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If y whether
If y whether, sabes la diferencia? Su significado en espaol es si, de condicional. El problema viene en que NO
SIEMPRE se pueden intercambiar, a veces s, pero otras veces slo se puede usar uno de ellos. Vamos a verlo.
1. Usamos if o whether cuando estamos haciendo preguntas de s o no, lo que se conoce en ingls
como yes/no questions. Aqu no importa cul de los dos utilices.
Recordarte que las yes/no questions son preguntas que slo se pueden responder con s o no, por ejemplo: Do you
like milk? Yes, I do OR No, I dont.
Una pregunta que no es yes/no question, sera: What time do you finish work? At 8 = en este caso, la respuesta no
puede ser s o no, sino en este caso, lo que contesta a what time, las 8 en nuestro ejemplo. A estas preguntas se
les llama en ingls wh-questions.
Dicho esto, vamos a ver unos ejemplos con el uso de if y whether.
Can you take care of Tommy for me? = This is a reporting yes/no questionI dont know yet whether / if I shall
be able to look after Tommy during the Easter holidays or not.
Is Paco still around? = This is a reporting yes/no question
I wondered whether / if Paco had left the country as I hadnt seen him for some time.
whether not if: cundo usamos whether y no if:
1. after prepositions
2. before to infinitives

3. in whetheror constructions
4. whenever we start a sentence with the conjuntion

Whether Ill get there in time for Henrys lecture, I dont know = sentence starting with the conjuntion
I cant make up my mind whether to buy some new summer clothes now or wait until the prices go down = to
There was a lot of discussion about whether Ringo should have his tongue pierced or not = preposition
Whether we go by bus or by train doesnt really matter. Its bound to be a slow journey = Whether or
Im going to spend all of grannys money on a new kitchen whether you like it or not ! = Whether or

Complete the following sentences using whether, whether or not or if.

(Choose if when it is possible to use it.

I cant decide ______________________ to buy a bicycle.


Tom asked Julie ___________________ shed like to go to the cinema.


Youve got to go to school __________________ you like it or not!


Caroline might come. It depends on _________________ she has a car or not.


Were not sure ___________________ were going to change offices.


_________________ I buy the cake or make it myself wont make it less fattening!


I wonder ____________________ I should mention it to my boss.


He really doesnt care ____________________ it suits everyone.


Im not sure _________________ Ill have time to go to the hairdressers.


The price doesnt change ______________ you travel by car or by train. .

1) whether or not

2) if

6) whether

8) whether or not

7) if

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3) whether

4) whether
9) if

5) if

10) whether