Boundary nozzles

With the air assisted Injector nozzles crop protection agents End nozzle control switches off, independent from the The boundary nozzle control provides the accurate
can be applied with very low drift. They are universally usable normal boom part-width section valves, two or three adherence to the field‘s border. When actuating the
in all crops and all situations. Because of the coarse droplet nozzles to enable an un-sprayed buffer zone to be left boundary nozzle control the last normal nozzle is
size, these nozzles can also be used at greater wind speeds. at the boom end. AMASPRAY+ and AMATRON+ spray switched over to a special boundary nozzle which, via
computers automatically keep the application rate (l/ha) an asymmetrical spray angle nozzle, facilitates a con-
constant. ventional spray pattern in the field but limits the outer
AMAZONE offers for agricultural applications a wide range of
spray pattern to within the normal working width thus
nozzles from Lechler, Agrotop and Teejet.
preventing potential over-spray outside the confines
of the field.
Nozzle protection tubes, standard on the outer sections or on
request over the entire boom width, protect the long injector
nozzles and multi-nozzle bodies .

Application in the field nozzle
Single and multi-nozzle bodies Application in the field

1 metre
Field’s edge
The nozzle bodies, safely located in the boom profile fra-
mes, have integrated diaphragm non return valves to prevent
dripping of the nozzles. Self-adjusting bayonet fixings ensure
End nozzles
a tool-less quick nozzle change. The triple or quad nozzle bo- Application on the field edge Application on the field edge

dies are better suited for frequent nozzle changes or varying

applications and crops.

Liquid fertilising –
Safe and user friendly

For the coarse droplets distribution of liquid fertiliser

AMAZONE offers multi-hole nozzles (3, 5, or 7 hole) or
bodies the FD slit nozzles.
Air Air

insert In conjunction with the Super-S
boom a separate drag hose
unit is available. The self-con-
tained aluminium profiles can
be attached with a few hand
Drag hoses offer a risk-free late
top dressing with liquid fertili-
ser and stainless steel weights
help keep the position of the drag hoses within the crop.
22 23
Front tank

The compact self-propelled: UF with front tank The advantages of the front tank

Advantages over trailed sprayers Advantages as against self-propelled

Compact unit Huge advantage on price

Less side crabbing on side slopes Up to 50 km/h permitted speed on the road

Optimum ballasting of the front axle results in a 80 km/h permitted speed with fast tractors
smooth travelling behaviour in sloping terrain.
Tractor can also be used for other operations
Faster to back into corners on the headland

Easy manoeuvre in smaller and in wedge shaped


Compact transport on narrow country lanes and

along roads

The front tank simultaneously serves as front

weight ensuring an optimum balance

Reduction of soil compaction

Price advantage

The front tank acts both as an extension of

the tank volume and also as a front weight.

The special advantages offered of more manoeuvrable

tractors with a mounted implement compared with
Examples for use:
trailed sprayers in smaller and more awkward shaped
fields as well as the better behaviour on slopes are
the major arguments for the front tank solution. 60 - 150 ha arable farming or mixed livestock
However, even in the 3, 000 litre self-propelled class a 80 - 160 HP as a husbandry tractor with UF
comfortable tractor in combination with a high-class 901/1201 and FT 1001
mounted sprayer and front tank is an interesting alter- 1,900l / 2,200l total tank volume
150 - 400 ha arable farm or contractor:
140 - 220 HP as main tractor
with UF 1501/1801 and FT 1001
Quote Top Agrar 10/2008: 2,500l / 2,800l total tank volume
„Due to the intelligent control of the liquid flow
AMAZONE managed to make the front tank really Vegetable growers:
practical High manoeuvrability and maximum volume

24 25
FT control/Handling

Automatic control via Flow-Control Handling and Transport

The specific feature of the FT 1001 is the 100% inte- No matter whether in the yard or in the barn: there is
gration of the front tank into the mounted sprayer via always a safe parking place for the compact combina-
the Flow-Control electronic fill level management tion on its parking rollers. This simple handling convin-
system in the proven AMATRON+. The technolo- ces even after just a few operations.
gical basis of Flow-Control is the two electronic fill The internal cleaning of the sprayer combination is
level indicators in the tanks and the two high capacity carried out via the fresh water tank of the UF. The 100l
injectors. The transfer capacity in both directions is additional clean water tank allows for the appropriate
up to 200 l/min ensuring the liquid is always ideally cleaning according to the European guide lines (clean
homogenised. water supply at least 10 % of the tank volume)

AMATRON+ automatically controls the liquid circuit, The compact sprayer-tractor unit is favourable espe-
ensuring always, an optimised weight distribution. cially in narrow lanes with hardly any obstruction to the
Premature relief of the weight on the front axle is pre- view thanks to the well thought out design.
vented and, depending on the fill level, new liquid is The AMAZONE FT 1001 fulfils all relevant EC guide
delivered from the front tank early enough so that the lines and standards for traffic safety.
mounted sprayer is never emptied prior to the front
tank and the liquid always remains homogeneous. The optional traffic light kit is necessary in cases where
the traffic lights of the tractor is hidden. The covered
Manual control also allows the transport of just fresh low beams of the tractor must be repeated on the trac-
water in the front tank. tor roof. The fitting on the front tank is not allowed.

Automated liquid flow via Flow-Control


2 High capacity injectors

3 Switch valves for injectors

4 Electronic fill level indicators

5 Flow-Control pump 115 l/min

6 Internal cleaning

7 UF spraying pump

8 Spray line

26 27
Technical data

Technical data
UF 901 · UF 1201 · UF 1501 · UF 1801

UF 901 UF 901 UF 1201 UF 1201 UF 1501 UF 1501 UF 1801 UF 1801

12 m Q-plus 15 m Q-plus 18 m Super-S 21 m Super-S 21 m Super-S 24 m Super-S 24 m Super-S 28 m Super-S
115 l/min 160 l/min 160 l/min 210 l/min 210 l/min 250 l/min 250 l/min 250 l/min
NG 5-fold TG 5-fold NG 5-fold TG 7-fold TG 5-fold TG 7-fold TG 7-fold TG 9-fold

Nominal volume (l) 1050 1050 1350 1350 1720 1720 1980 1980

Empty weight (kg) 660 680 925 1040 1175 1210 1240 1290

Length (m) 1,55 1,55 1,60 1,60 1,85 1,85 1,85 1,85

Height (m) 2,46 2,46 2,90 2,90 2,90 2,90 2,90 2,90

Transport width (m) 2,65 3,00 2,40 2,40 2,40 2,40 2,40 2,40

Height adjustment (m) 0,50 - 2,10 0,50 - 2,10 0,50 - 2,20 0,50 - 2,20 0,50 - 2,20 0,50 - 2,20 0,50 - 2,20 0,50 - 2,20

FT 1001

FT 1001, Flow-Control

Basic weight (kg) 217

Nominal volume (l) 1.000

Actual volume (l) 1.125

Permissible total weight (kg) 1.475

Illustrations, contents and details about technical data are non-binding!

AMAZONE field sprayers generate income!

UG Nova field sprayer, UX field sprayers, SX self-propelled machine,

2200 - 3000 litres, 15 to 28 m 3200 - 4200 - 5200 litres, 15 to 40 m 4000 litres, 24 to 36 m

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