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Cuando se desea realizar una pregunta para saber si

hay una determinada cantidad de objetos o personas, se
usa la forma interrogativa.
Esta forma interrogativa se forma invirtiendo las palabras:
Is there...? Are there...?

Is there a chair in the bedroom?

Hay una silla en el dormitorio?

Are there two chairs in the bedroom?

Hay dos sillas en el dormitorio?
En la forma plural es necesario usar un
cuantificador. En el ltimo ejemplo, "two chairs", se
especifica que se pregunta por dos sillas.
Cuando no hay una cantidad determinada, se usa la palabra
Are there any chairs in the bedroom?
Hay sillas en el dormitorio?
La respuesta puede ser Yes, there is/are o No, there
Ms ejemplos:

- Is there a bank near here?

- Hay un banco cerca de aqu?

- Yes, there is. / No, there isn't.
- S, hay. / No, no hay.

- Are there any restaurants near here? (en este caso

debe agregarse any)
- Hay restaurantes cerca de aqu?
- Yes, there are. / No, there aren't.
- S, hay. / No, no hay.


Su estructura es exactamente igual que en el presente.
La traduccin sera: haba/haban.
(+)There was a thief in my house. (Haba un ladrn en mi
(+)There were 3 parties last night. (Hubo tres fiestas anoche)
(-)There wasnt a good teacher in my school. (No haba un
buen profesor en mi colegio)
(-)There werent any chairs in the room. (No haba sillas en
la habitacin)
(?)Was there a bat in the bathroom? Yes, there was / No,
there was not.
Haba un murcilago en el bao? S / No.
()Were there any crocodiles in the zoo? Yes, there were /
No, there were not.
Haba cocodrilos en el zoolgico? S /



1-. Completa las frases. Utiliza la afirmativa
1. ________ an Italian boy in my class.
2. ________ an internet caf opposite our school.
3. ________ five supermarkets in my town.
4. ________ a museum next to the park.
5. ________ some posters in front of the cinema.

2-. Completa las frases. Utiliza la negativa

1. ___________ any shopping centres in this town.
2. ___________any beaches in London.
3. ___________an American caf here.
4. ___________a Hollywood in Spain.
5. ___________any rap CDs in this shop.

3-. Escribe preguntas y las respuestas breves

/ any Brazilian footballers in your favourite
Are there any Brazilian footballers in your favourite team?
Yes there are.

1. / a skateboard park near here?

No, __________________________

2. / a Hollywood in Ireland?
Yes, __________________________

3. / any famous football teams in your town?

Yes, __________________________

4. / any interesting places near your house?


No, __________________________

5. / an English boy in your class?

No, __________________________


Completa las frases..
1.- _________________ a terrible carthquake in Japan in 2008
2.-The cake _______________ on the table when I arrived
home (negative)
3.- ___________________any apple left when I came back
home yesterday
4.-How many children ________________ at the
5.-____________________any water in the bottle? No,
6.-Annie ________________at home when I phone
her. We were speaking for half an hour
7.-My sister ________________at school yesterday. She fell ill
and stayed at home.
8.- Our teachers ____________ angry because we didnt do
the homework

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