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Vol 2 Issue 3 March 2016




real men. really nakd.

04 Scientists Pledge to cure HIV

by 2020
06 4 Superfoods to Power Your
12 Body Confidence and A.S.
22 Leatherwerks Forum
28 10 Lessons Learned from

Alex P. Keaton
36 Is Everything Really Worth

06 Sweet & Savor
08 Refresh
09 Jaden Smith Revealed as the

New Face of Louis Vuitton
11 Visit
15 Submitted By Coyote
16 Submitted By T. Davis
20 Trends
27 Events
31 Watch
32 Wellness
34 Read & Listen

10 Guysers Gaystay
19 Gay Naturists International
25 Bateworld
38 Mens Life Drawing Event


To listen is to love.
This is one of the many great lines in the movie Hector and the
Search for Happiness and great advice.
There is nothing more irritating to me than to be in a conversation
only to learn that while Im talking, nobodys listening because the
other person is too busy thinking about what they will say next.
Ask Paul, it drives me up a wall then makes my blood boil and my
fists clench. Absolutely worst insult ever to be given to anyone is
to be so concerned with our own words that we dont listen.
Back in the middle ages when I was a schoolboy, one of my teachers attempted to give us advice about being excelling students. It
was called active listening and she made it out to be a learned
skill like mental mathematics or articulate speech. Surely, we all
stared blankly at her during this lesson and gave her yet another
reason to have that extra cocktail later that evening.
About the time of the Renaissance, I was in yet another class. This
time it was a university professor describing aspects of sociology
dealing primarily with structured organizations, such as ones job.
Again, active listening was the topic. Again, surely we stared
Now that Ive achieved the modern world and left the Black
Plague but a distant memory, allow me to pass along this lesson I
didnt learn from two trained professionals but from a room full of
addicts: making the effort to listen - to REALLY listen - makes all
the difference in the world.
Hear the emotion in their voice. Watch their body language. Look
them in the eyes and mirror their expressions. Give them the time
and interest they deserve.
Dont just hear their words.
And for Petes sake! Dont worry about your reply!
Black History Month
National Womens History Month
Asian Pacific American Heritage

2 Magazine

National Latino Heritage Month
(Sept. 15-Oct. 15)
National American Indian
Heritage Month

Publisher: Troy Ozarowicz

Art Direction: Paul Streubel
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Real men. Really NAKd.
With great articles, information, NAKd
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a community of men.We welcome all generations of men as we continue to expand
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copyright and credit to sources. Any errors
due to editing are solely our own and are
not to be read as a statement of any kind
on the original content creator or the
content itself. Magazine 3

American Foundation for

Aids Research (amfAR)
Countdown to a Cure


JANUARY 29, 2016

uring the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s, the American

Foundation for Aids Research (amfAR) has been at
the forefront for the fight against HIV.
Since the foundations inception, billions of dollars have
been raised to fund research and find a cure for the once
deadly disease. Now, the organization is donating nearly
2-million dollars in conjunction with with the Countdown
to a Cure initiative, which aims to find a broadly applicable cure for HIV by 2020.
The grant will fund a team of scientists working over a

4 Magazine

4-year period. The scientists will bring their expertise to bear in the effort to eradicate the viral reservoir that is considered the principal barrier to curing HIV.
According to amfAR, these grants were given to researchers who work outside the
field of HIV in areas that could directly inform efforts to cure HIV.
The aggressive approach amfAR has taken to terminate HIV is evident in their
cultivation of Countdown to a Cure, which is designed to intensify amfARs curefocused HIV research program with plans to strategically invest $100 million in
cure research over the next six years. What do you think: will we discover a cure
for HIV by 2020? Magazine 5



Choco Orange Guinness Cake

8 oz butter, room temperature
8 oz dark brown sugar
1 1/4 cups flour
1 1/2 baking powder
1 pinch salt
2 heaping tbsp choco powder
Grated rind of 1 orange
4 large eggs
1/2 cup Guinness beer
16 oz cream cheese frosting

Cream the butter and sugar. Sift the
flour, baking powder, salt and cocoa
into a bowl.
Add the orange rind to the creamed
butter and beat in the eggs, including
spoonful of the flour mixture with
each one. Gently mix in the Guinness,
including another spoonful of flour with
Divide the mixture between two 8-9in
cake pans, bake at 350F for 35-40
minutes. Cool on a wire rack.
When the cakes are cold, use half of the
frosting to sandwich them together, and
spread the rest on top.

6 Magazine



Corned Beef & Cabbage

2 cups apple juice
1 bottle Guiness beer
1/3 cup brown sugar
1 tablespoon prepared mustard
1 (3 #) corned beef brisket
15 small red potatoes scrubbed
3 carrots cut into chunks
2 onions, cut into 8 wedges
1 head cabbage, cut into chunks

Pour apple juice into a large slow cooker,
mix in the brown sugar and mustard, until
dissolved. Place the brisket into the cooker.
Top with red potatoes, carrots, onions, and
cabbage chunks. Push all ingredients into
the liquid.
Cook covered on High until corned beef is
very tender, 4 to 5 hours.
Slice meat thinly across the grain, and
serve with vegetables.

Chia is a tiny little seed that packs a

big punch. They help with water balance,
weight-loss and sustained energy. Theyre
a low-calorie food with a ton of nutrients. I
like to have chia first thing in the morning
because aside from being a great energy source, they also have omega 3s, an
important component of heart and brain

Quite possibly my favorite superfood of
all, this Peruvian root is known to boost
energy, balance hormones, help with PMS
and increase sex drive. Its also an adaptogen, meaning it has the ability to balance
out your systems needs in all areas, keeping the body in homeostasis.

The pollen from pine trees is a great source

of of amino acids, vitamins and minerals,
and one that Im always recommending
to my clients. Its great for the skin and is
anti-inflammatory. I use it before my workouts for energy and endurance, as well as
to keep my immunity up.

Not only is avocado delicious, its also
incredibly nourishing and a great source
of healthy fats. Even if Im not feeling particularly hungry before a workout, I always
have some avocado because a little goes a
long way and itll give me the right amount
of energy without filling me up. Magazine 7




[Jaden] has been seen

sporting skirts and dresses
on a regular basis.

8 Magazine

been the year Jaden
Smith said yes to the
dress, but it looks like
2016 is the year he
will make a career out
of it.
The 17-year-old son
of Hollywood stars
Will Smith and Jada
Pinkett Smith has
been revealed as the
face of Louis Vuittons
Spring/Summer 2016
collections - appearing in ads for the
brands womens collection.
Happy to introduce
Jaden Smith @christiaingrey in the new
SS16 @louisvuitton
ad campaign photographed by Bruce
Weber, wrote Louis
Instagram, where the
ad campaign made its

The new ad campaign

sees Jaden as the sole
male featured alongside several female
models, all posing on
a sidewalk.
Jaden pairs a metalembroidered
with a fringed white
top and a retro leather
moto jacket, topping
the look off with a pair
of glovelets and loafers.
Over the last year
the older brother
to recording artist Willow Smith has
revealed that he has a
penchant for wearing
womens clothing, and
has been seen sporting skirts and dresses
on a regular basis.
The teen also set
chins wagging when
he wore a dress to his
prom earlier this year,
when he accompanied
Hunger Games star
Amandla Stenberg
in a black jacket and
white skirt. Magazine 9

Make your next overseas holiday one to remember at

Clothing optional accommodation for men

We are

Top 5 Ireland sights for first-timers

Irelands reputation precedes itself, so first-time visitors might think they know what to
expect: fields of clover, gabby locals, etc. But theres so much more to Ireland than its stereotypical charms.

Rotorua New Zealand

1. Galway City

Situated on a wide, arcing bay on Irelands west coast, Galway is an excellent

base for trips to the windswept Aran Islands and the remote, rugged Connemara
region. But no one would blame you for not leaving this cobblestoned college
town at all. What Galway lacks in sightseeing it more than makes up for in atmosphere. Soak up the timeless pub charm of The Crane and Taaffes, catch up-andcoming bands at Roisin Dubh or hang out with hip Galwegians at The Blue Note.

Rotorua is New Zealands most

diverse holiday destination, offering
beautiful scenery, natural geothermal
wonders, Maori cultural experiences,
world renowned spas, thermal hot
pools and adventure activities.

2. Killarney National Park

Fanning out from the vibrant town of Killarney in County Kerry, it is a wonderland
of mountains, lakes and woodlands. Wildlife in the park's sprawling 10,236 hectares includes Irelands only remaining wild herd of native red deer (living here
continuously for 12,000 years), as well as fish, rare insects and birds like the
white-tailed sea eagle. Beyond the park boundary, don't miss the glorious Gap of
Dunloe, a majestic mountain pass most entertainingly explored by jaunting car
(pony-and-trap) helmed by a charismatic jarvey (driver).

is right in the heart of
Rotorua City, close to
the restaurants, bars,
shops, the lake front,
thermal hot pools, and
many tourist activities.
Our B&B is private and relaxed with
a homely atmosphere and provides
a clothes-optional environment for
your comfort.

3. The Rock of Cashel

Dont let the unassuming name fool you: the Rock of Cashel is no mere rock. Standing
proudly on a green hill rising from County Tipperary's plains, it's a historic treasure
trove of ancient religious structures including a 12th-century Romanesque chapel
and a 13th-century Gothic cathedral. But its history dates back much further for
more than 1000 years it was a symbol of power and the seat of kings and churchmen who ruled over the region.

4. Trad

Traditional Irish music, aka trad, is the heart of Irelands pub scene (and Guinness
is the soul, but more on that later). The small village of Doolin in County Clare is
famed as the centre of Irish music, but lively, informal sessions of upbeat jigs and
heart-breaking ballads played with bodhrns (hand-held drums), fiddles, tin whistles, accordions and more strike up in pubs throughout the country.

5. Giants Causeway

Check out our sexy and

informative e-magazines
Guysers Gazette online on
our website and on

For more information


Between Belfast and the walled city of Derry/Londonderry in County Antrim,

Northern Ireland, the Giants Causeway is a UNESCO-listed geological wonder.
Formed some 60 million years ago by cooling lava, its 40,000 hexagonal basalt
columns jut into the sea. Legend has it they were built by giant Finn McCool to fight
his rival Benandonner in Scotland.

Click here for places to stay via

Gaystay Magazine 11


What is...?


by Martin Belcher

have suffered with

Ankylosing Spondylitis
(AS) for more than 20
years now, it has been a
roller-coaster of conflicting emotions, sadness,
depression, love, fear and
hope. All through my illness I have continued to
keep my naturist passion
and following the naturist ideals of body freedom,
love, nature, respecting the
body and those of others.
My AS has left with a completely fused upper spine
and neck, two total hip
replacements and residual pain which rarely goes
away. I went through a particularly bad phase of AS

12 Magazine

pain and stiffness and getting very depressed and

fed up with how my body
looked in the mirror at my
somewhat stooped posture and thinking oh my
god I look horrible!
Luckily during this period
I decided to take a holiday
on my own in Fuerteventura
(Canary Islands) and discovered that my holiday
apartment was literally
within walking distance of
a clothes-optional beach. I
decided to join in and held
my breath and stripped
off my shorts and T-shirt.
The feeling was incredible,
the sun, the sea and air
all around my skin. There

were lots of other naturists

on the beach that day and
some of them came over
and asked me if I was OK
as they could see I was in
To cut a long story short,
I made some very good
friendships the week I was
there and the most incredible things was that I felt
accepted and for the first
time I didnt care that I had
several scars, a stooped
spine, I was a person, a
naked person but a human
being and they were all
naked too. It was the most
wonderful felling and one I
have never forgotten.
Since that holiday, I have

taken many naturist holidays and visited beaches

and some naturist events.
I dont go to as many as I
would like but I continue
to stay naked as often as
I can at home or in my
garden (when the weather
allows) and it constantly
teaches me confidence
and love for my body.
It doesnt matter what
you look like under your
clothes, fat, thin, tall, short,
scars, hairy, white, black,
brown, the message is
we are all human and by
accepting yourself naked
you can feel at ease with
your body and this increases your self-confidence
and mental health.
Naturism and being naked is so much
more than just removing my clothes, its
a way of life that has given me back my
self-confidence and love for my body.

regularly post my naked photos online

with my full name, I am not embarrassed
and am very proud to be a naturist! Magazine 13

by Coyote

The other day I stumbled across a website that blew my mind. As you know I have written some articles regarding body shaming and I have dealt with my own body issues,
but coming across this website really blew my mind.
The article that drew me to the website was titled:

Male Amputee Model with Disability walks on New York Fashion Weeks Runway!

Reserve yours today!

14 Magazine

I couldnt believe it in a
world where we spend millions of dollars a year to
try and look perfect; this
guy is walking the runway
at a fashion show as an
amputee. His courage so
spoke to me in trying to
accept myself. His name
is Jake Eyers and he is a
model and spokesperson
for Models of Diversity
which is an agency that
promotes diversity on the
In doing more research
I came across Michael
Stokes photography. He
is an amazing photographer who has done a

book of photographs about

wounded veterans and he
has been all over the major
news shows. His work is
amazing and once again
a photographer captures
beautiful pictures of amputees.
I would love to sit down
and chat with these men
who bare themselves to the
world. How did they become
comfortable doing all this
modeling while being an
amputee? This is one of
many questions that I have
of them. We need to encourage and lift up one another and not tear down one
another. Magazine 15



hey say there are two things one should

never discuss in polite society; politics
and religion. Lets start with politics!
Raise your hand if you think the Republican
the best reality show since
Donald Trump
first debuted
better than The
Theres more
bitchy backstabbing than
in all the Real
of put together. They are a
real life version
of Survivor,
could each get
voted off the
by real voters. And with caucuses and Super
Tuesday approaching, they just keep getting better and better.
Now, raise your hand if you want Donald Trump to
have his finger on the nuclear button. I thought so.
What makes for good television doesnt necessarily equate to good government. And speaking of

16 Magazine


good television, is there anyone out there who

doesnt believe that Iowa and New Hampshire are
not real states as much as they are focus groups
used to tell us (the voters/viewers) who amongst
the pack has
the most TVQ?
Think about it,
have you ever
been to Iowa?
you know ever
been to Iowa?
Do you ever
hear the word
Iowa used in a
sentence other
four to eight
who produce
polls go there
to see what
No you dont.
And New Hampshire? Ditto.
Elections always boil down to one thing anyway:
the Electoral College, which is a fancy way of
saying that our votes dont really count anyway
because the founding fathers (note the words
founding fathers and not the founding mothers and fathers) believed the people to be way

too stupid and

gullible to truly
elect a president on our
own. So, they
came up with
this cockamamie system
to make sure
that we didnt
have to. The
election really
is decided by
political insiders anyway.
So there. And
add to that, the
most important political
insiders will be
the ones from
the most populated states,
like California,
New Jersey/
Florida, and,
of course, the
Deep South (which is really
only one state that is all spread
Heres how that whole thing will
play out, in this humble reporters opinion. California will
vote for the best looking candidate, which means they will
abstain from voting because
none of the candidates are
particularly good looking, at
least by Hollywood standards.

Lets start
with politics!

Florida will find a way to have

their election results thrown
out in a court of law, since they
always do, so their votes wont
count. New York/New Jersey/
Connecticut will vote for the
most liberal candidate, which
means either the black guy will
get it or one of the two female
candidates. But in the end, the
black guy is a brain surgeon
and not the least bit qualified to
be president, and the only serious female candidate has been
running for president since the
third grade with little success
so far. The Deep South wont
endorse any of the current crop
of candidates because they all
look like Yankees and/or communists and the Deep South
hates that.

Lets now take a

look at the other
side of the table,
or as I like to call
them, The Real
Housewives of the
Democratic Party.
Theres that guy,
Bernie, who keeps
we can, because
he thinks if it
worked once, it will
work again, and
Something-orOther, whose name
has been on every
ballots since the
Board of Elections
went paperless.
Bernie is an admitted Socialist trying
to survive in a free
enterprise system,
but hes a nice old
man who comes
off like Santa Claus
so young people
like him. Hillary is, of course,
Hillary. No surprise there.
When it comes to Hillary, she
is absolutely, hands-down, the
most qualified person running
for the office. If she was a
man, it wouldnt even be an
issue. Shes been an attorney, an advocate for children
and the poor, a First Lady, a
U.S. Senator and a Secretary of
State. Some even say she ran
the country while her husband
was busy dicking off in the
oval office. The only bad thing
about Hillary is that nobody
seems to like her.
OK, so she wasnt Homecoming
Queen or head cheerleader, or
even Miss Congeniality, but
what has she ever done that
turns people off so much? Her Magazine 17

husband cheated on her,

thats what. And she didnt
kill him. And we, felt cheated.
Personally, Id have more
respect for her if she just
came out publicly and said,
Yes, Bills a dog. Hed do
it in the mud if he had to,
and this isnt the first time
Ive caught him with his fly
open. But, hes the father
of my child, and I get to be
First Lady, and deep down,
I love him flaws and all.
We can all relate to that.
Most of us have been in
an unhealthy relationship
and stayed in it way too long
because we were in love. Its
human. But like most women
of her generation, she sucked
it up, looked the other way, and
buried her feelings so deep
even she didnt know she had
Its nobodys business what
happens between a man and
his wife behind closed doors in
the privacy of their own White
House. But we still felt cheated.
Privacy is not good television!
What she should have done
was have her picture taken
throwing pots and pans at Bill
head. What she should have
done was to slap the sperm
off Monicas cheap, Gap dress
and call her a bitch to her
face. We, as Americans, could
relate to that. Its human to get
angry sometimes, especially
when provoked. Its too bad
she didnt. It would have been
good television and good poli-

T. Davis is a free-lance
comedy writer who enjoys
pissing people off.
particularly enjoys writing
for Nakd.Life Magazine
because it gives him a
chance to tackle taboo
subjects that no other
magazine will go near. To
live a naked life means to
live an honest one. This
writer needs to believe

tics. Instead, she came off like

a cold, calculating bitch, when
she was probably concerned
about doing what was best for
her child (women do that) and
what was best for her marriage
(women do that) and what was
best for the country (Hillary
does that).
What she should do now is to
change her campaign strategy.
She should announce to the
whole world that, if elected, she
would have an affair with a 21
year old male intern in the oval
office, and put pictures of it out
on Face Book with a caption
underneath saying, Paybacks
a bitch, isnt it, Bill?! I would
not only respect her for it, Id
even vote for her. In fact, shed
probably win by a landslide.
Then, theres all that crap about
the issues. Enough with the
issues Hillary. No one cares
about the issues. Mud-slinging
is much more fun. Besides,
most of us have learned from

18 Magazine

bitter experience that

whatever a politician says
before hes elected, he will
do the exact opposite after hes
elected. If he says, No new
taxes, hell raise taxes. If he
says hell change healthcare,
he wont change healthcare. In
fact, he wont change shit. It will
be business as usual no matter
who gets elected. Politics is a
paycheck, even if youre as rich
as Trump.
Now that I have dispelled all
your illusions about politics and
the hopelessness of this and all
elections, I seem to have run
out of time. But dont worry, Ill
get to organized religion next
time. Someone tell the Pope
to duck! Born-agains may wish
they were never born. And
Muslims, you are so not off the
hook here. I intend to trash
the Taliban, expose your dirty
laundry (even if you are wearing
it at the time), and issue a few
fatwas of my own!
Until next time, men

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Discover the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, in the buff, in a rustic summer camp
With up to 800 guests, our flagship annual Gathering is the worlds largest all-nude
event. Its open to all gay, bisexual, and gay-friendly men who are at least 21 and a current
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I look only to the good qualities of men.

Not being faultless myself, I wont presume
to probe into the faults of others.
-Mahatma Gandhi

20 Magazine Magazine 21

This has never happened before, but...

F o r u m

The Hunt

hen I was a kid, my daddy used to

take me hunting. Now before you
start an argument about killing animals, Im not talking about that kind
of hunting. Im referring more to tracking than
hunting, though pretty similar. Except one is
for research and the other is for grilling over
an open fire. Every time wed hunt, Id get the
giggles when the deer would stumble away,
still feeling sloshed from the tranquilizer dart.

22 Magazine

Looked just like a twink leaving Ramrod bar

on his 21ST birthday.
Because of these adventures, I grew fond of
the outdoors. Living in the city doesnt really
fulfill that need. My car freshener smelled
more like a landfill than a mountain peak.
And opening the house window didnt bring
in the pleasant chirps of Blue Jays in the
morning, just horns from the cars sitting at
green lights. I found myself tossing and turn-

ing at night, instead of sleeping. Insomnia is like a visit

from your neighbor, not sure
why they are there or who
invited them but its got to
be dealt with.
So I decided it was time to
go camping. Whats a better place to track some fluffy
tails than at a naturist campground? Unfortunately,
the list of clothingoptional camping areas
has been shrinking in
recent years. Especially
ones friendly to our
community. There are
two types of camping settlements, either
I could go in the wilderness with the bears
and wrangle up some
cubs. Just not sure what
I was in the mood for. I
was craving more than
tracking the common
Piebald Deer, I yearned
for the rare Seneca
White. I stumbled on an event
online at a local nudist colony, catered more for the youngins. Perfect. I got aroused
just looking at the pictures.
Ever have sex while camping?
Its fucking in tents. Get it?
Okay, bad joke.
The nudist colony was just as
I imagined. Sun, buns, and lots
of fun. Volleyballers tossed
balls around, people in the
pool played with their noodles, and hikers dragged their
sticks on the ground. I found

a group of these young naturists in the lodge playing board

games and fooling around on
their laptops. Isnt the point of
camping to go outside? Even
though this event was made
for the younger crowd, your
age didnt matter as long as
your partner fell with the age
range. So I found myself in

me. After a few moments, I

finally caught the eye of my
prey. It was a college kid.
Whats up? He said. Thats
how hook-up conversations
started online. It means you
dont really care whats up,
but need some way of dipping your toes in the pool. Id
rather just dive straight in.

a mix of generations. But no

one had triggered the primal
animal in me to go wild.
I decided to follow the trail
around the campground.
Being naked and nature really do go together, I have to
admit. My cock swung around
like an elephants trunk and
it felt invigorating. I stopped
for a moment. A strange feeling came over I hadnt experienced since my childhood
hunts with Dad. I wasnt
alone. A deer was watching

Nice sack, I said.

The clueless boy looked
behind him at the satchel
secured to his back. It was the
only thing he had on. Thanks!
I got it at our campus sports
store. College discount. 20%,
Thats not what I meant, so I
tried a different approach. I
like a good six pack.
He smirked and from his
satchel yanked out a six pack
of beer. Me too! I prefer light
beer though. Magazine 23

Again, thats not what I meant.

I need your help pitching a
tent, I said.
Oh! I understand. Yeah, those
tents can be a pain. Ill give
you a hand, dude.
Actually, that is what I meant
that time. Whatd you expect?
I cant put together a six person tent by myself.
He introduced himself as Cody.
I told him I was lost and needed help to the Stranglethorn
Campsite. More enthusiastic
by the minute, he immediately
showed me the path. I already
knew where to go, but I needed a moment to follow him
and checkout the goods. His
butt wiggled in front of me
with every step through the
dense pathway. Its like window shopping, making sure
the outfit is just right before

into a hypnotic trance.

After about
an hour of
assembling a
tent and guzzling
(not me, a
hunter needs
to keep his
wits), the sun
started buzzing around. Lets hang inside
so we dont get bit. Notice
how I didnt ask? I get what I
want. He hesitated a moment,
then walked in. Thank you,
beer, for making every request
end with yes. Inside the tent,
he made himself cozy on my
sleeping bag. The night had
already crept in, so I turned
on my lantern. He sat next
to my backpack of toys.
Whats this? He asked.
My survival kit. Take a
He opened the backpack.
The first item turned his
smirk into a quisitive look.
Oh, a Snake Bite Kit?
You wont really run into
any snakes around here.
Thats not what its for, but
hed figure that out soon
The next item he slowly
pulled out was a coil of
rope. Quarter-inch poly
rope? Cody asked. He
brought the tightly woven
bonding to the lantern for
going in. His dick swayed closer inspection. Plan on
back and forth like a hypno- doing some climbing around
tists watch. Slowly putting me here? I said nothing. Sure

24 Magazine

securing a tie around something was on my mind, but not

where he imagined.
Bondage tape, he said
squinting at the label on the
red tape. You keep this for
tent repair, right? He just had
that blank stare that contestants have on the final question of Jeopardy.
After the deerskin gloves,
Japanese clover forceps, and
bamboo cane...his face had a
big old smile. The Anal Ease
lube sealed the deal. I wont
get into details. I got to leave
something for your imagination! But lets just say, hours
later... Cody wobbled out of my
tent, just like the old days of
watching a sloshy deer wander the forest. The hunt was
over. For now, anyway. He did
leave me his number. I leaned
back on my sleeping bag and
in minutes...fell dead asleep. Magazine 25


The Festival

The 2015 Tampa Pride Street Festival was an amazing hit, as festival goers filled 8th Avenue
and Centro Ybor. But the area just wasnt big enough to accommodate our expansion with the
TECO Streetcar tracks sharing space with vendors. This year weve worked with the City of
Tampa to move our 2016 Tampa Pride Festival slightly east for a bigger and better show!
The 2016 Tampa Pride Street Festival will be centered around historic Centennial Park. The
park itself will host the traditional Saturday Morning Market complete with arts and crafts for
everyone. Then south of the park and in the areas surrounding Centennial Park will be our
main vendor area complete with entertainment stage, wet-zoned vendor areas with three beer
tents, and room to double out 2015 participants. From a Family Zone to featured cars and RVs
to the companies and groups youve come to expect who support diversity in our community:
the 2016 Tampa Pride Festival will have something for everyone!

The Parade

The 2nd annual Tampa Pride Parade will be on March 26, 2016 in historic Ybor City, also known
as the GaYBOR District. This is becoming an historical and annual spring event when Florida
weather is most envied!

1600 E 7TH AVE. TAMPA, FLORIDA 33605 (Click address for directions.)

26 Magazine Magazine 27



by Andrew

Lets first clear up all misconception. Before he was on Spin City or The Good Wife, before he
gave voice to that lovable, little mouse Stuart, and even before he was an agent for little guys
in Life With Mikey, Michael J. Fox was the conservative, tie-wearing, briefcase toting, African
born (bet you didnt know that!) Alex P. (whose middle initial still remains a television mystery)
Keaton, the oldest child of Steven and Elyse Keaton, on NBCs long-running family sitcom Family
More than just a physical embodiment of the nations switch from cultural liberalism to full-on
conservatism and capitalism, Alex P. Keaton was a celluloid sophist, an oxford-clad philosopher,
and a charming magi. He helped America understand Reaganomics, made a household name
of William F. Buckley, and taught scads of anxious young men to score with college economics
majors. More than that, he was an educator bringing life lessons to the small screen week after
week. Perhaps ten of his finest are included as follows:


With Stephen and Elyse away for the weekend in Season
1, Episode 2, Alex hosts a wild party and worries over
Mallory going off with one of his womanizing friends. He
lays it all on the line at the risk of being over-protective.
But that night Alex taught us all that if the guy is our
friend he is definitely NOT the kind of guy we want our
sister(s) with.
In Season 1, Episode 4, Alex learns a lesson we all must
learn sooner or later. Sexual relations with girls who refer
to us as delivery boy do not a future relationship make, as
Alex loses his heartand a lot moreto a fast college girl
who he met while making ironically enough grocery
Alex comes to regret his decision to
leave his job at a small-time grocer in
S1 E9, for a better paying job at a larger
store. He has to face the owner of the

28 Magazine

grocery Mr. Adler and talks about the great opportunity at the Shop-A-Lot that
he is starting next week. What Alex ends up doing is bringing truth to the adage
that the grass is not always greener.
Alex buys and sells stock on paper for a school project in
Season 1, Episode 16. He does so well, he decides to buy
and sell for real, using his parents blue-chip stock account.
Things go well, until they dont. This episode almost didnt
end in a family hug.
Even television networks know that wholesome doesnt always sell. In Season
2, Episode 6 (air date: Nov. 9, 1983 during the early days of Nancy Reagans Just
Say No campaign) Alex turns to amphetamines to get through a particularly
stressful period of exams and scholarship applications. The twist is that the pills
were given to him by sister Mallory (they were diet pills with speed-like qualities) after he pressured her into it. The episode ends with Alex realizing that no
circumstances (I was out of control. It was like it wasnt even me! Very scary
Mallory.) are worth abusing substances and treating the ones that love you with
complete disregard. He apologizes to the family, denounces personality-altering
drugs, and hugs it out with Mallory.
In Season 2, Episode 5, Alex pretends
to be a feminist to impress a girl he
likes when his attraction to a classmate
leads him to join the ERA movement.
Upon his confession both to the girl
and to the ERA group is both awkward
and poignant. Alex taught us that night
in 1983 that in honesty you can find
truth and common ground.
Forced to take a humanities course at college in Season 3, Episode 7, Alex is
doubly disappointed and frustrated when after signing up to man the student
helpline he is doing so with James, an old enemy. When the duo get stuck at
the station with their teacher, they are told they can lock up. Alex soon realizes
though that hes bitten off a little more than he can chew when a troubled teen
calls in with thoughts of suicide and he and James have to put aside differences
to provide support. Magazine 29


With each season the subject matter got even more
hard to handle for audiences at Family Ties took on
some of the most controversial topics. In Season 3,
Episode 14, Elyse and Steven host a Lamaze class
at their home for pregnant, single, college coeds,
where Alex plays a stand-in role. One woman who
attends is not married and Alex becomes involved
in helping her at the classes, even going so far as
envisioning a relationship with her and her unborn
child, and leading it into marriage and a family. It
takes Elyse to set him straight, and even alert him to the possibility that Donna may not
want to keep the baby. This was a hard episode to watch but one that ultimately taught
young men that it takes more than wishful thinking to be a father.
Alex takes a job as a bank intern in Season 5, Episode 5,
and finds out his boss is not what he expected. She is a
she! A sitcom arrangement of Anything You Can Do (I
Can Do Better) Alex takes special joy in goinger, tit for
tat with his new superior. Special Note: A game of chess
has never had so many double entendres.
In what has become known as one of the shows greatest episodes Season 5, Episode
23 (titled A, My Name Is Alex) deals with death and grief. Alexs friend dies in an accident and as the family grieves, Alex tries to mask his grief. But he cant hide his grief and
other emotions forever. One of the first television shows to break the 4th wall and directly
address the audience, Michael J. Fox
is exceptional showing vulnerability
and strength and forever securing
his role in the eyes of many as a cultural icon!


When former journalist Martin Sixsmith is
dismissed from the Labour Party in disgrace,
he is at a loss as to what do. That changes when
a young Irish woman approaches him about
a story of her mother, Philomena, who had
her son taken away when she was a teenage
inmate of a Catholic convent. Martin arranges
a magazine assignment about her search for
him that eventually leads to America. Along
the way, Martin and Philomena discover as
much about each other as about her sons
fate. Furthermore, both find their basic beliefs

Bravo Star Kelley Johnson

Shows Off His Goods

Bravos Below the Deck star and former

Marine Kelley Johnson was caught
with his cock-a-doodle out, and were
impressed. We admit, weve never seen
the show, but his long dong certainly
peeked our interest. After researching
Johnsons Johnson, we were sad to see
the pseudo-celebrity only appeared on
one season of the series.

Learn more @

30 Magazine Magazine 31


by Scott Rosenfield



aking up unrefreshed? Blame

your night out.
British researchers, drinking
alcohol before bed reduces
your quality of sleep.
After reviewing 153 studies on alcohol and sleep,
researchers narrowed in on
27 of the best. Their findings: After a big night of
drinking (equivalent to four
or more beers), your entire
sleep cycle is disrupted
you spend more time awake,
have fewer dreams, and have
an elevated heart rate.
Whats going on? On a sober
night, you cycle between
deep sleepwhen your
body heals itselfand Rapid
Eye Movement (REM) sleep,
where your brain de-frags

32 Magazine

itself like a hard-drive for the

day ahead.
But when youre drunk, you
dont get the REM (dreaming) sleep you need.
Whats more: While alcohol
depresses your nervous system, helping you fall asleep
faster and sleep more
soundly at the start of the
night, it revs your body in the
second half of the night.
Your body never shuts down
your sympathetic nervous
systemwhich keeps you
alert during the daylike its
supposed to. The result: As
soon as the sleep-inducing
effects of the drug wear off,
your active sympathetic nervous system wakes you up.
To see exactly whats happening, join us on a journey
through your drunk sleep.

1 a.m.: After a long night

of boozing, you hit the
bed. You fall asleep faster, says lead study author
Irshaad Ebrahim, MBChB,
MRCPsych, of the London
Sleep Centre.
Because drinking depresses
your brain, youre zonked
out between 4 to 16 minutes
sooner than you otherwise
would be. And you enter
deep sleepthe dreamfree kindabout 8 minutes
sooner, too.
The only problem: Your heart
rate is elevated 9 beats per
minute, meaning that parts
of your nervous system are
still more active than they
should be, spelling trouble
for later.
2 a.m.: You still have your
shoes on. The alcohol is

keeping you sedated, so

your sleep is uninterrupted,
says Ebrahim. Youre not
dreaming, youre not stirring.
Youre out cold, but your
heart rate is elevated by 13
beats. For someone whos
trying to get some rest, your
body is actually pretty active.
3 a.m.: Youre snoozing
like a baby. Alcohol delays
the onset of REM sleep,
says Sonu Ahluwalia, M.D.,
Clinical Chief of Orthopedic
Surgery at Cedars Sinai
Medical Center.
Not only does it come on
later, but you get up to 9
percent less REM sleep
during the first half of the
night than you should be.
The result: Youre left feeling
groggy in the morning.
5 a.m.: Youre under the
covers. Youre no longer in

deep sleep, says Ebrahim.

And as the alcohol wears
off, your sympathetic nervous systemwhich wasnt
shut down because of all
the drinkingkicks in, says
Seiji Nishino, Ph.D., a professor of psychiatry at Stanford
As a result, you start waking
upabout 17 percent more
frequently than you should
be throughout the second
half of the night, according
to a 2012 study by Japanese
6 a.m.: Youre restlessly dreaming. By now, your
body has metabolized much
of the alcohol and youre
feeling wakeful without its
depressive effects, says Dr.
Youre tossing and turning, and waking up without

knowing itspending 4.39

percent more time awake
throughout the second half
of the night.
Your heart rate is elevated
by 11 beats, and you know
its going to be a long day
8 am.: Fine, fine, youre
awake! You want to keep
sleeping, but your sympathetic nervous system is
pushing you up, and the
alcohol has worn off.
As a result, you get the last
thing in the world that you
want: an early wake-up, says
And because youve missed
out on much of your REM
sleep, you wake up feeling
gross and tired, Dr. Ahluwalia
Additional reporting by Markham Heid Magazine 33

Little Green Cars
Taking a cue from the amiable rural rock
of the Lumineers, Mumford & Sons, and
First Aid Kit, Dublin five-piece Little Green
Cars offer up an Emerald Isle take on
Americana, employing generous five-part
harmonies over a bed of R.E.M. Fleetwood
Mac, and Woody Guthrie-inspired countryfolk-pop goodness. The band was formed
in 2008 with the talents of Stevie Appleby,
Faye ORourke, Adam ORegan, Donagh
Seaver OLeary, and Dylan Lynch. They
experimented with numerous styles and
wrote a mountain of material before inking
a deal with Glassnote and recorded their
2013 debut album, Absolute Zero. Their
new album Ephemera is expected to be
released in March 11, 2016.

The Foundation Novels
by Isaac Asimov

The Foundation series is a science fiction series by

Isaac Asimov.
The premise of the series is that the mathematician
Hari Seldon spent his life developing a branch of
mathematics known as psychohistory, a concept
of mathematical sociology. Using the laws of
mass action, it can predict the future, but only
on a large scale. Seldon creates a foundation of
talented artisans and engineers at the extreme
end of the galaxy, to preserve and expand on
humanity's collective knowledge, and thus become
the foundation for a new galactic empire.

Click here to listen


St. Patricks Day

Isaac Asimov born Isaak Yudovich Ozimov; circa

January 2, 1920 April 6, 1992, was an American
author and professor of biochemistry at Boston
University, best known for his works of science
fiction and for his popular science books.

34 Magazine Magazine 35


re there
when a
acceptable, or
even necessary?
If I ask Jessica
Whats 2+2? and she responds 5, thats
the wrong answer. But at least its a reasonable response. Jessica has responded numerically, which indicates that she
understood the nature of the question.
If I ask little Jimmy Whats 2+2? and he
responds APPLE, thats a much bigger
problem, because his response fails to
acknowledge the nature of the question.

36 Magazine

If I ask Bob and

2+2? and they both
say 4, you might
be ready to reach
for your gold star
stickers. But the
Socrates of The
stop you. Hes not satisfied. Not yet. Like
that annoying math teacher who wouldnt
give you full marks until you showed him
all your work, Socrates wouldnt give Bob
and Sophia gold stars until they had demonstrated to him that they understood precisely why 2+2=4. He interrogates Sophia
first, after separating them. Using four of
the fingers on her left hand, she shows him
that she understands what numbers are,

Most people
simply arent
interested in
figuring out
how things
what they represent, and how they can be added to each other. Socrates smiles, pats her
on the head, and gives her a gold star.
He then turns to Bob, whos thoroughly baffled. As it turns out, he really doesnt know why
2+2=4. When pressed, he tells Socrates that he knows that the answers 4 because his
father told him so. And how did your father come to know that 2+2=4, Bob? His father
(my grandfather) told him. And how did your grandfather come to know that 2+2=4?
Well, um, Im pretty sure that his father (my great grandfather) told him. Its been, like,
you know, passed down, from generation to generation. Alas, the stony stare says it all:
Bobs not getting his gold star.
The Socrates of The Republic would say that Bobs 4 is inferior to Jessicas 5 and really no better than Jimmys APPLE. But the Socrates of The Laws, the Athenian Stranger,
seems to have come to the conclusion that civilization depends, to a large extent, upon
people like Bob: people who live by rules they dont understand, people whove inherited
a wealth of folk wisdom from their ancestors. Bob may not be able to explain why willow
bark tea takes away your aches and pains, but he knows it works. He lives by a bunch
of handy heuristics which keep him out of trouble (for the most part). Besides, expecting
everyone to be like curious, philosophical Sophia is absurdly idealistic.
Most people simply arent interested in figuring out how things work. Theyre too busy
living life, raising kids, having fun, working hard, and thinking about what to have for
dinner. So long as a thing works, and works well, most people really dont care how it
works. We drive cars that we dont understand, use computers that we dont understand,
talk on cellphones that we dont understand, pay taxes to a government that we dont
understand, obey laws that we dont understand, and subscribe to scientific theories like
evolution that we dont understand. The way that most of us sleepwalk through life horrified the idealistic young author of The Republic. But the older, wiser Plato, who penned
The Laws, is far less troubled by the Bobs of this world. Magazine 37

38 Magazine Magazine 39


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