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Hudson~Litchfield News
Volume 28 Number 4 July 29, 2016 16 Pages


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SL Chasse Steel and Fabrication

to Donate New Staircase
for Alvirnes Stadium

Hudson Rec Campers

Enjoy Day at
the Roller Kingdom

Kids are dancing to The Hokey Pokey song.

Courtesy photos

Kids are skating around having some summer fun with the Hudson Recreation Department.

by Len Lathrop
The Hudson School Board accepted with gratitude and
thanks a donation of a new galvanized steel staircase and
landing from the bleachers to the track.
Principal Steve Beals had approached Steve Chasse,
company president of SL Chasse Steel and Fabrication,
to purchase some steel for a new staircase as part of the
track renovation project. Chase requested that he be
allowed to make a community donation of the staircase
and landing area to show his appreciation to the town of
Hudson and to benefit the students in the school system.
Beals mentioned that as Chases business has grown, he
has each year offered tours of his business operations to

the Alvirne welding classes.

With new distance requirement from the outside lane
of the track to the bleachers, the stairs and some of the
bleachers supports were too close to the running area
and had to be changed. This new stairway will get
people from the bleachers to the ground level, and a new
walkway will allow spectators to get to the concession
stands without having to walk on the track.
Beals reported in his memo that the value of the
staircase, which would be fully designed, fabricated and
installed by Chasse Steel, is $10,000. Beals could not
express his appreciation enough to SL Chasse Steel.

A girl is jamming out to the Hokey Pokey with her counselor.

Staff photos by Kaylee Murphy

Government Regulations Force Increase

in School Lunches
by Len Lathrop
The Hudson School Districts lunch program is self
funded, which simply means that no tax dollars are
used in its operation. However, if you have a student at
Alvirne High School you will be called on for 25 cents
more every day, and for the smallest learners at the
Early Learning Center, Nottingham West Elementary and
Hills Garrison schools the increase is also 25 cents. The
Hudson Memorial School lunch costs were increased last
year and are in line with the federal guidelines.
The Hudson programs, which serve both breakfast
and lunch for the students, are mandated to meet a price
standard set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The
intent of this regulation is to ensure sufficient funds
are provided to run highly nutritious programs. While
increasing the cost of lunches for a program that shows a
positive fund balance each year seems unwarranted, the
district is placed in a position where it has no options.

Two friends hold hands while they skate around the rink.

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If the district does not meet the price standard, it will

face a loss of federal reimbursements of approximately
The funds generated by this price change will be
used to improve the quality and variety of food offered
throughout the district, specifically, as mentioned in
a memo to the school board from Hudson Business
Administrator Karen Burnell and Food Service Director
Carla Anger that the food program will provide a wider
selection of fruits and vegetables at all levels.
Parents whose child buys a meal each of the 180 days
that it is available can expect an increase of $45 per
year. Students in the elementary school will see the price
moving up from $1.90 to $2.15, and at Alvirne the price
rise goes from $2.50 to $2.75.
The Hudson School Board approved the suggested
changes during their meeting on July 25 with a 4-0 vote.
Member Ben Nadeau was excused from the meeting.

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2 - July 29, 2016 | Hudson - Litchfield News

Local Company To Give FREE Roof to Veteran

This year with the help of IKO and Heritage Wholesalers, we at iROOF
LLC are proud to offer a new roof to one deserving Military Veteran!
iROOF LLC is veteran owned and operated by Steven Marchand, a
Litchfield resident, who served two tours in Iraq in 2004 and 2007.
iROOF LLC specializes in residential and commercial roofing in NH
and MA. Steven, the owner, has always felt the need to help out veterans of all wars in any way he can. Last year Steven approached IKO
after seeing how many veterans needed new roofs in the Hudson and
Litchfield area and just couldn't afford it due to fixed incomes or the
inability to earn income due to a service connected disability. When
iROOF brought this to the attention of IKO and Heritage Wholesalers
they felt compelled to help in any way they could. IKO offered to
provide the material, Heritage offered to deliver, and we at iROOF LLC
will provide the installation.
This is a great opportunity for our local businesses to show the veterans of these two towns that we appreciate all they have sacrificed, that
we understand and care for them, as they are family and we take care

of our own. We, along with IKO and Heritage, look forward to this
opportunity and to build a great relationship with our community of
veterans. In order to qualify you must meet the following criteria:
-You cannot nominate yourself, someone else must. Must be a
Litchfield or Hudson property.
-Must not have the ability to afford a new roof. (Honor system)
-Must be a Military Veteran, serving or retired.
-Must have an honorable discharge on their DD214 which must be
submited along with a paragraph on who they are and why they
need a new roof.
-By August 18th, one veteran will be picked.
-Submit all paper work to:

iRoof, 24 Page Road, Litchfield, NH 03052

We Specialize in:
Asphalt Roofs
Rubber Roofs
Composite Roofing


Top 5 reasons why to choose iROOF LLC

as your roofing contractor:
1. Certified installers with GenFlex, IKO, and Certianteed
2. 50 year material warranty, 10 year labor on roofs.
3. Roofs will be done in 1-2 days with no short cuts
on quality of install or materials.
4. We are Veteran owned.
5. No mess guarantee.

Hudson - Litchfield News | July 29, 2016 - 3

Remember Hudson When ...

20 Musquash Road


submitted by Ruth Parker

fruits, jams and pickles. All these were stored in the cellar along
From Lowell Road take a left onto Wason Road, which is
with potatoes, squash and cabbage for the winter. After helping
between Market Basket and Goodwill. Stay on Wason and then
with the chores the children would explore and play in the woods
take a right onto Musquash Road. In less than a quarter mile, the
observant traveler will see a relic of Hudsons history - a cellar
Attached to the front and side of the house was a large porch
hole on the left at 20 Musquash Road; a reminder of an ancient
about 8-feet deep. There were at least six pillars in the front of the
homestead for many Hudson families.
house and three along the side. The lawn contained a large tree
The last family to live here
and a circular driveway.
was that of Leslie and Florence
The earliest family to
(Chadwick) Barrett. They moved
occupy this house that we
to Hudson from Bowdoinham,
know much about was that
Maine, in 1938 with their
of Zaccheus Colburn, born
family of two boys and two
1765 the youngest son of
girls. By 1941 the family moved
Thomas and Mary Colburn.
to Happy Hills Farm at 20
He married Rachel Hills in
Musquash Road. Mr. Barrett was
1788 and they purchased
employed at Bensons Animal
this home from Ebenezer
Farm and later as a maintenance
Dakin. Little is known of
person in Nashua. After moving
Ebenezer except that he was
to Hudson the family grew
on the tax list from 1745 to
to include seven sons, one of
1793. Zaccheus and Rachel
whom died young; and three
had a family of three sons
daughters. They all attended
and two daughters. One son
Hudson schools. Mrs. Barrett
died young. The other two
passed in 1951 at the age of 40.
sons, Elijah and Zaccheus,
In 1965 Mr. Barrett retired and
studied for and became
by July of that year had sold the
medical doctors. Dr. Elijah
farm. Members of his family
began his medical career in
were living elsewhere, working
Hudson about 1823 and by
or attending college at UNH, or
1825 had settled in Nashua
serving in the armed forces.
where he had a long and
Todays photo shows the
useful career. Dr. Zaccheus
Charred remains of 20 Musquash Road c.1966
charred remains of this landmark
began his career with his
home after the unoccupied
brother Elijah in Nashua until
house was destroyed by fire in April 1966. The Hudson Fire
1831, then returned to Hudson and practiced until 1838 at which
Department used five pieces of equipment under the direction
time he moved to Manchester. The youngest daughter, Molly,
of Chief Campbell to fight the fire over a three-hour period. This
married Thomas B. Wason and they remained on the farm with her
building had been a landmark in town for over 170 years. Local
parents. Thomas was active in town affairs; serving as a selectman
legend says this house was a stagecoach stop during the early days
and representative to state legislature. In fact, it was Thomas who
- entirely possible when you consider that before 1746 Musquash
presented the motion to the NH Legislature in 1830 to change the
Road (then called Back Road) was the main road through the center
name of Nottingham West to Hudson.
of town!
Title of the Thomas B. Wason place passed to their son-in-law
From this photo and memories offered by family members we
Obadiah F. Smith who married
can imagine the homestead. The barn was on the opposite side of
their youngest daughter, Philena.
the unpaved road from the house, with a faded painted sign over
In June 1891, James F(ranklin)
the barn door HAPPY HILLS FARM. Mr. Barrett used a team
Wilson purchased the farm of
of work horses around the place. The farm included a few fruit
190 acres. James Wilson was a
trees, apple, pears, peaches; cows, a few goats, a sheep, pigs, and
farmer; in fact, his father Franklin
chickens. The barn was large with a central aisle and stanchions
had owned a farm at the very
for cows on one side and pigs, sheep, and goats on the other. The
southern end of Dracut Road. By
Barrett children would play in the hay and on the barn floor during
1909 James transferred title of his
cold and rainy days.
homestead farm to his son, Frank
It was a three-story house with four large rooms on each floor,
A. Wilson. By June 1917 the
two massive chimneys and eight fireplaces. Looking at the photo,
farm was sold to Matilda Parker.
you can see the details of the fireplaces and the separation of each
Ownership remained with this
of the floors. There were secret places to hide in the house with
Parker family until 1941 when it
large closets accessible from the bedrooms. On the first floor,
was purchased by Leslie Barrett.
between the kitchen and living room, there was a small room with
In 1988 a tax lien was placed
an 8-foot dutch oven built into the base of the large chimney, all
on the property, and, in 1990,
brick faced, with iron doors for two large ovens. This dutch oven
it was conveyed to the Town of
was not used by the Barrett family but it was the centerpiece of the
Hudson and is near or part of the
house. The house was wired for electricity in the 1940s and the
Musquash Conservation area.
family had a radio in the living room and an electric washer with
Photo from the Historical Society
a ringer for the laundry. The children helped with the household
and farm chores; baking bread, pies, cakes, canning vegetables and








Puzzle 30 (Medium, difficulty rating 0.53)

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Answers on page 13

Dumont - Sullivan
Funeral Homes &
Cremation Services



Litchfield Police Log

Saturday, July 16: 12:40 a.m. Alarm, Carriage

Road. 4:14 a.m. Suspicious activity, Charles

Bancroft Highway. 10:07 a.m. Paperwork service,
Chatfield Drive. 3:48 p.m. Juvenile was arrested for
Criminal Threatening and Simple Assault. 10:24 p.m.
Noise complaint, Stark Lane.

Sunday, July 17: 1:16 a.m. Suspicious vehicle,

Charles Bancroft Highway. 8:10 a.m. Disturbance,
Parker Circle. 9:54 a.m. VIN check, Page Road. 3:00
p.m. Animal involved incident, Stark Lane. 6:14 p.m.
Motor vehicle complaint, Charles Bancroft Highway.
6:25 p.m. Paperwork service, Chatfield Drive. 10:25
p.m. Suspicious vehicle, Charles Bancroft Highway.
Monday, July 18: 3:15 p.m. Wires down,

Woodburn Drive. 4:03 p.m. Welfare check,

Campbell Drive. 7:00 p.m. Medical emergency,
Campbell Drive. 7:25 p.m. Disabled motor vehicle,
Charles Bancroft Highway. 8:39 p.m. Disabled
motor vehicle, Highlander Court. 11:29 p.m.
Suspicious person; gave courtesy ride, Charles
Bancroft Highway. 11:33 p.m. Motor vehicle off
the road, Albuquerque Avenue. 11:48 p.m. Motor
vehicle complaint, Charles Bancroft Highway.
Tuesday, July 19: 1:10 a.m. Jon Boufford, 29, of
Hudson, was arrested for Driving After Suspension.
1:10 a.m. Road hazard, Lance Avenue. 6:54 a.m.
Animal involved incident, Charles Bancroft Highway.
9:11 a.m. Animal involved incident, Liberty Way.
9:54 a.m. Alarm, Charles Bancroft
Highway. 10:49 a.m. Found
property, Liberty Way. 2:17 p.m.
VIN check, Pondview Drive. 6:21
p.m. Suspicious activity, Bear
Run Drive. 6:59 p.m. Suspicious
activity, Mike Lane. 7:40 p.m.
Suspicious vehicle, Nesmith
Court. 7:49 p.m. Suspicious
vehicle, Hillcrest Road. 9:25 p.m.
Suspicious activity, Horseshoe

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4 - July 29, 2016 | Hudson - Litchfield News

The Word Around Town...

Letters to our Editor

The Fox never knows what questions are out there to be asked. Why does Hudson Memorial School
not have a summer reading list? Alvirne has one, which has some excellent books; a current teacher
advised the Fox of the titles.
If you were thinking about where you will vote in the Novembers General Election, stop worrying
about that as selectmen, on Thursday the 21st, in a special meeting, voted not to pose the question of a
second polling place in Hudson. To those whom will vote in the September primary election, it was to be
a special election type of ballot. The state advised that if it passed the town would have to have the extra
polling place at all elections; it was not something that the selectmen could pick and choose when to use
and when not to use.
While everyone is watching the presidential race, remember that there are a lot of state offices up
for grabs in the September
and November elections that
can shape the future; these
lawmakers can change things
that affect you and your family
on a daily basis. Google their
names and see where they
might stand on issues that are
important to you or how they
have been involved in the
community before their run for
A note and a thank you to
three student/athletes who
stepped up to help the paper
move into our new home at
One Campbell Ave. Everyone
is bombarded with images of
our future based on the lifestyle
of the young people of today.
These young men showed that
they are hard working and not
at all afraid to put their muscles into action. Two big thumbs up to them and good luck in the 2016-2017
school year; the Fox is looking for state champs in soccer and basketball this year. No pressure. Also, a
shout out to Rick Maddox who worked with the above muscles to get the move done.
Hudson Selectmen on Tuesday only had a quorum of three and a 17-minute meeting. The Fox hopes
that short of a meeting shows that our little town is running effectively; maybe its just that it is summer.
The school board, at their meeting, approved a new position and authorized a person to be hired.
This staff member will be a case manager for IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) students
who are placed outside the district, which also includes students with IEPs (Individualized Education
Programs) at charter schools. The projected caseload is 28 students at this time; the Director of Special
Services Larry Russell has been doing this case management. In other school district news, please read
the articles about the mandated increase in the cost of lunches and the wonderful donation a local
business is making to the Alvirne stadium track replacement project.
Remember the savings that were projected by terminating the Aramark contract. I guess the never
count the chickens before they hatch is in effect. The Nottingham West School replacement drip edge
project that has been on the we- need-to-do list was estimated back then at $43,000. When the RFP
(Request for Proposal) came in this summer, the cost was $73,000, and only one company bid the job;
thus the board approved moving $30,000 of the projected $50,000 saving to complete that project. Yes,
there are leaks. Remember that this is our second newest school at 30 years old.
Resignations of teachers and the question of what does a contract mean has come up repeatedly over
the summer and did again on Monday. Contracts are mandated by the current teachers contract and
have to be in place by a certain time in the spring months before the end of the school year, but it seems
that there is no harm or foul if you decide to leave later than that, such as is the case with this weeks
The new Fox den is up and running, and the Fox will be back watching the highways and byways of
Hudson and Litchfield again.

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A Ban on Muslims
Makes No Sense
There are just so many news stories that are flying around as
All About
of late. Its always so tempting to state my opinion and I rarely
resist temptation. What interesting and fascinating times we
are living in! There are countless hot button issues that people
debate so passionately for. Sometimes I wonder when they
write the books for this chapter of human history what specific details they are going to omit.
Some people disagree with me on my stances and that is totally ok. Its America; we are
allowed to express our opinions. Ive decided that I enjoyed all of the responses that I got from my
Black Lives Matter vs. Police Officers so much that I decided to write another column on another
popular debate topic.
So Trump threw out this idea a while ago about putting a temporary ban on Muslims from
entering the country. To me thats getting a little close to the same level of thinking as the Japanese
internment camps in World War II, but whatever.
Remember, I dont offer solutions. Mainly because the government doesnt sign my checks and
I dont get paid enough to solve world problems. I just like to point them out and complain about
them like a typical Millennial.
There are many branches of Islam just as there are many branches of Christianity. Some
branches of both of those religions are way more extreme than others. Islam is just more of a hot
topic right now for obvious reasons. Although I like to remind people that people who are white
and/or not of any Islamic faith commit atrocities in this country. Robert Lewis Dear shot up a
Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs killing three people in 2015. In 2012, 12 people were
murdered and 70 were injured at a midnight screening of a Batman movie in Aurora, Colo. In
2012 Adam Lanza shot his mother, 20 children and six staff members in the Sandy Hook Massacre.
I listed off those incidents to remind people again that there are good people and bad people of
all color, ethnicity and religion. A few months ago I was bored and engaged in a Twitter argument
with a gentleman about banning Muslims from entering the country. He tweeted at me asking me
how I would feel if one of my family members were killed by an Islamic Extremist. I replied that I
would be upset no matter who killed him. I would be equally upset if his killer was white, black,
Islamic, or whatever other ethnicity, gender, or religion their killer happened to be.
Im not sure how you ban an entire religious affiliation from entering a country. Anyone could
easily lie. Im not sure how Trump would go about banning all the people of a religion from
entering the country. I think he would have a much easier time banning a race, which in my
opinion would be unfortunate.
As I have said before, although America is thought to be a giant melting pot, we all just
love to burn each other in it. We were never accepting to immigrants and to people who arent
westernized in this country.
One thing that Ive heard several people say is that this is basically World War II. People have
been saying that for years and I have disagreed, but I do agree that we are in an unofficial World
War II. Wars are different now. They changed with World War II, and they are going to change
again if World War III was ever declared with ISIS. There arent really any uniforms and youre not
fighting a country. The fight is with an ideology. How do you win a battle against an ideology? I
have no idea. ISIS to me is the same thing as an oversized and very dangerous cult.
The reason why I believe its a World War is because ISIS has committed terrorist attacks in Asia,
Europe, Africa, Middle East, the U.S, and I believe Australia. I would like to point out that the
Boko Haram (Nigerias militant Islamic group) has killed way more people than ISIS. Although
Boko Haram isnt really an international threat, they just wipe out entire villages, which is why
their number is higher.
So one of the main reasons why banning Muslims isnt going to work is because they are being
radicalized over social media. The Orlando Gunman was U.S. born and was radicalized in this
county. So if ISIS can radicalize people in the U.S. over social media, I dont understand why
putting up a ban on a religious group that has many branches is going to prevent future attacks.
The people who are radicalized are already here.
If we dont provide people with an escape route to get away from the extremists then ISIS will
gain more members. Im sorry but if someone puts a gun to my head and says were going to kill
you and your family unless you join us, Im going to join them. If I get beaten and conditioned so
many times to believe something that is false Im gonna believe it anyways. If anyone says that I
would never join them in that situation or I will never believe their philosophies, well then, you
are either a liar because I guarantee you will or youll be dead.
Many religions have done this in the past. Catholics had their crusades. The difference is, is that
we are not in the Middle Ages anymore. ISIS has the ability to create unexpected attacks all over
the world and kill a lot of people.
So how did ISIS come to be? Extremism can stem from dire situations. When there is nothing
better, when you have nothing and someone is offering you something you take it no matter what
the consequences. When the U.S went into the Iraq and removed their leader the reins loosened
and caused this to happen, which, now looking back at it, doesnt surprise me. I was very young
when we went to war after 9/11 so I didnt understand it back then. Its like if drinking were
to become suddenly legal for everyone in the U.S you are going to see a lot of pre-teens and
teens intoxicated beyond all belief. Freedom needs to be given gradually to a society who was
previously under a dictatorship, like the drinking needs to be gradually introduced to previously
underage kids. Its all about learning limitations.
Now another problem is the refugees. They are literally drowning in the ocean all the time.
They are desperately trying to get away from the terrorism that they will do it by any means
necessary. I feel bad for the refugees because they are stuck between a rock and a hard place
and no matter what they do they are screwed. If they stay they are subjected to basically living
in a war zone and potentially dying or becoming radicalized. So these people are desperate to
get away and they try to leave in an overcrowded boat, which is operated illegally and tickets
are ridiculously expensive only for a very real chance at potentially drowning. Then once they
finally arrive to Europe, they are homeless, broke, have lost loved ones along the way, and have no
prospects. These countries are angry with the refugees because they are draining their resources.
With such an influx of poor traumatized people of course there is going to be an increase in crime.
These men dont respect women the same way western men do. To them the women that are
walking around are basically naked. Sexually assaulting women is wrong, no matter what, but its
important that we try to understand what is happening with the refugee crisis.
Are there bad refugees? Yes. Did some terrorist sneak in with the refugees? Of course. Are
we going to see more terrorist attacks? Sadly, yes. I mean its not all up to the U.S to fix this
huge messy problem. Our choices this election are the liar and the psycho. Who is the better
choice to fix this one giant problem out of many giant problems? I mean Hillary can definitely lie,
cover up and pay off herself out of any situation. Im not even sure if she knows what the word
consequence means. Trump says crazy and inappropriate things all the time.
Basically the more refugees that dont make it out of Iraq and Syria the more recruits ISIS has
and the more terrorists there are going to be. When it comes down to it those are basic and logical
facts. The problem is how do we incorporate people who arent westernized into a western world
without creating conflict, draining resources and facing more terrorist attacks. I have absolutely no
idea, but I didnt go to Harvard or Yale, so those graduates can figure it out. Let me know what you


Collision Sends
Three to Hospital

submitted by Hudson Police Department

On July 26, at about 4:07 p.m., members of
the Hudson Police and Hudson Fire departments
responded to Central Street by Park Avenue for a
report of a motor vehicle collision with injuries.
Upon arrival, the Hudson Fire Department
attended to the vehicle occupants and the Hudson
Police began an investigation. It was determined
three vehicles were involved and all had been
traveling east on Central Street.
A 2006 Ford F250 was stopped at the red
light at Central Street and Park Avenue. It was
operated by Nicolis Iosua, 27, of Derry. It was
also occupied by Brittney Soucy, 25, of Derry. A
2013 Toyota Corolla was stopped at the red light,
behind the Ford F250. It was operated by Meghan
Rhodes, 21, of Hudson, and also occupied by Lisa
Rhodes, 48, of Hudson. All four above occupants
were seatbelted.

A 1999 Honda Civic was traveling east on

Central Street approaching the stopped vehicles.
It was operated by Aaron Burns, 18, Londonderry.
The front left end of the Honda struck the rear
right end of the Toyota. The stopped Toyota was
pushed forward and its front end struck the rear
end of the Ford F250. Burns was not seatbelted.
The Honda and Toyota had airbag deployment.
Meghan Rhodes, Lisa Rhodes and Burns were
treated at the scene for non-life threatening
injuries. All three were transported to Southern
New Hampshire Medical Center by Hudson
Fire Department Ambulances and the Windham
Ambulance for evaluation.
Burns was issued a citation for Negligent
Operation, a violation. He is scheduled to appear
at the 9th Circuit Court - Nashua District Division
on Sept. 1.

Hudson - Litchfield News | July 29, 2016 - 5

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Summer Reading Programs for All Ages
at Rodgers Memorial Library. Children
11 and under can earn raffle tickets for
each hour they read and have a chance
to win fun prizes. Students entering grades 6-12
can earn points towards raffle tickets for reading
or listening to audio books and participating in
Teen summer activities at the Rodgers Memorial
Library. Teen prizes will be awarded. Adults can
get raffle tickets for each library book they read or
listen too, including e-books, and any library movie
they watch as well as for participating in library
programs in July and August. Prizes include gift
certificates to local stores and restaurants. Go to to sign up.


Tuesdays in August
The Rodgers Memorial Library is hosting free
Zumba Gold classes from 2 to 2:45 p.m. Zumba
Gold is great for active older adults and beginners
to fitness programs looking for a modified Zumba
class that recreates the original Latin dance based
moves at a lower intensity. Space is limited, preregistration is recommended, walk-ins will be
allowed if the class is not full. Each weeks class
must be signed up for individually. Go to rmlnh.
org/events or call 886-6030.
Thursdays throughout the Summer
Do you live with or love someone who is
addicted to drugs? You are not alone. Narateen
is a 12-step self-help group for teenagers who
have family members or friends who are addicts.
Narateen, which was offered during the school year
at Alvirne High School, will hold meetings from 7
to 8 p.m. at Rodgers Memorial Library in Hudson.
Narateen meetings are open to all teenagers who
are coping with addicts. They provide a safe place
to share. This anonymous program requires no
dues, fees or attendance obligations. By coming to
Narateen meetings, you learn that drug addiction
is a disease. It is not the family members fault
that a mother, father, brother, sister or friend has
becoming addicted to drugs.
Saturdays thru August 13
Crazy Craft Day, drop in any time 9 a.m.-12:30
p.m. at the Rodgers Memorial Library and make a
craft while supplies last. To register go to rmlnh.
Saturdays thru August 27
Aaron Cutler Memorial Library in Litchfield Closed
Saturdays thru September 3
Rodgers Memorial Library Summer Hours:
Open 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Sunday, July 31.

Celebrate Blessing of the Farms, a
Rogation Service, at Litchfield Community
Church, 259 Charles Bancroft Hwy. Each
of the farms in Litchfield will be given a
blessing, even as the farms bless our community.
Come in support of our Litchfield farms! Anyone
who has a garden is invited to bring a soil sample,
seed, plant or produce to receive a blessing.
Service at 10 a.m. Call 714-7067 if you have

parish basement from 7 to 8 p.m. Non-committal.

Feel free to come to either or both sessions. Give
us a call if you have any questions or would like
further information at 882-7793, ext. 204 or e-mail
Deacon Ray Marcotte at
or check out our parish website: www.stkathryns.


Wednesday, August 10
Jazz Concert on the Lawn of the Aaron
Cutler Memorial Library in Litchfield from
6 to 8:30 p.m. Join us for a laid back
evening with the Wide Avenue Cohort as
they honor the jazz tradition by playing from the
standard swing and be-bop repertoire, but with a
particular focus on especially funky numbers from
the likes of jazz legends Benny Golson, Horace
Silver, and Herbie Hancock.just to name a
few. This concert is appropriate for all ages, so
bring your friends and chairs or a blanket to sit
on! In case of rain, the concert will be held at
the Campbell High School Auditorium. Call the
circulation desk with any questions at 424-4044.


Monday, August 1 thru Friday, August 5

Summer Thunder Kids Club, ages 5-12.
All kids welcome for fun, games, stories,
crafts. Open Doors Christian Fellowship,
359 Charles Bancroft Hwy., Litchfield. Sign
up at our website and watch a video of last year or call 424-9240.


Wednesday, August 3
iRobot Visits the Library! For Kids
ages 10-17. Join us for a presentation by
iRobot, the company that invented the
Roomba, Brava and various other home
robots. Roboticists will discuss the science and the
various engineering fields - mechanical, electrical,
software and systems - involved in designing,
creating, and building robots. The presentation
will be followed by a demonstration of their robots
in action. 3 to 4:30 p.m. at the Rodgers Memorial
Library. Note: This program is only open to youth
ages 10-17 years old. Registration required, go to or call 886-6030.


Thursday, August 11
Red Cross Blood Drive. Did you know
that one blood donation can save up
to three lives? Be a hero, give blood.
The Red Cross will be holding a blood
drive at the Rodgers Memorial Library, 194 Derry
Rd., Hudson, from 1 to 6 p.m. All donors will
receive a $5 Amazon gift card and a $5 Dunkin
Donuts gift card! Go to or
call 1-800-redcross (733-2767) to register for an

Bring the family out to cheer on both collegiate

and professional lumberjacks and lumberjills as
they chop their way to glory while they compete
in old-time lumberjack events! If you had fun last
year, be assured youll have twice as much fun
this year, with many surprises to be announced in
the coming months, so stay tuned! Events include
cross-cutting, underhand chopping, single buck,
springboard, and everybodys favorite ... hot saw!
Food, beverages and t-shirts will be on sale all
day, starting at 8 a.m. Dont forget to bring your
chairs, blankets, and whatever else will make for a
spectacular day of lumberjacking, as this event is
rain or shine! Free Parking and Admittance.
Saturday, October 20
Cemetery Tours with Dave. 9 a.m.,
Hudson Historical Society, Hills House,
211 Derry Rd., Hudson. This was such a hit
last year, we are doing it again! Including tours
of Hudson Center Cemetery, a discussion of the
Tenney Tomb and a visit to Westview.


Happenings Across
the River


Saturday August 6
Household Hazardous Waste
Collection, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., Nashua
Public Works Garage, 9 Stadium Dr., for
residents of Hudson and Litchfield. $10 user
fee per vehicle, additional charges for quantities
exceeding 10 gallons or 20 pounds. No Latex
Paint, No Electronics, No Medications. For more
information and a complete list of accepted items, or call 424-2240.


Friday, August 11 thru Sunday, August 14

Hudson Old Home Days, Hills House, Derry


Saturday, August 13
The Litcheld Historical Society is
planning an Art Show at the Griffin
Memorial School will run from 11 a.m. to
3 p.m.

Saturday, August 13 & Sunday, August 14

Annual Rotary Pancake Breakfast and Student
Art Show, 8 to 11 a.m., Alvirne High School. $6
for adults. Children 5 years and under, free!

Mondays, August 8 & August 22

Are you interested in the Catholic Faith?
St. Kathryn Parish will soon begin a new
journey in faith to share the richness of the
Catholic Church and our parish family. We
invite you to learn what the Church teaches and be
introduced to some of our parish members. These
sessions are opportunities for you, and others that
you may wish to invite, to ask those perplexing and
difficult questions you may have about the church.
These gatherings are for inquirers and are open
to people unbaptized, as well as those who are
baptized Christians from Protestant or Evangelical
backgrounds. Each session will be in room 1 in the



Tuesday, September 20
Hudson Police Department sponsors its
55th Semi-Annual American Red Cross
Blood Drive at the Hudson Community
Center from 12 to 7 p.m.

Saturday, September 24
& Sunday, September 25
Beaver Brook Annual Fall Festival &
Nature Art Show, Maple Hill Farm, 117
Ridge Rd., Hollis, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Free.
The public is invited to this exciting event. Artwork
by dozens of regional artists will be on display at
Maple Hill Farm and the featured artist this year
is Zachary Zahn of Wilton. The Fall Festival is the
signature annual event of Beaver Brook Association
and in addition to the fabulous display of artwork,
there will be activities of interest for all age groups.
These include nature crafts for children, animal
presentations from Wingmasters, Eyes on Owls
and Wildlife Encounters, a petting farm, live music
by local performers including Caroline Burns,
a contestant on The Voice last season. There
will be garden tours, guided hikes, a beekeeping
demonstration, homemade food, hot dog roast and
more. Visit our website for more details and save
these dates for a fun weekend for everyone:


Sunday, September 25
Fourth Annual Hudson Historical
Society Lumberjack Show, 9 a.m. to 5
p.m., Hills House, 211 Derry Rd., Hudson.

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Courtesy photos

Zootopia Comes to the Hudson Mall

submitted by Nick Languirand

On July, 22, the Hudson Mall had some
furry and animatronic friends come for a visit.
Charmingfare Farm brought in a petting zoo and
an inflatable screen and projector to show Disney
Pictures Zootopia. The evening was enjoyed by
many community members of all ages. The event
was a joint production between the Hudson Mall
and Inner Dragon Martial Arts. Sweet treats were
provided by Papa Ginos for the crowd to munch
The petting zoo provided a great source of
entertainment for the children in attendance as

Talk to

photos to

the sun was setting. The kids really liked patting

the goats and bunny rabbits, all in anticipation of
watching the adventures of Judy Hopps (Ginnifer
Goodwin), Nick Wild (Jason Bateman) and their
animal friends. The movie was well received by all
in attendance.
Inner Dragon Martial Arts invites children of all
ages to its second movie night of the summer on
Friday, Aug. 19 at 7 p.m. when Kung Fu Panda
3 will be shown. Inner Dragon will also be doing
a stranger awareness program, along with playing
games with the children, prior to the start of the

Attention Destroyer Veterans

Is your ship having a reunion?
If youd like to learn about it contact us and well let you know.
More than 475 ship reunions are registered with Tin Can Sailors.
The National Association of Destroyer Veterans
PO Box 100
Somerset MA 02725
1-877-TINCANS (877-846-2267)

Area News
Pulling together
We bring hometown
news to you

Are you looking for a church home?

Visit us and feel the warm welcome.
Sunday Worship Services- 10:30 AM

On the First Sunday of each month we serve communion and

have a time of fellowship and refreshments after Worship Service.

Food Pantry for Hudson residents

Hours: Tues & Thur 10am to 12pm
"Best kept secret
See us on Comcast Cable ch. 20 Sundays at 9AM and 6PM
that is right
in plain sight."
236 Central St., Hudson, NH 882-6116


6 - July 29, 2016 | Hudson - Litchfield News

Congresswoman Kuster Goes to Normanton Farm

to Announce Conservation Act

Staff photos by Kaylee Murphy

Annie Kuster
visits Normanton
Grass-fed Beef in
Litchfield where
she announced
and discussed the
introduction of
her bipartisan
Improving Access
to Farm
Conservation Act.

New Hampshire State Conservationist Rick Ellsmore

listens to Kuster as she tells a story.

Kuster poses for a group picture.

by Kaylee Murphy
On July 20, Congresswoman Annie Kuster visited Normanton
Grass-fed Beef in Litchfield to announce and discuss her bipartisan
Improving Access to Farm Conservation Act. Normanton Farm
sells pastured chickens, eggs, pastured pork, 100 percent grass-fed
beef and certified organic vegetables. The farm just opened up a
store on 55 Charles Bancroft Hwy. in Litchfield.
Now consumers are demanding a real shift towards healthy

Kuster listens as Steve

Normanton explains his
irrigation system.

food, Kuster said as Steve Normanton showed her around the

farm. He talked about his irrigation system that is designed to
save water and to keep his produce alive. This summer has been
especially dry, so this system has been vital. He also explained that
he farm incorporates laneways so that animals can walk without
compacting the soil. Things like these that help make farmers
lives a little bit easier and make the environment cleaner are what
the Natural Resources Conservation Service, which is part of the
U.S. Department of Agriculture, is looking for on farms around the
country. Many farmers and ranchers, in New Hampshire, as well
as throughout the U.S., voluntarily participate in the wide range of
conservation programs offered by the NRCS.
Under the current law, small farmers who organize themselves

as a business for tax and liability purposes are unfairly

caught up in an annual reporting regulation that is time
consuming, difficult to navigate, and costly to comply.
My bill would lift this burdensome regulation, ensuring
that small farmers are not unduly harmed by the current
annual reporting statutes, explained Kuster in a June 10
press release. I thank Congressman Rick Crawford for
joining me in the introduction of our bill, and I urge our
colleagues on both sides of the aisle to pass it swiftly.
This bipartisan bill would reform the current law, which
unintentionally prevents a significant amount of small farmers
from participating in multiple programs with cost-share payments.
This type of payment helps allow farmers to afford the cost of
implementing conservation measures. Kusters bill will increase
savings for local farms. It also helps by making it easier to get access
to through the U.S Department of Agricultures Natural Resources
Conservation Services various programs. Kuster is a member of
the House Agriculture Committee, and in 2014 she fought against
federal rules that would have created more headaches for the New
Hampshire farmer and was successful.
For more information about Kuster visit her website at kuster.

Hudson Man has a Passion for Invention

Staff photo by Kaylee Murphy

by Kaylee Murphy
Hudson resident Richard Kahn began landscaping in 2001.
He used to work on computers, but then became bored with his
work and switched to outside work. He currently owns his own
landscaping company.
Kahns true passion, however, is inventing. He has applied
for three patents and his fourth patent application was recently
approved. When showing his yard and garage Kahn said, Pretty
much everything you see here has a story.
One of his earlier attempts at inventing was an umbrella that
wouldnt fold up if it were windy. He would have his wife drive a
car while he held an umbrella out of the passenger window in order
to test it, to see if it would work.
His fourth patent, which he filed for in December 2014, is a
portable type of sifter, which he designed. It could be an asset to
homeowners, small landscaping
companies, police investigators,
and even archeologists could
find a use for his design. He
Specializing in Mobility Vans, Conversions,
started developing this design
four years ago.
quality Used Cars and Trucks! For over 40 Years!
What makes his sifter different
2015 Chrysler
is that it has wooden legs to
T & C Touring
keep it from falling off an object
Sto & Go, DVD,
such as a wheelbarrow while
Reverse Camera,
Only 35K Miles, $21,995

New England Motor Car Company- Hudson, NH


in operation. The
wooden legs are
able to fold, so it
can hang flat in a
garage and take
up no floor space.
It is light enough
to be picked up by
a single person.
The grids are also
in a few seconds
with no tools.
Khan has
already sold
two sifters, one
of which was
purchased by a
This is one of the sifters designed by Richard Kahn.
research facility
in Missouri. His
sifters cost $269 and additional grids are $50, with the exception of
one-inch grids, which is an extra $10. For more information, visit
his website or join his Facebook
group Kahn Landscaping LLC.

Saturdays Storm Causes Damage

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2010 GMC Sierra SLT

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A pine tree
crushed this shed
on Lund Drive.

Hudson - Litchfield News | July 29, 2016 - 7

Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner As Always, the Locals Know Best!


Our Favorite Neighborhood

Rivers Pub & Pizzaria


(Formerly Capri Pizza

Same owner, same good food)

Traditional New York Style Hand Tossed Pizza

Open 7 days a week at 76 Derry Rd.,

Plaza 102 - Hudson


Chips, Drink and Any Sub


76 Derry Road, Hudson, NH 03051

Plaza 102 (Across from McDonalds)


Entertainment every Friday and Saturday night.

Karaoke every Friday Night.
Check out our band for this Saturday night, May 28 - Black Heart
And watch for our upcoming Bands for the month of June every
Saturday Night!
Dont miss out on our daily bar specials.
Wing it Wednesday Free wings at the bar.
As always, our $5 Burger deal is on every Thursday. Every
Sunday, Buy one get one for a penny wings.
So come on by and see whats going on at Rivers Pub.
Always something happening! See you there!

222 Central St, Hudson, NH


Kings Platter For Two

Only $14.95 (Reg. $17.95)
Offer good Monday-Thursday 4pm-11pm, expires 8/15/16

Mon -Thur 11:30AM to 9PM (Diningroom) 10 PM (Lounge)

Fri & Sat 11:30AM - 10PM (Diningrm) 11PM (Lounge) ~ Sun 11:30AM - 8:30PM (Diningrm) 9:30 (Lounge)




New Local Owner!

Come on in - Check us out

and say Hi to John!

From Our House to Yours!

Everything we make is

Function and Banquet Hall with seating up to 90

Come in and pick up a Catering Menu


&American Dining

We take great
pride in serving
you since 1977

142 Lowell Rd. Hudson 889-9900

5 Years running!

$10.00 OFF $14.99 Lg. 2 topping

any order $50 or more Pizza & Garden Salad


Not to be combined
with any other offer.
Expires 7.31.16

Under New Management


$2 Delivery Charge Applies

40 East Hollis Street, Nashua, NH

142 Lowell Rd. Hudson

(603) 883-6177 (603) 598-4617


Fax (603) 598-0935

Sun-Thurs 11:00 am to 11:00 pm
Fri & Sat: 11:00 am to Midnight

Open Everyday 12 noon to 8 PM

Full Service Catering

on or off site

222 Central St. Hudson, NH (603) 579-3636

Not to be combined
with any other offer.
Expires 7.31.16

Put Your Restaurant in our

Brunch/Lunch Page
$50/week includes
3 x 2 column ad and
a rotating story about
your business.


Beer & Wine



e n tr

a l S r e e t,

H u ds o n , N




This Weeks Dinner Specials

Friday & Saturday Evenings from 4:30 to 8:30

Summer Salad Meal Deal

Just right for a hot night

CFC (Cookie Fried Chicken)

u ss ii n
n ee ss ss oo ff tt h
h ee Y
Yee aa rr !!

Look out Colonel, here comes Cookie

Call Mike or Sandy

now at 880-1516!

Reserve Your Table Today

Lunch: M-F 11AM to 2PM Dinner: Fri & Sat 4:30 to 8:30PM
Breakfast: M-F 7AM to 2 PM Sat 6AM to 1PM Sun 7AM to 1PM

Were on Facebook. Check us out!

5 George Street, Hudson, NH




l Care
Exception tire Family
for The E

Our mission is to provide

comprehensive, state-of-the-art
dental care to our patients in a
comfortable atmosphere for
a reasonable fee. We stress
preventative dental care to help
maintain your teeth for a

Now Accepting New Patients!


8 - July 29, 2016 | Hudson - Litchfield News

Campbell High School at Sweet 16

a collaboration of learners exhibiting character,
courage, respect, and responsibility in all aspects
of life.
On March 9, 1999, Litchfield went to the
polls to decide whether to build the school or
not. Two-thirds majority was required to approve
the $11.8M bond. Voting day brought a record
turnout at the polls. The middle school polling
place found long lines throughout the day. When
the 2,284 votes were counted, the results found
1,550 votes for and 734 votes against. The bond
passed with 67.9 percent of the vote, a margin of
27 votes! The community immediately began to
build the facility and choose a staff. The teaching
staff was chosen from an outpouring of applicants
who wanted to be in on the ground floor of the
new school. A mix of seasoned professionals
and the best new teachers could be found. The
curriculum was very inventive (competency
based with block scheduling) and was considered
cutting edge for the time.
The school opened in the fall of 2000 with
freshmen and sophomores only. Upperclassmen

Area News

Come Visit Us
1 Campbell Ave. in Hudson

Right Here!

1 Campbell Ave.

Great New

Same Phone:


Its all about...


with Rich Lascelles

Staff photo by Len Lathrop

Campbell High School opened in the fall of

the year 2000 and has now completed 16 years.
Perhaps it would be good to a do little exam
of how Campbell came about and how it has
progressed through the years.
Prior to there being a Campbell High,
Litchfield sent its high school students to Alvirne
in Hudson or to Memorial in Manchester. In
the mid 90s, Litchfield was warned that space
at those two schools was pressing capacity and
would not be expanded to satisfy the needs of
Litchfield. A building committee made up of
about 20 community members was established
to come up with a plan for a high school facility
and curriculum which would meet the needs
and reflect the ideals of the community. This
committee met for hundreds of hours and went
through many machinations before a proposal was
ready for the community to vote.
A mission statement was devised to meet those
needs and reflect those ideals. This mission
statement was adopted: to join together with
parents, students, staff and community to become

were allowed to finish where they

had started (Alvirne or Memorial).
Campbell has now graduated 14
classes. So if we were to reflect
on how the school has progressed
and measure that progress
we should look three areas:
academics, arts and athletics.
In the field of academics,
Discussion of Campbell: Conception through Sweet 16
Campbell has made steady
progress in various assessments.
school have won championships in the same
NECAP scores have gone up through the years.
season only 13 times across all four divisions
The number of students in Advanced Placement
since softball was adopted by the NHIAA in 1975.
courses has trended up. The graduation rate
Campbell represents three of those 13 - 2011,
has improved and now hovers around 100
2014 and 2015 - the Cougars are the only school
percent. Very few drop out of CHS. Average
to do it three times in four seasons and joined
daily attendance is at about 95 percent. The
Portsmouth (2008-09) as the only school to
percentage of graduates going on to two- and fouraccomplish the feat in back-to-back years.
year colleges now exceeds 80 percent. Several
Campbell softball is 69-9 over the past four
graduates have been selected to enter the military
years, including playoffs. The Cougars have gone
66-9 on the baseball diamond, which included the
In the field of the arts, Campbell has an
longest active win streak in the nation until being
aggressive program of both vocal and instrumental
snapped this spring. To put that in perspective, 23
music. Art students have received many
baseball and softball teams from Division III lost at
accolades at the state level. The music and art
least nine games this season alone.
departments have staff members who have been at
In 2014, Newsweek magazine selected
Campbell since it opened.
Campbell as one of Americas best high schools
In the beginning Campbell was not always
(ranked 142 out of the entire country). The criteria
successful on the athletic field. Opponents
for this selection was based upon the following
pointed at Campbell with derision and called
it The Soup School! But it didnt take long for
Enrollment Rate - 25 percent
success to reign. Campbell has now accumulated
Graduation Rate - 20 percent
far more state championships than any other area
Weighted AP/IB composite - 17.5 percent
school. The gymnasium is running out of rafter
Weighted SAT/ACT composite - 17.5 percent
space for all the banners. One year CHS won four
Holding Power (change in student enrollment
major state championships alone.
between ninth and 12th grades; this measure
In a recent article in the Nashua Telegraph,
is intended to control for student attrition) sportswriter Jason Orfao wrote this:
10 percent
Winning a championship is no easy task, yet
Counselor-to-Student Ratio - 10 percent
the Cougars have accounted for 70 percent of
So I think Litchfield can look back at the
the baseball and softball titles since Class M was
decision they made in 1999 and say overall we
changed to Division III in 2011.
made the right choice. Campbell High is indeed
Thats absurd.
Sweet Sixteen!
High school sports are cyclical and every
Earlier this year about a dozen original school
now and then a group of phenomenal athletes
board members, building committee members,
will come through town and win a glut of
administrators, and teachers, along with one
championships. However, to have baseball and
member of the original student class (who is now
softball so dominant during the same span has not
a Campbell teacher) and current (since retired)
been seen.
principal, came together to discuss Campbell High
Baseball and softball teams from the same
from conception to sweet sixteen. That meeting

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Four Levels of Care


Private suites
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August 11 - 14th

203 Lowell Road, Hudson NH 030

Memory Care Assisted

The Hills House grounds,
211 Derry Road
(Route 102 - across from
Alvirne High School) in
Hudson, NH
Thursday, August 11th
5PM to 10PM
Friday, August 12th
5PM to 11PM
Saturday, August 13th
12PM to 11PM
Sunday, August 14th
12PM to 5PM

Specialized programs
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Traditional Assisted Living

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Long Term Care

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Fairview Healthcare is an established member

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Fairview offers a continuum

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community in the area.

Laurel Place


Fairview Healthcare 603-882-5261

203 Lowell Road, Hudson, NH

Hudson - Litchfield News | July 29, 2016 - 9

10 - July 29, 2016 | Hudson - Litchfield News

Blessing of the Farms Offers a


Quality, Family Dental
submitted by Litchfield Community Church
to show gratitude for soil, sunshine, water and

Police Department Supports

Louisiana Law Enforcement

Dr. Suma Parakkal,

the town
of Litchfield is mentioned,
We treatWhenever
the whole
people respond with awed voices, the farms!
Those who gather are challenged to think
and esthetic
3A, known to locals as the Charles
tient Sabout
peci the food provided by farmers, and
w Pacarefully
partial dentures,
to consider care
Highway, is therapeutic, as fields and7 Ne
l water, earth and seed.
$5 toIncludes
It is likeimplants
going back in time
are under tremendous economic
crowns, farms
peace and tranquility.
as well, with the shifting of American life
X-rays, and
New patients
always welcome
Blessing of the Farms, being held this Sunday,
toward industry, the changing practices of seed
State of July
the art
manufacturers, and the increased cost of farm
at Litchfi
Community Church, at
equipment. Some Litchfield farms use educational
10 a.m., is a Rogation Service for the purpose
Digital x-rays
to the farmers, and
agritourism so that youth and adults can
The mostofcurrent
up appreciation
to date sterilization
appealing to God on their behalf. The term
experience blueberry picking (Durocher), picking
Most insurance
comes from the Latin asking.
strawberries and feeding animals (McQuesten).
All majorFarmers
credit cards
There will be blessings for each of the Litchfield
are at
the mercy of the weather:
at the Rogation Service on Sunday. It is
Financing available
also a time of blessing of gardens, whether small
or large. Anyone who has a garden is invited to
bring seeds, a soil sample, plant or produce to
A Rogation service is a traditional event of
receive a blessing.
praying for agriculture, and is celebrated around
Now accepting
Kids are held before the
the world among farming communities. It is a
growing season begins, toward the end of winter.
time of blessing the elements used in farming:
This Rogation Service is to bless the farm work in
the fields, seeds, plants and produce. It is a time
Often there is a Harvest
Festival at the end of the
growing season, a service of
thanksgiving for answers to
Rogation prayers. Litchfield
Community Church will be
AFFORDABLE, Quality, $5 Includes Exam, l
holding a Harvest Festival on
X-rays, and Cleaning!
Sunday, Oct. 23 at 10 a.m.
Family Dental Care
Community members are
Dr. Suma Parakkal, D.M.D.
encouraged to bring samples
36 Library St, Hudson, NH
of their produce, whether raw
or preserved. There will be
a Harvest Dinner at 6:00 on
Now accepting NH Healthy Kids
Saturday the evening preceding
the Harvest Festival. Cook your
homegrown produce and share
it with others!

Detective Riley and Officer

Blazon of the Hudson Police
Department have been
representing the town and
showing our support this week
down in Louisiana. It has been
an emotional couple of weeks for
law enforcement, but showing
support for the families and
children of these fallen officers is
what is most important during
times like these. These are our
brothers and sisters, no matter if
the faces are familiar or not.

services are a time to pray for the land, the

36 Library
the produce, the farmers and all those
NHthe land.

Courtesy photo



Senator Soucy Treats Herself with

Stops at Lix and Mels

Staff photo by Glenn Krzeminski


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better way
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no further!
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Senator Donna Soucy treats herself to chocolate ice cream at Mels Funway Park.



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Hi! My name is Rocco and I am a

louder cat but would enjoy a
quieter home. I love to talk to you
and tell you about my day.
Hopefully we can have long
conversations together and bond.
Since I would like a quieter home,
older children and a mellow
environment would work well for
me. I am very handsome and have
beautiful eyes. However at my age I
am a little spoiled and need wet
food every day. Recently I have
spending a lot of time lounging
Humane Society Hours
around on the patio outside here at
Mon. Tues. Thurs. Fri...Noon to 5:00 p.m.
HSFN. My number one priority is
pleasing you and once we get to
Sat & Sun.... 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
know each other I know I will be And check us out at WWW.HSFN.ORG
the guy for you. If I am the cat for
you please stop by and get to know
me at the Humane Society for
Greater Nashua!

Hi, Im Lorax and I have a lot of

love and energy to give! I enjoy
swimming, long car rides and
snuggling. I am looking for
someone who can indulge my
active side as well as my sweet
and cuddly personality. A home
with older children that can come
on adventures with me would be
best. I work well with dogs once
we know each other. I could
potentially live with another dog
as long as we were a good match,
the Humane Society will help
make sure of that. I also like to
spend time at home and it would
be great if my family was there
with me because I like attention. I
am a very handsome guy who
loves the outdoors (especially
trees, get it?); if you think I am the
dog for you please come visit me
at the Humane Society.

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24 Ferry Rd., Nashua

889- 2275


(800) 276-2470

by Glenn Krzeminski
In honor of National
Ice Cream Month, State
Senator Donna Soucy of
District 18 bounced around
on Wednesday, July 20,
covering four delicious
stops along the way. Her
journey started in her
birthplace of Manchester
with the Goldenrod Drive-in
Restaurant and Cremeland
Drive-in. Later she traveled
to Litchfield to sample ice
cream at Lix and Mels
Funway Park.
In addition to treating her
taste buds on a hot summer
day, the state senator got an
opportunity to promote small
businesses as they are so
vital to the local economy.
Senator Soucy discussed
the importance of trying to
do these types of events as
often as possible to support
these businesses and others
who contribute to their


We SHARPEN Anything!

New England
Vantage Point 1

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Hudson - Litchfield News | July 29, 2016 - 11

CLiF Summer Readers Program

Comes to Nashua Soup Kitchen

LTC Partners, based in Portsmouth, will host a career fair for

members of the U.S. Armed Services, veterans, and their families on
Thursday, Sept. 22, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The event will be held at the LTC
Partners offices at Pease International Tradeport, 100 Arboretum Dr., in
The fair will connect veterans, service members, and military family
members from New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts with a
variety of employers in the Portsmouth area who are interested in
hiring veterans and military family members to fill a diverse range of
career opportunities and job openings.
Employers wishing to participate should reserve a table by Monday,
Aug. 15. Reservations may be made online through
at LTC Partners Veteran Career Fair. Inquiries about this event may be
sent via e-mail to:
Job seekers are asked to dress for success in business attire and to
bring multiple hard copies of their resumes for distribution. They will
be able to meet with at least 50 prospective employers to learn about
job opportunities at their organizations. Career resources will also be
offered to those looking to further their professional skills.
LTC Partners wishes to express its appreciation to those who serve
our country by offering them career support, said Paul Forte, CEO
of LTC Partners. But theres more to this than just giving back - the
benefit goes both ways. LTC Partners itself has actively sought out
veterans as employees for years because the skills, discipline and life
experience they bring generally make them assets to our business. We
hope to raise awareness among local employers that veterans make
highly desirable employees, and we encourage all local veterans and
their families to join us on Sept. 22 to see the kind of opportunities
that may be available to them here on the Seacoast.
LTC Partners has been actively involved in veterans issues for a
number of years. A large supporter of Veterans Count and other
veterans organizations, it has also increased its employment efforts
by partnering with numerous agencies, attending veteran-only job
fairs, and setting up automatic feeds to the Veterans Job Bank.
LTCP has also worked with New Hampshire Employment Security
to locate candidates who are former members of the military. All
LTCP employment applicants are screened for veteran status and the
company works with hiring managers to adapt transferable skills to its
In addition to its hiring practices, LTC Partners has sponsored the
annual Seacoast Veterans Conference and has provided support for the
New Hampshire office of Health and Human Services communitybased military programs. It has also collaborated with IHeartRadio for
its Show Your Stripes campaign.

Courtesy photos

submitted by Jana Brown

On Monday, Aug. 1 at 1 p.m., Childrens Literacy Foundation
presenter Simon Brooks will visit the Nashua Soup Kitchen and
Shelter for a storytelling presentation and book giveaway. Each
child in attendance will get to choose two brand-new books
to keep, thanks to a grant from CLiF (The Childrens Literacy
Brooks, a New Hampshire-based writer, poet, photographer, and
storyteller, will lead an interactive storytelling presentation to get
children enthused about reading. At the end of the presentation,
each child will be able to select two new books to keep from
hundreds of titles. These events are open to the public.
CLiF awards Summer Readers grants to organizations serving
kids at high risk of experiencing the summer slide in literacy
skills. The partnerships between the Nashua Soup Kitchen and
Shelter and CLiF aim to reach Nashuas young readers who are at
greatest risk.
Research shows that children who dont read over summer
vacation tend to lose literacy skills while children who do read
improve their reading abilities by the beginning of the school year.
Low-income children and youth often experience greater summer
learning losses than their higher-income peers.
Nearly two-thirds of low-income families do not own any books
at home for their children, and too few participate in readingrelated activities over the summer, said McDougall, CLiF is trying
to help fill that gap by allowing children to attend inspiring literacy
and storytelling presentations and then select high-quality books
they can keep.
This summer, CLiFs Summer Readers program will visit over 100
sites and support more than 6,000 children throughout VT and NH
in an effort to combat the summer slide.

LTC Partners to Host

Career Fair for U.S
Veterans Featuring
Local Companies

Hudson Hit Dawgs Shine in Cooperstown

submitted by
Charlie Huggins
With the National
Baseball Hall
of Fame as their
backdrop, the
Hudson Hit Dawgs
did battle this week
with some of the
finest teams in the
country. They looked
like the Bad News
Bears after they
dropped their first
two games of the
tourney and were
the 97th seed. The
boys flipped a switch
and ripped off four straight wins looking more like the 1927 Yankees
as they recorded 19 home runs in those four games highlighted by a
three home run game from Evan Beals, a two home run game from
Jake Dufour and grand slams from Beals, Xavier Santana and Brady
On Tuesday night the Dawgs jumped to the 37th seed with a very
impressive win over an undefeated team from New York. They also
recorded wins over teams from New Jersey, Minnesota and North
Carolina. Other home run hitters were Josh MacDonald, Mitch

Wong, Ty Baker and Tom Tierney. Defensive standouts were John

Crawford, Richie Thibeault and Dominic Willard.
At press time the boys were preparing for a rematch with either
the team from Massachusetts that handed them their first loss or a
team from Wisconsin. In a phone interview with first base coach
Mike Simard he said the team has really turned a corner and
come together. He is right as this team is showing the country the
tough Northeast grit we are known for. Coaches Steve Beals, Scott
MacDonald and Simard all need to be commended for an incredible
job and all the time and hard work they have put in to this team.
Tune in next week to see how the Dawgs finished up.

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12 - July 29, 2016 | Hudson - Litchfield News

Thumbs Up?

Thumbs Down?

Comments expressed in this column are the sole views of those callers and do not reflect the views of the Hudson~Litchfield News or its advertisers. Town and school officials encourage
readers to seek out assistance directly to resolve any problems or issues. The Hudson~Litchfield News editorial staff holds the right to refuse any comment deemed inappropriate.
Thumbs up to the people in Hudson. My lost
wallet was found and was turned in and I was
able to retrieve it. Thank you for restoring my faith
in the people who live here in town.

Thumbs down to people who do not carry

liability insurance on their vehicle.

Musquash and Gowing, youre just as bad. Stop

riding our butts and back up!

Thumbs up to the hard working couple who

diligently worked in the heat and corrected a
potential problem with obstruction of view on

Thumbs down to the nudists. Are no tan lines

really worth your dignity? Put some clothes on.

Thumbs down to the Litchfield school district.

Enrichment? That is called a
teacher. Teaching kids what
they are able to learn. A student T,W,F 9-5, Thrs 9-8, Sat 9-3
doesnt need a tutor, they need
to be taught what they are able
to learn and they need to be

Serving the Southern New

Hampshire area for over 20 Years!


Thumbs up/Thumbs down.

Last week in Cleveland,
Ted Cruz was the only one
interesting enough to listen to.
Everyone else had lowered their
standards. America will not
vote for conservatism, as it is the
weapon of choice.


Carpets Vinyl Ceramic Hardwood

Laminates Window Treatments Area Rugs
30 Lowell Rd, Brook Plaza, Hudson, NH

Thumbs up to all the volunteers who pick

up the slack of the Grounds Crew at all three
Litchfield schools. Not only do they mulch all
the flower beds (once the mulch is dumped and
left), but they spend their own money out of their
pockets on
plants. They
also spend
hours every
week to
down the
maintain the
flower beds by
Family Court
weeding and
system and
watering. I
Everyday Low Prices
their abusive
think it is such
a shame the
Grounds Crew
76 Derry Road (Route 102 Plaza) Hudson, NH
Alimony that
is probably
Wed - Fri 10:00 - 6:00, Sat 10 - 3:00
one leads
credit, as we
directly to
taxpayers pay
domestic violence. The NH Family Courts are
them, however we need these volunteers to do
their work.
Thumbs down. If you are going to run an
automotive repair garage, find a shop location.
There is always a cluster of cars in road before
hill creating a situation of an accident waiting to
happen. There poor neighbors having to look at a
driveway full
of broken cars

Hudson Pool & Spa Care


David Drive and Griffin Road. Though it appeared

they were within required footage, they put
themselves out and moved their fence and trees
in order that oncoming traffic could be viewed
more readily. Our country should have more law
abiding thoughtful individuals who think of others
safety as they did. Thank you.

Thumbs down to the plumber for increasing

our bill 29 percent over the agreement price
after the job was finished. After all these years
your greed and arrogance will force us to use a
plumber from Nashua who doesnt have a greedy
billing department.


Car Sale
(Ready for state inspection)

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Clark's Car Care


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Thumbs down to drivers in south Hudson

lately. No matter what speed I drive, even when

Oil Burner Tune Up Special $125

Thumbs up to the Republican

Platform. Over the past seven
years our country has lost its moral
compass. Homosexuality, illegal
for centuries became legal along
with sodomy based marriage. Our
children are taught homosexuality,
transsexual and other perversions
are OK. By electing a full majority
of Republicans the pendulum
will finally swing in the opposite


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Thumbs down to lies and the lying liars who

tell them. Studies have shown that Hillary lies
38 percent of the time (
personalities/hillary-clinton) and
Donald lies 83 percent of the time

of used cars, some with

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Thumbs up, a huge thumbs up, to Bill Hughen,

School Counseling District Director at Alvirne.
Thank you for your years of dedication to the
students of Hudson. You have done 85 proud!

All Brands


Im over the speed limit, some of you are so close

I could tow you. And in the neighborhoods, like

Thumbs up to the fine fellow I saw who picked

up the litter around the Christine Park entrance
on Robinson Road. Hes a person who sets a fine
example of good citizenship in Hudson. Thank
you sir!
Thumbs down to all the deceitful and
misleading information we keep hearing
from the Democratic Party. Hillary should
be serving time for her lies about her e-mails,
her involvement in the loss of life for Navy
Seals and Ambassador Chris Stevens and her
tampering with Bernie Sanders chances in the
primaries. She cheats and lies and nothing
happens. Just remember folks. All government
funding comes from your tax dollars. The
Democrats promise you all kinds of benefits,
then if they win they take that money from the
working class citizens paycheck, or by cutting
money from another program like Medicare.

Thank you for your submissions. All comments,

thumbs up or down, are anonymous and not written by
the Hudson~Litchfield News staff. Thumbs comments
can be sent via telephone, 880-1516 or emailed to us at When submitting a Thumbs
comment, please specify that you would like it printed
in the Hudson~Litchfield News. During the election
campaign, no comments will be allowed that are direct
endorsements or censure of candidates on the thumbs page.
No names are necessary. Please keep negative comments to
the issue. Comments should be kept to 100 words or less.

Ayotte Visits G5 Infrared in Hudson

are currently being utilized to help keep our nation
safe. Growing companies like G5 are an important
part of New Hampshires economy, and I will
continue to fight in Washington on their behalf,
said Senator Ayotte.
A veteran-owned business, G5 Infrared was
founded in 2011 and occupies a 6,300-square-foot
office and manufacturing space in Hudson, with
plans to expand the facility to 17,000 square feet.
From left: G5 Programs Director Michael Amorelli;
G5 Electronics Engineer Tim Kennedy; Michelle Browning,
G5 Office Administration; Senator Kelly Ayotte;
G5 Software Engineer Doug Monchamp;
and G5 Vice-President Gary Browning.

P a n o s R

Located across from

Goodwill and
Dunkin Donuts


225 Lowell Road


Bradley Tree & Landscape

51 Lake St, Nashua

M Basket New Goodwill


Open Mon-Sat Closed Sundays

Courtesy photo

submitted by the Office of U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte

Recently, U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte visited G5
Infrared in Hudson, a New Hampshire company
that specializes in thin film coating, optical design
and high-end imaging systems. Their infrared
technologies are often utilized by clients in the
defense industry.
During the visit, Senator Ayotte discussed her
opposition to automatic, across-the-board cuts to
defense spending, known as sequestration, which
harms the readiness of our military in light of the
threats and challenges the United States faces
around the world.
I was pleased to visit G5 in Hudson and learn
about their innovative infrared technologies, which


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Hudson - Litchfield News | July 29, 2016 - 13

Scoops got your


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All other ads can be mailed or delivered to: Hudson~Litchfield News, 17 Executive Drive, Suite One, Hudson, NH 03051. Call 603-880-1516 for more information.
Buyer Be Aware: The Area News Group supplies advertising space in good faith for our customers. However, occasionally an advertiser will require up front investment from the consumer.

We do not endorse or guarantee these or any advertisers claim. We encourage you to be a good consumer and do your homework before you invest/purchase any products or goods.


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cash call or text 603-508From: Laurie War
8680 7/22/16
Area News Group

Paper: Hudson L


July 30 NOTIC
from 9am-3pm. 92 Speare
in Hudson, NH. Lots Please
of babyemail PO#
& kids toys and clothes, double
stroller, household items &
much more.


August 10, 2016

The Town of Hudson Planning Board will hold a regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday,
August 10, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. in the Buxton Community Development Conference Room
at Town Hall. The following items will be on the agenda:



Interested in a career in truck

driving? Free CDL-A training is
available. NH Works is looking to
train 20 or more CDL-A drivers for
- Sudoku Answers local and long haul trucking.
2 9 4 7 3 1 6 8 5
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7 8 3 5 2 6 9 4 1
with benefits included. We have
A. Miara Transportation
12 Bockes Road
6 5 1 4 8 9 2 3 7
Map 136/Lot 001
Attn: Richard Riley, Litchfield ZBA - Chairperson
From: Laurie Warren
3 4 8 9 7 2 5 1 6
Area News Group, Tel# 880-1516Purpose of Petition: The project proposes a vehicle loading and storage expansion
9 6 5 8 1 4 7 2 3
details and to see if you
Total Column Inches: 2col x 3.5 (7 total)
Paper: Hudson~Litchfield News area of approximately 56,000-sf, due west of the existing development, in the rear
1 2 7 6 5 3 8 9 4
qualify for this free training.
of the property. The proposed expansion area will impact a wetland area in order
Cost: $85.75
Again, for free CDL-A
5 7 2 3 4 8 1 6 9
Run date(s): 7/29/16
Please email with PO# if required to provide access and maneuverability for trucks and other company vehicles
training call...
8 3 6 1 9 5 4 7 2
throughout the site, including the proposed storage areas. In addition to the site
$10/week - up to 20 words
$37 for 4 weeks
(only 10/word over 20)
Email text to:

Puzzle 30 (Medium, difficulty rating 0.53)

Generated by


expansion, a 2,430-sf maintenance building addition is also proposed directly

adjacent to the existing maintenance building. The proposed design will provide
a full stormwater management system in accordance with Local, State,
and Federal codes and guidelines, as well as landscaping, lighting,
and other site appurtenances.


You are hereby notified that the Litchfield Zoning Board of Adjustments will meet in
regular session on Wednesday, August 10. 2016 at 7:00 p.m. at the Town Hall, 2 Liberty Way,
Litchfield, New Hampshire, to hear the following requests for variance to the Zoning Code.
Case Number: 2016-02
Name of Applicant: Luanna Vollmer
Owner of Property: Luanna Vollmer
Location of Property: 3 Riverview Circle, Map 6 Lot 50
Appeal requested: The Applicant seeks the following variance
1. A variance from LZO 502.03; Setbacks. The proposed detached garage
would be located 10 ft. from the side setback where a minimum of
20 ft. side setback is required.
Original applications and other pertinent documents may be reviewed by the public in the
office of the Building Department during normal business hours.
Aug 5th - Sept 2nd

Buy Four Ads

Get the
5th FREE

Deadline Aug. 2nd

Any interested person may appear in person or by agent or counsel and be heard at this meeting. Those unable to appear in person may file a written statement of approval or objection
with the Building Department. A copy of this Public Notice letter must accompany the written
statement for filing purposes.
Richard Riley
Chairperson, Board of Adjustment


A. Zoning Ordinance Review Committee (ZORC) Update on the Committees
efforts to update the Zoning Ordinance.
B. Update on Planning and Economic Development Issues Concerning Hudson
and the Region.
All plans and applications are available for review in the Planning Office.
Comments may be submitted in writing until 10:00 a.m. on the Tuesday prior
to the day of the meeting.
The public is invited to attend.
John M. Cashell-Town Planner
POSTED: Town Hall, Library, Post Office 7-29-16

14 - July 29, 2016 | Hudson - Litchfield News

Litchfield Historical Society Raises

a Special Curtain at its Art Show

submitted by Greater
Hudson Chamber
of Commerce
Hudson Chamber
of Commerce held
a PM Networking
Event hosted by
Dream Vacations, a
CruiseOne Company,
on Wednesday, July
21, at Margaritas in
Nashua, One Nashua
Drive. Vacations
specialist Lucy Chesna
shared some tips and
ideas to help plan
a dream vacation.
Thanks to Lucy Chesna
of Dream Vacations for
a festive event.

Staff photos by Lynne Ober from archives 2013

submitted by
Gail Barringer,
Litchfield Historical
The Litchfield
Historical Society
is sponsoring an art
show on Aug. 13, from
11 a.m. to 3 p.m., at
the Griffin Memorial
School in Litchfield.
Of special interest will
be the display of the
Naumkeag Grange Hall
Theater curtain.
The curtain is a very
large canvas drape
with an original oil
painting, depicting
Chief Passaconaway
astride his white steed, brandishing
a spear. He was a peaceful
chief who summered on the
islands in the Merrimack River in
Litchfield for many years. He was
uncharacteristically tall at 6 feet
6 inches as the legend goes, but
may not have appeared as he is
portrayed in the painting. However,
the painting by Franklin P. Carpenter
(1851-1914) is captivating and
the detail, wonderfully restored, is
Used many times, the theater
curtain was rolled up and down
during productions in the Grange
Hall in the mid-20th century years
in Litchfield. Minstrel shows were

Networking with the Chamber

Enterprise Bank team, Kathy Warren, Brenda McDougald and Nick Russo

Chief Passaconaway is pictured in the center of the curtain.

Debra Federico of Sousa
Realty & Development
with Sylvie Cotnoir of
Fairview Healthcare
Laurel Place

NEW Obituary Headers

Courtesy photos



Bottom curtain detail

held regularly, as well as public speaking contests
and plays. These events were well attended by
residents from Litchfield and other area towns.
There may be Grange members from surrounding
towns who remember the Grange in Litchfield.
Sadly, the Naumkeag Grange Hall burned down
in 1980 and everyone assumed that the curtain
was lost.
Just a few years ago, Dr. Steven Calawa,
president of the Litchfield Historical Society,
discovered the curtain stored away in a local barn.
He promptly purchased it and donated it to the
Litchfield Historical Society.
Upon that donation, Dr. Calawa envisioned the
possibility of restoring the curtain. He became
the driving force behind the project to do just that.
He and other Litchfield residents, including Dan
Ferguson, wrote a proposal and were awarded
Moose Plate Grant monies for the project. Dan
researched Litchfields rich history as it pertained
to the key agricultural activities of the Grange,
its community importance, and the facts around
the actual painting of the drape. He made it his
topic for his masters thesis and was awarded his
degree from the University of New Hampshire in
museum studies. To bring the project to fruition,
Dr. Calawa contacted Curtains Without Borders
in Vermont and restoration experts from that
organization came to Litchfield to work with and
advise many Litchfield citizen volunteers. The
restored curtain came back to life.
The Aug. 13 art show will be a
wonderful opportunity for the public
to see this important work of art,
which for so long had disappeared
from public view.
The show is unique in that
spectacular and important works of
art, with direct Litchfield roots, will
be on exhibit for all to see, along
with the work of other contemporary
artists from Litchfield and area
towns. Next week we will feature
the story of Louisa McElwain (19532013), another Litchfield native who
became internationally famous.
Stay tuned.

Charles Guill, Jr.

Charles Guill, Jr., 89, of
Francestown (formerly of
Hudson), died peacefully
at his home on July 22,
Charlie was born Aug.
31, 1926, in Nashua
to Charles and Yvonne
(Mirault) Guill. He was
inducted into the Navy
in 1945. He attended St.
Michaels College in Vermont
and returned to Nashua to wed
Jeannette Jacques and raise six
In his earlier years he was active in the Knights
of Columbus and Church Council at St. John
the Evangelist Church and surprised children
every Christmas by playing Santa. He was a
former member of the Zoning Board and Budget
Committee in Hudson.
Charlie was a pharmaceutical salesman for W.
H. Rorer (Maalox) and covered New Hampshire,
Vermont and parts of Massachusetts, retiring in
He prided himself on being well informed
about current affairs and never shied away from a
Charlie lived to hunt and fish and always had
his fly rod ready. He could tease a trout from any
obscure stream. Fish feared him.
He enjoyed the company of many friends at




Rene Andre Fauteux

On July 19, 2016,
Rene Andre Fauteux
went to sleep in the
Lord. He was born on
Nov. 30, 1935, to Hector
and Marieanne (Boufard)
Fauteux in Stanstead,
Quebec, Canada.
Mr. Fauteux was the
fifth child in a family
of 20 that are still close
with each other today.
He was a man of few words but blessed with a
gentle heart, and strength that was larger than life.
Rene was a loving husband, father, grandfather,
and great-grandfather and brother, but a mentor to
many. His family meant everything to him.
He was a self-taught, hardworking individual
who worked in the construction industry in this
area for the last 50 years. He touched many lives
and though he is no longer with us, his memory
lives on through his Family who loved him dearly.
He is predeceased by his parents, Hector and
Marieanne Fauteux; three brothers, Roger, Serge,
and Andre
Fauteux; a
sister, Jeanine

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Londonderry, NH

Breault; and granddaughter, Tabitha Fauteux.

He is survived by his wife of 56 years, Rollande
H. (Filion) Fauteux; five children, Manon
McMahon and husband Shane of Litchfield, Ricky
Fauteux and wife Bonnie of Washington, N.H.,
Guy Fauteux and wife Sheila, Marc Fauteux and
wife Marybeth, Remi and Susan Fauteux, all of
Hudson; 15 grandchildren, Joshua McMahon and
wife Amanda, Shaina Conrad and husband John,
Caleb, Benjamin and Emme-Lou Fauteux, Derek
Elkstrom, Shannon, Trevor, Mikayla and Makenzie
Fauteux, Kim Leigh, Levi Fauteux, Oliva Ward and
husband Ricky and Megan and Ellie Fauteux; five
great-grandchildren (his babies), Alexa Fauteux,
Coltyn McMahon, and Chloe, Landon Conrad and
Bronson Fauteux.
Burial will be private with a Memorial Service
being held at the White Birch, 222 Central St., in
Hudson on Sunday, July 31, from 1:30 until 4:30
In lieu of flowers please make donations in the
name of Rene Fauteux to the Nashua Childrens
Home, 125 Amherst St., Nashua, NH.
To share an online message of condolence,
please visit The
Dumont-Sullivan Funeral Home in Hudson is in
charge of arrangements.


Signatures were found on the backside of the curtain.

Tim's &Turf




Pleasant Pond who enriched his life and who he

considered to be his extended family.
He was predeceased by his wife Jeannette and
two sisters, Lucille and Gabrielle.
Members of his family include his six children,
Cynthia Guill of Annapolis, Md., Michelle
Mickey Rudolph and her husband John of
Nashua, Patricia Mason and her husband Brian,
John Guill and his wife Rachel of Hudson, Kathy
Dow and her husband Darrell of Fairfield, Maine,
and James Guill and his wife Vicki of Hudson; a
sister-in-law, Denise Jacques; and a sister, Jeanne
Tartalis and her husband Michael of Francestown;
seven grandchildren, Megan Ricard, Katherine
and Jeffrey Rudolph, Jacklyn and Chelsea Guill
and Katelyn and Jordan Guill; and several nieces
and nephews.
The family would like to express sincere
gratitude for the excellent care provided by
Dr. Pierre Dionne and his nurse Carol; and his
caregivers, Kate, Beth, Wendy and Lynn Anne.
Visiting hours were held on July 25 in the
Dumont-Sullivan Funeral Home, 50 Ferry St.
Hudson. A funeral Mass was held July 26 at St.
John XXIII Parish in St. John the Evangelist Church,
27 Library St., Hudson. Burial was in the Old St.
Louis Cemetery, Nashua.
In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made
in Charlies loving memory to the MS Foundation,
National Headquarters, Donations, 6520 North
Adams Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309.
To share an online message of condolence,
please visit



Main artwork on historic curtain

2 colum

and operated
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Hudson - Litchfield News | July 29, 2016 - 15

Enduring the Summer Heat and Drought

by Joseph DAleo, Certified Consulting Meteorologist
The spring and summer have been dry in New England. In fact,
the drought in our region is classified as severe.
The dry weather favors beach, lake and mountain resorts and
vacationers, who complained about ruined vacations in recent wet
years. But, the drought has a significant effect on our yards, trees
and shrubs and flower and vegetable gardens.
Many locations have had near 10 inches below the normal
amount of rain the last year. The last four months have here in
southern New Hampshire fallen 4.40 inches short of normal, the
13th driest March through June period since 1895.

Both wet springs/summers and droughty ones often cluster, driven

by global ocean temperature patterns and solar cycles. We have
had it favorably wet most recent years. Since 2000, we have been
generally wetter than normal in the March to June periods until this
last El Nio started last summer.
Historically, the most memorable dry period here occurred from
1955 to 1966. The drought was most severe from 1961 through
1966, a period when the five-year rainfall shortages exceeded 40
inches here in southern New Hampshire. By 1965 many reservoirs
in the northeast were at one-third capacity or less.
The irony is we here in the northeast are spoiled by relatively large

Weather Whys
and Climate Wise
rainfall even in drier years relative to many places out west. We
receive over 44 inches in an average year. Compare that to places
in the west like Denver, which gets 15.6 inches, Salt Lake City 16.1
inches, Los Angeles 12.8 inches, San Diego 10.3 inches and Phoenix
8.2 inches. These areas have developed the infrastructure to bring
water, mainly from mountains snowmelt into reservoirs that provide
storage that supplies the water needed during the normally dry
months and stressful droughty years.
With the 1960s a distant memory, our region has not focused on
the eventuality of an extended dry period. We are vulnerable to the
many issues drought can produce like the cost of artificial watering
of our plants and gardens, the likelihood of water bans, local farmer
crop or produce failures and damage to landscaping shrubs and
Droughts like snowcover have a feedback effect on the weather.
Snowcover reflects sunlight, which keeps it colder days
and radiates heat quickly at night resulting in lower nighttime
Droughty warm seasons tend to be hotter, though often with
less mugginess. The lack of moisture means less clouds and more
of the solar energy goes to warming the air. In wet years, some of
the suns energy goes into evaporating moisture from the soil and
the more vigorous plants transpire more moisture to cool the plant
temperatures like our bodies do to try to keep cool.
The added moisture means more clouds and more rains from
showers and thunderstorms, the hydrological cycle in action.
When the ground and air is dry, like in the dry desert of the west,
thunderstorms produce more bluster and wind than rains. We saw
that a week ago.
Even in a normal summer, we here in southern New Hampshire

are vulnerable to more heat than the seacoast with its natural air
conditioning. It is the opposite in the winter, with the tendency for
more snow and less urban warmth, we tend to be colder than the
coastal areas, and especially the coastal urbanized areas.
As long as this pattern lasts, we are vulnerable to high 90 F. days
and when the winds blow westerly maybe even 100 F. days due to
compressional warming as the air comes downslope.
For a story on the WeatherBell blog this weekend, I looked at the
Big Apple, which became a baked apple in recent days. It came
close to the century mark this weekend with 96 F. in Central Park but
99 F. at La Guardia and 98 F. in Newark.
Even without a 90 F. day in June, they have had nine 90 F. days
this summer (seven this month and two in May). The record number
is 39 days set in 1991 and 1993. In 2010, Central Park recorded 37
days with 90 F. or higher. In the hot summer of 1966 at the end of
the drought they had 35 days.
In Central Park, they had four 100 F. days in 1953 and 1966, three
in 1955, 1977 and 1993. Most recently two days reached 100 F. in
2010 and 2011.
That 1966 high heat came late in the 1960s drought period; the 12
100 F. days from 1953 to 1957 occurred during that drought period.
Models provide some hope for some easing of the heat and
improved rain chances. We need an organized low pressure that
forces a widespread significant rain coming from the southwest
across New England or a tropical system. Though the hurricane
season begins June 1, in most years, it ramps up in mid-August and
peaks in September and lingers into October.
We will discuss the chances of tropical trouble here in the next
Joe DAleo, a Hudson resident for the last 25 years, co-founded
The Weather Channel and served as its first director of meteorology
back in 1982. With more than 40 years of experience in professional
meteorology, he has served as chief meteorologist for Weatherbell
Analytics since 2011. As a fellow of the American Meteorologist
Society, he has testified about weather and climate before federal
and state legislatures and taken the science lead on legal briefs to the
D.C. circuit and U.S. Supreme courts. Let Joe know what you think

Couple Fulfills Life-Long Dream


Courtesy photos

& Engagements

Tracy and Dan take their wedding vows on the steps of the H. O. Smith School.
Dan Carlen and Tracy Dionne, both from Hudson, realized a lifelong dream Saturday, July 23, when they married on the steps of H.
O. Smith School in Hudson.
They met on the steps of H.O. Smith School, in second grade.
Like any second grade couple, they used to walk around holding
hands and play matchbox cars at recess.
As time went by, Tracy and Dan attended the eighth grade
graduation dance together, and continuing on this theme, went to
the high school prom together.
Life happened, they went their separate ways, and didnt see each
other for 20 years

Where it all began

Tracy Dionne and Dan Carlen

in eighth grade

Tracy Dionne and Dan Carlen at

their high school prom

Tracy and Dan ran into each other at a class reunion, and both
realized they had come full circle for a reason.
To celebrate their life-long love for each other, they thought it
would be perfect to be married in the exact spot where they met 40
years ago, on the steps of H.O. Smith School!

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Motorists who still adhere to the old standard of changing their vehicles oil every 3,000 miles are likely wasting
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between oil changes. Many automakers now call for oil
changes every 7,500 miles, and some go even further,
recommending oil changes every 10,000 miles. Some
vehicles can even go as long as 15,000 miles before needing an oil change. Vehicle owners should consult their
owners manuals for advice on how often their vehicles
oil should be changed. When establishing an oil change
schedule for their vehicles, many drivers are hesitant to
abandon the conventional 3,000 mile interval schedule
that was long espoused by the auto industry. But advancements in technology have allowed manufacturers to
recommend longer intervals between oil changes, which

benefits motorists bottom lines and even the environment. Rather than needlessly wasting perfectly good oil
every 3,000 miles, in many instances motorists can now
continue to use that oil twice as long, if not longer, reducing waste-oil dumping as a result. When consulting an
owners manual for recommended oil change intervals,
owners should resist the temptation to follow the severe
schedules listed in many owners manuals. Such schedules
are rarely applicable under normal circumstances, and only serve to waste drivers
money and oil.

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Transmission Service
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Kn w Y ur Car

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Murrays Auto


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One Industrial Drive

(Rt. 111, Hudson, NH



16 - July 29, 2016

Hudson Fire Finish

in Runner-Up Spot


submitted by Jimmy Cestrone

The Hudson Fire 10U Black softball team
finished as runners-up at the Barbara Hamilton
Memorial Tourney. The tournament was
sponsored by the Northeast Heat. What makes
this second-place finish even more impressive is
the fact that this group of girls is one year removed
from the Hudson Rec program. They made it all
the way to an ASA championship game,

with convincing victories along the way.

A true David versus Goliath story. They faced
teams that have multiple girls from multiple
towns, where the Fire girls are all from Hudson
Rec. The Fire has proven that with hard work
and determination anything is possible. The
coaches and parents couldnt be prouder. The Fire
certainly made some noise this past weekend.

Courtesy photo

Team picture

The Hudson Fire 10U Black team: Maddog Bradish, Faith Cestrone, Alyssa Abbott, Elizabeth Rugg,
Courtney Peaslee, Skye Merrow, Lilian Wellburn, Natalie Camerano, Olivia Rock, and Kate Vowels.
Coaches: Jimmy Cestrone, Glenn Bradish, Brian Rock, and Marty Vowels.

Monarchs Re-Sign Robbie Donahoe

for 2016-17 Season

No prior rifle shooting experience is necessary.

All you need is a desire to shoot and compete.
Once basic marksmanship skills are learned,
new shooters will participate in both indoor and
outdoor match competition. Travel to other states
is expected but is within New England in most
The Hudson Junior Rifle Team will supply the
.22 rifle and basic equipment for the beginning
marksman. Parental involvement is required
(match transportation, help during practice and
matches, etc.). The only cost for the beginner is a
monthly fee of $40.
Practices are held every Wednesday and
Thursday night from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Hudson
Fish and Game Club beginning in mid September.
Contact HFGJRT Director Bill Dutton at bill@ or (617) 594-2194 for more

Courtesy photos

submitted by Matt Johnson

Manchester Monarchs Head Coach and Director of Hockey
Operations Rich Seeley announced that the team has signed
defenseman Robbie Donahoe to a standard player contract for
the 2016-2017 season.
Donahoe, 25, returns to the Monarchs after playing in his
first ECHL season with the team during the 2015-16 season.
While in Manchester, Donahoe appeared in 43 games and
scored eight points on two goals and six assists. The left-shot
defenseman logged 21 penalty minutes and a +11 rating, tied
for fifth-best on the team.
The 6-foot-1 inch, 190-pound defenseman from Canton,
Mass., played 85 games collegiately for Middlebury College,
and recorded 37 points on eight goals and 29 assists, wearing
the C during his senior season.
After graduating from Middlebury, Donahoe spent one
season with the Knoxville Ice Bears, skating in 56 games and
scoring 22 points on five goals and 17 assists.
Robbie Donahoe
Donahoe and the Monarchs open the regular season Oct.
14 at 7 p.m. when they host the Adirondack Thunder for two
games on opening weekend.
Season ticket packages to see the Monarchs begin their quest for the Kelly Cup are on sale now.
Call the Monarchs front office at 626-7825.

submitted by Paul Laferriere

Hudson Fish and Game Club
The Hudson Fish and Game Clubs NH
Junior Rifle Team has a few openings available
for juniors, age 10 and up, for the upcoming
year. This is a competitive paper target shooting
program. The new members become part of a
team that holds individual/team state and national
A two-night rifle clinic will be held September
14-15 from 6 to 9 p.m. The clinic is a great way
to learn about the rifle program and meet the
coaches and team. Cost of the clinic is just $10.
Rifle is an Olympic sport. New members will
be trained for smallbore .22 rifle and precision
air rifle competition in this style. They teach 3
Position competitive rifle from the beginning
using NRA programs and materials. Coaching
staff includes NRA certified rifle coaches and

Courtesy photo

Defenseman back to Manchester for second season

Hudson Fish and Game Club Junior

Rifle Team Looking for New Talent

Team member Elizabeth Dutton works with a junior at the 2015 Junior Rifle Clinic.

Hudson Students:
Learn how to earn
a scholarship toward
your 8th grade D.C. trip

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When homeowners think about renovating their properties, many

first need to secure some funding to finance such projects. Some
may tap into the equity of their homes by refinancing an existing
mortgage, while others may apply for home equity loans.
When preparing for appraisers, homeowners should consider and
collect the following information:
If your home was built on the largest lot in the community.
If you have made significant upgrades since it was last
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Proof that you have used sustainable resources or if you
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A real estate appraiser is a certified, licensed professional who
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compare your home against a few others in the neighborhood,

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It may be worth it to invest some more money into the property
before having an appraisal done.
An appraiser will spend roughly 30 minutes in a home. Try to give
that person space to do his or her job. . Turn lights on throughout
the house, make sure the heating or cooling system is functioning
at full capacity and keep pets locked away. Move items that can
impede access to basements or attics.
An accurate assessment of the value of your home will give banks
the information they need to determine loan amounts for future
renovation projects. Providing background information on the home
and having a well-maintained property can improve the chances of
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