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Private and Confidential

We are pleased to offer Mr/Ms/Mdm/Mrs ___________________with the
position as a Full Time/Part time Cleaner under the employment of
Modern General Contractor Pte Ltd with effect from ______________ on the
following terms and conditions:

Definition of Terms


Full-time Employee means an employee who is required under his

contract of service with an employer to work for not less than 35 hours a


Part-time Employee means an employee who is required under his

contract of service with an employer to work for less than 22 hours a week.


Salary and Increment


You will be paid a Basic Salary of SGD $xxxx. Your salary is subject to
Compulsory CPF contribution.


The increment of your salary will be at the discretion of the Company based
on your merit, efficiency, performance and good conduct.


Payment of salary shall not be later than (date) 7th and 20th of the month.


Probation Period


You will be placed in a probationary period of at least 3 months or may be

extended as determined by the Company based on your performance.


Your performance and suitability for continued employment will be reviewed

throughout your probationary period.


During the probationary period, any absence from work will be deemed as
unpaid and a deduction of 2 days of your salary will be imposed.


Companys Attire


Employees are require to put on Companys Uniform.


Safety Boots or waterproof Rubber boots (As task required) or Covered Shoe
are to be worn during working hours.


Proper PPE is to be worn when working such as Safety helmet, rubber hand
gloves, goggles and luminous vest are to be worn when necessary. This will
be briefed by your site supervisor before performing your task.

Private and Confidential




You shall perform such duties as may be assigned to you from time to time
and you shall comply with all reasonable directions given by the Company.


During your employment, you shall well and faithfully serve the Company
and use your best endeavors to promote its interests and protect its
reputation. You are not to do anything which is to its detriment and shall
devote the whole of your time, attention and abilities to the performance of
your duties.
You shall not be engaged, employed or in any way be interested in any
business whether as employee, consultant or in free-lance capacity in any
business of a nature similar to or in competition with the business of the



Working Hours


You shall carry out your duties from Monday Friday, from 7.00am 7.00pm
and Saturday 7.00am 4.00pm or according to the timing given by Modern
General Contractor Pte Ltd Management. However, Change of working hours
will depend on your work site requirement.


If and when required by the Company, you shall work overtime in addition to
your normal hours of work or during Public Holiday. The Company reserves
the right to adjust the period of work according to the exigencies of the
business. You will be paid as follows:
a. Overtime rate is 1.5hours of your hourly rated pay.
b. For Sunday and Public holiday, 2 hours of your hourly rated will be
paid. Overtime is at the company discretion. Only approved by
management then you may do the overtime.


If for any reason, you will be late for work, you are to inform your site
supervisor. Appropriate hourly deduction of your pay will be imposed. Failing
to report, you will be considered absent without approval and will be
subjected to deduction in salary of 2 days.


Annual and Medical Leave


Annual and medical leave benefits given to full-time employee after

confirmation. The breakdown as follows:
a. 3 days Annual Leave upon confirmation. (3 months of service or more
depend on your performance.)
b. 5 Days Annual Leave upon reaching 9 months of service.
c. 7 Days Annual leave upon reaching 12 months service.
d. Your leave will be increased appropriately after you served 1 year with
Modern General Contractor Pte Ltd .An Additional of 1 day leave will be
added for every 3 months to the maximum of 14days per year.


Employee who wish to apply for Annual leave is submit leave application to
your site supervisor for recommendation before approval by Management.

Private and Confidential

Your leave is considered approved only when you receive the application form
signed by the Director.

All annual leave application to be applied at least 7 days prior to the day of
Leave. However, for compassionate leave, it will be case to case basis.


Company will not bear any cost of your medical expenses however, during
your Sick Leave, Company will pay your daily salary. Maximum of 7 days
Medical leave per year will be paid. However, it will be depending on your
months of service with the company.
i. Below 3 Months or before confirmation. Zero Medical leave entitle. (During
your sick leave, no salary will be paid but it will be considered for
confirmation when you submit the MC.

ii. After confirmation, you are entitle for 1 day (paid) Medical leave. Your
Medical leave entitlement will be increased to additional 1 day for every 2
months of your service upon confirmation to a Maximum of 7 days per year.

Your pay will only be made upon received of the Medical Certificate. Claim is
to be submitted to your site supervisor and must be supported by Medical
leave certificate issued by Government doctor and Polyclinic. Company have
the discretion not to accept any Medical Certificate from any Practitioner
other than Government Hospital and Polyclinic.


Absent without Medical Certificate will be considered as absent from work.


Reimbursement of Medical Fees


As a rule, Company is not responsible for any medical expenses however, for
those who serve the company for more than 1 year, Company appreciate your
loyalty and will reimburse your Medical expenses to a maximum of $10 per
claim or whichever is lower to the Maximum of $70/year.




You shall not divulge to any person or make use of any trade secret or any
confidential information, including publication or disclosure thereof,
concerning the Company or any of its associated companies.


All notes and memoranda of any trade secret or confidential information

concerning the business of the Company or any of its associated companies
which shall be acquired or received or made by you during the course of your
employment shall be the property of the company and shall be handed over
to the authorized representative of the Company.


Custody of Company Property

Private and Confidential



You may be provided or assigned with a company property for official

use to assist you in carrying out your duties. You are expected to take
proper care of the asset while it is in your custody.
You shall be liable to pay the cost of the asset in case of loss or
damage due to Negligent. The value of the asset shall be determined
by the Company.


Upon termination of your employment, you shall return the property

to your direct supervisor. If you fail to do so, the Company shall be
obliged to deduct the value to the property from the final amount due
to you.


Use of Company Vehicle (When applicable)


You may be assigned to drive the company vehicle for official use to
assist you in carrying out your duties. You are expected to take
proper care of the vehicle while it is in your custody.


Repairs and maintenance of the company vehicle shall be borne by

the Company, unless damage has been caused by your own negligence
and carelessness. In such case, you shall be liable to pay for the cost
of repair and/or restoration.
You are reminded to take utmost care when driving the company
vehicle and to be minded of traffic rules. You shall be liable to pay for
any summon raised due to your own negligence and carelessness.





The Company has the right to terminate your employment at any time on the
grounds of misconduct, poor performance, dishonesty and insubordination.


Fail to perform the task as assigned by site supervisor.

Fail to report on time for work repeatedly. (For 3 days without any
Fail to comply with site supervisor /Manager Instruction regards to
work without reasonable ground that will cause Company to be issued
with Liquidated Damaged (LD).
Fail to put on Company uniform when working.
Refuse to follow Safety practice at workplace as instructed by
Fail to demonstrate best behavior to Residents, which will caused
complain. (When there is any dispute with Resident, excuse yourself
politely and immediately report to Supervisor for necessary follow up
Upon Immediate Termination, you will be paid accordingly to the number of
days that you work for the months. However, Company will take into
consideration for an cost that you are liable to the company.

Private and Confidential


Upon Resignation/termination of your employment, you are required to

surrender all the company properties that were assigned to you during the
course of your employment. Failure to do so, the Company has the right to
claim from you or take legal action against you.


Should the Employee desire to resign, two (2) weeks of notice must be




Upon signing this Employment Contract, you therefore confirm that you have
fully understood the terms and conditions of your appointment.

Best regards,
(Signature & Company Stamp)
Modern General Contractor Pte Ltd

I, ____________________, accept the terms and conditions in the above
Witness by: _____________________________
Signature/date: _________________________